i am so offended by your face

can we just talk about


in like

six years? the way harvey looks at mike has literally never changed. seriously.

day one (i mean shit this first one is after like ten fucking minutes)


i mean i don’t know about you guys but quite frankly i am offended and actually feeling a little attacked by gabriel macht and his fucking face 

like how affectionate can one man look for someone else and there are actually people who think harvey doesn’t love mike


imagine your life being that simple and care-free, what do you think they do with their spare time??? when it isn’t consumed w/ thoughts about how much harvey specter loves mike ross????


↱  getting jealous over the girl’s in his mv’s.
▷ angst/fluff
pairing: zico x reader

You had never seen as much as exposed skin in your entire life than you had in just these last few hours. Not that you particularly were offended by it, not that the girls weren’t beautiful, but maybe the face that they were surrounding your boyfriend; who seemed all a little too touchy.

It wasn’t a surprise when Jay asked Jiho to make a cameo in his newest music video, Mommae. Especially after Jay’s small appearance in Tough Cookie, and of course, as always, you were happy and proud of everything he achieved and accomplished. Although, you could say you would have been even happier if this music video didn’t involve countless model type girls sitting on and around your boyfriend, all while you had to sit and watch.

You were never one to participate in shaming other girls, especially if it involved them flaunting what God gave them or girls who decided to be modest. But that was quickly thrown out the window as soon as the first take happened, watching two girls on each of his legs while Mommae blasted from each speaker around the set.

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BTS reacting to you accidentally hitting them

YES! Finally! My first BTS reaction! 

Jungkook: This little asshole would probably try to scare you, but he wouldn’t expect your quick reaction- which is turning around and hitting him square in the face. When you recognize him you immediately start apologizing because -”oh my god, Kookie I am so sorry!” but “also shame on you, you almost scared me to death!”  And he is just standing there, looking somewhat offended, one hand covering his mouth and nose. And you’re still apologizing and “do you want me to get some ice? Please tell me you are not bleeding” when you’re suddenly just tackled down and he starts tickling you because ‘revenge!’, and even though you are kind of squished to death below his weight you can’t stop laughing and neither can he.

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Jimin: It happens in the usual mess of ‘long time no see, my super hot boyfriend’ when he comes home and surprises you. You basically fling yourself at him and somehow manage to knee him right into his stomach as you fall down on the couch.  While you’re still frantically apologizing and he is still busy with gasping for air, laughing and dying when he wheezes out: “Nice way to greet me, really”, and you blush and lean down to kiss him again. “I got some other ideas how to welcome you back home”, you’d murmur against his lips and a smirk would appear on his face. “I like the sound of this…”; he’d whisper into your ear as his fingers open the first button on your blouse. “But please keep those legs in check this time, okay?”, he’d add with a laugh. 

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V: You’re probably just cuddling when you turn around right the second when he sits up and somehow your elbow makes contact with his nose. He’d probably cover his face and wail and act as if he’s dying and you get so worried until you realize that he is just bluffing and actually laughing and when you hit him again it’s not on accident. Because Ugh, you really got worried and no, no more cuddling- alright. But stop doing that pout. Congratulations, you are dating a giant five year old.

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J-Hope: You didn’t even hit him. It was more light touch. Really. And still he acts as if he is scared of you hitting him every time you do as much as turn your head into his direction. Which means “Ahh! Someone help!! Murder” on full volume every time you try to ask him if he has seen your phone or something. And even though it was funny the first few times now it’s just annoying, so you eventually just tackle him down, press your hand over his mouth and say with a charming-partly-murderous smile: “Shut the hell up unless you really want to get hit.” After a few seconds you take your hand from his mouth, ready to slam it down if he starts screeching into your ear again. “That. Was kind of hot”, he says with a grin and somehow both of you lying  on the floor laughing turns into making out and Jungkook slightly kicks Hobi’s leg. “Gross. My young innocent eyes don’t need this. Get a room” And both you and Hobi agree that you need to get him laid before you are dragged into your boyfriend’s bedroom.

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Rapmon: He’d give you this really offended look like: “Did you really just hit me?” before fixing you with this hard to read gaze from his eyes.“So obviously you need to make up for this.”  And your eyebrow would just shoot up as you go “Oh, do I?”, as you think back of all those times he accidentally hit you. He’d just smirk and go “M-mh. Which means you have exactly 10 seconds to run before I’m going to chase you” and you just start laughing like “Oh my god”-”9” “Wait what you’re serious?”-”8”- “I cannot believe this”-”7”- the hunt spectacularly ends with him getting his legs tangled in a chair and landing on his ass after 0.5 seconds and you’re just standing there laughing your ass off like “yeah maybe you should chase this evil chair first he seems like a opponent that is more on your level”.

