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Listen, I am so grateful my job is cross training me practically everywhere. I love knowing that I can jump in almost anywhere and it keeps the workweek exciting. However, actually train me for the positions I'm being trained for? I never trained to open the gas station, they just trained me for night and talked about opening twice. I have a checklist that I was basically told to forget about. So why does everyone throw a fit when I dont know what I'm doing? FUCKING TRAIN ME, MAYBE?

“We were together for nine years. I was completely dependent on him. He was a strong and powerful man and he expected obedience. If he called me at 4 AM, and told me to meet him in Moscow, I was expected to go to the train station. He had a very strong energy. It was hard to argue with him. In the beginning of the relationship, I obeyed because of the pressure. But then the pressure just became a habit. It got worse as time went on. Eventually he stopped listening to me completely. I became so lonely. When you’re with someone who doesn’t care about your views, and has no desire to understand you, it’s worse than being alone. I still loved him though. I knew that he’d had a hard life. I told myself that I had to make sacrifices to build a family. But one morning I woke up and decided that I couldn’t do it anymore. If I stayed in the relationship, I would lose myself completely. I remember it was raining that morning. There was mud in the streets. And something told me: ‘Today is the day.’ That was two years ago. I’ve spent these last two years learning to be alone. I’m realizing the things that I like to do. I feel better, I look better, and I’ve been sharing more of myself with others. I feel like I’m finally learning who I am.”

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

Day One

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,116

A/N: Well, I was inspired. Get ready for a new series. I don’t know how long it will be, but this should be fun. I love feedback, and as always, enjoy.

It was finally Homecoming Week at school and you were actually excited for it. You had already talked to your friends, Ned, Michelle and Peter, about dressing up for the different days. You had become close friends with those three throughout your freshman year, and you were thankful for that. You were especially thankful for Peter because he was probably your closest friend out of the three because you both lived in the same apartment complex. You always planned movie nights at each other’s places every Friday evening when there wasn’t a big exam the following Monday. You both probably had way too many inside jokes that annoyed Ned and Michelle when you both would laugh at what it would be to seem nothing. Everyone thought that you and him would be a great couple, but you always denied it because Peter was infatuated with Liz Allan, who was a senior, the smartest girl in school and the prettiest, even if you did have a slight crush on your best friend.

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memory found || stiles stilinski (part two)

word count: 5288

warnings: season 6A finale spoilers, brief mention of sex

prompt: part two of this imagine

author’s note: i recieved many requests for a part two of memory found, so here is the next part. i got very carried away with this, it’s literally over 5k words. i got emotional at the end bc the music i was listening to. i am so in love with these two parts. also, one of the many authors i like on tumblr replied to the first part. so shoutout to @minhosmeanhoe (not my gifs)


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This Is Home (Alex x reader) (Dunkirk)

Hi! I’m back! It’s birthday today and I thought it’ll be a great day to start writing again after my months of meds and anxiety :)

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Alex reuniting with his SO at the station who is a woc. They don’t care about the stares they get.
(Note: I find this request so adorable since I am a woman of color myself :3 also, this is kinda short so I’m sorry )


Where’s Alex?
It was the only thought running over (Y/n)’s mind, trampling over anything else.
Soldiers flooded off the train but Alex was nowhere in sight.
She saw so many soldiers reuniting with their loved ones- parents, siblings, significant others- but Alex were nowhere in sight.
Soon, the train emptied, but the station still buzzed with life.
She couldn’t see anyone else in the train.
She took a seat on one of the steel benches, drowning her face in both her palms, tears slipping out, God, no.

This could only mean one thing, right?
This could only mean Alex didn’t make it, right?

Without Alex, nobody would care about her. She loved him with everything she has, and Alex loved her just as much, if not more.

Nobody looked at her, or gave her a second glance. Nobody comforted her or even asked her what was wrong when she was breaking down.

She knew what she was in the eyes of other people- to them she didn’t deserve the right to do anything. But Alex- he treated her like his queen.

What was she supposed to do know?
She felt a gentle arm on her knees, “Don’t cry, love.”
She looked up. It was Alex, a grin on his face, kneeling in front of her.
She choked on her breath with delighted surprise. Alex wrapped his arms around her waist, picking her up and spinning her carelessly in the air.
(Y/n) didn’t stop crying, but these were happy tears, the happiest she’s been since Alex left for war.

“Alex, people are going to-” (Y/n) started, but Alex cut her off. “Fuck anyone else, I want this moment all to ourselves,” he said, before gently setting her down.
“I thought you didn’t make it,” she whispered, unable to say anything without losing her breath, but Alex heard her, “I didn’t see you get off the train.”
“I sneaked out to surprise you,” he laughed, kissing her forehead.
“You got me so worried,” she sobbed quietly.
“Now, now, sweetheart,” he scolded playfully, “I’m here now, no more crying, okay?”
“Okay, Alex,” (Y/n) laughed a little, wiping away her tears.
“That’s my girl,” Alex said before leaning in, bringing her cheeks up to taste her lips for the first time in months. She was still the girl he loved, and will love for the rest of his life.
A crowd had gathered around them but they didn’t care. They were in each other’s arms.

Then, a soldier with raven hair, perhaps one of Alex’s friends, started cheering for them. Soon the cheer erupted into the crowd, and it was the first time (Y/n) felt whole, the first time she felt accepted.
This is it, Alex thought, This is home.




Hotel Cortez -James March x Reader

Words: 3,089

Description: This is about when you and James first meet and your relationship later grows into something more. Also The Countess, unfortunaetly, does not exisits in this story. 

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this! I have a Jimmy Darling Imagine in the works right now and I might be able to upload it to day or tomorrow. Please let me kno if you would like to request something! XOXO


           It was a lovely summer day in 1920, you were heading to Los Angeles, California. You were going to transform your whole life to a new beginning. You had to escape your little town in (your State now), a lot of things happened that weren’t supposed to. You were boarding your train when you could have sworn you saw your ex (Ex’s Name) and you wouldn’t be surprised if you did. He was the reason why you needed a transformation. You brushed off the feeling of being watched and hopped into your seat. It was a bumpy ride but surprisingly smooth for a train. You quickly fell asleep and woke up to the bright sun hitting your face and the conductor saying,

    “Five minutes until Los Angeles, California, the city of dreams!”

