i am so productive at 12am

Closing the bathrooms

I work late shifts at a grocery store as a checker, 3/5 days that I work a week are 3pm-12am, so we get some weird customers. We also get bitchy ones. It’s a rule that after 10:30pm, we lock the bathrooms, weird people do bad stuff in there (drugs, defecate them, bring product in and then walk out without paying). But the worst part about it is are the grown ass adults that throw fits like children when we tell them they can’t use the bathroom. I am more than happy to ask a manager to open them if it’s for a family and their child needs to use them, or if it’s an elderly person. This man (probably in his fifties) came up to me and my other coworker who were closing and asks why the bathrooms were closed. We politely tell him why, and he goes on a fucking rant. Going on about how he’s a customer, and it’s so stupid to lock the doors, going on about how this is how he gets treated in America (what the fuck does that even mean?). I get so sick of hearing it I paige the manager up to the front and ask him to let this guy in. The guy uses it, then walks out without thanking us, or buying anything! Why would he even bring up being a customer if he wasn’t going to buy something? Fuck him and fuck all the other adults that act like this.