i am so not happy with this colouring but whatever


Felicity: but I do know two things, you are not alone and I believe in you.

Oliver: but I do know two things, the first is that who ever I am, I’m someone that will do whatever it takes to save my sister. [and the second thing?] I love you.


Second attempt at a pouch/pencil case/whatever bag went a lot better!

It’s lightly quilted, because the quilting cotton from Spoonflower is verrry thin, so it holds its shape nicely!

I think I’ll put the tab on the other side for future ones, and I want to make them perhaps 5cm longer so it’s easier to shove pencils/pens into them, but I’m really happy with it!

Gonna get some different colours printed, and work on some other character designs! (Mostly Ratchet and Drift b/c I am trash and want them on everything I own lol)