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i decided to watch tonight’s episode… and just… w o w

I said this on Twitter, but I want to say again how impressed I am that the Grey’s Anatomy fandom has united so strongly in support of Japril.  If you haven’t done so yet, go check out the comments on YouTube and Facebook, look through the Japril and Grey’s Anatomy tags on Twitter and Tumblr, and read through the Grey’s Anatomy Reddit page.  Besides the twelve people who don’t like April, it is fairly unanimous that a Jackson and Maggie anything would be one of the worst story lines Grey’s Anatomy could ever do.  And that is saying a lot from a show that gave us Gizzie, Ghost sex, and all of season 13.  This is how far reaching Japril’s story is.  Their story has touched millions of people of all ages, genders, races, countries, and backgrounds.  That is not an easy thing to do, but somehow, Sarah and Jesse have that magic.  

Among the comments, I have also seen many people giving up and walking away from Grey’s.  I get that.  In many ways, the show is unrecognizable as the show we all used to wait all week for, and Japril is the only part of it that is keeping us watching.  I think at this point, the people who make the decisions don’t think the fans will bail.  Unfortunately, we all know this isn’t true anymore.  As hard as it is to give up on a show we have watched for thirteen seasons, we are at that point with this story line.  For many of us, this is make or break.  But for those of you who are giving up now, let me ask you something.  Wait just a little bit longer.  I know it is hard, but let me explain why I say this.  If we are being honest, we really should all bail now.  The finale was disrespectful to the actors, the fans, and the story we have loved for eight years.  The chemistry between Jackson and Maggie screams platonic brother/sister relationship and we are all tired of watching April comes in second place in every area of her life.  However, as many of you have said, we only got April’s perspective.  Because of that, I think we should at least give Krista Vernoff a chance to dig this show out of the grave.  So, if you need to take the summer to decompress, do it.  Read a book, laugh with your friends, lay in the sun all afternoon, and just be happy.

And then come back recharged because we will need you.  The show likes to say they don’t listen to the fans, but look how quickly Minnick’s story line shifted when just the mention of her name elicited anger at Paleyfest and online.  Does anyone really think they brought Minnick on to fire her in the finale all along?  I sure don’t.  So, they can pretend they don’t listen or care, but I think they do.  And just as the Minnick hate has been obvious, so has the Japril love.  They know what they have, now it is up to them to use it.  So we can’t just roll over and accept that this is the end.  I know that is the easy option, but Jesse and Sarah and their story deserve better.  They love Japril and even though we get borderline crazy, they do love our passion.  So, don’t give up on them yet.  This fandom has stayed alive through more than any other fandom on the show, I would argue, and this is just another obstacle to overcome at this point.  The story isn’t over yet.  So, although there isn’t much we can do, we have to do what we can to show our support.  The writers and actors are on Twitter for a reason.  RESPECTFULLY, let them know how you feel.  Comment on social media.  Someone is posting those clips and reading those comments.  And if you live in the US, use the ratings to send a message.  None of us want Grey’s to get cancelled, but the ratings are one of the few ways we can make sure we are heard.  The episodes and clips are all online almost immediately after the show airs.  If we are getting scenes that we don’t like, we have to send a collective message for anyone to hear us.  I don’t know a better way to unify the fans to send a message than these ideas, but if someone has a better idea, please share.  So, be pissed, but don’t give up on Sarah, Jesse, and Japril just yet.  This might just be a chapter in their story.  

today i want to celebrate the one actor who has impressed me more than any other person has ever done and probably ever will. the boy who has made me love a character with everything that i am which is more than i ever thought i would be able to do. thank you for isak. thank you for everything. happy 18th birthday tarjei, i will continue to watch you grow and and keep on loving whatever you will do for as long as you’ll let me

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Haha no not actively. I am pretty opposed to shipping real people because I’ve personally seen it end friendships and it’s just awkward. Dan and Phil do a really good job of managing fandom shit, I’m always really impressed with how they handle things.

I adore their friendship tho, it’s the whole reason why their brand works so well. Whenever I have nothing new to watch I just put the gaming channel on in the background cause it makes me really happy :)

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Okay, so first all I'm. Not. Crying. You're crying!!! 😭😭😭 Second, I just read through your fic master list, and the set of fics where they help MC get over her cheating lover just. Fucked. Me. UP!!! The Saeyoung one killed me!!!! Whyyyyy!? (It's not fair! They were all so good, I couldn't decide to flail and fan girl or cry and scream into the abyss). Third, your writing is brilliant and I love everything your write!!!!! 💚💚💚

First- I AM CRYING!!! … well I am now… BUT I AM! 

