i am so proud of my country and my boys

cypherian  asked:

Did ya see that our bb sehunie, the ambassador of yehet and ohorat countries, the choco bubble tea lover, the savior of sassyness, literally turned heads @Louis vuitton ?? I can hear the necks break sounds from where I live. SOMEONE SCREAMED HE WANTED TO BOOK HIM IAJSNDJSJS I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING SOMEONE HAS FALLEN DEEP 4 HUNBUN Plus: he didn't stop doing peace sign even hands in his pants this boi istgdjjdjsjs and the pic w jaden aka new nct member omg. Mythic.

Oh my yehet! I am so proud of him.. The boy who screamed he wanted to book him is my spirit animal, I swear.. haha nobody can stop him from doing the peace sing 😂  “He is a rebel. He is… The prince of sass.”

Riverdale Photo CrackCap 106

Wellll…at least you aren’t wearing your stupid football jacket 

Okay, here goes, OMG!!! The Talent Show, next stop: Hollywood… 

Ummm…..Archie….could you try to play…you know…BETTER??

To ensure my win, I will now do a striptease…also, cigars, cigarettes, catnip??? 

Animal print??? Tacky….It’s like I’m in a third world country 

I’m so proud of mah baby’s ruthless, desperate need to win by objectifying herself 

For today….I am Howdy Doody. But at least I remembered the tie I didn’t wear for Jason’s funeral 

I see your boy makes up for HIS lack of talent with abs, Fred. Like father, like son, huh? 

And now for the “A” Plot, REAL and interesting Reason for the episode

So I’m totally upset about my poor, pregnant sister and am neurotic mess who everyone endlessly demands shit from (except you) ….but also, I have this massive crush on you that I can’t admit to, because it’s like we’re two misfit toys and it’s super poetic, so I really only made up the newspaper thing (though now I like it) and started the Scooby Gang so I could hang around you…. 

But Betts…..I only joined the B&G and the Scooby Gang because pleasing you is like the only thing that makes me happy in this world (even though now I kinda dig doing the other stuff, too. And oh yes, burgers)…and not only will help you with your family mess, but soon will open up about MY dark family seekrits and let you help me.

But first I think I really, really, REALLY want and need  to kiss you. And did I mention how much I love your completely nerdy rain jacket?


with the closing of my first healthy cross season in 3 years, i feel extremely blessed to be apart of this amazing team. being unranked coming into the season and finishing 4th in the region is something to be incredibly proud of. the boys and girls are one team and the haven has become my home. i am so thankful to call this group people of my family. i love you all!