i am so in love with their bromance

The Gym Scene With Craig In A Nutshell
  • Craig: Do you want a protein shake bro?
  • MC: Nah bro.
  • Craig: Why bro?
  • MC: Because you're the one who gives me the strength to keep going, bro.
  • Craig: *teary eyed af* bRO.
Metafiction/ The Fourth Wall 2
  • Villain: Nightwing, you've ruined my plan. Now I must kill the person you love the most.
  • Nightwing& Villain's sidekick: Oh no.
  • *bunch of people pop up from nowhere*
  • Batman: I shall take this fight.
  • Robin: No, father. I'll take it from here.
  • Red Hood: Huh, you surely are confident.
  • Deathstroke: I accept challenges anytime.
  • Owlman: In the other universe--
  • Oracle: Gentlemen, I'm canonically--
  • Starfire: So am I.
  • Arsenal: Well, there's a romance in bromance.
  • Flash: And a ship in friendship.
  • Villain's sidekick: I told you don't say that, you'll create a whole new unnecessary arc!
  • Villain: Than I'll fight them all!
  • Sidekick: You sure?

“I am happy I was there in person with Rafa himself to open the academy and I had a great time….I hope I get an invitation soon again so I can go there and be inspired by all the juniors, and seeing the academy up and running. I would love to come back, so I’m waiting for the invitation.”


Listen I so love the subtle friendship between Jaeha, Kija and Hak. They banter a lot, but they are SUCH BROS. Like??? look at this

here we see that both Kija and Jaeha are standing behind the group, with Hak in front. But when Joo-doh begins to threaten Hak?

they’ve both stepped in front of him protectively, consciously placing themselves between him and the threat

bros I tell you!! they are bros!!!! and they are protective of their buddy!!!! and it warms my freakin heart!!!!

for those who have yet to jump on the school 2017 train, here’s some reasons why you need to watch it:

(1) no love triangle

for those who haven’t recovered from the sls mess that was school 2015, you can rest easy because there is no love triangle in school 2017 (not to mention, school 2017 may even help to cure your school 2015 heartbreak).

also the relationships/friendships in school 2017 are to die for. the main couple (tae woon x eun ho) is sooo cute and adorable. the bromance (tae woon x dae hwi) will give you so. many. feels. and i, personally, am a huge fan of the friendship between girls :):):)

and, the student-teacher relationships are so good. i love mr shim and his relationships with his homeroom students. i kinda wish i had a teacher like him in high school, who wanted to the best for me and was willing to do everything in their power to make it happen.

(2) amazing cast

you will fall in love with almost all the characters (excluding a few *cough* kim heechan *cough*). but, regardless of how you feel about some of the characters, i think everyone can admit the cast is super talented.


from the main leads tae woon (or as everyone likes to call him tae swoon), dae hwi and eun ho to the secondary characters such as sa rang, bo ra and namjoo, you will definitely find a fav.

in my opinion, i think that the writers have done an excellent job of fleshing out most of the characters. i do have a few issues with some of the characters in terms of the way they are written, but on a whole they’ve done a really good job. 

(4) interesting premise and important themes/messages

basically the premise of the drama is the school has this troublemaker, called X or student X, who does “pranks“ that effects the way the school runs, like activating the fire sprinkler system during a mock exam. X is kind of like a vigilante of sorts, exposing the corruption etc. etc. and the main character, ra eun ho, is accused of being X.

the drama deals with a lot of issues/themes: corruption, bullying, school violence, dreams vs. reality (i.e. can you afford to have a dream when your reality is this?), school ranking systems and the education system in general, etc.

i’m going to end the list here, since this post is pretty long, but feel free to add to it if i missed anything.

tldr: watch school 2017

Thoughts on OUAT S7 regarding Killian and Captain Swan.

I’ve been meaning to write something up about this for a while, as the hate has become overwhelming and certain individuals are being rude towards those who are remaining positive on season 7. Frankly, I’ve lost any will to not get involved. Here are my thoughts for those who care.

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Someone from the LoveHacks writing team heard my prayers!! BEN AND MARK CHAPTER NEXT WEEK AHAHAHAHAHA YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I AM!!!! It’s probably not going to be shippy but honestly, I just really adore their interaction and hope to see more of it!

Now I can’t stop smiling because I’m so excited! Definitely looking forward to their sweet little man-date!!

Kirishima and Kaminari: We got married!!

Bakugo and squad: *Silent and staring*

Bakugo: But.. You weren’t even dating?!

Kaminari: Yeah, but we just like talked and..

Kirishima: One thing lead to another! 


Uraraka: I think it’s sweet! Congratulations, you two!!

Tsu: They have been kind of inseperable since they met.

Bakugo: But so have we!?!

Ashido: Awww, Bakugo is jealous?

Bakugo: NO I JUST I– FUCK! *Burns the couch*

Kirishima: We’ll still be your friends!! You can even join us if you ever wa–


Sero: So.. Where are you honeymooning?

