i am so sick of that face

pining!keith scenario in which him and lance go stargazing and he doesn’t stop staring at lance the entire time with a huge lovesick smile on his face while the blue paladin is distracted because his full attention is to the night sky.

lance: dude are you even looking at the stars?

keith, lost in lance’s eyes: oh trust me i am.

when jin comes back to the dorm after lotj

jin: hey roomie, did you miss me?
jin: of course not, what did i exp–
yoongi: what do you think?! hyung, i didn’t know who i was before you left and i find out i’m a shell of a man when you’re gone. i was worried sick about you and nobody fed me shit and everyone was so noisy and you’re asking me if i missed you?!
jin: …ok you can let go of my face now yoongi
jin: i missed you too

So…. Lauren unfollowed Camila on Instagram 👀😑 why didn’t you do that a month ago? Am I suppose to suddenly believe you don’t want to look at her beautiful face anymore? Nope ain’t buying this shit it screams PR just like Britney tweeting about her sister where was she a week ago when all that was happening? Also all this feels like a fanfic I ain’t even going to lie we have Camila been a love sick cute fluffy baby waiting on her Princess charming to come kiss her in the rain, we have Lucy asking if all her efforts didn’t mean anything and then we have Lauren in LA the same day Camila saying ‘love you’ ‘miss you’. Now I ain’t delusional but for fuck sakes really! What do you think shippers will assume? And you wonder why people won’t give up on Camren so your next best option is to put Camila vs Lauren. I’m just going to sit back grab my popcorn and watch 👌 because all your doing is making Lauren look petty af

The Zodiac Signs From What I have seen In All Those  Zodiac Signs Posts That I Thought About At  6 am As I Was Sick
  • Aries: you must feel so special since you are always the first one and don’t have to squint your eyes and try to go through every sign lucky you...you are also kind of a bitch
  • Taurus: the true royalty of the zodiac, don’t give a fuckers, like you could try to kick their ass but they would just be like “pathetic” and go back to their 24-carat gold encrusted with diamonds iPhone 6
  • Gemini: everyone hates them but really they are as problematic as any other sign, it’s cause your sign has two-faces and we need a villain sorry
  • Cancer: hufflepuff, i feel like if you would go at their house they would cook something for you but I can’t guarantee anything about the taste tho
  • Leo: act like royalty but they really aren’t, their ass is very much kickable, furry
  • Virgo: they are not really virgins, also I am pretty sure that this is where slytherins come from
  • Libra: drama queens but like they have a reason, the person that rolls their eyes and gets their calculator when the professor is asking to verify an answer in the board
  • Scorpio: ominous, goth, surrounded by mist, most likely the leader of a sex cult that also does witchcraft on the side
  • Sagittarius: travels a lot apparently, always seen as athletic and nature-loving when really it’s not like that at all and I swear if I see one more post about hiking the goddamn himalayas as a great first date for sagittarius i will get my philosophic traveling ass and shot arrows at your window.
  • Capricorn: control-freak, neat-freaking, everything-freak, can be your angle or devil, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KICK THEIR ASS I REPEAT THEY KNOW WHERE TO HIDE THE BODY, also their sign is a goat mermaid whats up with that
  • Aquarius: weird, these people are just weird there is no other way of putting it, waterbenders
  • Pisces: the poetic, dreamy romantic or at least that’s what they say but my dad is a pisces and he is as dreamy and romantic as a cardboard box so...

I am going to make this perfectly clear: Kate Mckinnon is entitled to date whomever she wants, whenever she wants, however she wants. You are her fans. She does not owe you anything but gratitude for being beside her and supporting her, and she relies on those things. But by tearing down her choices in women and degrading them to her face, you are not being the fans Kate loves. You are being cruel, insensitive and rude. Whoever Kate loves is obviously a wonderful person and you need to accept that. I am tired of seeing the hate people spew and the clear invasion of privacy that Kate holds so dear to her heart. Please, stop spreading the abhor you possess onto the woman who deserves nothing but your love, and respect her. Respect her friends, respect the people she loves. 

