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I Will (Never) Forget You thoughts (warning: language)




Okay, coming from somebody who does not ship Aarmau or at least I dont love it, this episode was amazing! Aaron is going to go and fight for Aph back, and I am so friggin ready.

He truly loves her (which has been shown forever honestly) and his character development since his first appearance has been crazy amazing.

Like seriously, he went from being the lifeless mysterious guy that everybody had the hots for because he was always shirtless (which was probably my biggest pet peeve honestly it annoyed the hell out of me) to being this sweet guy who is so loyal and cares for his friends.

He HAS a personality, and now we know why he even had that bandana on his eyes! At least now I know, I mightve missed it from other series or something.

Either way, I dont watch PDH because honestly I tried it and I just can’t. Its too annoying for me.

But the point is, this Ein bitchass tryna come over here like


I thought everybody loved you.

Like, I was pretty sure he was the guy everyone considered a cinnamon roll and wouldve taken a bullet for.

HAHA well good luck with that now, dudes.

The point is, this lil bitch comes in and thinks he has the right to do this to Aph? Like boi

The NERVE on this lil shit.


Anyways I am SO pumped for Aaron to beat the shit out of Ein, and Garroth and Aaron have been hitting it out with the bromance (something I have been prshing for tbh)


I want the show to show that guys can touch other guys without it being a “no homo tho” moment. Bros need their help too.

But seriously Jess add more gays 😂

Well I love this episode, and Ein better watch his ass because Aaron is ready !!!

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sorry hun i didn't see the no OTP thing! erm Youngjae + "touch yourself for me baby" ☺️

Don’t worry hun!  I just closed my OTP drabbles T___T but maybe I will reopen soon!  And how did you know that Youngjae is my weakness ASKDLAKDGHKDA you all want me dead….

I hope you like this and also I hope Youngjae feels better soon T____T

Warning:  Smut aheaaaaaaad

Touch yourself for me, baby.”  Youngjae widened his eyes at you and you nodded at him before pulling his boxers down, his erect cock touching his stomach.

“W-what-”  Youngjae’s voice shook with your statement but with how hard you made him because of your ministrations, he cannot argue further.  He grabs his cock and the moment he pumps it tightly against his hand, he lets out a breathy whine that never failed to make you feel so aroused.

“That’s it Youngjae, fuck your hand for Mommy…”  You encouraged him and he moves his hand up and down his huge cock while his eyes never left yours.

“M-mommy…”  He groans again when he moves his hand faster and faster while occasionally swiping the slit with his thumb.

“O-oops, not too fast, baby boy.”  You moaned against his ear as you envelope your hand against his that is pumping his cock, slowing him down.  He whined and his head fell back, giving you space to place light kisses and sucks on his sweet skin.

“Slow down, baby.”  You moaned against his cheek and he groaned but followed you either way, pumping his cock slower but tighter.  You settled yourself in between Youngjae’s right thigh before pressing your wet core against it.  You started grinding your clit against his skin, before placing one of your hands on his chest and one against the mattress.  The contact only made Youngjae’s whines grow higher in pitch, which made you smirk.

“Fuck Youngjae you’re so good for Mommy, that’s it.”  You ground against his thigh faster and harder while you shower him with dirty talk.

“M-Mommy please let me pump myself faster.. I am begging you please.”  He whines and tears started to form beneath his eyes.

“Just a little more baby…”  The movements of your hips become faster as  you relish to the sight of your impatient, whining boyfriend below you, trying to get himself off with his small strokes against his dick.

“Mommy…”  He cries out when you dig your nails against his chest and moans are escaping your mouth.

“Go ahead baby, you can move your hand faster.”  You said in an almost inaudible sound as you felt yourself getting closer and closer to your release, your arousal drenching Youngjae’s thigh.  Youngjae let out a series of breathless moans, curses, and groans when he jacks himself off at a pace that would let him reach his end.

