i am so in love with this pv


So! I was experiencing one of the best moments in my life on Nov 5th-
The CHIRAL Night 10th Anniversary Live!!!!
Can’t believe I’ve gone so far with N+CHIRAL QAQb
They did an amazing mash up story with almost all the characters from their games- Lamento, Togainu no chi, Sweet pool(my personal bias!) and of course DmmD!
The story and pacing of the live was so well crafted, tears were shed (yesh, its CHIRAL lvl of writing, very awesum ) I’m crey
So thankful to be alive rn guys
Itou Kanako, the goddess QAQb was just too epic OAQ!!!!!
tl;dr of the plot
A magical hour causes the worlds from all 4 games to collide.
In Toshima, Akira (TnC) meets Konoe (Lamento) and proceeds to be suspicious cos of Konoe’s ears ,hahaha essentially whenever characters from other games meet Lamento characters, they are just wow~ at their ears and tails. Aoba (Dmmd) then falls from the sky and Akira gets very angry cos he doesn’t know what’s going on and there are suspicious people appearing. They found Bby Youji (Sweet Pool) looking at them from behind a tree and after the four of them are assembled, 4 very cute oval shaped creatures appeared in front of them.
Konoe, who can understand their language, let the rest know that they are stuck in this situation unless they find music representing each of their worlds, collect a seal from it and combine them together.
Things went well, various characters met in different worlds (very funny sometimes, Keisuke and Makoto appeared tgt and I was like ermahgerd the best friends turn 病 type duo) and soon all the seals were collected but! Akira, Konoe, Youji and Aoba found themselves reshuffled back to each other’s presence and the situation has not been reversed….because 2 characters from 2 different worlds have strong emotions for each other…..turns out Shiki and Rai who met in Midorijima were fighting (think: hey my sword skills is the best. Haha you think Dis be my full strength? Think again. Hey, The next attack will be the last..) and they drew blood from ea other…. thus summoning out the final bosses = =|||| Leaks, Usui, Nero and the Meat God Monster which spawns a zombie army.
From here, the worlds were ruined by the final bosses, reality shattered and all was lost.
I sht you not, N+C had a screen that says - The end.
The entire theatre was in shock, so we began clapping in unison and chanting CHIRAL, CHIRAL, CHIRAL!
Thennnnnnn the part that made us all sob was….. beautiful music from a stringed instrument…. it was Shui!!! And N!!! And Erika Neechan (I swear I teared when she apppeared), and Seiiiiiii!!!!
They encouraged our 4 main characters, who now found out they have to send the 4 oval creatures to somewhere near the enemy!!
My bby Youji said he’ll see this deed done-you brave boy! Konoe sang! Akira and Aoba were like, we can be your shields and started whacking the zombies!
Aaaaand it turns out the 4 oval creatures were N, Erika Neechan, Shui and Sei!
So they sent the final bosses back and our main characters heard some nice music and decided to listen to the final live before being separated ; v;
Aaaaaand that’s the True End!!!
Alsoooo as you guys already know, we were treated to a rough pv of Slow Damage, everyone just watched it in shocked silence trying to remember every tiny little detail then exploded after!!!!
Maji Yabaiiiiiiii OMG OMG
The environments!!! The characters!!!
I am so looking forward to it!!QAQbbb
I love you Chiral! Here’s to another 10 years of awesome BL games!

Paper Planes

JuminV Week | Day One: Nostalgia/Childhood | Angst

For @juminvweek
If you dislike the pairing, you may choose not to read. The fics will not be put under a read cut due to the glitch. Complaints regarding the pairing will not be heard~! ^o^


Paper Planes

Hey, V…

Do you remember all the handwritten letters we sent to each other as children? I had been going through my drawers a couple days ago, and found a bundle of envelopes. They were all from you.

It has been years since I last received a letter from you, come to think of it. Hm. From anyone, in fact. You’ve always been the only one who puts up with my childish, unnecessary antics, after all. I can’t imagine anybody else who would put in the effort of writing me a letter, when they could simply text, call or send an email. While I do admit that it is far more convenient and logical, I suppose I’ve developed a preference for handwritten letters. I owe it to you—it was our special form of communication.

But, perhaps it’s also because of the way you can really look at someone through their letters. Every stroke of the pen, the way they phrase their words, the straightness of their letters and lines… so much to tell from just one handwritten letter. You could really see somebody’s soul through it, if you look closely enough. Perhaps that’s why I’ve only exchanged them with you. You’ve always been the only one I could trust with my life. The only one I’m willing to show myself to…

After all, you’ve always been by my side, haven’t you? …You probably can’t see my expression right now, but I’m chuckling at the sudden thought of it.

I remember when my parents suddenly decided to send me to a private school… I had been horrified to discover their plans to “improve my social skills.” I was perfectly fine with being homeschooled. But you said that you would go with me, even though it meant you would no longer see that beautiful teacher you had a crush on. I deeply appreciate that you made such a sacrifice for me. Although it seems to be a simple, small thing, it was an action that you took for me.