You had picked up your purse that had stumbled to the floor. You quickly got up and exited the train. You had been walking for a bit with your eyes closed and embracing the warm sun. It was so glorious until you stumbled into a muscular chest. You were waiting for an impact for when your head hit the hard pavement, but there was nothing. You felt two very strong arms embrace you instead. You opened your eyes and looked up at this stranger who had saved you from a hard concussion. Your (Eye Color) eyes met his dark brown eyes. It was a long time of both of you just staring and you hadn’t realized how close you were until you looked at his mustache. He placed you back upright and he adjusted his suit while you adjusted your dress. 

“I am so sorry please accept my pardon. I am never usually this clumsy and I am more attentive. I am so sorry. I feel so bad. Oh, and thank you for saving me from hitting my head on the pavement.” I said.

“I accept your pardon. Also, I couldn’t let a beautiful lady like you fall.” He said. My checks were so red from his compliment.

“Again, Thank you…….”

“James and yours is?”


 “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

 “Why, thank you.” It was just a little while of him and I just staring at eachother. He cleared his throat and said:

“I have a spontaneous feeling that you are quite new to Los Angeles.” I shook my head as in agreeing with his comment, “Well, would you like to go to a nearby resturant and have a drink with me?” How I could I say no there was this amazingly handsome man standing in front of me asking me to go to a resturant and drink with him!

“Yes, I would love to go get a drink with you!” I happily said. James pulled out his arm for me to take and I took it. I looked at him as he looked at me and we both smiled. We gracefully walked down the sidewalk, while also walking slowly because of James’s cane.

After walking a couple blocks we reached this very neat looking resturant called “The Silver Moon.” We released our tangled arms from each other as James opened the door for me. I quietly thanked him by slightly bowing my head. He came in after me as I held the door open for him. A kind man that looked like he worked here approached us asking where we would like to sit.

“A table for two please sir.” James said.

“Alas, right this way, follow me.” The waiter said.

The waiter walked us to our table and before I could personally pull out my chair, James pulled it out for me. I sat down adjusting my dress as James pushed me in and sat across from me.

“Oh, James you didn’t have to pull my chair out for me. I can perfectly manage pulling out a chair.”

“No, it is tradition for a man to be a gentlemen when on a date with a beautiful woman!” Wait did James just say date? 

“Did you just say that I was your date?” I asked stupidly.

“Why of course. I thought it was quite obvious but is that okay? I would like to court you even though we have just met and I am a bit old fashion…” I interuppted him saying,

“James I would be more than happy to court you! I have found quite an infactuation with you. I like that you are old fashion and I hope you will stay like that forever.” I said while reaching for his hand which he takes. 

“Splendid! Why I couldn’t be more pleased!” He said while rising his shoulders.

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“Now, (Y/N) if you don’t mind me asking but, how did you come to be here? In Los Angeles?” He said. I slightly tensed up knowing that I would never avoid James asking this question. I assume that he saw my reaction because he started rubbing his thumb around the back of my hand. 

“Well, I originally come from (Your Home Town), and I had developed  a relationship with one of my high school classmate, (Ex’s Name). We dated for a while and it was marvelous in the beginning until he started to become very rude to everyone. Alcholism had gotten into the picture and there wasn’t a moment where he was sober. A bottle of alcohol every where. I couldn’t handle it anymore so I broke it off. We had dated for five and a half years. After I had broken up with him he started to follow me. He had broken into my apartment and tried to kill me. I was so scared to be alone. I had to move back to my childhood home with my family. I had been living there for two years until my mom said that it wasn’t healthy that I stayed inside all the time out of fear so she got me a one way ticket to Los Angeles. I went to the train station and I had sworne that I saw him there but he dissappeared after a group of people walked past. So I arrive in Los Angeles and bump into you. That is how I came to be here.” I finished looking into his sorrowful eyes. 

“My love, I am so sorry. No one should ever expierence that, ever!” James got out from his seat and walked over to mine. He pulled out my chair and engulfed me into a warm embrace. We slowly pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes. He slowly leaned in with his eyes closed as I cleared my throat and leaned back.

“I am so sorry James. I think it is a bit early for that.” I said and looked at him as he turned his head and agreed by nodding his head yes. 

“Do you have a place to stay?” James asked sweetly.

“Yes I do. My mother sent a telegram saying that she booked my room at the hotel down the street, “Hotel Living.” A bit of an odd name but that is where I am staying.”

“Please let me walk you there and get you checked in.”

“As you wish.” He offered his arm which I gladly accepted and he pulled me extra close to him. We strided down the gloomy sidewalk again and arrived at this wonderful hotel. We walked in and James checked me in. We walked up the stairs and arrived at room 64. 

“Ah, my now new favorite number since you are staying here. I think if I ever built a hotel, I would make this room my office with all my chutes and ladders.”

“I think that would be a marvelous idea to build a hotel!”

“You do? Well than I most definetley will and I will call it the Hotel Cortez.” I laughed at his joy of just thinking about building a hotel. He chuckled as well. We eventually stopped laughing and just stared at each other. ‘

“Well I think it is time for me to retire for the night. Goodnight, Mr. …”

“March. James Patrick March.”

“(Your Last Name). (Your Full Name).”

“Goodnight, Mr. March.” I finished from earlier.

“Goodnight, Ms. (Y/L/N).” You kissed him on the cheek and entered your hotel room.


 It has been four years since I met Mr. March. We have been courting since then. It has said to me that he would like to build a hotel but doesn’t know how to recieve his wealth. Here James is pacing in his apartment with me sitting on the couch trying to calm him down. 

“Darling you have to calm down! You need to realize that this money won’t just come straight from the sky! To make that much money it takes time. I am sure if you just continue on the track you are on you will be there in less than five years.” I said with a force in my voice while James will still pacing.

“BUT THAT IS JUST TOO LONG TO WAIT! I NEED THIS MONEY IN LESS THAN FIVE YEARS! I NEED THIS HOTEL TO BE UP IN 1927!” James shouted making me jump a little bit at his sudden madness. 

“Well that isn’t going to happen! What are you going to do? Murder the newly found billionaire Colin Acker?”

“That is not a bad idea darling.”

