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words: 4k+
genre: angsty-ish? with a hint of fluff
a/n: okay, so i’ve been getting a lot of yoongi feels lately & i just wanted to get it all out before it did some serious damage to me lol also, i’ve been feeling the need to get back into writing so what better way than writing about yoongi, amirite? ;D

summary: min yoongi was a workaholic and he was going to lose the best part of him if he didn’t wake up and realize just how much it was going to hurt if you left him.

Min Yoongi was everything you’ve ever asked for. He was more than just the love of your life. He was your soulmate, your rock, your pillar. He was what grounded you down when your mind slipped in and out sometimes.

Dating the man had its ups and downs, though. Yoongi was a workaholic. His music came before anything else in his life, even if it meant you. You tried to understand just how much music meant to him, but that didn’t mean you didn’t try to reason with Yoongi about how much time he was spending in his studio. He never really listened to you despite your attempts to get him to sleep early and rest, though.

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So what does that make him now? The thing that he had was his intelligence, and his ability to trick people, and outsmart people. And so he doesn’t have that anymore, so what is there? 

rant for hufflepuffs

hello it’s ur friendly neighborhood hufflepuff here.

now, i have something that i need to get off my chest. i hate, hate, hate how hufflepuffs are only known as being cute, fluffy, adorable, little beans. i HATE it. yes, hufflepuffs are cute and stuff but THAT’S NOT ALL WE ARE.

you hear gryffindor, you think “brave.”

you hear ravenclaw, you think “incredibly intelligent.”

you hear slytherin, you think “ambitious.”

you hear hufflepuff, you think “bean!”

no. that is NOT all we are. do you know how long it took me to accept being a hufflepuff? a very long time. i took my first sorting test on pottermore three? years ago. i got hufflepuff and was incredibly disappointed. i immediately made another email just so i could retake it. i got ravenclaw and was happier, but not incredibly happy. so i made a third email. i got gryffindor and was off the charts on the happy graph. you want to know why i was disappointed on getting hufflepuff? because i wanted – and still want – to be more than just “an adorable little bean.” i want to brave and intelligent and ambitious but when you’re a hufflepuff, you’re just an adorable little bean. also, hufflepuff’s traits are completely ignored. WE ARE LOYAL, DEDICATED, HARD WORKING, PATIENT (not me hahah), KIND, FAIR AND TOLERANT (once again, not me at times) PEOPLE. WE ARE NOT JUST BEANS.

a year later i made a fourth email so i could retake the pottermore test to decide once and for all what house i am in. i got hufflepuff. and while i wasn’t the happiest, i began to think.

cedric diggory, a 17 year old boy who out of all of hogwarts, was chosen to be in the triwizard tournament. a 17 year old boy who told his peers to stop wearing those badges which showed unkind feelings toward his competitor. a 17 year old boy who felt it would only be fair to give a hint to his FELLOW COMPETITOR in that same tournament about a task. a 17 year old boy who didn’t have to tell his competitor about the task, who didn’t have to tell his competitor that they would both be winners if they grabbed the trophy at the same time. it would’ve been so easy to just keep his mouth shut and not tell his peers anything, to keep his mouth shut and not tell his competitor about the task, to just lunge for the trophy. but he didn’t. he was fair and he was kind and he was brave until the very end of his too short life.

newt scamander, who was expelled from his school because he decided to help his friend and take the blame for a prank that went too far. who tried to calm a teenage boy who didn’t understand the powers he had. who cared so much about these creatures, he couldn’t let harm come to them. newt could have just let his friend be expelled for her prank, he could’ve let the teenage boy just suffer for his own, he could have just let the ministry take his magical creatures but he didn’t because he’s kind and he’s caring and patient and tolerant.

nymphadora tonks, who was a hufflepuff, lacked the ability to behave properly in class yet got outstanding marks. who became an auror when she left school. who gave birth to a son, also a hufflepuff - mind you, yet went immediately into a war with her husband, unsure if her husband and herself would make it out of this war alive. tonks could have chosen a safer job, she could’ve stayed with her son in safety, but she didn’t because she was a smart and brave and hard working and dedicated and loyal hufflepuff.

hufflepuffs are loyal to their friends and family. they are hard working and dedicated when it comes to school work, and work in general. they are patient and tolerant when need be. they are fair and kind to people who deserve it, and even sometimes to those who don’t. they care deeply and they deserve more than to just be deemed as “adorable.”

i am a proud hufflepuff and i am absolutely sick of just being seen as adorable. i am so much more than that. i am loyal, hard working, dedicated, kind, fair, and even patient and tolerant at times. but i am also intelligent, i am ambitious, i can be sarcastic and sassy like you’ve never seen before. i am brave in my own way. and so is every single hufflepuff out there.

hufflepuffs deserve so much more than to be deemed as just adorable. they are so much more than that.

