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Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 26: New Redemption Arc

so we all saw someone save Hiccup from falling off a cliff (again), and if we look closely we can clearly see that it’s Ryker who saves him. i am actually super excited to see how this redemption arc is going to play out! it will be really interesting to watch Ryker turn on his own brother and possibly join the Dragon Riders. if Ryker ends up killing Viggo, that will be so damn satisfying. but that might be a couple seasons away, so we’ll see!

gone-kamakrazee  asked:

I just wanted to pop in an say that your art is CRAZY GOOD. As are your cosplays and (especially) your hair! I'm also trying to do a mowhawk kinda thing, but I don't think it'll be as cool as yours is..! ^ ^'

Oh gosh wow that’s so nice of you to say! Thank you so much, I really appriciate you being here and enjoying what I do! (Also that’s very flattering I am very satisfied with how my hair turned out, thank you <3) I’m sure you could rock a mohawk, mohawks are like default cool!!! <3

Hello, fellow shippers!

After a solid week of seeing 85% of my dash clouded with anti-shipping hate, I finally got fed up enough to do something about it.

It seems that nothing we can say will ever be enough to make the antis stop. No matter how much you argue with them, and how much logic you use, you will continue to be harassed, bullied, suicide baited, and threatened. They simply will not be satisfied with any conclusion other than you deleting your blog and leaving Tumblr.

I am not going to let that happen.

So instead of turning outward and attacking them directly (which has proven thus far ineffective), I made this blog for the purpose of spreading love and positivity within our communities. We may not be able to stomp out abuse and harassment in the anti community, but we can build each other up.

I have a few simple goals for this blog:

  • Spread loving kindness and encouragement to shippers who have come under attack. Let them know that they are not alone in this, and that there is a huge community of people behind them who care about and support them.
  • Provide a space for shippers from every fandom to celebrate all of the positive things that happened in our lives from being involved with shipping communities. Each week, I would like to open up submissions themed around a different topic to start a conversation about all of the good things that have come from our involvement in fandom.
  • Network and provide support, resources, and help for our crewmates in distress.
  • Demonstrate to the anti communities that we will not be cowed by fear.We will not lose our ability to love and support one another in the face of online bullying and harassment.
  • Hate mail from anonymous antis will be replied to with pictures of cute baby animals, loving kindness, and donation links to charities supporting real-life victims of abuse and sexual and domestic violence.

All ships are welcome here. Yes, all of them.

(Yes, even that super “gross” ship that you are afraid to admit you are a fan of for fear of harassment–especially that ship.) Fandom Tumblr is a pretty big place, but unfortunately the anti harassment and bullying has creeped into every corner.

It is only by coming together and supporting each other cross-fandom that we can hope to keep ourselves afloat.

If you see a shipper in distress who might be in need of some kind words and an army of support, shoot us an ask and we will do our very best to help in whatever way we are able, even if that just means lending an ear.

Stay safe, crew, and have a fantastic day!

 ♥ Mod Scaly 🐍

Hi guys! Have a picture of my fursuit that arrived yesterday!!!! My fursuit was made by the amazing people at donthugcacti and I am so happy with how he turned out!! He features big stompy feet and a super cute baby yote muzzle~ He is so comfy and I can wear him all day! Thank you again, Lucky & Skuff and the rest of the DHC team! I am oh so satisfied with my suit!! <3

It’s funny because having a child is the highest form of fucking narcissism there is.

My Facebook feed is full of self-satisfied parents bragging about their kids and posting photos of their wonderful offspring so that everyone else can congratulate them on what a good job they’re doing.

And here I am refusing to take any credit for how my kid turned out because HE did that. He gets to take credit for all of what he is because he is an individual that I brought into this world without any consideration for whether he wanted to be born or not.

Which, I might add, I have apologised for profusely. Because this world is no place for an innocent.

Reproduction is narcissistic. So, unless you’re planning on taking EVERYONE’S children away, how about you give the whole “narcissistic parents shouldn’t be allowed to keep their children” bullshit to yourselves.

