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when solar’s leader unnie vibe comes out

The Types as Things I have Done with My Summer So Far

First of all, I’m sorry about the hella title

ENTP: left the house until 9 pm (which is hella late for me) for the first time and had dinner with 2 friends while being glared at by a 3rd

ENTJ: started learning a new language while barely being able to speak my first two and studying my third at school

ENFP: got out of a friendship that got really toxic hell yeah haha fuck

ENFJ: learned how to use a sewing machine and sewed my brother’s name on his little napkin thingy for his flute and it’s looking good

ESTP: crawled under a tiny tiny bridge trying to get an aesthetic photo but instead soaked my foot in mud water

ESTJ: got angry at flies for not letting me rest in peace at night that I’ve picked up a habit of catching and suffocating them in jars. i use science as an excuse

ESFP: realised how picky i am with fanfics?? like idk what you guy’s’ve been reading but it’s like the same plot written by different people over and over again. i would write fanfics if i had the energy and motivation to ever continue them smh

ESFJ: betted 25 gems that i’d be able to keep a 7 day streak on duolingo and that i’d get twice the amount (i think) if i was able to. i lost it at day 4

INTP: wore the same outfit every time i had to leave the house the past five times because i simply dont care anymore

INTJ: so fucking relieved that i dont have to act like i like certain people every day anymore thank god

INFP: also worried about how getting out of that toxic friendship is gonna go because that person is friends with every single one of my other friends is this how i die

INFJ: thinking of every possible way to hang out with my crush without making it too obvious (I’m genuinely trying to get a summer job as a dog walker so he can help me walk dogs because i have no experience with dogs lmao)

ISTP: accidentally woke up at 2 am and had a conversation with a friend who goes to sleep at 8 am and wakes up at 5 pm (summer sleeping schedule guys)

ISTJ: bought my first pack of Cards Against Humanity cards + the first card i read was ‘penis breath’

ISFP: got into another fandom and announced my obsession with collecting things, much to my mother’s dismay and my father’s confusion

ISFJ: genuinely felt blessed for having a firefly stuck in my room. i love fireflies. i named it mason and im watching in fly around my room right now

I see a lot of Prompto spider-man

and as an obsessive Spiderman fan and Noctis fan, I am extremely disappointed that no one has thought of Black Cat!Noctis.

Like Black Cat is such a sly player and spidey always falls for her shit~


Okay but Felicia is all about what she wants and revange for her daddy (in older comics). I think player Noctis as black cat would be fun~

Got7: when you have a collection of their memes

Jaebum:  is highly impressed of the fact that you’ve managed to find so many unflattering pictures of him. Then ofc he’d rage about how you should delete them bc you’re supposed be supportive and not ‘betray’ him like that.

Mark:  his first thought would be that you might have them on your phone for revenge uses. He wouldn’t tell you that he found them, but he’s careful to not piss you off bc he’s scared you’ll show the other members, or the whole world for that matter lmao “I have an image to maintain.”

Jackson:  "I LOOK SHORT EVEN IN MEMES WTF" “WHY IS BAMBAM SO TALL HE’S LITERALLY SITTING DOWN LIKE-” “whoa lmao is that me and mark ;)” “send me those pics for um, reasons.” Insists on taking unflattering snaps of you, but he’s failing since he thinks you can never look bad.

Jinyoung:  he’s snickering and laughing at your collection of the other members memes, but he’s for some reason dead serious when he sees his own derp face staring back at him. Asks why you’re so obsessed with him, but he low key finds this cute and he’s planning on starting his own collection RIP.

Youngjae:  "ahahahahaha why is my mouth so big like am I always smiling??“ “oh nAAOOOO is that my nipple again” Laughs along with you and he won’t take it to heart, only bc he knows his fans probably are the same as you (ahem) and do weird stuff like keeping a million pictures of him (I wonder why they’d do that I ???)

Bambam:  "yo, do I really look like that? Bruh, I don’t understand why I need to call them hyungs when I’m like a foot taller than everybody. Me and gyeom rule got7 from now on.“ He’s cracking up and telling you he doesn’t care that you think they look weird, at least he’s slaying in every picture.

Yugyeom:  is really embarrassed that you went out of your way to find those cringy photos of him, but he’ll laugh at the ones that are funny. Thinks you’re such a dork for always replying with those memes instead of having a conversation, and he’ll probably send back pictures of Chris Brown just to piss you off.

