i am so relieved i could cry

“Jealousy isn’t my thing” Zach Dempsey

Request: Zach x Reader where Zach gets jealous :) [fluff-cuteness] hope everyone likes it.

NOTE: I am so sorry this is late but I hope you guys like it x

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You and Zach had been going out for 9 months now. Nearly a year. God everything was perfect. At first you were hesitant to even become friends with him because he’s a Jock. it was a biology project that got both of you together. so from working on a project; to revising together; then the healthy flirting turning into a relationship.

Your best friend Clay was really happy for you. He was against it first because Zach was a “JOCK” but then he saw how caring, loving and affectionate Zach was towards you.

Zach didn’t mind yours and Clay’s friendship but he wasn’t a big fan of it either. Sometimes you would see Zach dropping him looks but you’d ignore it thinking he’s just being childish. 

You haven’t really seen Zach much because you and Clay have this History project coming up so you’ve been with Clay for a whole week working on it.

“God I miss him Clay” you said as Clay was stapling some papers.                      “I know (Y/N), but patience is a virtue” he said whilst laughing and you just gave him a little nudge.


(Zach’s POV)

I trust her. I really do. But recently she’s been spending all her time with the Jensen and i don’t like it. I know that she loves me but like why can’t she just take two minutes out to call me or something.

{Next Day}

There she is, walking arm in arm with Jensen. Am I her man or Jensen?            “What’s up bro?” said Justin.                                                                                 “Nothing bro” i said whilst glaring at Jensen. No, I don’t like this but she doesn’t care so fuck it. She’s looking at me, walking towards me with her arms open like nothing’s wrong. WOW.

((Y/N) POV)

He saw me right? Why did he just walk off like that?                                            “Is everything ok?” Clay said but I didn’t know what to say so i just nodded and walked with him.

3 days. 3 motherf**kin days and Zach Dempsey has not even looked to me, let alone spoken to me. He’s there with all his jock friends but do I care? No! So here it goes.

(Zach’s POV)

She just grabbed my arm and dragged me with her to the girl’s toilet. Thank God no one was there to see. Well…the teachers weren’t there so it’s fine…I guess.                                                                                                                  “What’s your problem?” she said as she had me against the wall. God i just wanted her for myself, that’s all. She looked so beautiful all the time but when she was angry, there was something about her.She looked HOT AS FUCK.        

“Nothing.” I said coldly, pushing her lightly to the side and trying to walk off “you should go to Jensen probably he won’t make you feel pissed” I said and all i heard was a little sniffle.

“OH..MY..GOD. I am so sorry babe…ok-don…don’t cry now” I said. I couldn’t see her upset. I was just pissed that you were spending time with Jensen and not me. I know better, I trust you and I shouldn’t have acted like a chil-”

 But to my unfortunate luck she was just pretending. Before i could finish (Y/N)  started giggling and it turned into  a fit of laughter. I must say I was relieved that I didn’t make her cry.     

                                                                                                                    “Jealousy’s not my thing” she said.                                                                       “What do you me-”, I was cut off by her tender lips placed in mine and let’s just say it was kiss filled with love, passion. lust and hunger of  not kissing each other for a week. The kiss turned in to a everlasting make out session. My hands all over her body, her leaving trails of kisses down my neck. Then those purple marks that only I could give her. My left hand resting on her but and my right hand on her thigh. She had her hands around my neck.                               She stopped to catch her breath. “When we started dating you told me Jealousy isn’t your thing, but look at you now. All jealous and that”

I was stuck for a moment. I’m not the jealous type but this time I was. “I..uh..ummm…I felt insecure” She looked at me confused as to why would I even feel that way. “It’s just he’s known you for years and all so I got a bit j..jea…jealous!”.

She cupped both of my cheeks and gave me a little peck. “ I love you, Dempsey” (Y/N) said, her eyes filled with love. “ It’s been 9 months since we’ve been together so that says a lot” she said with  a little giggle. 

