i am so ready for this movie to come out

Spider-Man: Homecoming

I just watched Spider-Man Homecoming and I loved every bit of it. 

Don’t forget to stay for both after credit scenes. If you are patient, you will be rewarded. 

Maybe I’ll do a full review on my blog. Idk. For know its just a list.

Spoilery stuff below the cut. Basically don’t read the rest of this until you have watched the movie.

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How exo would propose to their future wife


○ asks Chen and Baekhyun to come with him when searching for a ring to get their opinions on which ring is “the perfect one”

○ decided to propose at the restaurant where they had their first date

○ freaks out when sitting down thinking he forgot the ring (but it’s in his jacket pocket)

○ internally screaming the entire time 

○ rethinking his decision “is this the right time?” “am I ready to be a husband?”

○ excuses himself to the toilet to call Chen to freak out 

○ when he comes back out his girlfriend says they can skip dessert and go home early and watch movies instead since she’s worried he isn’t feeling well due to him “acting  weird”

○ this just confirms to xiumin that this woman is the one he wants wake up to everyday so he gets on one knee and asks “will you marry me?”


○ once he realised that she was the one, he went into full planning mode for the “perfect proposal” 

○ when his girlfriend came home from work she found a pretty box with a gorgeous dress and accessories inside with a note saying “get dressed and meet me at our favourite restaurant”

○ she changed and took a taxi to the restaurant where they first met. inside was completely empty and it had been decorated with many roses and candle lit tables

○ suho came and gave her a kiss as he lead her to their usual table near the orchestra

○ as they ate their last meal, suho got up to the stage and sang a ballad that they both loved with the orchestra playing

○ afterwards he dedicated a sweet speech to her about what she means to him and how happy she makes him (and a few dad jokes in there)

○ he started walking down the few steps thinking everything was perfect until he tripped on his own feet and the ring box flew onto the floor

○ his girlfriend was suppressing her laughter as suho scrambled to grab the box and falling on his butt when he attempted to go on one knee. he got there eventually and with a flustered red face he asked “marry me?”. “how could I not say yes to you?” 


○ he was panicking even before planning how to propose, he wanted to do everything right so that’s why he nearly fainted when he went to ask her father for his blessing (he didn’t need to be nervous, her parents love him)

○ wants to propose at his home since he has the most memories with her there

○ he doesn’t buy a ring from the showcases, he puts in a request to have a custom made ring with personal engravings made

○ he makes a home made dinner and decorates the place with roses and candles

○ he later blows out all the candles since he keeps on accidentally bumping into them and knocking them over

○ while his girlfriend eats her dinner, he brings out his guitar and sings a love song that he composed

○ he wanted to propose right as he finished singing but then he realised he left the box in his training pants… he awkwardly shuffles into his room to get it which sort of ruins the moment and confuses his girlfriend

○ when he grabs the box he turns around and shrieks, his girlfriend followed him into the room. They both laugh and that’s when he goes on one knee and asks while giggling “will you marry me?”


○ he wants his proposal to be fun but at the same time memorable 

○ so he decided on proposing at the amusement park

○ it was either on a Ferris wheel or holding up a “will you marry me” sign when going down the log ride (the group yelled at him to go with the Ferris wheel)

○ the whole day is filled with him winning her prizes, eating churros and other junk food, going on every ride and lots and lots of laughter

○ towards the end of the day, when the city illuminates he decides to have the last ride on a ferris wheel before heading home

○ when they awe over the pretty city he uses his breath to fog up the glass so he can draw a big heart 

○ they have another laugh when he decides to envelop her in a hug and say a short but sentimental speech on how special she is to him

○ this brings tears to her eyes which then turns into full on bawling when he goes on one knee and pops the question


○ he decided to ask her to marry him when he woke up one day and realised how much joy and comfort she brings into his life

○ the ring he plans on using to propose was passed down from his grandmother and then to his mother which she then gave to him

