i am so jealous of both of them

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For Komahina, who's the jealous type?

Probably me.


You have no reason to be jealous Hajime, no one else would ever want to go out with someone like me. Not that I would want them to. But you don’t have to worry about that.

You really are clueless huh? I’m sure a lot of people would love to have someone like you as a boyfriend. You are far much lovable than you think.

You are saying that but just look at our current situation, you are far much loved than I am. So I should be the one who is jealous.

*hugs him* I guess we are both idiots then. Since I’m really in love with you and could never leave you for someone else.

That’s good then…*laughs*

Riarkle Drabble Week: Day 5

8 Fall Out Boy songs + Riley and Farkle finding their way to each other

Series Info: Riarkle, T, also posted on my ao3

Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4

It’s Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love
We’ll make them so jealous.

Friday nights are the best. Farkle usually finishes his homework around seven, leaving the rest of the night and the whole weekend to relax and do whatever he wants. But the best thing about Friday nights by far is when Riley goes over to Farkle’s house.

This particular Friday, she’s coerced him to watch some documentary on rabbits, so they both get comfortable in Farkle’s movie theater chairs and watch it on the flat screen in his room. Half way through, Farkle realizes that he’s missed most of the documentary because the way Riley glows in the bright light of the screen is much more interesting to him.

Ever since the spring formal, he’s been daydreaming more and more about how things would be if they were dating. He can’t deny that he wants it. He craves it, actually. He wants to know what it would be like if they were together in a far-more-than-just-friends kind of way.

As Farkle stares blankly at the documentary, he imagines that his arm is around Riley’s shoulder. Maybe she would cuddle against him as they watch the film, or maybe they wouldn’t be watching it at all. Farkle shakes his head, as if that’s going to get rid of the fantasy that entered his mind. The ones that involve her lips usually never leave his thoughts.

Out of the corner of her eye, Riley sees Farkle staring at her, so she turns her head and looks directly at him. “Why do you keep staring at me? Am I particularly ugly today or something?” she jokes.

“W-what?” he stutters. “There has never been a day in your life that you’ve been ugly,” Farkle admits truthfully.

“Then what’s the problem?” she asks bluntly.

Now or never, he tells himself.

“Riley, I want to be with you,” he blurts out. He regrets the words immediately. He wishes he didn’t say them, and now he’s just waiting to hear her rejection.

“Farkle, we’re literally sitting next to each other. Problem solved,” she responds casually and then turns her head back to the screen.

Even worse than rejection. She didn’t understand what I meant.

“No, problem not solved. We’re next to each other, but we’re not together.” He picks up the remote and pauses the documentary. “Riley, please listen to me.”

“It’s happening.”

“What’s happening?”

“This conversation. I knew it was going to happen.”

“Do you not want it to happen?” Farkle asks. He sits up on the edge of his seat and worries his bottom lip as he waits for her response. Luckily, he doesn’t have to wait long, because Riley quickly turns to face Farkle before answering.

“No, I do,” she says in a flustered voice, “but I don’t know how to do this, Farkle. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do once I’ve realized that I’ve fallen for my best friend.”

Farkle’s mouth opens in shock at her words. He slides back into his chair and relaxes against it, which gives him a second to take in the new information. After taking a deep breath, he says, “Well, I guess we’ll have to figure it out together, because I just happen to be in the exact same situation.”

His words elicit a soft laugh from Riley, but then her face returns to a serious expression. “I’m kind of nervous, Farkle.”

“I am too, but we’re going to figure it out,” Farkle reassures her.



Riley gets up from her chair after Farkle’s done speaking and walks over to where he’s sitting. She looks down at his seat, and he takes that as a signal to move over. He forces himself over to one side as Riley squeezes in next to him. After draping her legs over his, Riley looks over at Farkle, their faces close enough for him to notice that there’s light pink lip gloss on her lips, just like the ones in his fantasies. But these are real and inches away from his.

“Hey,” she says with a smile.


“I really wanted to sit next to you all night.”

“Me too,” he confesses.

“There’s one more thing I really want to do,” she says, placing her hand on his cheek and leaning in closer to his face.

“Are you going to kiss me?” Farkle whispers.

“Do you want me to?” Riley nervously asks back.

“Yes. Definitely yes,” he breathes. Farkle closes his eyes, waiting for the feeling of her lips on his, but instead, he hears a knock at his door and feels Riley jump off of him in surprise. She’s already back in her seat by the time his mom walks in.

