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Joyeux Noël à @abadmeanman! I was your @mlsecretsanta 💝🎅✨

It’s a mutual reveal scenario! In which its a direct mirror of the ever infamous umbrella scene (sans the umbrella and rain).

(Shocking, I know) 

So a for the longest ive been wracking my brain on what to get you. Honestly i considered many possibilities and i still am but those, i decided, were better off as separate projects ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because i wanted to go for a sfw approach.

I know it’s not much (trust me i wish i could have done more bc ur a cool dude) but this is the best i could do atm. it was my first time working with animations and i came across a lot of technical difficulties (like finding the right size so the finalized thing fits under 1MB or tweaking with the settings so it doesnt look wonky) but im actually proud of the outcome :)

anyways, i hope u like this and that you have a neato x-mas and a happy new year!💛🎉🎅

Dear Fellow Otayuri Shippers:

It’s been exactly a month since episode 10 of Yuri!!! on Ice aired and our darling prince Otabek Altin was introduced to the anime, which gave birth to the Otayuri ship. I am so, so proud that in this one month, we have collectively built an Otayuri empire with hundreds and hundreds of fic, artwork and just content in general! Thank you all so much for being in this fandom with me and making it absolutely magical!

To commemorate our one month anniversary, I decided to break down and record just exactly how much screen time Otayuri got in the anime…

Episode 10:

5:11-5:19 (8 seconds) - Otabek notices Yuri standing in the corner after turning down JJ’s offer to have dinner together. Yuri aggressively reacts by calling Otabek an asshole and asks him what he’s looking at. Otabek just turns around and walks away. Yuri looks after him with a look of bewilderment.

9:39-10:15 (34 seconds) - Yuri is hiding in an alleyway from his fans. Otabek appears and tells Yuri to get on the motorcycle while Yuri looks freaked out. Yuri realizes who Otabek is and Yuri’s fans find him in the alleyway. Otabek asks Yuri if he’s coming or not. Yuri stares at Otabek. He then gets on the motorcycle and Otabek drives away while Yuri’s fans take pictures. Yuri looks up at the sky, probably wondering about Otabek and his intentions. The news that the hero of Kazakhstan “kidnapped” the Russian Fairy goes viral.

10:15-11:41 (1 minute 26 seconds) - Otabek and Yuri walk up the stairs to the top of a beautiful structure. Otabek tells Yuri about their shared past and his own past. He tells Yuri that he thinks that Yuri has “the eyes of a soldier.” Yuri shares some of his own past in return. Yuri asks Otabek why he came and approached him. Otabek tells Yuri that he just thought that they were alike. He then asks Yuri if he’s going to become friends with him or not. Yuri looks shocked. However, Otabek and Yuri eventually clasp and shake hands, while being bathed in the Barcelona sunset.

15:01-15:03 (2 seconds) - Mari and Minako-sensei spot Otabek and Yuri having tea together, and they watch through the shop window as Yuri speaks enthusiastically to Otabek and Otabek listens fondly with a small smile on his face.

15:13-15:14 (1 second) - Otabek and Yuri are shown sitting next to one another during the group gathering.

15:19-15:22 (3 seconds) - Yuri turns to Otabek and asks with a look of disgust why they all had to get together.

17:58-18:02 (4 seconds) - Otabek and Yuri walk away from JJ side by side.

Episode 11:

14:53-14:55 (2 seconds) - Yuri yells “davai!” at Otabek and Otabek responds with a thumbs up.

15:45-16:02 (17 seconds) - Otabek reminisces about his time training at Yakov’s summer camp in St. Petersburg and his impression of young Yuri.

15:45-15:47 (2 seconds) - When Sara mentions how Otabek is different now, the shot pans to Yuri and zooms in on his face.

16:16-16:19 (3 seconds) - Yuri looks shocked and then impressed by Otabek’s triple axel, his lips curling up into a smirk.

