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Tyren, Tyren, Tyren................

A shit load of people keep asking for my opinion on Tyren. Instead of answering all the different asks, I’m just going to put it in a post , to answer all the questions about them, at the same time. So, here it is…

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museum dates 🌼🎨 peter parker headcanon

requested: nah. idea popped up into my head randomly.

tagged: @ttholland @t-oodles @cmonspiderling

- yo so i fucking am a god damn art geek myself, so why not write this? also, i am SO SORRY that it’s been so long since i’ve posted any fics. i’ve just had a lot going on personally, and also had a lot of job interviews (I GOT A JOB !!). not to mention i’m taking a college placement test this week so i’m just a mess. but, i digress. ENJOY THIS FIC! thanks for being patient, lovely humans. 

warnings: a shit ton of fluff and a reader who legit has NO CHILL and peter is such a soft, sweet human bean. 

summary: cute art headcanons with peter parker

- you grew up on art. always going to the local art galleries to discover new artists and collect some of their paintings and sculptures

- you’d always gush to peter about a new art piece you bought or a new artist you discovered

- “babe! oh, my god, look at this new Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun piece i got !!  isn’t it absolutely alluring?”

- you’d sometimes feel bad that you geeked out so much, but peter thought it was so adorable. you had so much passion in your eyes, voice, and physicality it made his heart go fucking wild.

- “keep going, pumpkin. tell me more please.”

-when he told you that he got the two of you ticket to the museum of modern art

- your heart busted a nut

- you literally smothered peter with a bunch of kisses, so happy and thankful  that he would do something like this for you. it wasn’t very cheap to visit museums these days.

- peter thought you geeking out was so cute

- he researched for hours and hours to find the best museum just for you

- when you got to the front entrance, you couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face and you were jumping up and down like a little kid because, actual nerd

- “HOLY SHIT. peter, this place is so beautiful. the detail, the atmosphere, my heart is bursting right now you don’t even know how excited i am right now. this is the best day ever. ”

- peter would just be looking at you with heart !! eyes !! because you were so cute and this genuinely made you happy and excited.

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Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Haechan
  • the cutest maknae int he world got a request just as fluffy as him <3
  • ugh, i love him so much
  • i’m weak for him lmao
  • give this prince lots of love k
  • and let’s start this already~
  • okay so,,,
  • both of you were @ ur house
  • he stayed there last night and now y’alls were getting ready for going out together to have breakfast or smth
  • both of you already changed and were wearing bomb ass matching outfits
  • and y’all look gr8 but you haven’t apply make up yet
  • and when u took your makeup bag and sat in front of the mirror the idea just came to you
  • he sat by your side to idk brush his hair or just to check himself out bc i mEAN HAVE U SEEN HIS VISUALS
  • but the you started to take out of the bad everythign and he was like ???
  • “you’re gotta put all of that on? that’s gonna take ages”
  • “you should have told me, i would sleep for a little longer, y/n”
  • but you were like
  • “nah~ i’m organizing it for you”
  • “why?”
  • “i want you to do my makeup today”
  • and at first he was kind of shook by your confession but then smiled and was like sUre bIH
  • but you still guided him bc you had to go out for breakfast and you weren’t going looking like a fucking clown am i right
  • he actually did a great job guessing what products come firsts and the way he applied them wasn’t that bad tbh
  • and whenever he guessed something right he would either show a little proud smile or be like tHAT’s rIgHT bIHH
  • there’s no between when it comes to him lmao
  • in the beggining he was just going to play around but he got serious w it really quickly actually
  • he did great with the base and even if he had a few mistakes doing your eyebrows he learned how to do them properly really fast
  • i can’t relate
  • in no time u had ur eyebrows on fleek + bomb ass skin
  • and he probably took lots of photos of you in the process bc damn he wasn’t specting to be this good
  • “look to the right baby, i need to take a photoof you eyebrown”
  • “the makeup noonas are going to be so proud of me”
  • then, both of you decided to go for a casual yet sweet and girly look
  • he check out almost all the colours of your eyeshadows in the back of his hand and discussed w you abouth the cute combo he should do
  • this kid is a professional w this lmao
  • but he ended up choosing everything and damn the colours looked amazing with your skin tone
  • he aplied a nude glittery color as base and in top of it a pastel shade of pink that was also glittery bc glitter is the new black am i right
  • he couldn’t even let his thoughts inside his head
  • “i love the color”
  • “your eyes look so beautiful with this shade”
  • “wow, you’re so beautiful”
  • and he tried to make a cute gradient w the colors but failed
  • but it wasn’t terrible tho, you fixed it in no time
  • and while you were fixing it he was looking at you with heart eyes bc you were so stunning and beautiful
  • and when you looked at him back he literally just leaned forward and kissed you
  • and his lips were so soft and the caresses that he was giving you in your cheek w his thumb were just as sweet
  • oh look, a completely unnecessary cheesy moment that makes my weakness for donghyuck obvious, what a surprise
  • i’m feeling butterflies in my stomach as i write this, this is so cute
  • and then he just giggled and pecked you in the lips before continuing w the makeup
  • both of you agreed that he wasn’t going to do the eyeliner so he doesn’t fuck up everything
  • but after y’alls date was done he tried to do it and failed terribly lmao
  • same, hyuck, same
  • he also did a great job w your eyelashes, he curled them making sure to don’t hurt you or anything and applied mascara like a pro
  • and your broncer and blush was 10/10
  • he may apply too much highlight but tHERE’S NEVER ENOUGH HIGHLIGHT AM I RIGHT
  • and the only moment when he didn’t pay too much attention to was to your lips
  • i mean, they were really distracting
  • like he applied for like two seconds and had to stop and kiss you bc damn he couldn’t resist
  • and containing himself from kissing you every 2 secs was really hard
  • but the color he choosed matched really well with the colors he choosed for your eyes and damn
  • he spent the whole time complimenting you and talking about how gr8 his skills were
  • “y/n looks really beautiful today, doesn’t she?”
  • “yeah, y/n looks really pretty today”
  • “fuck up, mark she’s mine”
  • lmao he would be that kind of bf
  • he was really clingy and soft w you for the rest of the day too
  • and he would took so many pics w you and of you and srsly he had no chill
  • but you make him so weak, he can’t control himself <3
  • okay and the end

Hello all! It is finally time for my official Cosplay Commissions post! This has been a long time in the making but after I’ve gotten a few commissions under my belt I feel comfortable offering these in an official manner. 

First of all, why: I currently live in an extremely uncomfortable situation (misgendered, deadnamed, and refused treatment for mental illness daily). I was finally able to get a job but it is part time, and in order for me to get out of here as quickly as possible I need to pay off my car in full and save up enough to actually move. On top of that, I need to start saving up for my transition fund, but I will not be able to transition until I am completely independant from my parents and they can no longer take away my car/place to live/life.  In order to accomplish this, I will be opening costume commissions (there will be limited slots, but it depends on what/how much of each costume each customer would like). 

How it works: I specialize in sewing, but will be willing to make small props and armor pieces as well! Keep in mind these are more difficult and more expensive to ship. Message me with your cosplay ideas and measurements–I will come up with a materials cost and give you an estimate for labor cost (I charge about 15$ and hour for my work)! If this sounds good, there will be an initial payment to cover material costs so I can order the fabric and get started! Depending on the complexity, I should be able to finish most pieces within a week or two. I will keep you updated with progress pics throughout. Once the piece is complete, the second payment for labor/shipping will be due. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of the second payment, and will include a special gift! Any alterations necessary are free. 

I will also be offering Pidge and Keith jackets for a flat rate of 75$! This includes material cost, labor cost, AND shipping! These are fully lined, and keith’s has a functional zipper (I don’t have a pidge example yet, sorry).

My qualifications: I have been cosplaying for almost six years now, and within that time I have won awards at every convention I have competed in, including best in class, best craftsmanship, best group, and best in show! My mom worked as a professional seamstress for the music industry in Nashville during her college years and now owns and operates an her own quilting business, so I have very qualified advisors and access to profession equipment in the same house as me. I myself have worked professionally with theatres and universities on the costume crew full time for six shows, and part time for dozens more. (If thats not enough, my Taako cosplay is literally McElroy approved. not super relevant but i’m really proud of that ok) Finally, I really do love what I do. Cosplay is kind of magical and I love bringing to life all sorts of unique and beautiful characters. I absolutely want to give those costumes the quality they deserve. 

You can check out more of my work at my webiste, mickaroo.com! If you have any more questions or want to discuss an order, message me here on tumblr or email me at mickaroo.art@gmail.com. 

Thank you guys so much, and if you can’t afford a commission right now I would really appreciate a reblog! Recently I’ve been experiencing a surge in following, and I’m really looking to make costuming into a career. Its what I love to do. Thanks again, and have a wonderful day!

-Nate (Micky)

I which Jon is a knight

Prompted by the awesome @jonryatrash

At the age of ten Prince Jon was convinced that he would make a better knight than prince. Ser Rodrick Cassel would often say that he was good with a sword. He was actually better than his cousin Robb, but that was something Jon would rather keep to himself. He didn’t want to upset his cousin after all. He didn’t have many friends back then and Robb was nice to him.

If Jon was often uncertain that he had been born fit for the role of a prince, his cousin Arya would also constantly rebel against her own fate. Being a lady sounded dreadful according to her perception on the matter. Needlework seemed to be the worst part of it, along with getting married to a fat and harry old lord, as she once confessed him at the glass garden.

“Why it has to be a fat and harry old man? Can’t you marry someone nice? Maybe a knight, like in the songs?” Jon asked her once. Arya seemed quite distressed that day. She asked him if he could help her to escape such a fate, but Jon didn’t know much of those things yet.

“Sansa said so…”Arya said while trying to wipe her tears with the back of her hand. “I’m not pretty. Only pretty ladies get to marry handsome knights and lords.”

“Do you have to be a lady?” Jon asked curiously.

“I guess so…” Her eyes were puffy, but at least she seemed calmer while they played with some wild flowers they had pic. “I don’t want to be a lady though. I want to be a Lord…Or Counselor to the King!”

“You can be my counselor when I am king.” He smiled at her, making Arya giggle as if he had come up with the wickedest idea ever. Jon couldn’t help feeling smart.

He took the chance to tickle her and turn Arya’s giggles into a lough and breathless laugh. She seemed happier when he did that and once more Jon felt proud of himself for saving a lady in distress. He seemed to be a natural at knighthood, just like his father and mother had been.

“Am I really ugly?” Arya finally asked him once she managed to recover her breath.

That couch him out of guard for some reason. There seemed to be a trap there…The wrong answer would likely cause him trouble.

He took a good look at Arya, trying to figure out what he thought about her complexion. She was really tiny, even for her age. That’s a good thing. Makes her good to hug. Her hair was dark brown and straight whenever it wasn’t messed. I really like to mess her hair…Jon thought with a pang of guilt. Maybe he should stop doing it so she would feel pretty.

Her eyes were big and gray. Not blue like her siblings, nor purple like Viserys and Daenerys’ eyes. Her eyes were just like Jon’s eyes and he definitely liked them. Jon also admitted that he liked her laugh and smile. Arya got the cutest dimples whenever she smiled at him.

After a few seconds of deep thoughts and complicated comparisons, Prince Jon decided that Arya wasn’t ugly. In fact, he found her to be pretty especially when she smiled and wore wild flowers behind her ear. Arya wasn’t pretty like Sansa, but that was probably the best part of it. Arya didn’t know she was pretty, therefore she didn’t care about her hair and dress all the time. She enjoyed playing with him, laughing with him and while doing so she would be pretty by accident.

“You are not ugly.” He answered with conviction and kindness while running his finger through her hair. I can’t mess them, so I’ll brush them. I guess she will like it better.

Suddenly he had the best idea of all times!

He picked three flowers from the bouquet they had been playing with one hand while holding his play sword with another. Jon tried to look nice and tall like a true knight should be.

