i am so in love with this pic i swear


Happy Friday shipsters, and non-shipsters! I realize that I have been on a little self-imposed blogging boycott, but I decided today was a good day to have some fun. It has been a tough personal week with work commitments and a death in our family. While that can be sobering on many fronts, it also affords you time to reflect, and allows you to focus on happier thoughts and shared remembrances with those you love.

Imagine my surprise when I logged on yesterday to those awesome pictures from EW. I absolutely loved them, and I am not ashamed to say it!! FINALLY, we saw Jamie and Claire and the ship and the beach and I knew OL has arrived! While Starz as a general rule sucks at overall promo, their trailers are quite good, and EW plays up puff better than anyone. I am actually ok with that….it’s what they do. So what if some pics are “cheesy”, or over the top???…GOOD! I loved sea-swept Jamie. The messy hair, dirty shirt, splotchy fair skin…he looked fab! I didn’t expect him to look like he stepped off rhe Oasis of the Seas sprayed down with Coppertone 50, and beach blanket under his arm. He was manly, and hot! And our Claire was glorious!!! I swear, that woman could put on a rubber beach ball and make it look great. The fact that there are multiple covers was a great idea, and I am over the moon that Cait finally got one of her own!!

I have read several posts today about the bts stuff, and couldn’t agree more. We got to see Sam and Cait again in those, and it was a pleasure to behold. All I will say on that front is that there is a comfort and intimacy about them that is not for show, and just solidified my thoughts that it is still there…maybe more so than ever.

But do you know what I loved the most??? The shipsters!! Look at Tumblr yesterday. It was lit up like a Christmas tree. The gif masters were on full display with all of their glory, the word smith’s were thoughtful, funny, sometimes a “little” snarky, and overall engaging. And everyone, with the exception of some idiot anon’s had FUN!! Now do you understand why factions “attack” shippers? If not, let me spell it out for you.

Amazing women sit behind a keyboard with a community of like-minded women and accomplish in a matter of hours what it takes others weeks and months to work out. The gifs and pictures alone created more positive promo than a hired team from a major studio, and got it right! And, those same women picked up on every single thing in that photoshoot because they pay attention to the details. And, they engaged the stars on SM, which in turn caused our two leads to come out and play….with us, and more importantly, each other. For the negative Nellie’s who will scream “it’s just promo”., you’re damn right it is. It is about time they promoted the show that made them stars, at least in our eyes. But, they gave us a little peek of themselves as well, and we all know that has been buried under a rock….same as us. But, we saw what we have always seen, and I don’t need to shout it from the rafters.

My point….ENJOY it! Have fun with it! Live in the moment…it’s what we used to do. Don’t worry about what “might” happen tomorrow, or next week….only time will give us that. But just maybe, we will be surprised, just like we were yesterday. In the meantime, I am having more cake, and will walk it off later.

Fabulous job sweet shipsters. You showed up and showed out! That is what fanning is all about, and you did it together. And stop letting others steal your joy. With the talent around here, those folks are dead in the water, and they know it. They really don’t have the talent, skill, or resilience to keep the ship on lock for long.

Rock on, and happy weekend!💖💖💖

Fan account #2 of meeting Tarjei & Henrik (and seeing Iman)
  • first of all we were looking for nissen to take a quick photo with the building bc it is fucking freezing here in oslo
  • but in the school yard we saw like decorations of like a nissen celebration (idk) and there was nobody anywhere
  • we took photos with the building and stayed a little but then left bc we were freeziNG OK
  • but before that we saw boys going out of the building and we looked and freaked out bc they were really cute
  • but one of my friends was brave enough to go talk to them (I didnt go bc they were leaving really fast and I was afraid of bothering them)
  • and their assistant told us that they couldnt stop now bc THEY WERE GOING TO FILM and thats when i realized THAT ONE OF THEM WAS HENRIK
  • they were walking but they turned around to tell us that they were sorry they couldnt stop to take photos with us AND TARJEI SMILED AT ME I
  • they went inside the building and I forgot to say that they were wearing even and isak clothes so IMAGINE MY FACE AT THAT MOMENT
  • then we left bc that was fucking enough for us and I was shaking and I was so happy at that moment I still cant believe it
  • but like 10 min later we ended up in nissen again bc we forgot to look for the evak bench you kno
  • she didnt stop bc she was in a hurry and she went directly to a NRK car (maybe to shoot somewhere else) 
  • I saw her and her beauty and now I am blessed for life thanks Iman 
  • obvs we went towards them and they smiled at us so hard I love them I swear I dont know how I am still alive srsly 
  • henrik was very very open to us but tarjei was more awkward but he did’t stop smiling and being kind and cute 
  • henrik shook our hands and we introduced ourselves and they said my name omg THEY SAID CLAUDIA AAAH 
  • tarjei shook our hands aswell and he said that they were going to the theatre and if WE wanted to take pics with THEM
  • we had to be a little quick bc they were in a hurry but anyway they took their time and still talked to us for life 5 minutes
  • we told them we were from spain and they were surpised I dont know why hahaha but they were the cutest 
  • tarjei was really nice and I was being a little mess and henrik held me so tight against him to comfort me
  • they cared about us, they told us that we should get in bc it was raining and we were soaking wet 
  • after that chat they had to leave and left together and HENRIK WRAPPED HIS ARM AROUND TARJEIS SHOULDERS I ALMOST DIED OMG 
  • they were going to tarjeis play 