I laughed, reassured that my baby is only my baby. 

“Who’s in there?” we heard Ms.Kimberly say.                                                        “We’re so dead” (Y/N) said. WE both came out and faced Ms. Kimberly who had a disappointed look on her face. (Y/N) lipstick was on my lips, her neck was covered with this purple bruises and so was mine. 

“Office. Now!” she yelled and started walking with us following behind.

“Jealousy still isn’t my thing, just saying” I said before pulling (Y/N) from her waist towards myself for a hug.

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So Close

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 860

Warnings: ANGST!!

Anon asked “Can you write a Sebastian x reader imagine where the reader goes to surprise Seb in Atlanta for filming and she waits in his trailer and he walks into his trailer and is kissing his costar or something like that??? I don’t condone cheating and I think anybody who does it is so low but I’ve been having that in my head all day and I love your writing.”

A/N: Fourth/final part of So Far. Hope you guys like it!

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Dealing With Stress Induced Illness During Vet School

When I was a youngin, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is a GI condition (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, painful abdomen, etc). that can be exacerbated by stress and trigger foods. Once I got through the initial (years and years) struggle of identifying my triggers, my IBS, like a latent virus, faded into the background. I rarely had any problems, and I was feeling like a normal, happy, healthy, peaceful human being. 

And then everything changed when vet school attacked. As exam upon exam rained down on me, I began to feel painful and bloated even when consuming my “safe” foods. And if anyone has experienced IBS, one painful bloating episode can leave you crying on the couch clutching your stomach all day. Or hurriedly running to the bathroom all day while fighting off excruciating cramps.. It’s a daily struggle, because there are stresses everywhere. Juggling 15 exams, bills, relationships, classes, sleep, and “me” time is hard.  And to be honest, clinical rotations hasn’t made it any better. There are new challenges, such as gulping down food at 4 am after my 18 hour shift, or trying to soothe my grumbling tummy as I face my insecurities about new procedures or retaining my knowledge base. Every day is just a new stress to add to my already sensitive GI system. 

And I wish I could sit here and say that I found the miracle cure and if you have a chronic illness, whether that be physical or mental, that you can heal it with ease while also juggling the constant pressure cooker that is school. But it’s not that simple. It’s hard. So hard I want to cry in frustration sometimes. 

However, with my IBS comes the persistence of working through this. I was never truly aware of my stresses (or stress relievers for that matter), until now. And now that I am equipped with that knowledge, It is slowly becoming manageable again, I am becoming a normal person again, no, a stronger person, and for that I am thankful. 

And with this comes help, from peers, from professors, and from professionals. I am not alone in this, and neither are you. An illness, whether it has physical or mental manifestations, is not going to make this journey easy for you. But you should know that regardless of what you are struggling with, you have resources to help you through, and that despite the lies that your illness is spewing to you, you are still capable of crossing that finish line. 

13.02.2017 // [1/100 days of productivity] Been reading a few chapters for my “witch-hunts in early modern europe” class before work.

More notably: I got a mail from my advisor telling me he got me into a class I forgot to apply for. If I didn’t finish that course this year I would have had to wait unti 2019 before I could finish my bachelor degree. I am just so relieved now I am nearly crying.

Coach Bittle: What might have been

The stadium was slowly emptying. The locker room was empty, the players gone to celebrate their win, Richard Bittle was busy closing and locking doors. When he turned around, he was surprised to see one of his players waiting for him, twisting the hem of his Georgia Football sweater.

- Huh… Coach? can I talk to you?

- Sure, Masterson, what is it?

- Huh…

The kid looked behind him, at the closed locker door. He seemed afraid.

- It’s about your son, Sir. The guys made us swear we wouldn’t tell, but-

Something cold grabbed Richard’s insides. Soon he was running to a deserted corridor, opening a locker door that was never used, and finding his own son lying on the cold ground, covered in bruises.