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20 facts!

I was tagged by my lovely friend Annie and I don’t often do fact things when I’m tagged in them but I thought it might lift my mood a little bit. Sorry if this is boring!
1. I pretty much have the most boring name in the universe and honestly the only plus about it is that nobody ever spells it wrong.
2. I really want to live in the mountains when I’m older because its so peaceful there.
3. My perfect life would be living in a cottage in the mountains with a few cats and maybe a bunny, writing poetry and YA novels and maybe working in a low-key job part-time so I have enough money to buy food. 
4. Apparently I am good at baking cookies but I’m not really sure why my cookies taste different to other people’s because literally all I do is follow the recipe on the back of the choc chip packet.
5. I have Epilepsy.
6. I get obsessed with collecting little things like socks and badges. I’m not really sure why, they just make me happy.
7. I really like daydreaming and could seriously sit somewhere daydreaming for 8 hours straight if I wasn’t interrupted.
8. I have 3 typewriters, an Olivetti Lettera 32, an Olivetti Lettera 42 and a 1923 Remington Portable which is honestly my pride and joy.
9. I would love to get a job restoring/servicing typewriters.
10. I’m really bad at making friends and working out if someone actually wants to be friends/considers me their friend so If you want to be my friend you pretty much have to tell me directly or I’ll just assume you hate me.
11. I haven’t been to a hairdresser since I was about 10 or 11 (my mum cuts my hair now) because the last time I went I asked for a trim and they cut like 30 cm off.
12. I really hate shopping and after I’ve been out shopping I usually go home and cry for 47 million years.
13. Even though I hate shopping I absolutely love giving people presents and the whole process of deciding what to get them and wrapping it and choosing a card just makes me so so happy. 
14. I’m not really fond of ‘lifestyle’ bloggers or instagrammers because it just seems like such a waste of time to me? It seems so unrealistic and time consuming and cringey. I support people doing it if they enjoy it, of course, but I’m not really a fan. 
15. I hatehatehate it when people touch me. Like if you even accidentally touch me I will probably burst into tears. I don’t like hugs unless they’re from my mum.
16. I don’t understand romantic relationships at all like they just baffle me and I just don’t get them?????
17. When I was a kid I would eat jam off a spoon so my parents had to store the jam in that locked section of the fridge that (i think?) is supposed to be for alcohol.
18. I have the worst memory and I am constantly forgetting things like passwords and losing important documents.
19. I currently have 6 unopened bars of Pana Chocolate in my room because who the hell doesn’t?!?!?!
20. When I was little I got a giant piece of Lego stuck in my mouth. 
I tag @ninja-bunny1652 @lifeandloveandfandom @allthesinkingships @ipoetried @andrewraynepoetry @scripted-ink and anyone else who wants to do it! Consider yourself tagged!

[Right, so. P sure I’m officially obsessed lmao. Anyways here’s the third and probably final part of the tale of The One With Many Names, also known as My Blatant Self Insert. Hope it doesn’t break canon too much, please enjoy, and sorry for spamming! (also i still have No Idea What I Am Doing ahahahaha.)]


Eventually, as everyone knew ce would be, The One With Many Names was Taken.

Spectator, the junior who watched people and noticed patterns, sharp-eyed behind the shadows of their hoodie, collected their bet. They placed a pittance of their winnings on Many-Names coming back.

It was mostly out of pity.


Your memories are doing The Thing again, and you cannot for the life of you remember the sequence of events that led to place you in the Elsewhere. But you know you are without iron, and your backpack is missing, and you should be terrified. Except They took you Elsewhere early in the morning, when you were stumbling your way to your eight am class, and you are far too tired to really care.

(You still have your dog tag necklace. Putting it on is too deeply ingrained into your morning ritual for you to forget it. This is a small comfort.)

You stare up and around at the Elsewhere despite knowing that you shouldn’t. Your eyes settle on something with too-sharp teeth like needles, shades of blue like ice and ocean, vaguely humanoid in shape but with proportions defying normal physics. You close your eyes and take a shuddering breath. Your eyes hurt. It’s too fuckin’ early for this. You consider the questions you could ask, from the informative (‘why have you taken me’) to the Actually Helpful.

You go for the latter.

“If I tell you a story,” you say slowly, carefully, “will that work as payment for my freedom?”

The fae hisses, and you flinch, wishing that you had your notebook with you, or at least another hour of sleep on your side. “You presume?”