“Hey Farkle, did you—oh, Riley, you’re still here?”

“Yes, Mrs. Minkus. Sorry for staying so late. I’ll be leaving soon.”

“No need to apologize, Riley. You’re always welcome here,” Jennifer replies. She smiles at them and then closes the door. They both let a sigh of relief after she leaves and then look at each other with wide eyes.

Farkle insists that they at least finish the documentary before Riley leaves, so they sit in an awkward silence as Farkle hits play on the remote. He thinks that everything has been messed up now and the moment is lost forever, but then he feels Riley’s hand grab his from across her seat, and he starts learning that he won’t have to daydream about these kinds of things anymore.

Day 6

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Would you do a Malec ficlet? With the word being "charm"

SEEING AS I AM DEEP DEEP DEEP IN MALEC HELL, SURE THING. i know this has been in my inbox for a long time, but i am finally writing for them, so here we go !!!! i took “charm” in the context of … alec is charmed by chairman meow, and magnus is jealous of the cat. enjoy ♥✌


Magnus isn’t sure what’s worse: the thought that the Chairman might like Alec more than him, or the thought that Alec might like the Chairman more than Magnus. Both possibilities seem plausible, and that in itself is enough to weave a frown into Magnus’ expression as he leans over the back of the sofa, handing Alec a glass of wine - 1927 vintage Taylor Fladgate, a very good year - only to find Alec’s hands both very much caught up in ruffling the fur on the Chairman’s belly.

You traitor, Magnus can’t help but think, glaring at the cat. The cat returns the stare, absolutely deviously, and Magnus cannot help but think that the cat knows exactly what he’s doing.

Alec doesn’t coo - he’s not that sort of person, of which Magnus is thoroughly glad - but he does make this humming noise as he threads his strong fingers through the Chairman’s coat, which Magnus isn’t sure Alec is entirely aware of. The Chairman laps it up, stretching out upon his back, legs unfurled and belly on show.

You’re a tart, Magnus scowls. The Chairman makes a happy purring sound; Alec huffs on a soft laugh, moving his hands to tickle beneath the Chairman’s chin.

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Hia!! I'm relatively new to this blog but I already love everything about it and am amazed at how your mind works. I'm very jealous. But anyway, have you ever did anything about the belief systems of either of them? Philosophies/stances on religion I mean. I'm particularly interested in what you have to say about phil because I feel like dan has said more about it, but if you have time I'd love to hear what you have to say about both!! :D

wow omg thank you so much <3333 i don’t have anything particularly in depth to say about it. they were both raised christian, but i think they’re both atheists! dan has talked about it in a couple of vyous, as you accurately point out, while phil’s beliefs are left up to speculation for us. i conclude that he must be atheist or at least agnostic though, based on some of his general life outlooks (e.g. fear of death which seems to most widely apply to people who don’t believe in an afterlife) and some of the questionable jokes he sometimes makes about christian things (jesus, the bible, etc., which, even though they’re harmless and clearly in jest, don’t tend to feel like humor that would occur to someone who was still subscribing to the faith). and also like,,, sharing his life with someone who seems to be pretty set in an atheistic/agonistic belief system. it’s an interesting question but certainly (in phil’s case especially) not one that we seem to have an enormous amount of insight into! 


the best part about rereading book 1 & 2 was noticing that pattern

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I know you're in a relationship with one of your spirit companions, but how does that translate into your relationship with your boyfriend? Does either ever get jealous of the other? I'm in a sort of situation where my boyfriend, who's a Druid, isn't happy with one of my companions wanting to be in a relationship with me.

I am! The key is really communication. Neither get jealous, they both understand that I love them all equally and but differently, and my time with them is just that, with them. It might help that my boyfriend is pretty spiritually clueless, but its really communication. Your relationship with your boyfriend came first though, so you have to find a way to either make it work with him where he is completely comfortable with it, or tell the spirit no, otherwise it will create rift in the relationship with your boyfriend. If he isn’t, he can consider it cheating in a way, and thats a huge divide to mend. Your companion should understand that you have to take in the feelings of your boyfriend first as you and your boyfriend had that type of relationship first. I hope that helps?

jikook w/ jealous jeoncena and koala jimin!

title: of jealous bamboo trees and clingy koalas
description: jungkook’s been a little too salty after the running man episode.
author’s note: based off of this video

It was just for show, he tried to convince himself. It was just so Kwangsoo didn’t steal any of their boxes. It was just Jimin looking after them. It was just Jimin being Jimin.