“I, Ser Jon of Dragonstone, champion of the Great Tourney of Winterfell…”

“We never had a tourney. There are no knights here. Just Ser Rodrick.” Arya replied with one eyebrow raised.

“We will have a great tourney!” Jon insisted. “And I will win all the lists, so just…Play along.” Arya giggled at it once more. “I, Ser Jon of Dragonstone, champion of the Great Tourney of Winterfell, name thee, Lady Arya Stark, Queen of Love and Beauty.” He said it while placing the flowers behind her ears. At that Arya flushed. “Now…No one can say you are not pretty. I crowned you Queen of Love and Beauty.”

“It only counts if you really win a tourney.”She smiled at him with indulgence.

“I told you.” Jon insisted. “I will win and I will crown you in front of everyone.”

At the age of seven-and-ten Prince Jon was knighted by Ser Arthur Dayne. Winterfell indeed never held a tournament, but when Jon competed at the joust during the Tourney of The Vale he won and as promised he crowned Lady Arya Stark his Queen of Love and Beauty.

Unlike King Rhaegar he never kidnapped the lady, but they got married at the Great Sept of Baelor a year later.

Just like Jon managed to become a knight, in the end Arya didn’t become a lady. She was crowned a Princess and later Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She also became the King’s counselor, although not officially.

Until I See You Again (Jongup x reader)

Word count: 3.9 k+

Genre/warnings: fluff ❤

Summary: Home just didn’t really feel like home when Jongup was away on tour, and you found yourself suffering more and more because of the lack of his presence every day. Noticing how you were slowly losing happiness and were getting lonely, Jongup, despite being on the other side of the world, decided to plan out a special date, one that you’ve never had before, just to show you how much he cares and how much he wanted you to feel loved.

He looked at your face, a little worried about you and how you spent your free time. It was the first time he’s been away for so long, and the first time you spent apart from each other for longer than one or two weeks. You smiled at him through the screen, but the way you looked at him gave away you weren’t happy at all, and he sat on the edge of his hotel bed, a little worried and a little guilty he was the cause of your sad feelings.

“Hey, (Y/N)…” he looked right into your eyes, “are you sure you’re doing fine?”

He saw you smiling even brighter and shaking your head in agreement, responding, “Don’t worry, Yup. I’m fine.”


He heard it clearly. A voice crack. And what’s even worse, at the word “fine”. You both were caught off guard by that, and it took him some time to react.


“Yup, it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow. Just make sure you eat and rest a lot so you have enough energy to get out on stage and do your best, okay?”


“See you later, Yup. Bye!!” you waved at him, your smile starting to crack and fade as you quickly disconnected, more than sure he suspected something was wrong. You let your body fall back on the bed, and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath.

Were you acting stupid? Maybe, but you missed him so bad. You were pretty sure that around a week ago it started actually hurting physically, the lack of his hugs and kisses making your day so painfully plain and boring. You were glad conversation was still there, more or less at least, but it was undeniable that you craved to be with him physically, being able to squeeze him tight and never let go so he wouldn’t be able to leave you like this ever again.

“Get it together.. You’re being clingy,” you mumbled to yourself, sitting up with a swift move and letting a hand slide through your hair before standing up, “he’s an idol, what did you expect? Just deal with it like the damn adult that you are..”

No matter what you told yourself, you still missed him, and doing random things all around the house didn’t really distract you from your thoughts at all. You sighed, finally giving up and sitting down on the couch, wrapping yourself up in blankets and taking your laptop in your hands, typing away at a work assignment that you originally didn’t intend to start up until next week, but were forced to do now, as it was the only thing that stopped your mind from racing and wandering back to Jongup, who, quite unfortunately, was too far away.
Jongup was laying on his back, sprawled all across the hotel room bed, his hand flat on his stomach as he stared up into the ceiling, raising one eyebrow every now and then as apparently that helped to concentrate.
“Hey, Himchan hyung..” he trailed off, not looking at him but knowing exactly where he was. Apparently the priority of this evening for Himchan was to take a perfect selca. God, he was usually good at it, but somehow he had a hard time taking a picture that he felt comfortable sharing with the world today, and that irritated him. He’s been in front of the windows with the astonishing view behind them for 10 minutes already, snapping away, but for some reason he couldn’t get it done.

“Himchan hyung,” Jongup called a little louder, as he understood Himchan was too much in his own little world to hear, “I thought you were a natural. Can I ask for advice?”

Himchan paused for a little, seemingly proud he just got lowkey complimented by his friend who slightly rolled his eyes in response. It’s not like Himchan didn’t need reassurance every once in a while though, so Jongup just let it slide without any additional savage commentary on top, deciding it was his good deed of the day and patiently waiting for a response.

“Depends. What’s bothering you?” Himchan put his phone down and looked out of the window, stuffing his hands in his jeans pockets and scanning the city view behind the glass.

“I mean, I know it’s nothing big, but I think (Y/N) isn’t taking the distance in between us too well..” Jongup said quietly.

“Oh, tell me about it,” Himchan’s head snapped into Jongup’s direction, “Not really sure I’ll be able to suggest anything useful, but let me try.”

“I don’t think she’s used to spending so much time away from me,” Jongup got into sitting position, letting his legs slide down the side of his bed, “I mean, I miss her too, but I guess I’m kind of able to cope with it. Just makes me want to be with her again more and more every day, and realize how much I love her. You know, regular everyday life does sometimes make me want to spend some time apart from her, but at moments like these I guess I just have some time for myself, just to understand I don’t want to spend all of that time by myself, and… Himchan hyung, stop grinning,” he remarked after a second, and realized his mistake.

Himchan. Jongup and (Y/N) shipper number one. God, why was he paired up in one room with him again?

“Look at you, oh my God,” Himchan said, making Jongup slightly cringe at his use of English for the “oh my god” bit, “kids in love. If only I understood your youth-fueled desires and feelings…”

“Himchan hyung, you’re not that old, you know..”

“But I’m single,” he sighed slightly, turning his head back to the window, “anyways, what do you intend to do?”

Silence hung over the room for a little while, as Jongup raised his eyebrow up and down again. Concentration, the key to success.

“Why do you think I asked you for advice in first place? I don’t know,” Jongup said, seemingly irritated by how clueless he was, “It’s still weeks until we’ll be back, and I can’t stand the fact she’s all sad and lonely at home.. I didn’t even think anyone could need and miss me this much in first place..”

“Hey, what about this,”
Himchan turned to Jongup and walked a few steps to the front, “I don’t really know, but like.. You guys do video chat, right?”

“You literally crashed our conversation earlier on today to whine about the lack of coffee and Daehyun acting mean-”

“Be respectful,” Himchan glared, and, even though he sometimes was a little too cringey and childish of a person to be taken seriously, Jongup still had to agree. His hyung was an authority, after all.

“What if you, like, take her out on a date?”

“Himchan hyung, are you telling me to fly back to Korea, that’s not gonna work-”

“No no, that’s not what I meant. Tell her to get ready for something special, and then plan out like.. A facetime date? Yeah, that’s about as good as I can explain it.”

“F-facetime date..?”

“Yeah. Tell her to, like, go places, or just stay home or whatever, I don’t really know what you guys prefer. Fact is, do the things you usually like doing together. You do it here while you got free time, and she does it back at home while you chat over the phone. Doesn’t matter there’s half the world in between you two, you got internet. Which reminds me.. I think the last picture was actually good..”

Silence followed as Himchan casually browsed through the pictures in his phone, trying to find the perfect selca, and Jongup sat on the bed, running a hand through his hair as he stared at the floor.

“Hey, Himchan hyung?” he asked, getting a hum in response, “didn’t you say you were single?”

“It’s not like I want to be, you know?” he looked up a little, smiling a sad smile, “I’ve got tons of ideas for when better times come around, and for now, let me dream at least. Okay, I think I found the right one…” he said, looking at the picture on his phone screen, satisfied with the result. An Instagram notification soon popped up on Jongup’s phone, and he decided to give Himchan’s masterpiece of a selfie a look.

“Nice pic, hyung,” he said, deciding two compliments a day wouldn’t hurt anybody. Jongup fell back on the bed, and closed his eyes. Damn, would he be able to think of something cute and original enough? He could only hope and try, so instead of going to sleep like he first intended to do, he popped down on the bed, legs-crossed and with a cup of noodles in one hand, thinking out loud and letting Himchan decide if his ideas where stupid or not, because apparently Himchan was the dating expert without a date.

You rolled over to your right side and groaned into the pillow, squeezing the blanket a little tighter. Seven in the morning. Who was crazy enough to text you this early?

Oh, wait, you were dating Jongup. Mystery solved.

“Wear something nice and meet me at the park at 10 AM, below that tree that you tried to climb up last summer but fell down from,” the message said, and you furrowed your brows. First off, thanks for those oh so sweet mems. It didn’t help that Youngjae was present at that time too, and you still got teased about it every now and then, even thought you just wanted to forget that incident. And second off.. what in the heavens was about to happen?

You tried to make sense of it the whole morning, but weren’t able to do so. His Instagram selfie from this morning indicated he was still on tour, but what did he mean by “meet me”? You tried to understand it, but then again, was there someone who completely understood Jongup as a person? You were certain even he surprised himself sometimes, so you just shook it off and tried to obey his orders as good as possible without dying from anticipation and curiosity first.

It was 10.01 AM already. God, the tree. You hated it, but he’d told you to wait here, so you did. At some point, your phone started buzzing in your pocked, and you fished it out, just to be faced with a video chat request from Jongup.

“Explanation, please?” you raised a brow at him when you noticed he wasn’t in his hotel room, but somewhere out in town. Was that behind him.. a park?

“Do you really need one? It might get cheesy or stupid, I’m not sure yet-”

“Or both,” he chuckled as you said your remark, revealing his beautiful, unique smile for you to admire a little.

“Okay, but while I’m at it, how about you just plug in some headphones so you look more, or maybe less, I don’t really know, like a creep walking around and talking to yourself, and take a walk with me?”

“A walk with you?” he saw you not catching on to his idea, so he started walking and explaining.

“Imagine I’m there, and I’ll imagine you’re here. Distance doesn’t really mean a thing if we still can have a good time, right?” you nodded slowly, having a mild idea in mind of what he was about to say.

“So, like, let’s just do the things that we love doing together, even if only through the phone camera.. I’m sorry, but that’s the best that I can offer you now..”

“Yup, don’t you have schedules?”

“Not for today,” he scratched the back of his head, looking ahead of him for a little so he knew where he was going, “we have a day off, so don’t you worry about it.”

A moment of silence followed, and just for a second he was afraid you’d call him stupid for even thinking about something like this, but instead, he saw you slowly moving from spot, finding a pair of tangled up earphones in your jacket pocket and plugging them in.

“Okay, I guess you’ve planned something, right?” he saw you smiling brightly, and couldn’t help but smile back.

“I hope your phone’s charged, don’t even think I’ll leave you alone today..”

“Why did you want to meet under the tree though? You know I hate it,” you couldn’t help but wonder, and he laughed at your comment.

“Shh, it’s an iconic place, now let’s go…”

It all started with a walk in the park. At first you felt slightly weird for talking on the phone like this, and you were worried people would throw you glances, but, the more you talked with Jongup, the less you cared what everyone else thought about you. He was his usual self - sweet, a little lost in his words and actions, but more than simply adorable and loving when it came to talking to you. He made extra efforts to ask you questions, and told you about how his days went, never forgetting to mention how they were good, but would be better if you were there. You walked and listened, a little amazed by how much he talked since he was usually more on the quiet side, but grateful he tired hard to make conversation as interesting as possible. Well, not that he had to try hard, because once you started talking, you suddenly had so many things you wanted the other person to know about that you simply couldn’t stop.

“Watch the street,” you told him as you saw him squinting into the distance, about to walk over a zebra crossing.

“You’re not my mom,” he answered, chuckling a little and thinking to himself, “Gosh, so adorable.”

“I don’t want you to get killed mid-tour, okay? I worry about you a lot, and I have my reasons,” you told him, coincidentally coming to a street crossing yourself.