“I, I, I have heard your–the, the stories humans tell of you,” you say, stumbling over your words, “the stories the students tell of you. They say you will free us if we bargain.”

“And you come,” the fae says contemptuously, “and bargain a mere bedtime tale? Stories have power, child, but I have heard so many before. You would have to pay something more than a paltry rendition of a well-worn path to return to your realm.”

“If you don’t want my stories,” you say in return, “then why?”

You blink, and the shades-of-blue creature is upon you, cupping your chin with icicle fingers. “You shift,” it says, “You are not fixed. You have a touch of us in you. Thus, you are ours.”

You squeak, and cower, and cover your eyes. You take deep breaths until the frostbite of the creature’s fingers fades. Then–your fear carrying you beyond terror and out the other side, knowing you are dead or worse than anyways, you speak.

“If you have not taken me for my stories,” you say, and pause, and swallow hard, “th-then y-you, you don’t–” You stop. Collect yourself. Attempt to speak with confidence. “You do not know of my skill. I would not tell you a mere bedtime story. It may follow a similar path as others, true, but…”

The fae tilts what passes for its head at an unnatural angle. You breathe in deep and make your bargain. “A story. A tale. If it pleases you–if it pleases an audience, mayhaps–I am to be released. Sent back to my realm. If not…” You swallow hard, knowing your next words would seal your fate. You are not willing to speak them. You hope the fae will speak for you.

It does not, of course. You close your eyes and damn yourself. “If not, I accept the fae–the touch of You I have inside me.” ‘Do with me what you will’ is not said, but you both know They will if you lose.

“Deal,” the fae says delightedly, “Begin telling.”

“If it pleases an audience,” you repeat. Perhaps a variety of opinions would be what damns you, but relying on the tastes of a single fae…if the story you have in mind displeases it, then you are lost. Better to have a security net of varying opinions.

The fae narrows eyes dark as ocean abyss and hisses. You flinch. “An audience,” you repeat anyways, “I said, if it pleases an audience.”

“You said mayhaps.”

“My stories are my talent,” you say, “if this is the last one I tell, I want it to be remembered.”

Amazingly, this works. You get your audience.

You stand in front of the fraction of a Court, wishing you could write or type the words rather than say them. You are afraid.

But you know your talents. You know your stories, you know your characters, and it is not the first time you have told this tale. If all else fails, you have the phrase ‘but there is always more to the story,’ a gimmick you can pull out to expand and continue if the fae do not like it quite as much.

If you are honest with yourself, you will probably pull out that “gimmick” anyways. You love your stories and characters too much to not expand on them. You close your eyes.

You gather your thoughts. You take a deep breath.

“This,” you begin, “is the story of Phoenix Song.”


It is nearly a year before Many-Names stumbles back into the normal world. Ce comes back somewhat confused and half-glowing, as though some internal light has given cer an aura of confidence. For all that, the glow is entirely human and largely metaphorical. Cer changling leaves as ce moves back into cer dorm, all smiles and laughter. The kind of smiles and laughter that covers deep, deep relief.

People ask how. Ce replies with a grin. “They love a good story, didn’t you know?”

Spectator attempts to get a fuller explanation, because for all their perceptiveness this has still totally blindsided them. Many-Names explains about the world ce’d spent five years in the making.

“I picked the one that I thought would appeal the most to Them,” ce explains. “Well, that and I actually had it figured out to the end.” Ce says maybe ce’ll show you cer old notes. “If they still exist, anyways,” ce adds thoughtfully, “I think I might have given the story to the F–Fair Folk. It’s a worthy trade.”

Many-Names leaves out drawings with cer ice cream and milk now. Sketches, colored with pencils, sharpie-lined, printed digital art in full color and shading. All labeled with names. They are always gone in the morning. Spectator thinks, to their great disbelief, that Many-Names has managed to create a fandom.

This is bad for cer. This is very very bad.

“They aren’t going to let you leave, you know,” they tell cer, “Not if you keep giving them content.”

Many-Names pauses in the middle of a sketch. “Well,” ce says eventually, “there’s always the internet.”

“You’re not getting it,” Spectator decides, and tells cer, “You can’t leave, Many-Names. Can’t go home. Can’t see your mom. Can’t go out and get another job. You’ll have to stay. Become a teacher, or whatever. You have to stop talking to Them.”