“WHAT?! You can’t murder someone JAmes just because he has something you desire!” I said being mad as all heck.

“Darling but this is the only way that I will be happy. This is the only way to make you happy. I want to build this hotel for you.”

I get up from the couch and walk towards him. I bring my arms up and put them around his neck. James put his hands on my waist and places his forehead on mine. I take my hands and pick up his head so he looks at me.

“I approve of you doing this but only if you leave no evidence. I don’t want you to be going off to jail just to get the chair, okay?”

“Yes my love.” He leaned in and our lips touched. It was sweet and passionate not like his other kisses which rough and angry. When we broke apart and hugged I glanced down to find a newspaper that said ‘Colin Acker In Los Angeles’. I knew that this was the last place he was ever going to visit. 

A Few Days Later

                    Headlines were everywhere. ‘Colin Acker Commits Suicude After Family Outbreak’, ’Los Angeles Man, James March Claims Newly Found Wealth.’ James did a very good job at hiding the evidence of his murder. He did an even better job at making sure he got his four billion dollars. After he ‘recieved’ his money he immediatley called a building company and gave him his blueprints he had drawn a while back. ‘New Hotel Being Built By James Patrick March’ the newspapers all say. You were caught in the crossfire and often spent your days alone, with James working on building the hotel and all. 


          The Hotel Cortez is finally finished being built. Tonight James is holding a private party. It is supposed to start very late in the night. 

“Darling, what are you wearing for tonights party?” James asked.

“I think that I will be wearing the white dress that you picked out for me, is that alright?”

“Perfectly fine darling! I think you will look quite ravishing in that dress!” James said as he pulled me from the waist closer to him. He starts kissing me as soon as possible. The kisses are rough and passionate. 

“Love, we aren’t even married yet. We may be engagaed but I don’t think I like this.”

“Alright, I will try again after the party!” James kissed your cheek and left the room, leaving you to change. I change into my white dress and looked in the mirror. 

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I had finished changing and decided to call James on the phone to tell him he could come up. He came as soon as possible and opened the door. He stopped in the doorway and his jaw dropped. I walked over to him and closed his mouth.

“You are going to start catching flies if you leave that open any longer.” I pecked him on the lips.

“Well are you ready to greet the guests at our party?”

“Why of course Mr. March.” James and I walk down the stairs to the hotel room with his arm wrapped tightly around my waist. Miss Evers, the maid that we hired, introuduced us to the party while lively jazz music is playing. James and I reach a table and he picks up a glass and taps his spoon against it to get everyone’s attention.

“I’d like to welcome you all to the opening week of the Hotel Cortez!” James says as he moves back and forth. I can tell that he is nervous so I peck him on the cheek, “A shame we all can’t enjoy these libations in my new Blue Parrot Lounge, but until someone with some sense repeals that nasty Volstead Act, both I and Mr. Capone will have to make due.” James finishes his speech and turns sideways towards me and opens the bottle of champagne that ends up sprouting and going anywhere. Everyone applaudes. He decides to try to sip as much as he could but ending up failing majorly. 

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This nice celebration was interrupted by a server coming in and holding up a newspaper and saying,

“He’s dead! Valentino’s dead!”

Everyone stops and looks at this man. The whole night is filled with distraught. There were some sobbing from the young ladies who were attracted to him. Basically the whole night was a bust. It ended a lot earlier than it was supposed to. When everyone left James took my arm and rushed me back to our room 64, his office. 


“James you need to calm down. Don’t let this little incovenience ruin our whole night.” I said trying to soothe him. I walked over to him after locking the door and stood infront of him just staring. He pulled me close and we shared a passionate kiss. I broke apart and said

“I’m going to go get changed James okay? Then we will go to bed.” I walked to the closet and got my evening clothes on and walked back to where James had changed out of his tuxedo and laid in his shirt and shorts. I pulled the covers back and climbed into bed. I put my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. 

“I love you (Y/N) so very much. I want to get married tomorrow in the lobby.” Shock filled my face now realizing what he just said and I opened my eyes and leaned on my elbow. 

“Are you serious James?”

“Of course I am love.” I leaned down and kissed him. 

“Then let’s get married tomorrow but only just us and the staff. I don’t want a huge wedding. Just us.”

“As always my darling.” James kisses my head and we shortly fall asleep. 

The Next Day 

It was the day that I was to become Mrs. James March. I couldn’t be any happier than now. Just to think that this whole relationship started just because I was clumsy. I feel like I am in a dream but I pinch myself and it’s real. I wake up to no James because he can’t see me today at all. I get up from the bed and go to take a shower. After twenty minutes of being in the shower a knock at the door alerts me. I wrap my robe around my body and answer the door. To my surprise it is Ms. Evers with my wedding dress. How could she know?

“Hello Ms. Evers, it has seem like you have come at the right time.”

“Yes well it is your wedding day and I wouldn’t like to see you late considering it is ten o’clock and the wedding begins at eleven. Mr. March also required me to help you put on your dress and a cosmetics lady is coming to assist you with making you as beautiful as ever but that will be difficult. You are a very beautiful lady.”

“Why thank you Ms. Evers for everything.”

“Yes of course now let me help you get into this beautiful dress Mr. March personally picked out.” I opened it and was met with a beautiful white plain gown.

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“Oh my! This is quite beautiful! This must have cost a fortune!”

“I am sure it did, but Mr. March requires the best for his lover.” We walked to the closet area and I stepped into the dress while Ms. Evers zipped it up. I gazed in awe into the mirror. I looked beautiful. A couple minutes pass and the ladies who came to do my make up come in and start working right away.  

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I open my eyes and look into the mirror and smile. I looked beautiful and I couldn’t be more than happy that I was now finally marrying my sweetheart. It was time so I walked through the hallway to get to the elevator. Once I stepped in it started to go down to the lobby. I could see through the glass and I saw James in a top hat and a tuxedo waiting for me with the priest. I got out of the elevator and the organ started to play and I walked down the lobby on the white carpet that was over the red carpet. When I came near James he held out his white-gloved hand for mine and I took his hand. 

After the wedding was over with, since I don’t really remember it except for the end, James carried me bridal style up to the elevator and continued until we were in our room 64. He placed me on the bed and crawled on top of me kissing me. I kissed him back and the night was of full bliss. 

