i am so seduced

Matthew trying to shush MC. He’s probably sneaking up on Sam or something else goofy/stupid. 

Matthew: Shhh Mika! We’re hunting wabbits!

Mika: Are you seriously trying to sneak up on Sam? What about this sounds like a good idea to you?

Matthew: Shhh! Wabbits! *exaggerated sneaking*

Mika: *rolls eyes* 

Trying to get back on my tablet game. Shoo. Really noticing the four year absence of tablet drawing. O_o

Done in photoshop cs, because my copy of painttool SAI is corrupted. *sobs*

Matthew/Zacaeru © @thebunnyofevil 

art © @worksomewonder


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((Yes, that’s my phone background, made by the amazing @candle-jacked))


Okay, so as a lot of you saw on my Instagram: I am banging my hands against my keyboard at the ends of creating an iOS App for Seduce Me the Otome. I MAJORLY have to thank RenPyTom (The creator of Ren’Py) for helping me in the end stretch, but I am now officially happy to say that it is 100% functional in portable iOS devices!

What does this mean? Well, I shall be moving forward to publish it in the App Store. I will ALSO move forward with publishing an Android version of the game on Google Play and possibly Amazon.

I am EXTREMELY excited about this step forward; so much so that I feel like this is my Final Boss in a battle that should have been won a long time ago.

This will also give me the pathway to put all of my other games on iOS as well, so I am very anxious to move along with it!

“Offline” (Chapter Nine)

I love this chapter. Im sure you guys will figure out which part is my favorite but Id love to hear what your favorite part of their day is!

Only one chapter left!


Enjoy :)


Bond woke just as the sun started to rise, and managed to panic only for a second at the sight of the body next to him before remembering Q creeping into his bed last night.


Clever boy had figured out exactly what Bond wanted and had driven for hours just to sleep next to him. It was wonderful, really, and Bond was touched by the gesture, by the Quartermasters attempt to give them some time together away from Six and ops and comms and all that.

Offline, isn’t that what Q called it?

“007.” Q’s voice was slow and sleepy. “Budge off, would you? Your gun is digging into my hip.”

“Quartermaster.” Bond slipped his arm around Q’s waist and tugged him closer, fitting their bodies together as well as he could with their pajamas in the way. “You know damn well that’s not my gun.”

“Oh thank goodness.” Q yawned and scooted back even more, and Bond groaned softly when that perfect arse snugged up against the hard line of his cock. “If that was your gun I was going to ask when you upgraded the Walther for something bigger.”

“You thought I had a gun and you were worried about the size of it?” Bond rested his lips over Q’s pulse, laying a soft kiss there before nuzzling up towards his ear.

“You’re right.” Q tilted his head to give Bond better access, a shiver running through him at the rasp of morning stubble against his skin. “I should be much more concerned about it going off prematurely.”

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solangelo and #60? your writing is so good omg im jealous ❤️❤️❤️

Aaaaah! Thank you! I’m so sorry this took forever, I’ve had a crazy week this week and I haven’t had anytime to write! But, here it is!

Prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

Nico’s lungs filled with the choking scent of cigarettes and alcohol as he made his way to the bar. The pounding beat of a techno song reverberated through the oppressive crush of hot, sweaty bodies and into Nico’s skull. He finally reached the other end of the room, where a long,  forlorn-looking counter sat entertaining its few occupants.

Nico took a seat on one of the neglected barstools and asked the young woman behind the counter for a glass of water. She returned less than a minute later and handed him a glass, which he thanked her for before swiveling around to observe the activity at the opposite side of the space.

Drunken laughter mingled with the rumbling bass of the music. The crowd swayed and knocked against each other in a sort of joyful, haphazard dance. Slithering tendrils of purple-gray smoke rose from the assembly, while empty beer bottles rolled underfoot.

“I’ve not seen you here before,” an unfamiliar voice said. Nico whipped around to locate the source, and found himself face to face with a man who couldn’t have been much older than him.

He had golden hair that curled slightly and round blue eyes that glimmered with amusement. Freckles dusted the angular plains of his face, and a thin, white scar cut across his pointed chin. “You don’t come around here a lot, do you?” he asked. His voice was warm and mellifluous, almost musical.

“No, I’m not really one to frequent bars and clubs much,” Nico replied.

The boy raised an eyebrow, “Then what brought you here? Rough week?”

“No,” Nico replied, shaking his head. “More like my friend’s birthday.” He jutted his chin in the direction of the crowd, where Percy, Leo, and Jason were busy toppling over each other as they tried to keep up with the speeding rhythm of the song.

“Ah,” the boy replied.

Nico sipped his water and faced him, “So, what’s your name?”

