i am so proud that this is my first post

More overly dramatic angst~

And the 6th page, damn I am so proud of it like you can’t believe 8D like srs, look at that last panel I am so damn proud of it!! <3 now there is only 5 more pages and then I am finally done with it, my first big project that will actually be finished… it feels surreal…

Also I got the wingdings to look like I wanted it to finally, all I apparently had to do was to write it all in caps lock apparently >3>

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Next: working on it~

I dare you to try to translate all the wingdings I wrote, warning you it’s all in flippin Swedish 8D


Oh look, it’s the reason I didn’t have a social life in the past few months.
*cough* I mean this is the first animated short film Sarah, Maya and I worked on, I’d love to hear what you think! :D
Quite proud how it turned out, if I am being honest.


ok so i just want to make a very personal post for a second because tumblr is where i always used to post my most personal things. ever since i was young i have struggled soooo badly with gaining and keeping on weight. i was always EXTREMELY insecure about it and was never ever comfortable with myself. i came across this photo today (the first one where i look genuinely ill) and the second photo is me today. i am SO proud of myself and how far I’ve come. It is still a struggle for me to keep on weight and i have a long way to go but i am proud of myself so far. 

Can I just say how glad I am that these characters are appearing again?

Oh my god I love this.

Datekou actually watching the match. (Are they supposed to be in class or something? Sheesh Futakuchi, you’re in Class A, don’t waste your education.) (Also where’s the other half of the team? Fukiage, Onagawa, Koganegawa. Perhaps they’re actually doing their classes lol.)

THE! FORMER! CAPTAINS! OF! KARASUNO! Tashiro is so proud of Daichi ahhhhh! I love them so much!

And Miya! Watching Kageyama play with his team for the first time, seeing how well he works with Hinata. I can’t wait til Karasuno faces off Miya’s team.

Thank you everyone for following my tumblr and commenting/liking my art! (1000+ followers! I can’t believe it! I am so Happy!!! Thank you so much everyone!!!) 


I am so happy that I got into making comics! I was really struggling with my art for the longest time and hit a depressing wall. I felt like I wasn’t making anything that I can be proud of. I couldn’t figure what to do, so I decided to go back to my roots. As a child I remember drawing storyboards/comic strips of my favorite TV and movie characters and show them to my sisters. So I decided to make my first fan comic about Miraculous Ladybug and post it online. (I’m a huge fan fyi!) Making that comic brought back the love of making art that I had lost over the years as I grew up. “A city of Lies” also helped me develop my original comic story further (http://eternalcomics.tumblr.com/) and I learned so much from making it! Please stick around for more comics to come! I’m a fan of many stories and plan to make more comics to share!

Got a nice reminder of just how far I’ve come on my Timehop this morning. This is the first weightloss post I have shared on my Facebook and Instagram. I don’t usually get too personal about these things on social media, but I am damn proud of my journey so far. About 80lbs down from this time last year! 😄😄😄
(Also, can we discuss how boss my makeup is today? 💁)


So ready for another of my occasional favourite costume posts?

Well, seeing all the brilliant stills of Episode 1.14 by @lulu-tan79 in her amazing Artlander series, simply made me realise *just* how much I love Claire in this costume.

And I hope I did it justice when I reproduced it in miniature for Sindy Claire.

I am quite proud of the needlework as it was my first foray into embroidery for many many years, but it is surprising what your brain remembers from primary school sewing lessons when it needs to!

And the first attempt at a tricorne too! 😬

so i turn 19 on the 28th November (which is an hour away) and some of you may know i’m dreading getting older but i want to end being 18 on a positive note so here are 19 good things that happened to me in 2016:

