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if people start hating on alec after this ep because he hits raphael, so help me god.... it's his sister, he -failed- to notice her having troubles, he probably sees/knows raphael is feeding her, idk, it's a lot of things to take in, he reacts badly, matt already said so, it's not like he's plotting his death. idk i am a bit suprised everyone is reacting SO STRONGLY about something not /that/ severe. also what "yay moment"?

Here, Nonny, take a seat in my prayer circle. In here, we pray for people to understand that flawed characters fuck up. 

That said, I wish they had taken another route instead of having Alec punching Raphael. Not only because I hate to see my fave being an asshole, but also because Stop Hurting Raphael 2k17. 

I hope there’s more to that scene and that Alec immediately apologizes and go after the real villain. He can sucker punch Aldertree for ten minutes straight and then ask Izzy finish the job. That’s entertrainment for you.

As for the “Yay Alec” moment, it’s from this interview, around 9:11. I’m still waiting, Mr. Daddario. Forever waiting.

Interactions with the FAHC can be wildly beneficial; so long as you play by their rules. So long as you pay your dues, defer to Ramsey and fulfil your promises, so long as you remember that for all their wicked laughter the Fake’s do not play around when it comes to threats. When it comes to debts. If you don’t produce what you owe, if you fall behind, try to deceive or slink out of the city, you’ll quickly find yourself hosting an unwelcome visitor.

The FAHC have three key enforcers, three heavyweights who enact the majority of the crew’s dirty work. There are others, of course, some that come and go, some that have other roles, but all of Los Santos recognise these three. The guard dogs, the brawlers, the muscle; the violent core of an inherently dangerous crew, they keep order, deliver punishment, deal with any who grow more problematic than the FAHC are comfortable with.

If they merely accompany one of the others, shadow Ramsey to a meeting or the Frontman to a deal, they’ll be silent warning, visible promise; so long as everything goes to plan they are no danger, unnecessary unless they aren’t. If they come alone though, if one comes knocking all by himself, shit is about to hit the wall and nothing you do or say can stop it. There’s no telling which enforcer will show, and there is great debate surrounding which of the three is the worst, which is the one you should pray to avoid.

The Vagabond is a popular option, the obvious choice for worst of the worst; no one want’s to open the door and see that skull grinning back at them. Nobody wan’t to explain their shortcomings to the boogieman of Los Santos, to the mercenary who’s said to have no mercy, who’s said to have no restraint, whose lust for death is curbed only by the wishes of his master. Everyone’s heard the stories, everyone’s seen the aftermath; the Vagabond is not a man to be taken lightly.

But quietly, privately, some have admitted that when it comes to a shakedown, to a threat and a nasty reminder rather than an actual punishment, a visit from the Vagabond might not be the worst Ramsey has to offer. There’s something meticulous in the Vagabond, something endlessly patient; it’s an unspeakably horrifying quality in a killer, but not quite such a bad thing in an enforcer. He’s terrifying, yes, and if he actually plans on carrying through there is no escape, but in terms of deadlines and ultimatums at least he’s upfront. At least he’s clear; there are rules to interacting with the Vagabond, and so long as you abide by them you won’t attract his ire. He’ll fulfil Ramsey’s wishes to the letter but so long as you keep your head down and your nose clean that’s as far as he will go.

This is not always the case with the Fake AH Crew’s resident short fuse; Jones, Mogar, rage incarnate, the walking personification of destruction. If Jones is sent to knock some heads together there is absolutely nothing stopping him from throwing in a few broken bones for free. As loyal to the boss as the Vagabond but where the mercenary seems willing to carry out orders as requested, Jones likes to embellish on them. There is no overstating the volatile nature of the mans temper; Jones can jump from complete calm to irrevocable rage in the blink of an eye, can seem utterly reasonable one moment and irrationally furious the next.

While fully capable of unexpected bouts of tolerant patience Jones has no time for perceived idiocy, no sympathy for broken promises. He is, in a way, a man of honour and once you’ve lost his respect there’s no coming back. Even those he leaves unscathed may not escape unmarked; like a dog with a bone his disdain will follow you, a dark blot noted by all who fear his wrath. He might not have the same reputation as the Vagabond, might not swing the same flavour of danger, but stories of his temper are no less prevalent, warnings against pinging his radar no less profound. If Jones turns on you not even your gods will protect you.

Then there’s Dooley, Little J, the newest of Ramsey’s attack dogs. Based on looks alone he seems like he could be trouble, compact but visibly strong, handling his weapons with practised ease, but unlike Jones or the Vagabond Dooley always comes in smiling. Comes in with a slap to the shoulder, a friendly chat, some commiseration over the difficulties of the job. It’s easy enough, after that, to think that he’s a light touch. To think Ramsey’s newest enforcer lacks the presence of his partners, lacks their eager viciousness, to think he is easily the best of the three to have turn up at your door. Foolish.