○ he had trouble deciding where and when to ask the question since he has so many memories of them together in many places

○ they were lounging on the couch whilst playing video games at his place when he decided to start a tickle fight since he accused her of cheating to win

○ this turned into a playful wrestling match instead rather quickly

○ when he was flopping around a small “thunk” was heard and to his horror it was the ring box which fell out of his pocket

○ before his girlfriend got up to see what the sound was he threw the throw blanket over her body

○ as his girlfriend threw the blanket off getting ready to hit and yell at him she stopped and laughed since he was on one knee, his hair a mess with a rose in his mouth as he asked “will you marry this idiot?”


○ honestly he was ready to pop the question after their 3rd date lol

○ he narrowed down two potential rings but he couldn’t settle on which to buy so he rang xiumin for him to come down and help decide

○ they met by chance at one of exo’s concerts so that’s where he would like to propose

○ it was the last show of exo’s world tour and they decided to ask her up to the stage as they sang Peter Pan

○ when it was time for “sehun time” the stage went dark and when it was re lit she gasped as each member was lined up holding a card each making up a sentence saying “will you make jongdae the happiest man on earth?”

○ at this time she already started crying but sehun came up to her and turned her body to face the other direction which made her cry even louder

○ because right in front of her was chen on his knee with a ring and bouquet of roses asking for her hand in marriage

○ after she said yes the performance continued and he proceeded to sing and spin her around with the crowd awwwing and cheering


○ kyungsoo was never the best one to do something extravagant or too romantic but he wanted to make this moment special

○ he brought kai and chanyeol along with him to go shopping for a ring because he didn’t know which ring was “good enough” for his girlfriend but they both assured him that it’s the thought that counts and that she’ll love anything he gets

○ he decided to propose at the small neighborhood cafe where they first met

○ his nerves were frayed ever since he bought the ring so you could literally see him break out in sweat and see his legs shaking

○ he calmed down as his girlfriend began telling him about her day and then asking him how he was going with work because he seems about a bit jittery and tired 

○ he smiled and assured her that he was fine. he proceeded to say how much he loves her constantly fussing over him and started listing all the reasons why she is so lovely which then turned into stuttering and blubbering (this was meant to be the proposal) 

○ in which his girlfriend softly giggled and asked “do kyungsoo…are you asking me to marry you?”

○ “Yes I am”


○ he spent a week thinking of how to propose and he decided to mash the two things he loves most into his proposal 

○ he took his girlfriend to the park in which they first met when walking their dogs 

○ he bought a mini speaker with him and started playing a playlist of their favourite songs, he stepped closer and asked her for a dance

○ they were happily dancing, giggling and spinning around the park and fountain

○ little did she know sehun was nearby with all 3 of kai’s dogs in which he told them to run towards her

○ kai spun her away from him and that’s when she squealed as she saw the 3 fur babies running towards her

○ she knelt down to pat them and that’s when she noticed a small note attached to  jjangah’s collar. She picked it off and opened it and let out a small gasp…”will you make our daddy the happiest man on Earth?”

○ she slowly turned around and started screaming when she saw Kai on his knee with a box and bouquet


○ he honestly didn’t want to make a big deal out of this since he thinks that “we’re basically married anyway”

○ but still, he thinks his queen deserves a special and memorable day so he set out to buy a ring that will blow her socks away

○ he decides to take his girlfriend out for a late night drive and picnic since the weather was nice

○ they had a picnic and drinks on top of a hill that oversaw the whole city. they decided to lie down and cuddle while star gazing afterwards

○ they were having fun spotting constellations and cracking jokes when she said that she wishes that she could just capture this perfect moment and cherish it forever 

○ he took this as a perfect cue. “I think I could do something which can make this night even better”

○ as he got up to get into position, his girlfriend whined and asked him to lie back down. He huffed and said “could you just sit up for a moment so I don’t look like an idiot”

○ “aww but hun you always look like an idi-” she started choking on her spit when she sat up and saw him on his knee with an open ring box. “Say yes and make me the happiest man on Earth first before dying please”




The movie was really really good. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how good it was. 