“I’m aware of that, and I’m glad you do, thanks, babe,” he said and started moving across the street, trying to see what was on the other side properly.

“Moon Jongup, I swear. I will cut this date short to go and get you a pair of glasses if you continue squinting non-stop,” he heard your half-laughing, half-scolding tone, and his heart warmed up a little.

“Glasses don’t suit me that well.”

“Stop lying.”

“I’m not lying. Have you seen me the last time I had glasses on?”

“Yes. You looked hella cute.”

“Well, if you say so..” he gave you a cheeky grin, but you still knew he’d refuse to spare himself the squinting and get some much needed glasses. So cute, yet so stubborn. Yeah, that was Jongup.

A coffee shop seemed to be the next place you were heading to, and it slightly amazed you how Jongup took the time to study the map of the city he was currently in, and how he found all of those places, just to make it seem like you were really doing everything together.

“Yup, you know you could’ve just stayed at the hotel or something, right? There wasn’t any need to try and search up all of those places you’re going to right now to keep me company-”

“Don’t ruin the aesthetic. I’m going wherever you’re going.. Or vice versa, since I’m the one who’s taking you out? You’re the smarter one, you figure out,” he told you, and you smiled, knowing he really put a lot of thought into all of this.

Not that Jongup was usually someone without thought or idea, it’s just that.. You didn’t think he was aware your minds worked slightly differently when it came down to this. You craved affection in every possible way, any time, while Jongup would be the person to forget about attention and affection as a whole for days in a row, just to crash your place one evening and demand cuddles, being all clingy and adorable. That was also one of the reasons he didn’t really mind being away from you for a longer time. He could actually cope with it, and at first he thought you could too, but after the previous conversation you had he started thinking, realizing not everything was completely the same to you as it was to him, and wanting to change things up a bit, making sure you were alright without him by your side.

The smell of warm, tasty coffee hit your nose as you waked into the tiny building, and you ordered yourself an extra large latte, sitting down at a table for two in front of a window and taking off you jacket. You heard Jongup talking to the waitress on the other end of the line, and were slightly amused by his language skills, as his accent was so, so cute. The place he was at seemed just as relatively empty as your coffee shop, and, when he had found the perfect place to sit at, you laughed.

“Don’t tell me you got hot chocolate..”

He raised one brow, making you chuckle.

“Who do you think I am? A kid?”

“Pretty much,” you leaned on your elbow, resting your head on one hand, “you can’t fool me. You never get coffee.”

“Okay, busted, I guess,” he smiled sheepishly again, happily closing his eyes for a little just to open them wide seconds later, slightly scaring you with his sudden change in facial expressions.

“Yup.. What will the others around you think of you if you act this way?!” you said while laughing at the silly facial expressions he kept pulling because apparently they made you laugh.

“Do I look like I care?” he said, chuckling a bit just to look shyly around right after, realizing you were maybe right and he probably needed to stop.

You felt your happiness levels rise higher and higher with every passing moment. Sitting at the tiny coffee shop, and having Jongup at the other end of the line, telling you stories and keeping you company was a thing you’d needde already long ago, and apparently he was very happy about his decision to plan something like this out as well. Completely in love with this guy you called yours, you sat and simply admired him and the way he used his only free day to keep you company and make sure you weren’t lonely, even if he was miles upon miles away.

“So, okay, optional step now,” Jongup told you as you both exited the cafes, “we could go sightseeing, but that would be only on my end of the line, in that case. I’m quite close to the old part of the city, and I’ve been told it’s pretty, especially by Himchan hyung who bombarded me with pictures of it not too long ago,” you laughed at his little eye roll. Even though he wouldn’t admit it, him and Himchan were in fact close friends, and you were glad someone was keeping and eye on him while he was away.

“Hey, that sounds good to be honest.”

“In case you’re tired, you can just go home now and rest for a bit, we’ve been walking a lot. Or you can also just wander the streets, whatever’s more suitable. As long as you’re ready for some architectural beauty, it’s fine, because apparently there’s a lot,” you heard him say, and decided you’d do the latter, as you still didn’t quite feel like going home just yet.

He decided it would be better to switch from the front cam to the back cam of his phone, and just show you everything he saw, only letting you hear his voice while you saw all of those beautiful places he wandered around. You found yourself smiling at the thought of Jongup being at such a pretty destination, when you heard him say.

“Hey, (Y/N)? Promise me we’ll come here together sometime soon, I actually really like this place.. Just needs more of you to be perfect.”

“Promised,” you smiled even brighter, and laughed as he switched the cameras for a second, pulling another funny grimace and continuing his little sightseeing tour as if nothing happened. 

He made sure you got some takeout so you weren’t hungry, and told you to go home because of the amounts of walking you had done during the whole day. You gathered all of your things that you needed for a cozy evening and threw them on the bed, along with the phone, telling Jongup to wait for a little as you needed to change.

“Doesn’t look like one of your shirt,” he couldn’t help but smirk as he saw your outfit of choice, with, coincidentally (or maybe not) consisted of some comfy shorts and one of his t-shirts.

“Maybe you don’t even need those glasses, looks like your eyesight is just fine,” you said, showing him your tongue as he rolled his eyes at your statement.

“Do those hundreds of eyerolls that you do every day help your vision?”

“Maybe..” he said, trailing off a little, “but believe me, if I really want to see something, I will. And you, especially in my clothing, is a sight I never want to miss out on..”

You stayed in bed, watching some dramas or other things together. He had started watching a minute prior to you on his side of the line, and spoiled every single important moment, making you laugh and cry out at how unfair that was. In reality though, you didn’t mind at all, at least not if the person spoiling the show for you was Jongup.

You yawned for what seemed to be the tenth time already, and saw him shifting on the other end of the line, turning the sound of his laptop a little quieter.

“Hey, how about we end it here?” he said, and quickly regretted the sentence when he saw your face. 

“Or, hey, if you don’t want to, we can-”

“No, no, Yup. You’re right. I’m falling asleep already and you must be tired too. You have to rest in order to be able to do everything properly tomorrow, so let’s go to sleep I guess..”

“Hey, (Y/N)?” you had looked away for a little, and when you turned your head back to the phone, you could feel his intense stare piercing right through you.

“I’ll be back soon,” he said softly, making your heart skip a beat, “just wait for a little longer. We’ll go places and cuddle and everything, I promise. Just wait for a little, and don’t feel lonely, okay?”

You nodded, not really wanting to add anything, except something you felt like you weren’t saying enough in the past time.

“Thanks for taking care of me, Yup, and thanks for the beautiful date. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he simply said, and it took you a few more minutes of goodbyes and promises to squeeze each other with hugs and shower each other with kisses once you were re-united for you to finally disconnect. Laying your phone on the bedside table and climbing under the blankets, you were surprised at the way you felt. He was still physically missing, but somehow you didn’t feel alone anymore. Just knowing that he was on the other side of the world, probably thinking about you, made everything a little better, and you were able to fall asleep, dreaming of being in his arms again. Soon.

Francesco Gabbani - Italia 21 (translation and explanation)

So, this song was deleted from YT last week and I was very upset, since it’s one of those older songs from Francesco that made me instantly like him.
I knew that it needed both a translation and a ‘paraphrase’ (like you would with a Latin version in high school LOL) to fully understand it and that took me SO LONG. It was very hard and I believe it’s still not complete yet: there’s something I still don’t get.
But! The most is done and I hope you’ll like it!

This is “Italia 21″ (Italy 21).

I’m not sure if this song was already traslated, I’m just gonna post my version :D
I’m not a professional translator so there might be some mistakes. I just hope to convey the message of the song to non-Italian speakers.

Uno. Pane e vino certo non ci manca
Due. Neanche il sole in quest’Italia santa
Tre. Una penisola col tacco a spillo
Quattro. Tutti parlano, ci manca solamente il grillo

One. We surely don’t lack bread and wine
Two. Nor we lack the sun, in this holy Italy
Three. A peninsula wearing an high heel
Four. Everybody talks, last thing we need is the cricket


- Bread, wine and sun are what Italy is known for in the entire world. So it’s religion, that’s why the ‘holy’ adjective.
- Italy is said to be shaped like a boot. We also call the southern regions in Apulia “tacco” (heel). I believe the “high heel” reference is related to fashion, another thing we are known for worldwide.
- We have a common saying: “Il paese è piccolo, la gente mormora” (it’s a small town, people talk) which means that basically in small communities everyone knows everything and always voices their opinions. Italy is pretty much like a big “small town” and everyone always likes to talk. We’re very good at talking and having all kind of opinions.
- The “grillo” (cricket) reference is what made me instantly fall in love with this song right during the first listening. It’s pure genius.
It has a double meaning: the first is related to the Jiminy Cricket (or Talking Cricket), a character from famous Italian author Carlo Collodi’s book “Pinocchio”. It basically says that since everybody likes to talk already, we really don’t need to hear from the Talking Cricket, known for being Pinocchio’s conscience and dispenser of good advices, but never listened to. The second reference I believe it’s about Beppe Grillo, infamous ex-comedian and now leader of political movement “Movimento Cinque Stelle” (the links lead to Wikipedia, if you’re curious about them).
The most interesting thing is noticing how Francesco made a subtle criticism of this (known for being loud and obnoxious) politician by using a word play and a very ironic and cultured reference.

Cinque. San Gennaro, grazie che ci Sei!
Sette. Senza di te che numeri giocherei?
Otto. La nazione piscia controvento
Nove. Ma noi siamo tutti fieri del Risorgimento

Five. St. Januarius, thanks for exSIXting!
Seven. Without you, which numbers would I bet?
Eight. The nation pisses upwind
Nine. But we are all proud of our Risorgimento


- St. Januarius is a very important saint in the Italian culture, especially in the Neapolitan area. The “number betting” thing is related to another popular tradition (mainly in Naples, I believe) consisting in praying the Saint to suggestions about which numbers to play at the Lottery.
- Number six of this list is the “sei” at the end of the first line. Once again a word play: the word “six” is written and pronounced exactly like the second person singular of the “be” (essere) verb.
- Another saying: “Chi piscia controvento si bagna i pantaloni” (who pisses upwind wets his own pants), which means “never take challenges too big for you”. Related to Italy I believe it may mean that we consider our nation much bigger and more influential than how it actually is and we take challenges way bigger than our real potential. Why is that?
- Because we are conditioned by our long, rich history and heroical past. One example above all might have been Ancient Rome or the Reinaissance period, but Francesco wisely chose the Risorgimento: when Italy was reunited under the same flag and monarchy after a series of wars, battles and campaigns against foreign occupation. Why is that? Maybe once again to be very ironical about Italians being actually proud of being united in one country, since there are still a lot of differences and fights between North and South.

Dieci. Chi svolta il mese con il contagocce
Undici. A chi la polpa e a chi le bucce
Dodici. Per fortuna arriva il 1° maggio
Tredici. Abbiamo tante, tante fave ma non c’è il formaggio

Ten. Those who turn the month in dribs and drabs
Eleven. Some get the pulp and some the peels
Twelve. Luckily, the 1st of May always arrives
Thirteen. We’ve got lots and lots of beans but we haven’t got the cheese


- “Svoltare il mese con il contagocce” (turning the month with the tear dropper) and “a chi la polpa e a chi le bucce” are there to express how the economy has a lot of flaws in Italy, especially in the relation between riches (who has got the “pulp”, the money and wellness) and poors (the ones having difficulties gaining enough to live by, month after month).
- The 1st of May is International Work Day and it’s an holiday. It’s also sometimes used as a “middle point” during the working year.
- Fave e pecorino (broad beans and sheep cheese) is a typical dish of Central Italy and Rome in particular. It’s a 1st of May tradition to eat them together, especially because since it’s an holiday and it’s Spring, people used to go have trips and pic-nics in the countryside, where they bought beans and cheese directly from the farmers. Francesco is using the dish as another way of saying we’ve got the side dish (vegetable or beans), the theories and good words, but we haven’t got the main course (the cheese), what matters.

