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Seaside Sabbatical (M)

Summary: After an accountant in your firm is sent to prison, you are assigned to clean up the mess he left behind. Sorting out your clients’ disastrous business records proves beneficial when you meet the fisherman who teaches you the value of taking a break.

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 11,145

Warning: Fisherman!Jin, Accountant!Reader, sexual themes, oral sex, profanity, discussion of taxes, terrible fishing jokes, unnaturally high levels of wish-fulfillment

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: This has enough wholesome fluff to give me a cavity, but it just felt right. Pardon the cheesiness, as there was no way to avoid it in this type of fic. Hope you enjoy!

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Just Pretend

Summary: “We make Jungkook jealous, we make him wish that he was with you all the time.” Taehyung says, “we make you look so incredibly fun, so ridiculously unforgettable, that it feels like the world doesn’t spin without you in it. It’s easy.” 

“You’re insane. See this is why we’ve never spoken before.” You say, half inclined to get up and leave now before Taehyung continues with his idea. But, your interest again, is bigger than you. “Wait, what would you even get from that?” 

“It would uh—-” he begins.

“It would what?” You say, leaning in closer, close enough for him to whisper it to you. 

“Oooh, Taehyung has a little crush on someone too, does he?” You tease.

That’s right, you fancied Jeon Jungkook, but you’re not alone in the world of unrequited love, and it just so happens that making people jealous often makes them fall for you. But what happens when you really make the perfect fake match?

Genre: Kim Taehyung Fluff, Angst and super mild smut suggestiveness

Words: 10.6K (10,662 words)

Originally posted by bwipsul

a/n: so it was a spur of the moment decision to write this fic, but the words college au and fake dating just seemed so perfect together that i couldn’t resist. i hope this mends any broken hearts and maybe breaks a few with the angst. lots of love, mo.

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Summary: You and Sam both have insomnia, so you find a way to entertain yourselves.

Warning: smut

Word Count: 1550

A/N: It’s been a while since I wrote Sam x reader. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

12:36 AM

Insomnia does weird things to a person.

Under no other circumstances would you be sitting in the library of the bunker, reading about the weaponry forged in fourteenth century Japan to combat a monster that was essentially an ocean-dwelling werewolf.

Yeah. Can’t make this shit up.

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langst lancelot and Protective Mother Allura™

Lotor: Why, hello, gorgeous!
Lance, flushed: H-Hey there.
Lotor: So, you’re the flirtatious Blue Paladin?
Lance: Haha, yep! That’s me!
Lotor: The one who’s never seen without a smile?
Lance: You got it!
Lotor: The one who is under appreciated?
Lance: Well… I - I guess -
Lotor: The one who is invaluable?
Lance: Wait, why -
Lotor: The Paladin who is replaceable?
Lance: Please -
Lotor: The one who is the weak link in Voltron? The useless one? The annoying one? The one everyone doubts and ignores?
Lance: yeah
Lance: that’s me.
Lotor: Well then!
Lotor: Good thing you’re pretty because that’s apparently all you are, Blue Paladin Lance!


Hunk: Dude, that Lotor guy was weird.
Pidge: Yeah, well, like father like son.
Lance: He… was a little -
Pidge: Shut up, you were flirting with him the whole time! You don’t get a say in this.
Hunk: Honestly, man, control your crazed bisexual urges.
Shiro: It was… inappropriate, I have to say. Makes me question if you take being a Paladin seriously.
Lance: yeah whatever
Keith: It doesn’t matter anyway
Keith: It’ll be a thousand years before a prince is interested in you
Pidge: Geez, you swing in both directions and still miss.
Lance: yeah, that’s me.


Lotor: You’re very pretty.
Lance: You’re not too bad yourself.
Lotor: Your fellow Paladin’s don’t think so?
Lance: I’m a joke.
Lotor: They are blind to that beauty.
Lance: you’re full of crap, princey.
Lotor: I am full of honesty and a need for you as my consort, actually.
Lance: What’s a consort?
Lotor: Like, a romantic partner. You get the perks of royalty. I’ll have your companionship.
Lance: Well, I’m busy being a Paladin.
Lotor: No wonder they don’t take you seriously when you’re stupid enough to think they’ll keep you around.
Lance: Screw you.
Lotor: I see.
Lotor: I’ll give you three quintents to think it all over, love.
Lance: Well, we’ll see how good you take rejection in three quintents.
Lotor: Indeed.


Lance: Hey… Am I… Like, attractive?
Keith: Um, I don’t know.
Keith: Maybe if I squint?
Lance: Thanks, man, really boosts my confidence.
Keith: Well, it doesn’t need a boost, so you’re welcome.


Lance: Hunk, buddy, give it to me straight. Or bi. Am I ugly?
Hunk: Uh, no.
Lance: Are you lying?
Hunk: Well, personally, you aren’t my taste. A bit too skinny. Your elbows could poke someone’s eye out.
Lance: I’m offended. Revolted. I’m suing.
Hunk: You’re not ugly, I guess.
Lance: okay.


Lance: Pidgeon, despite your lack of taste in human beings, what do you think? Would you date me, ever?
Pidge: Hell no.
Lance: Alrighty then.
Pidge: Maybe if you got a face transplant. And arm transplants. And leg transplants. And a brain transplant. And -
Lance: I get it.
Lance: I’ll just go drop dead.
Pidge: Damn okay


Lance: Coran, we’re close, right?
Coran: Well, I’d like to think so! Why? Something on your mind?
Lance: I… I’m considering leaving team Voltron.
Allura, appearing out of nowhere: WHAT
Lance: not gonna ask where u came from
Allura: Why would you consider such a thing?
Lance: Y-You… know, Prince Lotor. He said… I could come with him. He says I’m not appreciated here, that I’m useless here and well… he’s right? I think he is, at least.
Allura, wiping her sad, neglected son’s tears, holding him tightly, Protecting Him From The World™, furiously searching for the rest of Voltron, assuring him that he is loved and cherished and that they will always be there for him: VOLTRON GET THE Q U I Z N A K IN HERE, HOW DARE YOU MAKE OUR LOVABLE, HILARIOUS, ADORABLE BLUE PALADIN FEEL SO MISERABLE, I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW WE ARE HONORED TO HAVE HIM BE APART OF THIS TEAM AND THAT VOLTRON WOULD CRUMBLE WITHOUT HIM AND ANOTHER THING



Allura, arm around Lotor’s throat, holding his arm behind his back: SAY IT
Allura, grinning maliciously: Louder for the people in the back.

BTS Reactions | You Fall Asleep On Him

A/N: Requests open.



Originally posted by jjilljj

You were extremely tired by the time Jin and you got to the dorm. You didn’t want to ruin date night though. Jin had planned a nice dinner and then coming home to snuggle and watch a movie. “Go change and I’ll put the movie selection on” he smiled before he grabbed the remote. You grabbed your purse where you somehow managed to fit a tee and shorts. You got dressed and quickly splashed your face with water, hoping to wake up a little. When you walked out, Jin was already in sweats and a tee, waiting for you to chose a movie to watch. 

Halfway through the movie though, your eyes felt heavy and you struggled to stay awake. Finally, you fell asleep, with your head resting on his chest. He didn’t seem to notice until you moved to get in a more comfortable position, with one arm wrapped around him. He couldn’t be upset, you looked so peaceful that he didn’t even want to carry you to bed. He smiled down at you, his heart fluttering. He couldn’t deny that he loved to see you to peaceful. He wanted to fall asleep with you and wake up with you at his side for the rest of his life.

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The Marauders As Things Me And My Friends Have Said In Biology

Teacher: On the topic of social heirarchies, can anyone explain a ‘pecking order’ to the rest of the class.

Sirius: I got this, Teach.


Teacher: Pretty much.

Teacher: James? Can you answer the question?

James: Witchcraft.

Teacher: *sighs* No, James.

Remus: Just leave me on the windowsill to photosynthesise in peace! But, like, don’t forget to water me occasionally. Or rotate my pot so that all of me is getting sufficient sun. And make sure bees pollinate me when I flower…. you know what, Lily can take care of me, I don’t trust you to let my hypothetical plant body die.

Sirius: I am SUPREMELY offended– actually that’s fair.

*when dissecting locusts*

Peter: I can’t do it.

Peter: I’ve given him a name and now I can’t do it.

Peter: Jason Grayson my locust son.

Peter: He was going to be a gymnast.

Peter: He was going to make me proud.

Eddie Kaspbrak || Jealousy

A/N: I wanted to take the quote that was requested and use it in a fun and playful twist, Bite that lip one more fucking time and you won’t be able to walk til the next morning, so I am hoping everyone enjoys this!

“Bite that lip one more fucking time and you won’t be able to walk til the next morning,” Eddie growled in a threatening manner, his eyes hard on Richie as Eddie caught Richie not-so-discreetly checking out his girl. Richie turned to Eddie with a mischievous, shit eating grin across his face, “oh, now that is some kinky shit, Eds. You talk dirty to Y/N like that too?” Eddie almost snarled at his friend, he was so tempted to reach over the table to wrap his hands around the boy’s throat.

“Richie, quit antagonizing him. You know he doesn’t like it when you screw around like that and neither do I.” Your voice cut through the tension as you sat down next to Eddie and placed your hand on his thigh comfortingly, to which Eddie eased down some, his ego immediately boosted when you sat down next to him. It was almost ridiculous since you were, in fact, his girlfriend. “Hey, it isn’t my fault that you’re so fucking hot. A man can’t help but to screw around.” Richie’s tone was pure teasing, “no, now you’re just begging for me to kick your ass, trash-mouth.” Eddie’s words seemed to not phase Richie as he snickered in response, “damn, but you make it so fucking fun, Eds!”

You rolled your eyes at that, “you know for an eighteen year old, you act like you’re a fucking five year old.”

Eddie came down from his near jealous rage at your sassy comeback and his hand came to rest over yours, his thumb soothing over the top of your hand. Richie’s response came in the form of an over dramatic shock expression and a hand against his heart, “a five year old?! How insulting! I at least act like I am a six year old!”