-Aquaman is my new favorite  child

-But Victor Stone is cool too

-On the Amazon bikini issue- there actually was a lot of the original armor and that was good, but they definitely did not need to add in the new bikinis- it wasn’t awful, but ya know

-A couple Green Lanterns (not Hal) do make an appearance 

-Superman can move as fast as Barry and it freaks Barry out

-There were A LOT of  jokes and funny moments in the movie, and most of them came from Barry

-I would’ve liked more background on each character, but this wasn’t the movie for that- this was how they come together, like The Avengers. I am so so so ready for the solo films though, omfg

-The plotline itself was very well written I think- it seemed like the big bad, his big bad armies, and his weapons didn’t have  enough background- but who cares, everyone is there for the heroes, not the villains

-Jason Momoa walking into a giant wave while chugging a bottle of whiskey is now my aesthetic 

-Superman is only in about half the movie, but that’s okay- let’s focus on these new characters more please

-I never saw B Vs S, so I hadn’t seen Afflec!Batman until now, and I really like him- he feels closer to the real Batman than any I’ve ever seen, even Bale

-I’d never really seen Cyborg’s character before because I didn’t grow up on Teen Titans, but I really enjoyed at least this iteration of him

-Ezra was majestic and should be given awards


If you have any individual questions about the movie, hmu

Papa Hollis: “And this might be so shoking to you, but murderous vampire wasn’t exactly what I had in mind!”

This. Never. Gets. Old. 

Happy Carmilla Is Out in 15 Days Day!! ;) Happy Coming Out Day*!!

*and remember, coming out is not and never will be a requirement, an obligation or even a necessity. Not coming out does not mean not being out. Being closeted because you are not safe or not ready or not needing to be out doesn’t make you less queer and magical. Just because society is painfully patriarchal and heteronromative and wants to set rules and little boxes, doesn’t mean we should follow them. We’re here, we’re queer and we FUCKING ROCK!

No Secrets (Daveed x Reader) Platonic

WC: 1394

A/N: Hope everyone’s having a great day!

“I was asked to do a Late Night interview,” Daveed said one night after you had finished watching a movie in his apartment. You were packing up your backpack, getting ready to head out and begin your walk home.

“That’s awesome, D. When?”

“Next week, you wanna come?” His eyes rounded out, pleading ever so slightly. You laughed your agreement, nodding.

“I’ll forward you the email with the information. I’ll pick you up at your apartment night-of, and then we can go together,” Daveed was grinning, pleased that you wanted to go with him. You left his apartment, heading back to your own.

“What am I wearing? What are you wearing? You’re the one going on Late Night TV,” you said into your phone, which was on speaker as you finished pinning your hair in place. You could hear Daveed sigh on the other end of the line.

“I’m just wearing a suit. People are still going to see you though, in the green room. You can’t be wearing sweatpants,” he teased, knowing your preference for comfortable clothes.

“Relax, Diggs. I’m wearing a dress and sandals. My hair is braided and tied back. Happy?” You shot back at him.

“Yes I am. I’m outside your building now. Get your butt down here,” he said lightheartedly. You grabbed your keys from the table and exited your apartment, doing your best not to trip down the stairs. You were almost successful up until the stairs that led down to the street. Your sandal got caught on the cement, and you felt yourself falling forward. Luckily, a pair of strong arms caught you.

“If we weren’t friends, you would be dead, I swear (Y/N),” Daveed was stifling a laugh. You rolled your eyes.

“Let’s just go, you’re gonna be late if I keep almost dying.”

Personally, you didn’t like it when Daveed did interviews. Your best friend was shy and awkward when put into situations like this, traits not many people knew. You felt like the world didn’t get to see the real Diggs that you were friends with.

