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Me seeing the new servants:

Artoria Lancer: Oh dear here we go again with the ridiculous breasts… except that she actually looks so mature and motherly and somehow better than the Alter Lancer counterpart. But seriously is it just me or the those boobs is bigger in final art than the 3rd art? Anyway, cool noble phantasm. So your horse can actually fly?

Gawain: Good God look at that smile. Look at that fabulous cape and elaborate armor. Thanks for the lily. So do you still like trash talking? I can’t wait to hear you mocking everyone like in Extra, I ain’t letting it go son.

Nitocris: Uhm so I like everybody else thought she’d be a loli cleopatra and thank God she isn’t loli or cleopatra. All went well until fourth art which is like.. uh…. this girl is more hard core than Mata Hari. Though considering what she’s called in many references in Google, that’s kinda understandable. Scary noble phantasm though.

Tristan: Wow look at that 1st art uniform he looks sexy. So is that a harp? He looks like a sleeping beauty, except he’s male. Oh so in the final art you are standing beside your comrades and no your king on your side? Clever, knowing that you left Round Table because you think your king sucks as a human being.

Ozymandias: So he’s like all bling bling with shirtless chest and haughty frownOH MY GOD YOU HOLD YOUR WIFE’S FLOWER IN YOUR MOST POWERFUL FORM I mean look at that fond reminiscing smile.

Hassan of Serenity: Okay so it starts cool and then BAM FINAL ART YOU ARE SO PRETTYYYYYYY and contented I didn’t remember you being that happy in Fragments? Hardcore noble phantasm btw.

Lancelot: Soo you are now young, short haired, brilliant, proud, wearing shiny armours and holy shining sword? The more I stare at the final art with him smiling beside Artoria, the more Fate/Zero feelings get to me and BRR I CAN’T

Tawada: I wasn’t all that fond of this guy. I didn’t even know WHO he is. But seriously, walking with infinite supplies of rice? THROWING RICE BAGS at your enemies? HELL YEAH.


i’m   half   excited   /   half   worried   for   my   emotional   state   after   tonight’s   episode,   but   either   way,   you   can   like   this   post   for   a   small   starter   based   on   the   events   of   tonight’s   scream   episode,   the   orphanage   !   as   always,   these   will   be   done   throughout   the   week   &   lengths   will   vary   depending   on   the   content   of   the   episode.   also   limiting   this   to   scream   muses   only.

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I'm getting hyped for your new fic fr I'm so excited

welllllll I was gonna post it yesterday but then Dan uploaded I was gonna post it today but he’s doing a liveshow and as fussy as I sound I might upload it tomorrow when there won’t be a video up to distract me is that sad am I sad

So, like, Harry Potter is my everything. Like, I know I strut around like kpop weeb trash (cause I am, obviously), but like, just thinking about Harry Potter most of the time makes me emotional. It’s great. I’m pumped for the book release Saturday. It’s gonna be lit. All of downtown Kent, OH (where I’m in college) is transforming into Harry Potter world and I’m too hyped. I tattooed the Hufflepuff house crest on my back (badger included) when I was 18. This shit is real for me.

Cool, so, my love for the series being well established, I’ve been getting super annoyed about the actual fandom recently.

Like, I saw a MuggleNet post on Facebook recently (it’s was like a screenshot of a tweet, you know how popular those are) and it said something along the lines of “Pity the living because J.K. Rowling keeps editorializing canon” or something like that.

And everyone’s like “Ooooh, mic drop! Got her!!”

And I’m just like…

Do you remember nine years ago when the series ended and everyone cried and wailed and moaned about needing more? How everyone was going to be content without a book 8, but what would really make life complete would be a Harry Potter encyclopedia?

And suddenly we have Pottermore, which is basically an online database for in-depth Harry Potter information, because this woman created something that brought, like, the whole planet together. She created an entire universe in her head and you wanted to know about it and she wrote it down and all of a sudden people are like “Ugh, stop ruining my childhood!”

So I see this, rampant, throughout the fandom, and I sit here, behind my computer, literally wondering how the heck this is ruining your childhood.

Like, I’ll give you, none of her stuff about the other wizarding schools is perfect (far from perfect. We can and should and do talk about the ignorance surrounding the creation of Ilvermorny, but, not being Native American, I’ll leave those actually educated to discuss that). Does Jo struggle with diversity in the series–absofuckinglutely, but, like–

Remember, Ron and Hermione fiasco? Where everyone lost their collective minds about an out of context quote about Ron and Hermione getting divorced? As if 50% of real couples don’t get divorced. I panicked momentarily, but then John Green was all “Books belong to their readers.”

And then I was like “Duh! This isn’t even in the books. It doesn’t have to bother me.” And then I was fine (and for the record, I love Romione, but do you honestly believe that their bickering and arguing disappears because they suddenly get together, as if they aren’t the two most stubborn people on the planet? Do you honestly think they’ll have a perfect marriage? That’s not how relationships work, broski).