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(honestly i just used this gif bc reasons)

Suga: Would go into grumpy granddad mode so quick. You’d just apologize for a few times and he is still unhappily grumbling so you just wrap your arms around him and and pout. “Please forgive me for this terrible crime?” And you can see that he is trying not to laugh as he huffs and pushes you off. So you just grin and wrap your arms around him even tighter and he is like: “It’s not real forgiveness if the alternative is being squished to death-ouch, get off me woman” and you just giggle and steal a few kisses and eventually he forgets to act offended and pulls you closer for another kiss.

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Jin: He would just laugh and shrug it off and murmur something about how his tiny hobbit girlfriend couldn’t even hurt him if she tried and you are pretty sure he knew you would hear it but that doesn’t stop you from going “uhm excuse you my pretty pink Disney prince do you plan on getting yourself killed?” And he acts all surprised and goes “wow I mean sorry of course you are actually super scary and stuff”. You cross your arms and just grin up at him as you go: “Mister you better shut that sarcastic mouth of yours.” And “Oh yeah? Make me?” And he just grins and easily catches you and suddenly you are pressed against the wall and he kissing you.

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(Note: V is just sitting there open-mouthed like: “I thought they actually were fighting” and Suga dryly comments: “Nah, that’s just their twisted sort of foreplay I guess.” also this gif is so hot like yas slay me boi)

Okay, so I guess it’s kinda obvious that I am still struggling with figuring them out. Because what the hell, BTS?! Why is it so hard to write about you?! Buuut, I promise the next one will be more accurate so pls be patient with me?


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Imagine packing for a trip and Cisco wants you to take something to remember him by.

“Oh come on, you have to take this.” Cisco said, pointing to the cardboard cut out that he had made of hismelf. You laughed and shook your head. You had always thought that it was ridiculous.

“First off, there’s no way that it would even fit in my bag,” You pointed out, closing it up and securing the zipper, just to show that you weren’t packing anything more. “And second, I am not having that thing in the room with me when I sleep.”

“That thing is my face.” Cisco argued, offended by the way the conversation was turning.

“No, this is your face.” You took his chin in your hands so that he would stop talking. “And I’d much rather the real thing than any cardboard version. Want to come with?”

TEXT ✉: Robin & Lydia
  • Robin: Am I a mean person? Like I never thought I was that mean of a person. Like is not getting pushed around or sticking to your guns on a thing considered mean?
  • Robin: Fuck whatever, I don't care if I'm a mean person. I can't stand Jaron. We were friends and now I honestly want to punch him in the face, but I won't as long as I get my fucking money back.
  • Robin: earwhtqweo[ SO PISSED. I know you're his friend and all but fuck, can I talk shit without offending you bc I need to and this kid has everyone wrapped around his finger so who the fuck else am I gonna bitch with??
Preference #530: Some Jokes Aren’t Funny.


Request: Can I have: Calum accidentally makes you feel insecure, and one of the other boys notice and comfort you, and Calum see and gets jealous but then realized what he did and makes up for it? Please and thank you?? It would mean the world to me!!

A/N: So the Joke I used in this I found online, I just want to point out that in no way am I using it to offend anybody in anyway.

“You should really stop putting on a lot of make-up, with that acne the blind could read your face” Calum said laughing, trying to make light of your situation. You had been complaining for days about your acne, you had a bad breakout due to your menstrual cycle which really sucked. You were already feeling insecure about it, and put on a little more make-up than usual to try and make it less noticeable. You laughed at Calum’s joke but it was obvious to the other guys that his comment had upset you. You pretended you were ill and went back to your room and left the guys too it. The guys told Calum that what he said was hurtful and it wasn’t right. He then realised what he said and how it may have affected you so immediately came to your room “babe I’m sorry, I was just trying to make you laugh and forget about your acne. I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m so sorry. You look beautiful, it doesn’t matter if it’s makeup, spots, freckles whatever on your face. You’re fucking beautiful okay” Calum said. “You made me feel insecure” you said before continuing to tell him how you felt, and he apologised again and kissed you and the two of you made up. You knew deep down Calum would never intentionally say anything mean to you, because you knew he loved you.