Many-Names considers this. “I can’t just cut off,” ce tells them, “That would be rude. I mean, they’ll forget soon enough. Or I’ll get tired of drawing stuff. But as long as we’re both interested, well, they get art, and I get these things.”

“These things,” Spectator repeats. Many-Names flicks a hand at cer windowsill. There is a bright red feather that almost glows, an image of a hammer, a glass crafted phoenix that seems to burn internally, a music box, and a crude, human-like figure.

“It’s like fanart,” ce says in a delighted tone, and Spectator gives up. They’re graduating this year, they don’t have time to pull a delusional freshman out of cer dealings with the Gentry. Ce seems happy, anyways.


And life in Elsewhere University carries on.



‘’First off, this collection is bigger (and better), with 12 fully styled performance outfits! I worked really closely with the Fabletics team again to translate my vision into a strong design concept. I definitely wanted the second collection to feel super personal even though it was bigger, so I took inspiration from my own style—on stage, at home and in the gym—to make sure it was an authentic representation of who I am. I can’t tell you how much time we spent obsessing over every little detail but we had to make sure it was perfect!’’

ID #40882

Name: Shannon
Age: 16
Country: Canada

My name is Shannon, I am a 16 year old girl who loves a lot of things. I seriously think I was born into the wrong generation since most of my interests and hobbies require old things. I am kind of a hippy Child, I believe in peace and equality and I really strive to do what’s best for myself, others and the world. I adore animals and other human beings, this makes me sound very strange but I just love life. Although I struggle with my anxiety I have learned to try to overcome that and be positive. I also believe that I can have a positive impact in the world. I may be a lonely teenager right now but someday in my future I hope to achieve great things. I have a passion for Forensics Sciences and am working hard towards becoming one (even though I’m not sure which field yet!) I am very good at listening, writing poetry in seconds (that is also my way of expressing myself I have too many poems to know what to do with), giving advice, helping stay positive, texting back within seconds, I almost never lose interest in a topic if it’s something I’m passionate about I’ll probably go on for hours and hours about it! I am sort of creative? I like to paint ( even though I don’t think I’m that good), sketch, sing and dance. I express myself best through music.
I know how to play the piano, acoustic and electric guitar, trombone, baritone, drums, ukulele, violin, flute and I can even play the harp! I have a lot of useless talents like eating and sleeping too much. I have some weird hobbies, I really love collecting old skeleton keys they’re so fascinating! I also love photography and binge watching shows with too many seasons in as little time as possible! I have too much time on my hands so basically sleep, food and Netflix are my best friends.
I am a socially awkward person who has trouble finding people I connect with so if any of this interests you please feel free to contact me, I would love an opportunity to meet some new amazing people. Also I have an obsession with batman and love comic books. I hope to be able to send some snail mail with souvenirs and stuff!

\/Here’s some topic starters\/

(My favourite genre is horror)
My favourite movies are:
* If I Stay
* Van Helsing
* The Breakfast Club
* Crybaby
* Deadpool
* Guardians of the Galaxy
* All the Harry Potter ones
* All the lord of the rings
* All of the Batman ones

My favourite actors/actresses are:
* Ryan Reynolds 😍
* Hugh Jackman
* Molly Ringwald
* Johnny Depp
* Helena Bonham Carter

My favourite books are:
* Everyday by David Levithan
* This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel
* If I Stay by Gale Forman
* The Ripper Gene by Michael Ransom

My favourite shows are:
* Friends
* Greys Anatomy
* That 70s Show
* How I Met Your Mother
* IZombie
* Shameless
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer
* The Walking Dead
* Forever
* Orphan Black
* Gotham
* 2 Broke Girls

(My favourite genre is indie)
My favourite bands are:
* Anarbor
* Three Days Grace
* Billy Talent
* Fallout Boy
* Hedley
* Paramore
* 21 pilots
* Bishop Briggs
* Halsey
* Melanie Martinez
* The Neighbourhood
* All Time Low
* Hozier
* Arctic Monkeys
* The 1975
* X-Ambassadors
* Oh Wonder
* Florence and the Machine
* James Bay
* Amy Winehouse
* Hey Violet
* Bea Miller
* Labrinth
* Ed Sheeran
* G-Easy
* Marc e Bassy
* kodaline
* Jon Bellion
* Jaymes young
* The Killers
* Curses
* Niykee Heaton
* Hollywood Undead
* Stromae
* Maitre Gims
* Panic at the Disco
* Tech N9ne
* Andy Grammer
And so many more.