I am sick to death of hearing how fucking terrible parents with Personality Disorders inherently are when there are so many shitty people in this world with no such diagnosis.

I watched Digestivo bc I, you know, don’t have anything even remotely similar to self-control. A ton of the episode was spent with me hiding behind my hands muttering “fuck, oh my god, oh no” and legitimately questioning why I watch this horror fest. And then, the last twenty minutes or so? Sadness. From the moment Hannibal carries Will out of Muskrat Farm, it’s the worst kind of sorrow- the hollow kind, the cold sort of pain that’s settled so deeply into your bones that you can’t feel anything anymore. I am so happy with how Hannibal’s arc closed. I am and forever will be satisfied with him turning himself in at Will’s house, him closing that book and leaving him in the room after Will tells him, essentially, “I don’t want you anymore. I don’t need you. Goodbye.” And Hannibal, in respect, leaves- doesn’t touch him, doesn’t speak. Just suffers in silence and leaves. But, being the monster he is, ultimately subverts Will’s desire to never seek him out again: Hannibal turns himself in so that Will always know where he is. So that he doesn’t have the comfort of mystery, the luxury of forgetting. So that the door to the dark and haunted basement of his life is always there, always waiting, just needing a turn of the knob to be opened. 


“and it’s quite now; the universe is standing still.” // happy birthday, you shining star.
                    acrylic on canvas, 80x60cm. (click on pics for hd)

I will probably take another set of pictures by daylight but I just finished this tonight, right in time for Brandon’s birthday today. It’s obviously a starry sky / space and is a homage to the masterpiece that is Goodnight, Travel well, and I am so satisfied with how it turned out. Took me about six hours of work which were all worth it; I’m just looking for a place to put it up, because it’s so huge. And I just couldn’t  be more thankful that this band and this song exist. 

Many of you have asked me about my thoughts on the upcoming Ever After High: Epic Winter™ Daring Charming™ (Son of King Charming) doll, and here they are:

- I honestly am fairy happy with the way his face turned out. I knew the leaked pictures were prototypes, I mean, they were clearly using an Alistair doll, so I’m happy to see that Daring got a brand new face mold.
- I LOVE that he has his signature smile. This was something I was hoping for, so I am satisfied with how it looks.
- Molded hair? Not a big fan. I understand that creating hair for boy dolls is difficult, I mean… the other three boys (especially Dexter and Alistair) had horrible hair at the beginning, however I would have preferred to have normal hair. I feel that he might look strange with the other boy dolls, but maybe he won’t? I mean, in Monster High we have both types of ‘hair’, molded (Holt, Deuce, Heath) and normal hair (Jackson, Clawd). What I am really hoping for is that the hair can be removed and he still has a head under it. I would like to get my Daring rerooted.
- Jacket needs A LOT OF WORK. I’m still trying to figure out how I will fix his jacket, I’m just hoping he has a sweater under and it’s a separate piece. I hope I’m not asking for too much.
- His pants… Are they molded or not? I don’t think they are, and truly hope they are not, but you guys tell me… I don’t see articulations on the legs, but they do seem to plastic-y, right?
- Shoes need repainting, but don’t most of the EAH doll shoes do? Fixable.

Overall, I am hexcited for his release, and I can’t wait to get started on the customization. Now you guys tell me, what are your thoughts? I would love to read them, whether they are positive or negative. Thanks for reading!


Hi~  Requested Jimin angst-smut by anon. (1 520 words)



/!\ Smut part until the end /!\

 You were sitting on the couch, watching your favorite series with your boyfriend. Jimin was gently rubbing your knee with your hand above his when a steamy sex scene showed up.

“Wow, they’re going really wild.” He half laughed without being able to stick out his eyes off of the screen.

“I wonder how it feels.” You smirked, looking at him.

He somehow knew you were staring at him so he turned his face to look at you.

"What do you mean? Aren’t you satisfied with me?”