Beauty and The Beast 2017

so I just saw batb for a second time today and thought I’d contribute my favourite things to the lists of favourite things!

•the intro is bloody beautiful. I love love love the live action films using the castles as the Disney castle •Dan fucking Stevens •BELLE
•"it’s never going to happen ladies" •'busy?’ ‘No…’ •"I’m not done with you" “Neither am I” •GASTON (the song but also just him) •all the songs •I feel like no one is talking about how good Kevin Kline was as Maurice!! •Forever can spare a minute •Lumiere and Cogsworth are so married •Lumiere being so loyal to Plumette, I am trAsh™ •maestro cadenza and madame garderobe are so in love I am gone •CHIP IS SO CUTE •d a y s i n t h e s u n •the beast hating Belles choice of books •then reading a romance bc she loves them •the BATH scene •LeFou being a loyal little bean •the drESS •the waltz//beauty and the beast song •"I suppose it’s foolish to think you could ever feel affection for a creature like me?“ “Maybe” THE SMILE HE HAS ON HIS FACE •e v e r m o r e still has me shook •the whole mob song and fight scenes were incredible inc LeFou’s line!! •I am not a beast •can I just say Luke Evans was perfectly cast. I mean they all were but he was p e r f e c t •you came back//at least I got to see you one last time •THE WHOLE ANTIQUES SCENE WERE SO SAD AND I WAS SO CONVINCED THAT CHIP WAS GONNA BREAK •all of the transformations •beauty and beast finale •everyone talks about it but THE GROWL •even the credits were gorgeous I am dead please please love this movie with me I can’t stop thinking about it

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Hi! So I just watched "Kitten Time in Kitten Town," and I see there's a cat that bears resemblance to Viktor. The fluffy fur, one eye, and seeing that he looks rather big (but with only kittens to compare thats a bit of a stretch.) So who is this mystery cat?

That’s Luca.  That he’s a big, one-eyed fluff like Viktor is kind of just a weird coincidence.  When  I started work on Lackadaisy, he belonged to one of my neighbors and was still binocular.  They left him to his own devices outside most of the time, but he’s an unusually friendly cat and everyone in the neighborhood knew him because he was always porch-hopping for treats and pets.  In 2010, he went off-grid for a time and then reappeared in my backyard, caked in blood and suffering some pretty gruesome head trauma.  I opened my door to him and gaped as he stumbled inside, made his way to a toilet, climbed in and tried to drink the water with his dislocated jaw hanging uselessly.  He also had a swollen face-ful of infection, which told me he’d been walking around with his injuries for at least a couple of days, uncared for.  I rushed him to a vet who told me to euthanize him.  So I took him to a different vet.  They said, “okay - we can work with this.”  That became my go-to vet clinic from that point on, and Luca became my cat.  Several surgeries later, he’s got one functioning eye, a crooked jaw, a couple of teeth, a boxer’s nose, and an 8-cylinder purr.  He’s also a total sweetheart (and a walking allergy attack for unfortunate visitors who immediately become the focus of his drooly lovey-dovings). 

Anyway, along with all of 2016′s other shenanigans, it brought me a feral mom-cat and her six little imps. Solid black, all of them.  They were camping out under a (different) neighbor’s porch.  I ended up hosting them because I had the humane trap and, well, no one else here was going to deal with it.  I had their mom spayed and released (I still feed her), but I couldn’t find a single rescue, no-kill or foster group that had room or who would take on a litter of feral kittens in need of human socializing.  I was stuck in a position of having to either dump them at a high kill rate shelter (which I was just physically incapable of doing) or socialize them all myself and somehow find homes for them afterward.  

Playing with six feral kittens and getting them to like you might sound like a giddily fun and easy thing to do but…it is not. Point of fact, it is hell.  
They had already learned from their mother to perceive people as predators and, unless I was motionlessly holding out some tasty morsel at arm’s length and making no eye-contact whatsoever - prostrate like a browbeaten acolyte with a meager offering of turkey - they would not let me anywhere near them. It was all hissin’ and poppin’ and hiding and literal scrambling up walls and curtains in panicked escape.  I made seemingly no progress with them for the better part of two weeks.  I had just recently lost Calvin, my work was suffering, I was getting no sleep, my house was a warzone strewn in cat litter shrapnel, I knew I was hopelessly in over my head, and I was feeling and functioning like the wreckage of a former human being.  Aaand Luca totally saved the day.

