i am so in love with this train station

Am i posting a ship manifesto for something that does not exist, no one ever discusses, and is completely made up in my mind? WHY YES I AM.

I’ve been waiting for someone else to do this but it seems I’m the only one driving this thing and I feel that should train so grab your bags, people and hop on board, the Crazy Train is leaving the station.

I’m going to preface this by saying I’m a big Jack/Anne shipper and an even bigger Jack/Anne/Max shipper. I love the three of them together, and Jack just loves Anne so much and I love Jack and I feel bad when he gets excluded. And Jack and Max have such an amazing, catty, competitive relationship that I think could develop into real affection and fondness for each other. PLUS Anne should get as much loving as she can. So. That ot3 is still my number one.

THAT BEING SAID, season 3 did not end with the lovely ladies together and I honestly can’t tell what’s happening with them in season 4. I have hopes, but who knows. So if it doesn’t look like it’s going that way, I have another proposition for y’all.


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Needs love. Nay. DESERVES IT. She’s been through so much and come out on top and she deserves a stable, committed relationship with a woman who is just as strong as she is.

Oh, look, I found one.

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Now. I never understand when people ship characters who have NEVER EVEN MET. BUT LET ME EXPLAIN.

Three reasons why Max and Madi being season 4 endgame would be amazing:

FIRST REASON: Like I said, they are so alike. They’re both QUEENS, first of all, and neither are rulers who are looking after themselves. They care about what and who they rule over, it’s not just about power with them (i mean, they’re both wanting power, and like what they have, but they aren’t cruel tyrants). They’d respect the hell out what the other has accomplished, and both understand the importance of collaboration. So I hope IF they do meet there’s no senseless power struggle over Nassau (power SNUGGLES on the other hand….) I’d see Max running the town and the shipments the way Eleanor used to, and Madi running the fort and protecting the area like a proper General, and live together as wife and wife running their island into glorious victory.

SECOND REASON: There have been four main M/F couples on this show, and if Max can STEAL YO GIRL in all of them I would die so, so happy (*casually drops headcanon that in the ten years pre-show when Miranda when stuck inland while Flint was out pirating, she was filled with so much fury and loneliness that she would go into Nassau to do something stupid but Max intercepted because she could tell Miranda was a good, hurting woman who needed honest, passionate love in her life and Max was all too happy to oblige* oh dear I seem to have dropped something, would anyone like to pick that up and write it for me?)

THIRD REASON: their ship name would be MadMax. Like. Come on, people.

@ Starz, make it so

The Run-Away || Seungri

Fandom: Big Bang

Warning(s): Age Gap, Smut

Summary: i just had to be with him and running away was the only choice i had.

“I think I got everything…” I mumbled to myself as I pulled the zipper across the bag. running away; something I have been wanting to do for a long time. My reason behind this desire is… this might sound a bit cheesy, but there’s this guy who I love very, very much. Yeah, yeah; every basic love story, kind of. The only problem is that he is eight years older than I am. I’ve been sneaking around to see him for about a year and it hasn’t been easy. Today is the day I make a permanent decision. 

I threw the bag into a bush so I could get it later, without my parents getting suspicious. The plan was to meet at the train-station and take it all the way to his apartment, which if I may say, is huge. The thought of being with Seung-hyun got me excited and anxious. Right when I was about to head out, he texted.

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John “won’t do this without him” Reese demanding the Machine for his bae back

Reese hunting for bae all over the country with this crazy single-minded focus, like NOTHING matters until he gets his boyfriend back

Reese charging like a linebacker through a train station in order to get to his bae, then worriedly patting his bf all over for gun shot wounds

John “don’t ever come near us again” Reese



Goodbye wonderful, walkable, Decatur.
On Monday I start a new job, with the same organization, but at a different location.

New job is just a tad over one mile from home. Everyone tells me how lucky I am to work so close by.

The thing is, I love riding the train every day. The other riders are pretty cool, I get a lot of reading done, and the ever changing seasons are fun to observe from the elevated tracks. Walking around here is a treat, my main walk is on a tree lined 2 lane street with speed bumps and a 25mph limit. It’s a great street for bike riding, too, so lots of of people, even kids going to school, ride it.

So, yes, I will be able to easily walk to/from work. I can even walk home for lunch, something I haven’t done since elementary school. The walk is also on a tree lined 2 lane street, but with a 35mph limit, no speed bumps, and much, much, more traffic. It’s a GDOT road, so there you go.

Now my world has a diameter of ~9 miles, but as of Monday it will be much smaller, perhaps 1.5 miles, including the strip mall just across the abyss of 6-7 lanes of vicious traffic on Piedmont Rd. Really not worth the bother crossing.

Still the job will be very interesting, and I will have fun figuring out new walks, and I’ll be much closer to the Path400 trail.

Stay tuned for a new batch of photos next week, providing @staff is agreeable.


My friend met this gorgeous Israeli boy at a train station in  Bucharest, Romania today. As a Romanian living in Israel, I am desperately happy to find people from here which like my country and which I would have something to talk about. He was dressed like you see and had an ankle tattoo and was going to the seaside and he was incredibly cool and nice.  But she did not ask for his name. :( 

So if you see yourself or you see him and you saw this, tell him we would love to meet him or he should give you his name or Facebook or something or he could add me on Tumblr: flori-de-noapte.tumblr.com

Please reblog, I will give you chocolate chip caramel cookies and all my love and a niiice reward <3

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: we finally got to meet Beth and she's everything we could have hoped for. She's the protective older sister, not letting Sarah blame herself for her suicide. She's angry, and broken, and hurt. She understands Sarah's struggle possibly better than anyone else. Beth knew too much and it dragged her under but she loved her sisters, and she knew better than anyone else that "we do terrible things for the people we love." She killed Maggie Chen, she lied to her work partner and best friend, she stayed in a loveless relationship for the sake of getting answers, she sacrificed her sanity in the pursuit of keeping her sisters safe. Beth Childs deserved so much more than what she got, she was the best and bravest and she was taken from us before her time and it just isn't fair I never asked to feel so many fucking things about the detective from the train station but here I am feeling all of them.
4 AM

Summary: “I want your stupid fucking sense of humour making me laugh at 4am when I have to be up at 6.”