“Mommy I’m cumming oh my god!”  Youngjae whines and he continues to pump his cock until he cums all over his stomach.  You reached your peak just a few seconds after him with a loud moan of his name.  With your shaky legs, you settled yourself in between his legs before dragging your tongue along his length before licking his cum that are on the tip of cock and his stomach.  You press your body close to him before kissing his mouth, making sure that he will be able to taste himself through your mouth.

“I am not yet done with you, baby boy.”


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So i came cuz of transference but god damn i am so pumped for your new idea for the new tae fic. Please take your time and keep in mind we'll love whatever you take your time to pump out. But just know that you are also killing me because its absolutely the only thing i can think about during classes. Dang i know it's gonna be great because your work is amazing!! Anyway, thank you so much and good luck 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞keep up your amazing and hard work (there will never be enough hearts for you)

I’m really excited for the Tae fic too! UGH! As soon as I finish this Transference chapter I will be in a better place to share more info with you guys. In the interim, just know that I want to spill everything and that I have suffered every day knowing that the fic will surely destroy the Tae stans I know.

Thanks for sending such a nice message, anon.

Wake Up - JungkookxReader

Genre: smut

Word count: 2656

Summary: Jungkook had woken you in the night a few times before whispering how much he needed you, but you had never tried to do the same to him, since he was so difficult to wake. But if he was already dreaming about you…..

A/N: This was inspired by a gif I saw of Jin pinching Kookie’s nipples while he’s sleeping that I now canNOT FIND ANYWHERE FOR THE LIFE OF ME.

You looked up from your book to glance at the clock next to your bed. Your eyes widened as you realized that time had gotten away from you– it was nearly two in the morning. You glanced at the man sleeping beside you; despite the fact that the lamp by the bed was still on, he was fast asleep, dead to the world.

You closed your book, marking your page, and set it down on the bedside table, then laid down and turned to face him, nestling down into the covers. You left the light on and took the opportunity to just stare at him for a while.

It had been nearly two years since you and Jungkook had started dating. It had been rough at first, keeping your relationship a secret to protect his celebrity status, but as things between you had gotten more serious and you started spending more of your free time together, it had basically gotten impossible to hide it. It had been quite the scandal when the public had first found out, but the longer that you were together, the more people were ok with it. Now that it had been so long, pretty much everyone had accepted your relationship.

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Fed by the Stray

A follow-up for those who asked for it. Also written at 2AM like the first one.

Don’t Feed the Stray

Lucy hated working late, past sundown and past the twilight hour. She loathed walking down the streets alone with only the streetlights to guide her to the bus stop. She never liked waiting for the bus or sitting around strangers. When the bus stopped near her house, Lucy always gathered her things and ran straight to her door as if demons were chancing her heels.

Everything changed when a vampire decided she was the one true find of this century.

Now, she hardly feared anything beyond the glint of fangs with every childish smirk, the sharp eyes that shone emerald with hunger, and the ever so subtle lure that every vampire was known for.

Now her walk home was quite a scene: a blonde woman in a raggedy Office Depot vest; walking alongside a tall, rugged man with pink hair, burning coal eyes, and a very odd sense of fashion. Granted, many of the men she encountered by the bus stop stopped hanging around once Natsu became a constant escort in her life…

The alloy key twisted into the lock, sealing the front doors of the store for the night. Lucy double checked the security, wasting time and delaying the inevitable. There was always a possibility of theft. Somebody may need office supplies and be too desperate to wait until the next business day.

When, in reality, Lucy prolonged her meeting with the pink haired vampire each time, knowing he was ecstatic to have her outside her house where he could be closer. Where he can touch and smell…and maybe taste.

Memories of him leaning closer filled her mind. Pink defined against the dark leaves and rough bark of the oak, pupils dilating with the rush of his appetite and the strain that came with restraint; the devious tongue that traced his fangs as he chuckled huskily at her sarcastic snaps-

Hands jammed the keys in her purse harshly, the metal teeth of the zipper scrapping her knuckles as she whirled on her heel and marched across the empty parking lot, heading towards the sidewalk beyond.

For months he plagued her flower beds with every fall from his perch or pacing after she fell asleep. Her land lady that allowed her to rent the whole house was becoming curious, accusing her of sneaking boys into the house late at night.