Kaminari: Dunno yet, but it’s gonna start with going out for some steak!!

Kirishima: *Looks at him lovingly* Oh babe! *Proceeds to kiss Kaminari*

Bakugo: *Screams and storms out of the room with explosions following*

anonymous asked:

Jason once saved the trinity from Mongul using his wits (check jaytoddsfacts tumblr)

(I don’t know what may have prompted this anon, but either way I hadn’t read the issue you reference here and it was GOLD. So thank you? Haha ;)

One of my personal pet peeves is when Jason Todd’s character is portrayed as this one-dimensional, chain-smoking, gun-toting lunatic who steals everyone’s costumes, talks with his fists and is only “witty” when he’s throwing out one-liners. We’re too often told and shown that Jason is the “brawn” of the Robins instead of the “brains”… and that is perhaps one of DC’s biggest mistakes with Jason Todd, is how much they downplay his sheer intelligence and intuitiveness. 

Jason Todd is a smart kid. Always has been one. And yes, we are talking about the ballsy kid who called Batman “a big boob.” Throughout the earlier comics, Jason is shown to be diligent in both his training (which included a wide range of studies under Batman) and his school work. He is shown to love learning, to find joy in literature, to be curious, to think outside the box and ask deep, comprehensive questions from a young age. Even after his return to life, Jason embarks on a long period of learning that may have been prompted by his desire for vengeance, but his careful study of languages and a variety of skills shows us that Jason is very intelligent. He is not the “rash” Robin that “got himself killed”. Like anyone else, Jason has his moments of emotional turmoil when he acts before he thinks. But he is not always like this. 

And the issue that anon is referencing is actually a wonderful example of this. In Superman Annual #11, the Trinity is compromised by a villain named Mongul who beats up Wonder Woman and uses an alien spore that attaches itself to Superman, then Batman. (In other words: the Trinity is getting their ass kicked.) If you touch the spore with your bare hands, it will attach itself to your body, instantly paralysing you and feeding you illusions… so Jason has the brilliant idea to use Mongul’s big-ass gloves to pull the thing off Bruce, and then throw it at Mongul himself, thereby defeating him. 

What a smart cookie.

So there you have it folks. Jason Todd is a good, healthy balance of both brains and brawn. 

Other honourable mentions from this issue that made me laugh out loud:

  • In which Jason Todd is me (“EW EW EW EW EW EW….”)
  • ………Broose
  • boi get up and stop being dramatic
  • I need… like, a huge, blown-up print of this to frame please.
  • Make that 100.
  • #broals 
  • (get it? bromance+goals= ….broals? I’m sorry I’ll shut up)
  • That cheek caress tho….

Well there goes my fucking life. Out the door. It’s done. It’s finished. Diminished. I JuST FINISHeD THE ALL FOr ThE GAME SERIES and I AM CRyINg FOr SEVERAL HAPPY AND SAD REASONS. My son Neil is finally truly happy. My son Kevin is glorious and victorious. Riko is dead. Andrew is loved by Neil and at peace with the foxes. The brosten bromance is fabulous. Dan is an amazing human. Renee is such a cute lil badass warrior. Allison is fucking goals. Jean is actually me. I relate to Aaron on a spiritual level. Katelyn and Aaron are so damn cute. Nicky is a sweetheart. Jeremy is the sun. Wymack and Kevin make me cry. Abby is like everyone’s wonderful mother. I will forever be tears because everything is wonderful and everything is over. Thank you Nora Sakavic. Bless your soul.

Okay, but I fucking love how a few chapters after Jon Snow receives the advice to embrace who and what he is so people can’t hurt him with it we meet Gendry, whose response to being called “bullheaded” was to craft himself an actual bull’s head as a “Fuck yes this is who I am, what now?” to his detractors. Jon needs this guy in his life.

TL;DR: Arya’s boys’ eventual bromance has been telegraphed since book one and you can’t tell me otherwise.


Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]

I love how jack is just like"wow i suck at this game i can’t shoot anybody why am i like this" and Felix is just like “no no you’re fine heal up buddy, i will take care of you, don’t you worry”
(I’m talking about player unknown’s battlegrounds btw)

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Nygmobblepot won't be a thing you know. It's a waste of time shipping them. You ship smaylor which is wrong and disrespectful. Robin is married! If you were a fan you wouldn't disrespect..

ding dong you are wrong

Gotham literally uploaded a photo of them on kiss and make up day. With the Captions “Back together again.” and  “nygmobblepot lives” SO NO HUN. i think that’s a big flag that, it probably- most likely, definitely is happening. 

Don’t even go there with Smaylor, I’ve already said that I ONLY SHIP THEM AS FRIENDS. You know like a BROmance. Their friendship is beautiful and they have a really strong connection. Who doesn’t love that?