- Dicky, Dicky answer me-

He took the shivering boy in his arms. Dicky, thank the Lord, opened his good eye.

- …Coach?

- I’m here, son, I’m here. What happened to you, who did this-

- They- they said I was a faggot, Coach. I’m sorry, I should have been stronger, I should have-

- Nonsense, it’s not your fault, come here.

And holding his son against him, he barely heard the tiny voice whisper:

- But what if I am? What if I’m gay?

Richard didn’t have the words, so he held his son tighter.

Richard had made his decision before even reaching the house, so when later, that night, after the tears and the reassurances, after Dicky finally fell asleep, his bruises and cuts tended to, he sat down at the kitchen table with Suzanne.

- Richard, I know they’re your team, but-

- I will send my resignation in the morning. Madison High School wants me, I’ll call them as soon as I can.

- Oh. Okay. I was afraid that…

- Suzie, he’s our son.

- Yes. I’m sorry. But what about his figure skating? You know Katya is the best…

- That’s up to him.

If Richard was relieved that Dicky chose to play Hockey instead, he kept it to himself.

The front door slammed, and Dicky let his hockey bag fall to the floor.

-That Tyler is a real-

- Language, interrupted Richard without lifting his eyes from the newspaper.

- Sorry Coach, mumbled Dicky, sitting down in front of him, crossing his arms. It’s just that he’s been acting like a real jerk, showing off and saying stupid stuff…

- Last week you talked about how good he was at hockey for a good ten minutes without breathing. What happened since?

Dicky placed his head on the table and mumbled something.

- Didn’t hear you, son.

- …He got a girlfriend.

- Ah, said Richard, turning a new page. Sorry to hear about that.

- Yeah.

Dicky spent the afternoon transforming the kitchen into a war zone.

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Mother’s day makes me sad. I miss my mother, who has been dead for 21 years. I’m about to go start cooking lunch for David’s mom and his step-sister. Sometimes I also get a little bit sad because I’ll never be a mom. (Mostly I am relieved about that, but it’s complicated.)

So if you’re having a sad day–you’re not alone. Be kind to yourself. Go for a nice walk. Eat a brownie or some strawberries or have a milkshake. (Can you put all those in a milkshake? I would not like it, but you prob could.) Watch a movie you like or that one episode of your fave show. One that makes you laugh if that’s what you need–or one that will make you cry and flush out some of the ouch.

After a month of worrying myself sick, today we were told the previa is no longer there! I was so beyond happy and relieved I cried, and continued to cry on and off most of the day. My cervix is perfect, nice and long so the progesterone is doing it’s job and baby is healthy 🙏🏻❤️ And it’s a BOY😁 💙💙💙 He weighs just shy of a pound, and he’s super active. I can’t express how grateful I am, after waking up this morning thinking I was leaving my kids for what could have been months, being so far from home and so much risk hanging over my baby it was more than I could take. God is so good ❤️

Grand Finale: The Wedding Night

Finale rewrite. Jack and Ashi marry and experience their first night together as newlyweds. As she has no family to ease her worries, she finds comfort and advice in the words of a better woman: her mother-in-law. Jashi, fluff, wedding-night jitters, mentions of marriage consummation, and mother- and daughter-in-law bonding. 

FF.net: www.fanfiction.net/s/12519756

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If You Care - Part 4

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Epilogue

Genre: Angsty, (eventual) smut

Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol / Oh Sehun.

Word Count: 1,710

Summary: When Chanyeol’s old friend comes back from studying abroad, you find yourself seeing him less and less. Your boyfriend hasn’t been paying attention to you, so Sehun steps in to comfort you instead.


You didn’t have a chance to wipe away your tears before Sehun stood in front of you and noticed them. He put his bag down, at his feet, and studied your face. He cupped your face with both of his hands and wiped your tears away with his thumbs.

