i am so not satisfied with how this turned out


Turns out both my tablet and Photoshop don’t work properly at all in Windows 10 (whyyy Microsoft??) but I still managed to make these sketches of Shiro so that’s pretty nice ;)

Thanks again to everyone who sent me advice earlier. It’s been really helpful!

okay so my genius of a best friend just pretty much figured out what the hell just happened: stefan died and gave the cure to damon, obviously. delena got married and there was like a time jump or something to when they were walking down the street and damon just disappeared, that’s when damon died. then, elena sees the house and her family and that’s a sign that she died and basically all 3 of them died over a period of time and i am so at peace with that. the three main characters of this show being gone by the end without having the other characters mourn over it and go on with their lives and stefan has a lot to do with it. it also proves that no matter what damon goes back to stefan no matter what. it ALSO proves that stefan is for sure the main character of this freaking show because he started all of these characters lives and how they turned around mystic falls.
i don’t know but after this i’m satisfied with how the finale went down and i sobbed my eyes out the whole time.

Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 26: New Redemption Arc

so we all saw someone save Hiccup from falling off a cliff (again), and if we look closely we can clearly see that it’s Ryker who saves him. i am actually super excited to see how this redemption arc is going to play out! it will be really interesting to watch Ryker turn on his own brother and possibly join the Dragon Riders. if Ryker ends up killing Viggo, that will be so damn satisfying. but that might be a couple seasons away, so we’ll see!

Advice for people struggling with selves-doubt (Am I multiple?)

This is in response to a question/rant/plea someone put to me, but I decided not to respond directly, or even @ them because my response broaches on some really messy territory and I didn’t want to add to their crisis by bringing syscourse to their personal blog. I also wanted to make a response on my own blog because I think it’s a crisis that a lot of multiples go through and I hope that our experiences can be helpful.

First of all: to anyone suffering through doubts, confusion, conflicting symptoms, conflicting perspectives and opinions, skeptical professionals, and angry gatekeepers: I don’t even have words to express my sympathy. It’s bad enough trying to figure out whether you are “actually” multiple without having to deal with everyone else’s hangups. Dozens of virtual *hugs* to you all.

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Writing prompt!: "Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…"

“An Avenger.” Spider-man said, fair distance away. “You.”

“Me!” Deadpool’s voice rang higher than usual, hands balled into fists that he pumped giddily. “An Avenger! Can you believe it?”

“Not without great trouble. So, that means…?”

“We’re going to be teammates!” Deadpool’s leg popped to punctuate the last word. God, Peter wanted to go home.

“Great. Looking forward to working with you.” Spider-man said, dry, preparing to swing far, far away.

“So…” Wade began, Spider-man whined quietly. As much as Spider-man disliked Deadpool, he was polite enough not to leave mid-conversation.

“So.” Spider-man bit.

“So howsabout a hug for your new teammate? I know you’re proud of me. C’mere. Get in that team spirit.”

“As tempting as that sou––“ Spider-man started his excuse, to which Wade did not stop to listen.

Come onnn. This guy just had his lifelong dream come true. I deserve a hug. Captain America handpicked me for my hugging prowess. It’s the quality of the hugs that make or break teams, Webs. Don’t let the team down.”

Spider-man looked to the sky, defeated, before dropping from his perch atop the wall to stand before Deadpool. Before the reluctant utterance of alright could pass his lips, Wade’s arms were wrapped around him tightly. Peter immediately tensed in the hold, unsure of what to do. His hands twitched, hovering at Wade’s back, not quite ready to rest there. Wade was perfectly enthusiastic, chin pressed comfortably on the hero’s shoulder, arms clamped around Peter’s back with no reservation. He hummed like this was the most satisfying moment in his life.

A long few seconds passed, and Peter could do very little but think how warm Wade was. His hands slowly found rest on Wade’s back. Peter didn’t know if he was just so touch-starved that it made hugging Wade Wilson – long time nuisance – kind of… nice. If that was the case, boy, Peter really needed to get in the dating game again.

“You planning on letting me go anytime soon? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Webs, I am loving this, but I’ve got places to be, and…”

Spider-man pushed out of the embrace, and promptly turned on heel, ready to disappear. Possibly forever. 

“Pick up from where we left off next time, teammate?” Deadpool cooed, and Spider-man was gone. So, so gone.

“That’s it,” Peter mumbled to himself, mid-swing. “I’m quitting the Avengers.”

Parenthood (David Pastrnak)

Anonymous said:

Can you do a David Pastrnak on the Drabble list thingy? Number 54? Thank youuu

#54: “You’re not mature enough to be a parent.” - “Try me.”

