i am so shit with photoshop i spent literally all day making these especially the first one

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Hello, yes, hi, I recently found your art and account and I love what you do. I'm turning 14 in April and I've asked for a drawing pad, but I have no idea how to use one as of yet. Have you got any tips or anything? Because I've wanted to try digital art for a while and your art makes me want to even more lmao. Thanks! - B.A.


(I’m not sure what kind of comp you’re going to be using, so I’ll list for both.)

FIRST: Drawing Programs; the free and the great.

-Firealpaca: Lightweight drawing program. I draw Recovery using this! It’s easy on the RAM if you have a weak comp/are paranoid about yours like I am, it is mainly for basic comic making, and has all the basic brushes you need (pen/pencil/airbrush/symmetry/etc). You can add your own brushes as well but they’re p basic settings. Has basic Animation/Gif making as well using Onion Mode! Layout is a piece of cake. Please note that If you leave it open for a week it’ll crash on you, even if you haven’t anything on it at the moment, and sometimes the brush sensitivity just stops working so you just have to close and then open it again. (Also I have no idea how to update it aside from deleting it completely and just downloading the new version from scratch, so thats a thing.) Mac/Windows

-MedibangPaint: This is basically FireAlpaca But Better. Has tons of screen tones, brush patterns, and tools. I don’t use it much because I’m used to FA’s layout and get confused with the the placement of tools in here, so if you can I highly suggest just going with this first. Also has basic animation/gif making! Has storage for the website as well, and you can upload more preset brushes. It’s v anime. This program has waaay more in terms of basically everything, so it just takes more RAM. NBD, you don’t have to have every brush downloaded from the storage ^u^. Mac/Windows

-Clip Studio Paint: Okay this one isn’t free, it’s a pricey one, HOWEVER once a year they take the price way fuckin down by at least 75%. Sign up for the email list and it’ll let you know when that precious day comes. It’s how I got it @u@, around christmastime? This program is basically MedibangPaint On Steroids. I do all of my digital-yet-tradition-style-painting on here! The brushes all have some neat af settings to play with, you can make your own brushes, has tons of screen tones, pre-made panels, and settings. You can save projects as basically anything you need, is a hardy program that almost never crashes, and It’ll take a nice chunk of space on your comp depending on how much memory you have but hey, its worth it. It’s much more complex layout-wise than the other two here, but you get used to it after playing around and watching tutorials haha.

-Mischief: It’s a 25$ app, has like four brushes and five layers only but is vector-based with an endless canvas. Not really worth having unless you like the vector thing. UP TO YOU. I spent forever with this one doing all that homestuck stuff, so it’s not really bad so much as it is a basic bitch. Mac

-MyPaint: I used this a bunch when I still did digital art on my windows laptop before I upgraded to a Mac. It’s easy on the comp and has plenty of brushes and settings. You can also get brush packages if you don’t feel like you have enough that comes with the program! Also has endless canvas; pretty sure you can just select an area and then export as is. I barely remember the rest but It’s pretty great. Windows/MacPorts(which I hate)

-GIMP: I hate this thing. I cannot figure it out for the life of me. It’s got loads of shit though, can handle layers, has plenty of brushes, and can do basic animation/gifs if you ever figure it out. Windows/mac

I’ve heard good things from paint tool SAI and Krita as well, but have never used them myself.

***You can always pay through the nose/use a student discount for the photoshop series and pay that shit monthly, those fuckers have literally everything, but I am a cheap college kid making minimum wage with a car payment; I’d rather just pay once/not at all.

TABLETS: treat that shit like a newborn babe 24/7

-I have literally only ever owned a Wacom Intuos4. It has lasted me six years, and at least five moves across many miles. I broke one of the cord ports the day I opened it by holding it wrong, have one left, and now treat it like it’s going to die if the cord moves badly. Please be aware that if you break both ports, you better either sodder it back together yourself or upgrade to smth else because it costs about as much as the tablet itself was bought at to be fixed. Good news, though, it comes with at least six extra pen nibs, has programable buttons on the side (that I have never bothered to use) and a scroll bar in case you’re too lazy to use the keyboard (…I don’t really use that either unless I’m just scrolling through tumblr LMFAO).

-I would die for a Cintiq.

HOT TIPS: its useful.

-most of the programs listed use the same keyboard shortcuts. MEMORIZE THEM. It’s pretty easy, since you’ll use em a lot. [cntrl/cmmd+T] lets you resize what you just drew on that layer, and [cntrl/cmmd+z] is undo. I use those the most, for obvious reasons.

-vector-based programs are pretty great because when you resize an image it looks prefect. You can’t do that with a program that isn’t, so I just resize the base roughdraft and draw the lineart again on the layer above so I don’t get weird JPEG quality lines.

-You can use a ruler with your tablet, just slap it on and go, but honestly most programs have settings for that. just use those.

-You can also trace stuff on your tablet, so long as the paper isn’t too thick. I just scan/take a photo and then open it up in the program, though. much easier.

-SAVE CONSTANTLY. Art programs like to crash on you, even when they’re hardy and you have a good comp. make it a habit to quick save your work.

-Use a desk and have good posture. You’ll be able to draw a hell of a lot longer if you do. I personally keep fucking up my knees by sitting on my legs as I work out of habit, and don’t actually have a desk chair. Keep your screen at eye level and at a fair distance to prevent eyestrain and also neck-strain haha

-Chances are you won’t be used to the tablet right away. Most places you buy from say it’ll take a couple of months to get used to how weird it is to draw while not looking at your own hand, so don’t be frustrated If your drawings look a bit off at first.