I don’t know what the future hold but I hope it is good for James and I. I love him and I will spend forever with him no matter what.

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Out in the Town - Sam Holland x Reader

Oh my gosh I am running late!!!! So, so far this has not been your day. You had been late to you zero period, and got yelled at for carving something wrong on your ceramics project. Good lord!!! Couldn’t you catch a break. You stuck your earbuds in and pressed play on your High School Musical Radio station on pandora. You got to work on your project. You had drawn this nice floral design in your sketchbook. Writing and drawing was a way that you expressed yourself. You continued working on your sculptured tile. Stick to the Status Quo came on. You had never really liked it, you liked all the other songs but just not that one…why cuz’ it’s telling people to stick to one thing. You have never really liked the barriers put on people. You were always looking for different outlets to express yourself but sometimes were too shy to actually go for it. You were usually out going but when you had the opportunity to do something you freeze…something you wished you didn’t do.

The next hour passed by and it was the end of the ceramics class. You were stuck next to these girls that wouldn’t stop talking about their gymnastics like they were the coolest cats in town. (teen beach movie reference…hahaha get it no? Moving on) You met your best friend Alexia at her locker so you could go to the computer center and work on some homework. You met and our conversation started. She was the one person who you felt like you could talk to without being judged and be painfully sarcastic and she would still love you for the crazy kid you were. We had met during soccer… it was the funnest you have ever had!!

“Hey are you going to soccer practice later” you asked.

“Nah got cross country” “EWW!!”

“Your so funny (Y/n).””Thank you I pride myself…hahaha.”

Our playful banter lasting a bit while we did our work. But soon after the bell rung and you went to class. You were working on some lab in chemistry with your new found junior friends. You were smart enough to keep up with their math and stuff, as a sophomore. You had silently prided yourself in the fact that they trusted you with their thoughts and such. They were good people who  got caught in the wrong crowd sometimes. They would occasionally ask you for help on some stuff in math but you usually sat there and quietly listened as they shared their thoughts and feelings on everything.

Your week passed by slowly like this with playful banter with your best bud, and your in depth conversations with others. You waited for Saturday to approach. You were able to go to Downtown with your friends Alexia, America, and Kimberly.

You’ve have been waiting for your girls night out on the town. Your mom doesn’t like when you go out and do things by yourselves there there always is and adult present, which you didn’t really mind, because you aren’t going to do anything bad. We liked to admire different styles and art and expressions. We were kinda like the hippies of campus but 500xs cooler. You had taken your wallet and your mom dropped you off to meet Alexia at America’s house, and Kimberly’s mom was going to drive you guys.

You were talking pictures to make my aesthetic collages for your photography account. You went and enjoyed ourselves. It was one of those stress free days that you wished would never end. Everything was going great until he showed up. You were just sitting there minding your own business until this group of really attractive guys showed up.

“Excuse me miss are you using that seat?” one of the guys with nice dark brown hair asked. He had a british accent.
“Oh no we are not go ahead and take it.” you said with a smile.
“Thanks” said the other one with gorgeous light brown hair flashing me a killer smile.

“Why do you always leave me to do the talking?”
“Come on (Y/n) you are the more outgoing one of us”
“Yeah and look at you…you’ve got an admirer”
”No I don’t”

Sure enough when you look over at their table you see the one with the nice smile and freckles looking at you and smile. There was no way of you denying, he was good looking. But the sad fact was that you would probably only see him today and never again. Little did you know that was our first encounter with the boy.

Later while you were walking by the train station you see a rush of girls waving spider man merch so you can’t help but evade the area. In your little walk around the group of screaming girls you happen to run into someone.
”Oh my holy cheese-its I am so sorry” you start but were cut off by new yet familiar voice. “It’s perfectly fine love, aren’t you the pretty dane from the cafe earlier”
”Umm…hi” good lord my awkwardness is showing…..
“Love you are fine your are not as awkward as me believe me…I’m Sam” he said with a smile.

You spoke your thoughts oh lord cheese-it protect you

“Nice to meet you” and as he said that his voice seemed to double in volume. “And this is Harry…my twin” he said with a sigh.
“That’s cool…I kind of have a twin everyone says that my friend Alexia look alike but we are not.”

He chuckled my goodness he is cute. “Hey would you mind taking a picture of us?” some random girl came up and asked “Umm sure…” you took the picture and she said a quick thank you and left. You struck up a small conversation with them and they said they were visiting the states for a few weeks and this was their night out on the town. They talked about how they were visiting their brother who was out here working. Sam mentioned going back to finish school in 3 weeks which is a bummer because he was so sweet. Harry said he was into photography and film and that he writes. They were some talented boys and they were so nice. After about 15 minutes the girls all came back to see you talking to the boys.

“(Y/n) we have been looking for you, we saw Tom Holland and he so nice we got a few pictures with him”

Harry and Sam suddenly went a little pale. They were referring to their older brother…they kinda avoided talking about him because girls would try to use them to get with their big brother.

“Oh well I am sure he was but I was with these guys and we were just chillin’. I think I had some more fun talking to them rather than mobbing the poor guy, he has a life too. I am pretty sure that he wanted a little bit of space to enjoy life like we do. I would have just let him be either way.” All eyes were on you after that statement. Sam and Harry had their signature smirk on. The girls looked down slightly ashamed but still happy they got to meet a celebrity.

“Hey (y/n), Alexia, America, my mom is going to pick us up by the coffee shop she finished her errands.”

“Well I guess we got to go…I hope you have fun visiting the states boys, don’t forget to check out those shops I recommended.” you said.

“Oh love I will for sure… let us at least walk you to the café.”
You guys chatted it for a bit taking you time walking. As you approached where you would say goodbye Sam pulled you aside and said ”Today was fun I hope I will see you again, though the chances of that happening is very unlikely I hope you had fun today because I know I certainly did” and then he started walking away but not without leaving a lingering kiss on your cheek.

Oh man lord cheese-it protect you because this wouldn’t the last time you saw this mesmerizing boy.

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Not My Steve

WARNINGS: A little fluffy, a little angst
PAIRINGS: Steve x Reader


1942, Brooklyn, NY. You live in a small apartment in the city with your boyfriend Steve Rogers. He’s shorter than most men (but still a little bit taller than you), super skinny, prone to health issues, you don’t care though because you love him so much. The only thing that ever worries you is when he comes home with a black eye or split lip from getting into another fight because he was standing up to yet another bully.

