i am so late i knowww

Can we talk about this

I noticed this pretty late but see

yes yes this art is everywhere i mean i even scrolled through it many times (and i am more convinced that it’s Rachel, not black march) but i JUST FOUND THIS ONE A FEW DAYS AGO

see? SEE? THAT’S MARIA. let’s zoom a little bit

siu what are you plotting.jpg – I AM SHOOKETH.
THEY’RE TECHNICALLY HOLDING HANDS. I knowww this picture is super old. BUT I JUST FOUND IT I AM SO SORRY. Is this a ship? Is this foreshadowing?? Are rumours about their relationship true? is my bamkhun ship sinking? wELL ANYWAY I don’t know whether this came with a blogpost of SIU explaining the two picture and whether the one hugging bam is rachel or black march, but i jotted down my theories under the cut!

But if any of you received/ever read an official information considering these two pictures, kindly enlighten me, thank you!

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