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Simple introductions about figure skating in general

Please notice that I mostly write about senior single skating. I also follow ladies, pairs and ice dance but I do not write about them as much. I assure you that there are various similarities and differences in all disciplines (however I am just too lazy to write down all of them).

To be honest I don’t want to tag Yuri on ice as some anime fans don’t want to read posts about real life figure skating. However some of these posts I wrote due to requests through private messages sent from Yuri on ice fans, so that’s it.

The list below is to be updated in time.

1) About the disciplines of figure skating at Olympic

2) General highlights you need to know about figure skating competitions (some facts are frustrating and unfair though)

3) Fitness of figure skaters

4) Blade and edge in figure skating

5) Six basic jumps in figure skating (make sure you watch the video I listed in the post if you want to know more about those jumps).

6) Breaking down the 6 basic jumps in slow motion (NEW)

7) Basic spins in figure skating

8) What you need to know about figure skating programs (believe me, this is actually easy to remember)

9) About costumes in figure skating

10) Kiss and cry area

11) What is a step sequence in figure skating (this is the most difficult to understand for most fans honestly)

12) Breaking in new boots and other trivia (it is hurtful, yet my leg never looked as hurtful as that)

13) What is the move called Ina Bauer

14) Figure skating 101 for new fans

15) Anatomy the quad jumps (NEW)

16) Naming in figure skating (NEW)

17) Other drafts of step sequences

18) If you want to know about the skater called Yuzuru Hanyu 

19) My favorites among Yuzuru Hanyu’s competitive programs (NEW)

20) Yuzuru’s exhibition programs that I like (NEW)

If you have any questions about figure skating in general, feel free to send me messages. I can’t say I know all, as I am not a pro, but I will try my best.

Things I learned today from reading Lost Eden Scans:

(´;ω ;`)  This isn’t a translation, just a shitty summary and I only did these two because I’m biased and lazy. Enjoy~

*edited after playing since scans weren’t clear *

Mukami Prologue:

Ruki and Yui bump into this ~stranger~ at the supermarket. Said stranger was staring at them earlier which totally isn’t weird or nothing. Apples fall down and Ruki tells the guy to be careful.

???: “I’ll buy this apple… …So it’s all good, yeah?”

The guy just kinda takes the apples and eats them. NOM NOM APPLES. much symbolism. And Ruki just deeply sighs.

Stranger is super casual with Ruki and Yui wonders if he’s an acquaintance.

After Yui and Ruki are done getting what they need, Yuma joins them. And Ruki’s kinda spooked at whatever happened with ~stranger~, so we have Yuma being worried about him. Something’s bothering Ruki. Anyway, the 3 walk home. BUT THEN. Kou joins the party.

Kou: I worked really hard! Please tell me you’re gonna make vongole bianco as a reward!?

The now 4 of them head home. *intercom voice* =They have arrived at the house= Azusa feels down seeing them all come home together because he was the odd guy out. Kou cheers Azusa up and all the brothers say stuff to him. The smile on Azusa’s face comes back and everyone has dinner together. AKA KOU AND YUMA FIGHTING LIKE 5 YEaR OLDS AND PAPA RUKI TELLING THEM “OH LOOK AT THE GOOD CHILDREN. YUI AND AZUSA. ACT MORE LIKE THEM” and yeah there’s a CG of it.

Azusa: But that’s nice… …how everyone came home together.

Kino Prologue:

Dear uncle Richter. OHHH RICHTER. So this Kino guy asks Richter to meet him at this one place. They talk a bit. I guess Kino kinda does a “let me tell you shit, then I’ll kill you” sorta thing here. He stacks all this on Richter.


Somewhere afterwards, we have that scene where Kino’s all HEY YURI. GET RID OF THIS OLD HAG FOR ME. And so Richter gets skewered onto that tower. That tower has a name and I’ll get to that shortly. It was the title of Laito and Shin’s Versus Track 1.

Yui passes her days kinda on edge/uneasy since Ayato inherited Karl’s powers and stuff. One day, she heads out on a date (presumably with Ayato) and EW WHAT IS THAT SMELL? IT’S LIKE CORPSE. She notices this nasty dead smell at 神無 TOWER. Yeah. That’s literally the kanji. But thank it isn’t Kamimu tower lol. It’s Kaminashi Tower. STILL? 無神 ↔ 神無 Anyway, suddenly this ~beautiful young man~ appears and just goes right in for a kiss. “It’s to win you over.“ says the young man. yes nothing turns me on more than the smell of corpse sir

SO yeah. (;-◞౪◟-)  That’s what I learned today and I’m pumped for the game coming out soon!  And this is why I don’t do summaries.

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Selfie: I posted one awhile back and realized it would be cheating to post it again. And I’m not taking one right now. I’m a lazy bum and haven’t gotten out of my pajamas today and my hair is sticking up in like 50 different directions (I hate curly hair). So, I went through my phone and found one that I took sometime this past year. The only difference is my hair is red now and shorter and I got my lip pierced again. Same dorky mug though.

Lockscreen: It’s still the same as the last time I did one of these, so I didn’t bother taking another screenshot, lol. It’s my dog…looking sad, probably because she didn’t want to share the blanket with me. Dachshunds don’t like to share blankets.

Homescreen: I just changed this yesterday. I loved this picture so much I wanted to stare at it all the time.

Most of the questions were the same as the last one, so I  did random facts about me instead.

1. I have a B.A. in Sociology. I minored in Asian Studies and Bible (the Bible we had to, since it was a Christian university).

2. I met my husband at work. I was his supervisor and the first day he worked I had to show him how to assemble lamps (it was a decor store). I told him I never wore matching socks and he knew I was the one right there (he’s as crazy as I am).

3. I mostly live off of coffee and water.

4. I work in a plant nursery right now and it was so cold the other day that a customer offered to spoon with me to keep me warm. I thought it was hilarious…my husband not so much.

5. I actually want to be a writer. I have like 5 dark fantasy novels started that I need to finish. I draw to get better at it.

6. I didn’t eat any beef for 15 years after watching Faces of Death with my brother. We had hamburgers that night and he kept mooing at me and I just started eating beef again this past year.


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Post a screenshot of your lock screen, your home screen, the last song you listened to and a selfie (all these taken at like, 6 am today lol)

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Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Color: Yesterday I posted a gifset of Jake Gyllenhaal saying this question stressed him out because there are so many colors. I stand by this as my answer, but today I am also really feeling very deep blue. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick. I like lipstick in theory but am too cheap and lazy to buy it or apply it? 

Last Song I Listened To: Wawa by the Ocean by Mary Lattimore

Last Movie I Watched: Beauty and the Beast. It was okay. I don’t know if it really needed to exist, though? 

Top 3 TV Shows: Oh god, ever? Really? Jeez. Umm. The shows that had the biggest impact on me were probably Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Peep Show. Shout out to my three currently-airing faves, though: Bojack Horseman, The Leftovers, Veep.

Top 3 Characters: How dare you. I can’t actually do this without a lot of time and thought, so I’m just going to give you my three favorite garbage men on television: Pete Campbell (Mad Men), Benjamin Linus (Lost), and Gaius Baltar (Battlestar Galactica). They are the worst and the best. 

Top 3 Ships: Oh man, I don’t know? I don’t really ship anyone. I ship Martha (The Americans) and happiness, Bojack Horseman (Bojack Horseman) and self-acceptance, and Benjamin Linus (Lost) and elaborate, self-justified lying. 

Books I’m Currently Reading: Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett. It’s delightful, as Terry Pratchett always is. 

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