“Jesus Christ, shut the hell up, Richie.” Stan quickly came to sit beside you, “I just got here and I’m already annoyed.” Eddie snorted at that, “try having three classes with him.”

Richie’s face quickly contorted into a mocking offended expression, “well, I would much rather have three classes to stare at Y/N in, but instead of her, I have your cute little mug. So, here we are.”

Eddie immediately went back into his defensive look of rage that was only fueled more when Richie turned to face you and gave you a wink and blew you a kiss, “that’s it! I’m kicking your ass, Richie!” Richie snickered as he quickly jumped up and ran in the opposite direction as Eddie ripped himself from the seat and sprinted after him.

“Wow,” Stan’s tone practically screamed unamused as he quickly bit into his sandwich, “I got five bucks on your boyfriend, he looks like he is ready to kill Richie.”

“I’d double that,” you add, watching carefully as Eddie ran behind Richie, Stan snorted out a quick, “deal.”

“Eh, I don’t know. Richie may be able to out run him, so my money is on Richie.” Ben added as he joined you and Stan, obviously he had caught enough of the conversation to know what the bet was over. “Eddie’s a great runner though, hell he can out run me,” your tone held your pride in your boyfriend’s progress as you watch Eddie begin to close in on Richie.

“W-what’s g-going on?” Bill’s voice came from behind you, “betting pool on Richie out running Eddie long enough before Eddie gives up and Eddie kicking Richie’s ass when he gets his hands on Richie for everything he dared to say about Y/N in front of him.” Stan narrowed it down and Bill snorted, “M-my m-money’s on R-Richie,” Bill took a deep breath, “h-he’s just gotta ou-out r-run Eddie,” he forced out the rest of his words quickly.

“Stan and I already agreed ten each.” Your voice finally cut through, but your eyes still trained on your boyfriend, ready to bring him his inhaler at any moment.

“Let’s sweeten it, twenty each.” Ben’s voice held high confidence and your smile grew, “deal for me.” Bill and Stan quickly echoed, “deal.”

Eddie was closer now, if he wanted, he could jump out and tackle Richie, “s-shake on it.” You reached behind you, not ripping your eyes from the boys as the others hands fell on yours.

Not even thirty seconds later, Richie’s voice cut through the distance with a loud yell, he saw the handshake so he knew there had to be a bet, “Hey, Y/N!” His voice came out breathless as he ran, Eddie’s attention perked at the mention of your name, “I hoped your sweet ass placed a bet on me!”

“Oh, we got this!” Stan bellowed out in laughter as pure rage filled Eddie’s face and he sped up and tackled Richie, sending him face down into the grass, “I’m going to fucking kill you, Tozier!”

You shot Ben and Bill a grin and a wink, “Well boys, I expect my payment by the end of the week!” Stan laughed as the two of you ran to the two rolling on the grass, Eddie trying to ‘kill’ Richie and Richie snickering beneath him as Eddie basically cussed him out and landed weak, but meaningful hits on him.

“Alright boys, break it up.” Your voice stilled Eddie as he looked up at you, a smirk on his face, his quick breaths came out in huffs, before he stood up and closed the distance between the two of you. Eddie’s hair began to curl from the wind and sweat, his hair no longer neatly parted as it now sprung wild and free, a layer of sweat covered his face, and his cheeks flushed from running. His arms wrapped around you, he leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to your nose, “a bet? Over us?” A new confidence washed over him as he pulled you close, and shook away his inhaler after you offered it to him, his hands grasped your waist, “you won?”

“I did.” A smirk rose to his lips before he licked them to wet them, “how much did you win?”

A wide grin rose to your lips, “we made the bet on twenty each so forty bucks for Stan and I… how do you feel about a beach trip?” Eddie smiled, “I’ve never been, so let’s do it.” Richie gave a wolf whistle, grabbing both yours and Eddie’s attention, you turned to face Richie was a standing a few feet away as he panted, “gotta kiss for me, Y/N?”

Eddie’s jaw tightened, he was clearly ready to give Richie a piece of his mind, again, but instead you cut him off by placing your hands on Eddie’s cheeks and pulled him into a kiss.

You’re my Master Piece - Blind!Levi x Reader

A/N: This is a modern AU and it contains no reference to Attack on Titan. Besides, the character is a bit OOC, for he is only based off of Levi.

(Y/N) was a nice girl, she always has been. No, actually, she was the nice girl.
Yeah you know which one. The one that everybody is friends with because you just can’t hate her, she’s too nice. The one who has soft, wavy hair no matter what, and a clear skin, but once again, you cannot really jealous her to the point where you’d hate her. You simply can’t.
But she was also that girl that everybody took for granted and enjoyed pushing her buttons, to try her limits. The nice girl people underestimated and never took time to get to know, because what else is there to see? She’s just a nice girl.
“Hey, who’s that chick over there?” “Oh (Y/N)? I’m in her math class, she’s a nice girl.”
“I heard that Blake didn’t finish the night alone at your party last night! Do you know who it could be? Probably a girl from your class…” “Well, it can’t be (Y/N), she’s too nice for that.”
Isn’t is weird how ‘nice’ can go from a compliment to a bitter insult depending on who speaks?
That fact took a long time before (Y/N) finally acknowledged the fact that, regardless how she would behave, people would always find her nice. The spectrum went from the genuine 'that’s so nice!’ to the sarcastic 'huh that’s nice’. However, that period of her life was over, and today, in her late twenties, (Y/N) was a fulfilled photographer, with her own art gallery in Chicago, and a nice little apartment in an old brick building that she took pleasure in decorating.

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Days of the week: Tuesday (smut)

Words: 1747

Days of the week l Monday - Jin l Tuesday - Yoongi l Wednesday: Hoseok l Thursday - Namjoon l Friday - Jimin l  Saturday - Taehyung l  Sunday - Jungkook l

Warning: This part contains smut!

Reader X Yoongi

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

    You woke up smiling. You woke up thinking you had had the best dream eve. It is sad it didn’t happen for real, you thought. You had no bruises in your skin to prove it was real. You were a little broken, but it probably was because you slept in a bad position. I didn’t fuck Jin. No.

  You got into the shower to try to forget that dream; the warm water would probably relax you. When you finished, your cell phone buzzed; you looked for it and saw that there was a message there.

 *Be here in 1 hour. It’s my turn and I am getting anxious. Yoongi*

You almost fell back. So that hadn’t been a dream. That hadn’t been your imagination trying to fuck you up. You had actually fucked Jin and now you would fuck Yoongi, and then the 5 others. No shit. One hour.

  You managed to dress up and make your hear the best way you could. How Yoongi must be? A pervert? A shy boy? Dom or sub? Did he liked dirty talk or was too quiet? Oh…  You were getting anxious and nervous. You were still fucked, literally. Oh shit… But of course, you would not give up. You had 6 others to fuck yet.  

  Once you were done, you gave yourself a last glare and tried to left, but before you could your roommate called you.

“Where are you going, Y/N? Going out again? You know we have college stuff to do, don’t you?” she said.

 Just shut up, I’m gonna be fucked.

“Yeah yeah, I know. I’m gonna buy things to do my work. Bye” you said and left before she could ask something else.

  You arrived in the hotel, and there he was again, the big man, waiting for you.

“Are you going to take me there every time? I mean, I can go alone” You said in the most politely way you could. You knew that was necessary, you could be a crazy girl or something, but come on. That was embarrassing enough.

“It’s the protocol, madam” he said and signaled for you to get into the elevator.

  Like the day before, he checked you out and let you go into the penthouse. That time all the boys were there; Namjoon was the first to greet you.

“Hey, Y/N. How are you?” he asked, smiling at you, the dimples on his cheek making him cute.

“I-I’m fine, thanks” you said shyly.

The other boys said their “hello” and greeted you their ways.

You saw Jin and your glares found each other’s, but you couldn’t support the gaze. You were too nervous and shy. He noticed that.

“Are you still shy? Come on.  You can’t be shy with us” Jin said, “We are close enough after yesterday, Jagi”

“Let her be shy. It means she is probably a sub, and I like it” Yoongi said from the corner. Holy fuck. You felt your face reddening by the sec. The other boys just laughed at it.

“Are you going to stay here?” you asked, changing the subject.

 “Oh my God, are you kicking us?” Namjoon asked, faking he was offended.

“No, no, oh my God, I didn’t mean to… I just wanted to know if-“you tried to say.

“Wow, wow. Relax girl. I am just playing with you. This time we gotta stay here and see the lyrics again, we will be performing in our last day here, so…” Namjoon said.

Of course! You had forgotten. How were they supposed to fuck you when they had to perform and practice? You unintentionally furrowed your eyebrows.

“What?” Yoongi asked.

“Nothing.  I was just wondering-“

“How we are going to have time to fuck you when we should be performing?” Jimin asked, making you wide your eyes. That couldn’t have come from Chimchim. His cheeks got a little red and you thought that maybe he was trying to act confident but inside he was nervous too. Ah… this boy. You nodded.

“Don’t worry. We would always have time to hook up” Namjoon said.

 “Ok ok, enough talking. Nobody stopped you from fucking, right Jin? So stop stealing my girl today. You’ll have your turn to talk to her instead of fucking” Yoongi said and pulled you softly by your hand, taking you to a room, different of the one you were with Jin.

  The moment you got into the room, he locked the door and turned to look at you. He pinned you against the door and smacked his hands aside your head, locking you between his arms. Your heart started racing.

“You know…” he said, looking into your eyes, “I like shy girls. You know why? Because it is easy to control them. It’s better to fuck them. The moment I saw you in that fan meeting, I wondered if you were this kind of girl. And here you are. Blushing at my words” he said cockily.

If it was another guy you would probably get out of there, but the way he said that was so… sexy. You wanted to be dominated by him. You liked the way he wanted to take control.

Suddenly, he placed his lips on yours, and you melted instantly. His lips were softer than what you had imagined, they were good to bite, and you did. You pulled his lips between your teeth and he grunted, squeezing your waist in answer. He slipped his finger into your mouth, dominating your tongue by the second. You entangled your fingers on his hair, pulling him closer. He pulled away.