Glory Days sentence starters
  • "Heard he in love with some other chick."
  • "That hurt me, I'll admit."
  • "Forget that boy, I'm over it."
  • "I hope she gettin' better sex. Hope she ain't fakin' it like I did."
  • "Took four long years to call it quits."
  • "Guess I should say thank you."
  • "Ain't sure I loved you anyway."
  • "You're really quite the man."
  • "You made my heart break and that made me who I am."
  • "I swear you'll never bring me down."
  • "I deleted all your pics then blocked your number from my phone."
  • "You ain't getting this love no more."
  • "I feel like for the first time I am not faking."
  • "Don't you keep it all to yourself."
  • "Just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet all week."
  • "Why you making me wait so long?"
  • "I promise to keep this a secret, I'll never tell."
  • "I know that this could be something real."
  • "All damn night I was here waiting."
  • "I know you were with her, I know that you kissed her."
  • "I was so mad, had my break-up speech ready."
  • "You're dirty, disgusting, but I can't get enough of your loving."
  • "Boy, I hate you, really hate you."
  • "My mama said I shouldn't date you."
  • "You're cheatin', you're lyin', I know that you're hiding."
  • "Why am I such a fool when it comes to you?"
  • "All my friends say I'm a sucker."
  • "I wish you were dead 'til you take me to bed."
  • "You lead on my love."
  • "Oh, them brown eyes and that body..."
  • "I'll get my revenge, take my key to your Benz."
  • "Then you smile, that's my killer."
  • "We broke up, we're better off as friends."
  • "We broke up... Now I accidentally need you, I don't know what to do."
  • "I messed around and got caught up with you."
  • "I don't know how long I can wait."
  • "This could be my greatest mistake."
  • "We had a good run."
  • "We messed around and had some good fun."
  • "Guess it turns out I lost a good one."
  • "I accidentally know that you're in love with me, too."
  • "So can we try again?"
  • "We're official, more than friends."
  • "Is that what you call flirtin'?"
  • "When you wanna start growin' up, we can maybe fall in love."
  • "I need a man who can act like a man."
  • "Everybody warned me."
  • "But you're kinda hot, so I thought, why not?"
  • "I need a man."
  • "I'm tasty, delicious, I'm rough around the edges."
  • "My mind is obsessive, my flex is aggressive."
  • "Glad I didn't listen to my teachers."
  • "I don't mind offending, I ain't 'bout pretending."
  • "Them haters be hating, my fashion be trending."
  • "Get down and dirty."
  • "I don't ask the mirror, I know I'm the fairest."
  • "They wanna know who I'm sneakin' into my place, they don't need to know, no one's business how I play."
  • "Baby, you're the man, but I got the power."
  • "You make rain, but I'll make it shower."
  • "You should know, I'm the one who's in control."
  • "I got the power."
  • "Got you thinking that I'm all innocent, but wait 'till I get you home."
  • "If I ain't got nothin', least I got you."
  • "Come and kiss me like the first time."
  • "Let's pack up and run away, just me and you."
  • "There ain't no heartache you can't undo."
  • "You're the one that I need."
  • "Take my hand baby, please."
  • "I'm alive, if living's just a beating heart."
  • "We won't admit we've taken it too far."
  • "I know it's love cause I will always be the first to start making up excuses when it hurts."
  • "I'm alone again and all I want is to feel again."
  • "There's nobody like you."
  • "I'm screaming "I don't want you" but you know that I do."
  • "I only like myself when I'm with you."
  • "I'm alone again."
  • "All you left me with was scars."
  • "I keep trying to put this behind me."
  • "I still wanna know who's taking you home."
  • "For tonight, I'm going to get my mind off it."
  • "No more sad songs."
  • "Don't care where I go, just can't be alone."
  • "They'll never know me like you used to know me."
  • "I will only hurt myself, tryna hurt you."
  • "You got my adrenaline pumping when you stand so close."
  • "You had me at hello."
  • "You're the only one that's taking me home."
  • "If you want to touch it then baby you should."
  • "You got my permission to do what you like."
  • "No matter what the deal, babe, you know that I'll be there."
  • "We've come so far, baby."
  • "Nothing else matters like us."
  • "I don't wanna fight, not tonight."
  • "I don't really care about nothing else."
  • "I told you don't let me down, I know you never did."
  • "Look at us now, still you and me."
  • "I don't want nobody else."
  • "I got you all to myself."
  • "I give it all to you, so baby don't let me down."
  • "We got it all, babe, right where we want it to be."
  • "My leather jacket smells like your aftershave."
  • "All I wanna do is get your hands up on my booty."
  • "The thought of you is driving me wild."
  • "I love, love, love making love to you."
  • "You don't get these kisses for free."
  • "Don't make it worse lying to me."
  • "You'll be sleeping in the bed alone."
  • "Little boy, you better run along."
  • "I ain't playing games no more.
  • "Get your story straight."
  • "I won't forgive you for your mistakes."
  • "Don't try to turn this 'round boy, it's too late."
  • "Go 'head, boy, live your dream, don't come crawling back to me."
  • "I've got two sides of me, boy; the one you want your mother to meet and the one that's a freak."
the signs about their bias
  • aries: they must be protected i will beat anyone's ass that dare say shit about them i swear rn
  • taurus: EVERYONE!!! LOOK AT MY CHILD!!! i love them they are my baby omg
  • gemini: OMG I HATE THEMMM THEY ARE THE UGLIESTTTT send me more pics i love them kms
  • cancer: I AM SCREAMINGGGGGG i love them so much i am shedding tears agjhcjobjkhbj
  • leo: how cute would we look together tho like... we'd be so cute i need them in my life asap
  • virgo: why yes ik their birthday their real name their hometown their blood type their debut date and time their friends from high school their home address their mothers maiden name
  • libra: *bias does something* AHHHHHHHHHHH *posts on social media* *calls up every person they know* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • scorpio: why are they so HOT why are they so PERFECT they make me wanna SIIIINNNNN
  • aquarius: *has hella merch and always wants more. probably writes or reads lots of fanfic too*