  1. I finished my first year at college.
  2. I got accepted into my second year at college.
  3. I am currently doing said second year and although it’s difficult, I’m managing.
  4. My second niece was born and I’m proud to be her godmother.
  5. My mum got the all clear and although she went through a hellish year of chemo and radiotherapy and lost her hair, she’s okay and I will always be thankful for that.
  6. I wrote a lot more this year, although writing has slowed down again for me with college being so busy but the motivation to write is still here.
  7. I cut and donated 17 inches of my hair off and I’ve never felt better.
  8. I became a lot more confident in myself and the way I look.
  9. I put myself out there a lot more.
  10. I started to become independent. Own money, own plans for the future.
  11. I made people happy.
  12. I was kinder to not only people around me but I was kinder to myself.
  13. I’m a lot more open with the people I hold dear and that’s really strengthened a lot of my close relationships that I have with people.
  14. I met some really amazing people.
  15. I let go of a lot of grudges I was holding.
  16. I started treating myself, buying myself new clothes and new underwear, so that I would feel good and confident and let me shine through.
  17. I continue to help people with this blog and make people smile with some of the things I post.
  18. I changed a lot this year, and as far as I can see, it was all for the best.
  19. I grew up.

you know, maybe growing up isn’t so bad.

Okay, so I apologise for posts being a bit sparse! I am very proud to say that I’ve finally submitted my first two assessed essays!

Whilst writing I realised that I was struggling to think of ways to insert critics and secondary reading beyond, “This critic said…” In light of this, I made a list of synonyms for ‘said’ or that was the general sentiment behind them. Some will fit certain situations better, you’ll have to use your own judgement. Keep being awesome, lovelies!

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you're one of my biggest comforts rn. my parents are drunk and keep fighting, i walked out of my room and they claimed that i was overweight. i know you've probably never dealt with things like this, but is there anything comforting that you can suggest, maybe? all I'm doing right now is drowning everything out with Dear Evan Hansen, but it's not very effective

Ok listen. Long post under the cut.

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Hey, my first cosplay is officially finished! It may not be the best one ever, but it’s the first one I’ve done pretty much by myself (except for my mom teaching me how to sew and helping to clean it up, thanks mom). So this is my halloween costume/cosplay for any future cons, and I am so damn proud of how it came out. 

Presenting: The Boxer from the game Transistor

resbang 2016: Forces of Attraction

My third contribution for resbang 2016 is done!

I wanna thank @leslietendo ❤︎ who has been so, so, so patient with me this resbang season as I tackled three fics and was 100% supportive throughout this whole thing. I really enjoyed working with you a lot, and I’m glad you chose my fic for your first resbang ❤︎ The art you did for this fic is phenomenal and fantastic and you’re an absolute sweetheart!! Thank you so much for the time you put into this fic and everything you’ve done. I couldn’t have gotten through this resbang season without you ❤︎❤︎❤︎


Soul and Maka are exes in every sense of the word except on Facebook. 

A memo Soul fails to tell his family when they invite the pair for a week long getaway at their lake house. What’s meant to be a relaxed vacation, grows more complicated as time wanes down. Repressed feelings resurface and Maka wonders if she broke up with Soul for the right reasons. Fake Dating AU. 

Warnings: minor sexual content, mutual pining, embarrassing family members, sweet fluffy goodness

Rating: M

Soul?” she asks a little incredulously.

He opens his mouth to respond, but promptly closes it because he doesn’t have a very good excuse as to why he’s standing on her doorstep. The last of his belongings have been moved from her apartment for a well over a month now. It isn’t his turn to take Blair for the week as per to the custody order they had agreed on when he left. Maybe if he’s forgotten a mug or one of his movies were mixed with hers he’d have a proper reason to be there. Unfortunately, neither of those are the case so her shock over seeing him again is understandable.

Soul doesn’t blame her. He isn’t a fan of seeing his ex-girlfriend of two months ago, either.

Maka was meant to remain in the past, only seen when it’s his turn to take the cat, but, the situation called for this.

“May I come in?” he asks.

“No,” she sharply tells him, a tinge of annoyance in her voice.

She crosses her arms and places her small frame firmly in the doorway to block his path. It doesn’t mean much, though. He can easily push her out of the way and enter considering how tiny and slender she is with absolutely zero intimidation in her features to someone who doesn’t know her. Her legs are probably her most deadly weapon, but he also knows she’s ticklish behind her knees which gives him a slight advantage. So, really, her blocking him is comical at best.