“No… Well yes I am; but you’re always so gentle during sex.” You smiled at yourself while blushing, thinking of how good it always feels.

“Me? Are you sure? Do you really think I’m too gentle?”

“Kind of. I don’t have anything about kindness though. It’s just… I’d like to experience a wild sex once in a lifetime.”

“If it’s what you want!” He leant on you and started to kiss your neck, sometimes skimming your skin with his teeth. It automatically made your heart pound while shivers were sent all over your body.

 You let yourself fall on the couch so Jimin could be on top of you, biting your ear before shifting his thick lips on yours.

“Is this what you’re calling wild?” You pulled away after a long but passionate kiss, asking him to give you more.

 You could tell by his face he was first confused, but after a sparkle lighted up his eyes, he stood up with a determinate attitude.
 You didn’t have a clue of what he was planning to do but you could tell you were already enjoying it.
He carried you in his brawny arms, your forearms wrapped around his neck.

“Don’t treat me that well this time, understood?” You whispered before licking his earlobe.

 You felt him shivering and you smiled as he pushed the bedroom’s door. He stepped to the bed and literally dropped you on the bed.
 You grinned at him as he showed you an emotionless face, must be because of the character he was trying to be.

“Take off your clothes.” He dully said.

 You obeyed and took of your tee shirt and your jeans, keeping on your underwears so Jimin could have the pleasure to take them off.
 He took a condom off the drawer of his nightstand before casting it on the bed.

“Why are you still in underwears? Take them off too.” He said, looking at you like you were an object.

 You thought it would have been more fun or at least more exciting, but it turned out to be pretty awkward. You kind of started to unlike it.

“Won’t you also take off your clothes?”

“Shh.” He said as he took off his white tee shirt before joining you on the bed.

 You wrapped your arms around his neck to press his bare chest on your nacked body, desire taking over your disappointment.                                    He grabbed your hands and harshly took them away, so you couldn’t reach what you were dying to do. He pinned your hands with his palms on each sides of your head instead.

“Don’t move your hands from this place.” He whispered in your ear before travelling his mouth all over your flesh; starting with your neck and finishing by licking his ‘reserved place’.

 You felt his warm tongue working in and out your entry. You struggled not to lift your hips up so he firmly held your thighs for you to stay still so he could achieve his work properly.
 As he started to softly tease your clitoris with his teeth, you couldn’t help but brought your hands to the back of his head; he stopped immediately and raised his head up. His lips were wet and seeing him in this angle made you die from sexual desire.

“You didn’t obey.” He coldly said as he stood up and you could see the elastic of his boxers just over his jeans.

“I’m sorry but it was too good Jimin… I couldn’t stay still.” You apologized.

“I have to punish you now.” He smirked as he unbuckled his belt.

 You bit your lower lip to contain your giggle-from-excitement.

 He lowered his ripped jeans before teasing you by lowering his boxers very slowly. Too slowly.

“Come on Jimin, I need you right now.” You grizzled.

“I’m the one in control right now so don’t tell anything and be quiet.” He finally lowered his boxers and caught the condom he cast on the bed earlier.
He tore the packaging with his teeth while looking at you with his exciting smiling eyes full of lust.

 He put it on by himself as you were dying from impatience on the bed but he was still teasing you with his slow attitude.
 He finally came back on the bed, on top of you, but still not in you. He teased you even more by putting wet kisses all over your naked body that was shivering every single time he skimmed you.

“Please…” You moaned.

 He came back up so his teasing eyes were just above your greedy ones. He rudely pinned your hands on each side of your head, just like before. The only difference was he was firmly holding your wrists.
 He brutally slammed into you as your head went back with the move and tears welled up in your used-to-be-greedy eyes.
 He continued to put wet kisses on your neck while slamming in and out of you. Tears fell down from your eyes as your excitement that took over was replaced by pain.

“Jimin… it hurts.” You sniveled.

“You will be used to it and take pleasure in a few seconds.” He panted, continuing even more roughly.