“Come with me,” he said, picking up his bad and opening his umbrella. “I’ll take you home. You should change before you get sick.”

You nodded as Sehun took your hand in his. He hailed a cab and you climbed in, with Sehun sitting next to you. You gave the driver your address and soon enough the car was moving. As you drove past SM headquarters, you saw Chanyeol standing outside with his phone. Like clockwork, your phone began to vibrate. You quickly pressed ignore.

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Yatori fanfic: “I thought I was going to lose you!”

Summary: During one of Yatos jobs they get into a dangerous situation. Hiyori accompanied them even though he and Yukine told her  that it could get serious this time. A fatal mistake! As an old building breaks down Hiyori gets terribly hurt trying to safeguard the tracksuit wearing god and his shinki. Everything Yato can do is watch as Hiyori lay there motionless. Later when she wakes up she is in the hospital and everyone is there waiting for her to wake up. Everyone except Yato. What she didn´t knew was that she would be seeing a new side of Yato soon. One that she had never imagined to see.
(!!!Contains Manga-Spoilers!!!)

Word count: 2749

“Yato watch out!“, Hiyori shouted as the walls of an old building were about to break down falling right into Yatos and Yukines direction.

“NO! What are you doing get out of here! HIYORI!!!”, Yato retorted but it was too late.

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That's amazing what you did, congrats on getting rid of the bad!! And happy birthday!!! 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁

skjfjsbsbsjckkdjsjd THANK YOU

I am very lucky to be in a situation where I CAN walk away from a shitty ass part time job. And I’m so damned relieved I could cry. (I already did a little bit)

Thank you for the early birthday wishes! (One more hour here!)

Garnet puts her foot down.

This scene was everything I could have hoped for. I am so relieved and happy Pearl is finally realizing her strength, but I was honestly afraid of a woobified, Crying Breakfast Friends “Pearl Defense Squad” treatment, particularly after parts of the fandom crowing how Historical Friction was intended to be a smackdown to  “haters”–a.k.a., critics of the detriment and danger her actions have placed Steven and others into in the past.

I was afraid I was going to hear a tired echo of Tumblr. “She can’t help herself–!”

Instead I heard an echo of every survivor I’ve seen comment on her, myself included.

I don’t want to hear your excuses. 

You need to learn that there are consequences to your actions!

After all the backlash against all the concerns–,abuse survivors speaking out only to be derided, dismissed, accused of ableism and homophobia–Garnet spoke our minds, right there in the show.

I don’t want to hear your excuses.

You need to learn that there are consequences to your actions!

Thank you so much, Crewniverse.

For the Dancing and the Dreaming

So, I couldn’t really resist writing this either. I just really adore Fili and I love to torture poor Kili. 

But, I definitely don’t own the lyrics or anything from How to Train Your Dragon 2 or from the Hobbit trilogy. 

Enjoy! :)

1. Imagine dancing with Fili around the campfire singing ‘The Dancing and the Dreaming’ from 'How to Train your Dragon 2’. x

2. Imagine Fili crying to you for a reason he won’t explain and you cheering him up by singing to him. x 

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Totoko interacted with both chibita and nyaa chan!! Karamatsu punched someone finally, matsus moving out, chibita has a house (IM SO RELIEVED honestly it’s not even a bad one and it’s really pretty! I’m so proud of him I could cry…) AND !! KARAMATSU MOVED IN WITH CHIBITA IN THAT PRETTY LITTLE HOUSE IM…..I…

I didn’t expected so much good stuff would happen during a one ep ! Am I dreaming !!!!

Our Little Angel - Reader x Gabriel x Balthazar

Request: I was wondering if I could request a oneshot where the readers had a really bad day and is crying on her bed and Gabriel and Balthazar turn up and cheer her up please?

I am so sorry for the delay in writing! This wasn’t quite next on the list, but it was pretty close, and I since my anxiety has been so bad, I wanted to write something simple. Some cute cheering-up fluff seemed perfect.