If anything, Lucy was trying her hardest to keep one particular boy out and was totally thankful on whatever phenomenon that kept vampires out of buildings unless invited. If allowed, Natsu was bound to cause house trouble…and many nights shoving garlic in her room. He was steadfast on his resolve not to snack on her, but the woman could see the instinct pooling behind his face. She was the equivalent of a meat suit before a hungry wolf.

The second her foot hit the sidewalk, the shadows across the street moved fast, a bolt of black and gold with a white scarf, pink hair like a beacon. “Luuuuuucy!” Natsu called, grinning from ear to ear and holding up a bag of something.

Shrieking in shock at his charge, Lucy flailed and reached into her purse, finding and seizing the item she required. A plastic blue spray bottle, armed and ready.

She only saw his eyes widen in surprise before she sprayed him full-on in the face, halting his approach with a splutter of disgruntlement.

“Natsu, what have I told you about charging at me too?! It’s almost as bad as the sampling!” She cried out, throwing the bottle in her purse and fishing out the next two items of defense: two hardened bread sticks she stole from her failed date at Olive Garden the other night.

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N: Talk about awkward. N would mentally prepare himself for the worse considering he’s not the only contender in this ring of love. However, he’d soon realize that the situation could end badly for either him, his fellow member or both. Plus, N is a team player and wouldn’t want a girl to come between him and friend. So, he’d probably tell his fellow member the scenarios in what could happen and then decide if the chick was really worth it. “If one of gets picked and not the other then it’s going to be awkward between us. Ken, I don’t want that to affect our friendship. So, we either stay here and let her choose or we leave with our dignity. *inner thoughts* I’m a good friend. I’m a good friend. I’m a good friend.”

Leo: Leo would also feel awkward standing there with his fellow member and he’d momentarily decide if the girl was worth possibly breaking up a friendship. But as said before, Leo doesn’t like just anyone, so he’d stay to do what he originally came to accomplish. He wouldn’t tell his fellow member to leave, but he’d basically tell his fellow member to see how things will turn out. “Let’s just let her decide. Okay, HongBin? *inner thoughts* Bitch, I’m game set.”

Ken: Ken would be shocked seeing his fellow member at the girl’s house also. He might start to panic because he doesn’t want to compete for a girl and possibly lose a friend over her. However, his intelligence might kick in and he might realize that he and his fellow member aren’t the only guys that she lured to her door. They ain’t special. “Hey, N? How did we come to like the same girl? Whatever tricks she used to get me she also used on you. No telling how much candy she already has! I say we leave and eat the candy together! *inner thoughts* I really didn’t want to see N get rejected. His candy isn’t as big as mine.”

Ravi: Ravi would be really surprised and he’d want to know how he and his fellow member ended up at the same house. He’d even ask his fellow member for their opinion on how the two of them should go about the matter. At the end of the day, Ravi isn’t leaving or backing down. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t feel a certain level of competition. There’s a girl in there he might actually have a chance with, so he’s not going to let anyone get in the way of that. “This is…so weird. But hey, we have good taste, right Hyuk? Do you want to play rock, paper, scissors for her? Haha, I’m just playing. *inner thoughts* She won’t pick him. His head is too big. Too full..of knowledge…and humor…and oh shit!”

HongBin: HongBin would just be done. He’d facepalm and cry aloud “this can’t be happening!” Part of him would want to leave and let his fellow member reap the benefits of getting the girl because he wants to be a good friend, however, the other part of him would want stay and see if he would get chosen. He’d feel all kinds of feelings and he’d end up throwing his head back and making that happy/ugh/omg/still smiling type face. “This can’t be happening. Leo, what are the odds that we both like the same girl? If you want I can leave because I know you take these things seriously and so do I. What do you think? *inner thoughts* WHY AM I SO NICE? No, I’m staying. I’m sexy. But, my friend…”

Hyuk: Hyuk would erupt in laughter as soon as he sees his fellow member standing at his girl’s door. Yes, his girl. He’d have already pumped himself up into believing that his confession would be accepted. He’d probably tell his fellow member good luck and then start humming a song. This would not bother him or make him feel threatened at all. “Ravi! Did you come here to confess, too? Wow! She must have felt bad for you. Just joking! May the best man win! *inner thoughts* Is this even real life?”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy

Usually I take these Tumblr selfies 3.2 thousand times before liking one, but meh, here I am! 