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Fluff, reality, domestic

Word count: 626 (if Word is not lying) 

My note: This is my first fic and English is my second language so please do not be mean, and feel free to message me about all my mistakes. Love you.


Dan knew he need sleep, he knew, that his train will enter train station in two hours, but he could not stop smiling at Phil, who was lying next to him. Phil was looking like one of those guys in cheesy romantic movies, on his back, eyes shining from laughter and black hair in perfect bed hairstyle.

“I am not trying to flirt with you by saying facts about animals Dan! I just want you to be educated.”

“Well I cannot say no to education from you, Mr. Lester.”

Dan’s voice was playful and even though he necessarily needed sleep he did not plan to fall

asleep soon. Suddenly Phil’s body moved towards Dan and Phil’s blue and green eyes connected with brown ones. Dan’s breath trembled in moment when he realised how attractive Phil looks even in this insane hour in the morning and his heart passed a beat. He was so in love with this man, with this dork, who made him laugh to tears at 4 o'clock in the morning. Phil opened mouth and his voice was full of love and his breath warm, still with scent of mint toothpaste.

“You should get some sleep, your brother won’t be pleased when you fall asleep in the middle of restaurant on dinner with him. And by the way, your alarm will ring in,” he looked at alarm clock behind him, on bedside table. “Your alarm will ring in one hour and fortyseven minutes.”

Dan frowned and looked at alarm clock, as if he was not sure, if Phil is not lying to him. But how could he sleep, when his boyfriend was right next to him, smiling as bright as sun and making him feel that weird feelings in stomach, which were somehow pleasant to him. He placed one hand on his eyes and the second one on his chest.

“I can still call my brother that I can’t come today. That we can meet tomorrow.” In moment Dan let those words out of his mouth, he knew Phil’s reaction.

“Definitely no, I heard him on phone with you, he is really looking forward to this day. Dan, you cannot put your own family on second place.” Phil’s voice was still friendly, but Dan heard disagreement in his boyfriend’s words.

“You are my family too Phil and honestly, if I should pick between spending my day with you playing video games or with my brother in restaurant and theatre, I would 100% pick you.” Dan was always honest when they were talking about serious things with Phil, but right now, he wanted anything else than serious talk. “And also it is your fault, that I’m not asleep. You started conversation about goat milk.”

He felt how Phil was smiling next to him and soon quiet laughter entered his ears also. His own lips formed into smile and he looked at Phil with tired eyes full of love.

“I’m not saying it wasn’t entertaining.”

“You know I love you Dan, right?” Phil said those words as question, even though he knew the answer.

“Of course I do.”

“So go to sleep now and say ‘Hi.’ to your brother from me, when you get off the train.” He moved close to Dan and hugged his chest, placing his own head on Dan’s shoulder, closing eyes.

“I will, don’t worry about that. Good night Phil.” But Phil already didn’t hear his words as he was sleeping, so Dan just placed kiss on his boyfriend’s black hair and with smile on his face fell asleep, for that one hour, 'till his alarm rang. And when he was leaving their flat to train station, while Phil was still sleeping, he thought to himself, that he couldn’t be more luckier.

it’s 3 in the morning and I’m listening to Paul and I never loved him more. the way he talks about life is so inspirational and deep. he’s such an amazing person. I am rooting for him to win.

things that caught me
-he said he was in Italy at a train station and saw a pianist and payed him to play a French film soundtrack and sat there and lived in the moment and missed his train
-he said he didn’t know anything about fashion and design but he worked hard to learn and self taught himself instead of being ignorant. he said he had no clue what he was doing but he didn’t want to sit there & complain how he wish he did this and that
-he’s genuine and has such a loving heart
-his facial expressions are everything

If there’s one thing I am grateful for in this life, it’s my friends and family. 2015 was insane for me- I went from working two jobs plus blogging on the side to hauling ass through train stations, bus stations, and airports to teach yoga classes and workshops both with and without my love @nolatrees.

I’ve met so many beautiful and awe inspiring people, and seen things that I’ve never dreamed of seeing. This year is sure to be even more insane- in addition to #mynameisnola west coast, I’m
teaching London & Dubai residencies at both @hotyogasociety1 London & @voyogauae Dubai- yeah, this Carolina girl is going all the way to the U.K. & U.A.E.

There’ll be plenty of info about all of that later- in the mean time, a lot of my misadventures and comedies of error end up on snapchat (@mynameisjessamy) & my other Instagram (@jessamynstanley). And, even though #mynameisnola workshops in Portland are sold out, there are still spaces at the Bay Area and LA area workshops- don’t get on my case if I’m wrong about that, though.

Right now, I’m just soaking up the people and places that hold me down and make me solid- my home practice is one of those places. Actually, the heart opening and shoulder opening of #hollowback work is helping me soak up so much more than I ever expected. I think I really need this work right now.

Leggings- @forever21
Top- @vonscher_active
Fingers+Toes- @yogapaws

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Here’s a fun exercise in the transverse plane. Most people strictly train the sagittal plane (squats, lunges, pull-ups, deadlift, etc.). Don’t forget your rotational movements! Most sports utilize power in the transverse plane, so this is a great way to improve that! (P.S.- Am I the only one who loves to listen to the Latino stations on Spotify while I workout? 💃🏻🙈) (at CrossFit Aletheia)

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