I think I’m going to delete Tumblr.. I really dont feel good at all. So much stress and pressure has caused me to slowly lose to depression.

I’m not allowed to interact with people online since my parents have heard of so many dangers. I know they mean well… And I really dont want to hurt them by disobeying.. I was raised to be a good daughter.. But before I go, I will leave a face reveal because so many of you havent had the chance to see who I am. I know some won’t care but I’ll still do it.

Thank you to all my friends who were there for me. I love you guys so much…

I swear I tried taking a picture right now but I can’t smile as much as before. So have an old pic instead…

Random Sunday Things

Chococolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is the worst. And by the worst I mean, I almost just ate an entire carton of it because I forgot how much I liked it. And also remembered around the same moment why I dont buy ice cream anymore. My self control just flies right out the window. Damn.

Alot of people have been complimenting my hair and you guys are the cutest, I love you. It took YEARS for me to stop wishing for easy to manage, straight, “white girl hair” (you know what kind of hair Im talking about) and learn to love my curls.

Have you guys watched “Sing”? Its such a cute movie with adorable characters and awesome music.

If we get 200 likes/reblogs on Chapter Nine of BTW I will go ahead and post Chapter Ten, because its a good one! I love how much you guys love this fic, every single message and ask makes my day I swear to god.

After so many of you responded to my “pretty boys who wear eyeliner” comment, I totally wanted pics of pretty boys wearing eyeliner but realized that asking for pics makes me sound hella creeper and nobody wants that lol all Im saying is.. if you want to share, tage me lol

I am going to Scottsdale this weekend and I am so excited oh my god. I belong in a bikini under palm trees guys. Its just meant to be.

We are almost at 2000 followers and I cant even believe it! I love my readers!


