i am so in love with their bromance

Well there goes my fucking life. Out the door. It’s done. It’s finished. Diminished. I JuST FINISHeD THE ALL FOr ThE GAME SERIES and I AM CRyINg FOr SEVERAL HAPPY AND SAD REASONS. My son Neil is finally truly happy. My son Kevin is glorious and victorious. Riko is dead. Andrew is loved by Neil and at peace with the foxes. The brosten bromance is fabulous. Dan is an amazing human. Renee is such a cute lil badass warrior. Allison is fucking goals. Jean is actually me. I relate to Aaron on a spiritual level. Katelyn and Aaron are so damn cute. Nicky is a sweetheart. Jeremy is the sun. Wymack and Kevin make me cry. Abby is like everyone’s wonderful mother. I will forever be tears because everything is wonderful and everything is over. Thank you Nora Sakavic. Bless your soul.

Listen I so love the subtle friendship between Jaeha, Kija and Hak. They banter a lot, but they are SUCH BROS. Like??? look at this

here we see that both Kija and Jaeha are standing behind the group, with Hak in front. But when Joo-doh begins to threaten Hak?

they’ve both stepped in front of him protectively, consciously placing themselves between him and the threat

bros I tell you!! they are bros!!!! and they are protective of their buddy!!!! and it warms my freakin heart!!!!


Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]

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what got you into vmin? i mean, do you ship them romantically or just as a bromance? who do you think tops? do you think it could be real? what's your favourite vmin concept? hehe, sorry, i'm just really curious.

  • i don’t remember what exactly got me to ship them the way i do now but i am sure that this was one of the very first vmin moments that made me really emotional (i might or not have shed some tears)
  • i ship them in both ways!! i really appreciate whatever relationship they have with each other be it just friendship or romance. to me they click on both;;
  • to me they both top and bottom. switching is a wonderful thing that exists
  • romance wise i have no idea but i highly doubt it is;; but i do know for a fact that they have a whole lot of adoration for one another and a really genuine relationship so that’s what matters!!!
  • them continuing to care for each other, and shower each other with affection and also keeping their promise of growing old together…. that’s my fave concept

i think i will never get over that

- Renji told Ichigo to confess (the bromance is on level 300000)

- Rukia named her daughter after Orihime’s favorite flowers, went at first to Orihime to tell her about the wedding (bc she wanted to tell her first female friend) and that Orihime made the veil (which is so beautiful)

- Ichika’s name translates to “happy family” (that girl is constantly being reminded of how much her parents love her and how happy they are to have her)

Goblin Review: Episode 16 Finale

Everything about this finale was bittersweet. I won’t deny that I have some issues with how it ended (and these last couple of episodes dragged on a bit so that didn’t helped), but overall, I admit that I’m satisfied with the fact everyone ended up happy. I have congratulate the actors, writers, staff and crew for such a well written story with brilliant directing and breathtaking cinematography. I loved the characters, their relationships and friendships, and their comedic prowess. I am certainly going to miss this drama and my favorite bromance.

Shin/Eun Tak: I’ll start off by saying that I loved them re-creating their memories in Canada and I love the scene where she finally remembered everything. When I realized that Eun Tak was going to die I have to admit that I almost screamed “WTF.” This drama didn’t let us take a break until the very end, lol. She had finally remembered, they got married, and not even a couple days later, she gets hit by a truck trying to save kids? The fact that Yeo was the one to greet her as a ghost and her and Shin say good-bye broke my heart (literally had tears streaming down my face, it was bad.) It made sense in a way, but it was just so abrupt that I was honestly caught off guard. She didn’t drink the tea so that she could remember and that scene where she walks up to him as a teenager again with all her memories intact? Yeah, that hit me in the feels. These two have honestly been through so much and I’m so glad they get to be happy for the next 60 or so years haha 💞  Major props to Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun for such wonderful performances.