“Will Solace,” the boy–Will–answered.

“And how’d you end up in this place?” Nico inquired.

“I’m a med student and finals are coming up, that’s all you need to know,” Will said. Nico chuckled and rested his elbow on the bar. There was something captivating about the way the light danced on Will’s sculpted features that left Nico unable to tear his eyes from him.

“How about I buy you a drink. Cheers to finals?” Nico offered.

A smirk flickered across Will’s lips. “You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

“S-so what if I am?” Nico stuttered, his cheeks coloring.

Will leaned forward. The glimmer in his blue eyes seemed more pronounced now. “Well, then I’d consider myself pretty damn lucky.”

Nico’s blush deepened, and his heart hammered in his chest. He opened his mouth to respond, but his voice died in his throat.

Suddenly, Will averted his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. “Shit, did I go too far?”

“No, no. You just caught me off guard that’s all,” Nico replied.

Will’s face relaxed into an easy smile, “What, you aren’t used to being flirted with?”

“People tend to avoid me,” Nico answered, shaking his head.

“You’re kidding me!” Will exclaimed. “With a face like yours I’d think you’d be fighting men and women off with a stick!”

Nico laughed. “No, they don’t seem to notice my natural charm,” he joked. 

“Well, their loss, then,” Will answered. He yawned and stretched his arms. 

“Tired, Solace?” Nico asked. 

“Yeah,” Will answered. “This place is exhausting.”

“Then go home,” Nico said. 

Will suddenly perked up at Nico’s words. “Oh, hell no,” Will replied. “Not without getting your number first!” He drew his phone from his pocket and held it out to Nico. 

“You want my number?” Nico asked in surprise. 

“Of course I want your number,” Will countered. 

Finally, Nico took the phone from Will and punched in his number before returning it. 

“I’m expecting a text from you sometime tonight, doctor’s orders.” Will said in a playful tone.

Nico rolled his eyes, “Whatever you say Will.”

He grinned, “Good night, Nico.” 

Nico smiled in return, “Good night, Will.”

With one last wave, Will turned and disappeared into the haze of smoke and bodies on the other side of the room, leaving Nico’s heart pounding louder than the beat of the music. 

i’m cassandra and i am THE persian princess. i’m cassandra shahinfar i’m 22 years old and i’m from winnipeg! there’s no words to describe cassandra. i can look in a thesaurus and the one word maybe would be fabulous? i work at a car dealership so i walk around the cars and i’m like winnipeg’s vanna white. sex sells baby! at work i’m very busy and occasionally i post selfies. when you see me it’s like “who’s this betch?” i do have intelligence deep down in there. i majored in criminology minor in psychology so that will help me because i know what people are thinking! i studied it…in a university and i got a degree for it! one of my favorite things to do at work is delivering the mail because i walk from upstairs in my little office, downstairs, i just command all the attention, all eyes are on me and i love it! i have this aura, people are just drawn to me. being a persian princess means you just wake up being fabulous. i have a beautiful home life. my mom cooks for me, she cleans for me, she does everything for me that’s like a life task. i’ve never used a washing machine in my life. don’t even know where i would start. like do you put the dishwasher pack in? i don’t know, don’t care because i don’t have to do it! don’t know how to do hair, don’t know how to do nails. i have either my mother, my sister or the glam squad at the salon do my hair. i pay my sister to clean my room, i can’t clean. i just can’t do that kind of stuff. i’m like a swan! i just float through life and have people do stuff for me. i think my strategy going into the house is using my people skills and my ability to read people as well as my boobs! i was blessed with a nice face, good personality and boobs, so i mean i need to use that and take full advantage of that! and if i didn’t i would be the stupid one. one thing that would make me feel at home in the big brother house is having people do my chores for me! cassandra means seducer of all men so i am going to seduce all those men….but he has to be over 6′3 and have big muscles. what’s life without a little diva? i’m gonna go in there and play every single person. i’m here to stab people in the back, i don’t really care i’m just here to win 100,000 dollars and get a shopping spree! (:


Author’s Note

This was super hard to write this because I love the Paladins and Allura, and I have not idea why you would cheat on them in the first place but I hope I did a good job at writing this, because I feel evil for destroying the hearts of my paladins.

Warning :Underage drinking and implied smut

Art by


All if which is awesome!!


Shiro was too busy with leading that Team to see that you were drifting away. It was simple at first. 

Flirt back with Lance. 

Kissing Lance on the cheek more offend.

Then it involved into make out in forget hallway, and “private training”. You should forgotten you feeling for the Black Paladin in till. He asked you if you want to have a dinner together one night.

You said yes.

You had forget what today was between the two of you and why it was important. You just say yes because you want to end it with him and he was so busy that you hardly saw him.