“Aw, look at our boy all grown up,” Rafa pretended to wipe away a tear. You joined his jest, pulling a tissue out of your pocket and dabbing at your eyes.

“Soon he’ll be out in the world on his own, leaving me with you,” you teased. Rafa had met Daveed first, in California. You had met Daveed in New York, at the bar that you worked at. You had bartended one of the cast parties, and Daveed immediately took a liking to you after you gave him sass. Daveed later ended up inviting you to a party a week later (not bartending), where he introduced you to Rafa. The three of you became an inseparable group, though Daveed always joked that one day you and Rafa wouldn’t need him to be the mutual friend anymore.

“So Daveed, I noticed you brought some friends with you, would you like to introduce us?” The host asked. Daveed laughed casually, as cameras were brought into the green room.

“So the fine looking fella on the left is the great Rafael Casal. If you aren’t a fan of his work, you should be. He’s amazing. And the woman on the right is the beautiful, wonderful, (Y/N),” Daveed answered.

“Can we get (Y/N) out here please?” The host asked. The cameraman waved for you to follow him. Rafa gave you an encouraging smile, so you did as you were asked. You walked out onto the stage, in front of the audience, and took a seat on the couch next to Daveed.

“I just wanted to show you guys this tabloid article,” the host pulled a magazine out from under his desk. The image of the article was shown on the screen behind you. Reading the headline, Daveed let out a loud laugh.

“HAMILTON STAR DAVEED DIGGS’ SECRET GIRLFRIEND” The host read aloud. There was a photo of you and Daveed out for lunch attached. The host began reading out bits from the article.

“Hey Diggs, guess what?” Daveed turned to you after the host had asked about your thoughts on the matter.


“Apparently we’ve been dating for 3 months!” You said, feigning surprise and excitement. Daveed cracked a smile, lifting his hand for a high five which you gladly accepted.

“I’m glad someone finally told us!” The host and the audience were laughing along with you and Daveed.  

“Just to dispel the rumors, (Y/N) and I are not dating. Never have, never will. And she’s not pregnant with my child either,” he added for good measure.

“I thought we had something special,” you pouted. Daveed’s eyes flickered with worry before he realized you were joking.

“Just kidding, Diggs and I are just best friends.” You confirmed. The host seemed satisfied with your answer, sending the show to commercial before talking to you and Daveed. Rafa came running out onto the set, throwing his arms around you and Daveed’s shoulders.

“Thank you for being on the show,” the host said. Daveed gave him a kind smile, but Rafa interrupted his response.

“Thanks for having us, we’ve had a great time. Now I have to get these crazy kids home,” he teased. You left the studio with your boys, happy they were in your life.

“Will you come over after the show?” You asked Daveed as you stood in his dressing room a day later, getting ready to go to work.

“Of course. I’m going to Stage Door first, so I might be later than normal. Then I’ll have to sneak out so the paparazzi doesn’t see me and get any ideas,” he winked. You straightened out his costume, then left his dressing room saying goodbye to the other cast members on your way out.

As predicted, Daveed entered your apartment late, grinning at the sight of you wrapped in a blanket and curled up on your couch. Your eyes were shut gently and your mouth was slightly agape, your breathing slow and steady. An empty mug of tea was on the coffee table in front of you and the TV flickered with reruns of Friends, signifying your desperate attempt to stay awake for him.

“Wake up, weirdo,” he said, tapping your knee as he sunk down onto the couch next to you. You blinked quickly as you came to, taking a deep breath as your eyes focused on your curly haired best friend.

“Hey,” you mumbled, sitting up straighter. You threw an arm lazily across his abdomen, giving him one of your signature smiles.

“How was the show?” you asked. Daveed laughed heartily, grabbing the TV remote and flipping through the channels.

“Show was great, except I missed one of my cues to move in the Reynolds Pamphlet. Anthony ended up ducking underneath my legs to get to his spot. You would have died laughing. The boys wanted to go out for drinks after too, but I told them I had prior obligations,” he tickled your side to emphasize his point.

