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3 AM// old man logan

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I’m so sorry about the lack of updates: I am sick as a dog and it’s a miracle I even have the motivation to write– but this prompt was so sweet and I couldn’t pass it up. Here’s oneshot ½ for the night… hopefully.

y/d/n = your daughters name

Warnings: angst…?

Requested by Anon: Oh, I hope you get better soon. I’m thinking about a imagine where reader lays down in Logan’s bed but not to have sex at first. All that she wants is to gently trace his scars with her fingers in a cold night and hear the stories behind them and maybe it leading to sex, which he wants so badly but is afraid to hurt her (you can erase the sex part if you want). Maybe he’ll sleep well after so long. I know you are sick, so take your time ;)

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Something More

Pairing: Young Sirius Black x Reader

Request:  Hi can I ask a SiriusxReader? A full moon that went a little bit wrong and she needs to save him and both (he) gets hurt. I took some (many) prompts: 1 6 7 15 27 29 39 45 47 56 63 67 80 85 131 135 (and piggyback!) IDK if you’ll use all, but thanks anyway!

1“here, let me see.”

6“there’s a leaf in your hair.”

27 “don’t worry about it.”

131 “i swear if you weren’t so attractive, i’d have punched you in the face nine times by now.”

Warnings: Blood, injuries

Author’s Notes: So I didn’t use all of the prompts and changed it around a bit, but I hope it still fits what you wanted. I am so sorry this took so long, school has been absolutely crazy, but I am back now. Unfortunately Trump is going to be president, so hopefully this could lift spirits? I don’t know.

Word Count: 1,616

Prompt List: x

Request Here: x

Snow had just begun to settle on the fields surrounding the castle. Students were filled with excitement over the coming Christmas holiday, all incredibly giddy as they strolled through the corridors to and from their classes. Everyone was ready to get to go home to their families and get a break from the Hogwarts castle, all except for the group of friends notoriously known around the school as the Marauders. The group would normally go home during the holidays, but this year was different. There was only a single day before the next full moon, and the group of friends had agreed it was better for Remus to get to rest and recover within the sanctity of the castle’s walls, rather than have to deal with his pain and troubles on the train ride home.

The group, which had begun to include Remus’ sister, Y/N, were all surrounding the fire in the Gryffindor common room. No one wanted to say a word, as they were all slightly afraid of the next few days. Even though the group had been through many full moons, there was always a huge element of uncertainty that come with each transformation and that alone was enough to strike fear deep within each member of the group. Y/N’s eyes darted from her brother, to James, to Peter, and finally, to Sirius, whom returned her gaze and offered her a small, reassuring smile. The bond between the two, although unspoken, was stronger than any friendship among the members of the group. The pair understood each other in a way that neither one could quite comprehend, and even though neither one would admit it, the feelings they held for each other went way beyond friendship.

“Rem?” Y/N looked back towards her brother, whose eyes had been closed for the entirety of the time they sat around the fire. He finally opened his eyes and turned his attention towards his sister, his blood beginning to boil. It wasn’t that she annoyed him at all, but he was always on edge like this when he was nearing a full moon, and the friends always had to take whatever he said lightly, because he rarely meant what he said while a transformation was coming up. “Do you um,” the girl looked down and twiddled her thumbs. “Do you think I could come help this time?” 

Her question was answered by not only her brother, but the other three boys as well with a fierce “No.” The girl sighed and ran her hand through her hair before speaking up again. “But I’m not weak! And it’s not as if I cannot transform into an animal! I learned how to do it the same time these three did!” She gestured to James, Sirius, and Peter. When the group realized how difficult the transformations were for Remus, they all illegally became animagi, so that they could help him throughout the night. Y/N’s animagus form was a fox, giving her the nickname Vixen. “I am your sister Remus and I deserve to be able to help you out with this!” She shouted, standing up from her place around the fire. Sirius stood up and placed his hands on the girl’s shoulders, “Vix, it’s not that we think you are weak. We cannot let you get hurt. You mean too much to each one of us, and we don’t want to risk anything happening to you.” Y/N let out a groan. She had heard that argument one too many times, each boy giving her the same reason as to why she was unable to help.