Jimin being Jimin as in Jimin being super clingy to practically everything that moves and being an over all super adorable fluffball that just so happens to make Jungkook both want to smother him in kisses and push him in front of a bus.

Because it seemed that Jimin has a knack for making Jungkook jealous.

It was just a game. It was just a game for fun and good times, so why was he feeling like this? Why is it that, whenever he’d look over in Jimin’s direction as he ran towards their assigned truck with a box or two in his arms, he’d see the older clinging on to some other man and Jungkook would feel his stomach churn?

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i always think of you and roxy (voidedderse) as another version of hal (turing-tested) and tyde (hypeswap)

I guess??
I mean…
Give me a minute here…
See, their relationship is something I actually am inspired by but also kind of jealous of? Cause like…
They talk to each other as much as they can, but I wouldn’t be able to handle that much interaction every day, so I get jealous of their social stamina I guess?
But on the other hand, their relationship just…makes me feel happy for them, because I love them both very much and I’m glad that they found and love eachother as much as they do, because they’re just so good and deserve at least that, plus more.
In short, I’m actually kind of honored by this and also confused
I guess the only difference would be that Rox @voidedderse and I aren’t moirails, since John @imstuckinfandoms is mine?
Wait does this make me the sensible one cause like…that sounds dangerous.

Your brother is a member of BTS (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -he’d find it funny that you and Hoseok were related. Mainly because of the fact you were shy and occasionally awkward, Hoseok is bold and funny-”I can’t believe you two are related half the time. But it’s good because I like you the way you are and I should be the noisy one between us” 

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Jeonghan: Park Jimin was your twin and you guys always seemed to be hanging out. Jeonghan was jealous that you were never around to hang out with him. Once you asked him about it he was straight forward- “I just want you to spend more time with me babe”

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Joshua: -Jungkook was you little brother your brother and boyfriend were the same height. So when you were having them meet for the first time, they had a mini stand off glaring each other in the eyes before they both laughed.- “hello Jeong Guk I am Ji Soo”

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Jun: -Taehyung was adorable and you yourself had topped that with your innocent and cute it was the perfect sibling combo. You were dating Jun and always seemed to blush when he wrap his arm around you- “you need to stop babe you can’t turn red every time I touch you or we’ll never get anywhere” 

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Hoshi: -When Suga had come to visit and Hoshi still had no idea why he was around you. Many selcas later with you and Yoongi he still had no idea why he was there still- “Yoongi you’re a very talented man and nice guy but can you tell me how you know Y/N?”

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Wonwoo: -Namjoon and you were randomly spitting out rhythms about whatever you could think of. Wonwoo sat there listening to it and when you guys couldn’t think of anything more he would throw in his thoughts about things- “um try with food or something dumb like that”

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Woozi: -you were majoring in cooking at school and lucky for you, you had test subjects for miles. Woozi found it funny that you would feed his friends potentially bad foods but then he found out you grew up doing the same to your brother Seokjin- “jagi it smells great. Too bad you have to make so much for these losers”

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DK: -Jungkook wasn’t 100% thrilled to hear you had a boyfriend but then again no brother is. When Jungkook met Seokmin he saw the passion that he had for his noona(older sister in this case).- “so I guess he doesn’t completely dislike the idea of us”

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Mingyu: -Taehyung had come to visit and Mingyu was becoming rather jealous that he hasn’t been able to be around you much in the past two days- “jagi kiss me or I’ll scream. I don’t care if your brother’s here I deserve love just as much as him”

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The8:-you and Hoseok were play fighting yet again which involved tackling and sitting on each other, this has happened everytime he visited. Minghao was just spectating your fight about who was the better dancer this time- “I really don’t know who cheer on but I really should be recording it”

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Seungkwan: -Jimin had caught the two of you making out and was currently giving you the sex talk and your responsibility. Seungkwan pretended to care about what he said but all he wanted to do was make out more- “Jimin I know you care if I get her pregnant but I haven’t touch her there sooooo”

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Vernon: -Namjoon had actually gotten more attached to Vernon than you wanted, the pair were writing lyrics for a song. You were getting needy for attention from Vernon to the point you were pouting- “ok ok ok babe we’ll go get something to eat alright just a few more minutes you jealous girl” 

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Dino: -Dino and you were going on your second date when you had passed a familiar face you had said ‘Yoongi’ making he had realized your brother had been following you since he picked you up- “was he expecting me to do something bad. I wouldn’t do anything that made Y/N uncomfortable I hope you know that Yoongi” 

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Solangelo One Shot-Jealous

“Hi sorry to bother you but could you write a solangelo fic where they are both in love with the same person and fight over them but then realise they are in love with each other.”