Even knowing this, though, he doesn’t dare consider overpowering her and forcing his way inside because this is still her apartment. His name is long gone from the lease they had signed when they first moved in, and he’s too scared to try her. He’d rather not take his chances and end up in jail because of breaking and entering or knocked out in a hospital bed for a week from one of her punches.

It’s best not to test Maka.

“Whatever you have to say you can say it out here.”

Sighing, Soul relents, “My family doesn’t know we broke up since our Facebook statuses still say we’re together.”

“Then I’ll change it,” she shrugs. “You didn’t have to come out here to tell me that. You could’ve text me or something… If I still had your number, that is.”

Soul refrains from rolling his eyes. He knows perfectly well she does indeed still has his number in her phone. She probably doesn’t have it filed under his name and instead replaced it with a choice word or two, but she definitely still has it.

“Yeah, well, that’s not the only reason I’m here.” She juts her chin asking him to continue. “Since my family still thinks we’re together, they invited you to our lake house for a week because they think I’d have more fun with my girlfriend there.”

Read the rest on FFN or AO3.
Check out Leslie’s art here.

Man. Papyrus is the coolest. Even Sans knows it.

I guess he knows first hand about how Papyrus hunts him down and brings him back to his post when he’s slacking off. Truly tenacious, Papy, good job.

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*Yes I’m making a post about it. We put a lot of work into getting this raid tier cleared. I’m extremely proud of my group and I can see my own improvement. It feels amazing.

I’m the dragoon (yes I am miqo’te temporarily hahaha)
Galka static, I love you guys. There isn’t anyone else I’d rather have worked on this with so many hours. :D

We’re officially the robot exterminators! muhaha @yenh-xiv @battuegalka @ayi-xiv

So my internet is iffy right now, and when I dunno if it is the net or tumblr having connectivity issues/lag, I open a new tab and keymash whatever to see if Google loads and searches, thus meaning my net is fine and it is tumblr that is messing up.

Except I did that just now I happened to write the exact same keymash that I once mashed for a post over a year ago, so it showed it as the first result.

What I am trying to say here is that it is true that, given enough typewritters and years, monkeys can write a Shakespeare piece.


2.22.17|| First of all I’ve tried to post this a zillion times today but the internet keeps crashing. Second, I’ve been so inactive because it’s audition week so I haven’t had any time to study up until today. But here are my stats notes from today which I am proud of 😌 I also spoke with my advisor and am finishing out this semester as a musical theatre major and switching over next semester. I’m very bittersweet about it

“And you are certain that this is what you would bind yourself to,” Gimli said, and he bent his head. The great curled mass of his hair spilled over his face, hiding his eyes. He seemed half-swallowed by shadow: only the hard lines of his massive arms and shoulders, barred here and there with the deep blue ink of his coming-of-age tattoos, could be made out in the gloom. Outside, the sounds of revelry could still be heard: the people of Minas Tirith celebrated their survival. Only here, in this small guest room of the citadel, did hesitation hold sway. “I am not an Elf, Legolas. I will ever be thus.”
Legolas’ skin seemed to glow in the torchlight as he leaned over Gimli, unselfconscious in his nudity. He pushed a shining hand into the thick bramble of Gimli’s hair and swept it back off the Dwarf’s square brow. “Do you shrink away, Gimli?”
“No,” The Dwarf’s eyes shone like a cat’s in the half-light. “I am not such a fool.”
“Then trust that I know what I see,” Legolas said, and kissed him.

This is for @determamfidd, who won (a lifetime ago) @bilbosoaktree‘s giveaway. I am deeply sorry and you both know it… but I hope you like it! 

So I have 228 followers, and I’m very impressed, I didn’t think anyone would support me and you guys make me feel confident about myself and proud of who I am, confident enough that once all of followers share my posts and once 500 people follow me, I will shave myself and give everyone a full body shot, at 1000 I will shave my pathetic sissy clit and show you what it looks like in panties, after that you guys can give me ideas and if you’re close enough too me, maybe I’ll let you be the first man in this woman, inbox me here or on kik at sissy_boi23