i am so not satisfied with how this turned out


Turns out both my tablet and Photoshop don’t work properly at all in Windows 10 (whyyy Microsoft??) but I still managed to make these sketches of Shiro so that’s pretty nice ;)

Thanks again to everyone who sent me advice earlier. It’s been really helpful!

Aisles [m]

Aisle Three

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

Word Count: 5,802

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Aisle One Aisle Two Aisle Three

Surprisingly, it was easy for you to lie yourself and to everyone around you. Flashing a smile anytime someone around you asked you how you were doing. The layers of concealer under your eyelids hiding more than the lack of sleep. You tried to keep yourself busying, burying yourself under piles of books and notes to occupy your mind with anything but Jungkook and how he wrinkled his nose when he smiled.

 In a very strange way you found solace in the amount of schoolwork that was piling up in the pages of your planner. Exams, research papers, and presentations were keeping you out of the house and inside the walls of the library. You were regretting your schedule for this semester, but with the MCAT looming you couldn’t afford to take any risks. Medical school was the light at the end of the tunnel, and not even a bunny toothed boy was enough to keep you distracted.

 Hoseok however, had a problem with the fact that you should probably start paying rent to the librarian. He missed you, constantly sending you reminders to eat and drink water during the hours you were studying. You had regretted the night you told him that you hadn’t eaten since 7 in the morning and 45 minutes later a freckled teenager came into the library with the largest bag of Chinese takeout you had ever seen. And your name was scribbled on the front.

Y/N 9:35 PM: Hobi, I appreciate the thought but can you please stop sending me food while I am in the library.

Hoseok 9: 47 PM: I’ll stop sending you food when you actually sleep in your bed, for once

Sighing, you throw your phone back down on the table. He had a point. You hadn’t slept underneath sheets in weeks. By the time you got home from school you were too tired to make it your bedroom. Every morning waking up regretting the fact that you had decided to buy the lumpiest couch known to man. You knew that this wouldn’t last. That eventually you wouldn’t be able to hide behind the excuses of academics to avoid having a life. You were going to burn out.

But two days later you found yourself in the same position.

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Fall right into you.

I feel like I wasn’t able to fully do your request? I tried a couple of times trying to string words together so hopefully this one is a little bit better. Thank you so much for sending in your request and I really do hope I did alright because I am not satisfied with how this turned out! That aside, I do hope you enjoy reading this!


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You yawn as you quietly knock on Peter’s door and when no one answers, you take out the spare key Peter gave you and let yourself in. Taking note that May’s shoes aren’t here and she isn’t snoring away on the couch, this meant that May is working overtime tonight so you pad over to the sofa.

Waiting for Peter to come back is a habit you started when you found out about his alter-ego. You wanted to be the first one to know that he is alright, not too hurt and to make sure that Peter comes home to May and you in one piece. Initially, Peter had been against this idea of yours because he really didn’t want to keep you from your sleep but after a while, he settles with it and in fact, coming home to your face is something he looks forward to, most of the time.

You aren’t quite sure how long you just sat there – you must have been super tired – because the next thing you know, Peter jumps on top of you, trapping you against the sofa and him. He buries his head in to the junction between your neck and shoulder, humming appreciatively. “Peter!”

Peter looks up from your neck, giving you a chaste kiss on the lips. When he pulls away, you give him a smile, combing your fingers through his hair. “You look comfortable.” He murmurs and you nod your head – now that Peter is here, you definitely do not feel as tensed or as worried as you initially had been. He wraps his arms around your waist.

“How was your day?” You ask him, rubbing your thumb across his cheek and Peter smiles before adjusting himself on top of you so that instead of crushing you under his weight, he is holding himself up with his elbows above you. You move slightly and Peter slides in beside you, letting you use his arm as your pillow as one of his arms is still wrap around your waist.