“Take off your clothes, except your panties” he commanded. What? No. You didn’t move, “Come on, Y/N. Take off your clothes. I wanna see you naked already and you have to open up to us, you do not have to be shy” he said and you wanted to laugh at his English and accent. But that was not the moment. You breathed in and out.

Come on, Y/N. It’s Min Yoongi.

 You closed your eyes and started undressing, and so he did. First your skirt and then your shirt. He was only in his boxers already. When it came to your bra, you got nervous again.

He noticed it and approached to you. He grabbed your hand and put it on his crotch. You gulped.

“Can you feel that? You feel how my cock is getting hard for you? It’s for you. And if you are gonna have it…” he said and grabbed your boobs with his other hand, squeezing “then I wanna have this” he said. Wow. That got you wet by the sec. “Let me help you” he said and started taking off your bra softly, not breaking eye contact.

 He looked at your boobs and sighed, he seemed like he was ready to attack you. Then, he pulled his dick out of his underwear and you choked. Damn. He wasn’t as big as Jin, but was so…  “Suckable”

 He pumped his dick a few times, his pre-cum visible.

 “On your knees” he said and you quickly obliged.

You took him in your hands and masturbated him a little. Then, you took him into your mouth. First you let your tongue play with his head, and then you got deeper and deeper. He grabbed a fistful of your hair and controlled your moves, fastening your pace. Suddenly, he pulled out of your mouth and grabbed your arm.

 “I can’t wait anymore. Bed” he said. Damn, his accent was so cute. You obliged and waited for him. He went toward you and took off your underwear, now you completely naked.

 “I didn’t even touch you and you’re wet” he said as he opened your legs apart and placed himself between them. He leaned in and licked your slit, making you jump, “sorry babe, I would like to suck you but honestly my cock is throbbing already” he said. Oh

 He took off his underwear and placed his tip on your entrance, but differently from Jin, he didn’t tease you, he just put in and started to move instantly. His thrusts began already fast, not giving you time to adjust. His rough thrusts would be enough to make you come, but you didn’t want, not so soon, you wanted to enjoy him more. You pulled him for a kiss, sucking at his bottom lip. He grabbed your boobs and squeezed your nipples, adding pleasure to your sex.

 He pulled away and laid beside you. You looked at him questioningly.

“Lay aside and your back in front of me” he said. You laughed a little. “What?”

“Your English. It makes you so cute” you said.

“Oh, my English is the best one here. Now oblige” he smiled at you, his sugar side appearing. You did as he said; he placed himself behind you and lifted your leg up, resting your foot on his hip. He pushed his dick in again. His thighs started hitting against yours, and the new angle made him hit a new sweet, sensitive spot inside you. You knew you would come soon after, because his thrusts were so rough.

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned, “your pussy is so thigh”.

His dirty talk helped you to go to the edge, and before you could realize, you were coming. Your walls clenched around his dick violently. Pushing him to the edge as well, he cummed, following you.

He pulled his dick out of you and didn’t move, he stayed there, resting, and so did you. A few moments later, he spoke.

“This was good” he said simply.

You smiled to yourself. I fucked Jin, and Yoongi.

“Yes, Yoongi. This was” you breathed.

“I would like to fuck you once more, but tomorrow is Namjoon’s day. Shit” he said. He wanted to fuck you again.

“You wanna take a shower?” he asked.  That Yoongi was so different from the one who was fucking you a few minutes ago.

“Hum, no. Thanks. I gotta go home, I’m hungry.”  You said, now shy again. Fucking stop it.

“Hungry? It’s almost dinner time. Jin is probably gonna cook something. You should stay and have dinner with us today, get to know us. I mean, we should get to know you. You know us, duh” he said.

He was inviting you to stay. Sex and then dinner with Bangtan. No. If that was a dream you would probably wake up soon.  

 “I would love to stay. Thank you” you said.

Nail Polish

Avengers x Child Reader
Background Bruce Banner x Reader

The Avengers get their nails done. ‘nuff said it’s just a good ol fluff fic 

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anonymous asked:

can you do 18 please? love your work xx

18. If you insist. 

Victor spun in slow circles on the ice, steel of his skates tearing lines through it. He should be focusing, but Victor found his mind constantly wandering to the weekend before. To the party. To Yuuri and his wide, dark eyes that haunted Victor’s sleep ever since that night.

Victor had been more than foolish; he’d apparently stepped right through the veil of insanity to say such a thing to Yuuri then. What had he been thinking? Victor had just been struck, so lost in the memory of when they had met first that he had lost all sense. Friedrich said himself that Yuuri’s beauty inspired transgression, but Victor was sure confessions of affection to his betrothed were outside the Tsarevich’s allowance.

After that night, Victor half-expected his door to be beaten down by the police. For him to be dragged through town, name with him, as Yuuri was bound to tell his betrothed of Victor’s audacity. But nothing had come, Friedrich bidding Victor fond goodbye from the party when Victor excused himself early after spending the rest of the evening watching Yuuri’s back retreat from him.

It seemed Yuuri was of a mind to simply dismiss Victor altogether as punishment and Victor was not entirely sure if that was better. He had tried to rid himself of the ache in his heart that burst on seeing Yuuri, the ghost of an emotion that skimmed the faded edges of grief for something Victor was never entitled to have to begin with. Not even the ice was any comfort.

‘Victor!’ Chris cried, sounding panicked and his voice echoing off the high ceiling of the rink. Victor turned to a stop, regarding his friend and pianist from the ice show with confusion. ‘Get off the ice, right now!’

‘What is it? What’s the matter?’ Victor asked, skating up to the small gate off the ice. Chris looked wild behind his round spectacles, mouth hopping between a dazed grin and grimace, running a hand through his sandy hair.

‘The Tsarevich’s consort is here to see you,’ Chris said, sounding half-mad with it. Victor froze in where he was brushing ice from his steel, a swallowing swoop in his stomach. When Victor asked Chris to explain, Chris only shrugged; ‘He wouldn’t say why he’s here. Only that he wished to speak with you.’

‘Did he bring a guard?’ Victor asked, wondering if perhaps having Yuuri ignore him and not ending up in prison was really so unfortunate a situation, heartbreak or not. Chris frowned.

‘No, he’s escorted himself. Why? Does he need a guard?’ Chris asked, but Victor was already off the ice, walking as straight he could in his skates towards the foyer. 

Yuuri was there, dressed in the Vienna fashion this time. He was in a long coat of dark wool, large hood like a bell from where it was raised over Yuuri’s head. Had he not announced himself, Victor was sure Yuuri could’ve passed through the rink entirely unseen, with only the fine fabric of his coat giving away his status.

Yuuri turned, hands in front of him in perfect posture. The gloves he wore were fine leather, showing off his slim fingers and Victor found himself staring before he could stop himself, reminded of the large ones he’d gifted almost ten years ago. Suddenly feeling under-dressed in his loose shirt and plain trousers, Victor bent low in a bow.

‘Your grace,’ Victor said, wondering if he should wait until he was addressed before straightening up.

When Yuuri said nothing, Victor took a chance and looked up. Yuuri was regarding Victor from beneath his hood, a pair of modern spectacles sat on his nose. They were fetching, a blue veneer across their fine frames. Victor licked his lips, daring to speak.

‘Please forgive me for speaking out of turn,’ Victor said, watching Yuuri’s face indulgently. ‘I don’t know why you’re here, but I must tell you I am pleased to see you again.’

Yuuri visibly tensed at that, his hands balling into delicate fists. He regarded Victor carefully, like Yuuri were poised to take flight any moment. Victor felt like there was suddenly a string pulled taut between them, like a vector. Victor mentally berated himself for managing to offend so quickly. That had to be a new record.

‘I got your letter,’ Yuuri said brusquely, standing tall like he were to shake the tension off his shoulders. Victor was caught off guard by the lack of manners, but something like relief pooled. ‘You needn’t have apologised.’

Victor blinked, surprised. He had sent the letter the morning after the party, convinced to try and make up for what he had said. Victor had kept it deliberately oblique, so as not to incriminate himself or worse, insinuate towards Yuuri. Victor never expected a reply, he had just felt that he could not rest easy unless Yuuri knew that he was sorry. And now that letter had brought Yuuri all the way down from the visitor’s palace to Victor’s humble rink.

‘Forgive me, but that was not impression I got,’ Victor said, feeling daring though he knew it was improper. Yuuri frowned, mouth opening to retort. ‘After my indiscretion on the balcony, you gave me no chance to apologise and avoided me the whole evening like I were the plague.’

‘I was not in the mood to be teased,’ Yuuri said coldly and Victor looked away, ashamed. ‘I think that can be allowed given the extent you went to in trying to mock me.’

‘That was not my intention,’ Victor said firmly.

‘Pray tell me then, what was your intention?’ Yuuri asked, eyes fixed on Victor from behind his spectacles. ‘What else did you expect of such a joke?’

‘It was not a joke,’ Victor said, rising up to meet Yuuri eye to eye. Taking advantage of his height over Yuuri’s small build.

For a moment, Victor thought Yuuri might retreat from where he was standing, back down into demurity. But Yuuri only narrowed his eyes, pulling his gloves off in a manner of argument and looking resolute. Victor took advantage, as he clearly had Yuuri’s interest.

‘Not entirely, anyway. I only meant to tell you that I have thought of our meeting in Saint Petersburg often, perhaps even to the point of lovesickness as a young man. I did not mean to imply anything adverse. I just wished to humour you if I could, you were so despondent.’

‘Then you admit it was a tease,’ Yuuri said coolly and Victor flushed, rubbing the back of his neck.

‘Of a sorts,’ Victor sighed, ashamed. He looked up to Yuuri, taking in the way Yuuri gripped his fine gloves so tight, Yuuri’s knuckles were pale. Victor must’ve caused great offence. ‘But I promise you, it was a jest at my own expense and not an attempt to discomfort you.’

‘So you are not in love with me?’ Yuuri asked, tone almost sarcastic if his manners would allow it. It gave Victor the impression he might be close to being forgiven.