Word count: 662

Author’s note: Short, but sweet.

Originally posted by mttymrts

One of the craziest things about Zdeno Chara, you had found out while dating David, was that he really wasn’t that crazy off of the ice. In fact, it seemed that Chara was a quiet family-man. The defenseman known for his brutal hits and goonish looks on the ice really enjoyed hanging out and watching movies with his children off the ice. His children, actually, are what brought you and David to the Chara household today. Little Zack and Ben Chara turn one in a week, but since the Bruins are on a road trip during that time, Chara decided to have the party, whole team invited, the weekend before. Naturally, you were invited as well.

After the boys were given tiny birthday cakes and sang to, everyone started to branch off. The wives all clumped together to gossip while the players went off to play with the kids. You and David, who the team always teased for being in the stage they called ‘puppy love’ lounge on one of the benches outside, eating pieces of birthday cake and watching the action. All of the kids are running around playing, some of their dads chasing them. David laughs lightly when Tuukka swings his daughter Vivien in the air.

“Sometimes I worry that people are going to drop their babies when they do that.” David says. You nod, not wanting to ruin the tranquility on your guys’ own little island. “Chara has some pretty cute kids.” He continues.

“He’s done a good job with the twins and Elliz.” You comment.

“We should do that.” David says suddenly. You sit up and look at him, perplexed.

“We should do what?” You question.

“Be parents.”

What?” You’re stunned. Out of all of the things that you had been expecting David to say, his sudden desire to become a parent was not on the list.

“Yeah, it’d be fun.” You laugh slightly, still not sure if you’re hearing right. “Plus, our kids would be insanely cute.”

“I’m sure they would be, but parents?” David nods enthusiastically. “David, we’re still basically kids. We can’t even drink! What makes you think that we should have kids of our own?” David’s smile dims at your reaction.

“I don’t know, I’ve just been thinking about a lot of things lately. Kids being one of them.” Your gaze grows softer as you reach a hand out for your boyfriend.

“David, you know I love you, really, but you’re not mature enough to be a parent. We’re not mature enough to be parents.” David’s eyes steel as he pulls away from you.

“So you don’t love me?” You’re taken aback.

“Excuse me? Why on Earth wouldn’t I love you?”

“You don’t want to have kids with me!” You’re both standing now as you quietly argue.

“It’s not that I don’t want to have kids with you! I just don’t want to have kids with you right now! We are not in a position to be taking care of our own kids.”

Try me.” David challenges. You roll your eyes.

“I love you so much. Nothing would make me happier than to have a family with you.” David smiles, trying to stop you. “But I am not ready to be a mother yet, and I don’t think you’re ready to be a father. How about we start out with something small, like a dog? We can try that for a couple of years and then revisit the issue, okay?” David nods, satisfied. He kisses you as you lean into his figure. You turn from him, leaning against him, as you look out at everyone.

“Besides,” You add with a laugh. “We’re not even engaged or anything, let alone married.” You can feel David shifting besides you as he moves. Everyone stops where they’re at and looks at you as you wave at them awkwardly, not sure what’s going on.

“(Y/N)?” David asks. You turn around and gasp at the sight of your boyfriend down on one knee, ring in hand.

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“Hey!” Sebastian waves his large hand in the air. 

Oh, god. I felt invisible hands move and pull on my intestines, tying them in knots. My legs felt weak as I walk toward his direction. He doesn’t even know the effect he has on me.

Now he stands in front of me. His smile is small but, effective. Definitely effective. Time to put on my act.

“Hey, Seb!” I exclaim with my hands, closing the little gap between us.

“Alright! the cool circular glasses!” He reaches out to grab my glasses off my face. For some reason, this man-child is obsessed with these circle framed shades.

I dodge away from his reach. “Maybe I’ll give them to you later. When I have makeup on and look decent? Like usual?” I place my palms on the edges of the glasses. 

Seb and I are close friends on set. Every time I wear these glasses, I at least have some sort of coverage on my face. But today, I used my glasses to cover up the dark bags under my eyes. I hadn’t gotten ready for today’s shoot, yet.

“Aw! Come on don’t be that way…” Sebastian’s voice faded to a whisper. He places his hands on top of mine, moving them away.

‘Oh, lord. Never let go of my hands. Your hands are so warm and gentle.’ Many thoughts run through my mind at insane speeds. I felt my heart beat through my throat.

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Fic: The Truth Is Out There

Summary: Dan finishes his 1/24/17 live show and tells Phil about Phangate.
Word Count: 893
Rating: Teen (for oblique mention of sexy times)
Tags: Humor, Established Relationship, Domestic Fluff, Phangate
Author’s Note: While this fic is based on real life phandom drama and Dan’s real life live show, I make no assumptions about DnP’s actual real life relationship. That’s their business, and I’m just having fun.