“I think we may need a bigger chair.” Peter comments instead and you chuckle before moving closer to him. “It was alright; fairly quiet night too.” He tells you and you grin as you bury your face further in to Peter’s neck. Peter continues to talk about everything he did from after school until just now – his voice is so soothing and the sound of his steady heart beat is slowly starting to lull you to sleep.

Peter looks down to find you asleep; one hand clutching his shirt, legs tangled with his. A soft, small smile appears on his face as he gazes at you, brushing a strand of hair out of your face so that he can get a better look at your face. Coming home to see you is always nice; he is very thankful too that May trust the both of you – the amount of times May has come home to the two of them sleeping on the sofa is uncountable.

Peter pulls you closer to his chest, nuzzling his face in to your hair. He loves holding you in his arms; loves the fact that you trust him enough to fall asleep with him and in his arms. “Sleepy girl.” He mutters, chuckling to himself – this habit of yours is really adorable. Even though you won’t admit this, Peter knows that you sleep the best whenever you are with him, which is one of the reasons why you, more often than not, stay up to wait for him. Smiling to himself, Peter watches you sleep, counting the freckles across your cheeks and mapping every single inch of your face.

This is probably the umpteenth time you have fallen asleep in his arms and Peter truly enjoys this; he enjoys having you in his arms as much as he is able to hold you in his arms. He reckons it would be better if the both of you sleep on the bed as it is much more comfortable but being the sweet boy that he is, Peter doesn’t want to disturb your sleep at all.

So instead, Peter runs his fingers through your hair, focusing on your steady heartbeat. He closes his eyes as he concentrates on your even breaths and the softness of your hair, until gradually it begins to lull him too. The last thing Peter remembers thinking before he falls asleep is how lucky he is to have you fall in love with him and lucky to have you in his life.

okay so my genius of a best friend just pretty much figured out what the hell just happened: stefan died and gave the cure to damon, obviously. delena got married and there was like a time jump or something to when they were walking down the street and damon just disappeared, that’s when damon died. then, elena sees the house and her family and that’s a sign that she died and basically all 3 of them died over a period of time and i am so at peace with that. the three main characters of this show being gone by the end without having the other characters mourn over it and go on with their lives and stefan has a lot to do with it. it also proves that no matter what damon goes back to stefan no matter what. it ALSO proves that stefan is for sure the main character of this freaking show because he started all of these characters lives and how they turned around mystic falls.
i don’t know but after this i’m satisfied with how the finale went down and i sobbed my eyes out the whole time.


UPDATE: It’s finished! I’ve gone ahead and added the other pictures to this post.

10/20: And instead of finishing my WIP Present Mic picture, I drew this.Why is Mic’s outfit so tacky? I mean, I love it, but those shoulder pads are something else.Anyway, this ideally could go along with any tired!Aizawa fanfic, to be honest, but I originally doodled it to go along with my fic. A colored version is in the works, but I am definitely struggling with that, so it’ll probably be a while. Haha. :(Thank you, BNHA, for making me creative again! 8)

10/21: Finished!

Okay, so I’m terrible at coloring things and drawing backgrounds, but I’m satisfied with how this turned out. So many people liked it that I felt like I needed to finish coloring it. It’s done now, though. Whew!

I’ve included the line art, flat coloring, and shaded coloring/attempted painting.

Essentially: heroes have bad days, too–Aizawa more so than most, it seems.

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Hey Tim. *wink* *blows kiss* Hai.

Tim: “… H-hi”

Dick: “Awww! Timmy has a fan!”

Tim: *flustered* “S-shut up…”

(I was only able to draw a quick one. I hope that’s okay. I am a bit behind on my comic book readings but I’ll catch up soon. It will help me get more motivated to draw. I wish they would bring Tim back or at least mention him again. I need something. Thank you all so much for sticking with me. I’m horrible for neglecting this blog for so long. I need to practice drawing Tim more. I’m never satisfied with how he turns out when I draw him. -Adaminaart)

My cup of tea.