See, for all that banter Little J is no less committed to his crew, no less judgemental of your disappointing display, no less breathtakingly ruthless. When the Vagabond brings up your failings he gets begging. When Jones sneers at your incompetence he gets excuses. When Little J asks about the complications you had, friendly and understanding and naively inexperienced, you’ll open right up. You’ll spill your fucking guts, and he’ll let you. He’ll listen and nod in all the right places, he’ll smile like you’re buddies and you’ll be so sure you’ve gotten away with it that you’ll fail to notice the way he never let go of your shoulder. The way he never stepped out of your space. You’ll keep digging your own grave right up until his hand tightens and shoves you into a wall, until he holds you there effortlessly despite your struggles, until he leans in close and explains just how badly you’ve messed up. There’s no room for excuses now, not after you’ve admitted everything, no chance to change your story; all you can do is nod, is agree, is promise and grovel and plead, say whatever it is you need to say before Dooley is satisfied. He’ll step back then, let you go and straighten your shirt, clap you on the shoulder as he turns to leave, still chattering away like nothing happened. Still smiling like you’re buddies.  

There’s great debate about which of Ramsey’s enforcers is the most intimating, which would be the worst option to find knocking at your door. Its a conversation with no resolution, an eternal loop; they argue about the worst, because god knows which of the three is the best. God knows which could be called relief, called merciful. They argue about the worst, all knowing exactly what the answer is. Knowing nothing could trump a visit from more than one, nothing could be more dangerous, more worthy of abject terror. If Ramsey sends a pair of his enforcers things are guaranteed to get nasty, things are guaranteed to get wildly unpleasant, but even two cannot compare to all three. If all three come knocking there is no escape, if all three come knocking the game is up, your run is over. It’s overkill to the extreme, the rare combination of raw threat, blinding rage and subtle menace so powerfully unnecessary it can only be a message. If the Fake’s key enforcers come knocking the very best you can hope for is to be the one chosen survivor left to spread the word.

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Ohhhhhh that metaphor is so perfect! I'm surprised Alphys didn't pick up on what he was saying. But yes, both pillars must be fixed if the house is to survive. Also, saying someone is "good people" is just a strange expression Americans use sometimes.

Yeaaaaah, it’s like the most obvious metaphor ever - someone explained well in comments, that my metaphor is like a brick to the face. I completely agree XD

But thank you! ^^ i’m glad you liked it!

The clamor on the bus back to the hotel is comforting in its familiarity, and River is grateful for it, even if they feel like if they open their mouth to join any conversation right now the sickness they’ve been feeling will overcome them. They stare resolutely out of the bus window, the bright blur of passing lights rhythmic and soothing.  Their body feels far away, their thoughts unable to stay above the dark water of another time and place, and they could almost choke on the force of the feelings if they weren’t busy being dragged along with the tide.  It’s eerily similar to one of their nightmares, except this time they’re conscious.  

It’s the vibration of their phone in their sweatshirt pocket, ultimately, that brings River back to earth, and even then it’s only after the second time it buzzes.  They guess they shouldn’t be surprised to receive texts from their sister, not anymore, but it’s still pleasant to see Dana’s name pop up on screen, “Congrats on the win! You guys fucking killed them out there!” followed shortly by “That fight looked nasty tho. Are you okay?” River stares at her messages for a long time before answering, their customary “Thanks, I’m alright, thank you for asking” sorts of things that feel cheap, but what else can they say?  Dana lived through hell alongside them, there was no use in dragging her into their issues tonight, not when she’d braved the time difference to watch the game on T.V. when she probably had an early shift tomorrow.

Caught up in their thoughts, they didn’t even hear someone trying to get their attention over the volume of the bus until the second or third time their name was called.  They started before turning to see who it was. “I’m really sorry, could you repeat that?”

Vixx reaction: You being shy about having a crush on them

I’m so glad you enjoy my writing! Honestly I am still suprised by how much positivity I am receiving!

Taekwoon(Leo) would probably get shy himself and smile at you cutely. It would help him gather his courage to confess to you. He would probably die a little inside everytime you blushed in front of him making him want to squeeze you.

Hakyeon(N). Boy, would he love it. He is a sassy, confident man and he would love to see you so shy around him. He would probably tease you a little about it in a loving manner. It would make him fall more and more for you.

Jaehwan(Ken) would be much like Hakyeon. He would love it so much. While he would not openly tease you he would do other things like putting his arm around you or unexpectedly hugging you goodbye and letting the hug linger longer than needed and then laugh at your cute reactions.

I can totally see Wonshik(Ravi) being grown up about it. By that I mean he wouldn’t tease you and try to make you feel more comfortable around him before he would ask you out. He would think it is very cute though.

Hongbin is shy himself so he would probably laugh timidly at you not about you!!! and he would try to make the situation more relaxed but it would turn more awkward. That’s probably how you two ended up being less shy after a while. Because you realize you are both messes. But he would also get all giddy inside seeing you react to him that way.

Sanghyuk(Hyuk). Well now this one. Lord knows he would tease you, crack one joke after the other and would make you laugh to make you feel more comfortable and forget your shyness and then he would thow an arm around you to make you shy again. Would play a little game of push and pull.