Things I Like In DBS

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Grandpa Goku, Babysitter Piccolo, Baby Pan <33333

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“God damn it Kakarot” - Tsundere Vegeta insisting he was totally not smiling there wtf no you did not catch shit, Kakarot

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WONDER TWINS ACTIVATE - I mean, what, did I actually enjoy this or is this gif just still hilarious to me for this reason

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So with all the critique and hate I like to throw on Super, I figured I’d let everyone know the parts I actually have enjoyed so you know I’m not totally hating it. I can enjoy it, too. x’D I just am sick of having high hopes and getting them crushed and I don’t want to hear anyone saying it’s better than DB/Z and I still don’t like the Black/Trunks/whatever-we’re-calling-it Arc. But there. There you go.

hi! i’m not memeufacturing!

people are already saying i am so i just wanted to make this post to say otherwise.

yes my name is august, no i’m not memeufacturing.

i’ve had this blog for nearly 3 years!

im not sure if memeufacturing had one but just in case, to prove im not them, my selfie tag is /tagged/my face.

if you come off anon, i’ll also give you my facebook!

i’d also like to mention please PLEASE check your sources before you accuse someone of being someone else. as an abuse victim it makes me feel sick that people are getting me confused with them.

thank you!

Man, Garnet must be still on her high from Jasper’s battle because this is a kickass monologue.

Not that I’m complaining, I love this new side of her.

“And if you think you’re gonna get away with this.. heh, well I have bad news for you.”



Ruby: “Man, we’re so much more badass since we decided to spit some sick monologues before every fight.”

Sapphire: “Next one’s mine, yours wasn’t very subtle dear.”

Not Afraid Anymore

I am not afraid anymore, standing in the eye of the storm
Ready to face this, dying to taste this sick, sweet warmth
I am not afraid anymore, I want what you got in store
I’m ready to feed now, get in your seat now

And touch me like you never…
And push me like you never…
And touch me like you never…
‘Cause I am not afraid, I am not afraid anymore no, no, no

I am not ashamed anymore, I want something so impure
You better impress now, watching my dress now fall to the floor
Crawling underneath my skin, sweet talk with a hint of sin, begging you to take me
Devil underneath your grin, sweet thing but she play to win, heaven gonna hate me

And touch me like you never…
And push me like you never…
And touch me like you never…
‘Cause I am not afraid, I am not afraid anymore no, no, no

Crawling underneath my skin, sweet talk with a hint of sin, begging you to take me
Devil underneath your grin, sweet thing but she play to win, heaven gonna hate me

And touch me like you never…
And push me like you never…
And touch me like you never…
‘Cause I am not afraid, I am not afraid anymore no, no, no

“lol asexuals dont face oppression!!” 

asexuals: live in such a heavily sex influenced society that many feel broken and incomplete, face erasure both in and out of the lgbt community, have next to no awareness dedicated to them

“haha yeah theyre fine :)”

I mean all the affair, hurting each other, breaking up, getting back together, fighting each other stuff feels so little compared to what’s gonna happen the next weeks. This is the real heart ache, those are the real feels that make my stomach feel sick, giving me headaches coz I root for them so much. This is them being so incredibly in love, finally accepting their love and showing their love to each other, to everyone but now getting torn apart leaving the other half hurting and alone and I am not ready to see their happy faces switch to sad faces. They just got married. This is gonna hurt so much. Yes I really love watching soap operas :3

RFA: Untreatably Sick MC

The original request was MC having a brain tumor, but I am not a neurologist, and it would be difficult to write seven scenarios about something so specific. I hope you enjoy nevertheless!  



- The news hit him like a truck

- He just held onto your hand tightly, face frozen in shock, words just flowing through his ears without being registered

- He hoped it was a joke. It was just a prank by Seven right? He was going to pull off that wig, and begin laughing

- But there was no annoyingly hysterical laughter

- Every day, he would spend all his free time spoiling you, taking your mind of your pain 

- He rarely played LOLOL, and the only time he did was to entertain you

-  He tried to keep a smile on his face as to not worry you, but whenever you turned away, he felt tears come to his eyes


- When you were carried away in an ambulance one day, he sat on the pavement near your apartment, just crying on the streets

- He begged Jumin to help with the expenses, and took a few days off University to stay by your side 

- But one day, he skipped into your room with an over exaggerated smile, only to be met with a group of doctors rushing around