More pics of my lil one


I took a nap and woke up to JAEBUM MAKING AN INSTAGRAM LIKE BINCH AM I STILL DREAMING OR IS THIS REAL LIFE SOMEBODY PUNCH ME SO I CAN KNOW ISS REAL A WHOLE AS INSTAGRAM I NEVER THOUGHT I SEE THE DAY AGAIN HE REALLY CAME BACK TO US HE CAME BACK. I Cant wait for all the cat pics, fake deep pictures of plants, awkward selfies and to tell him how much I love him 30 times a day in his comments section

Glory Days Sentence Starters

** WARNING there are sexual themes present in many of these songs so please proceed with caution if you are uncomfortable :) ALSO words that are in [  ] these brackets are added by me but recommended and words in (  ) these brackets are part of the lyrics but are optional based on your intended use

shoutout to my ex

❝ i heard he’s/she’s in love with some other chick/dude ❞
❝ forget that boy/girl, i’m over it ❞
❝ i hope she’s/he’s getting better sex ❞
❝ hope she/he ain’t faking it like i did ❞
❝ took four long years to call it quits ❞
❝ guess i should say thank you ❞
❝ i’m cool, by the way ❞
❝ ain’t sure i loved you anyway ❞
❝ you’re really quite the man/woman ❞
❝ you made my heart break and that made me who i am ❞
❝ i’m all the way up i swear you’ll never bring me down ❞
❝ oh, i deleted all your pics, then blocked your number from my phone ❞
❝ you took all you could get ❞
❝ you ain’t getting this love no more ❞
❝ i’m living so legit ❞
❝ you broke my heart in two ❞
❝ i snapped right back i’m so brand new ❞
❝ read my lips, i’m over you ❞


❝ you and i… and nobody else ❞
❝ don’t you keep it all to yourself ❞
❝ i feel like for the first time i am not faking ❞
❝ just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet all week ❞
❝ just a touch of your love is enough to take control of my whole body ❞
❝ why you making me wait so long? ❞
❝ i promise to keep this a secret ❞
❝ i’ll never tell ❞
❝ my whole week is golden ❞
❝ can you see me glowing? ❞
❝ that’s how i feel ❞
❝ i’m not afraid to fade into emotions ❞
❝ i know that this could be something real ❞


❝ all damn night i was here waiting ❞
❝ cooked your favourite ❞
❝ i know you were with her/him ❞
❝ i know that you kissed her/him ❞
❝ you came home late ❞
❝ you’re dirty… disgusting ❞
❝ i can’t get enough of your loving ❞
❝ my mama said i should date you ❞
❝ you cheat and you lie ❞
❝ i know you’re hiding two cellphones ❞
❝ i don’t wanna be friends ❞
❝ why am i such a fool when it comes to you? ❞
❝ a, b, c, d, e, f u ❞
❝ all my friends say i’m a sucker ❞
❝ i wish you were dead– ❞
❝ oh them _____ eyes and that body ❞
❝ i’ll get my revenge, take my key to your benz ❞
❝ cupid ain’t coming to warn us ❞


❝ you woke up in my bed ❞
❝ we broke up… we’re better off as friends ❞
❝ i accidentally need you… ❞
❝ i don’t know what to do ❞
❝ i messed around and got caught up with you ❞
❝ i’ve got these feelings ❞
❝ it’s nothing new ❞
❝ i can’t get enough of you ❞
❝ we had a good run ❞
❝ we messed around and had some good fun ❞
❝ it turns out i lost a good one ❞
❝ i’m wishing every morning would come with you next to me ❞
❝ now i accidentally know that you’re in love with me too ❞
❝ if it was up to me _____ ❞
❝ don’t you tell me goodbye ❞

you gotta not

❝ [ you ] call your mama, mommy? ❞
❝ [ you’re ] asking her for money? ❞
❝ [ you ] never keep your house clean! ❞
❝ [ you’re ] wearing dirty laundry? ❞
❝ you ain’t even working, go and get a job! ❞
❝ when [ do ] you wanna start growing up? ❞
❝ oh you like kids? ❞
❝ you used to smoke cigs? ❞
❝ are you afraid of blue’s clues? ❞
❝ do you still use a bluetooth? ❞
❝ i need a man/woman, a man/woman who can act like a man ❞
❝ i don’t get to babysit no one ❞
❝ i’m out here looking for the one to love ❞
❝ you don’t bump to the weeknd? ❞
❝ you argue with my best friend? ❞
❝ everybody warned me ❞
❝ you’re kinda hot so i thought why not?❞

down and dirty

❝ i’m rough around the edges ❞
❝ my minds is obsessive ❞
❝ teachers teach you not to be a dreamer ❞
❝ i don’t mind offending, i ain’t about pretending ❞
❝ my fashion is trending ❞
❝ check out the stamps on my visa ❞
❝ if we’ve only got one night, forget about the world outside ❞
❝ get down and dirty ❞
❝ i know you heard me ❞
❝ i know i’m the fairest ❞
❝ i’m bringing the fire ❞
❝ they wanna know who’s sneaking into my place ❞
❝ they don’t need to know, no one’s business how i play ❞
❝ plenty room in the royce if you’re rolling ❞