16:26-16:28 (2 seconds) - After watching Otabek complete his quad toe loop flawlessly, Yuri smirks and says “heh…?”

17:38-17:39 (1 second) - Yuri utters a happy little “yeah” after seeing Otabek’s score.

Episode 12:

17:10-17:13 (3 seconds) - Otabek shouts “davai!” to Yuri, and Yuri responds with a thumbs up.

19:49-19:50 (1 second) - Otabek claps while watching Yuri’s free skate, a small smile on his face.

Total: 2 minutes 48 seconds



This was stupid

This whole thing, it was so stupid, and it made Annabeth feel stupid, and she wasn’t stupid, she was smart, gods damn it, so why couldn’t she do this? She should have been able to do this.

She only realised she was crying when a tear splashed on to the page of her textbook, blurring the black letters printed on the white page. That tear falling felt like conceding defeat, and soon enough she was crying in earnest, sobbing hard enough that the words became even less intelligible than they’d already been.

She put her head down on the book and let herself cry, feeling terribly stupid and sorry and frustrated. Her whole face felt hot, flushed with anger and annoyance - at this essay, at herself, at the fact that she was a daughter of the goddess of wisdom and she couldn’t seem to write a simple fucking essay.

When the door to her room opened she instinctively straightened, grabbing her dagger and spinning in her seat to face the intruder. When she saw who it was she immediately collapsed back onto the desk, face first, letting her dagger fall to the floor. 

She heard Percy shut the door behind himself. There were a few soft footsteps, and then a gentle hand on her shaking shoulder and a quiet question. “Annabeth, hey, what’s up?”

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this probably sounds stupid and way too sappy but like i am so incredibly proud of josh and tyler??? knowing that they started with almost nothing and have tirelessly worked their way up to the top- to the fucking grammys is so inspiring to me?? it gives me this sense of hope, almost. they’re living proof that you can dig yourself out of even the deepest hole and overcome what seems like the impossible. i don’t really know where i’m going with this, but all i really wanna say is that i’m so happy for tyler and josh. they’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and that, in my opinion, is extremely admirable. 

{ I want you a lot }

  • andrew: a man can only have so many issues
  • neil: emphasis on "so many"

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I love these trope examples of nonhuman characters not understanding human needs/customs but still being super supportive of their human companion by @sepulchritude, and so I couldn’t resist drawing them. The best part was coming up with the aliens! :D (Yes centaurs are cool, I don’t see why that’s important.) Hope I did your headcanons proud, @sepulchritude​! 

Heal - Enoch O'Connor imagine - request - part 1

request: Have you ever done a writing about Enoch were there’s someone new in the loop and they have the same peculiarity as him but with slight differences and he’s a little curious about them but he end up liking the person? (You needed some ideas so he I am! ring me up)

a/n: here it is! i like it, i am proud of it and i hope you like this, too. i will be doing part 2 ayeyayeyayeayeeeee

y/n was still dazed by everything around her, she asked for her room and privacy. miss peregrine led her up the stairs, her room was across the hall from a door that was a paler white than all the others. y/n furrowed her eyebrows at the weird door, but got into her room and closed the door after her.

she sighed. the room was spacious. there were empty shelves, a desk, a bed and a closet. there was also a large window with a wide-enough windowsill to sit on from which the bright summer sun light shone down from.

y/n placed her suitcases down on the floor and sat on the bed with flowered covers. this was all a new start for her, a new life. new people, new things happening, new secrets, anything new.

she had been asking for something like this, but did she want it now? she didn’t know. god, she needed to go back, get out of here.

but mother had said this is the safest place there will be. i wonder - what did she mean by that?

there was a knock on y/n’s door. she sighed again. “come in.” she called out.

the door was hesitantly opened by a teenage boy with dark hair. he partly came into y/n’s eyesight. he also had dark eyes, but his skin was pale as paper. his face held a gloomy grimace, the one that makes you feel sorry for the person even if you don’t know the reason.

y/n stretched her dress out and looked at the boy. “hi.” she said with a sigh.