My favourite foods are:
* Quesadillas
* Mac'n'Cheese
* Garlic Bread
* Spinach is my only fav veggie

My favourite candies are:
* Almost any type of gummy
* Sour Cherry Balls
* Candy Corn
* Reese’s anything 😍
* Any chocolate bar tbh

My favourite animals are:
* Siberian White Tiger
* Black Footed Ferret (actually any ferret but these ones are especially cute!)
* Lynx Bobcat

My biggest pet peeves are:
* People cancelling plans last minute
* Lying
* Taking hours to respond
* Being ignored
* People replacing me and acting like I don’t exist anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️( which happens quite a lot)
* People chewing with their mouth open
* People being rude for no reason
* Publicly embarrassing someone

Things I really love:
* Fuzzy socks
* Anything fuzzy
* Food
* Clothing and shoes
* Music
* Almost anything old fashioned
* Antiques
* Travelling
* My bed

Favourite video games:
* The Last of Us
* Heavy Rain
* Beyond Two souls
* Murdered Soul Suspect
* Crash Bandicoot
* Spyro
* Sims
* Fable
* Skyrim
* Batman
* Call of duty

Things I cry over:
Okay basically everything but I especially cannot handle animals being mistreated, abandoned and abused…. same with people. If I could I would probably save every unwanted and mistreated animal in the world and probably have a huge zoo of pets I would love and cherish.
I cannot handle violence of any kind unless it is in an action movie (but if an animal gets hurt I’ll most likely cry).
I am an emotional person and it really sucks to be honest, but I would rather people know my honest feelings calmly when I cry them out than let it stay bottled up inside of me to explode later on.
Maybe I said a bit much about myself but I’m hoping to find someone that can help me, cope with my daily struggles and maybe help calm me when I have my panic attacks. There’s a lot more about me that I can’t really remember at this second so well let’s talk and you’ll get to know me more!

Yea welp here’s some things about me, shoot me a message if you like!

Preferences: Age 16-20
I’m good with any
I hope to do snailmail and message online
I’d prefer someone with similar interests but I really don’t care

Fic Recs and Shout Outs!

What have I been reading so far in February?  Let me share with you! 

Not in any particular order… just a look into fics I have read over the past little bit. Feel free to send me fic recs! 

Blinding Lights by @itisariddle - This is a lovely one-shot and drabble collection that features some fantastic Sevmione and Tomione stories. WIP. Rated M. My favorite one -oh so hard to choose!- Is probably #2 as I’ve read that one 6 times already.

Marked by @ash-castle - Femione drabble that pulls you fully into the story in 772 words. And that last line…oooh! Rated T.  I also really enjoyed Sisters - a Evans sisters both at Hogwarts one-shot. Actually, just stay on her ffnet page and keep reading :-)

Transplanting Potions by @disillusionist9 -Well, Dis does it again with this drabble/ficlet collection!. She writes a mentoring Severus so well in #2! WIP. Rated K+ While we are on Dis- please check out Circadian , her fabulous Luna x Theo collection.

The Other by @ladiefury (who I accidently called LadieFurie I think on my rec post earlier- sorry!) Okay this story…wow! An explosion of emotions centering around a very dynamically written Pansy. WIP. Rated M.

Red Right Hand by @nauticalparamour - Nautical has really become an expert in my mind for these historical au’s (my term but hope you understand what I mean). If you enjoyed Fille du Roi by her then this fic will become a fast favorite of yours too. Hermione as Tom Riddle’s mother works so well under Nautical’s care. WIP. Rated M.

Short and Sweet by @primruesabcd - This drabble collection had been going on for a few months and I was happy to catch up with her last few chapters. Prim is the Queen of Fredmione and #20 & #21 have my heart. While we are on Primrue’s wonderfulness- she has a new Barty x Hermione (DeathMione goodness) fic called Value and Worth. Stunning so far! Value and Worth is a WIP- Rated M.

Blaise Zabini Oneshots by @ff-sunset-oasis - This lovely one-shot collection dives into Blaise as a character through a few different pairings and plot lines. I binged them all back to back and thoroughly enjoyed my evening with Blaise. ;-)  WIP. Rated T.

Toothpaste Kisses by @calebski You all know by now that I am obsessed with Calebski as a writer and this story is another reason why. She took a pairing I usually avoid and made me fall head over heels for them before the second chapter was done. This story makes me all blubbery and happy like Reflector by her did and I know I will be re-reading it over and over for years. 