Yeo/Sunny: It was a little frustrating to see them say good-bye to each other when all they wanted to do was be together, but I love that Sunny was Yeo’s last name card before his completed his punishment and finally moved on. Seeing them hold hands and move on was super sweet; Sunny is finally able to forgive him and they finally got to move forward together. And seeing them again in their new life? Lol, I’m glad they got their happy ending. Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na’s chemistry was fantastic and I really love their scenes so much.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: This is honestly my favorite bromance ever. They’ve teased, helped, yelled at, shown affection for each other all throughout this drama. I was happy to see them forgive each other and Shin call Yeo his friend in the end. And while I was happy to see Yeo be at peace in the end, I slightly hated the fact their friendship ended there. I owe a lot of laughs to the antics of these two; Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook’s friendship off screen definitely helped their chemistry shine on screen.

Deok Hwa: Ahh, I think Yook Sung Jae did a brilliant job in this role. To play the role of a serious deity on top of being a goofy nephew couldn’t have been easy for a rookie actor, but I really enjoyed his scenes. I wish we saw more of him in the end, but I guess I understand why we didn’t.

Pros: The story was unique and interesting with unexpected twists and the performances by the actors were brilliant. The cinematography was absolutely beautiful and the OSTs were amazing. It balanced romance, friendship, and comedy incredibly well; I had an amazing time watching this drama.

Cons: First, as much as I loved this drama, I have to admit it was pretty static in terms of plot development for the majority of the episodes. We’d go 2-3 episodes where nothing really happened to an episode where everything happened and you’re just in awe. I didn’t mind so much because the interactions between the characters were enough to keep me entertained but still. Second, so Eun Tak was reincarnated again but she’s obviously going to die again in like 60 years since she’s human. Couldn’t they have made her immortal or better yet, made Shin a mortal so he can finally grow old with Eun Tak and be at peace when they die of old age? He’s gonna have to wait around by himself until she is revived every time she dies. I think they could have better than that. Lastly, I have to confess that I’m a little disappointed by the fact we really didn’t get to see Shin/Eun Tak, Yeo/Sunny, and Deok Hwa be all happy together in the same lifetime. I wanted to see them (Eun Tak, Sunny, and Deok Hwa at least) grow older and be happy together as a little family. Despite all this, I did enjoy this drama very much and I’m sad to see it end.

Drop an ask and talk to me! I’m sure gonna miss this drama! 

(Review Episode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 )

Question: To stream or not to stream

OK tumblr folks-  show of hands, if I did a writing live stream on Friday night for some of my drabbles who would be interesting in watching? 

I want to know before I take the the trouble to get everything set up… 

(Just so people know the drabbles I am going to be working on are - Reverse Crush Love Square, Adrino Bromance “This is a terrible idea”, Gabe and Mom Agreste decorating the house, and a Gabe/Nath drabble) 

(Please leave a comment if you think you would want in on such a thing) 

the future-bromance of Maia and Lucca is so beautiful

Lucca “there are rules? am I supposed to care about them? lol bai” Quinn, allow me to profess my love

Maia “give me something to hold onto wow u r smart and will let me feel like im solving problems” Rindell, u lil bb

this is the kind of relationship I want in every story every single one I’m in love

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(first of all, I expect no hate in making this question. I just love your Tumblr very much and feel like questioning you about that. Sorry if i am somehow bothering you) alrighttt so: thoughts about jihope???

i mean their bromance is great lol they are so funny together. tbh they are the most precious beans together

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To the Next Thousand

This is a gift ficlet to my dearest friend andavs who just hit 1k followers. If you aren’t following her, you should be because she’s the best! And this fic is because I know she likes sterek and arguments.

Basics: Sterek, FLUFFY FLUFF, (a little crack-ish but mostly just FLUFF)


They are on the phone, in a heated debate about whether or  not they should bother continuing Sleepy  Hollow (Derek argues the show makes no sense, Stiles argues that’s what makes it brilliant) when Stiles suddenly shouts “WE DID IT!” and then hangs up.

Derek is left staring at his phone, wondering what the hell just happened.