“hullo.” he said. “i, uh-i’m enoch.” he introduced himself. “you must be y/n.”

“yes, that’s me.” y/n said.

“n-nice to meet you.” enoch said. “i heard that you, uh… that our ‘peculiarities’ are very similar.”

“oh.” y/n said. “who did you hear that from?”

“miss peregrine, of course. she knows everything.”

y/n opened her mouth to ask how did the lady of the house know everything, but then left that question for later. she had a tiny bit more important one on her mind.

“how much exactly are our… powers different?” y/n asked enoch.

“well… miss peregrine didn’t tell me what you can do.” enoch stated. “but i can take one’s life and give it to another.”

“oh.” y/n’s eyebrows raised. that’s a creepy… peculiarity or something. “so you can make… the dead alive again?”

“you could call it that, sure.” enoch grinned a little. “but what can you do?”

“i can…” y/n sighed. she had never told anyone about her power this directly. “i can heal anything, anyone, if i want to.”

“how exactly?” enoch squinted his eyes as if to see and know more about y/n.

“with my… hands.” she furrowed her eyebrows.

“can you show me?”

“is there anyone hurt?”

“hold on.” enoch said and went out of the room. where was he off to? he returned a few minutes after with a bird in his hands. “here.”

enoch walked over to y/n and stood before her while giving her the bird. when it landed in her hands, she saw its wing was broken. her face saddened.

enoch sat next to y/n on the bed, a little too closely for y/n if she would notice, and looked at her. she examined the bird and then took it closer to her face.

y/n held the broken wing between her fingers and closed her eyes. she placed a kiss on the bird’s head, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. a few seconds passed with y/n healing the bird and enoch intently and curiously watching her.

y/n took the bird away from her and brought it before her enoch, a little further up in the air. the bird shook its head and swung up into the air. it was flying again.

y/n smiled and looked over at enoch. “that’s how i do it.” she was proud and it left enoch still curious, but also amazed.

“that’s… amazing.” he said. y/n blushed a little.

“thanks.” she said.

enoch cleared his throat as the tension between them became awkward. “anyways, there’s dinner in a few minutes. we have to go. miss peregrine doesn’t like anyone being late.”

y/n watched as the bird flew out of the window and then looked back at enoch. “yes, of course.”


I am back from a brush with death (a demonic fever that just would NOT quit) and I’ve finally finished my piece for @a-little-light-zine! *collapses* Ya’ll have no idea how much I nitpicked this. :p 

 I’m quite proud of it and I hope everyone likes it!  I’m so thankful to be able to share this with you all and be a part of something truly awesome with so many other talented creators! I can already tell this zine is going to be STUNNING and full of good vibes and light and happiness! 

A Little Light is a Miraculous Ladybug charity fanzine in honor of the victims of Hurricane Matthew and seeks to raise money to help the people of Haiti rebuild and heal. This zine has writers, artists, and cosplayers and I really think it’s something special. If you can, please donate! (and also get a zine, I mean, win-win right?) 

If you want to see the full piece you gotta get the entire zine! As if that’s even a bad thing, since it’s full of amazing participants, which you can see here

You can preorder the zine hereThere’s also a pre-order giveaway you can enter once you pre-order that runs until December 5th! So you’ve still got time! Donate and enter and secure your copy gogogogogo! 

so i had the absolute pleasure of drawing one of my FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER @candiikismet!!! She is like the human embodiment of sunshine, sunflowers, and gold. She has an endless heart full of love & support, the best sense of style, and she just has the cutest smile ever ok?!!! I hope you like it, Candy!! <3


I posted it a while ago but I am a bit proud of this video/performance :)

So here I am dancing and playing the flute. Hope you guys like the video! :D  Piece is by Ian Clarke and it’s called Zoom Tube