“No wonder the world thinks we’re dating. Get it together, Diggs” you teased, pushing his hand away.

“What? I can promise to hang out with you same as I can promise to hang out with the boys!” Daveed defended his actions.

“Whatever. Are you sleeping over tonight?” You asked. Daveed had a tendency to crash at your place when he came over after the show. He always said something about your apartment being closer to the theater than his own, though you weren’t quite sure that was true.

You made your way sleepily into your bathroom and began brushing your teeth. When you finished, you went into your bedroom, seeing Daveed already passed out on your mattress. You climbed under the covers trying not to wake him, though you were unsuccessful. Daveed wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his warm body.

“You ever think about dating me?” He mumbled into the darkness.

“Why are you asking me such a deep question when I’m trying to sleep?” You retorted. Daveed breathed an apology.

“Yeah, I have,” you answered his question anyways.

“Me too.”

“You’ve thought about dating yourself?” You laughed.

“No you weirdo, I’ve thought about dating you,” he said.


“You tell me first,” Daveed defended. You were nervous.

“Same time?”

“3, 2, 1.”

sketchymel  asked:

Do you have a art blog? I'd love to see more of your work ouo

((Yes, I do!! It’s shima-draws! It’s half an art blog and half a personal blog lol so if you don’t wanna see my text posts shouting about random stuff you can just go through my art tag (which is Shima arts)! And thank you aaahh))

Anon: i 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 ready 👏🏻 player 👏🏻 one 👏🏻 and this blog

((THANK YOU?? ME TOO FAM RPO is my shit and I’m so so so hyped for the movie in March I honestly do not know if I am capable of waiting that long
I gotta see me boy AECH HHHGHHH))


((Haha yes!! Tbh I got the book not long after I got into the BMC fandom and the whole entire time I was just like, “Wow? Wade and Aech are JUST like Jeremy and Michael, they’re so similar, it’s crazy–I SHOULD MAKE A CROSSOVER. And here (Heere) we are~))


((I’m not sure what this means but it’s very mysterious and somewhat intimidating lol))

Not so long ago, Nihei Tsutomu’s cult manga Blame! received not only a movie, but also two written works - a novel and an anthology, both released around the time the movie premiered. I personally loved the movie a lot, despite it not quite following the manga, and am getting ready to buy the BD of it when it comes out, and also, I’m thoroughly excited for the announced second movie. In the meantime, I decided to order and check out the new literary installments for the series, and my copies have finally arrived.

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what she says: I’m fine.

what she means: All the Anti’s are really getting to me because I’m a weak bitch and my anxiety’s acting up. Also, The Last Jedi trailer is going to be out soon and I’m so excited but also nervous because whatever happens in the trailer is a good enough reason for Anti’s to attack Reylo shippers more. I also am pretty sure the trailer is going to misdirect people on purpose (or maybe thats what they want us to think) and I am not ready to see what’s in-store and iM KINDA LOSING MY FUCKING SHIT OKAY BECAUSE I LOVE REY AND I AM GOING TO SEE REY AND I HOPE MY CHILD IS OKAY  AND I CAN’T SIMPLY WAIT FOR THE MOVIE TO COME OUT I AM ACTUALLY BEING TORTURED ON A DAILY BECAUSE OF STAR WARS.

But I’m fine. Thank’s for asking.

Baby Blues


This cannot be happeneing

We have always been careful no matter what.

Oh fuck it had to be when we were at Jay’s party a few weeks ago and he just had to get some in the closet.

Shit what is he going to say!

Knock knock!

“Babe you in there?” Simon said through the door

I hid the pregnancy box behind the trash bin and threw the test into the garbage and covered it with tissues

“Uh yeah almost done” I came out of the bathroom and there was Simon standing there

“Hey hun when did you get in? I thought you won’t be home till later?” I said smiling wrapping my arms around his neck

Simon placed his hands on my hips while smiling with me

“I thought of coming early today so we can have an movie and take out night we need one after so long….what do you say?”