Given that that had been the state of his life for almost three years now, he’s not that concerned at first. He puts the phone down and expects Stiles to call back in a few minutes. That’s about how long it usually takes for Stiles to realize that whatever has gotten him distracted has caused him to hang up on his boyfriend.

But then ten minutes pass and then fifteen and Derek starts to feel a bit… well, not concerned but…

He calls Stiles. Stiles doesn’t answer. Derek frowns.

What if Stiles had yelled “We’re finished!” instead of “We did it”? Derek didn’t think that they had been arguing all that seriously but Stiles could be passionate about his TV shows and-

His body doesn’t sag in relief when he hears the telltale scrape and sputter of Stiles’ Jeep pulling up to his apartment building. It doesn’t. But he does relax slightly.

Though it’s only to tense back up again when Stiles bursts into his loft a moment later, a pile of papers in his hands, his eyes holding the kind of familiar manic energy that Derek had come to assume means “Disaster!”

“Derek!” Stiles calls, as if Derek isn’t already rising from the couch to rush over. “Derek! We did it!”

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Jackbum is real af. I ain't never seen a man look at another man like they do and not be in love. At first I thought it was just a bromance but seriously the way they are around each other reminds me of how I am with my boyfriend. And it's different compared to how they are with the other members. They give off that "I'm in love" vibe especially when they look at each other with so much intensity I'm like damn they almost make me forget my own relationship lol. I wonder where they do IT tho ...

omg I’m cracking “I wonder where they do it” HAHAHA


“Vanoss has lived his entire life keeping his wings a well-kept secret. Even with friends as close as Jonathan and the guys, he still forces himself to hide his true identity every day, not just so he can save himself the heartbreak, but also to protect them from a danger that no longer exists. Memories of his past “lives” have left him scarred, reminding him why he forces himself to put up with the guilt he faces every day. When he finally loses his grip and slips up, everything comes crashing down once again. Evan may have predicted his friend’s initial reactions to finding out the truth, but what he didn’t predict was retaliation when he tries to run away again and to discover that after everything he’s done, they still want him in their lives.”

Words: 28,604

~~ Uncovered ~~

The day started out quiet for Vanoss. Quiet, and extremely early. He didn’t tend to wake up later like the others, and was usually up and about by six in the morning. It wasn’t that he had trouble sleeping, the Canadian just liked getting up early. It was a normal day, which meant it was recording day with his friends. He knew for a fact that he was the only one of his friends that was awake in the city right now, so he refrained some sending a text to anyone. He didn’t have anything to say anyway, so it wouldn’t have done anything except earn him an earful from whoever he decided to wake up.

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Can’t do it. I love their bromance so much that I can’t see romantic or sexual love in it at all. I’ve read a few, and I’ve just been like … meh. Nope. Don’t know why. It’s certainly nothing said about the fics or the writers. Just how I react to the pairing.

That being said, I am SO on board for Prongsfoot+Lily full triad. For some reason, it just balances perfectly for me. It’s like a recipe that’s missing an essential ingredient. One moment you’re like “There’s just something … missing or wrong or … I dunno.” Then you add that last little bit and everything comes together perfectly! 

Unfortunately, the only fics I’ve ever seen this happy little threesome, occur in the background of fics where Jily is already dead. (Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond by @keiramarcos for instance). 

I do have this ship on my list of things to write in the future. ♥

Began watching Berserk

I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like this! I was warned that it was horribly violent and that I might not like it. It isn’t nearly as bad as I thought so far! And I didn’t realize this show has the adorable bromance element that I love so much! I’m really happy with it! Griffith is precious!

I know I’m late to this party but I just have so many thoughts on this weeks episode.

- the Clary/Alec bromance is real guys. First they’re thanking each other and then Clary’s getting all protective over Alec in her conversation with Lydia. Bless these two.

- Ragnor Fell.. Introduction and death I AM NOT OKAY. I loved Magnus having someone appear from his past hello all those Bane Chronicles slip ins. Magnus, Ragnor and Catarina are the ultimate Warlock trio. I want it back. Give me Ragnor back. Magnus losing one of his best friends like that. The person who knows his history, who knows all the heartbreak he’s been through. No. Harry Shum Jr pulled out all the stops. He utterly broke my heart.