‘No more than the rest of Russia, I’m sure,’ Victor said, heart leaping when Yuuri’s cheeks coloured. Victor tried to appear cool in response, but he’d never been able to manage such a thing when his heart was so treacherously light in his chest.

‘I’m glad to hear it,’ Yuuri said, bowing low like he had that evening at the ball. ‘Thank you for your apology, Mister Nikiforov. I’ll let you return to your practice.’

Yuuri went to leave and Victor panicked suddenly, not wanting Yuuri to go without the promise of seeing him again. He could not bear to lose him twice.

‘Allow me to make up for the transgression,’ Victor pleaded, desperation so clear in his voice it must’ve been what caused Yuuri to stop so suddenly.

Yuuri turned, looking at Victor with undisguised suspicion. When he spoke, his voice was carefully level; ‘How would you have me do that?’

‘Did you ever learn how to skate?’ Victor asked, pleased when Yuuri shook his head. Victor opened an arm behind himself, towards the rink entrance. ‘Then grant me the opportunity to teach you. If only once.’

Yuuri was remarkably well mannered, hiding his surprise well. But his cheeks coloured, eyes wide on Victor’s face that most endearingly gave him away.

‘You would teach me?’ Yuuri asked, eyes flirting down to take in the steel of Victor’s skates. ‘You would really do that?’

‘Without doubt.’

‘I don’t want you to feel obligated,’ Yuuri said, looking wary again. ‘I meant what I said that you are forgiven. You owe the crown nothing.’

‘I do not care so much for the Japanese court and even less for the Russian one, Your Grace,’ Victor said sincerely. ‘ I would not offer unless it was my own desire to do so.’

Victor walked up towards Yuuri, closing the space between them. Victor couldn’t help himself. There was a gravity around Yuuri that pulled at Victor, something more than just beauty lurking in his eyes. A spark of interest that had been there since childhood, Victor thought.

When Yuuri had still said nothing, Victor then offered a hand out for Yuuri to shake. A gentlemen’s agreement, if Yuuri would accept. Yuuri hesitated for a moment, eyes fixed on Victor’s outstretched hand. Then, slowly, Yuuri reached out and took it. His hand was warm and it had Victor’s skin tingling.

Yuuri looked away from Victor’s face, voice low and endearing in Victor’s ear; ‘I must tell you something, Mister Nikiforov.’

‘You have my full attention,’ Victor said honestly, instantly regretful when Yuuri pulled his hand away.

‘I’ve followed your career for years,’ Yuuri said quietly, eyes still downcast. ‘You were so impressive and I was- I am, so in awe of your talent. I saw your show Aria in Geneva, almost two years ago to the day now.’

‘You were in Geneva?’ Victor asked, surprised. Yuuri looked up, spectacles catching the light like coins. ‘I never saw you. You should’ve sent me a letter, I would’ve made sure we met.’

‘I was afraid you would not remember me,’ Yuuri said, twisting his gloves. ‘I did not want to impose myself upon you or have you feel any kind of obligation, just because of my association.’

‘Yuuri,’ Victor said gently, reaching out to touch Yuuri’s elbow. Yuuri started, blushing brightly from Victor’s use of his name no doubt. Victor had never been one for manners. ‘I would have been so happy to see you then. I’m only sorry that we’ve lost time together.’

Yuuri licked his lips and Victor’s heart stumbled over itself to try and commit the action to memory.

‘Please,’ Victor said earnestly, barely containing himself from reaching out again. ‘Let me not just make up for my words, but also up for the time we’ve lost these years.’

Yuuri’s eyes roamed over Victor’s face- perhaps wary of further teasing. But Victor had never meant anything as truly as he meant this offer.

Yuuri smiled, a shy thing that settled something warm in Victor’s stomach.

‘If you insist.’

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Special Place (For You and Me)

Request: Hey could you do a cute Steven imagine where he’s heartbroken because Nancy is with Jonathan and the reader kinda of confesses their love for him. They always liked him but are also Nancy’s best friend so never made a move? Thaaanks if you do it.
Word Count: 1817 (I may have went a little overboard)
Rating: T (some language)
A/N: IM ACTUALLY REALLY PROUD OF THIS ONE, SO GO ME! Requests are open btw so send those over! This is also dedicated to a special anon who recently got out of a bad relationship. This isn’t the actual fic yet, but just thought you might enjoy it. If you ever need anything, I’ll be here with some cool headcanons about Steve! 

“Alright, here we are.” Steve stopped the car in front of Hawkins Middle School. “Remember, once you get in there-”

“Pretend like I don’t care.” Dustin continued, shaking his head casually and shrugged.

“You don’t care.”

“I don’t care.”

“There you go, you’re learning, my friend. You’re learning.” Steve nodded. You stifled a laugh at how stupid and endearing he was being to Dustin and stopped as Steve turned to give you a look. You reminded yourself to tease him about that later.

Dustin checked himself once again in the mirror, obviously worried about his hair. You quickly reached over to him and swatted his hands away from the mirror, trying to reassure him. “Hey, come on, you look adora-great, you look great. Just great.”

“Now, you’re gonna go in there. You look like a million bucks. And you’re gonna slay ‘em dead.” Steve emphasized on this, looking Dustin right in the eye.

“Like a lion.” Dustin rolled his tounge, making a purring sound. At this, you and Steve rolled your eyes, so you shook your head, stopping him.

“Yeah, don’t do that, okay?”


Steve extended his hand out to Dustin, which he returned, “Good luck.”

Dustin unbuckled his seatbelt then opened the car. You and Steve watched in anticipation as he walked to the building, silently hoping that he wouldn’t wuss out, though you highly doubted that. Steve was smiling proudly, while you were biting your lip from excitement. Your boy was going to the dance!

He finally got to Mr. Clarke, who was handing out the tickets to get in. They seemed to make small talk for a minute, then Steve turned his head to look into the inside of the dance. You did so as well, and saw your best friend, Nancy. You forgot that she was helping with the Snow Ball, but there she was, giving out punch to middle schoolers.

You looked at Steve, and for a fleeting moment, you saw something in his eye. Memories. Sadness. Regret. Little did he know, as you looked at him, you felt what he felt for Nancy. You were about to speak up, but then Steve turned back to the steering wheel and started the engine. “Alright, missy. It’s just you and me.”

You let out a hum in affirmation, and Steve drove faster. “Where are we going, Harrington?”

“The best spot in this whole damn city.”

During the whole ride, he wouldn’t tell you where he was driving you to. In fact, he wouldn’t even talk at all, except for a few “we’re almost there” and “y/n, stop playing with the radio.” You desperately wanted to know, but you kept quiet. Steve was usually right about what he said, so what could possibly go wrong?

'Everything.’ You thought as you looked over at him. Ever since you started liking him, everything went wrong. From the minute you first saw him in your first year of high school, you knew it. This boy would be trouble. But you liked him anyway, because he had cool hair and an air of charm and casuality. Then, it turned to more than that.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just about him being cool. It was because he was nice and underneath all his “I don’t care” attitude, you saw what he was really like. Alone. In your sophomore year, you found him, alone, at his own party, silently sobbing, clutching a phone. Then, you noticed how his parents were constantly gone. He confided in you that night, and that single conversation formed a friendship between you two.

You thought that maybe he’d finally notice your feeling for him. And at first, you really believed he liked you, hanging around you and your friends more, doing stuff with you guys. Then, you realized that he was actually vying for Nancy.

Of course, you backed off, because Nancy was your best friend and no boy was gonna come between you two! But every time you saw them together, you couldn’t help but admit that there was a twinge of pain in your heart.

A year later, and Nancy and Steve broke up. You wanted to tell him how you felt, but you restrained yourself. He was hurt. He probably wasn’t ready to get into a relationship again, especially not with her ex’s best friend.

Finally, Steve stopped the car. You leaned forward, examining your surroundings. It was just a bunch of tall trees, looming darkly over you. You raised your eyebrows. “Is this your secret spot to hide dead bodies, Harrington?”

“Shut up. We’re not there yet.” Steve took out a few flashlights from his trunk and tossed one over to you, then lead the way. “You comin’ or what?”

“I am, I am, just wait.” Rolling your eyes, you ran up to catch up to him, and you saw him smile a little bit. You and Steve walked for quite a bit for a little while, and you were starting to get impatient, shining your flashlight on every random thing and clicking your fingers on your sides. “Are we there yet?”


“That’s what you said ten 'almosts’ ago.”

“Shhh. Be patient. We’re getting really close. For real, this time.”

That’s when you saw it. A clearing. You looked over at Steve, and he smiled. So this was it. You quickly ran over to it, and you were instantly confused. “Um… what am I supposed to be excited about?”

Steve rolled his eyes, then walked over to you. “Turn off your flashlight and maybe you’ll see it.”

“I swear to god, Harrington, if this is a trick-” You pointed your flashlight at him threateningly. “Your ass is grass and I’ll hunt you down.”

He feigned mock pain, placing a hand on his chest with a sad face. “I’m offended, Y/N. Why don’t you just trust me?”

You switched off your flashlight and Steve did so as well, and you waited. You were about to give up and start doing your “i-told-you-so” speech, until you saw it. Oh my god, he was right. This was the best spot in the city. On the sky, were the most stars you had ever seen, scattered about endlessly, and you wondered how you had never seen a sight like this in Hawkins before.

You whirled around to face Steve with a bewildered look on your face, both amazed and curious. “How the hell did you find this place?”

He shrugged. “Meh, a little blind luck and some tips from a few friends. No big deal.”

“No big deal?! This place is so cool!”

You heard some rustling and the small sound of a pop! from Steve and you smirked. “I know what’ll make it even cooler.”

“Did you seriously bring alcohol?”

“It’s Pepsi, so don’t get excited. I have to make things PG ever since Dustin found my stash.” He walked ahead of you and sat down, taking a large swig out of the bottle.

You lazily made your way over to him and reclined, motioning for him to pass the bottle. As you took a small sip of it, you smiled. Pepsi. Oh how King Steve Harrington had changed. You gave it back to him and lied on your back, relishing in the view. But it wasn’t the stars you were looking at.