In a photo and on Tumblr. 

With a solid zit on my face, but that’s neither here nor there. 

What’s here is that I just used my Fitbit for the first time today and holy moly, it’s so cool.   My brother-in-law was traveling for a few days, and as I helped out a lot with Lily for a few days, he asked me what I wanted as a gift to say thank you, and I chose a Fitbit.   I can totally see how they get addictive.  Do you have Fitbit? Should we be friends? I haven’t quite figured out how to “compete” yet, but definitely want to join some walking competitions. 

Christmas is in full swing, despite not feeling that Christmasy yet.  I’ve had so many people over to my Christmas-blinged-out apartment lately, that it’s hard to keep track.  Tomorrow I have about 15 people coming over for a shingdig, so yea…  lots to do for that. 

In other news I have been power organizing lately. I mean seriously containers-label-making-giving-away-throwing-out organizing. It’s refreshing, and has made me feel a lot better about life in general.  Also what’s made me feel better, getting a vacuum cleaner for my 31st birthday. My apartment is all wood so I’ve always swept, swiffered, and mopped, but the vacuum cleaner has changed my life (especially as I have radiators), and I am loving my apartment these days. 

Every drawer and cupboard in my apartment is organized now, and in easy-to-find labelled containers. Heaven!

(This photo is not staged at all, which is lucky because you can see my sweet sweet new vacuum cleaner bottom left). 

Technically I’m off work right now until the New Year, but I have a fair bit to do at work, so I think I may go into the office this week - y’know, to get ahead and start the New Year on top of things.  Work has been good - lots of festivities with birthdays and Christmas and we had a *huge* presentation last Monday in an effort to raise money, and WAHOO *first pump,* we did. Which is especially awesome knowing that going into the Christmas break.  We also did a gingerbread house competition at work and my team… NAILED IT. 

Or Christmas party had a magical spread. Cue the song, “So this is heaven”

And a magical Christmas in the city view. 

I have a date next Wednesday. With a guy that I am looking forward to meeting. But we’re totally at the we’ve-spoken-too-much-pre-meeting-and-now-have-expectations thing. Ugh.  Not too sure yet what we’re going to do, perhaps the Toronto Christmas market. Or ice-skating.  Amazingly, I’m not too nervous… yet.

Every part of my body hates online dating and every night I battle with myself not to just delete it all. But…  I have become convinced that online dating is a numbers game, and the time and effort needs to be put in to get anywhere. Right now I’m on (are ya ready?!): Bumble, Tinder, OKCupid, EHarmony.  Yup. That’s a lot of profiles and a lot of men and a lot of time.  So far OkCupid (which is free) has been the best one. Tinder is snappy (which I like), Eharmony sucks, and Bumble (like Tinder, but girls message first) I am convinced it’s filled with fake profiles. The guys on it all look like models, and then at my last Project Sunshine meeting guy friends said the same of girls. 

Speaking of Project Sunshine, we had our last 2015 meeting last Monday. I’m on the “Young Patrons Circle” area of Projects Sunshine, which is young professionals trying to raise money for the charity, but for this meeting head office was there, and they want to shake things up by asking that each member raise $1,000 over the year. Umm, yea. This didn’t sit that well for me, as last year I was the Co-Chair, and holy batman ballz, it was SO time consuming, so then to raise money to be on the committee, well yea… Anwyho, I voiced my concerns quite boldly, and seemed to get a lot of support, but it’s still up in limbo the structure for next year. When everyone went for drinks after the meeting, they cheered to me which made me happy, and then someone also mentioned I should be the Director next year, which I think I just may… we shall see. 