Decided to put these two requests together because it’s of the same idea? tea party + baby batsis so here you go! Thank you for sending in this request and I am not satisfied with how this turned out mostly because the tea parties I have attended have never been interesting enough (other than the fact that I get free food) and the ending is so-so too. But that aside, hope you enjoy! Thank you!

Damian smirks as he tightens the knot of his tie before fixing his collars. He turns away from the mirror to look at his older siblings. “I would say may the best man win but we all know I am going to win this.” He states in a matter-of-factly tone causing Jason to scoff and Tim to roll his eyes. Dick simply smiles – he tends to play along with what Damian says.

“I don’t see any man here.” Jason points out as he straightens his shirt. The things he is willing to do for you…

“Tt.” Damian crosses his arms but before any fight could break out, Dick finally speaks up.

“Alright, let’s just head over to the formal dining room. Y/N is probably already waiting for us. Remember, we are all doing this because she requested it and it’s also another way for us to bond with Y/N. Try to keep the competitive side down to a minimum.” Dick breaks the tension before ushering his brothers out of the room and towards the formal dining room.

You have recently been placed in to Bruce’s care and unlikely the rest of them who came in to Bruce’s care knowing the dangers of the world, you had been protected from it your entire life and the air of innocence around you is something everyone had agreed to keep. You are by far the youngest of the family – younger than Damian by a good five to six months.

You are currently sitting on the chair, happily humming a song you heard from the TV, kicking your feet in the air as you wait patiently for your big brothers. When you had first asked Alfred if they would be willing to come to your tea party, the grandpa-like man had simply smiled and told you everyone would be in attendance and would be in their best suit! Which is why you are currently wearing your princess dress! It’s such a nice colour too and you really love it.

“Hi, Princess!” You grin when you spy Dick walking in to the formal dining room with the rest of your brothers in tow. You giggle when Tim and Damian begin to push each other in their haste to try and get to the seats beside you. Jason simply walks up to you and presses a kiss on your temple, causing you to giggle some more.

“Here you go, flowers for the beautiful Y/N.” Dick somehow manages to make flowers appear in his hands to the annoyance of the rest of his brothers. He had told them before hand to tone down the competitiveness down to a minimum! He sends a smirk along his siblings’ ways.

You giggle as you grab the flowers. They smell weird but nice! And colourful too! “Thank you!” You chirp at Dick before placing the flowers beside you. “Come sit, sit!” You wave the rest of them over and since Jason and Dick had been the first one to reach you, the two of them ended up sitting in the seats Damian and Tim had been fighting over causing the latter to groan. Damian immediately sits beside Dick causing Tim to sit beside Jason. You clap your hands happily.

Alfred walks in after that bringing some sandwiches that are cut nicely. You really love eating Alfred’s sammiches – it’s the yummiest! And no one makes better sammiches than Alfred. “Yay, sammiches.” Your mouth waters at the thought of eating them and when your stomach growls to be fed, you simply pat it a few times. “Wait a few more minutes.” You murmur to your stomach causing Dick to chuckle.

“Y/N, do you want to play Princess after this?” Tim asks. “We can go outside too to play Castle.” He knows just how much you really love playing outside and playing Princess. You have such a very big imagination it’s refreshing to be around with. You nod your head excitedly and Alfred sets out plates of sandwiches in front of everyone.

“I made the Young Miss’s favourite sandwiches.” Alfred informs, the endearing smile on his face present because it’s such a rarity to have everyone sitting around one table without wanting to kill each other. “I will be back to bring the tea as per requested by the Young Miss.” Alfred tells you before excusing himself back to the kitchen.

“So Y/N, what have you been doing for the entire day?” Damian asks as he picks apart the sandwiches. You have very interesting combination – this one looks a whole lot like Peanut Butter with Strawberry Jam. Damian simply picks up that sandwich before eating it – at least, it’s better than the cucumber sandwiches Alfred makes almost all the time for every single occasion.