-if you draw at least one thing every day, by the end of the year you’ll have improved exponentially. I literally made this blog to make myself draw once a day.

-don’t be afraid to check out speedpaints and tutorials. It’s always good to get more familiar with the program you’re using and new techniques previously unconsidered.

-get familiar with clipping layers. They are insanely useful; you clip one layer to the one below and then when you draw it only shows up on the drawing of that layer below. Shit is a godsend if you’re bad at coloring in the lines/lazy. The bucket tool is also really useful, and you can adjust the expansion by pixel so you don’t miss anything between the lines.

-experiment with your brushes, shit be fun af

-warmup your wrists before and after drawing. prevent swollen veins and such. dont want hand pain/numbness, its reaaaaally bad.

—basically if your hands hurt stop for the day.

-PNGS are for internet, JPEGS are for printing/fucking with quality (cough hack homestuck)

-resolution doesn’t have to be much more than 350 dpi if its just going to be on a webpage. Maximize that shit if you’re going to be printing, though. Especially if you put stuff on redbubble.

-DeviantArt has this thing called Sta.sh where you can dump art, keep it in perfect quality and just share it with certain people with a link instead of all of the website. Great for storing commission pieces, its the only reason I have DA in the first place.

-you get a different audience depending on what site you use for posting art, so keep that in mind for the kind of feedback you want.

-after awhile of drawing using a tablet, you may lose patience/forget that in traditional art there isn’t an undo button lmfao It’s cool; you don’t have to choose one over the other or anything.

-Honestly you can work around almost anything. You just invent new ways and techniques for yourself and you’ll do just fine.

Aaaaand that’s all I got for today! Thanks for sticking around <3

i think it’s time for my non-required opinion and bare with me ‘cause I am so MAD you cannot even imagine

  • first of all, ARE YOU KIDDING? Like, is it even a video??? They spent like 20 minutes walking on a pier and that’s it. The Wellington camera would have done a better job for god’s sake. Are they all trolling us? Is this a JOKE? Of course it’s a joke to them, they believe this fandom is gonna love it regardless just because all they want is a close up of them looking randomly sexy and that’s it. LIKE HELL MY DEAR PEOPLE WHO ARE EVEN PAID TO PRODUCE A THING LIKE THAT ONE!! You have to understand that the fandom grows with the boys, and yes there is a part of them which still get excited just because they breathe but One Direction is not 16 anymore. They are growning, they have grown up so MUCH and you have to follow their growth. Most of the fans have grown up with them so PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT for the people who give away their blood to support this band and actually PAY for your monthly salary even if you don’t deserve ONE COIN. 
  • I think it’s time for Ben Winston to move to some other artists. Maybe Rebecca Black needs another video. Go Ben, go PLEASE.
  • The whole video is them walking in a pier morphing into each other and then….Niall does a cartwheel. In the middle of a sad video who talks about lovers who conquer all and win over everything. And they reconnect with their bodies like can you get what I am saying????? ANYTHING OF THAT VIDEO MAKES SENSE from minute 0:00 to minute 4:00.  As if the whole video wasn’t sad enough and the song wasn’t the worst choice EVER for a single, especially in this season of the year. 
  • It literally looks like they take them, put them more or less together (because they can’t even walk together anymore so probably it’s all photoshop magic of single frames, I wouldn’t be surprised) and then Ben thought 'oh, let’s put Niall doing a dumb thing, Zayn and Liam hugging because of course they can, Harry close up so people gonna get horny and Louis playing football they are gonna love it!!! LIKE ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEEE???????? 
  • Okay sorry for the capslock but it makes me so MAD because this band is the most powerful band in the world thanks to THE FANDOM, which is bad or good or whatever you judge but it’s the most powerful fandom EVER and these boys are so LOVED and have so much potential that they could have done ANY KIND OF VIDEO and I say A - N - Y. Literally ANYTHING could have been better than this crap. Because it is. I don’t care how good Zayn looked, how cute Harry was in the cold, how long Louis’ hair are, this is not what makes quality music videos, this is not what the band is about. These are details of the whole, a whole which is being milked for their public persona and nothing else. The video is crap, the song is a beautiful song but not meant to be a single and their team keep thinking we are accepting everything just because it’s One Direction branded so who cares if everything is SHIT, they are gonna buy it anyway!
  • They are sinking this band and it’s going low low low low and one day nobody would care anymore because 'who cares, the videos sucks just like the pr team and everything surrounding the band’ and the victim all this mess will be the boys and only the boys. Of course. Which is a pity because these guys are all equally lovely and talented and if only they had the right team behind they could be EVEN MORE than the Beatles. 
  • The video has no sense, no plot, no animating skills, anything. I could have done something better with my iphone camera. I SWEAR. And yet they keep asking Ben Winston to film their clips. Once again, you know why? They don’t CARE. They don’t care about us, about the band, they don’t care in general. The 1D formula still work? Then why changing? Why improving? Why doing an effort to thanks the fans for the support? HELL NO! Let’s carry on with the shitty videos, it’s not that the fandom deserve a good one every time!!! 
  • Okay, rant’s over. I could go on and on forever but it’s better if I don’t add anything else.
  • The only good part is Harry and Louis morphing into each other. I bet they wanted to delete that scene and cut the whole song because GOD FORBID THEY TOUCH. 
  • And I will be dreaming forever about a perfect video of Through the dark with a plot that made sense and perfect frames of the boys in the countryside singing with each other about being strong and find a way to see the light like they did when they decided to follow their dreams and apply for a talent show. Yeah. Keep dreaming Anna.