 Maybe it was true, so you waited a bit, not enjoying the frictions in you at all. You weren’t enjoying the sweaty flesh of your boyfriend and his caring kiss either.

“Jimin, it still hurts…” You complained as his lips were skimming yours with the same rough pace that was playing down there.

“You begged for it, here I am. I won’t let you go till we hit our climax.” He grunted.

 You tried to deliver your wrists from his grip but it was in vain; he was way too strong for you to compete.

“Jimin I’m not joking I’m not enjoying it anymore.” You cried but he pretended not to hear you.

“Jimin please stop!” You begged but he didn’t answer once again.

 You twisted yourself on the mattress, trying to deliver your arms. Once one of them was free you slapped Jimin’s cheek and he immediately changed his face’s expression and stopped every movement. He stared at you so confused that when he tried to spoke up, not a sound came out.
 You pushed him so he fell beside you. You ran out of the bedroom and locked yourself up in the bathroom. Unfortunately, a few seconds later Jimin was banging on the door.

“(Y/N) open the door right now, we aren’t done together.”

“I don’t want to finish. I wish I never said you were too gentle.” You sobbed.

“I do want to finish!” He yelled from the corridor.

“Who are you? You aren’t Jimin.” Your little voice realized after a sniffling.

“I’m scared.” You sobbed as the banging on the door stopped.

“You hurt me, it was painful and your tight grip on my wrist didn’t help with your cold attitude to make the pain bearable. I’m sorry but I can’t finish.”

“Please unlock the door” A weak voice begged.

“Will you still be hurting me if I do?”

“No…” His voice was shaking.

You unlocked the door after drying your cheeks. As soon as you unlocked the door he ran to you and hugged you tight, tears streaming down your face.

“I’m so sorry. I’m such a monster. Please hit me as many times as you want; I deserve every strokes you’ll give me and more. I hurt you; I did what I wanted no one to do. I always said the one who’ll hurt you; I’ll have to kill him. Should I kill myself then? He held the back of your head.

“No… Well that’s true but don’t. Just be kind to me from now on. I don’t want to fight with you, this may not be the right thing to do but I just want to rest in your arms. I mean in the arms of the gentle Jimin.”

“Please hit me.” He knelt on the floor.

You followed his move and slapped him giving a kiss on the same cheek right after. He confusedly turned his face to look at you with popped out eyes.

“Why are you so kind? I don’t deserve to be your boyfriend.” He cried and you wiped his tears as soon as they fell from his, usually, smiling eyes.

“Just don’t do it again and we’ll be fine.” You smiled at him before standing up and handing him your hand.

He didn’t take it and stood up by himself before grabbing your hand as he asked you to go to bed to cuddle, as you wanted.


Here it is, I hope the waiting wasn’t too long. I’m sorry. I still hope it was what you had in mind! Please tell me by send me a message!

Kokiri now has a dream Address!!
The town is not finished, I still need one more dreamie (hamlet) and quite a few more pwps before it is complete uwu
I am really satisfied with how it is turning out! If you visit my DA please take screenshots of your adventures and post them with the tag navicrossing so I can see them. Tell me what you think of my town so far :D 
if you don’t take any screenshots but want to tell me what you think of it you can make a text post and tag me or you can send me your thoughts here :3


Confession part 2

I’m sorry, I did post it yesterday, but I didn’t like how it turned out so I removed the post. Now I am fully satisfied with it and will keep this post up. Please enjoy part 2. My apologies for the confusion.

“__________ wait!” You heard as you repeatedly pressed the button for the elevator doors to close, along with a jingling sound you could only imagine was from his belt as he tried to pull up his pants and run after you. That didn’t matter though. Nothing mattered anymore. As much as you told yourself that liking him wouldn’t ruin your friendship, you were wrong. You were lying to yourself the whole time, but were to naive to realize it.

You didn’t realize how much you were crying until you looked at yourself in the reflection of the doors in front of you, before they opened and revealed the lobby.