Project Sunshine also gave me this Christmas gift, which I absolutely love: 

Oh, before I forget *pats self on back* for Christmas gift tags this year I made ornaments for friends. 

They were a stupid amount of work, but I’m happy with how they came out, and they seem to be a hit. Here’s the one my sister made me: 

I saw the Phantom of the Opera on Thursday. *slow bloody clap*  I had never seen it before and actually didn’t even know the story, but bravo. Truthfully I am a ballet > theatre type of girl. (True story, I cried during Swan Lake when she died, because the dancing was just that beautiful.) But the Phantom was fantastic - the set, the quadruple threats - acting, opera, singing, and acting, I just can’t even, it was SO good.  

What else?  Christmas, work, apartment, dating, organizing, project sunshine.  I feel like I’ve covered nearly everything. Except, oh weight (NEVER GETS OLD)… Weight. 

Weight Watchers changed their program. Hmm. HMM. I’m trying, I really am, but it’s sooooo much harder on this new system.  What I always thought was *wonderful* about WW was that it allowed you to still live your life. Don’t mind if I do grab a 3 point chocolate popsicle, but now that popsicle is 7 - 9pts, which is a HUGE chunk when you get 28.  Hmm. HMMM. My weight is still hovering within the same three or four pounds. But let’s be honest: I’m also half assing it. 

OHHHHHH! Guess what! I signed up for a 12 week bootcamp starting January 5th. It’s for beginners, and nothing too dramatic, and for woman only. It’s twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, and I think it’s exactly what I need. 

Also, I signed up for the Harry Spring  5 miler (8k) on Saturday April 9, 2016. A RACE YOU GUYS!! I think 8km goal is a nice one for me, as I’m SOOOO unfit right now, so it allows me to start small. 

And, this is exciting, there is a very strong chance I will actually be doing that hike I spoke about in my previous post, the Tour du Mont Blanc hike. So you can just colour me excited for that. 

I’m sure I’m missing lots of things, as life has been busy and crazy and wonderful and lazy, but I feel like I’ve noted it all. Happy Festive Sunday my friends. 



Hey there guys! As a few of you know, I am meeting 5 Seconds of Summer on September 1st, and you have no idea how pumped I am. I normally have the worst luck ever, but one of my amazing friends had kept this a secret from me for about a year, as this was her way of giving me the best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten as I also have sound check and front row seats. The reason I’m telling you this, is because I’ve decided to bring you all into the little gift as well. Since I am only one person and I don’t know how much time I will have with them and it would be completely horrible of me to ask them to make thousands of video’s for each and every one of them, I’ve decided to give them a book. I know what you’re thinking, Justina, why would you give them a book with nothing in it? Well, here’s where you come in. 

Since I myself have always wanted to write them each individual letters on how incredibly talented they are and how proud I am that they could bring amazing music into this world to share with the rest of us, I unfortunately suck at writing them. So, I’ve decided, how about you write them the letters and I’ll write them out into this book. It makes it a little easier for them to know that you guys exist without the hassle and worry of annoying the crap out of them. So, let me explain how this works. 

The title of the book is going to be ‘This is Everything I Didn’t Say’ and what’s going to be in it is paragraphs on paragraphs of whatever you guys want to write to them. Each paragraph, letter, essay, honestly write as much as you want, will be hand written onto the pages of the book. Your url, twitter, instagram, name, and even age if you want, will be put similar to a title so they know who wrote it. Now I want you all to know none of this is mandatory. You don’t have to put your name or anything, you could be anonymous if you’d like, but you have to write that somewhere so I know. The small paragraph should be submitted to me, giving you as much room as possible to write idk is there a limit on that?

The format of the paragraphs will look something like this in the book: 

If you have any questions feel free to ask here, and my submit box is open, also on my blog, but you can also click here for it as well. Remember these will all be given to 5sos!! Every single one you send in will be written down!! I’m closing the box August 15th, giving me enough time to finish writing them all down in time of the concert! I will change the closing time depending on the amount I am getting. and remember you don’t need to be following me but it would be nice because I’m hoping to reach 2k by September 1st and I’m so close to it! Oh and last thing, even if you aren’t doing this, please reblog this so other people can see it, this is for you guys, not me. I’m not even writing in it really, I’m just explaining what the book is about and the rest of it is yours. Happy writing guys!