I was keeping the kittens and my own cats separate for probably obvious reasons.  My cats wanted nothing to do with the interlopers anyway…except Luca, who kept insisting I allow him into the fray upstairs.  He was curious, and the kittens had been de-wormed, de-flead and SNAP tested, so I relented and let him up.  The kittens took to him instantaneously, all purrs, chirrs and rubs.  He, in turn, was wholly tolerant of them clamoring over him, chewing on him, and playing with his tail.  Most importantly, as long as he was with me, they were suddenly trusting me to interact with them.  His ambassadorship got me over an enormous hurdle in the socializing process, and happily, most of them have now been adopted out.  The remaining two are still his loyal fans.  So am I, really.  

marceline as elemental bonnibel bubblegum’s closest line of defense and guardian is the one good thing from turning the whole world into candy. marcy as PB’s loyal knight guard i am deceased (because what it tells me is that even when PB is going bongo in the head and with her powers marceline still stays by her side instead of flying away and you just know old marceline would have been more likely to be up in flames but instead we see her sugarcoated and sweet for her princess !!!) 

I will never talk to you again or touch you again
and that is okay because each are equally painful 
but sometimes I wonder if they would hurt a little less than this pulsing ache in my heart
and clenched jaws in your presence.

for you have reignited something inside of me and I can’t help but hate you for it
so please don’t drunkenly text me
because even if its meaningless chatter
the absence of it in the weeks to follow echoes a familiar pain through me
as we recommence our little game
where we pretend that we haven’t spent moments together
which were tender enough to soften the hardness inside of me

and I know, the fucked up part is that we were never going to work
and yet now I cannot help but cry a little when I think of what we had
and the way that we will never have it again 
and so I am sad and cold
and it is so tempting to hide behind bones and scars and never feel the weight
of a thousand broken heartbeats reverberating through me as my tears draw my failures
but I am still painfully loyal to something that doesn’t exist  
so trust me to make a fuckery of something that could have been wonderful.
I would I would I would.

no one ever told me that every kiss I would see
would feel like I’m touching your lips all over again 
and no one told me  that every kiss would punch me in the gut and instantaneous tears would collect in my swollen eyes
don’t you dare tell me heartbreak is beautiful.

—  we won’t talk again and that hurts a little bit 
The Mushroom Shepherd

Genre: gay fairytales, action fantasy

Words: 8k

Summary: A fungus fairy is born and cast out by her people, she befriends the fairy sent to watch her but something begins to stir close to home

Spores, the fungus fairy, decides to prove herself against a dark enemy to earn her place back in The Canopy and maybe grow closer to her watcher

warning: for violence and fighting

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“sashapieterse27: Today is the day. My friends. My forever #pllfamily . In this bittersweet moment (and always), I am forever grateful for these 8 years. There are no words to describe this incredible journey, but I’ll do my best. We have truly created an impeccable love story thanks to the wonderful and one of a kind @imarleneking and our amazing cast and crew. I am so ridiculously grateful to each and every one of them. To our amazing fans I am most definitely forever grateful. You guys have been so loyal and passionate! You have made every second possible, worth it, gratifying, touching, and especially memorable. We truly shot every season, episode, scene, and second for you. You will always have a place in my heart. When we cried you cried, when we laughed you laughed, when we were scared you were scared, when we were mad you were mad, and when we loved you loved. We are always in sync and we always will be. Thank you for entrusting us with your time for 8 years. Let us celebrate all the fun and growth we’ve shared. I love love love you all more than you could ever know.
Congratulations @imarleneking @sleepinthegardn @lucyhale @ashleybenson @shaymitchell @janelparrish @tylerjblackburn @ianmharding @keeoone @theandreaparker @vrayskull #lauraleighton @thehmc @niapeeples #chadlowe #nolannorth #lesleyfera @tamminsursok @brantdaugherty @brendanrobinson @codychristian @julianmorris #jimabele @huwcollins #lindsayshaw @torreydevitto #drewvanacker #brycejohnson @yanigellman #romamafia @diegoboneta #shanecoffey #lulubrud #annebethgish @chloebridges #ryanguzman #kararoyster #jimtitus and the many many many more amazing cast members who created magic. And congratulations & amen to @lisacochranpll & our entire crew and production team who made every day possible. We shared every day, every fraturday, every joy of birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, new baby’s, etc. and we shared sadness as well. I am blessed to know all of you. You are forever family. It still hurts my soul to not see you every day. Another big thank you to @freeform of course! I could go on forever!
But, I will leave it as pure love. Rosewood forever lives on and this is not goodbye.