1 week later~

All you had done since that day was stay home and watch sad movies over and over again. You always thought girls who did that were such a cliche, but now you understood why they did it. It was a way to not only cry it out, but a way to feel that you weren’t alone. The girls on the screen were having a hard time too. This just made you cry even more. As another movie came to an end, your phone buzzed on your bedside table. Of course it was yoongi again. He called non stop since that day, texted you non stop, and even came to visit you. You wanted nothing to do with him. So you turned your phone off and alerted the doorman to not let him visit your apartment anymore.

You were ready to start another depressing movie when a loud knock rang through the air.

‘Probably the pizza’ you thought as you got up to welcome the food. What was on the other side of the door was anything but welcoming.

“Let me explain.”

“No,” you said as you closed the door but he put his foot to prevent it from closing all the way.

“Yoongi fuck off. I don’t want to see you right now”

“You are never going to want to see me.”

“You’re right. And let me have that. Let me have this silence.”

“________ please…” He began with his head hung low in defeat. “Please don’t shut me out, I love you.”

“No you don’t yoongi, you just don’t want to lose me.

"Your right I don’t. Please let me explain.”

You don’t know why but you let him in. Despite what you had told yourself you let him into your home, and back into your heart.

He brushed past you and slipped his shoes off before claiming his spot on your couch like he used to when you had movie night. You shut your door and made your way to sit in the opposite side, as far from him as possible.

“All these movies are depressing as hell. I thought you hated this stuff.”

“I do, but it was relevant.” You replied as tears began to form in your eyes.

“Aren’t these all movies where the girl gets heart broken? Why would you-

His sentence was cut short when he looked to you and saw tears running down your cheeks as you harshly bit your lip to keep quiet.

"What’s wrong? Why are you-”

“I think you should leave now.” You said as calmly as you could. Tears continued to cascade down your face.

“But why? What’s wrong? Why won’t you tell me?”

“Please,” you say getting up and walking to open the door for him, “just go” your voice cracked at the end and the cries you tried so hard to hold on were coming out.

“Dammit I’m by leaving till you tell me why you are like this” yoongi was getting frustrated. It was obvious that his best friend was in pain, but she didn’t want to tell him why.

“It’s all your fault ok? Are you happy now? Please just leave” you crumpled to the floor. This was all to much for you to deal with. You weren’t ready to see him again. He knelt down till he was at eye level with you, slowly slipping his hand under your chin and forcing you to look at him. He had so much concern in his eyes. You wanted to break down in his arms and tell him everything. He wiped a stray tear from your cheek.

“Please, why are you like this? ”

Well it was now or never. He would find out eventually. Might as well tell him now.

“Because… I love you.”


I’ve decided that no matter what happens in this show, the fandom will never be satisfied and it’s really sad because we used to take so much time into discovering the mystery and falling in love with the couples and now all we ever do is complain and say how much the show sucks when the actors and writers we love work so hard to make us happy. yes of course I am upset about some of the ways the show has turned out but all in all it’s still beautiful and exhilarating and it makes me love to be apart of this fandom. I just wish there wasn’t so much negativity all the time.

I was hoping that you’d care 

I was distant I was scared 


Okay, I finished it because I’m so excited what @paper-storm will bring in my life next. This is probably the fastest piece I finished and am satisfied with. I really like how the style turned out so if any of you have seen my journey with styles and have comments about it please contact with me!!!

Okay, but what happened to Braeden? She dead? Where is Malia at the end? What is Kira going to do? Why is nothing resolved relationship wise? When will we see more Scott/Lydia or Scott/Malia or the three of them?Where are Liam, Hayden and especially Mason and Corey in the end? Why was Arden barely in the episode (again)? What happens to the Desert Wolf now? What happens to Parrish’s story line? Will the Argents stay in town? How long are we gonna have to wait for season 6? My mind is filled with questions! But Scott is happy, so so am I.
—  Me after the Teen Wolf finale (and don’t worry, I was really happy with how most things turned out, I think Jeff for once managed to satisfy all fans!)