i am so on board this ship :o

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh my god, Penny!  My little Small Wonder—no!!!!!  Okay okay technically, she isn’t dead.  She can be repaired—she can totally be repaired.  As long as she retains her personality and memories, then she is still alive.  That is the bonus of being a robot.  But dear sweet god!

And Pyrrha’s face when it happened.  Oh dear sweet Pyrrha!  And Ruby…oh my god Ruby…and and and.

GOD DAMN IT.  I am just so emotional right now that I can’t even think straight.  Grimm is coming to tear down all of Vale, and all we know now is that Cinder really is from Mistral and things are not good around there.  But why–why is she doing this?  What is her motivation?  I demand to know immediately! 

I can’t really see straight.  Ruby did that cool torpedo thing again–twice, but Mercury has eyes like a cat.  Makes me wonder if he has other implants.  And that self-satisfied smirk when they saw they were successful.  grrrrrr.

Oh and let’s not forget that Neo single-handedly (it appears) took out the entire fleet on that ship to spring Torchwick.  Well, i didn’t see any one there helping her.

Listen, these bad guys are awesome.  I despise them so much and am o intrigued by them.  Why would they do this?  please please please don’t make it that stupid evil because they are evil.  I hope they have some real meat behind them. 

But oh man.  The camera work and story boarding for the “death” of Penny was just so spectacularly done.  And I love the fact that Ozpin didn’t give two rats arses about it—all he wanted was for Ironwood to get his army mobilized to face the threat. 

I knew from the beginning that RWBY would take a dark turn like this.  I have watched so many of the same Animes, so I know the influence on these guys.  That and I love RvB and they pulled the same crap there—light-hearted and funny idiots running around in life, and than BAM a truck load of feels running at you at 1000mph.  That is just how they work.  And I love every second of it.  The team is just doing such an awesome job with the story and characters.  The whole city is going to be scattered.

The one call that I am going to make is that Ozpin is going to rush the proceedure with the Maiden.  They need that power, and now.  but with Pyrrha being so unstable now, it is going to mentally break her.  Not quite O'malley level, but something like that.  In any case, at the beginning of the fight, you could tell that she didn’t trust her self after what happened with Jaune.  This just made things worse–it is not going to matter to Pyrrha if it was a Robot or not.  The only thing that matters is that She killed someone.  If that had been a real person, that person would be dead.  But right now, only Ruby knows what is going on with the mind tricks Emerald plays.  No one else knows about it, and I have a feeling it will be at least a couple of episodes before the teams can get together or Ruby can get her information to the higher ups.  Too late either way.

But oh my god poor Penny!  Please show her to be okay soon!  Please please please please please!!!!!

…  Wait a moment.  She has Aura…so she has a soul.  Doe sthat mean she really is dead!?!!?!?  NOO!  I am going to hold on to my little, fading dream that she will be all right.