It doesn’t stop you from getting mad at him for getting hurt or even getting mad at his best friend, Bucky, for letting him get hurt. Secretly though, you don’t mind. It gives you an excuse to take care of him in a way only you can, and to keep your nursing skills strong. You love that Steve stands up for the things he believes in.

You and Steve go out almost every Friday and Saturday night with Bucky and whoever happens to be his current Girl of the Week.  You are always a bit hesitant to meet any of Bucky’s girls. They were usually pretty nice to you but they always were rude and obnoxious to Steve. You were also pretty good at keeping your mouth shut about how you really felt about them. If only for the sake of Bucky and Steve.

Going out with Bucky was always an adventure. Usually it meant going out for dinner, or dancing, or even head to Coney Island for some fun at the amusement park. Tonight though was special, Bucky was taking everyone out to see an exhibition of future technologies before going out dancing.

“Finally you two show up”, Bucky says excitedly, He grabs a blonde wearing a simple blue dress by the hand and pulls her over to where you’re standing. “I want you to meet the new girl in my life. Dotty, these are the friends I was telling you about. This is greatest guy in the whole world and my best friend, Steve and his girl, who happens to be pretty amazing herself, Y/N.”

You and Steve both smile politely and you manage a quick, “Hi.”

She smiles back at you and gives Steve an almost disgusted look. Steve’s smile fades and he looks away. You notice this and your smile quickly turns to a scowl. You hated it when people were rude to Steve, especially to his face. You know he doesn’t need you to defend him, but sometimes you can’t help but be a little protective of him.

“You sure know how to pick ‘em don’t you, Buck?” you state coldly.

Dotty gets all defensive, “Excuse me?!”

Bucky turns to Dotty, “Hey, Doll, why don’t we try and get as close to the stage as we can before it really starts to fill up, what do you say?”

Dotty replies, “Sure thing, Bucky.”

Bucky and Dotty walk ahead to the first exhibit Howard Stark and his Car of the Future. Bucky makes sure to save some room for you and Steve.

“You know you should be nicer to the girls, Bucky sees.”

“Why should I when they’re so blatantly rude to you? I hate it.”

“That’s why. You’re better than that. I don’t want you to lose that.” Steve says with a kiss gentle kiss.

His kisses always make you swoon. You wrap your arms around his and the two of you go and join Bucky and his date. The four of you watch in awe as Howard Stark talks about everyone in the future will have a flying car. He unveils a prototype of the first ever flying car. The entire audience ‘ohhs’ and “ahhs” at the site of it. Everyone gets even more excited when he does, in fact, make it fly. Though, it doesn’t last long. Sparks start to come from the tires and then crashes to the ground.

“Well, I did say in the future.” Stark jokes.

After the Stark exhibit the four of you walks around for a bit and end up walking past an enlistment building. Steve stops and stares inside. You and Bucky exchange worried glances, both knowing what’s about to happen and knowing there’s no stopping it.

“Another enlistment form, Steve?” Bucky asks.

“Steve?” You say, more upset than angry.

“Where are you saying you’re from this time? Buffalo? You do know it’s illegal to lie on these things, right?”

“What?” Steve’s tone is slightly flustered.

“Honey, if you keep this up you could end up in jail or worse.”

“Yeah, they might actually take you.” Bucky adds. You elbow him in the stomach, “Sorry, Y/N, but it’s true.”

“Bucky’s enlisted, and you do your part at the hospitals. I have no right to want to do any less.”

“What if they do take you? What am I going to do without my two best guys? One of you leaving I can handle but I don’t know if I can handle both of you going to war? I’ll go crazy with worry.”

“There’s no talking you out of doing this again is there, Pal?” Steve shakes his head, no, “Well then good luck.”

“I need to do this.” Steve says.

You and Bucky both know it’s pointless to argue any further, “Okay. Good luck, Pal.”

Steve curiously asks Bucky, “When do you ship out?”

Bucky responds, “My train leaves at 0500 tomorrow morning.”

You hug Bucky, “I wish I could be there to send you off, but I have to be at the hospital by 4.” You kiss him on the cheek. “Good luck, and please be careful. Most importantly come back safe. Promise me?”

“You worry too much, Y/N.” You glare at him, “Okay, okay. I promise. But only because it’s you.”

“Don’t win the war until I get there.” Steve jests.

Bucky smirks, “I’ll do my best not too.”

Dotty starts to get impatient, “Bucky, are we still going dancing or what?”

“Absolutely, Doll.” He looks at you, “Are you going to join us?”

You shake your head, “No, I’m going to stay with Steve. But have fun.”

Bucky and Steve hug goodbye. You also give Bucky a hug goodbye. He quickly takes off and catches up with Dotty. The two disappear into the night. You look at Steve.

“Go on, then. I’ll be right here waiting for you when you’re done.”

“Are you really okay with me doing this, Doll?” He asks.

“No, but I know that you need to do this. And I support you no matter what happens.”

He kisses you firmly on the lips before heading into the building. He’s both nervous and excited. Almost an hour goes by. You’re still waiting for Steve to finish and you’re a little nervous. You’re not sure if it always takes this long, or if he’s in trouble because he got caught lying on his form. Then suddenly, he emerges from the building with a huge smile on his face. You know exactly what just happened and you were happy for him and terrified at the same time.

“They finally accepted me. I’m in.” He says excitedly.

“I’m so happy for you, Sugar. I really am.”

He puts an arm around your shoulder, “No you’re not. That’s okay though. I’ll be ok. I promise.”

You smile at him and say, “Let’s go home and celebrate.”

A couple of days later Steve catches a train to New Jersey. You had seen him off as any other loving girlfriend would do. The train had barely even left the station, but you missed him already.

The whole time Steve is away at basic training, you write letters to him. He tells you all about his training, all the running, and the obstacle courses he has do. He mentions how he captured the flag to get a ride back to the base during one run. That makes you laugh as you read it. He also tells you about the decoy grenade he jumped on without a second thought. He also mentions a special program that he signed up for, but said he couldn’t give you any more information than about it because it was top secret. He ends every letter the same way, by telling you how much he loves you and that he’ll be back in Brooklyn before you knew it on leave.