Steve was hunched over, taking sips from the drink occasionally and looking at the sky. You could tell he spent a lot of time here from how he studied the stars carefully and smiled when he recognized some constellations. A smile crept to your face too, and Steve looked over at you. “What?”


He rolled his eyes, then lied down next to you. “I can tell when you’re lying, you know.”

“… Fine. I was thinking.” You placed yourself on your side, mindlessly playing with the buttons on your jacket. You chewed your lip nervously, afraid of what you might accidentally say next.

“About what?”

“You.” Avoiding his eyes, you took the bottle from him and took a large drink of it. You could already feel his gaze on you.

“What exactly about me?”

“Just… random stuff. Stupid things.” It came out as a whisper, and even you could tell that was a lie. And you knew he saw right through it too. There was only silence for a long time, and you went back to your original position, looking at the stars and being grateful that the darkness hid the redness of your face.

“I was thinking about you too.” Steve smiled sheepishly. At this you  furrowed your eyebrows, curious. He took this as a sign to keep going. “Do you remember when you helped me ask Nancy out?”

You hummed in agreement, and he nodded. “I told you that you should take her to a special place you liked and tell her how you really felt.”

His voice broke, then he chuckled in fear. “Well, I took her to the library.”

You snorted. “The most special place on Earth.”

“Y/N.” His voice was serious now, and he sat up to face you. “This is the special place for me.”

Slowly, you connected the puzzle piece together, and your eyes widened. “Wait, what?”

“I like you, Y/N.” Steve said it so fast that you almost missed it, but you heard it as clear as day. “It’s okay if you don’t like me back or anything but I just wanted to say-”

“I like you too.” You gulped. “I’ve liked you ever since the first time I met you.”

“… Really?”

“I wanted to tell you, I did. But, you had Nancy. And you were so happy. I didn’t want to ruin that.” Shyly, you finally got the guts to look him in the eye, and you saw the brightest smile you had seen from him in months. A genuine one.

Steve straightened up, smiling even more. “Well then, Miss L/N. Since we got the admitting thing out of the way now, I’d like to take you out on a date.”

You laughed at the formality but went along with it. “I’d love that.”

He laughed too, and it sounded like music to your ears. He got up and whooped to the sky, screaming and shouting in glee and you grinned and cheered as well. And at that moment, everything felt… right. Like you were where you were supposed to be all along.

Why Holmes Is Ridiculous

Being a list of his oddities, which I am keeping for my own amusement, or possibly for blackmail. I will add to this whenever new proof comes along.

1. The Persian slipper. He keeps his tobacco in the toe of a slipper. Why? Does it tickle his sense of humor? Was it the nearest thing to hand? Does the tobacco not taste of feet, now?

2. The knife in the mantelpiece, which keeps his correspondence in place. I do not understand the purpose in stabbing one’s letters. It is neither picturesque nor practical, and it makes a series of holes in the mantel. It also makes the letters rather difficult to read.

3. The contradiction between his professed philosophy and his actual soul. He talks like an ascetic, and lives like a poet. He scolds me for sentimentality and praises the flowers. He calls my stories rubbish for their romanticism, then lets our suspect escape because he committed his crimes for love. He names his own body mere transport, claims to live wholly divorced from its sensations; yet he surrounds himself in music and incense and wine, and takes me to out to dinner at every possible excuse.

4. He once summoned me all the way across town to listen to his thoughts on the beautiful nature of dog-kind. He sent me a telegram. He said it was urgent.

5. He has the lashes of a society girl. A very lovely girl.

6. Also, he colours up like a girl when I praise him: turns pink as a peach. I praise him as often as I can manage it, for the entertainment.

7. He has the manners of a cat. He lays about about all evening, prowls about all night, and finally falls asleep in broad daylight, in odd places–curled up in the depths of his armchair, or stretched out on the sofa; once, atop my shoulder, in a railway car. I spent the better part of two hours with him snoring gently into my neck, trying my utmost not to laugh.

9. He is really quite discourteous to the Yard, who are actually useful to him; yet he is startlingly attentive to me, and has always been so, long before I became at all useful, or proved myself anything more than a broken-down reject of his Majesty’s service. He mocks my writing, but he treats me beautifully.

8. He takes no exercise whatsoever, despises fresh air and country holidays, and spends a quarter of his days full prone upon the sofa, thinking; yet he maintains a remarkable physique: slender, lean musculature capable of sudden power and startling grace; bright eyes, magnificent legs. He’s like a thoroughbred horse; his strength is in the bone of him. He’s–

[Here the numbered list breaks off abruptly. There is a single notation beneath this point, in the same pen, but notably shaky:]

What have I been thinking? How on earth have I allowed myself to get so far?

[No explanation of this extraordinary statement is offered.]


“Do you really think me ridiculous?”

“Holmes. Oh, Holmes, you did take it. You’ve had it this entire time?”


“What have you been doing with it all these weeks?…Never mind, I don’t want to know. Please give it to me.”

“Tell me what the last line means.”

“Nothing. It means nothing of any significance. Will you give it here?”

“It is impossible for it to mean nothing.”

“Nothing that need concern you, then.”


“Holmes. I can’t tell you.”

“Could you tell me if I held your hands? Like so? H’m, no, it appears that strikes you entirely speechless. What if I do this? Ah. Still speechless….Oh. Oh, you’re shaking. Are you angry? Have I offended you? Watson–I am sorry. I can leave.”



“Yes, I think you are ridiculous. And wondrous. You are wondrous.”

“Oh…That is acceptable.”

“Come here. You’re blushing.”

“I am not.”

“Pink as a peach. Absolutely beautiful.”

“For God’s sake!”

“Come here, and I’ll shut up.”

“…You’re ridiculous.”

“What? Take your face out of my neck, I can’t hear you.”

“I said, you’re ridiculous, too.”

“Yes, I know. Isn’t it lovely? We match.”

Searingly Sweet (Marichat/Adrienette)

What do you do when one of paris’ most superlatively handsome heros comes knocking on your balcony door? You would panic first, right? Like, what does he want; why is he here; should I prepare something? Any and all those thoughts might run through your head I’m guessing. But what does Marinette Dupain-Cheng do when a certain leather-clad feline comes a knocking?

She gets pissed…cause duh, right?

And it wasn’t even like she was pissed at him exactly. It was more just that he happened to appear at the apex of her shitty day. Every single client the 23 year old had that afternoon was completely and utterly shitty human beings. And she gets it, a lot of schools in the area were picking up the american custom of having end of the year dances, for socializing and shit. But if she had to hear another shitty 17 year old complain about how the applique on her dress doesn’t absolutely “shimmer” in the moonlight and how the dress doesn’t make her ASS look like that american rapper Nicki Minaj’s (Which by the way if you’re gonna use french in your stage name PICK A REAL FRENCH WORD). She was ACTUALLY going to cut someone.

So it wasn’t his fault that he happened to knock on the balcony door to her apartment. Also wasn’t his fault that she happened to be in the middle of her 3rd alteration of the SAME dress at the time. But that didn’t stop her from viciously slamming open her door, rage blazing in her eyes.

“WHAT?” She roared

Her attitude instantly vanished, however, as Chat Noir collapsed into her arms. She grabbed onto his waist to keep him upright but his harsh hiss kept her hands at bay. She felt a wetness on her hand, it wasn’t raining out so it couldn’t be good. She looked down and sure enough Chat had contracted a sizeable cut above his hip and in different places along his torso.

“Holy shit!” was all she could really comment “Adrien, what happened!?”

They had long since found out each other’s identity. 21st birthdays mixed with intimate truth or dare and too many margaritas will do that kind of thing to you. But the lucky part was that nothing ever really changed for them. If anything, it made their civilian lives that much easier. Now, if anything went wrong they knew exactly where to go for safety.

Guess this was one of those times huh?

“Mari” Chat groaned out pitifully, body slumped over her petite frame

She didn’t allow him to say anything else as she carefully helped him onto the couch. She laid him down gently and rushed to get a bowl and some cool water. Returning back he didn’t look too good, hair matted from sweat and eyes squeezed shut in pain. She gingerly picked up his head and laid it in her lap. She pressed the wet cloth to his biggest cut and pressed down, shushing him softly to soothe his pain.

She looked into his eyes for an explanation “What happened? Was it a really bad akuma?”. Her heart only sank as he remained silent.

“Oh god it was, wasn’t it? Fuck, if I wasn’t so swamped with work I could’ve been there for you. You wouldn’t be like this. Adrien I’m so sorry” He lifted his hand and gently stroked her cheek. A gentle smile graced his features and she felt like bursting into tears that very moment.

“Please don’t cry, Mari” He said, his voice warmer than a summer’s breeze “I didn’t lose to an akuma. Just to a very old cat and a very sturdy tree.”

At first it didn’t click, she was far too wrapped up in her guilt ridden emotions. But then, ever so slowly, the words sunk in further and further

“Could you say that again for me please?” She said a little too sweetly “I just want to make sure I heard you correctly”

“Oh! I just said that these cuts are from me saving a pretty old cat from a tree” He scratched his head bashfully “old beast was not too appreciative and scratched me up pretty good and the tree kinda finished the job”

She stood up abruptly, knocking chat off the couch and onto the floor.

“Noooo” Chat whined as she stormed off “Don’t leave me here to perish in the cold!”

A blanket, quite unceremoniously, pelted him in the face “BUNDLE UP BITCH”

“Someone’s got their chiffon in a knot” He pouted “what? You missed your monthly ‘designer’s digest’ issue?”

Marinette sat back on the couch wordlessly, only speaking to ask him to drop his transformation so she could patch him up. Her speech was so…professional that he dropped it immediately, worried that he might’ve pushed her buttons a little too hard.

“Hey Mari, you know I was only kidding right?” this silent treatment was a bit of a first for him, he hadn’t meant to offend her, only poke at her a little “I didn’t mean all that stuff I said. I really am sorry”

He tried putting on his best sad face, nudging his head into her in the hopes that it’d melt her heart enough to forgive him. She sighed and put his head back into her lap.