Second- WOW THANK YOU! That’s such a big feat- they’re not short stories and can be emotionally taxing from what I’ve heard, so you reading them all is super impressive and mighty flattering. Thank you. I hope that Saeyoung’s didn’t hurt you too much, it’s still to date one of my favourite works, if its any consolation- that bitch hurt me to write too. The sequel more so. 

Third- You are kind, so very very kind and I thank you for you kindness to me and my written word. Thank you. 

Fourth- May you have a lovely day ahead darling. 

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Hi! Do you have spells for "calming down" emotions in a way? When my mental health goes down, my emotions tend to flip flop all over the place (typically flipping between anger, sadness and apathy every few minutes) and it's driving me up the wall. I don't mind feeling the feels (cause sometimes you gotta to process stuff) but the flip flopping just drives me crazy. Do you maybe know anything that could kinda settle my brain or something along the lines? Thank you!! ^^

(follow up on the flip flop ask) I do see a therapist atm and am working on shit, so don’t get the impression that I’m trying to fix myself with magic while refusing getting help or whatever.

Nah it’s good, sorry for the delay.

So, you want something more for balance in the long run versus calming specific emotions as they happen, by the sounds of it?


“I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends to have in this room tonight, thank you so much for being here, all of you.” At his first ever solo show last night, Harry Styles spoke to the audience as if they were the organisers of his surprise birthday party rather than a crowd of strangers. But the intimacy felt appropriate: the former One Direction member is more familiar with Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Gardens than a tiny, sweaty room on the corner of Highbury and Islington roundabout.

On his Twitter feed, Styles announced at 8am on Saturday morning that a surprise gig would be taking place that evening at The Garage in London, ahead of his larger tour later this year to promote his debut solo album (the self-titled Harry Styles). Tickets were only available, for £10, if bought from the box office in person, and even then you could only buy one. All proceeds were to go to The Little Princess Trust, the charity that the singer donated his hair to last year, which provides wigs to children experiencing hair loss. Dedicated fans jumped out of bed seconds later to buy tickets, some still in their pyjamas.

The atmosphere inside was giddy as a result, ticket-holders delirious with luck. Styles, dressed in a frankly outrageous pink satin Gucci suit with embroidered dragons snaking up his thighs, seemed genuinely excited to be there too, telling the crowd he was “overwhelmed” by their support. “This is my first show in a long time. My first show ever. So it’s a night I won’t forget,” he said, adding “You might not be able to tell from my monotone voice, but I am having a great time.”

His years of experience in one of the music industry’s most polished pop bands are clear to see: for what was essentially a warm-up show, this was a sleek performance. Delivering his new album in its entirety, Styles was most impressive when letting loose on rockier, more upbeat tracks Only Angel and Kiwi (the latter saw women at the front form a mosh pit), or exuding Seventies sex appeal on Woman and Carolina.

Unlike at the rehearsal he held last week, he did not stage dive. “Let me tell you,” he explained of the much-reported calamitous attempt (which saw him knock a fan to the floor). “It doesn’t feel one third as cool as you think it does.”

As well as his solo material, Styles performed two other songs: an experimental riff on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” and a much-loved One Direction track he has a writing credit on, “Stockholm Syndrome”. “You may or may not know the words,” Styles deadpanned, as the crowd screamed at the opening notes.

One of the loudest cheers of the entire event went not to the main man, but his drummer Sarah Jones, who has delighted Styles’s mostly female fanbase with her performances over the past few weeks. “Alright, that’s enough,” the star joked after introducing her. “That’s why she’s at the back.”

It’s a joy to watch Styles interact with a smaller crowd. He has a knowing, teasing relationship with fans, at one point asking the audience, “How you doing down there? You look very warm. There’s a smell…” But, this ribbing aside, his desire that everyone present have the best possible time was obvious, as he paused the show to check on a fan struggling with the heat, and sung Happy Birthday to another the front. It’s this combination of charm, ease, flamboyance, and an actually very good singing voice that sets Styles apart from his former bandmates and many of his peers. Could this be the rock star British pop music needs? - The Telegraph

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My guy, what's the name of the manga you've been reblogging?

Its called 


Or in English

How Many Kilos are the Dumbbells You Lift?