The Truth Is Out There

Dan closed his bedroom door and walked toward the kitchen, where he could hear Phil preparing dinner. He paused in the doorway, pleased to see that no part of Phil or the kitchen was actively aflame.

“Done with your live show?” Phil asked without looking up. He appeared to be making some sort of soup, staring into a large pot of something he was stirring with a wooden spoon.

“Yeah,” Dan said in his best contrite voice, looking at the floor now and trying not to smile. “And I may have fucked up. I sort of … told the truth … I mean, about us.”

Phil glanced up sharply and dropped his spoon into the pot of soup. “What?”

Dan glanced up hesitantly and nodded. “There were questions in the chat, and I may have … admitted … well … that the whole flatmate thing is a sham.”

Phil frowned and this time it was him looking down at the kitchen tiles. “Shouldn’t we have talked about this before you just … blurted it out like that?”

Dan slowly walked across the kitchen toward Phil, still trying to keep giggles from escaping, trying to look sorry. “Well, apparently something got out, and the fans were going crazy with all these questions in the chat, and I just couldn’t keep the secret anymore.” He wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist and pulled him close, lowering his head to press a soft kiss to Phil’s neck. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered.

Phil sighed and wrapped his arms around Dan’s waist, giving him a bit of a reassuring squeeze. “You said something had gotten out? What were they saying?”

“Oh, you know,” Dan replied quietly. “They were asking about your secret wife and child, and I just couldn’t keep the secret any longer.”

Phil’s head rose abruptly, nearly knocking Dan in the chin. “My what?” His eyes were wide, his mouth slightly open in surprise.

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woooooo pride dresses for the youngins on the voltron team

im working on the adults’s but it might take awhile 

please do not tag this is as g//enderbend 

my reasoning for each one’s dresses below the cut :> 

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boyfriend!chan please!! 😊

I went with headcanons for this, I hope you don’t mind! If you wanted a drabble, please let me know, and maybe add a topic/theme if you’d like! Hope you like it ^^

Boyfriend! Chan

• The members baby him quite a bit, and while he doesn’t mind it much, being in a relationship where you’re equals would be refreshing for him
• Not to say that you don’t sometimes too (to an extent), just bc he’s so cute, honestly
• So he’s constantly trying to prove to you just how much he’s Matured, he is A Man now ok
• Sometimes this ends embarrassingly but it’s ok bc HE’S SO ADORABLE
• It pleases him when you sincerely go along with him tho, WOW HOW DID HE GET SO LUCKY
• And there’s a new gentleman in town, Josh, watch out
• Here’s his jacket for when it’s cold; when the heck was the last time you pulled your own chair out ? or opened a door ??
• Positively glows when you compliment and/or reassure him
• “You look so cool, Chan!!”
• The brightest smile, a shy deflect, maybe a slightly smug look, but inside he is internally screaming don’t let him fool you
• Even if you just laugh at a lame joke he made he’d absolutely SHINE IT’S AMAZING
• Hasn’t had much previous relationship experiences, poor bby, so he can be a little naïve and tactless sometimes
• But he’s very smart, and learns quickly, so he realizes his mistakes and apologizes quickly too
• Also bc of this, will probably pick up on things you like/don’t like quite easily
• Picnic dates af
• Remember that one vlive with him, DK, and Minghao? Yes like that, any time of day and just any day period
• It starts out as you guys buying stuff, but eventually he’ll insist on making things and will probably ask mingyu to teach him a few things in the kitchen
• You surprise him with your own made lunch sometimes too
• When you both do it at the same time it’s so cute (why are you guys so cute) and you also have a lot of extra food now, so you might call some other members to hang out and eat
• He’s also quite ambitious, but it might’ve taken a while for him to realize his feelings for you and act on them
• But bc he’s ambitious, will do his damnedest to impress you and make you happy, that is what A Real Man would do
• Honestly he’d do such a great job most of the time
• Probably almost had a heart attack when you first held hands, much less the first kiss
• why was his heart like that was he dying
• Tried to hide it around the members, but their Chan-meter is extremely sensitive ok they can tell when something’s up
• lol they figured it out almost immediately
• They teased him ofc (“our baby has grown :’)”) before giving him Amazing Advice
• In the end it probably didn’t do any good, he forgot everything once he saw you again, and went with his gut
• It still went Amazing. Kinda. He was super nervous but it only took a reassuring squeeze of his hand to ease his nerves
• His heart did that thing again but this time he felt so ALIVE WOW YOU WERE MAGICAL
• Texts like an Adult too
• Example: “Hey,_____, do you want to go out later? I have practice until 5pm, but I want to eat dinner with you.”
• Correct punctuation, no grammatical or spelling errors
• It’d be so fun to tease him about this too, think about it
• Also matching couples clothing/accessories/anything af
• The members will think that’s the cutest shit ever and they’re right it kinda is, almost sickeningly so
• Honestly probably not much pda, just the regular hand holding
• It calms him down and grounds him and he loves it but anything other than that would have him blushing a new shade of red
• Which is why you sneak in a quick cheek kiss sometimes for amusement and bc he’s just really adorable what else are you supposed to do
• Being the big spoon when cuddling gives him quite a bit of satisfaction but he lowkey would also enjoy being the little spoon once in a while
• In conclusion: the sweetest, greatest boyfriend, is still learning, but will do his absolute manliest best to make you happy (even aegyo he’s horrible at omg how lucky you are for him to throw aside his pride just for you)