❝ i ain’t the chick/dude to walk behind you around town ❞
❝ i’m never gonna take it laying down ❞
❝ i’ll be catching fire, gasoline when i do it ❞
❝ you’re the man/woman, but i got the power ❞
❝ you make rain, but i make it shower ❞
❝ you should know i’m the one who’s in control ❞
❝ you come take the wheel ❞
❝ my turn ❞
❝ i make this look easy ❞
❝ i know just what i’m worth ❞
❝ i got you wrapped up in the arms of an animal ❞
❝ got you thinking that i’m all innocent ❞
❝ wait ‘till i get you home ❞
❝ if you don’t, you should know i’m the one who’s in control ❞

your love

❝ if i ain’t got nothin’ least i got you ❞
❝ deeper than oceans, as sweet as devotion, it’s all i need ❞
❝ you pull me close and there’s no way that i can describe what your love makes me feel ❞
❝ your love makes me feel like dirty dancing in the moonlight ❞
❝ your love makes me feel like come and kiss me like the first time ❞
❝ let’s pack up and run away, just me and you ❞
❝ come closer ‘cause i want it all over my body ❞
❝ boy/girl there ain’t no heartache you can’t undo ❞
❝ take my hand, please ❞

nobody like you

❝ living’s just a beating heart ❞
❝ we won’t admit we’ve taken it too far ❞
❝ i’ll always be the first to start making up excuses when it hurts ❞
❝ i’m alone again ❞
❝ all i want is to feel again ❞
❝ there’s nobody like you ❞
❝ i’ve tried goodbye a hundred times, not one of them true ❞
❝ i don’t want you ❞
❝ you only see me when my guard is down ❞
❝ i hate that it’s the truth ❞
❝ i only like myself when i’m with you ❞
❝ all you left me with was scars ❞

no more sad songs

❝ i keep trying, nothing’s working ❞
❝ i still wanna know if you’re alone ❞
❝ i keep trying to put this behind me ❞
❝ i still wanna know who’s taking you home ❞
❝ i’m gonna get my mind off it ❞
❝ i’m begging please don’t play no more sad songs ❞
❝ [ i ] don’t care where i go, just can’t can’t be alone ❞
❝ they’ll never know me like you used to know me ❞
❝ take the long way ‘round ❞
❝ [ i’ve ] still got you on my mind ❞
❝ no matter what i do i will only hurt myself tryna hurt you ❞

private show 

❝ you’ve got my adrenaline pumping ❞
❝ i can’t help imagining all the things we’d do with no clothes. ❞
❝ i’ve got a feeling that soon we’ll be leaving ❞
❝ you had me at hello ❞
❝ i can’t wait so let’s go ❞
❝ you’re the only one that’s taking me home ❞
❝ who said we gotta go slow? ❞
❝ turn down the lights ❞
❝ this is your private show ❞
❝ [ i ] ain’t here for playing these games ❞
❝ if you want to touch then baby you should ❞
❝ you got my permission to do what you like ❞

nothing else matters

❝ sometimes we take it too far… ❞
❝ no matter what the deal, you know that i’ll be here ❞
❝ [ we ] can’t let nobody’s words be why we ain’t speaking ❞
❝ only the birds and the bees know where we go ❞
❝ we’ve come so far ❞
❝ too much is not enough ❞
❝ the things that we do for love ❞
❝ nothing else matters like us ❞
❝ i don’t wanna fight, not tonight ‘cause we’re having fun now ❞
❝ you just gotta believe ❞
❝ if it leaves then it’s coming back around ❞
❝ and i don’t really care about nothing else ❞
❝ i told you don’t let me down ❞
❝ i don’t want you this time ❞
❝ look at us now ❞
❝ we got it all babe right where we want it ❞

beep beep

❝ i’m suck in traffic, bumper to bumper ❞
❝ i blew my engine, i think i popped the stick ❞
❝ i’m going crazy ❞
❝ the thought of you is driving me wild ❞
❝ won’t you help me? ❞
❝ boy/girl you’re so sexy, just like your cadillac ❞
❝ just come and get me ❞
❝ i can’t hold it back ❞
❝ i would run from the law ❞
❝ i need you ( baby ) ❞
❝ i want you ( baby ) ❞