HI EVERYONE!!! So I loved this request and I love Solangelo, so basically writing this was the best thing ever. I have more requests in my inbox, that I AM GETTING TO, im so sorry that ive been falling behind, but I am getting there. Thank you guys for liking my stuff and still sending in requests, it means alot to me. Love yall!-M


The door slammed shut and angry footsteps thumped into the Hades Cabin. Nico turned around to face a fuming Will with a cool face.


“Really?” Will threw his jacket to the side, where it landed somewhere on the other side of the room. “Are you really going to just stand there?”

Nico pressed his lips together and raised his eyebrows. “You asked, or rather yelled, at me to come here so-”

“Nico!” Will cut him off before he could say more. “I cannot believe you right now! Not only did you make a move on Jack, you’re acting like a complete, a..” Will would never swear, not even when he was angry. Nico smirked and plopped down on the leather couch behind him.

“Please Will, I just kissed him, it was hardly a “move” or whatever.”

Will pressed two fingers to his head like he had a raging headache. “Are you hearing yourself right now? Did I not tell you at the beginning of this month that I was into Jack?”

“Well, yeah-”

“Did I not tell you that I was going to ask him out sometime?”

“It’s not like you-”

“NO, just-just shut up Di Angelo!” Nico widened his eyes in disbelief. “I thought that I could trust you with these kind of things but clearly I was mistaken!”

Still on the couch, Nico sat up a bit. “Will come on, its not like that.”

“Then what is it like? Huh?” Silence. “That’s what I thought, you have no excuse except that you’re a jerk, that’s it.” Will scoffed and walked across the room to pick up his jacket. 

“Will are you serious? I didn’t mean for-”

“No just stop.” Will weakly said, as he made his way to the door. “I’m done talking to you.” He was about to turn the door handle when he heard:

“Please Will, let me explain.” the handle was turned halfway and Will was gripping it so tightly it could fall of any minute. Small footsteps came towards the door and stopped right behind him. “Please?”

Will sighed and before he could change his mind, dropped his hand from the door and turned around. Nico was looking up at him with hope. Will pointed to the other side of the room. 

“I’m sitting over here, your’e sitting over there, then we can talk.” Nico breathed out a sigh of relief, and even though he hated any type of orders, he obliged and sat back down on the couch. Will took a seat at the table near the door.

“Okay ,talk.” 

Nico gulped and put his head in his hands. “I like you Will.” he said in a small voice.

“Di Angelo, I swear on the styx if you dont speak up-”

“I LIKE YOU WILL OKAY?!” Nico covered his mouth as soon as he said it, and Will sat up straight in his chair, taken aback by surprise. Oh my gods,Nico thought to himself.

“You, wait you like me?” Will asked in disbelief. “Then, then why Jack-I-I’m confused Nico, why did you kiss Jack then?” Will had brought down his voice a little bit now.

Nico took a deep breath and let out the air before saying anymore. “I-I was trying to make you jealous.” Nico wanted to crawl up and roll down to the Underworld, this whole thing had completely backfired on him. 

“You wanted to make me…jealous?” Will shook his head. “Nico how long have you liked me?”

“First day I met you actually.” Nico rand his hand through his dark hair and pushed himself as far back into the cushions as he could go. “I just, didn’t realize it i guess.”

Will walked over to where Nico was sitting and carefully sat down next to him. “Really?” 

Nico shook his head yes in reply. “When you told me you liked Jack, I-”

Will stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder. “I understand.” Nico sneaked a look at Will. He didn’t look as angry. “What you did was still wrong, but I-  I guess I would have done the same.” Will dropped his hand from Nico’s shoulder and placed it back in his own lap. “I thought that you weren’t into me so I tried to move on to Jack.”

“Wait are you saying,” Nico sat up a little straighter and faced Will. “that you-you-I mean at one point-”

“No.” Nico stopped. What have I done?, he thought.

Will looked back at Nico and took a deep breath. “I still like you. I’m not over it.”

“R-really?” Will nodded and slowly laced his fingers through Nico’s open hand. Nico looked down at their intertwined fingers and felt his breath hitch. “So what-”

“Shut up, Di Angelo.” Will leaned in and took Nico by surprise as he pressed their lips together. Will is a really good kisser, Nico thought as their mouths moved against one another. Nico fell back against the length on the couch as Will lightly fell on top of him, not breaking away for a second. Why the hell did I even think about kissing anyone else? 