Playing Angola by @chiseplushie - A fantastic drabble for Flintwood. She uses action so well in this fic. Also please read The Bridge by her too. Seriously- this is how I wished the 7th book had ended. Rated T and K respectively. 

Fragments by @amortenia1992 (are you on Tumblr?) - I just discovered this writer and enjoying her take on a Rabastan / Hermione semi-Marriage Law fic. Rated M. WIP.

Bad Habit by @ashenrenee - I said it once and I’ll say it again..of what I have read by Ashen this is my favorite. The way this is written made me want to read more and almost beg her for it. Triad fic with Ron/Hermione/Harry. Also, please check out Somewhere in Time - her Remione that shows the time and devotion she puts into writing. Both WIPs. Rated M.

Aca-demic Arrangments by @dulce-de-leche-go - I know, I know, I know… I’m so late to this party but happy to have found it finally. Thanks in part to @primruesabcd and her Youtube page. Pop-corn silliness that kept me clicking next chapter. WIP. Rated M.

Deleted Seeds by @hollowg1rl - This one-shot is technically a ‘deleted scene’ from her other fic From Lilies to Pomegranates …however it reads really well on its own and one of my favorite things from her. A re-telling of the Persephone story still with HP influence. Both WIP and Rated T.

Therapy by @the crownless Queen- A perfect Luna x Barty one-shot that uses therapy, art and a prison setting to tell a story with two characters I adore. Completed. Rated T. 

Freedom by @jheeley - Speaking of Barty (seeing a theme this week?) Heeley’s Freedom is one of my favorite thriller/romance/AUs. The latest update almost had me feeling sorry for a hated character. Want to know who? Read it! :-) Rated M. WIP. 

Seasons by @synoir - Add Crookshanks meddling fun in with a Sirimione (see @calebski you influenced me!) and you get this delightful story. WIP. Rated T

Bound to The Light by @kristeristerin - Another new(er) writer I am so glad to have found! This is a very interesting Fenrir as Hermione’s parent story and I devoured it (wink wink) right away…so looking forward to more. Establishing an OC can be difficult but she did it well with Calia. Rated T. WIP.

Skittish by @just-things-i-like-mostly -  I haven’t read much from the FBaWtFT (is that right?!) movies but these Goldgraves drabbles by her are so well done! Tina is wirtten as such a relatable character. Also I suggest Triple Chocolate Cake too. The sexual tension made me blush! Both Completed-rated M and T+.

I also wanted to add that I read quite a few drabbles from @defenseagainstthedrabbles http://defence-against-the-drabbles.tumblr.com/ but had a hard time linking particular fics. 

Happy Reading! (And please remember to review!) 

the last time i saw you, i thought about
kissing you the whole drive home.
i thought about every could-be, would-be,
if only i had the strength to love you.

but the truth is, the experiences i make here
will filter my thoughts like dams
and make me who i am.
driving home from your apartment
with my windows open and my voice
serenading the trees is the kind of strength
i want to collect in mason jars. the kind
of strength that will keep me whole.
i want to capture the jokes we made when we
wanted this to work so bad our hearts shook
and smear the remains on my life
so i never forget how good
this anxiety in my stomach can feel.

when my friends ask me where we stand,
i smile like you’re my best-kept secret.
i tell them we’re maybe kinda sorta a thing
that may or may not be going nowhere,
but with you, i am going everywhere.
i love this feeling too much to let it go. i love
how my name sounds bubbling up
in your voice box. i love
obsessing over how i could curve your spine
until i fit inside of you comfortably. i love
sending you pictures of my alcohol collection
and feeling my throat burn like vodka when
i cough up everything that’s on my mind. i love
how you go down easy like smoke rings.

i want to treasure this feeling
of telling people what i feel when i feel it
so that my feelings don’t get forgotten
like the dandelion wishes we don’t
remember if came true or not.
at night, i pray that you are happy.
at night, i pray you are as free as you made me.

—  the fourth diary entry i kept locked up in the floorboards

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*tour guide voice* And if you look to your left, you will see the Markiplier collectively losing their shit

It’s so funny because I’m not..ya know, obsessed with the whole concept of Dark so it’s kind of like I’m watching the Anti hype all over again, but in an outsider perspective

And ngl I am fucking living for this, y’all please don’t die

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I think tonight will be the night i have the courage to go through with it. Maybe not the courage but the numbness.