“I played with Alfred! And Titus chased me around and then we played Knights!” You love playing with your new family – they have always indulged you with everything you want to do and it’s really fun too. You became a hero today while Alfred helped you out! It was just super fun. “It was fun!”

Damian nods his head. Jason chuckles at your excited face before telling you to eat which you agree to do almost immediately because Alfred’s sammiches are the best! You chatter happily about anything you can think of – from why you think the sky is blue to why you think school is fun – as you eat your sandwiches. 

When Alfred comes to bring in the tea, he cannot help but feel tears welling up slightly in his eyes at the sight of everyone having fun with you (when asked, Alfred will simply say he was not crying nor tearing up. There was something in his eyes then).


Happy Halloween!!! :33

Omg I am so sorry, It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to at ALL. To be honest I am not satisfied with it, but because it’s already almost 11 pm here, I really wanted to finish it. I am exhausted as fuck (not because of the pic, just a lot of work lately etc.) but I really wanted to upload it before the day is over. OTL so sorry. 

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i saw an old post where you posted a comparison of your art from 2013 to 2015, and the progression was just astounding. how the hell did you DO that in 2 years? i'm flabbergasted!!!

I’ve sunk into the state of major depression where doing art was the only thing that made me feel somewhat fulfilled. It was something I did for myself, something that no one had control over except for me. It was my escape from whatever was happening in my life at that moment, so I was really invested in it. 

Some nights I was suffering from night terrors so instead of sleeping I would stay up and draw until early morning, the other nights I would go to sleep and only wake up with the thought that I still have that one sketch I really want to finish and be, like, alive to see how it turns out in the end. And then I would take a 3 month gap because I’d get so drained from drawing that it’d made me physically sick. 

So, basically, I had a very unhealthy relationship with art at that time, but somehow that ‘experionc-e’ did help me improve without much of actual studying. “Why spending all this precious time learning the ways of line when you can just draw that line over and over again listening to “Everybody Hurts” at 4 am until it looks straight enough for you to be satisfied”, you kno, that kind of experience.

Aside of that [finger guns], I tried to get past my underlying fear of failure and started experimenting with different techniques and art styles of drawing the line, and overall tried to get past the “If I don’t do my best then it’s pointless and I’m a disappointment” mindset as far as possible, and instead start living by the “We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents” motto (thanks, Dad Ross). Which was the BEST. Once the realization hit that the mistakes I make are not irreversible; that creating “bad” art is essentially the foundation of creating “good” art; that all of this won’t even matter when I’ll be standing at the pearly gates and God sends me to hell for playing DMMD that one cold December night - my creative process became much smoother.

TL:DR I can’t say I’ve improved that much artwise, but I totally am way more confident and relaxed about my artwork at this moment, which for me personally is the biggest progress I did.

*And, honestly, just posting art online and sharing it with all the people is so therapeutic. I am lucky to have all of you guys and just random people cheering what I do and encouraging me to do more. If it wasn’t for y'all I would absolutely give up on art years ago. I truly feel #blessed. I’m sorry I don’t always appreciate it enough.

** Also, I watched lots of speedpainting videos on youtube. So. Much. Speedpainting. Videos. Dude.

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @sylwrites work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them?

They’re posted exclusively on AO3.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m in my mid-twenties and I live in Canada. I have a giant dog that’s a lumbering buffoon of an animal and less free time than I’d like.

3. What do you never leave home without?

As a true millennial, my cell phone.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird.

5. If you could live in any fictional world, which one would you choose and why?

Probably something totally unachievable like Harry Potter, just to be escapist.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

Literally no one. I saw Billy Bush from afar once (pre-Trump tape days), but that’s it.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

I’m a big fan of mafia movies from the 70s through the 90s, like Casino and Goodfellas. Shows like Riverdale are a guilty pleasure, but I also love Game of Thrones and Westworld.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

I mostly listen to alternative rock/pop and indie, but honestly lately I mostly listen to podcasts.

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ocapphalloween week 1: my soul to take

adeline mccall as alice liddell
requested by @rhaenystargaryen411

Advice for people struggling with selves-doubt (Am I multiple?)