Many can buy me gifts, and many can feed me sweet words… but few would actually act out of emotion for me, even willing to sacrifice something of their own for my sake.

Even as we began to grow up, your kind, pure heart still remained. It has always been your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.

That is, I don’t mean to say you’re void of other strengths, however, your sincerity has always touched my heart. Truly, I wonder if I will ever find someone else who possesses a heart as pure as yours.

People say that good things don’t last.

Maybe that’s why you’ve left me, V.

Maybe the gods above realized that you were too pure for this world.

I’m sorry. It’s the first letter I’ve written you in years since you’ve left this world, but I’m being so depressing. I can’t help but be nostalgic, upon remembering the past—our past, together.

So yes, good things may not last, but at the very least, I’m glad that the good things have happened. I’m glad that you happened, V.

I never did respond to your last letter before you passed away. To this day, it is still my life’s greatest regret.

So I’ll end the letter off in a direly late response.

V… or rather…

Jihyun Kim, even to this day, yes, I am in love with you too. And I can never express how sorry I am that I could never admit my feelings to you. If you could forgive me, then I humbly ask that you will wait for me in Heaven—I’m sure that you, of all people, would get there.

Thank you for everything.

Jumin Han

incandescentlysilver replied to your post “Dearly beloved”

ur fav programs of the season maybe? 🤗🤗 ngl probably gonna reblog whatever u gif cos u do great work 👍👍

Aww, thank you 💗💗💗 I am so glad you liked the stuff I made. Sadly (or not) I don’t rly have favorite programs from this season tho. I have The One Favorite Program and that’s it. One Program to rule them all. Yea it’s H&L.   

tadakixd replied to your post “Dearly beloved”

I love your mashups even though you say it’s overused and your use of text in the gifs, so i’m always looking forward to your next post! Fave spins compilation? Fave choreo seq? Fave k&c reaction? Hey i even like your fave jpop PV post hahahaha (i’m not requesting all of them i just like your gifs hahaha) have a gd break from work!

What do you mean you actually have seen the J-pop stuff I posted? Sweetheart, can I just say that I am absolutely in love with you for that? I mean, I thought nobody from the skating side (or anyone from any side rly) would ever even bother looking at those. I made those purely because I was bored.

Also, on a somewhat related topic, hey lovely Tumblr people, I’m actively in the market for a lady to play the Christine to Yuzu’s Phantom so I can do *drum roll* a POTO mash up. Yes I’m gonna do another one since you people apparently still aren’t fed up with me enough. Unfortunately my YouTube scouring effort has been in vain so far so please please let me know if you have any suggestion for a potential match.

Here’s Phantom Yuzu being divinely handsome to keep you motivated:


Happy Birthday Siouxsie Sioux! 

I know you don’t give a damn about your fans, but we love you and wish you have a wonderful day on your birthday. Yes, Siouxsie, I’m talking to you. I was 7 years old when I discovered your music and I was 8 years old when I first saw you in the Swimming Horses PV. I immediately became obsessed, because of your charisma and siouxduction. I just had to listen and watch more of you. So that’s how I’m the devoted fan I am today. You’re a very strong woman and will continue to influence other women out there to grab a guitar and become a musician like me. If it wasn’t for you, I would be dead because I can’t live without you and my best friend. You always make me smile with your beautiful self and musical art. You will always be my goddess and your music will continue to flourish around the world. Je t'aime Siouxsie Sioux. 💋 💘



(High School Musical AU, based off this scene)

anyway, what better way to celebrate that voiced PV and that the kids are legit teenagers now than with a HSM AU because like. Popular jock boy with heart of gold meets super awk+insecure genius nerd and forges an unlikely but beautiful bff bond while falling in love? Oh I’m sorry were we talking about troy & gabriella or taishiro

yaboku  asked:

I AM SO GLAD THIS HAPPENED LIKE OMG ever since the arm wrestling since i was very very interested by how charioce acted around nina!! and the dance episode made me ship them fully!! i sincerely hope that charioce doesn't die tho omg ;-; i suffered a lot with amira

Same here! I always loved them since the PVs and it turned in something even more special to me since episode 6. ♥

I hope the same, I really don’t want him to die at the end, no matter what. :/ 

Miraculous Ladybug: First Impressions.

Things I Adore:

I think it’s amazing to have a heroine who does her fighting with hand to hand combat. One of my favorite animated serieses is Princess Tutu, and it is a dear hope that Miraculous Ladybug will grow into a series that I can hold near to that standard, but this is a fantastic start. Fighting with her fists rather than through dance or magic or a power-cane is something that already makes Miraculous Ladybug stand out as its own story. 

It’s lovely to see something more European. Granted, the showcasing of the monuments and landmarks is pretty gratuitous, but it’s nice to see a style of clothing and architecture other than American. I hope this will eventually lead to shows where the story flips through European cities as casually as Gargoyles flipped through New York City. I remember hearing an interview where one of the creators actually said they were looking to make a platform for the “European Superhero.” Princess Tutu did a very good job of setting itself in a German Town, with immaculate attention to detail. 