❝ you don’t get these kisses for free ❞
❝ it’s getting late ( baby ) your dinner’s cold ❞
❝ i tried to call ❞
❝ [ the ] last thing you said you were on your way back to me ❞
❝ i can tell you think there’s nothing wrong ❞
❝ don’t make it worse lying to me ❞
❝ you’ll be sleeping in the bed alone ❞
❝ don’t want to make me sorry ❞
❝ you ain’t making a fool of me ❞
❝ you’d better run ❞
❝ i’ve got two sides of me boy/girl ❞
❝ listen to me now it’s critical ❞
❝ get your story straight ❞
❝ i can’t wait all night ❞
❝ i won’t forgive you for your mistakes ❞
❝ don’t try to turn this around ❞
❝ it’s too late ❞
❝ go ahead boy/girl live your dream ❞
❝ don’t come crawling back to me ❞

(09.01.2016) || Sorry that I’ve been gone for the last little bit! I just moved back to my university town and I have an apartment that I’ll be sharing with my best friends and life has been so stressful!!! I’m the first one here and I swear everyday there is something else that has to get dealt with and I’m honestly freaking out about it. 

Also I am feeling pretty excited about classes starting back up in a few weeks so that’s great! Hope you are all doing well and not being too hard on yourselves!

Much love!

Sings as 'Shout Out to My Ex' lyrics
  • Aries: This is a shout to my ex: heard he in with some other chick. Yeah, yeah that hurt me; I'll admit. Forget that boy, I'm over it.
  • Taurus: I hope she gettin' better sex: hope she ain't fakin' it like I did, babe. Took four long years to call it quits: forget that boy, I'm over it.
  • Gemini: Guess I should say thank you for the "hate yous" and the tattoos... Oh baby, I'm cool by the way. Ain't sure I loved you anyway. Go 'head, babe, I'mma live my life, my life, yeah...
  • Cancer: Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man! You made my heart break and that made me who I am.
  • Leo: Here's to my ex, hey, look at me now! I'm all the way up, I swear you'll never bring me down.
  • Virgo: Oh, I deleted all your pics! Then blocked your number from my phone...Yeah yeah, you took all you could get. But you ain't getting this love no more.
  • Libra: Even though you broke my heart in two, baby. But I snapped right back, I'm so brand new, baby...
  • Scorpio: Boy, read my lips, I'm over you, over you, uh!
  • Sagittarius: Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man!
  • Capricorn: You made my heart break and that made me who I am
  • Aquarius: Here's to my ex, hey, look at me now (won't you just look at me now)!
  • Pisces: Well, I'm all the way up, I swear you'll never, you'll never bring me down yeah, oh, oh na na...You'll never bring me down!

alexathano  asked:

Ok so, can I have a ship please I would really appreciate it💖I have brown eyes and long dark brown hair. I am also kinda short since I am 5'2. I love doing my makeup and according to other people I am very good at it!!! I am Greek-Albanian and my personality is loud, funny, outgoing and very social so most people like me. I cuss quite a lot though😅I know 4 languages but I am very rebellious in school lmao😛thanks xx[profile pic is me btw]

Bart! You two would be adorable! He’d pick up on your swearing and use it totally incorrectly. He would love letting you put makeup on him, exclaiming that “in a few years this will be all the rage.” The two of you would NEVER stop talking! And your family would love him! 

My second choice is Cassie! The two of you would always be laughing at something, and trying out new stakes on each other. You even cosplayed as each other for halloween once!


Well, I was planning to cover my face but then the context of some of the photos would be lost so heck, here’s my fugly mug! This is just a small token of appreciation for the SPN fandom on tumblr for getting me hooked on Supernatural and introducing me to JIBCon. It’s because of y'all that I got this amazing experience.

All I ask is that you keep these strictly on tumblr and in this post. Do NOT edit/manip/copy these and post elsewhere please. Thanks!

I was actually supposed to have a Jared solo (planned pose was to put our hands together and compare them coz he reportedly has HUGE hands) and a J2 (planned for the standard sandwich) but due to Jared being unable to attend, I switched my Jared POs for the Rich/Rob double, Tahmoh, and Mark. I was planning to buy them anyway so somehow it worked out ok, even though we all missed Jared terribly.