I leaned my whole weight to him so we are chest to chest locked my fingers behind his neck

“Well….take me away” he started laughing then started draging me towards the living room while walking backwards.

As I was setting the the movie and getting the popcorn ready I leaned against the cabinet and started to think “What is he going to say will he even be fine with it? He has a tour and a new album coming out what if…what if he wants to leave me if I were to tell him i was pregnant….what if he thinks this was a mistake” my hands slowly rest on top of my belly l knew right away I was not getting rid of it but I am so scared

“Babe? I think the beeping from the microwave means the popcorn is done”

I gasped and looked up and saw Simon leaning on the doorway of the kitchen.

“Haha sorry kind of spaced out there let me get that” as I went towards the microwave Simon grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him

“Since I came back you have been a little weird is everything ok?”

“Yes! Of course everythig is ok what makes you ask?” I asked him while looking away and hoping my voice did not rise at all.

“Well your speaking a hightone voice and not looking me in the eyes so I know for a fact your lying, Y/N you know your absolute shit at lying so tell me” Simon said while he grabbed my chin and made me look at him his already filled with concern “What is wrong?”

I couldn’t hold in anymore

“I’m pregnant!”

“I know”

“Oh that great I thought I have to explain…..wait WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU KNOW!?!?!”

“Well my lovely girlfriend not only are you shit in lying but also hiding things” he says while taking out the pregnancy test box from his pocket.

I moved away from him and pushed myself back and really looked at him

He didn’t look at all confused or angry

“So are you…mad?….or…?”

“I’m not mad for sure but I wished you would have told me earlier though so you didn’t have to go through it by yourself” Simon came closer to be and held my hands and intercrossed our fingers

“I hope you know this Y/N no matter what Iam here for you and for our little one just lean on me once and awhile ok?”

He placed his forehead in top of mine as I took a deep breath and knew me and the person inside will be alright.


Gene was on the bed in Jailbreak’s room waiting for Jailbreak to come back. Jailbreak entered the room with an eggplant emoji strapped around her waist. “you ready, gene?” she winks and walked closer. “OH YEAH! SMILEY FACE, LIPSTICK, KITTY PAW!” Gene yelled out as he got turned around and his bare peach emoji was showing. so yeah they started fucking with the egg plant entering the peach emoji.

Is it going to be distracting if I finally blurt out my Homecoming thoughts? I…have no organization or order to this. I’d like to apologize. This will probably be several random, rambling posts.

Ya’ll know I loved it. Ya’ll know I’m over the moon about this film.

So. I was spoiled for the twist but somehow that scene still managed to punch me in the gut in a fantastic way. Maybe I was feeding off the reactions around me, but damn, Tom Holland and Michael Keaton acted the fuck out of that.

That Scene TM was so so stunning, and honestly, like, honestly? The Moment TM every superhero film (especially origin stories) needs. Especially with a teenager behind the wheel, someone doing that coming of age story. It was so powerful and brilliant and if we don’t get callbacks to that moment in every movie Peter is in from now on I’ll hit something.

I am so ready to know how May reacts. Like honestly. This is the payoff we all need because knightinarmor made a fantastic post about the clashing of genre expectations in the MCU right now–CW made consequences and real-world values more significant, but for Spider Man to work, we have to set aside the fact that children in battle is just not great. Not that I think May’s reaction will snap that story back to moral reality–we wouldn’t have a movie if it did–but I think it’ll be interesting.

I loved the crew. Ned is amazing and I want to see his “guy in a chair” future (any way he’s in IW? Anyone know?) Zendaya was interesting and her Michelle was fabulous, although (in this film) a lot more of a minor character than the promotionals led me to believe. If Liz is now gone forever I would understand, I guess, but I hope we get her back.