“But he is my brother!” She screeched, pushing Sirius’ arms off of her and walking over to Remus. “I deserve to be able to help you! I am your sister for Godric sake! I love you more than anything and knowing I cannot help you makes me feel so angry!” Remus closed his eyes tightly and gripped the sides of the armchair. “Y/N, please do not do this right now,” he warned through gritted teeth. “No Remus! I am sick and tired of being treated like a child around here! I am the same age as all of you, stop acting like I am some baby!” She shouted with a hit to her brother’s shoulder.

At this, something within Remus began to change. He started to growl, his fingernails began to grow. James jumped up and shoved Y/N into Sirius’ arms. “Remus my friend, you have to fight this!” James lifted Remus up, allowing his weight to be placed on James’ shoulders. “You cannot do this here Remus! You know that!” Sirius looked at James and knew he needed help. He set Y/N down in the chair and with that, the four boys headed out to the Forbidden Forest.

Y/N paced back and forth in front of the fire in the common room. She knew it had only been a few hours, but those few hours felt like an eternity. She had no idea if her brother was okay, if her friends were okay, if Sirius was okay. Every time she heard a howl, her steps ceased and she closed her eyes, wishing that everyone she has come to love was okay. Her thoughts were interrupted by two heavy pairs of footsteps stumbling into the common room.

James had Remus’ arm around his shoulder, and set his friend down on the couch. Y/N immediately ran to her brother and took his face in her hands, looking it over for injuries. This was the small amount of assistance she was always able to contribute to the full moons. Since she had been with Remus since he first started to transform, she knew how to patch up the tall boy’s injuries. It didn’t even cross her mind that Peter and Sirius were missing until James cleared his throat.

The lanky boy removed his glasses and rubbed the lenses on the edge of his cloak. “Y/N, you need to go out there. Sirius is hurt, and he is hurt pretty bad. He won’t let me move him. Peter is down there right now trying to convince that stubborn twat to go to the infirmary, but you know Sirius, he doesn’t like to feel pity. And - ” James didn’t even get the chance to finish his rambling, before he knew it Y/N hopped up and ran out of the common room, leaving the doorway open behind her.

She ran as fast as her legs could take her, not even taking the time to transform into her animagus. Sirius needed her help and her breathing was unsteady, but she focused on Sirius and only Sirius. Once she exited the castle. She looked around the grounds in a panic, looking for the two boys, spinning around in circles. She heard a yell and her head snapped towards the direction the noise came from and before she was able to comprehend what the noise might have been, her legs began to move faster than her brain could think.

She saw Sirius leaning against a tree, and Peter on the ground a couple of feet away from him. She knelt down next to Peter and ran her hand across his forehead, causing his eyes to open. “Go inside Wormtail. Go get checked out, I know you’re hurt as well.” She helped the small boy to his feet and once he started to walk away she turned her attention to the black haired boy next to the tree. “Oh Sirius, what am I going to do with you?” She sat down next to him and kept her eyes locked on him, only to have him turn away from her. Her eyes furrowed in confusion. “Love, please look at me.” The boy shook his head, his hair falling in his face.

She sighed, moving to the other side of him so he was facing her and she could only gasp when she saw the injuries on her friend’s face. “Sirius…” she brushed his hair out of his face, only earning a wince and a sharp intake of breath from him. She pleaded with the boy “Please? Here let me see.” She tilted his chin up to get a better look at the gashes left on his face. A tsk left her lips and she went to work. Y/N knew how to patch up injuries without using magic, but it seemed as if using magic was the only way to go at this moment, seeing as she did not bring any supplies with her.

Sirius continuously moved away from her, constantly muttering things like “I don’t need you to take care of me” or “I can fix this myself” and Y/N only shook her head. “You know Sirius, if you weren’t so attractive I would have punched you nine times by now. Stop being so difficult. I know you don’t need me to take care of you, but this is something I want to do. You mean a lot to me Padfoot. More so than James and Peter do, you ignite something inside me that is different than how I feel with those two. You don’t understand how important you” She was cut short by Sirius pressing his lips onto her own softly, but sweetly. When he pulled away, the two of them were smiling like dorks. Y/N studied the boy’s features when something caught her eye. “Hey you have a leaf in your hair. Here let me get it.” She reached into his hair gently, removing the leaf, him not taking his eyes off of her. “Thank you sweetheart.” She gave him a small smile, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s go back to the common room yeah?”