You met in the Dinnering Room and saw that the lights where dimmed down and there was candles light. It was very romance which caught you off guard.

“Do you like it?” he asked “I wanted this night to be special.”

“Of course.” you said with a smile “And why would that be?”

Shiro laughed.

“You are such a teaser,  Y/N.”

You laughed too, as you tried to think why today was important. The two of you sat down and started to eat the food. 

It was really awkward.

Shiro cleared his throat and looked at you.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, that I haven’t been around a lot but will everything going on I been-”

“Occupied?” you finished his sentence him a weak smile. 

He smile back

“Yea,  …and I’m sorry about that, but I was still hoping you would say yes.”

“To what?” you said taking a sip out of your glass of water

“To be wife?”

You spat the water out.


Shiro wiped the water off his face.

“That not what I was expecting for a reaction when I asked you.” Shiro said “But I know that this-”

“I don’t like you anymore.” you blurred out which caught him off guard.

“I wasn’t expecting that either.”

“I haven’t be in love with you for a while, but you where to busy saving the day to play attention to me.”

“Look Y/N, I sorry but maybe we could-”

“I have already found someone else.”

Shiro looked even more surprised

“You  . .where cheating on me?”

“Cheating would require both party to be in love with one another.” you snapped and stood up.

“Good Night Shiro.”

“Good Night, Y/N.” he whispered as you marched out.


You never planed on cheating on him, but you and him got in fight more frequently than him and Lance. After a ready back fight your ran to your room.

Or what you thought was your room.

It was Lance’s room.

With Lance in it.

He dropped everything he was doing to see why you where crying and you told him everything.

He kissed you.

At first you where shocked but you melted into it and that is kind of where it started. 

It then slowly evolved into hand holding and kiss on the cheeks when things got rough with you and Keith or just in general.

After another fight you found yourself in Lance’s room again with him holding you.

“You should really end it with him.” he said in your ear “you keep going back to him and he keeps broken your heart. Maybe it time you end it.”

“Yea! Maybe it time you end it!” Keith snapped from the doorway as red as his lion with anger.

You jump out of Lance’s lap about to explain what was going on but he raised his hand.

“I don’t even want to know what was going on or how long, Y/N.” he growled “We are done.”

And he stormed off leaving you in tears for the second time that night.


At first it was so he could get a taste of his own medicine. 

He flirted with a random alien, you flirted with Keith.

He held hands with a random alien, you grab Keith’s hand

He kissed an alien, you kissed Keith.

And the poor Red Paladin didn’t know want was going on.

One day he pull you a stand and asks want it going on.

“Lance is being an ass.”

“So you kissing me now?!” he asked.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it.” you teased and pulled him into a kiss. He slowly melted into the kiss and pulled you close. Soon the simple kiss turned into a full blown make out session. 

Then someone cleared there throat.

The two of you pulled apart to see an annoyed looking Lance.

“What. Is. Going. ON!” he growled.

“She kissed me.” Keith said.

“Thank you Mullet.” he snapped “I didn’t know!”

“Hey there is no need to get mad at me if you don’t pay attention to your lover.”

“Get away from Keith, Y/N!” he growled

“No.” you said putting your foot down “You haven’t been pay attention and”

You paused to think before you said it.

“I don’t think I love you anymore.”

Lance seem taking a back by this.


“You haven’t pay attention to me in weeks. You have flirted with everything that breaths, will …I don’t think I can take it any more.”

“Oh yea!”


“Fine then!”

“Fine!” you said “We are done!”

Lance then turned around and walked away leaving you with Keith.


You where only dating him to get close to Lance. You flirted with Lance all the time but Hunk seem oblivious to it.

But Lance saw it.

He did everything in his power to ignore you and your flirting, because he didn’t want to hurt his best friend.

But you wouldn’t give up.

One day you caught the blue paladin by himself in the kitchen so you tried to seduce him.

“I am not going to kiss you!” he said.

“Come on just one kiss.”

“Never!” Lance said “You are dating my best friend!”

“But I don’t love him,” you said “I love you!”

“What?” said the voice of the yellow paladin “You don’t love me?”

“Of course I don’t!” you snapped “What is there to love?”

“You can’t say that about my best friend!” lance said.

“To late!” you said “I said it.”

“Why you little-” Lance tarted but Hunk cut him off.

“Get out of here now.” he growled.

“Fine.” you said and turned on your heel and marched out.


You made the mistake of trust Keith and Lance at a time they weren’t fight, and that was because they were drunk on space alcoholic. You joined them not knowing  what they where drinking.

The next morning you woke you with a headache, and in bed with Keith and Lance in your bedroom.