I hope we get her back but not as Peter’s love interest. She should be hurt and offended by what he did to her, over and over again. But she is such a great, well-rounded character and is honestly what teen movie love interests should be–a person with emotions.

Like, general note, but Peter Parker is amazing. He cares about people and even when he wants to be doing bigger stuff he puts his all into the small crime stopping he does. He loves his aunt and his friends and he fucks up but he’s so genuine and trying to so hard and my god. What did we do to deserve this baby.

Okay. Those are my short reactions. I’m going to publish a few longer, more in-depth reactions on a few things after I grab lunch.

Grown up Halloween Day 11 : knock knock


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animation studios: haha we know you just got through summer of Steven and that was emotionally bruetal so you deserve a rest

animation studios: also you’ll be getting the 40 minute Miraculous Ladybug Christmas special and the second season of Voltron Legendary Defender around the same time this year okay youre welcome :) :) :) :)

American Satan via Instagram: It’s me against the devil.. I’m ready to fight! (Lyrics from a new song coming out this month) #JohnnyFaust#MrCapricorn #TheRelentless#MalcolmMcDowell #AndyBiersack#AndyBlack


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  • lets get the fluffiest bf ready for his post
  • love him pleas
  • always dtf
  • and by dtf i mean down to fun
  • he would honestly come pick you up at 2 am and go to a movie if you texted him “im bored…”
  • like
  • imagine him pulling a troy bolton and climbing up ya house and getting on your window and singing to you
  • unfortunately those will be the only lines hao will ever get huh @pledis 
  • anyways…
  • loves fun dates
  • or food dates
  • but eating is like really fun so…
  • takes you out to eat a lot
  • snaps pics of you mid-chew
  • “hao I look like a horse” “you look beautiful” *uploads to snapstory with caption ‘#snatched”*
  • he always steals some of your food 
  • but he always makes sure you eat well too
  • eventually you guys would just start ordering for each other and like feeding the other
  • he wouldn’t do it around other people a lot
  • but the members will have to deal
  • *cue the raining gag noises*
  • *and dino just admiring from afar because true love is kool*
  • the cutest bedhead in the universe
  • like the first time you sleep in the same bed he’d be really shy
  • but also he’d fall asleep right away and like slip into a coma until he had to wake up
  • he’d wake up before you and he’d be all groggy but also conscious enough to fangirl over your sleeping face
  • and he’d love it if you wanted to make breakfast with him
  • even though he can probably only cook rice
  • he just loves food
  • and you
  • and he really hopes he didn’t just say that out loud heh
  • nah but like the first time he says “I love you” tho……
  • wowza
  • it’ll just be so sentimental and full of emotion
  • even if he just says it quickly
  • like before you send him off to dance practice one day
  • because he really does love you a lot
  • and he’ll cherish you forever
  • and treat you so well
  • and make me cry every day

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chasing love // liam dunbar

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request: hi! may i please have a liam dunbar (teen wolf) imagine, please? could the plot be where liam is pretty much in love with y/n but she’s in love with stiles and stiles is in love with lydia? and then the whole story would just be liam trying to win y\n’s affections? but liam fails every time. so at the end liam believes y/n will never feel the same way about him because he’s a monster. ending: y/n ends up falling for the monster. pretty please and thank you (by @robin12335 )

a/n: oh shit my bby oh shit

Liam Dunbar would give anything to be Stiles Stilinski.

The way you would gaze at Stiles adoringly as he passed you in the hallways made Liam’s heart pound and fists clench.

Stiles just didn’t realise how lucky he was, did he?

To have someone like you - (y/n) (y/l/n), for god’s sake - love him unconditionally and talk about him the way you did and be willing to do anything for him.

Liam felt his breaths grow dangerously uneven and ragged as he watched you stare at Stiles and Lydia sadly, beautiful (y/e/c) clouding with disappointment.

He would never disappoint you.

Furiously slamming his locker shut, Liam stormed away from you with purpose, deciding that by the end of the school year, you would be his, and he would be yours.