Love always, Sash”

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Hey there I'm new and I love to see proud Hufflepuffs like you. I am personally a Ravenclaw and my sister is a Hufflepuff and she's really upset she got it as her house. I was wondering if you could help me show her how great of a house it is 'cause she won't listen to me. Thanks ^.^


Aw no! I hate when this happens to Hufflepuffs :(

I am so proud to be a Hufflepuff because we are loyal and compassionate, and that shows that Hufflepuffs are strong as hell! We are fierce when we need to be, but we can also be gentle and understanding. I think being compassionate makes us more open to other people, no matter what society tells us we should think about them. 

Of course, when people see our compassionate side, they give us a lot of shit. People have treated me like their servant because my nice side, but I was able to get through it unscathed. The reason? I understand where those people come from. I understand that something might be going on in their lives that they need to take out on me because it was easier to do it on me. But also, my loyalty stretches from loyalty to others all the way to loyalty to myself. I don’t let myself get pushed around just because I’m nice. It’s a great balance to have.

Also, we have Cedric, Tonks, AND Newt on our side! All three of them are as fierce as people come, but also have a side to them that other people may see and not understand. Take Newt, for example. He loves and understands beasts, but other people don’t understand why. THAT’S ANOTHER POINT! Hufflepuffs are able to see the good side to other people that others can’t see!

All Hufflepuffs out there feeling like you are less important to the world than others, remember that you are the best kind of person! Hufflepuffs are amazing!

Oh, and just some quick things:


i’m rewatching supergirl s2 and unpopular opinion time, i think the reason mon-el was so widely hated by the fanbase is because we’ve come to expect a certain ideological and ethical purity from our superheroes, *especially* on supergirl, and mon-el’s character started off flawed and grew to be better, learning from supergirl, and most fans either weren’t here for it or didn’t have the patience/faith to watch him grow and develop

Boot Bae: Tom Holland x Black Reader

A long convo with @starcoleworld inspired this. She thought of it and I loved it 😂

Tom and Reader attend the VMA’s and while Ariana Grande is singing ‘Everyday’ she spots her celeb crush Tom(I’m sorry y’all😂)…I love that song ‘Everday’ and I don’t have a problem with Ariana but you have to admit that this idea is GOLD😂

You took the seats in the front with your names. You looked around and saw that you were in front with the Elite of the singing world. You sat beside Tom and felt his lips kiss your bare shoulder, “You look amazing.” He whispered, drooling over how your smooth brown skin popped with the dress. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, hearing the cameras flash you pulled away and saw the Photographer snapping you two together. 

The show finally started and you were excited. After a few performances and the commercial break you decided to mingle. 

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100+ FOLLOW FOREVER!! ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

Hi… I don’t really know how to operate these sorts of things, but I just want to jump right in and say that I am so thankful for all my loyal followers, and that the start of my 2017 here has been an absolute blessing. I’ve only had this blog since December 2016, and well.. It’s hard for me to gain attention because I don’t really seek it out. I tend to stay undercover, not out in the midst of crowding, popular blogs. I apologize for how much of a mess my blog is, but I still want to thank all of you guys for sticking through with me and being dolls. You’ve all made this possible for me, and hopefully in a little while I can reach my next milestone.

Anyway it’s time for me to show my love towards you all. I’m just going to be tagging my mutuals and friends in separate places… in alphabetical order and under the “keep reading” tab so it doesn’t clog up anyone’s feed. I’m sorry if I don’t follow you back, just know that I love and appreciate you. You are just as important here, because everyone matters! I’m so happy with all the notifs I get from y’all.

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watching thecreaturehub

me: [sees aleks or james in video] nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

me: [sees aleks AND james in video] NiCE EE ✧゚・: *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*:・゚✧

What You Did and Didn’t Do

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Request: 23: just pretend to be my date 12: Say it! 13: I could kiss you now!