Hello from Zurich, Switzerland! And hello from 3:30am… where the struggle with jet lag is oh so very real over here. 

One of the incredible perks with my new job is conferences. Conferences to ensure I stay up to date with my training and learning and keeping my finger on the pulse of the tech world. The company is brilliant because they acknowledge we’re a small team, all working hard in our own roles, but because we’re so small, there aren’t that many people to learn from, so we’re allocated the allowance for a couple of conferences a year. Cool, eh? *hugs CEO* So cool!

Especially when a conference pops up in Zurich, and a conference with guest speakers from the Product Manager world which I’ve admired for years from afar. Needless to say, I’m pumped for the conference, and of course having it in Zurich is a big o’ cherry on top. 

So yes, here I am in the beautiful (and holy moly efficient) land of chocolate and cheese. I arrived at 6:30am Zurich time and after perfectly missing a night of sleep, headed straight to my hotel to face plant into my bed. And then *ugh, shakes head at self* I slept way longer than I had planned (day light is so limited here!) and woke up to find I was still perfectly on Toronto time, UGH. 

Luckily, however, I was able to make it out the door for the cotton candy sunset, wander the streets of Zurich, and meet a wonderful blog reader, Agnes.  

Meeting blog readers is one of my favourite things, especially as I write so openly about my life - so chances are we’d get along in real life, if you’ve stuck around here, got my bad jokes, and judged little when I hammer out my weight thoughts. 

Agnes and I walked around the city together and stepped into five of her favourite stores and cafes. She was amazing and I can’t thank her enough for her hospitality. She introduced me to Mövenpick Ice Cream (whoa, you guys, whoa), and läderach chocolatier (which I can’t wait to try). 

We also chatted about this n’ that, and I loved how we came from two different countries, but related so much.  As I told Agnes, that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from having a blog - at the end of the day we’re all human, doing our best wherever we are, struggling with the same thoughts and emotions. It’s comforting. 

Also, because I know if I was reading I’be all like, “but… what about… weight watchers?!” So yea, I’ve actually had a small amount of anxiety leading up to my Swiss trip because of the food aspect. (Sad? Reality.)

Since I started WW meetings six weeks ago I’m down 7 lbs. Just over a pound a week. Nothing that exceptional, but my weight has been moving in the right direction, and I’m certainly still living life *waves at wine,* so I’m really happy with that.

And now one week in Switzerland stands before me.  

Once I went to Cuba for a week and gained 11 pounds in one week. True story. It was brutal. And a great lesson to never ever ever ever ever let happen again. 

My goal this week won’t be to lose weight (because LOL chocolate and cheese), but I also don’t want to gain weight, at all. So I plan to walk everywhere (even today I walked sooooo much), and watch what I eat. Indulge, but indulge with thought behind it.  It will be really hard to track points, like today I had to look up plane food, but even if I go over my points, if/when I track everything, I’ll be a lot more aware, and at least have a guideline. 

And on that note, hello 4am, nice to meet you, and wish a silent prayer to myself to get a few more hours of sleep. 

