i am so incredibly sorry about all the edits


(And I know I sound aggressive in that post, I can get like that sometimes. I’m sorry.)

I messaged the person that posted the screenshot but they have not got back to me. (Edit: they responded.)

So you have probably seen that post saying I’m a disgusting transphobic person but I honestly want to clear it up; 1. I am not transphobic, trans people are incredible and deserve all the support possible and they should not be misgendered ever. 2. My post was not directed at trans people, but at sjws that attack people who ACCIDENTALLY misgender someone. I wasn’t talking about being purposely misgendered bc that is horrible. 3. I’ve had my own issues with my gender before + my best friend is trans. So why would I say anything transphobic about them?! My post was aimed at sjws that feel the need to attack people for doing something accidentally.

I take full responsibility for that dumb post of mine, I had just watched a video of someone getting attacked by sjws for accidentally misgendering a person and I thought about all the rape/abuse/murdering that is happening in other countries and it made me mad. I’m very impulsive and I tend to word my posts badly.

I apologise if I offended anyone.


Robb x Myrcella- The Conquest by dolorousedditor

“I fell in in love with her. Myrcella was my captive and I hated her family as much as mother or Sansa. Yet Myrcella was nothing like her kin. She was innocent to their crimes and I treated her as Sansa should have been treated. As father would’ve wanted.”

My very first Robbcella graphic inspired by Robb Stark and Myrcella Durrandon in dolorousedditor‘s absolutely incredible fic The Conquest.

Dear dolorousedditor, since I can’t make you a casserole or give a shoulder to lean on during this rough time, in true fandom friend fashion I offer basically all I’ve got in my arsenal: a fic graphic. I hope this can do at least a little bit to cheer you up! Also for sunbeamsandmoonrays who I have left hanging for about million and a half years! I am so sorry it took forever, I hope the wait was semi worth it :)

real talk, we need to think about how shitty “bad art blogs” are

1. if someone happens to see their art up there, it can SERIOUSLY DISCOURAGE them and therefore keep them from furthering their skill and doing what makes them happy

2. even if it’s funny, many of the posts I’ve been seeing look like they worked pretty hard on it

3. FOR GOD’S SAKE, THEY’RE JUST STARTING! How would you like it if you were just trying something new, and people took pictures and laughed about how bad you were?!

4. I know not everybody is the same sugar-coated, sensitive INFP I am but I’m pretty sure basic decency and politeness is something that everyone should at least try to value??

now I know some things on deviantart are just weird and you can’t help laughing at them but please, if someone says they worked hard on it and really liked it, don’t be a fucking snob??? like jesus christ not everyone is as SUPER GOOD AT DRAWING as you are, holy cow, it’s just incredibly rude to laugh about it like that. I’d say if it’s clearly something they didn’t actually work hard on, well drawn but very strange, or just some weird fetish or whatever then it’s alright to post.

i am honestly starting to lose my hope in the artist community of tumblr. you are all so talented, but you’re mean and stuck-up all the same. “tolerant”, my ASS.

EDIT: I now realize the last paragraph was a little more harsh than I wanted it to be, sorry about that. BUT my original point definitely still stands.
a ‘thank you’ is in order

So 21 months, 340k (not including drabbles), an accidental deletion, and many many memories later, I’ve finally finished Nom de Plume. It’s been a experience that has literally changed my life–I can’t believe writing something has lead to me making some of my best friends which I ended up travelling the world to see.

As you’ve all come to expect, I can’t be concise to save my life, so this is a very long thank you letter, the rest of which you can find under the cut.   

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Ard long story short because you and I both have shit to do and probably have the attention span of a goldfish.

first. Ft arrangement ^^^^^^^up dere. So from 2014-2016, I had a blog with the same url, animoozies. Wasn’t feeling it anymore. So, I impulsively deactivated. Was it the smart decision? Nah. lost all my followers and posts. Is it the decision I’m glad with, yes because I met a lot of wonderful people post re-activation when I came back in July. I love this blog way more than my old one. I needed a new clean slate. Everything in my life is changing and so is the blog. So my goals for this piece of mierda is to continue my horrible and stupid chat posts along with creating gifs and edits. I also would like this blog to be a shout out blog because we have many talented people in the fandom but they aren’t recognized. Every human being wants recognition no matter what, in my opinion, so little notes or no comments saying that they’re good, is kinda a confidence blow. 

So with that said

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Music Videos ; Vanilla Twilight 

Important Announcement!!!

So due to copyright infringement, I don’t want to risk keeping my edits on tumblr anymore. I have already gotten a warning, and I don’t want to risk keeping them on my blog because with the next strike my blog gets deleted!

I am SO sad because I have gotten so much great feedback and so many positive comments from soo many people about my edits. It breaks my heart that I will take them all down.

I just want to thank every single person that has ever reblogged or liked one of my edits. Also thank you to everyone that has sent me a comment or little message letting me know they appreciate my edits. The amount of love I have received has been incredible, and I don’t deserve the amount of support I have gotten from everyone. I am so sad that this journey will end for me. I am sorry for everyone who has followed me just for my audio edits.

I wish I didn’t have to do this. I hope that people will still follow me, but I understand if people want to unfollow. I am honestly heart broken. I feel like part of my tumblr identity is being taken away from me.

I am so sorry everyone, I hate doing this!
Thank You to all the support and love I have received over the past 1,5 years!