I know Robin is married honey, I’m not blind.  I love Robins husband, he makes Robin happy, therefore I am happy and I wish them nothing but happiness forever.

 In the way I see it, Smaylor, for me, is a friendship tag. So, again you’re wrong. Robin and Cory use the hashtag themselves. So I don’t see the problem???

But if you thought that this anonymous ask would piss on my cheerios then I’m sorry cos it didn’t work. I’ll never stop doing something that I enjoy because people cant be positive. So if you’d be so kind and take your negativity, stick it where the sun don’t shine, whatever idc what you do with it, just don’t bring it to me.


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What are your thoughts on the story about Mitch never setting foot in a recording studio? He was in a band called Total Navajo and on their website it says that their EP was recorded at Firehouse studios. I know I sound crazy and like I'm overreacting but the fact that it's such a small detail is what makes it SO infuriating! Seriously, why would he lie about this?! Who the fuck cares if Mitch has experience or not?! I really don't want to believe that Harry would lie about something so stupid.

Ok, I didn’t know about this, so I had to look it up and do some reading.

I believe this is the Harry quote you are referring to:

 “He had never been in a studio before but he was an absolute monster as a musician and now he is one of my best friends.” 

I looked up information on Total Navajo as well. Mitch did record a small album in a couple of different studios with Total Navajo, so we know right away that Harry’s above statement is false.

It should also be noted (and I’m sure others already know this, but just in case) that Total Navajo was comprised of Mitch Rowland and Ryan Nasci. Ryan is most likely how Mitch got the job working with Harry, not the fabricated story about Harry meeting him in a pizza shop. Ryan Nasci also worked on Harry’s album. Ryan has worked sound editing on films and has also worked on other artists’ albums including Cher, The Backstreet Boys, Black-Eyed Peas, Mikky Ekko and others. Ryan is well connected in the music industry and was therefore able to bring Mitch in to work with Harry.

On somewhat of a side note, as Mitch co-wrote 9 of the 10 songs on Harry’s album, I thought this quote from the Total Navajo website about its album “Eyelids” was quite interesting:

 “Eyelids EP is a collection of songs dealing with heartbreak, personal struggle and some inner demons. While the music is wide ranging in its style, there is a common theme of lost love runs throughout the EP.”

 All of that seems so familiar doesn’t it?  It sounds suspiciously like Harry’s album, does it not? So much for Harry telling “his” stories, huh? (And yes, I am aware that many albums could use this same description, but it was the striking similarities to Harry’s album that really stood out to me).

At any rate, why would Harry lie about Mitch’s past musical experience? Because it creates a better narrative. By the time we learned about Mitch, Harry had already filmed the documentary about recording his album, complete with the Harry and Mitch bromance on display. So his team clearly decided to capitalize on that and use it to Harry’s advantage. They make up something that will pull at people’s heartstrings a bit, fuels the story of the bromance, and makes Harry look like a super great guy in the process. “Super star Harry Styles plucks random pizza guy from obscurity and becomes his BFF” sounds so much better than “Guy who has years of experience in the music business continues to have a career in the music business”.  See the difference?  At the end of the day, it’s just more promotion for Harry. It’s another way to get his name out there in the press and it makes him look good. (And as I’m sure Mitch is making good money now, he has no reason to rock the boat by speaking out to say otherwise).

It also shows the arrogance of Harry and his PR team. Mitch was in a band, they recorded an album, and performed in small gigs. But because they weren’t big, famous super stars like Mr. Harry Styles, it’s ok to erase it. (It’s on the internet so it’s never really gone). But they are just pretending like it didn’t happen and it doesn’t matter. It also shows how stupid they think fans are and that they just assumed no one would figure out the truth. 

I have no doubt that Mitch was proud of the music he created with Total Navajo, even it it never made him famous. But now his new “bestie” doesn’t consider it important enough to acknowledge and instead is using him in a lie to make his own star shine even brighter. This is a best friend? I certainly hope not.  

How many times have we heard Harry say that he worked really hard on his album? Or that he is really proud of it?  So why doesn’t it matter that Mitch worked hard on Total Navajo’s album? Or that he was really proud of it as well? Is this Harry’s logic: if you aren’t famous, what you do doesn’t count? If Mitch is going along with the lie, then he is not blameless. But on some level it must hurt to have something that mattered to you be ignored and wiped away. And for what? A bromance story? It’s ridiculous in that it doesn’t matter. No one would have cared if there was never a story about Mitch working in a pizza shop and meeting Harry. 

It is frivolous things like this that make Harry’s PR a joke. This never needed to be a story. But they put it out there and now it’s just another lie from Harry. Seemingly done in an attempt to give substance where there is none. Trying to make it appear as though Harry has a certain depth of character that he is sorely lacking. And clearly they don’t care if they hurt anyone in the process.

“They muddy the water, to make it seem deep.” –Friedrich Nietzsche