i am so moded



#2: when he does random ridiculous dances from time to time

came down with a case of Stuckhome Syndrome but thanks for encouraging it this was really stupidly fun to do :’D

also turns out the Mages all seem to suffer from hearing voices and similar while ‘receiving knowledge from’ their aspect and I’m like

yeah that fits


it was a scrapper heavy week here, mainly stress relief from work ;;(´▽` )ノ

  1. various shocked emojis naelia is so scandalized
  2. AGONY referenced from Into the Woods (2014) featuring our over-dramatic elf girlfriends
  3. and scrappers at Hogwarts! because Pottermore updated so I was in the Sorting Hat mood

I hope you guys are having an amazing day!


I choose my own battlefields. Not by my blood, but by my heart! I stand on the battlefield to protect what’s important to me. And if anyone stands in my way, I don’t care if it’s one of my kind, my brother or anyone else… I’ll crush them all!”

SOO it was @prospt s birthday today… this is my gift 2 u, i am sorry for iT TBH BUT here you go, thanks for bein a bro, hope you had a nice time…
( also i used ur palette LOL )

warm up sketches from this morning- I always make sure to do a quick succession of doodles before starting on the main work I’m going to do for the day. Even just a bunch of lines and circles to break yourself in works, the important bit is not being particularly concerned about the quality or content and just drawing to get your head and your hand into gear. It makes the serious work much easier to get into smoothly; I think it’s a really helpful thing to do so I can only recommend trying it!