When you write back, you tell him about how busy things are at the hospital. How some of the men you’ve had to treat were in such horrible shape but that you were doing your best to help comfort them. You remind him to make sure he takes his asthma medication. You tell him about how much his flag story made you laugh, and how much his grenade story made you cry. You remind him how proud you are of him, and how you hope that the special program wasn’t something dangerous, and that you wish him luck and tell how much you love him. You end your letters with a countdown until his return home.

You’re excited because today is the day Steve finally comes home on leave. You’ve played the scene in your head a thousand times as to how you would welcome home your soldier. You stand in front of the door of your apartment just waiting. The butterflies in your stomach flutter uncontrollably as you anticipation builds. The only thing you wanted more than anything was to be in his arms again. The doorknob turns, your heart races so fast that you feel as though it’s going to burst through your chest.

The door finally opens and you see Steve for the first time in months, and your heart sinks. The man you were looking at now wasn’t the same one that had left you. Instead of your short, skinny, Steve in an oversized uniform, you were now staring at a very tall, very muscular Steve in a uniform that fit him perfectly. You’re at a loss for words, trying to wrap your head around just what it was that you were looking at. Steve reaches out for you, you unintentionally pull away from him. He’s surprised and a bit hurt at your reaction. The look on his face, the hurt in his eyes, it breaks your heart, and it reminds you of the man you fell in love with, the man who left you just months ago, and yet you don’t move you stay where you are.

Steve breaks the long awkward silence between you, “You look so beautiful. You haven’t changed at all.”

“I wish I could say the same about you. What did they do to you?” You say as he closes the door.

“I know. I’m still getting used to it myself. It’s incredible, Y/N, I’m faster and stronger than I’ve ever been. My asthma is gone and everything. They made me better in every way.”

“There was nothing wrong with the way you were, Steve. Everything about you was perfect…“

He scoffs at you, “There was everything wrong with me! I was sick all the time. That’s about as far from perfect as it gets.”

“None of that mattered to me, Steve. I loved you anyway.”

“This is what I signed up for.”

“I knew you would be a little different after training… I guess I just didn’t expect this kind of change.” You say as tears fill your eyes.

“I don’t understand…”

You sigh heavily and the words you want so desperately to say just won’t come out. You can’t believe he agreed to be the army’s science experiment. You try desperately to keep the tears from falling but that fails miserably. This wasn’t the man you fell in love with and you didn’t know if you could get used to having him this way. You weren’t sure if you wanted to. You know that anything you say next hearts are going to get broken.

Steve chokes back tears he’s fighting, “What are you saying?”

“I’m sorry”, you cry, “This isn’t what I wanted, You’re just not MY, Steve.”


Falling In Love With You
Plot: How you meet Tom Holland and fall in love
Word Count: 1.6k
Author’s note: Hope you enjoy this imagine if you request please send them in!

When I first met Tom Holland, I was 16 and it was a movie premiere for in the heart of the sea. My family had known the Hemsworth family before I was born. Chris, Liam and Luke were like my annoying older brothers. Liam was the prankster with me, Luke kind of just was around and Chris was very protective of his “little sister” a.k.a me. When he invited my mom, my best friend and I to the premiere I couldn’t say no. So we all go dressed up in semi fancy dresses and got all dolled up. We get to the premiere and Chris’ manager finds us, they lead us to our seats. When the film starts Chris with a few other people give a little speech about the movie and tell us to sit back and enjoy. Chris sits next to me on one side and someone I didn’t know sat on the other side of me.

*After the film*
Whoever was sitting next to me was no longer and I was bummed I wanted to meet the person. We all walk to the after party I laugh at something Chris was talking about and as I am turning around I run into a taller figure. I wait for impact with the floor but never feel it. I looked up and saw a boy around my age. He smiled down at me, I looked up in his eyes and my heart stopped for a minute. He snapped me out of my daze by standing me up.
“Hey are you ok?”
“Yea I’m good thank you for saving me.” I laugh
“Yea no problem couldn’t let a pretty girl like you fall.” I blushed so hard
Chris comes over and says
“Oh I see you have met Tom, he was one of the people I worked with on set.”
“Oh nice to meet you Tom I’m Y/N.” I put my hand to shake his.
He puts out his and grabs my hand for a shake,
“Nice to finally meet you too I have heard so much about you from Chris he would never shut up about his little sister from another mother.” I chuckle
“That’s me he’s a handful for sure but I love this big goofball.”
Chris smiles down at me and laughs he wraps his arm around my shoulder.
“Have fun you two, Tom watch over this one she’s a crazy one.”
Tom laughs he tells Chris he will and Chris walks away. I spent the whole rest of the night getting to know Tom. We talked about everything our childhoods, our hobbies and anything we could think of. Tom was the sweetest person I have ever met, towards the end of the night he drove me home seeing my mom and best friend left two hours ago. He walks me up to my door,
“I had a great time tonight Y/N”
“Me too Tom”
“We should hang out again, i’ll be in town for the next week.”
“Yeah I’d like that you have my number so just give me a call.” he nodded and gave me a hug. He kissed my cheek and told me good night