- Sizzy moment. No one can tell me you did not notice the smiles on those goofs faces when Izzy came to the Hotel Dumort.

- Also Simon Lewis looking fineeee in Raphael’s clothing (can we just take a moment that Simon is casually borrowing Raphael’s clothing!!!) And then being the cutest little dork comparing Malec to the graduate

- oh Jalec. My parabatai heart has been restored. Jace and Alec have been going through so much these last few episodes I didn’t realise how much I needed them to need each other to talk to. How friggen cute when Alec told Jace he was glad he was with him. Alec was shit scared about this wedding and having Jace there was his only comfort. DONT TALK TO ME.

- and of course Malec. I don’t even know how to start. I was not expected the wedding to go how it went. When we suspected Magnus was going to stop the wedding I was weary, but he stopped it in the least forceful way ever. He didn’t say anything or force anything. He let his presence help Alec decide the next step and that is fucking beautiful.

- and Alec. I am so proud of him. For finally looking out for himself for once. Standing up to his mother. Being himself. Those cute little smiles and expressions of wonder after kissing Magnus. ASKING MAGNUS OUT ON A DATE !!!!!!!

- no Maryse you cannot stop Malec. Bitch got told by both Magnus AND Alec.

- and that KISS. How great that Alec initiated it. He literally pulled Magnus to him and its making me flustered just thinking about it. I am dead. dEaD I TELL YOU.

- Lydia, you sneaky bitch (in the best way), you knew about Alec’s feelings towards Magnus. Secret Malec shipper right them I’m telling you. Lydia is bad ass and brave and kind and Hodge better not have killed her otherwise I’m gonna go apeshit.

- Whatever this weirdness is with Clary and Jace, that was such a nice moment when Clary showed him Jonathan Christopher’s box to show him that Jocelyn never abandoned him. It’s no long term fix for Jace but it’s certainly something he needed in that moment.

- And FINALLY dark twisty Jace. Dom Sherwood is knocking it out of the PARK with all these Jace emotions. His conversation with Alec when he admitted he thought he must be sick, or with Clary when he told her he didn’t know who he was anymore and that there was darkness on him was terrible and sad. But Dom is killing it and I am all HERE for it. Imagine a dark, twisty Jace who CoMMuniCAtEs though…

- Hodge is the mole??!! I knew. But I also didn’t know. Next episode is going to be awful when the Lightwoods find out.

- Robert being the accepting one??!! Hella i did not see that coming. I don’t know how to feel. Talk about Michael please and thank you.

- also no one can tell me Ruelle is not a Malec shipper.

- okay a Malec first date. I really need Alec falling down the stairs after making out with Magnus. It’s very important.

- And can we PLeaSe just discuss how Magnus switched from ‘Alec’ to 'Alexander’ after they got together. Yeah did I mention that I AM NOT OKAY.


My fave things about tonight’s Shadowhunters’ episode 2x7:

  • Alec giving Magnus a gift
  • Magnus and Alec kissing yet again because one can never get enough of these two adorable chumps. 
  • Alec being so done with Jace 
  • Magnus saying “Que pasa guapa?” to Isabelle Lightwood. 
  • Magnus making a reference to his friend Jem.
  • Isabelle and Simon’s five minute conversation (because dying for Sizzy)
  • Simon being a complete nervous mess for his date with Maia.
  • Maia making reference to the fact Simon is gonna be forever young
  • All of Maia and Jace’s interactions (sooo much sarcasm) 
  • Simon’s reference to Star Wars (Will you be my Obi Wan?)
  • Jace giving Simon flirting advice (because I am 100000% here for this bromance and we all know damn well Jace loved every single minute of Simon “acting out” his flirting techniques on him.) 
  • Alec asking Izzy advice about doing the dirty with handsome as hell boyfriend. 
  • Izzy teasing Alec because the sibling bond is too precious. 
  • Simon apologizing to Maia for his dbag behavior. 
  • Clance + angel