 Requestor: @lani-lira a loyal fan who I am so sorry it took forever to get this written

Authors not: So, when I was writing this I realized it was going to take too long. So, I decide to make this a short series, part two will be out on Thursday or Friday. Please let me know how it is. I know it isn’t a one-shot request, but I hope this will be just a little bit better.

thought she left everything behind. Everything. The drama, the rumors, the pain. She thought when she landed a part on the Flash, she thought she can finally be someone. Shed her skin and hide the skeleton in the closet. She thought that when she got big and famous, she can make a difference in the world.

What she didn’t know she didn’t change anything. Nothing about her changed back home. Nothing about her new success and changed back home. She was still the same scared little girl that hid behind anything to not become that girl.

But the thing is she is that girl.

She looked down at the poster that ended up in her mail. She thought it was going to be something that a fan has sent in, they usually send something in for her to sign, and with ever poster, she sends it back signed, with just a little bit of love. But with the paper that was shaking in her hand, this is a poster that she wanted to send back, and never think about again.

She wasn’t aware how long she was sitting, fidgeting, shaking as everyone from the previous scene got off the stage. She didn’t notice the blurring of the studio telling the actors that they were done a recording. She didn’t notice Grant looming over her as her eyes were frantically searching the paper, looking for answers. Grant was confused, from what he noticed on the poster was that it looked informative enough that there shouldn’t be any questions.

But he knew that something was up when he saw the tears building up on the edges of her eyes, there were questions about the poster he had that it couldn’t reveal to him just yet. He hopped from his chair that was always set right next to her. He peered over her shoulder. She jumped when she felt his hot breath breeze past her neck.

Grant almost laughed as she toppled out of her chair. he held on her chair so she wouldn’t fall flat on her face. “I didn’t mean to scare you there Ms. Jumpy.” Y/n gave him a nervous laugh as she laid her clammy hands over her pulsating heart. “Jesus, Grant don’t do that ever again.” She told him, taking deep breaths as she tries to regulate her heart.

Grant smiled at her as she tried to sit back in her chair. Grant looked back at the poster that was now scrunched back up in her hand. ‘what is that?“ he asked, reaching out for the flyer. Well, at least he tried to get it, but y/n pulled her hand away, far from his reach. "It’s nothing. Just a stupid high school reunion back home. I didn’t even think I’m going.” Grant looked at her, confused. “Why wouldn’t you go?” Y/n shook her head, giving him a nervous laugh. “There was a reason why I left that place, Grant.” She said quietly, ignoring the blur of the high school hallways flash by her mind, she tried to forget back those halls and what used to happen in them.

“I wasn’t well liked, and something tells me that just because I am the new Jesse Quick, doesn’t change anything.” She bowed her head, letting her hair certain her red face. Grant grabbed her arm, y/n didn’t know that that gave him a distraction to grab the flyer out of her hand. He paused when he saw was written all over the laminated paper.

“Shit.” He breathed out, trying not to believe that anyone would say that about y/n. Sweet, beautiful y/n. The same y/n that can brighten up his day by just sending him a simple smile. The same y/n with the bright eyes that captures his attention from across the room. Grant’s hand started to shake too. “Who would, who would say this?” Y/n shut his eyes and snatched the paper out of his hand. “It doesn’t matter like I said, I wasn’t planning on going anyways.” Grant looked at her, shocked,

“How are you going to look at that and not think that you should go over there and kick someone’s ass? This, this is not ok!”

Y/n shook her head, “I don’t want to face them alone. I can’t face them alone.” She said quietly, trying not to let the strain in her throat get too loud.

Grant shook his head and capture her small palms into his. “Then don’t go alone.” Y/n just shook her head. “I can’t go Grant.” Grant brought her closer, close enough to hear and feel his beating heart. “You don’t have to do it alone. I got you. I have and will always be there for you y/n. Please believe me.” She shook her head. Then after a second, she nodded.

“Ok. Ok. I trust you, Grant. I trust you.” She finally said, pressing her lips in Grant’s knuckles. “Just, pretend to be my date. Don’t leave my side.” Grant looked down at her. “I won’t.” The way that she looked back up at him, eyes freshly glistening from the tears that threatened to fall earlier.

Her crystal eyes floored him, making him feel like it was impossible for anyone to think anything terrible about her. He wanted nothing else but to hold her shaking, frightened body into his, to protect her from any harm.

But the director has terrible timing when it doesn’t involve filming scenes.