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Sad Taylor/Matthew Imagine... Part 1/2

What About Forever?

Part 1 Out Of 2

A Sad Taylor/Matthew Imagine

WARNING: Contains graphic content


Hope you like it!

*On the phone with your boyfriend Taylor*

“Y/N I just don’t know if this is going to work anymore. I mean, with me traveling all over the world on tour with the boys. I mean we can still be friends and I am sure Matt will want you to still come on some tours with us because y'all are best friends but I just don’t think it will work anymore. I’m sorry. We are done.”

“Taylor…” You said to him hesitant of what to say.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” He said then hung up the phone.

You ran into your room and slammed the door shut. You threw your phone onto your bed. “Y/N, don’t slam the doors.” Your mom yelled from the kitchen. But she had no idea the importance of this situation.

Taylor and you had been dating for almost 3 years. You were convinced he loved you. You thought you two would be together forever.

You went onto twitter and looked on your TL,

(these are all fake twitter names)

magcon4lifee: Guys, Y/S/N {Your Ship Name} is finally over. About time that skank realized she wasn’t good enough for him…

sluttyfortaylor: Yes. Taylor is officially single again.

You felt the tears starting to build up in your eyes. They felt like a fire burning holes through your eye balls.

You herd your phone start to ring. It was playing the ringtone that you had set for Matt. ‘It’s your best friend. Pick up the phone, it’s your best friend. Answer before it’s too late.“ 

You stood up and walked over to your bed and picked up your phone.

"Hello.” You spoke into your phone as you let out a small sob.

“Are you okay…?” Matt asked in a caring voice.

“No, not so good.” You replied to him letting out another sob.

“Just talk to him. Just once. Give him a chance to explain…”  Matt said giving the phone over to Taylor.

“Matt, I’d rather not.” You said to the phone but you were too late.

“Look, I am trying not to hurt-” Taylor started but you cut him off.

“I was never ready for you to leave…” You said to him and then hung up the phone.You sat your phone down on the desk and you walked over to the door. Your back slid against the door. You let out all your tears. Even more than before.

'I can’t. But I want to…’ You thought to myself. You then herd your phone buzz from the desk. You stood up and walked to it.

Matt: Please don’t go back to your old ways. Please, keep the blades frozen in your freezer.

You: I can’t promise Matt. It is getting to hard. All the hate, plus Taylor just ending it. I don’t know anymore…

You replied to him as you dropped your phone onto the floor. You stood up off of the ground and opened the door quietly hoping no one would hear you.

You sneaked downstairs and into the kitchen. You grabbed the plastic cup that you had hid in the freezer for two months and four days now.

You then ran back upstairs and unwrapped the cup that was wrapped with aluminum foil…

You closed the door. You let one tear fall down from your eye. But that was going to be the last one for the night that you were going to let fall.

You walked into your bathroom so you wouldn’t have to do it in your bedroom.

You sat your cup that contained the blade that was frozen in a block of ice in your sink and ran warm water over it. 

The ice finally turned into water and the blade could finally be reached. So you grabbed it out of the water.

“Because, Taylor doesn’t love me anymore.” You said to your self as you dug the razor into your wrist.

You did this to yourself two more times until you herd your phone ring once again. It was Matt’s ring tone.

You set the blade down and walked over to the phone and picked it up.

“You haven’t. You can’t. Please don’t.” He kept muttering words but all you herd was his voice, just saying random stuff.

“I’m sorry. Just know, I didn’t do it because of you.” You said to him about to let out a tear but you stopped yourself.

“Y/N please don’t do anymore because of me.” Matt said to you. You could hear his voice crack as he started to cry. But just a little.

“But Matt, everyday is a struggle.” You said to him letting a tear escape you. But you quickly wiped it up.“I know. But stay strong for me. Please.” He whimpered to you. You could tell he was begging you. But you just couldn’t take it anymore. You were so over it.