ALL the updates!
  • Life with our little nugget has been amazing, exhausting and beyond challenging. Just when we think we’ve figured something out, something else changes. I know that’s such a cliche but holy hell is it true. She keeps us on our toes and she’s only 7 months! Awards to all the parents just getting through the day out there!
  • Transitioning her out of the swaddle and rock n’ play almost ended my life. Thankfully we found the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit and we got another 2 months of actual sleep. Now we’re back where we started and she’s rolling around in her crib and stopped sleeping through the night all together. The struggle is real, yall. 
  • Her first two teeth have popped through and good crap teething is the wooorst. Poor girl was in pain and cranky for weeks. Things seem to have calmed down for now. I thought I felt something where the top two teeth would be but I can’t tell yet. uuuuuugh. I’m not really ready to go through that again. 
  • Feeding Rory solids has been so much fun but its truly testing my threshold for messy faces while eating. I HATE when someone has food on their face and have to fight the urge to wipe Rory off after every bite. Most nights she just ends up right in the tub afterward
  • Lord help us but she is moments away from crawling. She does that thing where she gets up on her knees and starts rocking. I can almost hear the “I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go….” going through her head. 
  • How does something so small accumulate SO MUCH LAUNDRY. 
  • While the instinct to take care of her comes naturally, it’s taking care of myself - that feels impossible. While I think the worst of the postpartum is behind me, I’m still taking steps toward getting the help I still clearly need. 
  • I haven’t been able to pick up a book since Rory stopped nursing every two hours through the night (that’s when I got most of my reading done in those first few months) and I’m starting to feel like that’s a bike I can’t just hop back on. 
  • While I haven’t been reading, I have gotten WAY into podcasts. I have 2 hours on the subway and at least an hour and a half of pumping while at work and thank GOD for podcasts for keeping me sane through all that. If anyone is interested in recommendations, hit me up! Lacey jokes that I say the phrase “I was listening to this podcast earlier and …..” at least 3 times a day. I would say it’s closer to 5. 
  • Speaking of Lacey, did you guys know that my wife is made of miracles? She takes care of us every day in ways I didn’t even realize I needed. I am insanely #blessed. 
  • I didn’t realize how much I have missed the tumblr support system until it was gone. If replies hadn’t come back, I was real close to create a Slack team for all my favs (especially all the tumblr parents!) so we could actually talk to each other. I’m still pretty into that if anyone is interested. 
  • Work has been even more challenging than I was expecting. Pumping during the day is the  WORST and I really can’t wait for it to be over. I’ve made it 7 months, I can go another 5 I suppose. Ugh just typing that out made me so tired. 
  • Things in my department are changing soon and while I feel like the pie in the sky idea of what it could be is amazing and would be an incredible opportunity, the reality is probably much less ideal. That said, if anyone is looking for a production manager who specializes in helping produce non-fiction short form content for a major cable network - let me know!

God it feels so cathartic to finally type all that out.

On Wednesdays, we...

Go for a run in the morning! Oh happy happy day.  I ran 5.2k slow to the ly, but whatever, I got out there and moved my posterior. The sun was shining, the first signs of Spring were finally showing, and I was in a great mood.  I broke to a walk way too many times, but meh, it was so lovely out, so I didn’t really care. 

After a shower, and a little jeesh-liz-do-your-dishes action, I made myself quite the yummy brunch. 

Spinach, two eggs, tomato, avocado, and feta. Yes, I read some of the comments, yes I am not the world’s best cook, but I can’t say I care that much. I have my go-to meals, I think they’re yummy, and that’s all that really matters. (Plus, because why not, I genuinely have never found great satisfaction from cooking…. especially when it’s just for one.). 

I had a meeting at 1, so I was in the office with bells n’ whistles on by then, despite the great out doors of Toronto looking mighty tempting to enjoy. 

A few minutes before five I spontaneously emailed a few folks, “beeeers?” because the day called for a patio and sunshine. 

I ended up getting a virgin ceasar, because LOL, despite two hours on a patio, it was back to work I go after the spontaneous rendez-vous.

Wa-hooo for work. I shifted my hours today for several reasons I won’t bore you with, but working late when the sun is shining, succccccks. Oh well, at least I got my run in this morning. 

When I did finally get home I watched Survivor (I know, what is this? 1999?), and made myself a yummy hamburger for dinner. 

And then a few minutes ago I skyped my sister and Lily, who are in Mexico! The photos my sister keeps sending me melt my heart. Apparently all the servers there keep calling her grande baby. We all know who she takes after in this family… Ha :)

Too cool for school, that little girl is. 

Oh! And then somewhere in there today, I also bought an orchid. 

Orchids are my favourite flower by far, but then again, I’d assume they’re everybody’s. 

