i am so not satisfied with how this turned out

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yo yo I LOVE U first and foremost. and also could u wrote an imagine where the reader is Tony's daughter & they're also dating Peter Parker. so Tony doesn't know that they're dating until he walks in on them drunkenly.. eh hem... doing the deed.. and he's like wtf and gets mad and it's super angsty and just wow PLS write this

a/n: This turned out SO LONG but I am so satisfied with it – turned out pretty much how I originally envisioned, which is super exciting. Give it a like/reblog/comment if you enjoyed! 


You can’t help but emit a squeak as Peter flips the pair of you over on the bed so that you hover above him, your hair slipping over your shoulders to serve as a curtain around his face. “God, I love your hair,” Peter manages as he slides his fingers through the locks and starts tugging appreciatively on it.

Instead of responding, you only kiss him harder, only vaguely aware of the little noises escaping the back of your throat. Peter does that to you sometimes, although you find yourself trying to remain quiet out of habit.

Secretly dating Peter Parker definitely has a mixture of its perks and disadvantages. For one, the pair of you can keep cleanly out from under your father’s nose, who both of you know would completely lose his shit if he ever found out about the relationship you shared with his intern. Tony Stark is nothing if not an overbearing father, probably to make up for his previous years of recklessness. While you appreciate your father’s protective nature, it can get very out of hand at times.

Which is why both of you know to take full advantage of moments when Tony finds himself out of Stark Tower, busying himself with Avenging business. It gives you and Peter the opportunity to spend quality time together, indulging in things like this in your room rather than under the watchful eyes of Aunt May.

“Do you not need to breathe?” You manage through pants as Peter pulls himself from your mouth and starts leaving a trail of hot kisses down your neck, pulling gently at your hair to give him the leverage he needs. You grip the blankets underneath Peter to keep you from spinning out of reality.

“I like to think I’m pretty athletic,” Peter jokes, about to spin the pair of you over again so he can be on top before a voice turns the blood in your veins into ice.

“What the hell is this?”

At once, all the lust and intimacy in the bedroom slips away like grains of sand through fingers. You rip away from Peter suddenly, as if his touch burns against your skin, and sit up to fix your attention to the doorframe of your room. Tony Stark is standing in the middle, eyes wide and hands on hips. Beneath the normal color of his eyes, you can see the rage and fury dancing underneath, and you know that you’re in for some deep shit.

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Like any art I post on the internet, I never thought I would finish it as it started out as a sketch and it was left in the WIP folder for a while but then when inspiration and motivation hit at an ungodly hours, I picked up my tablet pen and completed it and I am extremely satisfied how it turned out!

The background is based on the first stage and I like the color combo of red and purple so that why I went with that.

Textures and bushes I used in this art: [1] [2] [3] [4] 

WHOOPS i feel stupid for having just naively assumed my specs would work out but, turns out i’ve got too little RAM to play MD, lol. Tried to fish some extra RAM out of other computers but it was all the wrong kind or so old it wouldn’t make a dent in the requirement.  Gonna have to wait till tomorrow or the day after, looks like. 

(…Admittedly, i am not as sad as i might’ve been because there is still more DX: Black Light to read. : p)