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Empire Ends Spoilers///

A doodle compilation featuring Armitage Hux and Rae Sloane inspired by the ending of the Aftermath: trilogy w/ some AUs. I can’t believe she survived the events but also made an alliance with a terrified 5 years old Hux to protect each other and that she might be his potential mentor (she hates his father and beated him but she likes Armitage!) and I’m yelling non-stop since these two are my favs. I love to imagine she kept close tab on him while they tried to rebuild everything lost in the unknown regions.

ok but magnus canonically feeds stray cats and lets them hang out on his balcony/rooftop and he talks to them and makes little noises at them and spoils them and just!!!!! i know harry is allergic so i totally understand, support and respect why they can’t have chairman or church like, hanging around magnus’ apartment all the time, but it means a lot to me that they still show him as a lover of cats, even if it’s just in the simple fact that he feeds stray cats. like. magnus as a cat person is really important to me so it’s rly nice to have that in show canon.


Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

How do you cope with that feeling of loss when you finish a good written game

even tho the ending goes my way, i wanna cryyyyyyyyyy


This girl!

I will be studying Fashion Cultures from September, leading to my research on the archetypes of Star Wars costume!

Aaron taking charge and just being like come on, let’s do this. I loved that, that he was the one pulling Robert along, and wanting to go and do it in the garage. 

Aaron stepping in and changing the subject when Diane mentioned Jack

Robert drinking from the welly. 

Aaron: ‘I’m gonna go find my husband’

Robert: ‘Have you seen my husband’

But you know. I know

Robert drinking from the welly

I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want you to go. 

This episode was just full of perfection and I am sure there are things that I have missed because there was just so much. I have too many emotions to process what I just watched right now.

Johann feeding his music to the voidfish is a metaphor for Griffin’s own fear that his music will never make it off soundcloud, forever trapped among shitty edits of memes and its only real breakout is when he posts a new episode of TAZ but even then, his music is still overshadowed by his brothers and his father as they push the story along. he puts so much time and effort into his music and its so underappreciated, he might as well be feeding it to a giant jellyfish as if it never existed in the first place. its hardly remembered as anything more than static in the background. 


Jaehee the Zen fangirl (ft. bonus Yoosung who knows what’s up)

Imagine all of us have two friends who have been dating for years and we just know one day they are going to get married, and then after like years of dating and posting cute photos of themselves and hanging out with everyone together, they just fall off the planet and nobody sees them together for like a year and they stop posting photos and none of us have a clue what is up with them.

And then we start hearing rumors that they got engaged and are planning a wedding, but they haven’t told anyone about it, so we are all just hanging out waiting for the announcement and the wedding invitation, but they don’t come, Instead, we get an article announcing that $80 million dollars was spent on this wedding that nobody actually knows about. Then we get a few people saying, “I heard there is definitely a wedding taking place.” Then another dude or two says, “I had to buy my tux because I’m in the wedding.” Meanwhile all us are still waiting to hear from the happy couple and are still waiting for our invitations to arrive in the mail and nothing.

Then one random day we get a video of the couple kissing at the alter and then the camera pans to the crowd and nobody is there and the groom says, “Uh, where in the world is everyone?” And we just stare at them through the screen because we know why nobody is there. YOU NEVER ANNOUNCED YOU WERE ENGAGED NOR DID YOU SEND OUT ANY INVITATIONS. How the heck were we supposed to just know about the wedding and show up for it?

That is why I do not understand this plan for Harry’s supposed album. I would love to be able to get excited for my newly engaged friends. I would love to get an invite in the mail. I would love to know when and where and how and who is involved. I would love to go buy a nice dress and a nice gift. But, alas, I can’t do any of those things because NOBODY will announce the damn thing. I don’t think it’s asking for much to at least get a confirmation that a wedding is taking place, especially if they want me to show up for it.

Jim, sprawled bare and glowing on Spock’s bed, sweating in the Vulcan-warmth, smiling his adoring smile at Spock, who is planting kisses over every inch of him.

Starting at his forehead, to between his brows, down his nose and one, lightly, on his mouth, to his chin, murmuring, “A to B, as B is to C…”

And then down his neck, over his chest to his belly button, between his thighs and all the way to his knees, down to his ankles, repeating the ratio as he goes, for no other reason than that he loves Jim and that love is right, and okay to feel, and Jim is beautiful in every way, his to love and kiss and adore. And Jim glows brighter with every kiss, his adoration flowing over and into Spock in waves, returned completely and entirely.

Their love envelops them, and everything else is far away, from the two of them and their love and the ratio that’s now forgotten because Spock doesn’t need a reason or excuse to display his love for Jim.


I’ll give you a hint…..


ITS ME! Febuary 24th is right around the corner! I’m excited even though we aren’t doing a single thing for my birthday XD Can’t afford it this year……oh well I guess.

I was going to add a picture of my puppies but it wouldn’t send TT^TT Stupid school computers.

when you’re putting together a little platonic playlist for moana + maui and you come across a ridiculous playlist of “songs about friendship” on youtube and decide to look up the words to the first one your eye catches on to see if it would fit just for fun and giggles

and the first line is LITERALLY

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea I’d sail the world to find you