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Lost Days (p.t. 7)

Intro: Is this the end?  OH NO!  Once again requested by @missmle712​ - the reason for all this angst.  :)

Ok so I have a lot of feelings about the end of this series.  I am actually so proud of this last part I thought I wasn’t going to get it to turn out how I wanted it but it definitely turned out much better than I could have hoped.  I loved writing this series.  I definitely did.  It didn’t get a lot of hype or a lot of notes and I have to be honest and say that that did discourage me a little, but those who did love it, those who reblogged or left comments literally kept this series going because I didn’t want to disappoint you.  And next time I have a series I am definitely writing the entire thing before I post it because it was actually quite stressful to keep up with it.  But I am so happy with how it turned out.  And I hope you are happy as well.  

So thank you making the journey of Lost Days a memorable one.  You guys rock.  

Pairing: Jim x reader

Word Count: 3,450 (holy moly)

Summary: We have reached the end ladies and gents.  Is it going to be a happy or sad ending?  Read and find out! 

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As I waited for Bones, lying on the office floor in a pool of my own blood, I only entertained for a moment the possibility that I was actually going to die there. The only reason I really cared was that I didn’t know if Bones could find you without my help. 

I had called him when I received the message that told me where you were, telling him that if I didn’t send him a com in an hour, to come in after me.  Of course he had tried to get me to back down, to let him help me, but I didn’t have time.  You didn’t have time.    

He took a lot longer than I thought he was going to, and images played in my brain over and over.  Your eyes on mine.  The gun pressed to your head.  The crazed look in Eve’s eyes. You finally remembering me. Then the gun pointed at my chest. Then a deep pain.  Your hands on my face.  You calling my name. 


As I watched them take you away, kicking and screaming and calling my name, as I watched them drug you, your body going instantly limp, an odd sense of happiness pulled at my brain.  I was dying.  But I was happy.  

It could have been delirium, that’s what Bones would have said, or something to do with the blood loss, that would have been the logical reason, Spock would have informed.  But I couldn’t help but think it was because of the way your eyes met mine when you remembered.  The way your lips formed my name when you finally remembered.  You remembered me.  

I felt my entire world shift again, if that was possible.  You were alive.  And the entire world could have exploded and I wouldn’t have cared because you came back to me. 

When Bones finally showed up, he went into full doctor mode, and I just let him work, let him fret over me because that’s what he did best. Eventually he stopped the bleeding enough to move me and then suddenly we were beamed aboard the Enterprise. 

I asked Bones where you were, told him there was no way in hell he was operating on me until I knew you were safe.  But it was a half-hearted response as he literally had his hands inside the hole in my chest, trying to stop the bleeding.  So he called me a ‘god-damned idiot” and told me that he had already told Scotty and Spock about the situation, and that they were already searching for you.  The only problem was how difficult it was going to be to find a small mission pod in the middle of the galaxy. 

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Even if no one actually reads this…hi, I’m Maddie. Recently I have found the strength to let go of all the weight from my past. I lost myself while trying to be perfect for someone else. It took some time, mistakes, and acceptance to finally return back to the happy girl I once left behind. I’ve learned so much, and I am so proud of the girl I have become. It takes a lot to let go of what once was and accept the fact that some things just aren’t meant to work out. Today, and everyday I will never forget to love myself first.

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I remember back when the Master Edition of BotW was announced, you were trying to get one for yourself. Initially I just thought you were super excited about the game. Now I realize that there were three major reasons for you to be excited for it. :P



…actually, considering how I managed to not spill the beans early on something so monumental, I sort of am. But I guess the core reward for that is actually getting to keep my reputation intact.

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School is making me tired, sad and nervous, and I don't actually feel like studying and I feel guilty for not study. Just an anon ranting, sorry

Oh darling, you don’t have to study! You being tired, sad, and nervous is your body and mind’s way of telling you that you need to rest and recharge! You are totally allowed to do this!!! I am so proud of you: do you, darling. You got this: I believe in you <3 <3 <3

China Cup: A Summary
  • Phichit: I fucking love this movie IT'S MY MOVIE
  • Guang-Hong: What a beautiful, delicate flower am I
  • Leo: I want everyone to be happy and I'm actual sunshine
  • Christophe: We're all having sex on this ice all of us
  • Yuuri: Victor is mine bitches lemme drink those tears u cry

For all he threatens to hit Oikawa (or actually does), his hands can be quite gentle.  (❛▿❛✿)

Because I can not imagine why people would think Iwaizumi is 24/7 angry. He’s not. Just a bit grumpy


Joyeux Noël à @abadmeanman! I was your @mlsecretsanta 💝🎅✨

It’s a mutual reveal scenario! In which its a direct mirror of the ever infamous umbrella scene (sans the umbrella and rain).