“Hey Y/N-” Pidge said waking into your room and stop at the site of you with Keith and Lance in bed.

“What in the universe is going on here?”

“We got drunk!” Lance declared.

“And I think we had sex” Keith said rubbing his face “I don’t remeber much of last night.”

“You slept with them!” Pidge said

“I don’t think I did.” you said.

“You don’t think you did!” Pidge screamed “How could you do that! I thought you loved me.”

“Pidge,” you said sitting up “wait-”

“I don’t want to here it!” she said “We are done Y/N!”

and with that she stormed out.


You did it at first to see if she would care.

You flirted with everyone on the Team but Shiro the most.

What can you say?

You have a think for people with white hair.

Shiro being the gentlemen he was kept turning you down and that made you flirt harder with him.

It was now your job to get him to kiss you.

So when ever you were left along with the Black Paladin you flirted and got super close to him.

“That it I’m telling Allura.”

“Oh really?” you said popping you hip “Do you really think she is going to believe you when you tell her that I tried to kiss you? She is in love with me and she thinks I’m in love with her, she never believe you.”

“Until now.” Allura said.


“No, Y/N, I don’t want to hear it.” Allura said “Keith told me a long time ago but I dismissed it, thinking that he was seeing things but I guess I was wrong.”


“No, Y/N.” Allura said “We are done.”

“Fine.” you growled and stormed out.

My goal in life to have everyone be attracted to me while also confused as to what gender I am so they are just seduced into a trance and I get to look great

Hy got bored and wrote some stuff today (slight nsfw)

Eh heh…Uh…So I am an aweful little shit and saw some people asking “how would you seduce me.” I am ace, so my idea of seduction is popcorn and movie night, but I am also a terrible, terrible person and this happened because of that.

Not quite safe for work, just a um…warning. ^_- (I do this to my best all the time and she hates and loves me for it, so I hope you guys don’t mind. Also, I rarely if ever write smut anymore, so I’m sorry if it isn’t that great. But I tried? Participation trophy, whoo!)

Aaaand tagging @sweetchocobae, @xnoctits (it was a bit too long for an annon ask ^^;; ), @blindbae (< 3 ), @thirdstreetcettin

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Your headcanon makes me laugh because i imagine spy being the only merc that cant play an instrument. So many other talents! But even better that he plays accordian and just doesnt admit it, because where is the seduction in an accordian!?- he thinks

idk about you but i find this incredibly seductive

Climb Out Your Window

Title : Climb Out Your Window

Pairing : Gabriel X Reader

Word Count : 2,189

Prompt : Eeeeek! :) This is my first Gabriel fic! It’s based off the song Climb Out Your Window by Walk Off the Earth. (Amazing band, you should check out there stuff!) Anyway, enjoy!

You snuggled into bed with your favorite book, reading the last few words in the final chapter before you rolled over, set the book down and turned off the light by your bed. You smiled to yourself as you snuggled deeper into the warm blankets. You had enjoyed a wonderful evening doing everything you loved to do. You got a warm bubble bath, you listened to your favorite music, blasting it through the bunker with no fear, you made a batch of cookie dough and watched Pride and Prejudice, and finally you crawled into bed at the time you wanted.

There had been no rules. No boys. No stupid conversations about anime characters or upcoming cases. You finally had the bunker all to yourself.

The boys had left early that morning with Castiel to head out to Ohio after you got a call about a supposed monster in Lake Erie.

You didn’t exactly like having the whole place to yourself, but every once in a while, you needed some “me time”.  

You closed your eyes, pulling the blanket up to your nose. You said a quick prayer, telling Castiel good night, and then you sent another to heaven, just asking to keep the boys safe. You had grown up in the church; what could you say? Some habits die hard.

You were almost asleep when a soft, scraping sound made you blink open your eyes. You sniffed tiredly and looked around.

After a few moments of silence, you decided you must have been dreaming. You closed your eyes, sinking back into your pillows.

“Goodnight, sugar.”

Your eyes flew open wide as your heart leapt to your throat. Lying next to you on your bed, hugging tight to a pillow with a stupid grin on his face was Gabriel.

“Ahh!” You let out a choking cry of shock as you lunged forward with your fists, punching him in the chest on instinct. Gabriel let out a startled grunt as he fell back and landed on the wooden floor with a groan. You stared at him, struggling to control your panicked breathing as he sat up, rubbing the back of his head with a grimace.

“What the heck, Gabriel?!”

He looked up at you with his sparkling, golden brown eyes, and his lips pulled into a smirk. “I expected a more subtle welcome,”

“What are you doing in my room?!” 

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What do you mean that’s not how it goes?

It’s totally how it’ll go in my game.

I lost steam after the first doodle. How do people comic.