- “I’m sorry…” And that’s all Yoosung heard, before the world froze around him

- Yoosung cried for hours by your cold body, eventually collapsing of exhaustion 

- He never opened LOLOL again, let his hair dye grow out, and he rarely texted

-  He only put on a fake smile when he met the members in real life, knowing that MC would have wanted him to be happy



- Zen held onto your hand tightly as the doctor spoke, looking at your face 

- He pressed his lips to the top of your hand, holding it there, hoping you could feel how much he loved you 

- You gave a weak smile, looking up at Zen with teary eyes

- He would always try to joke around with you, smiling the brightest when you smiled 

- Zen was very overprotective over you, keeping an arm around your shoulder even while on a date 


- He was devastated 

- He began to drink more, and ended up isolating himself

- After your funeral, he went to your grave and vowed to leave you roses every week, and visit you whenever he could

- Zen was never in the mood to argue with Jumin, or even act narcissistic 

- He just stood in his quiet apartment, sleeping for hours, dreaming that MC was still there



- When the doctor said your diagnosis, she reached out for your hand

- She carefully intertwined her fingers with yours as she felt her eyes begin to water

- Jaehee wiped her tears and promised to stay with you, trying to give you a soft smile

- Every day, he brought you sweet little baked goods to cheer you up, and brought movies to watch together


- She knew it would happen at some point, but she would be lying if she said she was prepared

- She took a few days off, and her calm composure cracked completely

- She cried at the smallest mention of MC, and seeing even Zen’s musicals reminded her of MC

- After a week, she seemed to have returned to her normal self

- But she was still broken inside, reading the old messages with MC, and trying to think of the happier past 



- His already stiff expression seemed to turn to stone as the doctor told him your condition

- Jumin held you tightly, patting your hair as you cried into his shoulder

- “Are you sure there is no cure in the making? I can help fund the research program.” His voice was as steady as ever, as he tried to reason with the doctor

- He was breaking down inside as he heard the doctor’s answer, but he knew he had to be strong for you

- He tried to cheer you up by bringing you into his house and spoiling you with anything you wanted 

- Jumin wasn’t one to joke around, but whenever he saw you giggle, he vowed to keep the smile on your face


- Funding the vaccine research was no help 

- You had collapsed while Jumin was at work, and he had rushed home, only to find you being carried away on a stretcher

- Jumin followed along, and he felt himself tear up as he looked at the paramedics trying to restart your heartbeat 

- He held onto your hand, and sadly smiled at your weak grip 

- By the time the ambulance left, it was evident that you would not make it

- When you left, Jumin organized a funeral that was sure to keep you remembered, and drowned himself in work - 



- He looked at the doctor 

- No, that’s not an RFA member

- Was it an enemy hacker?

- But he knew it was true 

- Seven blew into your ear, trying to cheer you up, frowning when you didn’t giggle

- He would come over every day, bringing so many snacks that the other patients and doctors began to like him too

- But he always focused on you, joking in a 707 manner to cheer you up


- Tears began to slow as soon as he heard the news, and it took all his self control to not punch the computer right there and then

- How stupid could he be? Working when the love of his life was dangerously sick….

- Wiping his eyes, he ran outside to his sports cars and began to speed towards the hospital 

- When he saw your dead body, something inside him broke, and he became afraid of losing more people he cared about

- So he cried on the other side of the screen, pretending he was 707 again

- The 707 she fell in love with 

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Yo, fuck this shit

I am so unbelievably, blood-boilingly angry and ashamed of my country. I could write a giant rant on literally ANY of the insane things that Cheeto Benito and his posse of miscreants have been up to lately, but for now I’ll stick with the ban on immigrants. The fact that our leaders “celebrated” Holocaust Remembrance Day and then immediately turned around and gave the finger to the world’s most vulnerable refugees shows a level of callous ignorance that cannot be expressed in words. It’s completely unacceptable.

I am so SICK of hearing about how Muslims are “a danger to us” or how refugees are “a drain on the system”. I think of my beloved friends who are immigrants to this country, and I can only imagine their pain and worry and confusion in light of recent events. I think of my own ancestors - Irish women fleeing the famine - who experienced slurs and discrimination and the very same bullshit accusations that modern-day refugees face. When the HELL are we going to learn? When are we going to develop basic human empathy? Hasn’t history shown us the consequences of turning our backs on those in need? I sit here and watch as stories pour in about people detained at airports, about families split up because of travel bans, about children being left to die because we don’t like the religion of their parents. Shame on you, Trump. And shame on anyone who supports these inhumane policies.

