i am so proud of katherine beckett

The year we won as a fandom!

Castle Fandom, the voting for People’s Choice Awards 2015 ends tonight but I just want to thank you all for being awesome this year. There was almost no drama and everyone was supportive and voted in all categories for Castle.

I do not know whether or not we’ll win in one or all categories but I think we should all know that this year we won as a FANDOM by being respectful and supportive and I think that is what matters most.

This year we were a UNITED team, so I won’t be surprised if we win in ALL categories but even if we don’t win, I am still so proud of us all. Thank you and a giant hug for each and every one of you.

Yeah, I know I sound cheesy and emotional and pathetic but what the hell I love it when we work as a team!!