*Two Years Later*
I’m sitting at home on my couch when I get a text from someone.
TommyBoy❤️- Hey baby I am on my way to the train station I should be at the apartment in an hour.
Me- I didn’t know you were coming?!
TommyBoy❤️- that’s the point baby it was a surprise pick me up?
Me- Of course bub see you in a bit
I was so excited Tom has been doing promo for Spider-man Homecoming and I couldn’t of been more proud of my boy. He has become one of the greatest superheroes and he’s living out his dream. It gets lonely out here in LA but it’s alright Tom is doing what he loves I won’t be the one to stop that. I go to college as Tom is doing stuff for his movies, it helps the time fly. I go to my room and change out of my pajamas to some sweats and a tank top. I get in my car and start the drive to Union Station knowing it will take about thirty minutes to get there. Once I get ten minutes from the station I decide I need some coffee so I go to a drive thru Starbucks. I get Tom his normal order and then I got a frappuccino as I’m leaving Tom is calling me.
“Hi baby.”
“Hey tommy what’s up.”
“I am almost pulling into Union.”
“Ok I just got us some Starbucks I’m like five minutes away.”
“Ok baby i’ll see you in a few.”
“Okay bye bub.”
We hang up and I go to my car,I get to Union in a minute and I walk inside and stand by the entrance. Tom texts me that the train just arrived and he should be to the front in a minute. I turn around looking outside of Union Station watching people walk around looking for an Uber. I obviously started to daydream the next thing I know I feel someone’s arms wrap around my waist. I jump a little before turning around already knowing who it is.
“Tommy!” I yell getting excited
He smiles down at me and pulls me closer to him, I tightened my grip around his waist as I snuggled my head in his neck.
“I have missed you so much.”
“Me too baby how have you been.”
“Alright I’m constantly busy with school and work but it’s alright.”
“How’s school going still irritating?”
“Is that even a question?” I laugh at him
“I guess not.” He smiles at me
We start walking towards my car and I pop the trunk open, Tom puts his duffle bag in the trunk. He comes to sit in the passenger seat,
“So what’s the plans for today baby.”
“I was thinking we can just chill at the apartment then get some take out?”
“Or my beautiful girlfriend we can go to a drive thru movie they are playing your favorite movie.”
“And what movie would that be bub.”
“Breakfast Club baby.”
I smiled big knowing he remembers that.
“Ok bub we can do that.”
He smiled and said okay we have to leave by 5 to get to the theater by 7. He puts his stuff in our room when we get to the apartment. We sit in our room for an hour before he goes to take a shower. I get changed into a off shoulder top and some jeans. I lightly curled my hair real fast, I did a soft eyeshadow I swiped some lip gloss on. I slid my sandals on, I sat on our bed and went on my phone waiting for Tom to be done. Ten minutes later he comes out in just a towel, I see him out of the corner of my eye. I can see the water still going down his chest and I started to blush. I had to look away because if I didn’t the things I could’ve done to him was not innocent. He gets his clothes then heads back to the bathroom with a smirk on his face. That fucker knew what he was doing to me. I shake my head and he comes out a few minutes later with grey long sleeve shirt and some blue jeans looking so cute. He smiles at me,
“Let’s go baby I’ll drive.”
I smile at him, I grab my bag and my phone. I grab his hand and we head out of our apartment. Tom opens my door before running to the driver side and started up the truck.

*1 hour and ½ later*
Finally we get to the drive in movie theater. We have twenty minutes before it’s going to start. We open up the bed of the truck and lay out the pillows and blankets that we are going to lay on when the movie starts.
The movie finally starts I wrap myself in the blanket as Tom pulls me in between his legs, I lean my back against his chest feeling his warmth surround me. He kisses my temple and snuggles his head in my neck.
“I love you baby.”
“I love you so much Tommy.” I feel him smile in the crook of my neck before lifting his head out of my neck and watching the movie. I must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is Tom waking me up and the credits were rolling.
“I missed it Tom I’m so sorry.”
“It’s ok baby you must’ve been really tired to fall asleep during your favorite movie.”
He gets out of the bed and starts cleaning up the blankets and pillows. I get off the bed and help him clean up. We start to head home and I check my phone to see what time it was and it was only 8. I sighed knowing that I didn’t mess up the whole night. We get home in 45 minutes due to there being no traffic.
“What do you want to do baby?”
“Let’s get into our pajamas and we can watch some netflix?” He smiles and we head up to our room.
We get changed into our pajamas, Tom just puts on some sleeping pants and no shirt. I put on my cotton sleeping shorts and one of Tom’s shirts. We crawl into bed and Tom flips on netflix. He turns to me and says
“I love you so much.”
“I love you so much more.”
He kisses me, he tells me to sleep and that we will be having another adventure tomorrow. I nod my head and he pulls me towards him so I can rest my head on his chest. I smile in content knowing he was home.

Always a Bridesmaid 2/4

Felicity must return to her hometown for the first time since high school to stand in her friend Sara’s wedding.  While many things have changed for Felicity some have not and she has begun to wonder what happened to her old high school crush Oliver Queen.

This is for all, who like me, have had the privilege of being a bridesmaid.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments and reblogs on Chapter One - I am beyond flattered and grateful for all those who took the time to read my story.

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing!  Also available on AO3 where you can also find Chapter 1.

                                  Chapter 2: Feels Like Home

June 2017

As Felicity stepped off the train in Star City, she thought how crazy it was that she never bothered to visit. It really was only a couple hours by train but she had not been back since her high school graduation.

As she pulled her weekend bag into the train station terminal she expected to be greeted by a very excited Sara. She looked around. Alas, no Sara.

“Felicity Smoak?”

Felicity looked. She was surprised to see the one and only Oliver Queen walking toward her. Panic set in. “I can do this.”

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i just spent ten minutes consoling a complete stranger in the train station because her boyfriend got on the train aka leaving her and he kept blowing her kisses and she was a complete wreck so i spent ten minutes telling her it’s all alright and she’ll see him again and that he loves her and i literally knew nothing about the woman but i was willing to be her shoulder to cry on as she broke down in public


Snapshots // n.f.

I have met you six times.

The first: you came slipping out of my teeth as easily as the word “hello”
Scrawled in text messages in-between “less than three"s
traveling down a coast line,
I do not know who said "I love you” first.
But i know i whispered it over our NV3 phones in a scared seventh grade haze
When you said my love was the only thing keeping you from a blade,
The only thing keeping you safe from the fists across the hall,
The fist in the bedroom next to yours -
The day I found out you were living in a fabricated fantasy of false pain,
I didn’t know what to do with my idea of love.

Second the blonde boy in the fiction class,
Sang to me that he wanted to kiss me -
I think we were saying I love you before my lips even met yours that August morning,
We kept saying it and saying it
Even though we had no clue what it meant.
To this day,
You are the one person in my life
I do not think of laced with the pain of nostalgia.
I hope when you say it now, you truly feel it.

Third, August Third, lying on your navy blue carpet
We are brand fucking new but somehow you just knew this might be something worth fighting for -
I believed you from the moment you said it.
Your cold metal heart began melting,
Learning how to be human,
And for the next nineteen months,
I would destroy it all again.
What is love between an addict and a boy, an addict and a boy?
I meant it every time I said your green eyes kept me going,
But the blood in my veins sang me slightly sweeter love songs than you ever could,
I am sorry. You didn’t deserve this.