“I’m not mad chat.” She said, preparing a disinfectant cloth “there’d be no point in that”

He breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn’t totally convinced but at least she wasn’t gonna kick him out of the house

“That being said, you tear up the shirt I made you. Sooooo, you deserve this entirely”

Adrien’s eyes shot open wide as a stinging, searing pain shot through his whole side. He moved to shoot up in his seat but, surprisingly, Marinette was pretty strong and held him down, giggling the entire time. A disinfectant cloth slapped to the cut would teach him a lesson or two


“I know right? You must be so sorry for playing with my emotions and tearing up that shirt aren’t you?”


“That’s interesting cause, see, that doesn’t sound like an ‘I’m sorry’ to me”


“And you’re still screaming. I do have neighbors you know”

Adrien gritted his teeth as he tried to bear the burning sensation traveling all through his body “I’m sorry for tearing up the shirt and playing with your emotions even though I did nothing of the sort

She pressed down on the cut harder


She took pity on his poor soul and finally released him. He rolled back onto the floor and scattered away behind her curtains


Marinette was hardly perturbed “1.) I checked the bottle before-hand it was gonna sting regardless of what I did and 2.) you still have like 8 more lives, you’re fine”

Adrien was now in full pout mode “I’m not an actual cat you know. The american phrase ‘YOLO’ does actually apply to me”

“You’re so dramatic” she laughed. Scooting over on the furthest side of the couch, she stretched out her arms to lure him back to the sofa. He turned from her, refusing to even acknowledge her offer.

“Oh come on, kitty. I still have to wrap up your other cuts before they get infected”

He wrapped the curtains further up on his body “Better than dying from the shock of the pain!”

She rolled her eyes “I promise I’ll be gentler this time. And, I’ll make sure to tell you when the sting is coming”

He eyed her cautiously, coming out from behind the curtains and inching closer “I want free cuddles the rest of the night”

She sighed “fine, whatever you want”. It was like telling him he’d won the lotto, his perfect white teeth gleaming in a cheshire like grin. Adrien tossed himself on the couch, instantly slipping up her body and snuggling closely to her chest.

“You are so unbelievably spoiled you know”

“You know I think I can still feel the pain of the disinfectant. I wonder why?”

She laughed warmly and let him stay there for a while.

There was no way to really describe the relationship they had. On the one hand they were definitely friends; they had the occasional coffee meet-up with Alya and Nino, popped in on one another if they had a bad day and, duh, saved one another from certain death every now and again. They could go out and see other people, sure, but then they did things like this. Cuddle times where they just stayed silent and share body heat, sleeping in the same bed because one couldn’t be bothered to stay up enough to make the trek home, and even spending whole weekends just vegging out at home watching Totally Spies reruns on TV. It was a weird set up but if you asked Marinette if she would change anything, not a single second would be unmissed.

“Ok mon minou, let’s get you patched up before I have to clean your blood off my couch…again”

He begrudgingly agreed and left her warm hold, sitting with legs crossed and patiently awaited her medical care. She returned back with her famous “Chat almost died today” first aid kit and something thin and white sticking out from between her lips. It caught the blonde’s attention and his feline instincts began to flare up again. Nevertheless, he sat still,only moving to remove his shirt and give her space to wrap his body in bandages.

“There, all done” She said, ever so slightly proud of her work “You were a very good patient this time around kitty. Usually you’re so squirmish”

Even as she scritched his favorite spot behind his ear adrien still couldn’t get his mind off of whatever was occupying his lady’s mouth

“Uh Adrien? You ok?” She said waving a hand in front of his eyes. He blinked back to reality and smiled apologetically

“Sorry Mari guess I’m a little distracted” He laughed nervously. She shrugged it off as no big deal and left to warm up some leftovers for him.

Adrien watched her with childlike curiosity, he didn’t wanna be a real bother to her but it killed him not knowing what it was that was in her mouth. Even still, he hesitated on bringing it up, choosing instead to stuff his face with honey mustard glazed chicken and pasta.

It was maybe 20 minutes into their third episode when Adrien just stretched himself out flat onto her lap. She remarked on his keen ability to make “make himself at home” but it only went in one ear and out another as he watched her cheek poke out with the offending object.

He poked it

She switched it to the other side

He poked it again

She sat it in the middle while looking at him with a strange look on her face

He didn’t even notice as his long fingers kept poking around her face, expecting to flush it out from behind her lips

“Adrien!” She commanded, swatting his hands away “Will you please stop tha-”

“My lady, what is in your mouth?”

The question came out so abruptly that it caught her completely by surprise. She blinked confusedly at him. There was not a hint of joking attitude in his eyes so she took it out.

“It’s just a lollipop. See?” she placed it back over her tongue, sucking on it hard “Nothing special. Cherry flavor I think”

Adrien didn’t exactly know what to feel. Yes, he got the answer he’d been looking for but, at the same time, a cherry lollipop? Really?

“Why didn’t you say you got one?” He fussed

“Why do you care? Kitty, it’s just candy”

He didn’t really have a witty retort to that so he kept silent, rolling over in her lap and facing the TV. Marinette assumed he’d finally gave up so she settled back in her seat.

“I want one”

She groaned, rubbing her temples soothingly

“No, Kitty you may not have one”

Adrien poked out his bottom lip “Why not, you have one”

“Ok, And?”

“Where do you keep them?”

“If I told you that it wouldn’t be a secret stash would it?”

He almost took offense to that “Why would you keep it a secret from me? Do you not trust me?”

“To not eat all my candy without me knowing? No”

“I’d replace it”

“Adrien the last time you ‘replaced’ my candy stash it ended up being more expensive than my rent”

He pulled her into a face squishing hug “Maaari let me have one”

She struggled to push away him away, he was stupidly strong when he wants something “No dammit let me go!”

Adrien finally released her and suddenly stood up. If she didn’t know any better she would’ve assumed that she got the hint. But, sadly, she did and, without remorse, glared him down.

“Chaton, don’t you fucking dare”

He shot out of the living room and into the bedroom down the hall. She chased after him, knowing exactly where he was going and for what. Just as she suspected, Adrien was making quick work of her room, sifting between the sheets and crawling beneath the bed.

“Quit it you fucking sugar addict!”

“Let me have my fix and I will!”


“Then the hunt continues!”

Her room was becoming an utter mess. Clothes were being tossed everywhere, it was like a horror movie. She forced him into a corner to maybe try and talk things out somewhat civilly but the blonde bastard just carefully scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, breaking out from the corner to just fuck up her room even more.

They were on the floor now, huffing and wheezing as they tried to catch their breath. Adrien looked everywhere, the sheets, under the bed, in the closet. He even took the ultimate risk and went through her drawers (The kick to his gut proved that that wasn’t too good of an idea). But still no sweets for a little blonde boy named Adrien

“Please tell me you quit” She huffed out

“It’s not fair” he whined “all I wanted was something sweet”

“I just fed you”

“Dessert is an important part of every meal”

He clambered up onto his feet and stumbled back, knocking into the wall behind him. There was a clamor from the top of Marinette’s closet. She prayed that he didn’t hear it….it was a stupid prayer let’s be real here.

“Hey Marinette”

“Yes Adrien”

“What’s in your closet”

“You looked in there yourself…nothing”

She didn’t dare move from the floor as he stared her down

“If I go over there right this very second, you’re not gonna move”

“I see no reason to do so”

The millisecond he moved toward that closet door she raced in between him and the doorway. A dark smile stretched across his lips. He moved in close and she could hear his heartbeat in her ears. He leaned down, his breath tickling her ears.

His voice made her knees weak “It’s in there, isn’t it my lady”

She sucked on her cherry blowpop harder and harder as she shook her head vigorously

“Then what did I hear in the closet. If it’s not what I’m looking for then what’s there to worry about?”

Her eyes looked everywhere but his own vibrant green ones. He knew what that tone of voice did to her and did it anyway.

Adrien snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her away from the door. His stares were so paralyzing she couldn’t say that she even noticed. They walked over to the bed and gently pushed her onto its soft sheets. He climbed atop of her, smoothing his hands across her skin

“Be a good girl and stay here, ok?”

This man could’ve told her to commit murder and all she’d need was a spoon and a name

He moved back over to the closet and rooted around its dark shelves. Eventually he noticed that the side wall was uneven. Sure enough, when he pressed down on it the panel fell away to a secret hole in the wall, complete with its own neatly painted shoe box.

“Hello my sweet”

He was a kitten on christmas coming out from that closet. Pressed close to his chest the box clearly said ‘Keep out, especially you kitty!” but he couldn’t care less, soon he would indulge himself in a sugar sweet paradise.


Or at least he would if she didn’t break out of her lust induced trance

He bolted out of the room, eyes darting left and right for any kind of hiding space. Alas, it was no use. Marinette had him stuck in the kitchen corner with nowhere left to run. She took a cautious step toward him and he grabbed the first thing he could, a deluxe chocolate bar that she’d been saving for a super shitty day

Much like this one actually

“S-stop! Kitty, just leave the box on the counter”

“Fine! I’ll just take the chocolate bar then”


He tore off the label, never once taking his eyes off hers

“Put it. Down”

A corner of the aluminum wrapping hit the floor and her mind went into a blind panic. He was really gonna eat it if she didn’t come up with something!

He opened his mouth comically wide and brought it to his teeth


And as he brought his teeth closer together for bite she decided that she had no choice

Marinette ripped the candy from her mouth and pressed her body roughly against his, grabbing a fistful of his hair and bringing their lips together.

That alone would be seared into his subconscious for the rest of his life but what followed would follow him for as long as time stood.

Cherries, the syrupy sweet taste of artificial cherries flooded his tastebuds as her tongue slipped between his lips and into every corner of his mouth. His mind couldn’t take it to the point where he just dropped the box in his hands altogether, grabbing tightly onto her hips and savoring the flavor as much as he could.

But as soon as it started, it ended. She backed away from him, face redder than the candy in her hand.

