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I believe that it wasn’t just by chance that we met but that it was written in our plan long before anyone knew. I think that by [God] placing us together was his way of letting us know that we needed each other. Looking back to the day we were formed I would have never thought even in my wildest imagination that we would make it to this point. I love you all for each of your own reasons. I love you for making my dreams come true. 
                                                                                       -Normani Kordei Hamilton

how i see fashion brands
  • valentino:so we want to channel royalty with some gilded details—
  • dolce and gabbana:[covered in gold foil] DID SOMEONE SAY "GILDED"
  • elie saab:[embroidering at superhuman speed] MORE SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS AND DETAILED-ASS PATTERNS
  • ralph and russo:oh my god stop
  • giambastatuatsa valala:[deadpan] more tulle
  • marchesa:more feminine
  • gucci:more ruffles
  • versace:shut the fuck up gucci no one likes ruffles they like sharp lines
  • armani privé:[mouthing] yaaaasss
  • dior:patterns are in
  • chanel:[smoking a cigarette, thick french accent] this is correct. onto the dress we put one thousand very small karl lagerfeld faces, it is good, it is chic
  • alexander mcqueen:[sewing quietly, giving side-eye]
  • jean paul gaultier:[snaps fingers] A HUMAN LAMP
  • alexander wang:[softly] a human
  • stella mcartney:stfu my dad is a beatle all y'all bow down

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Hi!! I really enjoy your tumblr!! You run it super well. I was wondering if I can get some smooth jams similar to "think" by reddy and "jack n coke" by wutan&buggy?? Thank you! 💕

I really appreciate that, thank you  ❤︎

As for Think by Reddy (ft. Jay Park) it pretty much sounds like any other jay park song to my ears. But here is a list of similar songs: 

▸ Colagom/Cokebath - End (this one is the prob the most similar on this list)
▸ Loco - Hold Me Tight (ft. Crush) (more upbeat tho, and pretty sure everyone knows this song but still including it)
▸ Roydo - 빛이나 (Interlude)
▸ Sik-K - Don’t Play (ft. Punchnello) / Nowhere (Ft. LOCO) (just listen to more of his music)
▸ King Sushi - That Part Freestyle (Badgal)
▸ OLNL - Emem (ft. Lym en) / YOYO
▸ Call Lee - 22 (ft. Small Kidd, Hella Sweet)
▸ Deepki$$ - Want Cha
▸ Penomeco - Ma Fam
▸ Mamacita - Prometheus
▸ Paloalto - Fancy (feat. Dean & Sway D)

And Jack ‘N’ Coke by Wutan & Buggy:

▸ Giriboy - (ft. TakeOne)(honestly the bat reminds me of Giri’s stuff)
▸ Beenzino - Nike Shoes (also reminds me of Zino)
▸ Nucksal - Earn Ya Keep (ft. Koonta)
▸ Slick O'domar - Legacy (ft. X.Q) (the chorus is nothing like it tho) / 영생 (ft. Simba Zawadi)
▸ FRST - 거울아 거울아
▸ K.vsh - Road
▸ CODE KUNST - Beside Me (ft. Bewhy, YDG, Suran)
▸ GK - My Name Is (ft.봉구,권썩)

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Callan doesn't approve of Lothar dating khadgar and sabotages their relationship

Khadgar was nice.

That was why Callan had to keep his father away from the mage. Khadgar was a sweet kid, naïve, and his father would chew him up, spit him out, and honestly… Honestly, Callan didn’t want to watch another person leave his father’s bed, chewed up and sad.  Khadgar didn’t deserve that. (None of them had.)

None of them were his mother. And that was the problem, really. His dad didn’t know how to do relationships. He just…chewed people up and spat them out without a backwards glance.

So, it didn’t take much.

Khadgar was the easiest. Wind him up and point him at dad’s old lovers. (Not so easy. Khadgar was smart. Sweetness and naivety aside, he was brilliant, and that meant clever stepping to avoid being turned into something squishy, like a frog.) Wind Khadgar up and sit back while the mage put the pieces together himself. Easy.

His father…not so easy.

Winding his father up was harder. Once the Lion of Azeroth decided he was going to conquer something (someone), there was no stopping him.  If he wanted to conquer some mage territory, he’d go and conquer some mage territory.  The easiest way to turn him aside, Callan had found, was to point him at something that needed killing, like trolls. But since this was a sweet mage who didn’t deserve to be chewed up and spat aside the moment he became unpalatable, Callan had to make it appear as though he were interested in the mage.

Make his move first, as it were.

It wasn’t that hard. A few close touches, inviting Khadgar to come with him to the Pig and Whistle with the rest of his group, spending time in the library…

The blade finally turns aside when he walks out of Khadgar’s room in the early hours of the morning and sees his father standing outside, holding flowers.  He smiles, a bit smug, and walks away.

And if Khadgar never looks either of them in the eye after that, well…

Anything to protect the mage from his father’s whims.