Quattordici. C’è chi magna e non fa una piega
Quindici. Ma alla fine cosa ce ne frega?
Sedici. Tutti fermi, inizia la partita
Diciassette porta sfiga. Il corno in terra, cazzo! E’ già finita

Fourteen. There’s who eats and doesn’t bat an eye
Fifteen. But in the end who cares?
Sixteen. Everyone stay still, the game is on
Seventeen brings bad luck. The lucky horn on the floor, fuck! It’s already over


- I am having some difficulties pin-pointing where the first sentence is from. It looks like another saying (”magna” is generally the dialect version of “mangia” and it’s mostly associated with Roman dialect) but I’ve never heard anything similar (it might be because I am from Northern Italy, tho). Anyway “non fare una piega” litterally translates to “don’t make a wrinkle” and it’s used both to say that something makes complete sense or that someone has absolute no reaction to something. So basically who eats (presumably those rich people from the previous verse?) doesn’t care about anything/anyone else and/or no one questions it.
- “Cosa ce ne frega” is, imho, the best way to describe the Italian attitude toward problems. It basically means “what do WE care?” with a very personal connotation. How do you solve unsolvable (or very hard) problems? Whatever, who cares anyway… not our business.
- Italians love football and that’s common knowledge. To quote Winston Churchill: “Italians lose wars as if they were football matches, and football matches as if they were wars.” So true, Winston.
- We are also very supertitious. The cornetto is one of the many objects believed to be lucky charms. I have no idea why you have to put it on the ground, tho? (Neapolitans, explain please!). The number 17 is also believed to be very unlucky (that’s why you need a corno to nullify its powers. But while you complete the rituals, you get distracted and the match ends!)

Diciotto. Viva l’Italia col microfono in mano
Diciannove. Canto anch’io che sono un italiano
Venti. Un bel bicchiere di rosso e due pennette
Ventuno. Due cazzeggi all’osteria e un Tressette

(Osteria numero sette! *paraponzi ponzi pò*
Il salame piace a fette
dammela a me, biondina
dammela a me, biondà!)

Eighteen. Long live Italy with a microphone in the hand
Nineteen. I sing I’m an Italian as well
Twenty. One fine glass of red (wine) and some penne
Twentyone. Some messing around at the pub and a round of Tressette

(Pub number seven! *paraponzi ponzi pò*
Salami is good cut in slices
give it to me, pretty blonde girl
give it to me, blondie!)


- Pretty sure the “Italia con il microfono in mano” is a reference to Sanremo, the most famous singing competition in Italy. It may also mean in general everything that has to do with Italian music, tho. Something along the line of “long live Italian music!”, even though his relationship with the industry at the time wasn’t the best and he had struggles surfacing as an artist. Would he ever imagine, at the time, that he would win Sanremo two years in a row? Bless you, Francesco.
- A quote from the famous “L’italiano” song by Toto Cutugno. Just like “Italia 21″ that song too was an attempt to describe Italy and the Italians from within.
Another fun fact: Toto is the last Italian singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest. Is this a lot of foreshadowing or not? (Maybe too much!)
- A glass of wine and pasta. What’s better? Here’s a quick and easy prescription to happiness, by every Italian ever.
- “Cazzeggio” is litterally “a thing done with one’s dick” and means messing around, having fun with friends by basically doing nothing. Tressette is a popular card game in Italy.
- What follows is something we call stornello, a type of folk song which basically has a standard melody and ever changing lyrics. They are usually very funny, irreverent and sexual. “La canzone delle osterie” is famous everywhere and Francesco used it to end the song in the most carefree way.
- He rhymed “sette” with “fette” but I really don’t know how to explain if “salami is good cut in slices” is a sexual reference. Salami can definitely be associated with something sexual (c’mon…) but I have no clue about the rest. I’m an innocent soul XD
- “Give it to me” is DEFINITELY sexual. Especially referred to a pretty blonde girl XD That too is usually part of the standard stornello lyrics ;)

Wow, this took SO LONG.
I hope it helped understand this song in depth, even though something is still obscure even to me, after translating and spending a lot of time looking things up on the internet.
Have fun find other interpretations, maybe? ;)

CHILLIN LIKE A VILLAIN. Pleased with yourself, are you, Becky with the good hair?

-Oh quite, though I’d be more pleased if my damn arm would unglitch.

HA looks like it got stuck while you were putting your filthy hands on Wyatt. God’s punishment is swift. Know what else is gonna be swift? YOUR DEATH. Get him, Waylon Fairchild Dementia Raven Way!

-Ugh, no way, I’m exhausted, everyone is in love with me and I just want to be with Draco, ok? Why couldn’t Satan make me less beautiful? IT’S A CURSE

Waylon sis truly don’t even talk to me about curses and Satan right now, this entire lot is cursed and crawling with evil spirits and beelzebubian energies. Ever since we moved here my life has never known peace. Next thing you know snakes are gonna start manifesting in this house physically.


-No way bitch, time to suffer. Look at it and weep, look at it with your own two eyes!

First of all I’ve been weeping since yesterday so joke’s on you. Secondly I still can’t believe you did this to me after I generously gave you this whole debonair look YOU’RE THE WORST

-La la la can’t hear you over the sound of your plans crumbling all around me!!

I’m seriously gonna murder you a thousand times. Wyatt what about you, you dumbass bimbo? What do you have to say for yourself?

-Not beaucoup, I honestly don’t know why I’m doing this, it makes absolument no sense! Huhu! 

I hate you both so fucking much I might actually vomit.

Ugh my poor Jojo </3 I’m so sorry that your love life has turned into a giant pile of crap.

-Please, who cares.. Definitely not me!

Yeah well that much is obvious! Are you sure you’re alright tho? Because you look, you know. worryingly expressionless and in denial.

-Oh no, I’m just focusing on my new proposal,“Project MKUltra: The Comeback”. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I have to deal with adulterous whores again!

Good, good, pour yourself into your art. Speaking of, maybe it’s also time to pour yourself a refreshing drink?

Attaboy, milk that cowplant, Jojo!

-Hmm this process feels oddly sexual..

Yea, I can tell by your massive erection, jesus, I mean even for you-

-Ew no what the hell? That’s just because Ti-Ning is dead!

Oh ok, that’s fine then!


Hard to believe anything can course through your veins with all that ice in there but alright. Now we just have to wait..

..for the cowplant to get hungry again. I literally can’t with Daniel and Gunther constantly picking fights with Jojo’s former suitors, especially since Jojo doesn’t seem to give enough of a fuck to fight them himself. We are family, I got all my sisters with me!

Ugh I keep forgetting Daniel has 9 nice points, what a crybaby. How you gonna fight capitalism when you can’t even fight Wyatt?? MAN UP DAN

Nice, there we go! I’m truly living for Brit’s utter lack of interest in fights happening next to her. Her aspiration bar is about to hit the crapper bc I’m even worse at playing popularity sims than I am at getting couples not to whore around, so the time has come..

TO PARTY HARD, TOGA STYLE. I really threw this party thinking it would be a success and save Brit from aspiration failure, so obviously the time has come to acknowledge that I’m even stupider than Wyatt. Things get off to a good enough start with the profs tickling each other, which everyone knows is the mark of a wild college party!

Ti-Ning, gone but never forgotten.

-Hey Brit, want some Ti-Ning to wash down that pizza? 

-Please stop addressing me.

-That’s right, address moi instead! 


………………………………………………………………..all I can say is LMAO

Wyatt, sweetie, full offense, exactly how dumb are you?

-What? I wanna marry Jojό! <3

Ok. Do you have any recollection of breaking his “heart” 2 hours ago, setting him on the path of a complete nervous breakdown?

-Oh, that was just a bump on la route, don’t be so dramatique!

-Does it count as a win if the only thing you put in the hole.. are your tears?


Meanwhile and to the surprise of no one, Gunther is being sexually harassed by a professor, namely Down-With-The-Kids-Pink-Beanie.

-Sooo Gunther, half-alien professor told me all about you, you little ginger minx.. What do you say you and I adjourn somewhere private and I see if the carpet matches the drapes..

-EW forget it, lady, you’re not even in the art department and I only have one rule: no whoring without extra scoring.

Um what about the rule of monogamous dating which you are currently doing with Mel?

-RIGHT that too!

Once again…god.

The one person having a great time at this party is Kevin Beare, who eats half a pizza by himself..

..and then moves on to chips. He legit came here for the free food and didn’t talk to anyone the entire time, which is what I do at every party except with drinks. Live your truth, Kev!

Look who’s back from class and still glitched lolol

-Can you please reset me already, I had to take an exam like this!!!

Pfff grades??? There are so many more important things in life, Fran. Live a little, join the celebration.. party like there’s no tomorrow. CAUSE THERE ISN’T

I’ve no idea what happened here but Tiffany is non-stop bullying this 2006-Oliver-Sykes haired professor. Judging from Pink Beanie and sims professors in general it’s safe to say he deserves it. GET HIM TIFF 

-Why doesn’t anyone want to fuck me, Frank? What am I doing wrong? Has Woody Allen been lying to us about hot young women being uncontrollably attracted to neurotic, misogynist, mediocre intellectuals over 60?

Oh great, I thought this party was gonna end as a dud but I see we’re going for full-on disaster.

-I’ve just about had enough of you and your passé casquette, communiste! 

-My casquette is not passé, it’s classic!


-Aw come on, please? For mommy?

-You should use that line on Jojo where it might actually work!

Enemies,                                                                                                         these bitches my enemies,                                                                                 not on my level so they just pretend to be,
yes, why do you envy me?
Cause I am the MVP,
these bitches my enemies


Yea, seems about right. Whatever though, cause after the party..


Goodbye Francis, it’s been nice, hope you find your paradise!


It’s a beautiful morning and our llama friend is back to spread some school pride and presumably some bodily fluids. We almost went an entire day without seeing him but here he is again!  GET OUT OF MELODY’S SHOWER YOU FUCKING CREEP


Yea don’t worry that day is permanently coming as soon as we milk Frances out of the cowplant. Honestly this fucking llama is the last straw, the time has come for me to take back control of this house..

..starting with getting sweet, dumb Wyatt back with Jojo! I really think the Frances thing was a fluke, I mean W wasn’t in a committed relationship with Jo, he didn’t initiate it and he rolled the want to get engaged to him for the second time after it. So the whole thing = Fran’s + ACR’s fault!!!1 Also and more importantly we have literally 0 other viable options and college is almost done so it’s time for Jojo to put Lemonade on repeat and get over it.

Let’s bring out the big guns!

-Mom! it’s so good to hear your insufferably domineering voice. Did you get my latest murder pics?

-Ha! Yes they are great, thank you mom. Soon I’ll add the french courtesan to my album. Now tell me, in as much detail as possible, how proud of me you are!

-I don’t know how Wyatt is doing, he’s the french courtesan, I’m going to kill him! Are you even listening to me?

-What do you mean it’s probably my fault? Can you divorce dad already, his influence on your brain has been catastrophic.

-Love is a battlefield? Mom seriously. Divorce. Now.

-Ugh yes, I could imprison him in a gigantic safe for a few days instead of killing him, but what on earth would that achieve?

-Well I don’t care about having a husband! Worst case scenario, I’ll just marry Max!

-Yes, Max does look like dad. Yes, he is as dumb as him. YES, MOM, I KNOW. HONESTLY YOU’RE ONE TO TALK 

-Well, I have to go now, but you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about. And by that I mean which care home to put you in cause you’ve obviously lost it. Goodbye, mother.

As soon as Jojo hangs up the phone Melody runs over to autonomously lecture him. Nice move, Mel, let’s peer pressure him till he caves!

-Jojo this is an intervention but please don’t mistake it as me actually caring about you. Your bullshit harem drama has taken over the entire greek house storyline and enough is enough, we demand equal airtime. Just forgive Wyatt already, he’s too hot for you and you were literally dating 2 other dudes at the same time and you also treated him like shit and you are the worst and Gunther is the best and he’s gonna beat you for heir. Melody out.