I literally found it yesterday All thanks to @jake-everfree 

and its about these 2 girls which eventually turn to 5 

who want to start working out and going to the gym 

so theres Sakura Hibiki the blonde girl and my personal favorite whos basically just trying to lose weight cause she eats like Goku

and  Akemi Souryuuin the Dark Black Haired girl who is OBSESSED with Fitness and has a muscle fetish

And they get a BEAST OF A Personal Trainer named Machio

And he’s Just a Monstrous Intelligent Fitness Training Obsessed with helping them become Great!!

And the Manga goes in detail explaining Exercises.

Now I’m a Personal Trainer myself. I’ve been Certified the last 7 years and graduated college last year 

PS if you wanna hire me for online coaching just email me at jdownsfitness@gmail.com ;)

so I HONESTLY am Impressed with the facts they are spewing out. and THE MANGA IS F*CKIN FUNNY AS HELL! Because sometimes its slice of life fun.

Like a 29 year old teacher who loves to cosplay started working out so she could cosplay better 

and then it can turn into an ACTION BADASS SERIES just because Hibiki has Natural Gifts 

And everyones facial expressions will change to match the mood 

And its HILARIOUS, Its Fun, and just has so many things I appreciate as a Personal Trainer myself I LOVE THIS MANGA AND REAL TALK. Itss giving me 10x the Motivation to do better at fitness than OPM and yes even DBZ did back in the day 



Its only 18 chapters right now! So Go Read it and tell me what ya think. Also 

@train-go you should check this out :)

And I can start another poll! 

Like I when I got 1021 people to read the One Punch Man manga way before the anime premiered :) Booyah! Let me see how many we can get! Making a video on this on my channel later ^_^


Literally apart from that weird and unnecessary fat-shaming comment at the start of the episode I am so impressed? I feel like this is the Doctor Who I used to love. Bill already feels like a real person with real emotions and a backstory that we’re going to explore. We have the companion’s POV instead of the Doctor’s POV, which seems to work way better. Bill is ALREADY calling the Doctor out and making him a better person with the added bonus that although she respects him, she’s not fawning over him like he’s a god or something and there’s no danger of him becoming her romantic fixation and making everything she does about him. Also this is probably a small thing but Bill dresses like a normal young person and looks like a normal young person. She’s really relatable (a lot like Rose was back in the day) and I think that’s going to allow a lot of people to get on board with this show. Oh, and one last note, the dynamic between Twelve and Bill is really good and healthy and they already feel like a team. There are definitely Donna and Ten vibes as far as the whole Bill demanding respect thing and I love it. 

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Four

-A toddler chanted, “I won’t eat. I won’t eat. Bad seafood. Bad seafood.” Despite the many repetitions of this mantra, I was unable to discern whether the child refused to eat the bad seafood, or whether he refused to eat what he was given and demanded bad seafood in its stead.

-A young boy adamantly denied that he had staged a banana fight at home. His mother told me that he had unpeeled all of the bananas in the house, left them on the ground, and threw the peels at everyone in the house. I am not sure whose story I believe more, but I know which I hope is true.

-An incredibly-coordinated child, no more than eighteen months-old, blew me more kisses than I could catch or count, blessing me and my day more than I had thought possible from one so tiny.

-An elderly woman slowly shuffled towards my lane, one finger outstretched inquisitively. Her impressively wide smile never left her face, nor did her impressively wide eyes leave mine. After inching most of the way to my lane like this, she dropped it entirely, moving and acting as normally as a septuagenarian could. I, to this very moment, know not which persona to trust as genuine, and which was the well-constructed ruse.

-I watched as an infant breached multiple layers of zipper-reinforced security and extracted her grandmother’s credit cards from her wallet within her purse without arousing any suspicion nor attention. Recruitment for my heist squad continues to go swimmingly.

-The position of Register Friend has been filled today by a gazelle whom I have named Giselle, as this is both a beautiful name befitting such a beautiful creature as well as the first name that popped into my head.

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Why was it so hard for Ten to move on after Doomsday?

Oh my dear, sweet Nonny…

Because, when you look at someone like this…

or like this…

When you look at each other like…


Or especially

When you hug like this…

And like this…

And like this…

And like this…

And like this…

When you kiss like this…

and this…

When you’ve promised…

When you’ve learned…

And that…

And when you’ve decided…

How do you get over that?


heartbreak chronicles {2} | M


Contains: smut, sexting {fuckboy!jimin}

Words: 5,764

Summary: Park Jimin had it all — good grades, a place as the soccer team’s captain and, more than that, the broken hearts of at least half the campus’ population. Though, one thing he did not have was someone willing to break his heart and, after you were dragged inside a miraculous plan to play that part, the last thing counted on was the preposterous idea that, perhaps, you could fall for him as well.