Nothing that Jo has put out has taken away from the books for me. I cannot believe that people, on the daily are talking about it ruining the books for them. I read those books or watch those movies, and all the outside stuff, doesn’t matter. Those books are what shaped me. Those books are what made me find my friends and my school and what carved out so much of who I am as a person.

People are wilding out over Fantastic Beasts and Cursed Child, crying to the moon about how she’s ruining it, like they’re not gonna read or see the play or go see the movies.

What’s ruining things for me are people constantly dumping all this negativity energy into the fandom, and if it’s really that big of a deal that big of a deal, if it’s really causing you so much anguish, just leave. Constantly dumping on it and talking about how much you’re over it or how much you hate all the extra information isn’t going to do anything, but rain on people’s parade. You’re being Debbie Downers.

Like, no one is all “I love Lord of the Rings, but did we really need all those extra books about how Middle Earth came into being or all that extra shit about dragons? Tolkien needed to stop.” Because if you don’t want the information, you just didn’t read the other books.

And, granted, it’s harder to ignore all the extra info now that we live a society of click-bait and anytime Jo even tweets, someone writes an article about it…

But you don’t have to click those links. You can scroll past those posts. I do it all the time. I am a much better person for it.

Furthermore, it is Jo’s story. I mean, obviously, it’s out story too, but she thought it up and created it knows every character and detail more intimately than any of us ever will. It is more completely her story than any of us can ever dream of. People are talking about “holding her accountable” for editorializing it, and I just can’t even believe you’re trying to police the way someone tells their story. Like, for real, in real life, you are trying to tell the person who created this story how to tell it because you don’t like it. Like, get out of my face.

There is so much fanfiction. So many headcanons. Fan films. So many other mediums for you to enjoy your own personal version of Harry Potter, but you’re trying to come for Jo for all the wrong reasons. There are plenty of good reasons to come for Jo, but the fact that she keeps telling the story (which, as I stated in the beginning, is something that we all BEGGED for) is not one of those reasons.

I don’t know if this post even makes sense anymore. I really just want people to stop raining on my Harry Potter parade. If you think all the new information is a “slow rot” then keep it to yourself. I will rot away with it. I do not care in the slightest. People who still love the story don’t care. Bringing in all that negativity is the equivalent of being that guy at a party who keeps telling people “This is so lame” but they don’t leave so people just keep rolling their eyes at them wondering why they don’t leave the party if they hate it so much.

I just have a lot of feelings about Harry Potter.

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Anyone who ends their comments with oh it's just my opinion is a smug asshole who needs a beating. Sorry but it sounds smug. "Oh I don't like this thing it's my opinion" um so? You want damn trophy for having an opinion? Well my opinion is shut up no one cares. Look buddy I am really getting sick and tired of people in the mlp fandom disliking the episodes I like and then turning around over hyping episodes that aren't that great.

I always get confused whenever I get these anon rants out of nowhere, like I’m their therapist or something.

“Sorry but it sounds smug.”

Only to people that are insecure in their own opinions.

In all honesty, dude, this sounds very hypocritical. You can’t chastise people for having an opinion and say “no one cares” and then get mad when people don’t like something you like. If you go around telling people “shut up no one cares” when they state their opinion, don’t act all surprised when you find people that don’t care for yours, either.

There’s always going to be people that don’t like something that you do, and there’s always gonna be people that praise something you don’t think is that good.

It’s called life. Deal with it.

When you are watching anime and your phone starts buzzing but you can’t be asked to check what it is that is trying to disrupt the only time in your life that you feel at ease and then you fall asleep and in the morning you wake up and check tumblr and see that the buzzing from yesterday was people telling @skyheaven1231 happy birthday but you missed out on saying anything and now you feel very bad that you didn’t wish your favourite artist happy birthday but now it’s too late so you decide to write a random ass post about it so yeah… Happy birthday! Your fan fiction has me so hyped up for the next chapter and your art style is so beautiful! You inspire me, but I am too lazy to do anything so most of that inspiration goes to waste… I hope that you had/will have a great day (I don’t know what time it is where you live)!!! I hope that you will rip my heart into bits with your fanfic in the near future! ❤️😘🎈🎉🎁

Chapter 14: The Party {Avengers x Reader + Steve x Reader}

Prompt: Tony throws one of his famous parties in the Avengers lounge and (Y/N) is extremely excited, especially when a game of beer pong begins.

Warnings: cursing

  “A party? Oh hell yes! Yes! I am in! I am so far in, you can’t even see me! Fucking, when?” (Y/N) exclaimed because house parties were one of her things. Getting drunk and dancing like nobody’s watching was an addicting drug she’s been sober from for too damn long, but that was about to change.

  “Two days from now. But, seriously (Y/N), what’s got you so hyped? It’s just a party.”

  “Yeah, but it’s a house party-”

  “Does this look like a house to you?”

  “Whatever,” (Y/N) waved him of, “free booze, loud music, and whatever the hell else happens. I’m in.”