Y'know, before I got sick, I was a volunteer at the refugee resettlement program here in my state. I taught English to a Muslim family who was forced to flee their home country. I can’t go into specifics about what they endured for fear of violating their privacy, but it was some nightmare-level shit. They spent years in a refugee camp awaiting their chance to be vetted…hoping, wishing, praying for safety. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine what it must be like to watch your loved ones get massacred right in front of you. Imagine running away from everything you’ve ever known, just to stay alive. Imagine working multiple jobs in a strange land while trying to learn a whole new language and culture. These people aren’t a threat to us. They deserve security and a chance for a better future, just like you and me. They deserve to not get MURDERED. Have a fucking heart, you soulless monsters.

‘hamilton’ characters while sick

Alexander Hamilton: “I AM NOT SICK!!!!!” he screams as he throws up twice an hour. Keeps working like normal (ie more than any normal human being). “Alexander you’re sick.” “If I were sick, could I do this?” “….” “…..” “…What are you doing?” “Cartwheels. …Am I not doing them?” Finally he ends up sneezing in jefferson’s face during a debate and falls off the table and then Washington makes Eliza come and get him. Eliza ends up locking him in his room and confiscating all his pens and paper so he’ll get some goddamn sleep.

Aaron Burr: He stays home to rest and get well like a sensible human being, but is bitter af about it because EVERY TIME he’s sick, he misses all the good dirt. He gets back and finds out that 4 debates happened, Hams and T-Jeff got in a fistfight on the debate floor, there have been 2 scandals, and also we may be at war with someone else now. 

Eliza Schuyler: Tries to relax so she can get well, but can’t help but worry about what bullshit Alex is getting up to when she’s not around to supervise. She decides she’s being silly and it’s all probably fine. (It is not fine. Washington can’t wait until she’s back in action.)

Angelica Schuyler: She doesn’t get sick. Germs cease to exist when they touch her perfection. I heard one time a virus tried to infect her and IT died.

Peggy Schuyler: She doesn’t make a big deal of it and just stays home to rest, but her sisters and Hamilton find out she’s sick and rush over with food and blankets and ask her if she’s getting enough sleep and water every .5 seconds. Every time she gets sick Hamilton buys her new stuffed animals and Eliza makes her wear like 14 layers. <from underneath 12 blankets and a mountain of teddy bears> “Guys it’s a cold–” “AWWW YOU’RE SO BRAVE BUT YOU NEED TO GET YOUR REST DON’T WORRY LET US HANDLE EVERYTHING”

Thomas Jefferson: <drapes self over couch, hand to forehead> “I guess… this is the end…” “Thomas you have a cold.” “I suppose death has cast its raven wing over me at last.” “Thomas.” <sneezes> “This is the end. The Grim Reaper has finally chosen me.” “Thomas please just take a sleeping pill and get some rest.” “TAKE ME OH SWEET DEATH I AWAIT YOUR LOVING EMBRACE” 

James Madison: Sneezes once and thinks he’s dying.

John Laurens: When he gets sick Hamilton makes a bigger deal of it than he does. He brings over 230 different medications and loads of blankets and begs Laurens not to die on him.

Marquis de Lafayette: <sneezing like crazy> “Fucking cold season.” “Oh, yeah, you probably got that from me, sorry–” <Lafayette shoots them> MMmmmm whatcha saaaaaaaayyyyy~

Hercules Mulligan: “How’d you even get sick?” “YOUR MOM.” “…” “…I’m sorry can you get me some DayQuil please.”

George Washington: Wishes he could stay home, but drugs himself up and drags his ass to work anyway because the last time he got sick and stayed home, Hamilton stole Jefferson’s pimp cane and Burr was locked in the cupboard for 6 hours before someone let him out. 

King George III: Probably got Washington sick on purpose out of spite.

Phillip Hamilton: “Am I sick? Hell yeah I’m sick AS IN I THROW DOWN SOME SICK BEATS!!!!” <starts beatboxing, but ends up coughing up a lung instead and collapses>