“Never touch my stash again”

He tried to speak but she shoved the red sucker into his cheeks

“And I’m sure you’ve probably earned that”

She gathered up her box and walked out the kitchen, grumbling something about ‘Stupid cats’ and ‘putting it in a safe next time’

Adrien’s favorite flavor used to be chocolate

He was fairly certain that’s not the case anymore.

How Far

A little something for @alphacrone​ who wanted to read some Friendship!Jack and Bitty.  A restless night at the Haus leads to an impromptu visit to the local bowling alley.

“Just trust me on this one, Jack,” Bitty said out of the side of his mouth as he reached for a bowling ball.

Jack nodded, then turned toward Shitty.

“Yeah, sure.  I’m in,” Jack said as he handed Shitty a twenty dollar bill. 

“Lord, that’s kind of steep for me right now,” Bitty said hemming and hawing. “Well, at least it’ll be fun.”

“I feel bad taking your money, Bitty,” Shitty said as he took two crumpled tens. “But not too bad!”

Bitty looked at the balls, and decided on a neon green 12 pound ball.  

“How hard can it be?” he asked Shitty as he lifted the ball and held it to his chest.

Jack smirked, and sat down as he entered everyone’s name into the automatic scorer.  

Lardo and Shitty had been restless at the Haus that evening, and their restlessness began to spread to the rest of the team.  Even with midterms quickly approaching, no one else had any real inclination of actually doing work.

“It’s Friday night.  We’re young and alive… let’s do something. Anything for fuck’s sake,” Shitty moaned as he dramatically spread himself across the kitchen table and sighed.  

Lardo sat on the counter looking through her Instagram feed while Bitty frosted some cupcakes, and frowned upon seeing Shitty plastered on the table.

“Can you please get your stank ass head off my kitchen table?  We eat there, you know.”

“Stank ass head.  Good one, Bittle,” Jack snorted as he also sat at the table, doodling some hockey plays in the margin of his history book.

Lardo jumped off the counter and shoved her phone in front of Shitty’s face.  

“Look!  An online coupon for free pizza with a paid game at Strikers.  Get up, peeps.  We’re going bowling.”

Shitty immediately sat up and threw his fist into the air.

“Yes! A little ten pin, m’lady and gents?”

“Bowling?” Bitty said with a slight moue.

Jack stood up and said, “I could bowl.  You don’t bowl, Bittle?”

Bitty shrugged and put down the last cupcake.  “Fine… let’s go bowling, I guess.”

“Thank god, I was just about to pass out of boredom,” Lardo said as she grabbed the Haus keys from the glass bowl on the kitchen counter.

“Let’s go, kiddles.  And bring those cupcakes,” Shitty said as he followed Lardo outside.

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bad boy jungkook

Originally posted by mvssmedia

  • wow i can’t believe i haven’t done this au before
  • actually i can because i never do anything right
  • while reading this please listen to bad boy by cascada thank you
  • okay so jungkook isn’t your usual bad boy stereotype
  • mostly because he’s still pretty young
  • like most people think bad boys and they think motorcycle gangs
  • jungkook hasn’t gotten his license yet
  • BUT he does have a keychain with skull (persona 5 skull uhhh) keychain and he thinks it makes him look cool
  • nah jungkook hangs with kids his age or a little older than him and they’re known around town as being a group of wild ruffians
  • like picture this
  • jungkook had snake bites?? and an eyebrow piercing
  • his gauges are always in and he numerous other piercings in his ears including a helix
  • although young, he still has a few tattoos, to include a set of coordinates on his upper arm area (right below his elbow on the inside of his arm)
  • and then a butterfly behind his left ear
  • he keeps his hair black and parts it down the middle slightly (so imagine war of hormone hair my dudes)
  • he’s always wearing his black ripped skinnies and if he’s not it’s because he’s wearing boxers to bed
  • i looked up bad boys online and it’s a bunch of generic white men who aren’t even attractive so like that’s not helping
  • jungkook wears a lot of band shirts and they’re always a little too small so they can show off his muscles
  • sometimes he wears one of those basic leather jackets but not really because the one he wears is yoongi’s and it’s way too small for him
  • he does have a bomber jacket, a black one, that he wears quite often though
  • his go to shoes are doc martens, the shiny black ones, or the matte maroon ones and he never changes that ever
  • rumor has it that he also carries one of those baseball bats around too and people say it’s to break in windows and other juvenile delinquent activities
  • you’ve never met him yet though, despite being somewhat close in age
  • tbh you wonder if he’s actually real because people do a whole lot of talking about him but is there proof??
  • you think not
  • he’s probably like the town cryptid
  • which means that people wanna be him, find him, or-
  • anyway
  • you’re at work one day when you first see him
  • you don’t actually know it’s him though
  • it’s super late at night, as in like ten minutes to closing so you’re not really expecting any customers
  • this kid comes in though, ripped as hell and you can’t help but stare
  • because this kid has to be like twenty why is he in toys r us??
  • is he an uncle? a cousin? a dad? a child at heart?!
  • you don’t know, and you find the whole situation fascinating, especially consider the piercings in his face and the chains hanging off his belt loop
  • but alas, you’re only a cashier so you can’t exactly pay attention to him when he wanders off into the numerous aisles
  • you almost wanna go up and tell him that toys r us is bankrupt and that he could probably get a better deal elsewhere like idk amazon
  • but you can’t leave so you wait
  • it only has to be ten minutes and he comes back towards the front, holding this giant toon link doll in his arms
  • the thing has to be over a foot tall
  • this boy is just hugging it to his chest and he’s smiling to himself and he’s so cute?? he looks like an overgrown bunny??
  • you pray to god he comes to your register and guess what
  • he does
  • who saw that coming
  • as he approaches the register, he looks almost a little nervous ?
  • he doesn’t make eye contact with you, and when you give your mandatory “hi, did you find everything you needed today?” he just give a curt nod
  • you shrug it off though because he’s just a stranger that you’ll probably never ever interact with again
  • but then he blurts out “you’re not gonna tell anyone right?”
  • “i’m gonna do what now”
  • “it’ll ruin my image”
  • “what image.”
  • his brows furrow
  • “am i supposed to know you”
  • jungkook doesn’t know whether to be amused or somewhat offended
  • “you’re kidding me right?” he rests his elbow on the counter right near the credit card swiper
  • you roll your eyes “uh no? i don’t know who you are.”
  • jungkook leans in closer now, a smirk tugging at his lips
  • he’s probably like five inches from your face now
  • “are you positive?”
  • you two are just staring at each other and it’s so intense like he won’t look away but it’s almost like a challenge so you can’t be the first to look away either and it’s been like five seconds now
  • but then your manager comes over the loud speaker intercom thing?? “attention we will be closing in five minutes, again, please note we will be closing in five minutes”
  • you and jungkook both glance up at the ceiling, and then when you look down again, you find he’s no longer staring at you
  • you’re kind of disappointed and that freaks you out
  • you put his plushie into a bag, and hand it over to him “have a nice night.”
  • “wait-” he frowns. “you don’t know who i am yet.”
  • “i don’t think i will.” you giggle
  • jungkook blushes faintly at the sound of your laugh
  • “i’ll come back in a week to buy happiness…” he grabs the bag, beginning to walk out the door. “tell me if you know then, okay?”
  • and with that, he’s out the door
  • you blink, unsure of what to think at all
  • the next day, you describe the situation to one of the other cashiers
  • “wait wait wait-” he shakes his head. “did he have like… piercings under his lips and some tattoos?? probably had like… a simple plan shirt on?”
  • “actually it was linkin park but that sounds right.”
  • the other cashier just stares and you think maybe he’s dying or something because he’s not moving or speaking??
  • “that’s jungkook.” he says slowly. his voice gets a louder, more excited. “oh my god you actually met jeon jungkook, oh my god-”
  • “wait you mean cryptid boy?!”
  • “uh i think?? he’s just i dunno… the hottest guy on the face of this planet, how are you so lucky?!”
  • you shrug but you’re blushing hard because he’s right…
  • jungkook is seriously the most handsome person you’ve ever seen in your entire life and you hate to admit it but you can’t stop thinking about him…
  • you wonder if he’s really gonna come back just to see you
  • but you see him again before that
  • it’s late at night again
  • not super late, probably eight thirty
  • you’re walking home from work
  • your boss let you go home early because toys r us and their bankrupt asses don’t wanna pay their workers for a full shift
  • you’re walking home okay and you have a nice hot chocolate in your hands and it’s cold and dark outside
  • you’re almost home, just in the neighborhoods in your development
  • and you hear someone? someone familiar?
  • you stop, then stare because standing there, in front of someone’s townhouse, halfway up a tree, is jungkook
  • he’s wearing a black beanie this time and it’s so nice on him
  • you might just die
  • but he also might die because he looks like he could possibly fall out of the tree
  • “hey jungkook, you should get down.” you call out. “you might fall and hurt yourself,”
  • jungkook turns around, obviously confused
  • he sees you and he waves, but then loses his balance and nearly falls down the trunk
  • you race over
  • “what are you doing?! is this even your house?! you’re going to hurt yourself!!” you scold him
  • “i’m uh… doing stuff in this tree?”
  • “like what?”
  • “saving yoongi’s cat because yoongi is scared to climb the tree because one time jin fell out of one and broke his arm and now yoongi is scared but his cat is stuck and-”
  • “aren’t you supposed to be a bad boy?” you shove your hands into your pockets. “do bad boys save cats and buy plushies?”
  • “okay first of all, rude, second of all, i am a bad boy and i do bad boy things, third of all… when’d you find out?”
  • “one of the guys at work gushed about you the next morning.”
  • “well i am pretty good-looking…”
  • you laugh and roll your eyes
  • jungkook sticks his tongue out at you
  • but then you’re both cut off by an annoyed meow, and jungkook turns just a little bit to show you a super super chubby scottish fold in his arms
  • slowly, he climbs down
  • “got ‘em.”
  • you coo, and run over to rub the top of the cat’s head
  • it purrs immediately and jungkook pouts because in his rescue attempt, the little demon scratched his face
  • and you notice that soon
  • “oh my god jungkook, you’re bleeding!!”
  • “it’s nothing.”
  • “it could get seriously infected!”
  • “bad boys don’t get infections”
  • you roll your eyes and pull a tissue from your drawstring work bag, then dab the wound gingerly
  • when you’re done with that, you grab a bandaid from the bag and press it to the cut
  • “you better get this checked out tomorrow,” you warn. “or it might get seriously infected.”
  • “if you kiss it better, i wouldn’t have to worry about that.”
  • “oh my god.”
  • but jungkook laughs, but then he asks your name, because you know him but he doesn’t know you, and that isn’t fair
  • and after you two bring the cat back to yoongi (who just looks between the two of you with a confused furrow of the brows)
  • jungkook offers to walk home with you
  • “should i let such a notorious bad boy know where i live?” you tease
  • “um… yes so i can come and throw rocks at your window and take you out to see the city at night sooner or later.” he answers quite bluntly and now you’re blushing heavily
  • “well okay then…”
  • it’s like nine at this point and it’s cold, and you shiver a bit and jungkook isn’t having it
  • he’s wearing the bomber that day, and without saying a word, he slips it off and drapes it over your shoulders
  • you blink, then stop in your tracks, looking up at him
  • he shrugs and shoves his hands into his pockets, avoiding eye-contact
  • he walks you home, and you two talk, a lot, about anything and everything that crosses your minds
  • and when you make it up to your front step, you’re reluctant to head inside
  • jungkook seems unwilling to go too, because he just stands there, with you on the porch
  • “hey… i’m off tomorrow, just drop by then.” you say slowly. “anytime.”
  • jungkook smiles brightly “cool, i will”
  • he turns on his heel, and you pull your keys from your bag, the both of you going your separate ways
  • you head inside, lock the door behind you, then head upstairs to your room
  • you sigh, sitting on your bed, thinking of how the night played out, and kind of wishing it hadn’t ended so soon
  • but then
  • there’s this faint knocking
  • at first you wonder if you’re hearing things, but then it starts happening more often, and there’s definitely something going on
  • you rush over to your window and lift the shades
  • to see jungkook there, throwing rocks at your window
  • you stare down at him, and then yank open the window “what are you doing!?”
  • “taking you out for the city night life tour duh.”
  • you put your hand over your mouth to hide your growing smile
  • you hurriedly race back downstairs, then lock the door as soon as you’re outside
  • jungkook smirks “someone was eager”
  • but he takes your hand (and you think it fits just perfect in his), and he starts talking about all the places he’s gonna have to show you, like the skate park with all of his really cute graffiti, and then seokjin’s restaurant which is open late, and then down to the park so he can show you where he accidentally broke some historic tree branch off from trying to swing on it–
  • and at every stop, he makes sure to take pictures of the two of you, for the memories
  • and then he asks for your number, so he can send them all to you…
  • and maybe just maybe he takes you this bridge overlooking a small pond in the park and the moon is reflecting on the water, and he loves it because it’s the perfect venue to kiss your pretty lips-
  • the end :’)
Bad Boy! Tom AU Part 2