So yup, that was my day. A pretty normal Wednesday, I must admit, and probably not worthy of a blog post, but oh look, here I am. 

ps. I had no idea Drop Box took up space on your computer… I deleted it today, and feel like I bought a new computer… suddenly it’s so, so speedy.

pss. My skin, which is usually really good pimple-wise, has been soooo bad since I started running and going to Body Pump. As soon as I finish working out, I wash it with soap and water, but still… zits! UGH. Suggestions welcome. 

psss. I started a “walking group” at work last week. So tomorrow a big crew of us are going to walk 3km at lunch. Will report back if this was genius, or… not-so-much.



Jack had just gotten home from work around 10:00 p.m. He came in, took a shower, and we laid in bed watching a movie for a while. “I’m hungry babe can you get us some snacks,” I said brushing my hands against his jawline down to his abs. He nodded, grabbed his phone, and headed downstairs.

Jack’s POV

I walked downstairs, still feeling the tingling sensation of Y/N’s fingers on my body. I felt my phone vibrate, and checked it. I received a notification from pornhub, with a new video. I never told Y/N about my membership/subscription with the website. She was gone from time to time, and let’s just say I got “lonely.” I clicked to watch the video, and my cheeks began to turn a bright red color. I sat down at the dining room table to watch, not keeping track of the time.

I began to rub my growing erection, while watching the woman on the screen get fucked relentlessly. This act reminded me of Y/N and I. I unzipped my pants and slid my hand in my briefs which were stretched with the size of my erection. I opened the hole and pulled my dick through, touching the tip with my index finger, and taking some precum off the top. I began to stoke slowly while still watching the video. Imagining Y/N’s lips around my cock, I sat my phone down and threw my head back in ecstasy.


“What was taking him so long,” I thought, getting up from the bed and heading downstairs. The closer I got to the kitchen the louder his moans became. I peeked around the corner, and seen Jack stroking his cock while sitting at the table. Quietly creeping up behind him I stopped once he abruptly stood up. He stood over the table still stroking, while a plethora of profanities flew from his delectable lips. “Ugh, fuck Y/N, you’re so tight,” he said getting closer to his release. “I am aren’t I?” I said smirking.

He whimpered turning around to face me. I looked at his throbbing cock in his beautiful hand feeling sorry for him. “Continue,” I said sitting down in another seat at the table,” you’re going to finish on the table, and lick it up.” He looked at me with pain in his eyes at my selfish command. I raised an eyebrow to him, and he continued stroking. His breathing became erratic, and his pumps became sloppy. His hips bucked, and my name flew out of his mouth several times. A stream of cum landed on the table, and more kept coming. Some landed in front of me, and I smirked.

He doubled over in complete euphoria, regaining steadiness in his breathing. “Now lick it up,” I commanded again. He leaned over the table licking every drop of his seed from off the table, except the drop in front of me. I wiped it up with my finger, and licked it off. I looked at him innocently, observing the hunger in his eyes. He stumbled over to me, and picked me up, carrying me to the recliner in the living room. He sat down and pulled me on top of him. Snatching my panties to the side, he slid slowly inside of me, adjusting to my hot, wet pussy. We both groaned in pleasure, as I began to grind up and down on his STILL hard dick.

He reached down rubbing my clit, with slow but highly pressured circles. I threw my head back as he attacked my neck, surely leaving deep read love bites all over. He wrapped his strong arms around me pulling me closer, as he pounded viciously into my aching core. I wrapped my and around his head while moaning out his secret name, Daddy. Our skin glistened with perspiration, as he skillfully entered and exited me over and over. “Yes daddy, you feel so good,” I breathed out losing the feeling in my legs. “I’m almost there babygirl, you gonna cum with me?” He asked grabbing my ass with one large hand. I nodded my head quickly, feeling my high getting closer.

His grunts grew louder, and my breaths shortened, as we both released together. He rode out his orgasm with slow sloppy thrusts, while squeezing my ass with the last trickle of his high leaving his exhausted body. I laid my head on his shoulder kissing his neck. I laughed and said, “you need to get us “snacks” more often.” He chuckled, and kissed my forehead as we feel asleep in this position.

For sex night ;-) girlinsky