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A Month of Spook - (17/31)

↳ What’s This? - Fall Out Boy

i used to never really like rap but then i got into kpop and now anytime they rap i’m like yes!! get those bars!!!!! slay my entire existence!!¡!!!!! spit that fire¡!!!¡!! do what you were born to do!!!!!!!¡!!!!¡¡¡!!

Post on Chinomiko’s facebook (very bad translation)

“I can’t wait for the next episode of Eldarya >w<
I will stalk you ahah ! *rubs her hands*

But due to an hospitalization/recovery, I will not be present when it’s launched ):
I trust the team with taking care of all that in any case !
(it was an expected operation, not an health problem, be reassured n_n )

This brings me to address something I really wanted to talk about for a moment :

During the last months, my role at Beemoov evolved a lot.
I was asked, (and I’m also okay with it ) to take care of different projects. In order to be able to offer you more games.
But obviously I’m not an octopus, and I can’t be at the oven and the mill at the same time.
So I had to learn to DELEGATE.
And it was really hard leaving my creations unfinished. But now it’s done !

What do I do now ?
I am in charge of the universes of my games. I have to make sure that everything that’s produced is coherent and in line with what has been done since the start. Be it the storyboard, events, illustrations… all this together with a lot of meetings and other things with the various heads of the company (note: not so sure about the last sentence :X). Which takes a lot of time.
With all these changes, I draw regularly, but unfortunately a lot less. So it has also been part of my new role to search for talentuous people to support me.
The changes have been done softly on the games, I think it has worked well :) (not sure about that either…)

To sum up everything, the job of illustrator for MCL, just like for Eldarya has become a real team work, like a studio.
It’s not rare to have five different people put hands on a single illustration. The outfits can be done by many hands too, with each person doing a different outfit for an event/episode etc…

I needed to say that, and for you to be aware, that behind every drawing (or scenario), even if I “guide” everything, now I’m very far from being the only one to intervene on it :)”

I think we can stop worrying about Moonlight Lovers now, since Chino is going to work on all the projects together ^^

anonymous asked:

Kash and kiki getting absolutely hammered together and almost going off to fight the Raven Queen and Vesh. The Raven on her antlers gives a disapproving caw as tho its begging her not to.

I like to think Keyleth has a certain respect for the Raven Queen, a certain understanding of things like sacrifice and death and the cycles of nature and the incontestable order of the world. It’s not fair and she doesn’t accept it but. That is the nature of sacrifice: the yielding of something infinitely precious in return for something given that is just as precious. And oh, Keyleth is life; she understands the price that must be paid for this, for living. (It’s not fair, but some things must simply be.)

that said, I’d love a good cop/grumpy cop teamup of kash and keyleth off to do away with Vesh cause honestly she’s just creepy and ain’t balancing out nothing, not even Kash’s attitude

The sun asks
“does she light up
your dark corners?”
and I answer
“her ray reaches
the black in my eyes
and I don’t dare look away”.

The moon asks
“do you want to
pull her close?”
and I say
“if she tries to reach me,
I will turn my love to waves
big enough to envelop her in them.”

The sky asks
“is she keeping you down?”
and I answer
“she lifts me so high,
I can finally feel the softness
of your clouds.”

The earth says
“be careful, kid,
you’re falling”
and I smile.
“She will be there
to catch me”.

—  for my darling @terwki!