A/N: I’m not super satisfied with how this turned out, so I might update it later on lol. Thank you for reading (and giving me my first request/kicking my ass into gear to write again)!



YOU LOOK STUNNING!!!! I’m speechless my bean, the happiness you’re radiating warmed my heart! I’m so so so happy that you’re satisfied with how it turned out! YOU’RE GONNA BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ASAHI OF THEM ALL AND I’M SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!


ctto gahh pls tolerate me for a little and let my imagination run wild jk somebody control me pls // ok tbh aren’t these such boyfriend pictures omg like CAN YOU IMAGINE

-daehwi being clingy af and always wanting to hold your hand

-daehwi loving to ruffle your hair and you kinda get mad at him but his nose crinkles and he chuckles at your face and you turn all soft for him again

-daehwi loving hugs and he could hug you all day and never get tired of it

-daehwi showering you with many many many kisses no matter how embarrassed you get bc he finds you cute like that

-whenever you have trouble falling asleep, daehwi will massage your scalp and sing you to sleep while you snuggle into the side of his thigh and when you’ve fallen asleep, he’ll look at you endearingly and smile at how beautiful you are

-when he’s jealous, he’s gonna pout and refuse to face you and you feel bad so you backhug him and apologise profusely. little did you know he’s chuckling at how cute you are and he gives up trying to ignore you so he turns around and pulls you in for a really tight hug

-daehwi waking up with his blur and innocent face with morning hair and really, isn’t that the cutest

ok i am going to stop here this is going out of hand and i’m quite :-( emo bc there are no daehwi fics/oneshots and i’m contemplating writing my own to satisfy my fluff needs HAHA

I am somewhat pleased with how this one turned out. Not entirely satisfied by any means, but I think it looks quite nice. I really like the style (and the mashing of two styles with the background vs. her), so I can’t complain too much. Still getting the hang of the learning curve that comes with the whole art thing.

Best viewed at full size. This thing is PACKED with detail. Seriously.

Anyway, this is Emma Smith, wife of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith. Don’t let the religious aspect turn you off, though. No matter what your beliefs are, she was one of the coolest women to ever exist, and, like most female historical figures, doesn’t get enough credit. 

I’m no biographer, and I can’t even pretend that I could do her justice, but the best way to explain her is basically “a Mormon Eliza Hamilton”. That tells you everything you need to know about her personality. Their lives also have some incredible parallels, but I’ll refrain from getting into that. You know how I babble if I get the chance.

Emma went through unimaginable grief in her life, and remained one of the strongest and kindest women her friends and family knew. She had many miscarriages, gave birth to stillborn twins, and then her adopted child passed away from illness after a mob came in to ransack the house and let the freezing air in. All this while living with constant anxiety that the love of her life could be murdered any day. Can you imagine that? The kind of bravery it takes to even stay alive in a situation like that?

But she didn’t just stay alive. She was the president of a women’s organization called the Relief Society, which was dedicated to charity. This still exists today, and is one of the largest women’s organizations of all time. She lived in a constant state of fear and grief, and still managed to focus on helping others. I hope I can one day be half the woman she was.

The quote on the bottom of the image is one that I saw tucked away in a corner of a museum, above some information about Joseph’s burial. It simply said,

 “Oh, Joseph. Have they taken you from me at last?”

It hit me so much harder than I could have anticipated. Something about that one phrase perfectly captured both the grief of the moment and the anxiety that she lived with for her entire marriage. 

My only regret is that I’m not better at art, because I’d like to give her proper recognition. For now, this will have to do.

Anyway, I hope you all learned something new today, and if not, well, I hope you had a lovely day anyway.