Spa Day

Word Count: 942
Warnings: None! So much fluff!
Summary: Anon sent in - Hey if your actually doing the non sexual kinds of intimacy as prompts I think it’d be funny if you did one about the beauty treatments. Bucky has two lil pigtails in the front of his hair to keep it off his face while he and the reader are doing face masks and then Steve shows up and asks to join. I don’t know. Your writing is properly lovely, and you’re so good at all the things.
A/N: So, I posted a prompt list for non-sexual forms of intimacy, just thinking they were cool – and I got one requested! Sorry this took so long, Nonnie! You’re so very sweet. I hope you enjoy this!

This is what I was doing at work today! I am not ashamed. I should have been supervised.

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Your name: submit What is this?

You prop your foot up on your bed with a little grunt. Digging through your bag, you rummage through the little glass bottles of brightly colored polish. The bottles clink against each other in your search for your ‘Blue Lagoon’ polish. Fall is literally right around the corner, but you just want it. It’s beachy and fun.

You finally find it at the bottom of the bag and shake it up as a quiet knock sounds on your door. “Come in!” You  call, capturing your tongue between your teeth in concentration as you paint your toes.

Bucky strides in, looking a little apologetic. “Hey, Y/N, I know it’s your personal time, but Steve said you needed help with your phone?
You looked up at Bucky, shoulders slumping with relief. “Oh my god, yes. Stark makes the most ridiculous contraptions!” You reach over to yournightstad and all but throw it at your friend, who catches it with a soft clink to his metal hand.

He sits in front of you, tapping away on the screen and chuckling, “Contraption. You’re hanging out with me and Steve too much. You’re starting to sound like an old fu–”

“I swear to god, Buck, if you say ‘fuddy duddy,’ I’m gonna lose it.”

He snorts, head falling in mock defeat. He knows you love to hear the ‘old timey slang,’ as you called it. He and Steve use it as often as they can around you.

“Okay,” he says hesitantly, tapping the screen a couple more times. “It should cooperate with you now.” He places it down beside you and furrows his brow in a question. “What are you doing?”

You smiled proudly at your feet as you finish painting the last toe. “I’m using my personal time to have a little spa day!”

He hummed to let you know he was listening, but his focus was on the packets spread out on your comforter. He picked one up and made a face at the picture of the woman with black goop on her face.

“Face masks? The hell you need this for?”

You giggled at the face he was making. “They all do different things. That one’s deep cleaning, that one’s moisturizing, this one peels,” You point at each different packet. “You wanna do one with me?”

“Yeah, sure.”

You fully expected him to say no. A smile grew on your face in your disbelief. “Really?!”

“Yeah, sure, why not?”

You closed and threw your bottle in the bag with an alarming clanking noise. “Which one do you want?”

You tell him the options that you thought would be best for him. He ended up picking an avocado mask because you mentioned it could also be good for the scruff on his face.

You grab a clean foundation brush and started painting the thick paste onto Bucky’s cheeks. The ends of his hair flopped into the goo and you growled lightly in frustration. “Hold on a second, I’m gonna tie your hair back.” You hop up from your bed and ungracefully make it to the bathroom, then reemerge with two wildly printed hair bands in hand. “Sorry, all I have are scrunchies. Hope that’s okay.”

“Whatever you got, doll, ‘s’fine,” he mumbles, eyes closed.

You curl your lips into your mouth to contain your smile. Just from your slight hesitation, Bucky knows you’re up to something. He swats your leg playfully. “Shake a leg, kid. I’m not gettin’ any younger.”
You mumble out something about a ‘mean, old fart,’ before threading your fingers through Bucky’s hair and putting it up into the scrunchie. You do the same on the other side and fail to contain the giggles that erupted from you.

Bucky Barnes - the ex-Fist of HYDRA - in pigtails is quite a sight to behold.

Bucky opens his eyes and watches you fall to your bed in a fit of laughter. He smiles at you. He wasn’t oblivious, he knew what you were doing. He simply watches you until you compose yourself. “Still not gettin’ younger here.”