(Shocking, I know) 

So a for the longest ive been wracking my brain on what to get you. Honestly i considered many possibilities and i still am but those, i decided, were better off as separate projects ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because i wanted to go for a sfw approach.

I know it’s not much (trust me i wish i could have done more bc ur a cool dude) but this is the best i could do atm. it was my first time working with animations and i came across a lot of technical difficulties (like finding the right size so the finalized thing fits under 1MB or tweaking with the settings so it doesnt look wonky) but im actually proud of the outcome :)

anyways, i hope u like this and that you have a neato x-mas and a happy new year!💛🎉🎅


9-year-old Joe Maldonado is first out transgender child to join Boy Scouts

  • The Boy Scouts of America welcomed its first out transgender scout Tuesday, after reversing a policy barring trans kids from its ranks.
  • Joe Maldonado put on a Cub Scout uniform and joined Pack 20 in Maplewood, New Jersey, according to North Jersey’s the Record.
  • “This is fun. I’m so proud,” Maldonado said during the meeting. “I am accepted, and I’m actually in Boy Scouts.”
  • Maldonado’s mom, Kristie, fought back tears as she watched her son participate in his first meeting in Maplewood. Read more

Caejose Week 2016
Day 7 - Growing Old

you guys remember that Howl’s Moving Castle au i did last september? well its back



Congratulations for hitting another milestone!


You did it!!

We did it!!

I can’t express how proud i actually feel right now. I am so happy for you. Thank you Jack! Thank you for being there for all of us every.single.day. I am sure that each and every one of us here feel so grateful that at one point of our lives, we decided to click on that “SUBSCRIBE” button on your channel.

Keep up the great job you’re doing all these time Sean! 



I tried to make a video actually but i ended up sounding super weird and awkward HAHA. So i made that banner instead and pasted it on my wall. I hope that’s okay. Oh! And gif is from justchasingghosts ‘s post.


How the passing of time is just an illusion because all of eternity is actually taking place at once.
- I am so proud of you (2008)

I know people love to hate on the Kardashians and say they are stupid or useless, but I am actually proud of them. They make me proud to be an Armenian. A few days ago the Wall Street Journal published a full page advertisment which denied the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks and this denial still continues. This kind of propaganda perpetuates hatred by denying my people’s national tragedy. And in response Kim Kardashian bought a full page ad in the New York Times to call them out.

So next time anyone ever says that the Kardashians are dumb bimbos or a waste of space I will point them to this article because she really is making a difference in the world. 


This was stupid

This whole thing, it was so stupid, and it made Annabeth feel stupid, and she wasn’t stupid, she was smart, gods damn it, so why couldn’t she do this? She should have been able to do this.

She only realised she was crying when a tear splashed on to the page of her textbook, blurring the black letters printed on the white page. That tear falling felt like conceding defeat, and soon enough she was crying in earnest, sobbing hard enough that the words became even less intelligible than they’d already been.

She put her head down on the book and let herself cry, feeling terribly stupid and sorry and frustrated. Her whole face felt hot, flushed with anger and annoyance - at this essay, at herself, at the fact that she was a daughter of the goddess of wisdom and she couldn’t seem to write a simple fucking essay.

When the door to her room opened she instinctively straightened, grabbing her dagger and spinning in her seat to face the intruder. When she saw who it was she immediately collapsed back onto the desk, face first, letting her dagger fall to the floor. 

She heard Percy shut the door behind himself. There were a few soft footsteps, and then a gentle hand on her shaking shoulder and a quiet question. “Annabeth, hey, what’s up?”

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9-year-old becomes first openly transgender Boy Scout
“I am accepted, and I’m actually in Boy Scouts," Joe Maldonado said.

The Boy Scouts of America recently lifted its ban on transgender scouts, and 9-year-old Joe Maldonado has a lot to celebrate. He joined a scout pack a week after the ban was lifted, making him the first openly trans Boy Scout.

Joe tried to join the Boy Scouts last year, but he wasn’t allowed because parents complained about having a trans boy in the pack. 

The leader of Joe’s pack, Kyle Hacker, helped Joe put on his uniform and kerchief and taught him the Cub Scout salute and Scout oath at his first meeting.

“This means you’re the same as Scouts all over the world,” Hacker told Joe, according to The Record.

For Joe, the event was especially meaningful because it showed he was finally being accepted.

“This is fun; I’m so proud,” he told The Record. “I am accepted, and I’m actually in Boy Scouts.”

“This means you’re the same as Scouts all over the world.” Crying. Go, Joe.