And now some notes:

Mark - He was very intimidating (umm… King of Hell?) and I almost didn’t ask for the pose but I gathered some courage and asked him if he could cover my eyes in a “Guess who?” pose. He agreed and had already settled behind me, hands over my eyes, while I awkwardly stood there. And again, with some last minute courage, I put my hands up on his and made an “o” with my mouth. And can I just say, I unexpectedly LOVE this pic the most!

Felicia - she was so adorable and so WHITE! I swear I am not that dark/tan! But yeah, I asked her for a selfie pose (but stupidly I didn’t actually take a selfie. Sigh) and she loved it! After the shot she goes “I love it! That’s so meta! I want to see the result!” So later when I go for my autograph with her, I showed her the photo and she again said she loved it. 😄 And then we chatted real quick about books (I gave them a ribbon bookmark each) and how we both prefer old fashioned hard copy versus e-books.

Tahmoh - He was so TALL! I didn’t really have a pose in mind for him, so when I walked up and we greeted each other and he just opened up his arms wide, looking at me expectantly… Well, heck, who was I to protest the big hug??? He was chewing gum so he smelled minty fresh. 😊

Rich/Rob - They were kinda chatting and greeted me warmly when I walked up. I didn’t have a pose in mind for this too so when Rich put his arm around me, I just went with it and slid mine around their waists. I regret not going for hugs! Coz I heard Rob gives the best hugs. And I totally regret not buying a Rob solo PO. I fell in love with this adorable man-child during the con. Sigh… Next year, I’m gonna squish the fuck out of him. 😅

Jensen/Misha - I showed them the photo I saved on my phone, with essentially the same pose but instead of smiles, I asked them to look really intimidating instead. My headcanon is that they are extremely clingy, over-protective big brothers, out to intimidate the shit out of my date. Lol. I still cannot get over this!! Oh, and I think I cropped it out but Misha’s butt was totally way out there, since he was trying to avoid pressing his crotch to Jensen’s hands on my waist. 😂

Jensen singles - One was supposed to be the J2 double but I got 2 singles instead. Jensen was such a dear, all of them were, because they all took on more photos and autographs to accommodate Jared’s absence. But I get the feeling Jensen took most of it on.

Anyway, I did both photos one after the other. I went for the “bully” pose first, showed him the concept shot and he goes “Ok, yeah, I can do that.” And before I even got my phone stashed away in my back pocket, I feel this incredibly heavy weight on top of my head. The stupidly hot dork had already started on the pose! So I cross my arms and roll my eyes in a long-suffering way for the shot.

The next one was just an improvised pose, luckily I had my FBI Sam with me coz I asked someone from the US to buy it for me at Hot Topic and she gave it to me at JIB. I just asked Jensen to kind of comfort me since Jared wasn’t there. So he grabs my head and presses it to his chest while I hold FBI Sam and pout. I was so flustered by Jensen’s presence that I totally forgot to look into his gorgeous eyes! Ugh. Next year for sure….

Misha - Well, what can I say. We all know Misha can’t keep his tongue to himself so I just went with what came naturally for him and asked him to pretend lick my face. He grinned at me and said, in no uncertain terms, a decisive “YES!” while clasping his hands together. So when I hesitantly take a step towards him, he drapes himself over me and sticks his tongue close to my face. Of course, I pretend to back away but really, if he had decided to lick me for real, I would not wash my face forever! The photographer took a long time for some reason, so I kinda had Misha wrapped around me for a while. Not complaining.

Richard - He’s just such a lovely man! There was a bit of trouble with the camera so it took a while to get the session started. But we got there and when I showed him the concept shot saying “I’d like to do this to you, if you’re ok with that.” He takes a look and goes “You got it!” He then proceeds to squat down in front of me and let me smoosh his cheeks. I just adore him! And then afterwards, I thanked him and went in for a hug, which he happily gave along with a parting squeeze.