Yes, powerful stuff, thank you, Mel. Now Wyatt, let’s apologize!

-I’m so sorry I kissed Frances, Jojό, I don’t know what I was thinking </3

That’s a great start Wyatt, now let’s try it facing the right way!

-I’m so sorry I kissed Frances, Jojό, I don’t know what I was thinking </3 Also I’m totally planning our wedding in my head you right now.

Ok, smaller steps, let’s get him to not hate you first!

If there’s one thing I hate about ts2 it’s how ridiculously hard it is to be forgiven for cheating, shit is unreal. Wyatt has been apologizing for about 3 years now and Jojo is still furious jfc, it’s legit easier to get forgiven for cheating irl than it is in this game.

-For the thousandth time, I’m so so sorry Jojό, honestly in the dark of the nuit at first I thought Frances was you and then it was too late!

-Yes, it was also broad daylight.

-Well you know I have bad eyesight, mon cheri :(

Wyatt seriously, we’ve reached the point where you’re throwing junk out there, so let’s take a break.. 

..from this fucking house! It’s date time! Time for dinner and public woohoo in that vegan restaurant downtown, cause I’ve ignored Gunther so hard his aspiration is currently scarlet red. Mel is doing great though, like all knowledge sims in uni, she’s legit never not-platinum. The adorable couple make themselves right at home, by doing literally what they do at home 20h a day. NOT WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR GET UP

-Maybe if we act like children they’ll think we’re under 12 and we’ll get a discount!

-We’re so in sync, babe, I brought my monster trucks with me for this very eventuality!

-Here, let me blow you a kiss, babe. A prelude of tonight’s blowing. 

-Honestly, every time you talk, I just see the eggplant emoji <3

I didn’t vomit from Wyatt/Frances but this date might actually do the trick!

-Do you think the waiter is mad that we insisted on lobster in a vegan restaurant and he had to go fishing for it?

-Whatever, babe, we deserve it. 

-We really do. I ship us.

-I ship us too <3

Good because I don’t anymore.

Yaas, aspiration problems taken care of! Mel’s shy ass hilariously had a fear of having her photo taken, but public fornication she has no issue with.

-Having your photo taken is unnatural! I’m just using the photo booth as god intended. 

Ofc, on the 6th day, god created the photobooth for people to publicly fuck in.

-Wow Mel, my reflection in your sunglasses is so beautiful.

-So is mine in yours, babe.

-I almost wish we could look into each other’s eyes but then it’d ruin our whole look. You know what, screw it..

-..I was gonna wait till we graduated it and were more mature and crap like that, but whatever, babe, when it’s right, you know. Will you marry me, Melody Tinker, despite the certainty that one or more of our kids will get the Komei nose?

-Oh my god, Gunther! I literally thought you’d never ask, because, let’s be real, you’re a gigantic slut.

-These days are gone, babe, I’m a changed man!

-This ring has been in my family for half a generation, ever since my mom stole it from Florence Delarosa who was obviously never gonna need it.

-Oh it’s beautiful and the fact it’s stolen makes it even more precious!

It’s morphin time! Let’s pretend the red around Gunther’s memory signifies passion and not a crippling fear of commitment. Congrats you gross, crazy kids!

It’s also morphine time, cause damn are we broke as shit. In hindsight perhaps we shouldn’t have gotten the lobster.

We return home, where I’m trying to fulfill Jojo’s longstanding wish to see Ti-Ning’s ghost but apparently Ti-Ning is an even bigger asshole dead than he was alive. Bitch seems to be deliberately refusing to scare Jojo, I mean we’ve been standing around playing ghostbusters for like 4 hours now and it’s just not happening-

-but some scary shit IS happening inside. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS.

-What!? We’re just talking about our mutual interest in entertainment.

Brit seriously, don’t make me kill you cause I’ll do it, I’m kinda on a roll here and completely exhausted from this fuckery.

-Gawd, fine, I’m gonna go to sleep.

GO TO A DIFFERENT BED. I’ve noticed a sudden and disturbing reappearance of slutty wants in Gunther’s panel immediately after the engagement, which I’m guessing is some kind of regression back to his usual pattern, like he’s rolling wants to woohoo 10 sims and makeout with another 20 and idek. It’s extremely pissing me off and it’s also extremely not happening.


-We’re just friends!!! Paranoid much?


Look here, THIS is the distance I wanna see between you two. It’s also NOT the distance I wanna see between Wyatt and Jojo, man this apology shit is taking fucking forever UGGGH

-Jojό, are you still mad at me?

-What do you think?


-Guess again.



-Oh Jojό, I know you hate me but I’m gonna keep apologizing for the rest of ma vie, cause I really have nothing better to do. And also because je t’aime, Jojό.  Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold cold cœur?




Per Aspera, ad Astra -Sirius Black x Remus Lupin [ Wolfstar]

Request: Hello! My heart has stopped since the moment I saw Ben and Andrew together and I am craving wolfstar now. Could you write anything, anything at all for Wolfstar? Please please? ❤
Warnings: My English, wolfstar? Pic isn’t mine- credits @lupeymoony
Word Count: 1538
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It was a bit different between the two of them. They were friends but not exactly. It wasn’t the type of friendship that James and Sirius held, or Remus and Lily. It was a tad more. They knew it. They felt it deep in their bones.
It had started in such a subtle way that no one could have guessed that it would end up like it did. They started to notice things about each other, things that not even best friends know.
Remus had taken notice of how Sirius’ eyes would twinkle with passion and mischief. Sirius was loud and that very fact would be misinterpreted as passion. However, Remus could tell. Sirius was passionate about few things- the night sky, his ideas, and his friends. What Remus didn’t know-  or didn’t believe possible- was that he was the center of Sirius’ passionate attention.
Remus knew- he just knew- when Sirius was pretending to be okay but he really wasn’t. He let it slide many times but when his ‘friend’ was trying to play off the fact that he got disowned, Remus had enough.  He could see the pain in his eyes, he could almost touch the grief, he felt his sadness and he could tell that Sirius was a mess. When he tried to talk to him, Sirius pushed him away-he had never regretted something as much as that.
Sirius, on the other hand, was the first to notice and put two and two together- how Remus would come up with a lame excuse to avoid them on a full moon, on every full moon. It wasn’t so difficult to figure it out. Besides, it was Remus and Sirius always noticed. When he told him that he knew, Remus tried to tell him that he was a monster and that it would be okay if he didn’t want someone like him as a friend. In all honesty, Remus was brokenhearted because well… Sirius wasn’t only a friend. But what Sirius did, left him speechless. He hugged him for a brief second- because Sirius couldn’t handle it.
It was weird for him in the beginning. He didn’t know why he would notice that Remus was warmer or that his eyes were a bit greener than usual when he was looking at him. He didn’t know why but he wished that it was the same reason as the one that made his heart skip a beat every time he would even think about him. It was strange. He didn’t feel like that about James and he was his brother. ‘Maybe, that’s why’ the voice inside his head told him bitterly. He didn’t want to admit it because he was already a disgrace to his family and even if disagreed with their points of view- no, that wasn’t the reason. It was one thing to fall in love with your best friend and another to fall in love with your guy best friend. But soon, he would realize he didn’t care one bit. Because love was love, no matter what.
It was after a really bad full moon that he just couldn’t handle it. They had all became animagi in order to help Remus and even if he thought it would be reckless, he was low-key proud of them. It was their sixth year and Sirius’ feelings had only grown for the werewolf. And he was perfectly okay with that-just a bit sad because he thought that Remus would never like him like that. But that was okay as well. He wanted him to be happy whether it was with him or not. Whatever it took to make him happy- he deserved so much more.
This time, however, it wasn’t just another full moon. It was a blood moon, as Remus had told them, and he insisted that they had to stay out of it. Yelling and swearing were nothing in front of the anger boiling inside of them. It wasn’t anger, though. If Remus wanted to be honest with himself, he would have to admit that he wouldn’t be able to handle if he hurt Sirius. He had come to terms with his feelings. He was in love- no. He loved him. He loved the way he smiled and not smirked, the way he would always lean toward him and make him blush, the way he ran a hand through his hair and avert his gaze like he was flustered.
But Remus knew that he could never have Sirius. Or at least, he thought he knew.
Today was an exceptionally awful day. He hadn’t let his friends tag along because he was afraid that he would be the one hurting them. But now, he was covered in his blood, alone and feeling remorse. He had made it to the hospital wing and he was supposed to be sleeping but the only thing he could do was keep thinking about a pair of gray eyes. He shouldn’t have been so harsh. What if he didn’t get to see them again? His abstract thoughts were disturbed by a low gasp. He would recognize that breathy voice anywhere. Sirius was in the hospital wing as well. Why was he there? Was he worried about him?
It was an hour before dawn. There was a dim light illuminating the room. Remus was the only one laying there. His soft characteristics and his messy, sand-colored hair, his scars and his eyes. Everything about him was beautiful to Sirius. When he saw Remus covered in blood, his heart squeezed in pain. Remus was hurt and he hadn’t been there. But, the scene before him was terrifyingly beautiful- like an ancient Greek tragedy. There he was, laying on the bed, the light dancing around him being all breathtaking but he was there because he was hurt. Sirius saw some of the new scars- they were nasty and he flinched. Not because he didn’t like them- honestly, they were a bit of a turn on- but because he knew how painful must had been.
Before he could realize that his feet were caring him, he was next to Remus. Remus was looking anywhere but him. He felt awful and venerable. He knew that if Sirius was to say a thing- anything- he would probably spill his other secret. How he longed to kiss those soft, full and plump lips of his, to trace his tattoos with his fingertips, to tug his hair, to hug him knowing he was his. He just kept avoiding his gray eyes, instead.
“Rem” Sirius whispered. There was something more than just concern in his voice, but Remus chose to ignore it.
“Moony” he said and this time it came out angrier. He finally gave in.
“What, Sirius?” he snapped and bit the inside of his cheek. He didn’t want to sound abrupt. Sirius kept his silver eyes on Remus’ face. How could someone suffer that much and be that strong? He was hesitant- what could he answer? ‘ Hey, I just wanted to make sure you- my best friend and the guy I am in love with- were alright’? Of course, not.
But then again… those big, judgy, caramel eyes, those pink lips, his Adam’s apple- everything was making his inhibitions fade away, melt.
Remus was rather surprised. Sirius hadn’t answered, he just kept looking at him, causing him to shift slightly under his intense gaze. ‘Screw it’ Sirius thought and did something he craved since day one.
He leaned down and pressed his lips against Remus’. He was tentative, giving Remus time to pull back but when he didn’t, their lips locked together. It was like time had stopped and the only things moving were their lips. Sirius could taste the blood and the chocolate on Remus’ lips while Remus could taste the bitter smoke of Sirius’ cigarettes and mint.
Surprisingly enough, it was Remus who brought his hands and cupped Sirius’ face, fingers trailing his sharp jawline while slowly moving to his dark locks; it was Remus who bit Sirius’ bottom lip and slid his tongue inside his mouth. Sirius was lost somewhere between bliss, euphoria and anticipation. It was the first that mattered and frankly, the only one he ever wanted.
Once the pulled apart, they were both breathing heavily and their cheeks were pink. Both of them were trying to come up with an excuse to justify what they had just done until they locked eyes with each other and truly saw for the first time.  
“I didn’t know you felt like that” Remus whispered softly like he was afraid that if he talked any louder, Sirius would vanish.
“I didn’t know you felt like that” Sirius echoed, emphasizing his words. Remus thought it was now or never.
“I’ve been in love with you for quite a while now” he finally admitted, causing Sirius to freeze and to slowly smile with relief and-
Sirius crashed his lips to Remus’. This time, nothing was hesitant. Sirius let his hands roam Remus’ body, taking in every little scar on his shoulders, his back, his torso… Their hearts were beating incredibly loudly, as Sirius confessed in a small voice, before his lips were on Remus’ neck: “I love you, Rem”