“Just one thing Nico.” Will pulled back slightly so that he was talking against Nico’s jawline, slowly moving up and down. 

“Yes?” he choked out, finding it harder to breathe than before.

“No more trying to make me jealous.” He looked down at Nico with loving eyes. “I’m already all yours.”


Hope you liked it! and as always send me feedback or anything youd like :)-M

everytime I read:
“We rehearsed all the time. I mean, I couldn’t appreciate the compliment about the chemistry more because, like, I fell in love with Timmy in the process of making the movie. He’s fucking terrific and he’s also an incredible actor, so I had all of that. It was just this great experience where I think we all, in the process of making this movie, got that experience of that one summer where we were there and everything was perfect.”
from the huffpost interview with armie I cry inside. EVERYTIME. first off, i’m so jealous of armie and timothée alike because they got to be so stripped down and intimate with eachother and i fucking am so deeply in love with both of them. i wish i could form that kind of friendship and relationship with each of them. second, holy fuck armie admitted he fell in love with him!!!! r u kidding?!?! like that’s cute as fuck. HE LITERALLY COMPARED HIS SUMMER FILMING THE MOVIE TO THE ACTUAL LOVE/EXPERIENCE ELIO AND OLIVER HAD IN THE BOOK AND FOR THAT REASON ALONE, I AM NOT OKAY. i can only imagine the bond and closeness these two have. i am immensely jealous but also extremely appreciative that it exists. i cant wait to see their beautiful naked bodies on screen bringing an amazing story to life. i can’t express that enough. i’m honestly so ready to see how raw and passionate they are with eachother both physically and emotionally. to see them hold and kiss eachother, etc. i will be living vicariously through them. i need this movie now PLEASE i’m dying here

I really hate this ‘Junsu/Hani’ dating scandal. No, not because I’m jealous or anything; I’m not even into one of them but the thing is; Since this issue came up IT’S EVERYWHERE. I was happy for both dating but I am still not a fan of this couple. More over the press and the people who hype this are so annoying, like LEAVE THEM ALONE. If they are media played their relationship is most likely to go in ruins.

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Hello! I am super jealous of your work ethic & organization. Those are both goals I am working towards myself. Could you give me a little information on what a mind map is and your tips for them? Also, unrelated, but what are your thoughts on the Cornell note taking style? Thank you so much for the inspiration!

aw, thank you so much! this is a really lovely message. I haven’t personally tried the Cornell note taking system - I have taken my notes in the same style for years so I don’t think it would work for me.

this is what a mind map looks like! you can really do it in any way that you want to - just start with the idea in the middle and then branch off from that with sub ideas, quotes, anything really. It is great for people who learn visually or through colours/diagrams xo

I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again. If I were to ever run into Danneel and Jensen instead of running to Jensen and fangirling I would run over to Danneel and tell her how much I love her. I feel like meeting Danneel is like finding a rare pokemon. When even Jensen and Danneel are out people always take pictures with Jensen. But here I would be practically ignoring his existence and asking her for a photo. I love them both so much, but I could always save up and go to a con to meet Jensen. But with Danneel I can’t. 

Why people don’t take pictures with her….idk….but JFC I am jealous of those who have been in the same area as her. 

Currently imagining Emma jealous of Maleficent’s suspicious friendship with Regina, so she starts flirting and courting the Mayor in a silent “competition” to win back her full attention. Maleficent playing along just to rile up the Savior, and Regina is baffled but enjoying the attention she’s receiving from both suitors. I need this❗

I have two local pathetic individuals harassing me, but it’s best to live and let live. I know that I am a better person than them and my heart is gold. All they have is each other and the jealous that both of them have over an individual who is positive and would rather help people than demotivate them. I wish good health on them and their families and hope their children do not follow in their hateful footsteps.

So, I’m going to let it go and post some shirtless pictures! Can I get an amen?!

My dad and my brother have gone off to watch Star Wars together tonight. I actually feel teary eyed and it’s not from jealousy (although I am SOOOOO jealous, damn my panic attacks in cinemas!), but it’s because a few years ago I could never have imagined writing that sentence. It means so much to me that we have our dad back, and that my brother and dad are out having a laugh together. 

It’s so lovely. I am so happy right now. The point we’ve reached is so far from where we started. It’s like Dad was never gone.

I love them both a lot.