This is in response to a question/rant/plea someone put to me, but I decided not to respond directly, or even @ them because my response broaches on some really messy territory and I didn’t want to add to their crisis by bringing syscourse to their personal blog. I also wanted to make a response on my own blog because I think it’s a crisis that a lot of multiples go through and I hope that our experiences can be helpful.

First of all: to anyone suffering through doubts, confusion, conflicting symptoms, conflicting perspectives and opinions, skeptical professionals, and angry gatekeepers: I don’t even have words to express my sympathy. It’s bad enough trying to figure out whether you are “actually” multiple without having to deal with everyone else’s hangups. Dozens of virtual *hugs* to you all.

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Hi, everyone! I should say sorry again for being MIA! Most of my programs have finally ended and now I am left with assignment deadlines to catch so I think I have some time now to go through the current requests and will be writing and posting them soon! Not quite satisfied with how this turned out but I felt like I needed to post it because otherwise, it’s just going to collect dust in my laptop. Thank you for sending in this request and I am sorry (again) if this was not what you had in mind when you sent this request in! Hope you will still enjoy this and thank you so much for being patient, everyone! 

You frown as you try to move your arm; the pain isn’t as bad as when you had initially gotten punched but you were never a quitter so just because you were feeling a little (read: a lot) of pain here and there, it does not mean you would want to stop. But unfortunately, trying to keep your bruises to yourself is starting to become a challenge itself especially when your boyfriend is around.

A smile appears on your face at the thought of your boyfriend: Dick Grayson. He is just so amazing, lovely and at times, you would wonder how you end up so lucky to have someone like him. One thing that you notice about Dick is that he is very touchy – there has never been a day where he could go without at least having an arm over your shoulders or holding on to your hand, etcetera. Not that you minded because you really bask in his affectionate gestures and definitely like being at the receiving end too.

“Aw, come on, babe.” Dick whines for the umpteenth time as he tries to reach for you but you simply side-step him and give him a small grin, knowing very well that if Dick had really wanted to reach for you, he would have anticipated your moves because between the two of you, he had the most experience. “This rule is really silly – I don’t even know why we have this.” He sighs before flopping down on the closest sofa.

Dick keeps his eyes locked on you – if he can’t touch you, he’s going to have to settle with staring at you. You give him another grin before walking over to stand behind the couch. You lean down and press your lips atop of his head and Dick takes that chance to hold on to your arms. You chuckle quietly and wrap your arms around Dick – you’re just going to have to deal with the pain and honestly, this ‘no-touching’ rule is starting to take its toll on you.

Dick basks in your presence and when he notices that you are making the move to pull away, Dick turns his body around to face you and he raises one of his eyebrows. “Babe, how long are you going to keep this thing a secret?” He wonders why you are so secretive about it – Dick doesn’t quite mind what you choose to do in your spare time so long as you come back to him safe and sound.

You sigh as you contemplate your issue: you really do not want to worry Dick and at the same time, there is just this doubt and insecurity that crept on to you – what if after finding out about your bruises, Dick will not want you anymore? (This thought scares you a lot more than you want to admit – even though you know deep down inside that Dick is not that superficial).

Dick waits patiently for you to answer him – he knows you enough to know that sometimes all you need is just a little bit of coaxing. He definitely did not expect for you to pull away from him and he stares at you with wide eyes. Though his initial reaction is quickly replaced with confusion as he watches you slowly pull your sleeves up and his eyes are immediately drawn to both of your arms.

“Babe!” Dick sucks in a breath as he gingerly reaches for your arms – no wonder you had not want to let him hold you close – your bruises look very fresh and some look very swollen too and Dick is aware of how delicate your body is. “What happened?” Dick definitely did not want to jump to conclusions but his mind is already racing a mile a minute as he tries to pinpoint the problem; were you being bullied? Is someone targeting you? What if it had been one of Penguin’s people that did this to you?