i mean you don’t have to but if i were you i’d read part 1 before i read this

Pairings: Bad Boy!Tom Holland x Reader

Warning(s)?: A N G S T Y but also F L U F F Y, ((drugs))

Word Count: ~1,900

Summary: Tom and Reader try to make the most of their last day together before he has a flight to escape from his hometown.

A/N: y'all asked for it.. so here it is!!! i didn’t proof read this at all before i posted so hopefully it’s not trash

It was a Saturday morning you woke up entangled in a pair of arms. Opening your eyes, you found that Tom was still sleeping, his face gleaming ever so slightly due to the sunlight peaking in through your blinds. You couldn’t help but admire him and how peaceful he looked, his hair disheveled and his bare chest rising and falling. Studying the various scratches and wounds on his body, you trailed your finger down his ribcage lightly. You tried not to wake him as you slowly pried one of his arms off your waist so that you could slide out from under the covers.

You walked over to your bathroom and stood in front of your mirror, taking time to inspect the mess atop of your head that you called hair. Your eyes trailed from your hair, to your face, and then to your neck, where multiple subtle spots were scattered on the side of your neck. Your lips turned upwards as your fingers grazed the bruised area, remembering the night before when Tom’s lips were attached to your skin, leaving kisses all down your neck lazily as you lied in bed on your phone.

This had been you and Tom’s relationship for the past few weeks. There were constant sleepovers, spontaneous outings, and an endless amount of kisses. You didn’t dare ask Tom what you guys were, because any type of commitment scared the shit out of him. When you’d hear him get home in the untimely hours of the morning from doing who knows what all day with his friends (he still wouldn’t tell you), you’d scurry down to your front door, ushering him inside and sneaking upstairs into your room where you would lie in bed and cuddle, kiss, or both. Really you just wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before he left for New York, and the days had snuck up on you; he was leaving today.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a prompt of mpreg tony where there trying to figure out who is the father because a lot of guys want to be the father and at the end it's the one person they least expect to be the father.

This is actually going to be different from the mpreg I did not too long ago, and a bit on the odd ball side of things so.. enjoy?

Real quick, thank you @not-close-to-straight for helping me generate this idea, hope you guys like it.

“Mama, I wan’ a baby bouv’a.” Tony choked on his sip of water, a little bit escaping his mouth but most getting caught in the wrong wind pipe.

It took a minute for the omega genius to get his breath back and be able to speak but when he did he turned to his darling baby boy, stuttering out a weak response, “Where did this come from?”

“Some of the kids at school talk about their baby bouv’as and how i’s hard being a big bouv’a and tha’s wha’ I wan’ ta be.” His little munchkin was staring up at him, brown eyes big and pleading working over his mother just like Uncle Rhodey had taught him.

“Oh Petey-Pie…” Tony was at a complete loss, he was an omega parent of one with no mate. Peter was a lovely surprise but Tony hadn’t even considered more children. He was quite happy of his single parent life with his pup. Of course he had the help of his friends and teammates but for the most part it was him and Pete. He hadn’t even been on a date since he discovered he was pregnant. Much too busy with becoming a parent, running R&D, and consulting with SHEILD.

“Mama,” Little five year old Peter climbed up on the couch and into Tony’s lap, snuggling close but far enough away he could look his mother in the eyes. Little hands cupped his cheeks and gave him the saddest little eyes, “P’ease Mama, I wan’ a baby bouv’a.”

“BRUCE!” Said scientist jumped from his slouched position over his lab counter. The mild scientist had fallen asleep next to his microscope sometime last night (or was it this morning) and Tony’s surprise visit had woken him up. He had been looking at some samples that he collected from the team when Tony stormed in with Peter a few steps behind him. Bruce glanced at his watch, 8:13 great.

“Yes Tony?”

“Hi Uncle Brucie!” Peter skipped ahead of his mother, jumping a little when he got in front of Bruce.

“Good morning, Peter. What brings you two down here so early?”

“Mama’s gonna give me a baby bouv’a!” Bruce nodded along, too tired and too used to these two and their crazy shenanigans.

“Oh is he now?” Bruce looked up at Tony. The man looked as if he was on a mission, eyes determined and stance tense but prepared for anything.

“Yes I am, my baby wants a small baby and I’m going to give it to him. And you’re going to help me. Can you inseminate me?” Tony was standing in front of Bruce now, one hand going to mess with Peter’s messy bed head.

“Why the rush?” Bruce couldn’t help but ask, it did seem very sudden.

Tony leaned a little closer, lowering his voice, “The faster I do it, the sooner I can get it over with… and I can’t talk myself out  of it.”

Bruce snorted, Peter caught on that they were talking above him and glared up at them suspiciously. Both adults smiled down out him, acts of pure innocence, “Well, you’re in luck, I have some samples I can use.”

“Perfect let’s do this.”

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I Like You A Latte

Steve Rogers x Thick!Reader

Anon Request: Could I request a Steve Rogers x thick chubby where the reader works in a local coffee and he goes in there throwing all kinds of pick up lines that Tony told him to use at the reader about their butt.

A/N: Of course anon! I am a thick girl myself so I feel this and would love Steve to hit on me in a coffee shop ;)

Warnings: Fluff, Steve using bad pick up lines

Originally posted by lolawinchesterr

At 3am, your alarm blares out and you groan into your pillow. What made you open up a shop that makes you get up before the damn sun? 

Rolling out of bed and turning off the offending noise, you stretch and head into the bathroom. A quick hot shower later, you feel more human so you brush your hair and put on some makeup to cover your dark circles and make you look alive and not like something George Romero created.

You put on your uniform of jeans and a black polo before making your way into your kitchen. 

“What to eat?” you sigh, knowing that cereal would have to do when you see your empty fridge. 

“Note to self, go grocery shopping” you say out loud.

Riding the train at 4am is an interesting experience when you are going from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Your fellow travelers range from business men in suits, their eyes glued to their phones, to college kids who look as though they have been out all night drinking.

You moaned every day about waking up early to open your coffee shop but you loved it when you were there, surrounded by coffee beans and helping people deal with their day through good coffee.

It was fascinating to watch life events occur in your shop as people had first dates, met family members, reunited with old friends: all of it made your heart long for that.

You had accepted a long time ago that no one wanted a bigger girl when you were ridiculed in college for your weight. 

You didn`t care that you weren`t a size 2 but you were scarred after an incident when you were a sophomore in college when a guy asked you on a date as a dare from his frat buddies. After pouring a glass of soda on his head, you ran out of the restaurant and held back your tears until you were back in your apartment.

From that day, you decided to accept yourself but accept that no one would want you.

At 5am, you opened your doors and waited for your first customers of the day. You had a couple members of staff to help with the morning rush and they were brewing the various coffee selections you had on offer.

Around 5:15am, the doorbell rang, you turned around to greet your customer and faltered.

Holy shit you thought, looking at a man who was probably a god of some kind. His blonde hair was cut short, his body strong and muscular, but it was his eyes that captured you: blue as the sky.

“Excuse me?” he asked, confusion clouding his expression.

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