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Draco Malfoy

okay first of all i would like to say i do not feel my interpretation of the character Draco Malfoy or my interpretation of the ship drarry is fact or law and you can interpret him any way you want, also if you would like to come discuss your view on him as well as any other character or ship I am all for listening and talking to you about it! with that said lets jump right into this ya

  • okay so i would like to discuss Draco for a second 
  • first off i would like to say that, personally, Draco Malfoy is one of the most interesting characters of the series and the MOVIES DID NOT DO HIM JUSTICE why you may ask? because what the movies did was make Draco just the bad guy, they made him the enemy and that is the only perspective we got of him
  • on the flip side i feel the fandom has made Draco something he is not also, like a shadow of his personality almost
  • in a lot of fics and headcanons that i have read he is the flamboyant dramatic sassy character, which is fine if that’s how you see him and that’s how you write him, and its fun to read fics with him like this in there but thats not all he is? i guess is what im trying to say
  • Yes Draco is sassy and dramatic but he has SO much more depth to him and that is left out a lot of the time
  • Draco has grown up under very old way thinking, the standard pureblood way of thinking i guess you could say
  • And he has been surrounded by people, his age and older, that fully support these ideas 
  • so he never really had time or a chance to make his own opinions and decide things for himself
  • i mean he was 17 at the battle of Hogwarts like, they were all so young omfg, thats whats so sad to me about Draco
  • the fact that he was thrust into a war because of his family’s opinions that he didn’t even know if he agreed with, all he knew was “Father knows best and this is what he wants me to do” and he did it why? because he loved and respected his father so much he wanted to make him proud so he joined a literal madman trying to take over the world to please him like, at least thats how it was in the beginning 
  • over the years though we can see Malfoy no longer staying on Voldemort’s side out of loyalty but out of survival
  • Here is another thing i want to make clear and repeat again Draco Malfoy is NOT brave, he is smart(extremely smart), he is cunning and he is sneaky but brave my loves he is not
  • To him it was stay with Voldemort and keep himself and his family safe or risk everything and try to escape, and hes not a risk taker 
  • he plans out things until he is confident in his plans and then does them, but running away from his home, potentially his family and everything he knows? for a side that might not even win? Ofc he wouldn’t do it
  • So he stays on the wrong side of the war and acts like the good little pureblood he is supposed to be, because if he does maybe he’ll survive 
  • there is a pic set i saw a long time ago that had draco and harry in it and it said “the boy who lived” and “the boy who had no choice”and i really liked it  because he,nor Harry, really did not have a choice, their fate was pretty much planned from the moment they were born 
  • and then we read that he didn’t identify harry at the manor, and, at least to me, my whole perception of him changed. 
  • i know a lot of drarry fans, myself included, would like to see it as Draco protecting Harry because he likes him or something
  • and he is protecting Harry, but not because he likes him. He does it because in that moment Draco knows that if Harry is found, if he dies then the war is lost, and maybe a little tiny part of Draco believes that if he helps Harry, if he says no then he would die knowing he had a part in defeating Voldemort. Because the one person Draco hated more then anything in the world other than the mark on his arm, is the man that gave it to him and Draco knows the odds of him surviving are very slim 
  • i think this was one of the bravest things a character has done and it came from one of the most cowardly characters of the series 
  • because if someone found out about Draco lying, and with a home full of dark wizards that probably all knew how to read his mind, it was likely someone would find out, not only would he be dead, but so would his father who even though he was the one that got them into this whole mess he still loves dearly and so would his mother. and i believe Narcissia is the one person Draco would do absolutely anything to protect, as would Narcissia with Draco, this is just my little headcanon but i think they were each others outlets, the one person they could trust in all the mess that was happening
  • and Draco believed enough in Harry Potter that he put all their lives on the line for him
  • so no Draco is not all that good of a person but he is so much more then the evil classmate or the flamboyant lover

So yeah, thats basically just my view on Draco’s character it’s okay if you don’t agree i whole heatedly understand if you don’t but i just saw a lot of these going around and wanted to share my perceptive of him

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Hello! I was wondering if you knew any good fics with rimming in them? Like especially if that's a big part. It doesn't seem to be very popular or I've just not been able to find the good ones. :) Thank you for any help you can give.

aawwwwwww nice request ! So I’ve got a lot of them and I mixep up some short specific fics with longer fics where rimming is just a part (but a very good one)

- I Love The Pain :  Harry is a tattoo artist and Louis just so happens to go to his shop to get a tattoo inked on his thigh and of course Louis has just a bit of a pain kink! Rimming and Riding ensues. (14k)

- A Little Love (is better than none): It’s supposed to be no strings attached sex, but Harry’s in love with beauty and tragedy and Louis Tomlinson so there might actually a few strings they’re not talking about.  Or, alternately, the four times they fuck and don’t kiss, and one time they fuck and do . (14k)

- Judge’s Favorite     : “Guess I have to choose my husband don’t I? Or I’ll sleep outside after tonight, I’m afraid,” Harry said shrugging his shoulders. “You’d better Styles,” Louis replied.“That’s Tomlinson, please,” Harry corrected and the crowd went wild around them.   ***Based off the prompt where Louis is a judge on The Voice UK and Harry is promoting his single, so he pretends to audition. None of the judges know, especially Louis, who thinks that he is in Paris doing promotional work. (3.7k)

- Take Me To Your Heart : : Harry blinked at him for a second, and shit, they made eye contact. “Never gonna give, never gonna give…” the man sang, pointing at Harry to sing the next line. “Come on, curly!” Harry wasn’t sure whether or not to indulge him. He just wanted to go back to sleep, but he knew from experience that sometimes, ignoring lively drunks did not make the problem go away. “Give you up.” Harry replied, before laying his head back against the window and closing his eyes. “Yeah!” The man cried, and to Harry’s despair he sat down next to him. “Had a good night?” “I’ve been working.” Harry mumbled, eyes still closed. “Oh. I’ve got a few days off at the moment, so just been out with my mates. I’m Louis, by the way.” — London Night Bus AU where all Harry wants to do is sleep, but he has a drunk man singing at him. (6k)

- baby look what you’ve done to me : [louis moves into harry’s old flat. harry gets a lot of mail.] (9k)

- Mark Me Up (My Skin’s Yours to Touch) : They stumble into their bedroom and Louis’ is immediately pushed onto the bed, Harry scrambling after him. Shaky hands pull down his joggers right under his arse and Harry’s tongue circles around the still tender skin, never touching it directly. Despite the heat and desperation between them, Harry’s almost reverential in his touches. “‘s for me, Lou?” he slurs between passes of his tongue. “A place that only I can see?”Or the one where Harry gets to appreciate Louis’ new tattoo. (2k)

- keep holding me this way: An English grad student, a frat jock, and an unimpressed rich boy walk into a bar. No one walks out. (13k)

- to kill the mess we’ve made : And when he’s finally standing, Liam fussing over him, rubbing his hand at the red mark blooming on Harry’s forehead, does Harry learn two things:One, he wasn’t actually hit that hard, and Tommo–or Louis, rather–is just as pretty when Harry is staring at him head-on and,Two, Louis is the Adidas model he’s going to be working with on today’s photo shoot.(or: AU where Harry and Louis are both models, and they decide being friends-with-benefits is a great idea. It isn’t.) (42k)

- Worlds Away : astronaut au fic where Louis is staying on the international space station and Harry is on earth working ground control and he and Louis have really quiet late night chats after most of the workers are gone and get to know each other in the biggest long distance relationship u could ever have…then eventually Louis comes back to earth and they have a beautiful meeting  (7k)

- Rise up like the sun: “I wasn’t taking a sneaky pic.” Louis blurted out, the guy stood at one of the urinals taking a piss. “You were.” The guy answered coolly. “I would’ve taken a pic with you if you’d just asked.” “No I didn’t want a pic with you.” The guy turned his head, quirking his eyebrow sardonically. “No you’re far too cool for that, you just wanted to violate my privacy.” Louis squeezed his eyes shut. “I’m sorry. Look..” He walked towards the guy flicking his phone out. “Hey.” The guy hunched over, hiding his junk. “Oh no no, I wasn’t gonna take a pic. Fuck.” Louis threw his hands up, stopping in his tracks. “Look I’m going to show you I’m deleting it.” Louis turned his phone and the pic disappeared. “You looked familiar, I was going to send it to my friend and ask who you were, I’m sorry, dick move.” Louis sighed, smiling apologetically. The guy zipped and walked to the basin. “So you invade my privacy then insult my level of fame by pretending to not know who I am.” The guy was turned away from Louis. “Look I’m…shit.” Louis inhaled noisily. The guy turned, a grin spread over his face. “I’m fucking with you.”  (41k)

down sometimes all harry really wants is to play with louis’ arse. (4k)

- Naked & Proud  : In which Harry runs an organic store, not a nudist colony, and Louis doesn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed. (18k)

- hear your voice, in the backseat of my car  : Louis gracelessly dropped the back of his seat so he could slide himself into the backseat, the fit tight and cramped and almost too warm.  He was unbuttoning his pants when he paused for a moment and took in the sight before him. “Christ.  Look at you.”  Louis stopped and just took in what he was seeing.  He was speechless and a little overwhelmed but very, very ready to see what would happen next.  Louis drives a cab.   Harry needs a ride. (8k)

- just want to feel your lips against my skin : Where Harry is in love with his best friend and Louis just wants to be rimmed. (6.6k)

- Watch Me Fall Down to Earth  : A silver cloud had passed over the moon, and what little heavenly light that had enveloped them turned into hazy grey, something of a dream. // They danced like that, Harry holding himself up on his forearms over Louis, Louis pressed into the bed, gripping the blankets in his sweaty palms. (4k)

- let me make a thing of cream and stars: It doesn’t explain why he’s lying on the floor, with Harry Styles, of all people, planking on top of him.As in, seventeenth most influential person in London, pop-star-turned-rock-star Harry Styles. The same Harry Styles who has had countless model girlfriends, left, right and centre. Also  the same Harry Styles who has been the subject of Louis’ wet dreams since he was about eighteen.(Or: Louis is a Radio 1 DJ and Harry is a pop-star he interviews.) (24k)

- Kiss The Colour Of A Constellation : The one where watching late night TV quiz shows apparently leads to rimming. (7k)

- Sugar  : Set during the Asian leg of the OTRA Tour, 4/5 are out clubbing, Harry is bored of being used as a promotional tool, Liam wants Zayn, Zayn always wants Liam, and Louis is in for a surprise.A completely smutty oneshot that probably shouldn’t have happened. (4k)

- so i just ride : “I want to try something new tonight. I mean, we’ve already done it, but not in the way I’m thinking of.”Louis cocks an eyebrow. “Like what?”“Like I want you to ride my face.” And it comes out really, really blunt. Like, wow. (3k)

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A shout out to nrimpro-dreamer for the idea. This was so much fun to write and I changed a few things but I hope you like it! 

Oliver stopped mid-step just upon entering the glass doors on the top floor of Palmer Technologies, the space that used to be his office once, which was now Felicity’s office as the CEO in Ray’s absence, his eyes narrowing slightly at the sight before him. 

Felicity stood with one hand on her hip, puckering her lips like she loved doing and had done in the million pictures they had taken on their trip, in her very Felicity attire. But it wasn’t that which had him narrowing his eyes. It was the tall, dark, good-looking guy standing way too close to her for his comfort as they faced the camera Thea was holding, grinning way too wide. The guy towered over Felicity’s small frame, leaning so close that his chest almost brushed her back, too into her space for Oliver’s liking.

Who the fuck was this guy? 

Oliver tried to keep his scowl inside and masked it with a blank look he had perfected over the years, striding forward and clearing his throat, seeing the way Digg smirked slightly, knowing exactly what was going on in Oliver’s head. Yeah, well, he just wanted to get this guy a few feet away from her.  