“Alright people. Let’s keep moving this episode needs to air next week we have no time to waste.” Glen looked at his two actors talking at their chairs and pointed his hand at them. “Come on, you two, it’s your scene.” Glen looked at y/n’s wet eyes and squinted at her. “Can we please get her some makeup? Please!”

Y/n pulled away from Grant and brushed her tears away, letting the makeup people do their magic on her, and within seconds, she looked like nothing was ever bothering her at all.

She took a deep breath flashed Grant her beautiful smile one last time as she launches herself into character and on the stage. Grant smiled and laughed at herself. He has no idea how she can be herself, and act vastly different afterward.

He didn’t know how. All he knew, is that it was one of the reasons why he was addicted to her presences. He pushed himself out of the chair and got himself ready for his next scene.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for translating Hidoku Shinaide and we witness how Maya and Nemu love story blossomed ❤️ I know there will be obstacles and based on Maya's side, he doesn't really cheat (I mean he chased Nemu's ass) so I am sure even there's a temptation, Maya will stay loyal and in love with Nemu ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’ve read this cheating theory quite a lot and I’m like… Where do people get the idea MAYA would cheat??

1. He’s deeply on love with Nemu since High school (and even since before he even realized it himself).
2. Have these ppl even read ch 2? Didn’t they see his rage when his dad was like “just get yourself a gf who looks like him” etc.?
3. He had everything he wanted and needed, a home, a bed, enough money, but he didn’t hesitate for a nano second to leave everything behind just so he can be with his Nemu.
4. He didn’t take the easy path and just move to Ruka’s place, because he knew Nemu wouldn’t like it and he didn’t even move in with Nemu for his sake. Instead he moved in with a person he absolutely doesn’t get along with and feels uncomfortable around.

He would never cheat and I HIGHLY doubt he would work as a host or anything like that.
He does everything so Nemu doesn’t get hurt, so why would he…?

I agree with you. Of course there will be obstacles and it’s most likely from how it look rn that that rich Lady will be one of them, but in the end everything will be okay, because their love is stronger :3

Omg sorry for writing so much xD

Thank you for your message ❤❤❤


Dear no one,

If we ever meet, just know that I am a very awkward person. I won’t look at you eye to eye unless I get comfortable. I can’t speak my mind yet because you might get turned off.

Please be patient to get to know me, because it really takes time, I don’t just open myself to anyone I just met for a month or two. If I ever be transparent to you, you earned my trust and that’s not just anything you can throw anywhere and anyhow, you earned it. You paid your time and effort to earn me.

If I get comfortable with you, do not be surprised for I may turn into someone you never thought I would be. Honestly, I am clingy and sweet. I will tell you almost everything that’s on my mind, even the most disgusting one. I will always want to cuddle. I will always want a hug, long and tight hugs. I can be jealous but not that too possessive.

Also, If I ever feel that I am a burden to you or just feel that you don’t want to talk to me anymore, I will probably distance myself. I don’t want to seem like a desperate, trying to talk to people who don’t seem to care. It may not be obvious, but I love myself, maybe not just how people should be loving themselves, but still, I love myself. If you don’t like me, I won’t change myself just for you to like me.

If you stay and If we fall in love, just know that I love rarely but deeply. I am so loyal that just talking to other guy makes me feel conscious and you talking to some other girl makes me feel anxious. But it’s okay, I can take all the pain, just don’t leave me. I don’t know if I can stand to be left alone again.

If you come too soon, know that I was on the verge of death before you met me. I. Am. So. Fragile. My apologies for you have to deal with someone like me. I know you don’t deserve me, but this may all be worth it. You can fix me, we can.

PS. Please remember that you don’t get to fix a broken glass the way it was before, it will always be broken. Keep my trust and don’t break it.

—  If you come too soon // September 2017

Second Part To The ‘Hidden Hybrid’ Imagine Collection (Fem!Reader Hybrid X Mikaelson Family)

Part One                     Part Three

You streaked through the woods, the trio of Originals close behind, you could feel the strain of hunger claw at your throat but you put blood from your mind as your keen hearing picking up on a commotion not far ahead.


You stopped suddenly as the hut building came into sight and looked back over your shoulder to where the Mikaelson’s stood.

“Stay here, Hybrids are rare, I’d hate for you to die before we found just where it was you came from.” Klaus drawled.

“Like I’m going near that crazy Hybrid… sticking needles in everybody.” You grumbled, you received a look that told you to be immediately silent and you did as you were told.

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