“Matt, I am sorry. I am done.” You said as you hung up the phone.

You picked up the blade again and added several new scars but it just wasn’t relieving you anymore.

You threw the blade into the toilet and flushed it down. You went back into your room, then downstairs and into the kitchen, hoping no one would see you.

You grabbed the pocket knife that was in the miscellaneous drawer. You stuck it into your pocket and ran back up the stairs.

You sat it down on your desk and you sat down. You pulled out a piece of paper and started writing. 

'Dear Friends and Family,

I love you all so much. Let me start off by saying I didn’t do this to hurt all of you. I did this to help me. 

Y/S/N {Your Sisters Name}, I would like to thank you for keeping me on my toes. You always knew how to make me mad but you also made me smile. Thank you. I love you.

Y/M/N {Your Moms Name}, Mommy. I love you. I always will. And please don’t be sad when you see this note. Just know I am in a better place now.

Y/D/N {Your Dads Name}, Daddy… I will always be my daddy's little girl. No matter if I walk this earth or not. I will always love you. I remember those nights when you would come and lay in my bed with me and read me stories. I will always remember our special moments. And I beg of you not to be sad. I was daddy’s little princess when I lived, and now I will be daddy’s little angle watching over for him making sure nothing bad comes his way. Just know daddy, no matter what happens I don’t want you to be sad. There was nothing anyone could have done to stop me from doing this.

Taylor, Oh Taylor. What happened today might have caused all of this mess. But to be honest, I am not sure anymore. I have been getting so much hate. I remember when we used to read all the hate and jealous tweets about our relationship together and laugh at them. But ever sense you left, they have become meaner, and they have found a way to get to my heart. When I see them, I try to think of you, but it doesn’t work. I will always love you Taylor. More than anything. But what we had, you ruined it. It could have never been fixed so don’t hate yourself because I did this. Because I didn’t do this to hurt you. I did this so I would stop hurting. What happened tonight with us breaking up… It brought back feelings that I hadn’t felt sense before we were together. But its over now. There is no going back…

And last but definitely not least, Matt… Matthew, you tried to stop me. You tried so hard. I know you did. But I won’t listen to you. You will always be my best friend. And I promise I will be watching over you in heaven. Or where ever I am. I wish that you find yourself another close friend like me. I know how much you depended on me. I remember our Friday nights when I would go over to your house and we would watch The Walking Dead, or have a Breaking Bad series. We wouldn’t fall asleep those nights. We would just stay up watching the television, spilling secrets, eating pizza, and telling each other ever secret we had. You were the first person to know that I cut, the first time I had. Matt, I love you so much, hell, I might even love you more than a friend. But I guess, that we will never know if that could work out. Matthew, please don’t be sad after reading this. Be happy that I truly am in a better place now. I really am. So Matt, I love you. And that is the only secret that I had kept from you. But I couldn’t leave you, with out you knowing all my secrets. There, you now know everything. So I kept my promise to you. I love you Matt. Just know that. Remember that forever, and never forget it.


As you signed the suicide note, that was stained with tear drops you picked up your dads pocket knife.

You walked over to your bathroom. You sat down on your toilet seat. You checked your phone for just one last time. You had a text from Matt.

Matt: Don’t do this to your self. Please. Please. Please.

You: I am not doing it to hurt you, I am doing it to help myself.

You set down your phone and picked up the pocket knife once more, “Do you really have to break yourself on the outside, before people believe that your broken on the inside? Is this how this works?" You said to yourself twirling the knife in your hands.You finally broke down enough and stopped toying with the knife.

Its time. You thought to yourself. You brought the tip of the knife to your stomach. 

It will all be over. You thought to yourself. You then jabbed the knife into your stomach. It was all over. You saw the room getting lighter and start to spin.

But you then saw the door to the bathroom open, "M-m-mom…?” You managed to mutter out, “No, Matthew. It will be okay.” He said to you just as everything went white…