Mumbling an apology, you pick up the brush and start to paint his face again. When you’re done, Bucky offers to do yours. It’s hard to have him so close and focused on you and for you to not make faces at him in the process. You indulge yourself a couple of times, and he smudges the blue paste on your nose in retaliation. You toss your head back and laugh, causing the brush to swipe across your lips. You scream and spit out Bucky’s name in shock, wiping the paste off on your hands.

“You did it, kid! That wasn’t my fault!”

A hasty knock comes at your door before Steve pushes his way in. “Y/N? You okay? I heard scre–” He stops once he gets a look at you and Bucky – probably looking half mad with blue and green faces, hair pulled away from both of your masks.

He puts his hands on his hips, and you know he’s about to use his dad voice. “You started spa day without me?”

Bucky is taken aback and looks to you for confirmation. A sly smile plays on your lips as you answer, “The Star Spangled Man here is a fan of the finer things in life.” You both grin and wave Steve over to sit by you. “Come on, grandpa! I’ve got a new peach mask that’s gonna get those wrinkles off that old face of yours!” You giggle at your own jokes as Steve scoffs. He’s still pretty excited for an afternoon of pampering, even if he has to put up with your terrible jokes.

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Gladion: So Much



Prompt: Inside of Gladion’s psychotic and broken mind.

Warnings: Suggestive content, swearing, really terrible writing.

Other: I am so sorry this is written so weirdly, I kind of tried to do this as if Gladion is in a constant state of an anxiety attack, and this is kinda how my mind thinks and processes things when that happens, so it’s not my usual writing style. Sorry about that!

Author: Yulta

Why does it hurt so much so much so much

“Gladion, sweetie?”

Her voice is too kind too welcoming why do I trust it so much do much so much

“Come out, baby. It’s mama.”

She’s lying she’s an imposter where’s my real mom I miss her so much so much so much

“Your sister is looking for you. She wants to see you.”

She doesn’t my sisters gone she’s been gone since our real mom left where did she go I want her so much so much so much

“Don’t you want to see your little sister?”

She’s lying she’ll make me hurt her again she’s gone she’s gone she’s gone I need her so much so much so much

“Do I have to remind you of what happened last time you disobeyed me? Come out and she doesn’t get hurt.”

I remember why do I remember I want to cut it out make it go away I can’t stand it I need it gone so much so much so much

I closed my eyes as my mother forced me in front of Lillie, her bare body feeble in the cold temperature.

“Are you hurt?” Is what I want to ask but I don’t because fake-mom is standing behind me and gone-sister will be hurt if I try to help her.

“Make it stop,” her eyes glitter with tears as her raspy voice speaks through perfect lips.

Too perfect why are they so perfect I want them back to normal so much so much so much

“Lillie.” Fake-mother’s voice is sharp as she swiftly slaps her hand across my face. “Do not speak with such a vile tone.”

I don’t say anything because I don’t want to get hurt anymore. Gone-sister is too numb to feel pain but not me. I’m not fake and I’m not gone. I’m here, alive, wounded, and it hurts. Everything that happens hurts.

“Take off your pants, Gladion.” I hear mothers command but I don’t process it immediately. My eyes snap open in fear as I stare in horror at fake-mom.

She’ll make me hurt gone-Lillie I don’t want to hurt gone-sister it’ll hurt me what if she is too hurt gone-sister can’t take much more she’s gone she’s not supposed to be here why does this confuse me so much so much so much just listen to fake-mom’s orders but I want to rebel so much so much so much but it’ll hurt too much too much too much

Make it stops make the memories stop I hurt gone-sister gone-Lillie was hurt by broken-Gladion why did I hurt her I want it gone make it stop stop stop make the memories go away I’m so damaged I can’t think make my mind stop stop stop I can’t take it everything hurts gone-sister is gone fake-mom is fake it’s all I can think and it hurts so much so much so much make it stop it’s too much much much so much so much so much

“Here you are, Gladion. Come with me.”

I think she grabbed my arm her touch is lethal it hurts it burns I’m broken fake-mom has me I’m done for I miss dad so much so much so much I need a normal family again I need it so much so much so much

Because everything hurts so much too much and more much