You know, after all my suicide attempts, even though at the time I really wanted to succeed them, I am actually really glad that I didn’t because honestly, I am so much more happier with life now. Like I still have my moments but I find beauty in life now which is more than I ever did when I was younger. And I’m not saying you just grow out of it, I’m saying you’ve got to try, really try and change up your life in simple yet effective ways. Discover new things which you can obsess, adore, collect or act out, sing, dance I don’t know man. You can find something in this world worth living for because I know I sure did.

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Okay so I am obsessed with weird people in history. So like imagine somebody like the Count St Germaine was actually a vampire. Like you know aro was probs like "if you don't stop showing up in all these royal courts, or we shall kill you." Then centuries later he comes back at Keenu Reeves. Aro and the homies would probably have a collectively groan. And like could imagine all the vampires driving the royals of europe insane, and now looking back fondly and laughing at the havoc they caused.

Are you trying to tell me Ted Theodore Logan is a vampire 

-Admin Ziggy

LEGION Recap: 1x04

I have truly and too deeply loved many television shows in my time. I have written tens of thousands of words about some of them, hundreds even! But there have been a few among them that I have loved specially, personally. Shows that make me feel off-kilter in my joy, almost suspicious that someone peered into my soul, and found there a well of spooky sweet stylized absurdism, and they hauled up a bucket of the stuff, and from it made Twin Peaks, and Pushing Daisies, and Legion.

So that may be partially why these are only getting longer.

Season 1, ‘Chapter 4’

First up here I just want to give a quick shout-out to the masterpieces of cagey chiasmus that are FX’s episode descriptions.


Anyway full disclosz I first watched ‘Chapter 4’ with my bff Jen, right after consuming a strong cocktail, a cup of Turkish tea, some champagne, and a mug of ice cream in fairly quick succession. I proceeded to lose my mind THOROUGHLY and with GREAT VIM.

Here is how it started:

Me, singing at the black screen: “Shooww me Jemaine Clement!”
First shot:

Me: [screams]

“Good evening,” Jemaine Clement addresses us from his Mylar lounge, and like, yes Jemaine, it is, thank you. He proceeds to deliver a short lecture about human nature as the camera slowly pulls back. We are the root of all our problems, he proposes, through our own confusion and anger. “Violence, in other words, is ignorance,” he declares, and he should have stopped there, but then blurts out “Figure your shit out, that’s my…what I’d say.”

He scoops up his glass to take a drink, but the liquid inside has turned into a solid ice cube. It slowly slides out and falls to the floor, the camera obligingly zooming back in so that he can start over.

Hi so I love every fucking thing this scene is doing and I’m only halfway through it. Rather like me and this show I guess.

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Prompt List

Summary: We made this prompt list because there’s no requests what so ever. We would appreciate requests but if you can’t think of send a prompt! Please take the time do this for us. Send in a prompt and character!

The work you see here is our original work. If you see this elsewhere it was stolen and we’d appreciate being informed as it’s illegal to steal work that wasn’t yours without giving credit. Thank you.

Fandoms: Marvel, Supernatural, Teen Wolf and the actors.

1. Why are we at a strip club?

2. I’m sorry…you said what to the teacher?!

3. You hit my car? I don’t care if you’re (insert superhero), I’m close to ripping your throat out.

4. Am I dead?

5. Damn you are a kinky motherfucker….I like it.

6. Pfft…it’s just a scratch…

7. I killed a guy…quickly so don’t be upset!

8. It’s not an OBSESSION, it’s a collection.

9. Excuse me? That’s my side of the bed.

10. I’m feeling very…stabby right now…

11. Oh my god…that’s nail polish! You thought I was bleeding?!

12. “Okay…so our daughter…she’s saying she got her period…but it’s nail polish” and “did you touch it?” and “NO!”

13. You will treat this child like royalty or I will kill you.

14. Okay, so I kissed you to get a girl off my back but it turns out I can’t stop thinking about you

15. Well this is awkward…blueberry?

16. That’s not where I would hide the body.

17. Damnit, I told you not to fall for me.

18. Just promise me you’ll come back to us.

19. I love sex, so sue me? Or you could screw me?

20. Let’s have a some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.

21. You almost gave me a heart attack! Why are you wearing just a bow?

22. Did you just say you love me?

23. Why did you invite him? No I’m not jealous. Okay, maybe a little.

24. It’s always been you. You and only you.

25. “Mom! Dad is scaring my date again.”