Finally, and continuing with the theme of the clothing, it is so nice to see a practically dressed super heroine with a believable junior-high body type. This is actually something that Miraculous Ladybug is already sharing with Princess Tutu and its protagonist, Duck. Which is a relief, because watching middle-school aged Sailor Moon still makes me squint at the screen. Frankly, if there is any fanservice to be had in this series it is definitely from the tightly leather clad Chat Noir. i do not understand how he moves around in that outfit.

Things That Could Improve:

I preferred Chat Noir’s character design in the original Anime PV Trailer. For one thing it made him look a little more chiseled in the face. (I honestly thought he was a girl the first month of seeing the posters. I also thought it was pretty cool that France was releasing a cute lesbian super-hero flick.) More importantly, I loved the detail in Adrian’s hair and how it was immaculate when he was out of costume and yet a tousled mop when he was in costume. I thought that was a charming detail that lent itself well to the character and which was entirely brushed aside in the 3D version. 

  • Eventually I’d like to see a series more intricate in design and plot, like that which was teased in the Anime PV Trailer. The dark tones and flares of light towards the end of that video were really gorgeous.
  • I feel that Chat Noir’s original ring in the RV Trailer looked better. It looked more like something that might have been around for over 5,000 years and less like a Happy Meal toy. 
  • Finally, it would be great if, at some point in the series, it is revealed that Adrian’s middle name is Felix. Once more, I understand why that name was dropped in development in favor of the softer ‘Adrian,’ but it would be just such a great nod to the more long-enduring fans and it also has some fun tie-backs to ‘Felix the Cat’ and to the Latin word for “luck” (the reason the name was originally chosen, I’m sure) that work so well with the theme of Ladybugg = Luck and Blackcat = Bad Luck. In fact, as far as I’m concerned- 
    • Headcanon: Chat Noir’s real name is Adrian Felix Agreste.

I do understand why the series was made to look more in the style of 3D rather than anime: it will be more likely to gain ground in the West and eventually branch out to other serieses (like an anime one), than an anime series would in becoming a Western series. I myself find the style very quaint and approachable and, while I have a particular love for anime, I imagine this is more relatable to American parents looking to buy DVDs and action figures.

All in all: I really hope the show continues to improve. I am enjoying it very much thus far. Thank you so much to Metawohoo for drawing my attention to this series! I Followed for the Moonlock, and I stayed for the Ladybug!

hectik ha respondido a tu publicación: everyone @ the vld s3 pv: Lance!! wow so much…

me from the back: /browses absently sendak’s undead tag

I really admire your tenacity, Tik. I’ve unfortunately lost all hope for Sendak to come back. Now I only have hope for my love Zarkon to make an appearance again.


-sigh- after listening to Kenshi Yonezu’s new song “Eine Kleine” I just felt like making these little screenshots… I really love his artstyle and music… he’s such a great artist! ;w;

When I saw the titel of the song for the first time I was a little bit surprised  :’D “Eine Kleine” is german and well… I am german so it was a suprise to me to see a title in my native language~

Anyway I really recommend to listen to the song and to watch the pv… it’s really pretty♥ [x]

I’m still not over that gif I just reblogged of Tony just walking with one hand out, waiting for the gauntlet armour to come to his hand and it just FITS so pERFECTLY and he looks so badass and smooth and why is it my favourite I have no idea but I am just like entranced by it, and I have been since the first time I saw the AOU trailer forever ago I CAN’T GET OVER HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SHOT OF HIM. I think it’s because it looks so natural to him? Like he is BUILT for this.

stressed-dragon  asked:

I am so confused who is felix?

Felix was the original Chat Noir, and he’s from the Ladybug PV that came out several years ago. Basically, he’s the character that Thomas originally created to be Marinette’s love interest. At the end, his character was scrapped and Thomas created a completely new character, Adrien (prince of my heart, love of my life), to be the new Chat Noir, and Marinette’s love interest.

Here’s the wiki page on Felix.


I am so happy to be contributing for the 1 year anniversary of Miraculous! 

Okay, time to get deep for a minute! 

The first time I saw miraculous was when the PV came out, and I saw the characters and I was like.. This will not be good. WELL GUESS WHO WAS WRONG! I am so lucky to have re found this show because it has ruined my life in the best way possible. It keeps me inspired, and if I didn’t find this show, then I probably wouldn’t have continued on with my drawing! But only a year of drawing people has been improved so greatly because I spend everyday drawing Chat Noir! And I love it! Its now apart of my life and I may or may not have gotten a few of my friends obsessed with this. But they all liked Volpina and they ship Marinette with Adrien. And that is the only ship they shall ship! And I’m the only one who ships the whole love square + Djwifi. Yeah! It has turned me into a full blown trash can that can’t stop making puns! xD But yeah. I really want to thank Thomas but I’m to afraid to actually tell! ;~;.

 But this has been an amazing first year and this is the longest I’ve ever stayed in a fandom and drawn it a whole lot! WOW!!!!! But yeah! HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY MIRACULOUS!!! also this isnt the only fan art I shall upload. I am going to upload all the ml fan art I haven’t uploaded yet!