[img cr]

A/N: Can you believe that I managed to come up with a quick update? Me neither.

Monotone, drowning in tedium — that was how your first Monday class begun. Somewhere deep inside your mind, you could hear your teacher going on about an empty subject, filling the air inside the classroom with disconex sentences and incomprehensible claims; your own perception far beyond the yellowed walls of that room. Perhaps, sitting on the last row was not helping your lack of focus; but, much to your personal bliss, Jennie was right next to you, taking the notes you would make sure to use later.

In all honesty, your mind was in the same location as before: the party. Equivalent to what unfolded during the weekend, the story repeated itself amidst your tired daydreams; dragging your consciousness towards the bubbling, divergent feelings inside your chest. Unlike what you first expected, the anguish and guilt of your acts did not last longer than the ride back to your dorm, instead morphing into a sense of curiosity. After all, there were so many details that you waited to be presented with — the second step, the collateral damage it would have on your friendship and, more than anything, Jimin’s reaction.

You just did not expect it would come that instant.

The cloudy preoccupations of your chaotic thoughts dissipated as a light buzz sounded below you, your phone lighting up with a new notification. With a frown, you stared down at the illuminated screen, eyes falling to the white text.

The second you read it, your heart skipped a beat.

[10:22] Jimin: we need to talk

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Bridge Podcast valentines for you and your special sea monster <3 

Created in collaboration with @pryce-and-carter​, who did the monstrously impressive backgrounds, text, and special effects!


Fanart for @dadvans​‘s Yoi bachelor AU <3 
Yurio managed to get himself friendzoned on a Dating Show I’m honestly impressed. 

This is cliche and short but I actually finished it so



"I need another word for ‘cleansed’." 

"Do I look like a Thesaurus to you, Nurse?" 

"Chill, dude." 

”… Purified.“ 

Nursey looked up before he could stop himself, shock on his features for barely half a second before switching to… Pleased? Content. No, chuffed. (God, Nursey wanted to use that word in a poem one day. Chuffed.) 


Dex, however, didn’t look up. The keys on his thick black laptop clicked almost continuously, and Nursey did not debate internally on whether he was writing an essay or lines of code, because he had poetry assignments to finish for tomorrow. While not procrastinating, he shifted his mind to the whirring machine- it was really fucking old, but the thing was, Dex was the kind of person to repair his own electronics instead of upgrading them. (Like, with pliers and everything. He’s seen it happen.) The thing was in really good shape. Similar to the way that Hugh Jackman was by no means a spry twenty year old, yet looked like it would take nothing short of a battering ram to knock him over. A nice, solid, dependable- 

"What the hell are you muttering about now?” Dex muttered, the hypocrite.

“Aw, nothing.” (Hugh Jackman) “The next line.” (Hugh Jackman as a laptop)

“What’ve you got?" 

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chasing amy: a masterpiece
  • this episode was such a blessing 
  • like
  • “ames” x2
  • “babe” x9104
  • amy using the shoulder nova
  • domestic peraltiago
  • “now it’s ready for me to braid again”
  • every single holt and terry scene
  • jake’s impression of amy
  • ROSA’S impression of amy
  • kylie
  • gina & boyle bonding
  • “i love her so much”
  • jake literally connecting a month and year to a specific place amy would be because he knows her so well and that roof meant so much to both of them
  • “you think that because you love me”
  • “remember last week when i boiled that egg” “that was big i was really proud of you”
  • trivia nights
  • “did you throw away my sombrero restaurant” 
  • scary amy
  • “your train will be departing in 45 minutes” …
  • “i’ve never seen him walk with such purpose”
  • “is it possible to enter the colour beige”
  • terry’s dancing
  • all the boyle’s
  • jake canonically being confirmed as being in love with amy since the bet
  • “i’ve always known you were gonna be my boss”
  • “i love you” “i love you too”
  • jake die-harding off the roof
  • “wait. you left your figurine behind for some reason. take it.”
  • “ all aboard the terry liner, next stop holt-sylvania”
  • tangtown
  • “gina you don’t have to do this” “yes i do, because you’re my brother”
  • “we used to have sex you know” “you don’t have to mention that every time”