26. Wait, where are my clothes?

27. You couldn’t let me be content just hating you, you had to make me love you.

28. I wasn’t listening to you. I was undressing you with my eyes.

29. You know, thongs aren’t so uncomfortable after all.

30. If you loved me, you’d fight. If you loved me, you’d stay. If you loved me, you’d show it. Do you even know what love is?

This was posted on January 20th, 2017 but brainstormed a week and a half at least before it was posted. It came to our attention that some of the ones we came up with ourselves were taken without permission. I know for a fact that prompts 1-15 were original by me aka I spent hours going through prompt lists on tumblr searching and before we posted I never saw them. This is disrespectful and I’m now copy-writing our work.

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Y'all lemme tell you this crazy ass story of what happened to me today

Ok. So.

I was at universal bc i basically live there, whatever, and while i’m still in the park is when kylie jenner’s birthday collection drops. an important fact about juliet is that i am unhealthily obsessed with lipsticks, I have a problem, I know. Anyways, so ya girl has been looking forward to these limited edition mini-mattes FOREVER.

SO of course, the time for the release rolls around WHILE I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LINE FOR A RIDE, AND MY PHONE IS AT 7%.

So I’m in this line, with hardly any service and a teeny bit of battery and I’m like “fuck, I gotta get these lipsticks!” So I go to Kylie’s site and I try to buy them. EXCEPT MY SERVICE IS BAD AND THE PAGE IS HELLA BUSY (if you’ve ever tried to order a limited kylie, or a first time drop, you know what i’m talking about) SO IT TAKES FOREVER TO TAKE ME TO PAYPAL.

I’m serious. The page keeps loading and trying to refresh FOR TWELVE MINUTES.

By this point, I’m at 1 percent and 2 minutes away from the ride and I’m like “fuck… there is no way this is gonna go through. it HAS to be sold out right now”


I literally screamed, in the middle of the line. But, the main point is that through hella stress levels in a crowded room, I got it. I’ll show y'all swatches when they come in if you want.

Happy Sunday!! As you all know. I’m obsessed with TLOS and really think Chris spoke volumes in this book. I’d love for people to send me asks about it. Favorite quotes. Character discussion. A scene or a sentence that caught your eye. I saw so much. But collectively I think we can see even more.

I have to say my LOL mocking anon that sent me the tinhatting prompt was one of my favorite 4 am ramblings and I never would have thought to comment on it if not challenged. And turns out that was yet another way Chris validated us.

I won’t publish major spoilers for a few more days to give people a chance to finish. But if you have anything you want to discuss please send it. I think we all could use some positivity. And no question this book was full of CC.

RvB Rec Day


Now Who’s Being Melodramatic? by @a-taller-tale​ (Gen, 3k)
Okay, disclaimer: I am totally biased, because this story is a remix of my own fic. BUT SERIOUSLY THIS FIC IS SO GOOD. Featuring a Wash who loves his team so much and tries so hard and slowly starts to accept that maybe it’s okay for his friends to take care of him. I LOVE IT.

Dog Tags by @wordsysayswords (Gen, 4k)
I am forever obsessed with the implicit horror of the crash on Chorus, and this fic deals with it in a really gorgeous way: Wash starts collecting the dog tags from the crew who didn’t survive. Painful, but ends in hope.

To Find Our Own by @lostlegendaerie​ (Gen, 6k)
OH MY GOSH THIS FIC. It’s an AU where the Blues let Wash get arrested at Sidewinder… and then decide to go back for him. Meanwhile, Wash struggles to cope with captivity. This fic is beautifully written, with perfect voices for everyone, and it’s got exquisite Blue Team Feels AND Freelancer Feels, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE SEEING BOTH OF THOSE IN THE SAME STORY?

it’s okay by @spacershepards (Gen, 1k)
Neurodivergent South Dakota POV, with North helping her through a meltdown. I love the writing in this; the love between the twins is palpable, but you can also see the very beginnings of the cracks in their relationship.

Accretion by @hakanakiki (Gen, 14k, WIP)
Do you want you want extremely detailed, gracefully written Wash backstory? YOU DO. This one is only three chapters long so far, and Wash has only gotten as far as Basic, but I’m already very interested to see where it goes–there’s clearly been a lot of thought and love put into this story.