Four, where he was intensity,
You were a stagnancy I craved,
It took six months.
You were leaving my car after an evening of pouring out love
To the friends i would soon be leaving -
Often I think you just said it out of sympathy.
We exchanged “I love you"s only one more time in those nine months,
And it ended as simply as it began
Most days I wish I could miss you,
But there is nothing there to miss.

Five, the boy with the broken heart returns
And i am the robot this time around -
He says it on Skype one week in:
I freeze.
We are over two weeks later.
My last text to him remains the same.
I’m still a little bit frozen over.

And then I met you,
And something inside me clicked,
An illogical sense of beauty coursing through me,
Something clicked
And clicked again
And kept clicking click click clicking,
Taking snapshots of moments neither of us ever want to forget
But I spend every day worried we are nothing but a disposable camera
And one day we will run out of clicks.
Maybe the film will run out and I will develop the photos to find your face backlit,
The left half of my body cut out,
Wrong angles and weird lighting -
I have this nightmare at least once a week.
You are the first set of ears I have ever said it first to -
I love you -
Teetering at the edge of my tongue for days,
Suffocated by "I like you a lot"s and "I love spending time with you"s and
Stares into your eyes at the train station when i wonder
‘How is it possible my heart is so full of light and it is only the brink of dawn?
Where is all of this sunlight coming from?’
I am still alight with all that you are.
'I love you’ rolls off my tongue as easily as hello
But i fucking mean it this time.
I really, really do.

Thank you so much for this awesome Commission, Ruhje!!

The picture shows the first date with my boyfriend. At that time he took me to the train station and we spent the last hour there. Lots of laughter and talked a lot. I am so glad to have him. He is always there for me and without him I could not live. He always stands by me and never lets me down. I love him so much and never want to miss him. ❤❤❤

dragain  asked:

Top 5 otome tropes! :D

1. “We’re trapped in this place and need to huddle to conserve body heat. There is no romantic tension involved here, honest. Also our clothes are probably wet from rain or snow or because we needed to wash them because a flock of birds pooped on us. So now I’m lending you my jacket while they dry, coincidentally rendering me, the Attractive Male Love Interest™, shirtless. You are flustered. I am clueless, questioning if you have a fever, because I have the observational powers of a sack of rice.”

2. “I ran all this way to meet you at the train station/airport/across town because I needed to tell you I love you before it was too late. Also it’s probably raining. Or sunset. And I missed some huge momentous event that I’ve been working towards for years, but you’re worth it.”

3. “Some horrible complication is getting in the way of a happy relationship between us. We love each other and we love our friends/families/coworkers/citizens of the country, but they don’t love us loving each other. Oh WHY is the world so CRUEL in the face of our PURE LOVE?? hold me”

4. “You’re my childhood crush, and even though we’re all grown up I realized I never actually completely got over you moving away/drifting apart etc. all those years ago when we met again by chance, and now I’m feeling things again and–wait what do you mean you don’t remember me.”

5. “We have to work together for the sake of this very important goal. There is no room for romance in this partnership. Seriously. Please stop being so amazing and making me fall for you. But I guess it’s okay, later in the plotline you’ll save my ass/I’ll save yours and we’ll realize what we almost never had and finally kiss. Just gotta be patient.”

ID #98972

Name: Sara
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hey! I’m Sara and I’m into meeting new people. I’m going into my senior year of college and really stoked about it.
Things I like: dogs, vintage stuff, indie music, makeup, ART (acrylic, watercolor, ceramics, encaustic).
I’m a social media director for my college radio station so I’m into anything instagram/fb/twitter/pinterest related.
I love threater and have seen too many musicals/plays to count. Hoping to live in NYC eventually.
Not really into anime, country music or kpop.
I’ve been trained as a peer support counselor so I’m a really good listener and really into deep conversations and giving/receiving advice. I would love someone who I could trade art with.
Really open minded and I identify as bi if that matters.

Preferences: 18+ preferable .


Elizabeth: “Are you ever going to stop the excited? You’re going to wake the neighbours!”

Solo: “Meehhhh! They need to know how freakin’ lucky I am feeling right now! Do you need me to walk you back to the train station? I sorta…came here by instinct…”

Elizabeth: “I…I was wondering if I could stay over?”

Solo: “Wait…what…really? Are you sure? You’ve made some big decisions tonight, so I don’t want to push you out of your comfort zone!”

Elizabeth: “No…if we’re getting married then…I need to branch out and start being braver. I’d love to stay!”

The Run-Away || Seungri

Fandom: Big Bang

Warning(s): Age Gap, Smut

Summary: i just had to be with him and running away was the only choice i had.

“I think I got everything…” I mumbled to myself as I pulled the zipper across the bag. running away; something I have been wanting to do for a long time. My reason behind this desire is… this might sound a bit cheesy, but there’s this guy who I love very, very much. Yeah, yeah; every basic love story, kind of. The only problem is that he is eight years older than I am. I’ve been sneaking around to see him for about a year and it hasn’t been easy. Today is the day I make a permanent decision. 

I threw the bag into a bush so I could get it later, without my parents getting suspicious. The plan was to meet at the train-station and take it all the way to his apartment, which if I may say, is huge. The thought of being with Seung-hyun got me excited and anxious. Right when I was about to head out, he texted.

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@whydontijustleavethisrighthere & @karesera @drinking-sangrias@justaboywithaonemanshow have literally Blown. My. Mind.  This is the finished product for the Meet and Greet contest on my local radio station. It’s INCREDIBLE. All the little touches and nuances and details and….THEY WORKED SO HARD. SO LONG. If by some miracle I win, it will ONLY be because of them. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am, and how LUCKY I AM, to have you ladies in my corner.  Love you ladies!!!

CHOO CHOO MOTHERFUCKER.  Smut Train for LIFE. Xoxoxoxox

John “won’t do this without him” Reese demanding the Machine for his bae back

Reese hunting for bae all over the country with this crazy single-minded focus, like NOTHING matters until he gets his boyfriend back

Reese charging like a linebacker through a train station in order to get to his bae, then worriedly patting his bf all over for gun shot wounds

John “don’t ever come near us again” Reese