Osric - My last PO for JIB. I was super exhausted by this time that the pose I had in mind for him sort of flew out the window and when I went up to him, all I could say was “I just want a hug.” He smiled and basically crushed me to his torso. And I’m not sure what happened, he didn’t let go for a long time so I kind of was awkwardly hugging him and he started a series of really loud burps. 😅 After that he looks at the photographer and asks “We got it?” To which the photographer says yes and gives a thumbs up. He finally lets go of me and I instinctively pat him on the chest asking “Are you ok?” He smiled down at me and says “Yes, thanks, I just burped.” Lol. I grabbed my bag, and only later, when I got out of the photo op room did I realize that HOLY SHIT!!! I actually touched Osric’s rock hard abs and I didn’t even realize it!! Those are some solid bumps that my palm came in contact with. 😄

And there it is! Sharing my JIB photo op experience with y'all!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: This is a shout out to my ex, heard he in love with some other chick. Yeah yeah, that hurt me, I'll admit. Forget that boy, I'm over it. I hope she gettin’ better sex, hope she ain't fakin’ it like I did, babe. Took four long years to call it quits. Forget that boy, I'm over it. Guess I should say thank you for the "hate yous" and the tattoos. Oh baby, I'm cool by the way. Ain't sure I loved you anyway, go 'head, babe, I'mma live my life, my life, yeah. Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heart break and that made me who I am. Here's to my ex, hey, look at me now. Well, I, I'm all the way up, I swear you'll never bring me down. Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heart break and that made me who I am. Here's to my ex, hey, look at me now. Well, I, I'm all the way up, I swear you'll never, you'll never bring me down. Oh, I deleted all your pics then blocked your number from my phone. Yeah yeah, you took all you could get but you ain't getting this love no more, ‘cause now I'm living so legit even though you broke my heart in two, baby. But I snapped right back, I'm so brand new, baby. Boy, read my lips, I'm over you, over you. Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heart break and that made me who I am. Here's to my ex, hey, look at me now. Well, I, I'm all the way up, I swear you'll never, you'll never bring me down.

FOR MY CATLADY SIS SASSY TAY Taylor, I always wanted to meet you.But I know this will never happen.But if you read this you know me.And right now I’m crying. Maybe you can say “ Why? ”. Cause I always thought that I can meet you.But you never came my country(TURKEY). And when I saw you were with your fans, I’m starting to cry.Just like right now. I’m writing this letter, because I’m so sad.I know that I’m a fan for you.But you’re my best friend, my hero, my beauty queen, my breathe, my love, my mom, my babe, my angel, MY SIS… and you’re my everything. I don’t know why but you and your songs always make me FEARLESS, smile, strong, laugh.I always feel you next to me even when you’re in New York and I’m in Turkey. When you followed me on Tumblr that day was the best day of my entire life. I cried so much.I was dead. I swear this day was the best day everrr for me.I’ll always remember this day, I promise. (My tumblr: bestdressfearless1989)(My instagram was bestdress_fearless13 and now swiftfearless) You liked my pics on Instagram and Tumblr.You saw my face and my cousins face.We just lost our chill.And cried and cried everytime.Anyway I just wanted to say to you “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING”.Thank you, thank you, thank you.And I started to write songs about love, about how I’m feeling, about who I am and about YOU.And this is so cute.This makes me feel like FEARLESS. And FEARLESS is just my word.Cause I feel everything when I heard this word.And I learned this word means when I listened to your “FEARLESS” song. Sometimes when I listened to this song I’m crying cause I remember that you did everything for me and you made me feel happy and I’ll never meet you and I’ll never hear FEARLESS on your real voice and I’ll never sing this song with you.But sometimes I listened to this song I’m smiling cause of you cause I know that you love all fans ( just like me) and that you want to meet us (just like we want).When I’m in a sad day, I starting to listen to your songs and then maybe I’m crying or smiling.So thank you for your songs. Thank you for wrote FEARLESS. And I’m growing with you.This is so incredible.Cause I saw that you growing and that how you look beautiful while you were growing. Maybe you don’t know this but I’m living for see you, for meet you, for say to you “I love you so much and words can’t describes this and thank you for everything you did.”, for hear your adorable voice. I always hoped that I’ll meet you one day.But today I understood that I’ll never meet you even when I want this so much.I’m sorry my CATLADY BECKY SWIFT SIS.(Uhh I always called you Catlady) Taylor did you know that I wrote a song for you. This was my first song that I wrote. If you read this and say something for this song one day I’ll be so happy. I know this is too long for you.Maybe you don’t want to read this and you’re too busy (I know) so I finished this letter right now. Can you please say to Meredith and Olivia that they’re the best and luckiest cat sis and that I love them.Thanks.Sorry for my bad English.
P.S: I cut my hair for you.And I love this hair so much.Thank you.I LOVE YOU MY CATLADY SIS TAYLOR…