Felicity turned to see him come towards them, the wide smile lighting up her face appeasing him a little as he stepped right in front of the strange guy and raised an eyebrow, looking expectantly at others for introduction. 

“Ollie,” Thea began from beside him, shoving the camera inside the pocket of her too loose pants she had taken to wearing recently. “This is Michael Holt. He was helping us handle the technical aspect of things while you two were off rendezvousing and doing things.”

Oliver frowned, his gaze flickering to Felicity in concern, not understanding how she could be so friendly with the guy who had basically tweaked and used her “babies”, given how protective she was of them. But she appeared very, very comfortable.  

Oliver extended his hand and finally gave the guy a good look. 

Only to find him staring back. 


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Holt,” Oliver spoke politely, and the guy blinked, like coming out from a daze and took his hand, squeezing it a little too enthusiastically. Oliver contained his frown and pulled his hand back and the guy spoke. 

“The only thing I like added in front of the Mister is Terrific.” 

Okay. And what exactly was he supposed to do with that information?

“But call me Michael. Or Mic.”

Oliver glanced at Felicity to see her exchange a small look with Thea while Micheal spoke again.     

“I know this might come off as weird, but boy, the pictures never did you any justice, Mr. Queen.”

Oliver raised his eyebrows, not really knowing how to respond. He heard Diggle cough a laugh and clenched his jaw, forcing a smile. “Thank you.”

The guy just didn’t take the hint. “No,” he began again. “Seriously, that jaw, oh boy! It is such a perfect jaw with the scruff and…”

Oliver blinked, feeling wildly lost on how to respond, so he did the only thing he could. 

He looked at Felicity. 

Only to see her shoulders shaking and her head down. 

“Um,” he muttered, and Felicity looked up at him with laughing blue eyes before completely losing it, bursting out in guffaws over whatever she was finding so funny, and closed the space between them. 

Oliver looked at her, amused at her flushed face but confused and she took a hold of his arms, still shaking from laughter. 

“Oliver,” she began. “Mic and I shared an apartment in college for a month when we both were taking an extra course together.”


Oliver felt a slight weight settle in his chest and his jaw clench, along with his fists, as he glanced at the man in question. Who was surprisingly watching him back with careful eyes. Oliver’s muscles tensed. He didn’t know how Felicity did it everyday with Laurel and earlier with Sara. He couldn’t. He was fucking jealous and even knowing that she was with him now, just seeing her ex made him want to punch his face. He was jealous and he was not proud of it. 

He took a deep breath and looked down at Felicity, to see her grinning up at him. She leaned against his arms and went on her toes, lining up her mouth with his ear and he leaned down, giving her access to say whatever she wanted to. 

She whispered softly, her lips brushing against his lobe, just that small action firing his blood. 

“He is also incredibly gay.”

She went back on her feet, grinning wide and Oliver looked at her in surprise, knowing she had known exactly what he had been thinking, and sighed, letting the knot in his gut loosen. 

Felicity leaned up on her toes again, this time offering her lush mouth, and like every other time, he didn’t decline, just pressing their lips together, closing his eyes and touching that happiness for that brief second, mindful of their audience.

“I am so jealous of you, Felix.”

Michael’s voice made him pull back and he saw Felicity turn, grinning at her friend, but laying a possessive hand on his arm. “No funny business, Mic. My boyfriend is off limits.”

“I wish I had come here sooner. I couldn’t believe when I saw your picture here, Felix,” Michael looked to Felicity. “I almost had a coronary seeing you all dressed up and blonde and….”

Oliver furrowed his brow, feeling Felicity tense slightly and Thea spoke up before he could, “What was she like before?”

Michael whistled, “Damn girl, this one was a wild card. All back and purple and goth and…”

Oliver saw him suddenly see the glare Felicity was directing his face and accordingly shut up. The guy was intelligent, at least.  

Felicity’s eyes were still narrowed as he pulled her closer and nodded to the guy one. 

“Michael, we’ll see you soon.”

He nodded back. “Mr. Queen.” 

He looked at the new guy, who he was liking for the simple reason that Felicity obviously liked him (and knowing from past experience, that was a huge character certificate in itself) and also because Digg had let him take over temporarily for Felicity (which he would never have done if he didn’t trust the guy). 

Oliver smiled, putting his arm around Felicity’s waist. “Call me Oliver.”

The guy grinned, his smile actually quite nice but Oliver was more interested in seeing the inside of the elevator at the moment. And it was the lunch hour. 

He cleared his throat, pulling Felicity towards the elevator banks, just waving to other people as she flushed but followed him, bidding everyone a rushed goodbye, knowing exactly what he had in mind. 

“Where are they going?” Oliver heard Michael ask in confusion. 

He heard Thea groan a  “don’t ask” and Digg scoff a  “I am taking the stairs for today.”

Oliver felt his mouth tug up. He was incorrigible and she was insatiable and everyone knew it. The elevator doors opened, and Oliver pulled her in, just waiting for the doors to close and to stop it, before attacking her mouth. 

The idea of goth Felicity was strangely arousing.

“Don’t ask him about the goth phase,” she muttered against his mouth.

He smiled. “I wouldn’t dare.”

He was going to ask her. Tonight. In bed. 

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Captain America : The Cake That Visited The Original “Civil War” Sets In Berlin And Leipzig

A few months ago I came across a post someone made looking for people to contribute to a birthday book that they meant to give Sebastian Stan at Wizard World Chicago. Now that his appearance there is cancelled, I decided to post what me and my friends @hayleyalwell @temporary-fiix came up with for our contribution.

I don’t think Sebastian’s ever gonna see this now, but maybe you guys have fun looking at the pictures!

We baked a cake, But not just any cake! Here it is:

Remark: This picture was taken after two days of relentless shooting and it already crumbled apart in about five of the cracks that you can see there.

But not just that, as I live in Berlin and am originally from a village very close to Leipzig, I came up with the idea to bring that cake to the original set places they used for the movie.

I am posting them in the order we did them in, explaining a few things that got changed via CGI and digital set editing after they filmed the scenery.

Fist stop, Leipzig!

Funnily enough, when we reached the parking deck that they must have parked the car on (which is actually fifth floor and not ground level as we are made to believe), we found this little gent:

The escalator Bucky and Sam bicker in front of after Spidey shoots them from the Departure level in the Airport terminal:

We had our first encounter with the police there as they thought the shiny little lump looked to dangerous to be a cake.

The advertisement board Bucky hides behind seconds before Peter goes “Hey Buddy, I think you lost this”:

It’s also the one (we think) he sits on when he talks to Bucky and Sam before Sam lets Red Wing solve the situation. 

The terminal that Sam and Bucky run through:

Just to make it clear: No one ate the cake afterwards ;)

This scene:

Fun fact: The parking building you see behind Bucky is actually on the other side of the terminal cause they are interlinked. You can’t actually see the two buildings from inside each other like pictured in the movie. 

Also this angle:

Something I am extremely proud of finding at the Airport, Cap running towards the helicopter after suiting up:

This shot was taken right at one of the pedastrian exits of the parking building and required me rolling on the floor for quite some time. As you can see, they completely altered the area next to it.

Cause this is what the actual ‘airport battlefield they fight on’ actually looks like when we consider the view onto the terminal:

Let’s go to Berlin then.

The building that T’Challa and Bucky fight on and jump off of in ‘Bucharest’:

We’re pretty convinced that all of the scenes in “Bucharest” were shot in Berlin, including the market, and altered afterwards.

This is the tunnel they chase through:

This is actually the part - we think - where they get stopped by the police and War Machine before getting arrested. Securitty is very strict there so there was no way of getting down and taking better pics. 

The building where the examination and the escaltion happens:

It took us actual ages to find this spot because it got so drastically altered in the end result that is the movie. They added a few buildings and moved Berlin’s famous Dom right behind it while you couldn’t actually see it from there (it’s about 1,5 miles away from there). 

And last but not least, the part of the river where Steve pulls Bucky out from the helicopter:

(I drive past that sport on my way to work every single day of the work week, btw!)

This is us before revealing the big secret that the cake held inside itself all the time:

And noooow *drumroll*, because Bucky isn’t Bucky without Steve and vice versa:


Ten of my favorite edits.

I just thought it would be fun to post some of my personal favorite edits that I’ve made. And this is also an excuse to thank my favorite editor: @strongyu​. Your edits never cease to amaze me and I’ve been inspired to make edits and get better at making them thanks to you. Anyway, on to my faves. 

There was a period when I made a million Young!Elsa edits, and this is possibly my favorite out of them. I love how even the coloring turned out. And somehow even though the Jack photo was a bit grainy, the edit came out pretty clear. 

This is kind of self-explanatory, seeing as it’s my avatar, but I love this one because I love Jack and Elsa as parents to an excessive degree. I cannot get over the idea of my snow babies raising snow babies, and making an edit in which they were acting like parents was not only a good learning experience, but also a very meaningful one.

One of my first Young!Elsa edits. I’m fond of this one because it’s one of the edits where they really look like they’re looking at each other. This is also one of my favorite Jack positions. I’ve used it a couple times before if anyone has noticed ;)

I saw this picture of Elsa and immediately knew that I wanted to do an eskimo kiss edit, but I couldn’t find Jack in profile with his eyes closed. Part of the reason why I’m so proud of this one is because I think it’s some of my best rotoscope work.

Part of the reason that I like this one so much is that @therentyoupay​ left a reply on it, but I saw an edit similar to this when I was first getting into Jelsa, so making this one was both nostalgic and new. It also makes a great cover photo :)

Oldie, but goodie. This one is actually quite old. I made it on my phone, and I stopped making edits on my phone a while ago. But again, I love how this coloring turned out, and somehow I managed to find a good back picture You have NO IDEA how hard it is to find pics of Elsa and Jack from the back.

I’m a sucker for black and white, partly because I don’t have to alter the coloring, and partly because they look good. But this one came out fairly detailed, the lighting is even, and it really looks like Jack is looking at her magic. Honestly, one of the main reasons I like it is because the snowflakes came out very detailed xD

I was SO proud of this. It was my New Year’s edit and it took a while to get the sand in place, but I love the finished product, and I’m really happy that I got to incorporate more RotG elements into my edits.

ELSA IS SO HI DEF. Besides that, possibly my best work with positioning and my second edit (and not my last) featuring snowgies.

My first original Human!Jack edit, and I still think it’s the best one I’ve made. Even though the lighting is slightly wonky, I love their expressions and the background I chose, and I am so so proud of making Jack.

Audree goes to DallasCon (plot twist) and survives!

I’ve actually felt really overwhelmed about starting this all morning like… to the degree that I’ve ignored it. I have no idea why, but right now as I’m typing my eyes are welling up so… I guess I was trying to keep myself from crying in front of my students during study hall???? Hahahahah.

No, I’m super tired. I slept mayyyyyybe 3 hours Saturday night and obviously not much last night, and now I’m at work. So I’m emotional but also I’m just exhausted and barely holding it together, but I’m happy as I can possibly be, so even just running on fumes is A OKAY WITH ME CONSIDERING! (I keep staring at my photos and smiling like an IDIOT you’d think I was like… in love or something????)

So below the cut is a recap of the con day by day with pictures, keysmashing, and capslock. Prepare your eyes. I think I may do a voice memo recap this week, too, if I get a chance. (Today is a no go for that because I can barely speak, haha.)

SIDENOTE: I asked my dad if he saw my pics on FB and he goes “Yeah who was that big tall movie star?” and I laughed idk it was just really cute. 

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I’m not sure the world really knows about the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas. It’s celebrated on Dec 5th and it’s basically in lieu of Santa Claus. However the Dutch dude comes by ship from Spain with his little black helper called Zwarte Piet.

Here’s a pic for those who like their visuals:

Basically, as racist as can be, right?
Well not according to the majority of Holland.

