i am so incredibly sorry about all the edits

I know so many of the people on here don’t really know who I am, but I’m reading all these stories about their encounters with Chris, and I’d love to share mine even if no one reads it

My favourite was at the second Soundgarden gig I went to, we had been waiting in line for about 12 hours, when @mrsfadedglory and I finally got into the gig on our beloved barrier spot.
During one of the songs, Kim was playing a really incredible solo, and everyone was watching him, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Chris the whole time, he leant over the stage, just inches from the barrier, and I looked right up at him, right into his eyes as he was leant right over me, and all I could do was smile my biggest smile, with tears in my eyes, and he smiled right back at me. I always felt like in that moment he knew what he meant to people like me. It was a moment I’ll treasure forever.

a ‘thank you’ is in order

So 21 months, 340k (not including drabbles), an accidental deletion, and many many memories later, I’ve finally finished Nom de Plume. It’s been a experience that has literally changed my life–I can’t believe writing something has lead to me making some of my best friends which I ended up travelling the world to see.

As you’ve all come to expect, I can’t be concise to save my life, so this is a very long thank you letter, the rest of which you can find under the cut.   

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Music Videos ; Vanilla Twilight 

Important Announcement!!!

So due to copyright infringement, I don’t want to risk keeping my edits on tumblr anymore. I have already gotten a warning, and I don’t want to risk keeping them on my blog because with the next strike my blog gets deleted!

I am SO sad because I have gotten so much great feedback and so many positive comments from soo many people about my edits. It breaks my heart that I will take them all down.

I just want to thank every single person that has ever reblogged or liked one of my edits. Also thank you to everyone that has sent me a comment or little message letting me know they appreciate my edits. The amount of love I have received has been incredible, and I don’t deserve the amount of support I have gotten from everyone. I am so sad that this journey will end for me. I am sorry for everyone who has followed me just for my audio edits.

I wish I didn’t have to do this. I hope that people will still follow me, but I understand if people want to unfollow. I am honestly heart broken. I feel like part of my tumblr identity is being taken away from me.

I am so sorry everyone, I hate doing this!
Thank You to all the support and love I have received over the past 1,5 years!