(Hahaha. I thought y’all thought I was done. NOPE. I LIVE IN THIS SCENE NOW FOREVER OKAY.)

I don’t feel like we’ve done enough.

The last post was really to examine the three second pause. But look at what he says.

First, out of all the things going on in that beautiful blond head, the only word he can express to fully encompass all of his emotions, is ‘Wow’

Because he is absorbed in the mastery of her bravery.

Stunned by her grace and skill. 

He has so much that he’s going through that it feels as if human communication cannot accurately relate his wonder and dazzled state.



It doesn’t matter who is under that mask.

Adrien doesn’t care what Ladybug looks like. He doesn’t care if she is nerdy or popular or smart or dumb. He doesn’t care if she’s rich. He doesn’t care if she’s poor. He doesn’t care if she has facial scars or if she is maimed or what things might have happened in her life.

If ladybug’s civilian self were blind? He doesn’t care.

If her civilian self had a pair of crossed eyes? Nice. What ever.

If her civilian self had weird BO or couldn’t speak or couldn’t hear or whatever. It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Because Adrien knows that underneath that costume. Underneath the Magic that they’ve been granted is one of the most impressive and brave people he’s ever met.

It doesn’t matter who is she is.

Because he loves her.

Love is patient. It is kind. It is gentle and it is accepting.

I know we talk a lot of about the relationship between Chat and Ladybug as an action couple. But I just want everyone reading this to understand that Adrien is still under those ears and that mask. And he KNOWS that there is someone under Ladybug’s magic too. He knows that Ladybug is a real, breathing, living person who isn’t always in a superhero get up saving Paris, just like he’s not always a superhero.

And he wants to know her. 

Because he loves her.

Adrien knows he’s more at ease with the world under the cloak of anonymity. He knows that he can be more real with his actions, his words and his reactions. There is no fear of censure or reproach in this way. And if that’s the case for him? That’s the case for her.

Marinette takes on a persona when she transforms, true.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s a different person or that the persona isn’t here. It’s not as if Ladybug is separate. Instead, she can act with more confidence and that is so incredibly attractive.

Whoever that girl is? He will love her when he finds her outside the mask. Because he loves her now.

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Hi!! I just wanted to say if you do the valentine event you need to log in each and every day cuz if you won't you can't get everything. i forgot to log in 1 day and now i am not gonna get the suprise from ''someone'' i am gonna cry TT So just warning you don't make the same mistake as i did :( (btw i love your blog and sorry for my bad english)

your english is fine and thank you for the info!


///// thank you guys so much, I appreciate every single one of you and I am so happy that I could make someone smile with my *cough cough* awesome *cough cough* sense of humor! ( no seriously, I am still suprised someone actually likes it haha). So thanks once again I want to hug all of youuuuuu ( also I often read tags when someone reblogs something from me and sometimes it’s so adorable or funny, thanks a lot for that too!) //////

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👌👌👌 Bts reaction 😊 I wasn't expecting that from you today but it was a nice suprise!

A/N - Hoorayy!!! I am so glad you enjoyed my little surprise hehehe i was in complete fangirl mode so I had to unleash my feels somehow :) let me know if you lovelies would like me to do any other reactions/scenarios! thank you for your sweet message! <3



 Here it is… my mom and I in our outfits for the concert in Chicago on July 18th! We went to the RED tour together and now we are super excited for 1989! I even made her do the flamingo! my moms adorable(:

My life has changed so much because of the women I call my queen. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned from her and how much I’ve grown because of the golden words she speaks and the masterpieces she sings. I am so happy that I chose the most beautiful -inside and out- person to be my idol. The women with the biggest heart and the smartest mind. 3 years ago, going to her concert was a wild dream of mine but three days before the RED tour I was lucky enough to buy tickets. This time around, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to win the tickets off the radio. I still have not recovered from either of those days. I haven’t watched ANY videos from this tour except the suprise guests. I am so excited to hear all the speeches and all the songs LIVE for the FIRST TIME!

 Please help me get this to Taylor so we can give her a BIG HUG and tell her how much we love her!!! We will be sitting in Section 114 Row 16 Seats 13+14! Anyone who’s there come and say hi! I CANT WAIT!!! -Elizabeth❤️

Ok I was debating whenever I should do another follow forever, but since I reached my goal, like two weeks ago (I think?), I decide to do another follow forever. 

I’m using a edit I did few weeks back,because I can lol. And I love Natsu’s smile alot so yeah. 

Now before I do the follow forever I want to say something: Thank you all for following me and sticking with me. I had tumblr for nearly three years and just now I finally got to 1,000. For those who don’t know me, socialization takes a lot of energy out of me, even just for five minutes belive it or not, despite this I really do want to talk to people,and so I’m really am suprise I have this many followers. And so thank you guys so much, it really does mean alot to me. And now here are the people/blogs that I love seeing on my dash, or just in general have a really great blog, and you all should deffintly check them out. Just so you know if you aren’t on here, it doesn’t mean anything, i love all the blogs I follow, and just so you know that all of you are awesome. 

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