Liam’s heart was beating furiously as he made his way to Derek’s loft. (a/n: derek’s fucking alive yall i donT CARE WHAT JEFF DAVIS TRIES TO TELL ME)

After much extensive research - it was really just begging Kira to help him, really - Liam (read: Kira) had formulated a plan to confess to you by meeting you an hour earlier than the time the pack had planned to meet, just so he could confess to you before anyone could interrupt the both of you.

Derek had agreed to the plan after laughing his ass off about it, and it was now in action.

“So…you said you needed help with Chemistry, right, Liam?”

Snapping out of his rather inappropriate thoughts about (y/n)’s legs, Liam jolted upright, grinning at (y/n) like an absolute idiot.

“A-act-tually, (y/n), I-i wanted to t-tell you that-t I really lik-”

“Hey, (y/n)! Do you wanna help me with the food? Oh, hi, Liam!”

(y/n)’s eyes widened, before glancing at Liam apologetically, giving him a quick ‘I’ll talk to you later, kay?’ and a little pat on his shoulder before gleefully skipping off to where Stiles was waiting with that stupid, innocent little smile on his face.


Disappointed and angry after his failed attempt at confessing his feelings - which had now grown into an emotional hurricane of anger and desperation and longing - Liam had asked you out on a date.

Okay, he hadn’t said that it was a date, but, really, he had been much too nervous for it too be one of those ‘just friends’ occurrences.

The date had been set on a Friday, decidedly after Liam’s lacrosse training, and Liam was willing time to fly to 5:00.

He might have been a tad too excited, though, as he caused two accidents involving a broken nose, a fractured leg, and two bruised ribs.

After training, Liam had cleaned up and was happily making his way out of school and back home to get ready for his date with you.

‘a date with (y/n) (y/l/n)’ hadn’t been a phrase he ever thought would occur, but here he was.

Suddenly picking up light footsteps coming toward him, Liam turned around, puzzled, a huge grin taking over his face when he saw (y/n) striding toward him.


“I am so, so, sorry, Liam, but I can’t make it for movies tonight,” (y/n) rambled nervously, wringing her hands. “Stiles needs me to tutor him and he has this huge test on Monday and he isn’t free during weekends and the test apparently is really important and-”

Liam felt his cheeks grow warm as his heart flared disappointment and frustration and anger.

Of course it was Stiles. It’s always Stiles. Stiles, blah, blah, Stiles, blah, blah. Stupid Stilinski can’t even study himself now-

“Yeah - um - it’s fine. Totally fine. See you on Monday,” the words tumbled out of Liam’s mouth in a mad rush, causing him to flush red, muttering a short ‘bye’ before hurrying out of school.


After a four-hour rant to Kira, the kitsune decided to step in herself, claiming that Liam need ‘a women’s brilliant expertise’ in order to win (y/n) over.

(a/n: lmao nobody ask me for love advice i cant even flirt with a potato chip)

Kira’s ‘genius, expert-level, fool-proof’ - quoted from the woman herself - plan went something like this: Kira would oh-so-realistically forget to meet (y/n) at the mall, and Liam would conveniently be passing by and save (y/n) from the clutches of teenage boredom and the two would eventually fall in love with each other - Liam was already hopelessly in love with (y/n), so really it was (y/n) that needed to do most of the falling - over a romantic lunch.

It didn’t exactly go to plan.

(y/n)’s best friend also happened to be picking up some things from the mall just as Liam had began talking to (y/n), and so the awkward trio-fest began.

Liam couldn’t bear to leave you and your friend, despite how he uncomfortable he was feeling, but then again, the things you two talked about were fucking weird.

The hellish two hours were soon over, and just as Liam was about to head home, upset and sad and lowkey wanting to kill Kira, he was ambushed by said kitsune, only to be yelled at for another 30 minutes about seizing the moment and being a charismatic, attractive, gentleman.

No progress was definitely being made.

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