You pull one of your arms away from Dick so that you can easily cup his cheek with the palm of your hand and Dick pulls his eyes away from your arm. “None of what you are thinking, Dick.” You tell him and his eyebrows shot up, confusion fleeted over his face and you shake your head. “I just know you well enough to what you are thinking.” You caress your thumb across his cheek. “I got these bruises because recently I started kickboxing.”

Dick furrows his eyebrows. “Kickboxing?” He definitely did not expect that answer coming from you. Actually, he never thought you would even go to the extent of learning self-defense, knowing how delicate your body is. “Are you sure?”

You nod your head before dropping your hand from his face and rounding the sofa so that you can sit beside him. Dick follows your every move and scoots closer to you. “Tim recommended the place to me – I was skeptical at first but earlier had been my third lesson and so far, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.” You tell him earnestly and Dick pick up your arms once more, inspecting your bruises – the bruises definitely look like self-defense. “Are you mad I didn’t run this by you, Dick?”

Dick immediately shakes his head. “Of course not.” He lifts one of your hands up to his lips, pressing against it lightly. “I was just worried,” He says. He had been worried but now, knowing that Tim also had a hand in picking out a place for you to learn self-defense eases him a bit and the fact that you are also talking to his brother makes him feel like he has made the right choice. “Do you think you can bring me by the place the next time you have class?”

You grin at your boyfriend before nodding your head. “Of course – next class is tomorrow night!” You tell him excitedly. Dick grins at your reaction before wrapping his arms around you, making sure not to hold you too tight lest he aggravates your bruises. You lean in to his embrace and inhale his scent, the grin on your face widening as you try to snuggle with him. Dick chuckles before shaking his head, pressing his lips on your forehead. He’s really lucky to have someone like you in his life – that’s for sure.

Parenthood (David Pastrnak)

Anonymous said:

Can you do a David Pastrnak on the Drabble list thingy? Number 54? Thank youuu

#54: “You’re not mature enough to be a parent.” - “Try me.”

Word count: 662

Author’s note: Short, but sweet.

Originally posted by mttymrts

One of the craziest things about Zdeno Chara, you had found out while dating David, was that he really wasn’t that crazy off of the ice. In fact, it seemed that Chara was a quiet family-man. The defenseman known for his brutal hits and goonish looks on the ice really enjoyed hanging out and watching movies with his children off the ice. His children, actually, are what brought you and David to the Chara household today. Little Zack and Ben Chara turn one in a week, but since the Bruins are on a road trip during that time, Chara decided to have the party, whole team invited, the weekend before. Naturally, you were invited as well.

After the boys were given tiny birthday cakes and sang to, everyone started to branch off. The wives all clumped together to gossip while the players went off to play with the kids. You and David, who the team always teased for being in the stage they called ‘puppy love’ lounge on one of the benches outside, eating pieces of birthday cake and watching the action. All of the kids are running around playing, some of their dads chasing them. David laughs lightly when Tuukka swings his daughter Vivien in the air.

“Sometimes I worry that people are going to drop their babies when they do that.” David says. You nod, not wanting to ruin the tranquility on your guys’ own little island. “Chara has some pretty cute kids.” He continues.

“He’s done a good job with the twins and Elliz.” You comment.

“We should do that.” David says suddenly. You sit up and look at him, perplexed.

“We should do what?” You question.

“Be parents.”

What?” You’re stunned. Out of all of the things that you had been expecting David to say, his sudden desire to become a parent was not on the list.

“Yeah, it’d be fun.” You laugh slightly, still not sure if you’re hearing right. “Plus, our kids would be insanely cute.”

“I’m sure they would be, but parents?” David nods enthusiastically. “David, we’re still basically kids. We can’t even drink! What makes you think that we should have kids of our own?” David’s smile dims at your reaction.

“I don’t know, I’ve just been thinking about a lot of things lately. Kids being one of them.” Your gaze grows softer as you reach a hand out for your boyfriend.