However recently, good brave folks have been publicly taking a stand, setting up protests and a movement was started called “Zwarte Piet Is Racisme”. Peaceful protesters from this organisation (among them my Danish friend who was writing her Master thesis about this weird tradition) were arrested during a parade in 2011 just for wearing a t-shirt with those words on it! They were manhandled and everything. The response to being confronted by the truth was apparently too much for the authorities. Actually at one point, the United Nations Human Rights Council took a look at this Dutch tradition and how it affects the POC in the country. It was dismissed by some Belgian politician, mostly due to the fact that the research was led by a WOC from Jamaica. Ah Europe, what a wonderful place.

My point is not to start a debate, cause there’s nothing to debate over here. It’s wrong, it’s hurtful and if you can’t admit that this is racist then you are a fucking racist!

Please try to imagine how shitty it is to be a black person between the months of October and December in this country (nevermind the rest of the time). Especially now that people have started taking a stand and demanding that this black-face feature be removed from the holiday. 

Ignorant people will come up to me - I guess thinking “ah she’s black, she’ll want to discuss this topic” and then say how ridiculous the whole thing is & what do I think. I’ve grown up here, surely I take no offense to the blatant racist caricature (FYI he has gold hoop earrings, red lips and an afro). Their argument is that Piet has become black cause of the soot of the chimney. Whatever fuckers - how come his clothes are still clean, how come Sinterklaas looks pristinely white?

Ah my point, there it is:

So today, I’m at the bakery wanting to treat myself with something sweet when this old man (around 70 yrs old I’d guess) comes in and asks if that cake has Zwarte Piet on it. The lady at the till says “oh no he’s a pirate from this children’s show”.

Then this man turns to me (as I am waiting my turn to be served) and I can feel it - I can tell he wants to do this right now! So I grab my phone & start going through it cause fuck this! So he goes:

“I’m not saying this just cause this lady is here, but this whole thing is ridiculous. It’s tradition. I knew this guy once, and he was…well he was dark skinned and then one time these other men came up to him and said ’you look like a dirty negro’ and the man just replied ‘that’s because I am one’

The old man stopped laughing when he saw my face. I have no idea what the point of this story is, other than to show that he once met a black man who apparently had some self image and self hatred issues. So the lady at the bakery goes, “Well people should be proud of their heritage. I’d love a nice tan.”

Yo I was speechless, but not stunned or surprised though. More like, I refuse to engage with these people. I will not educate you because you are grown and can do that yourself. Also damn it I just wanted a pastry.

What bothers me about this whole situation is that nothing will ever change because it’s a children’s holiday, so you are teaching the next generation to view black people as servants to white people. That they are ditzy, clumsy, lazy (all traits shown by Zwarte Piet). 

When I was about 10 yrs old, myself & another black boy (ah rural Holland & the two Somali kids) in my class were asked if we wanted to help hand out treats to the kindergartners. So we were like yes of course, cause hello we get to leave the classroom and do cool things. Except what me and my buddy hadn’t realised was that they had also picked out a blond boy in class to play Sinterklaas (dress up etc), which meant that we were also assigned a role.

YEP, they had selected the only 2 black children in the school to play Zwarte Piet because “well that’ll save us time and money on face paint.” My mom was recently here and apparently she never knew, I never told her cause I thought it was normal. I know my mother would have raised hell, hindsight is 20/20 LOL. It wasn’t until I was older, grew some sense that I realised - wait a second. What kind of fuckery is this?

So yeah, this was my PSA to avoid the extra-racist months when visiting The Netherlands. 

You’re very welcome.

I know this is different from my usual tumblin’ but I am super proud of myself and I wanna share with anyone who is interested.  First pic is Halloween of 2014.  I started a low carb/high fat or ketogenic diet on Thanksgiving (about 3 weeks after that pic was taken).  The second pic is of me March 25, 2015.  I lost 30 pounds in that time.  And I am lazy as shit so I didn’t exercise  >.>  but I also did not starve myself and I have been eating tasty, amazing foods every day.  I don’t know that everyone has the resources or time to do a diet like this, but if anyone has questions, I would be happy to answer!

The first thing I noticed was my arms and legs slimming down.  No idea why, but my waist didn’t get smaller until about 2 months in.  I still have a belly but I blame C-section/lack of crunches hahaha.

It also wasn’t just weight loss; I saw my acne reduced, my moods get WAY more regular, and my energy has gone way way up (I have to chase a toddler every day, so I can tell!).

Next step is exercise!  Now that it’s warming up I will walk way more and ride my bike again!  Can’t wait :3

But seriously, if you want answers, I will help you out :P

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Boo boo! Could I have a Harry imagine where I am on tour with the boys and Harry and I are obviously trying to love such excellent lives while we are together and the other boys are not about that life, so they get annoyed and make a bet with us that we can't keep our hands off each other. So I tease the shit out of him and he caves when we go skinny dipping in the hotel pool. Name is Michelle! Lovee youu

A/N: Sorry for making you wait. Here it is. Hope you’ll like it. xxx

*credits for the gifs and pics


“Coz when I’m with him I am thinking of youuuu!”

You sang as you prepare sandwiches in the tour bus. You’re with the boys for quite a while now because Harry brought you in. You’re spending every minute enjoying each other and the boys really find it too cheesy but sometimes, it gets so annoying.

You’ve brought the sandwiches you made on the couch where the boys are waiting for it while watching TV and you see Harry’s expression.


External image

“What’s with you?” you asked Harry as you hand him his sandwich and the rest of the boys turned to look at him too.

“Yeah, man, what’s wrong?” Zayn asked too.

“Thinking of who?” Harry answered.

“What?” Liam asked.

“C’mon Mich, whom are you thinking of?” he asked then looked at you. And Louis rolled his eyes and spoke,

“C’mon lads, he’s just fucking jealous of something,” and the other boys turned to TV again.

“Awwe babe, no. I’m just singing,” You said and then pecked Harry’s lips and Niall made this face like he’s grossing out.

“You two really love each other and we do understand that,” Zayn said.

“Get a room!” Niall shouted and the boys laughed.

“What’s wrong? You’re just jealous guys because you don’t have your girl here NOW,” Harry said and turned his back on them and looked at you.

“No mate. I mean, you guys go get some privacy,” Liam said, eyes on the TV.

“We do have privacy,” you answered and the boys all shook their heads.

“We don’t think so,” Zayn answered. Harry and you looked at each other and didn’t mind them.

”..bust in the door and take me away, no more mistakes,” you started.

”..’coz in your eyes, I’d like to stay,” continued Harry and he kissed your cheek. You flushed and locked your arms around him while watching TV. He, on the other hand, kisses your hair every time.

“Ugh, guys, stop that, you’re grossing me out,” Niall said after some time.

“Shut up man,” Harry said and threw a pillow at Niall then you giggled.

“How about we have a deal?” Louis said.

“Bring it on!” you said.

“You both won’t touch each other in day, no holding hands, no kisses no PDAs, how about that?” Louis said and the two of you as well as the lads looked at him.

“What would we gain then if we managed to do that?” Harry asked.

“Um… We won’t mind you devouring each other again next time. Just… Just give us some time to enjoy ourselves without the sight of two love birds PDA-ing all day, yeah?” Louis explained and high-fived with Liam.

External image

“Hmm, that’s quite hard, isn’t it?” Harry said and you nodded.

“But think of the consequence,” Niall said.

“It’s a deal then,” Harry said and it surprised you how fast he made a decision without even consulting you. “Don’t worry Mich, we can do this,” he said and you rolled your eyes.

External image

You slept on different beds tonight and you find it really hard sleeping without Harry’s arms wrapped around you. You feel really cold. His bed is just on the top of yours so you spoke in soft voice,

“Harry babe?” you said and you hear him groan, like you’ve woken up his sleep.

“Harry?” you called out again and this time he answered.

“What is it babe?” he said in his cracked, sleepy voice.

“I can’t sleep? Hug me?” You begged.

“Babe, we had deal with the boys, remember?” He said.

“But they’re asleep!”

“A deal is a deal baby. We must keep it and be honest,” Harry said and you heard him snuggle with his blanket.

External image

You know you can’t do anything to break his words so you just covered yourself with blanket and muttered, “I hate you,”

“I love you,” you heard him mumble and after few seconds, you hear him snore. And he’s really getting into your nerves. He had the guts to ignore you.

“Good morning sunshine!” Harry greeted you as he pulls out the curtain of your bunk and beamed at you. You opened your eyes a little and see him.

External image

“Time to get up! We’re staying at the hotel for today! Let’s chill out! Get dressed quick, we’ll wait for you outside,” he said excitedly and somehow you remembered that you’re mad at him for ignoring you. You fixed yourself and got out of the bus. You walked heading to the lobby where the rest of the boys waited for you. Harry kept on avoiding you as you all went to the place reserved for you and he is really getting into your nerves now. How could he manage to do that to you. You’ve reached your destination and the place was so huge. You made a round and almost forgot about Harry after seeing how elegant the place is and you spotted this amazing pool.

External image

And an idea came into your mind. You rushed to the boys and invited them.

“Let’s have a dip in the pool!” You said enthusiastically at them and their faces lit up. They all seemed to agreed. “See? Michelle can think straight when you don’t stick with each other for all day!” Louis said and the boys laughed but you can see Harry roll his eyes. And you grin because everything’s going according to your plan.

All of you changed to your bathing outfits and when you got out, the boys all drooled over you. You can see Harry’s expression, a proud boyfriend and victorious face that made you giggle.

You went straight to the water and looked at Harry. He stood up where he lies and walked over to the side of the pool where you are.

External image

And you start your plan. Every time he goes to the poolside where you’re near, you kinda shift and swim away.

“Hey babe,” what’re you doing,“ he said, hands up.

"No touching!” Liam shouted to remind Harry and he just shrugged at him.

“I’m not doing anything,” he answered back and turned to look at you.

You moved gracefully and seductively on the water and you can see Harry struggle hard, looking at you.

External image

He walks over the side and sit and dip his feet on the pool and you smiled and waved at him.

“Do you want some juice?” he asked and you shook your head.

“I want you,” you replied as you drew closer to him and he turned to look at the boys.

“Oh Michelle. Fuck it, you’re making this hard,” he muttered as he looks at the boys. You laughed and begin ti swim away again.

“Where are you going? Stay here,” he said and you smirked.

“Uh uh uh, Harry, remember the deal!” you shouted that made Niall remove his shades to check Harry and he laughed, shaking his head.

“You’re a bad girl,” he said. And you’ll prove him he’s right. You began untying your strap, concealing it to Harry. When you know you’ve done it you shouted.

“Harry! My straaap! Help meeee!” You shouted as you look at the boys then at Harry and you flashed him your mischievous smile.

You can see him close his fist and see him grunt and you giggled. You’re successful.

“Haz babe, please? SOS here?” you begged.

External image

“Shit!” He shouted and swam through the pool, approaching you. Liam spotted him and told Zayn about it. “That’s not allowed man!” Zayn shouted and the boys looked at your direction now. You looked at Harry and you can see his green eyes sparkle hot.

“I don’t care lads!” He shouted at them, eyes on you and he pulled you closer to kiss you passionately as the boys watched you.

‘I win’ you thought to yourself.

External image

Suck it Up, Princess - A Joshifer One-shot

I didn’t know which six sentences to give you this Sunday so I decided to give you the whole damn story I wrote for hutchhitched. Hope you all enjoy it. ~J

Suck it Up, Princess

By: Jamie Sommers

Banner by: joshuaryanhutchersin

Rated: NSFW for language and sex.

Author’s note: Broadway Baby, I cannot tell you how much your friendship has come to mean to me. You have been the voice of reason and a source of humor to me. Thank you for doing a beta on this piece and for the jokes.

Italics = flashbacks

Bold = Texts

Normal = Present Tense

Warning: This story includes a very painful experience that may be disturbing to some. It is a natural part of life and if you have experienced what I’ve written about, I offer you my deepest condolences and wish you nothing but peace.

For Angela who told me to “suck it up, Princess,” and spurred the idea for this story. I hope you enjoy this my darling friend as I wrote it with nothing but love in my heart for you. ~Princess

Suck it Up, Princess


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