“David, you know I love you, really, but you’re not mature enough to be a parent. We’re not mature enough to be parents.” David’s eyes steel as he pulls away from you.

“So you don’t love me?” You’re taken aback.

“Excuse me? Why on Earth wouldn’t I love you?”

“You don’t want to have kids with me!” You’re both standing now as you quietly argue.

“It’s not that I don’t want to have kids with you! I just don’t want to have kids with you right now! We are not in a position to be taking care of our own kids.”

Try me.” David challenges. You roll your eyes.

“I love you so much. Nothing would make me happier than to have a family with you.” David smiles, trying to stop you. “But I am not ready to be a mother yet, and I don’t think you’re ready to be a father. How about we start out with something small, like a dog? We can try that for a couple of years and then revisit the issue, okay?” David nods, satisfied. He kisses you as you lean into his figure. You turn from him, leaning against him, as you look out at everyone.

“Besides,” You add with a laugh. “We’re not even engaged or anything, let alone married.” You can feel David shifting besides you as he moves. Everyone stops where they’re at and looks at you as you wave at them awkwardly, not sure what’s going on.

“(Y/N)?” David asks. You turn around and gasp at the sight of your boyfriend down on one knee, ring in hand.

Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 26: New Redemption Arc

so we all saw someone save Hiccup from falling off a cliff (again), and if we look closely we can clearly see that it’s Ryker who saves him. i am actually super excited to see how this redemption arc is going to play out! it will be really interesting to watch Ryker turn on his own brother and possibly join the Dragon Riders. if Ryker ends up killing Viggo, that will be so damn satisfying. but that might be a couple seasons away, so we’ll see!

anonymous asked:

Writing prompt!: "Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…"

“An Avenger.” Spider-man said, fair distance away. “You.”

“Me!” Deadpool’s voice rang higher than usual, hands balled into fists that he pumped giddily. “An Avenger! Can you believe it?”

“Not without great trouble. So, that means…?”

“We’re going to be teammates!” Deadpool’s leg popped to punctuate the last word. God, Peter wanted to go home.

“Great. Looking forward to working with you.” Spider-man said, dry, preparing to swing far, far away.

“So…” Wade began, Spider-man whined quietly. As much as Spider-man disliked Deadpool, he was polite enough not to leave mid-conversation.

“So.” Spider-man bit.

“So howsabout a hug for your new teammate? I know you’re proud of me. C’mere. Get in that team spirit.”

“As tempting as that sou––“ Spider-man started his excuse, to which Wade did not stop to listen.

Come onnn. This guy just had his lifelong dream come true. I deserve a hug. Captain America handpicked me for my hugging prowess. It’s the quality of the hugs that make or break teams, Webs. Don’t let the team down.”

Spider-man looked to the sky, defeated, before dropping from his perch atop the wall to stand before Deadpool. Before the reluctant utterance of alright could pass his lips, Wade’s arms were wrapped around him tightly. Peter immediately tensed in the hold, unsure of what to do. His hands twitched, hovering at Wade’s back, not quite ready to rest there. Wade was perfectly enthusiastic, chin pressed comfortably on the hero’s shoulder, arms clamped around Peter’s back with no reservation. He hummed like this was the most satisfying moment in his life.

A long few seconds passed, and Peter could do very little but think how warm Wade was. His hands slowly found rest on Wade’s back. Peter didn’t know if he was just so touch-starved that it made hugging Wade Wilson – long time nuisance – kind of… nice. If that was the case, boy, Peter really needed to get in the dating game again.

“You planning on letting me go anytime soon? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Webs, I am loving this, but I’ve got places to be, and…”

Spider-man pushed out of the embrace, and promptly turned on heel, ready to disappear. Possibly forever. 

“Pick up from where we left off next time, teammate?” Deadpool cooed, and Spider-man was gone. So, so gone.

“That’s it,” Peter mumbled to himself, mid-swing. “I’m quitting the Avengers.”