  “I don’t know what you think is going to happen, but this should be interesting. Carry on,” Tony said snidely as he walked down to his lab, leaving (Y/N) to wonder about the party on the kitchen bar stool.


Party Day

  “(Y/N), what are you wearing?” Natasha asked, sighing as she scanned (Y/N)’s choice of holey black jeans, a blue and white crop top tank, old black and white Converse, messy beach hair (as always), and heavy eyeliner.

  “House party, Nat. What the hell are you wearing?” (Y/N) asked, sighing mockingly at Natasha’s formal dress, black heels, neat and tidy makeup, and pin-up girl hairstyle.

  “Party clothes, okay? This isn’t a Metallica concert, (Y/N). This is Tony’s form of a ‘party,’” Nat air-quoted, reading (Y/N)’s curious expression and cocked head, “Oh, come on.” She sighed, smiling as she pulled (Y/N) into her room. Organized and clean except for a small pile of dirty clothes in the corner from her mission. The room was designed mostly like (Y/N)’s except a small bit of red that popped in a few furniture pieces to give the room more color. Natasha led (Y/N) over to her vanity, the mirror lined with photos of her with Clint on various missions, and a few Polaroids of her and (Y/N). The black curtains were drawn back to light the room perfectly as Natasha began to wipe the eye liner off of (Y/N)’s eyes with makeup remover, despite (Y/N)’s many protests. When she finished, she smiled.

  “Much better. Why did you put that crap on your face in the first place?..Now, let’s just touch up a bit, shall we?” 

  “Do I have a choice?”

  “No,” Natasha brushed on a bit of BB Cream, bronzed (Y/N)’s cheekbones, powdered her cheeks, glided brown and gold eye shadow on her delicate eyelids, two small flicks of eyeliner, and mascara to complete the simple, yet elegant look. Natasha had tried to encourage a bit of lipstick, but (Y/N) wasn’t having it.

  “I like to eat and drink. I don’t need to leave my mark on the world in that way, sir, no thank you,” (Y/N) argued and Nat just shrugged, then stood back to admire her work.

  “Well, if you weren’t gorgeous before, now you’re a goddess. Hm…I’m good,” She congratulated herself as she spun (Y/N) around to face the mirror.

  “Damn, I’m not even gonna to lie. I look good. Nat, what did you do to me?”

  “The bare minimum, like you asked, but next time I’m going full-out drag, okay?” Natasha asked, dead serious. (Y/N) just laughed.

  “Whatever you want, Ms. Sephora,” (Y/N) joked, but she hugged Nat anyway and thanked her.

  “Your welcome, now let’s find you a dress,” Nat said, leading (Y/N) to her closet as (Y/N) moaned behind her like a cat being dragged on a leash.


  The party had started and ninety percent of the guests had already shown up including Thor, surprisingly, Pepper, surprisingly, and a crowd of other people whom (Y/N) did not know yet, and was absolutely dying to meet. She loved hearing other peoples stories, well at least the interesting people. Nat and (Y/N) were one of the last few people to arrive, despite them actually living inside the tower. They descended the stairs together, (Y/N) almost flying off the steps. Nat had to hold her back a bit.

  However, when they arrived, (Y/N) was beyond disappointed. 

  “This is Tony’s version of a party?”

  “You don’t like it?” Natasha laughed.

  “Consider me quite unimpressed. It smells like adult.”

  “Well, when you decide to join us, I’ll be at the bar,” Natasha waved to (Y/N) as she descended the last few steps. Although at first glance (Y/N) was underwhelmed, she decided to not judge a book by it’s cover and to put a smile on her beautiful, little face and hope for the best.

  She should’ve just judged the book by it’s cover. 

  The people, other than her housemates and Thor, were dull and lifeless. Almost as if they were just extras in a movie. Lame. So, she focused on her housemates. Tony was entertaining a groups of the “extras” with Pepper, his arm lovingly around her shoulder (’thank God’), so they were out. Natasha was flirting with Bruce behind the potted plant by the elevator (’I have to talk to each of them about that later’). So, all that was left was Clint, Steve, and Thor. They were all talking about beer, like men. (Y/N) was thoroughly unimpressed.

  “I’m a Blue Moon type of guy. Although, I do miss Paul Jones,” Steve thought out loud.

  “Oh, I am thoroughly apologetic for your lost friend, Paul Jones. May he live among the stars in peace,” Thor commended.

  “No, no, no,” Steve laughed, “Paul Jones was a type of beer back in the 1940′s.”

  “Oh! Oh, of course,” Thor chuckled, “But, may I say, the beverages here on Earth are weak. You men are so tiny. We have real drinks, drinks of the Gods on Asgard. You hold no candle to our beverages.”

  “…Nah, I’m good my ol’ friend Bud here. We’ll manage fine,” Clint stated as he took a drink.

  “Sup fuckers!” (Y/N) announced from behind the three men, almost making Clint spit out his beer.

  “Hey! I’m drinking here!” Clint exclaimed, but (Y/N) ignored him.

  “What’s this? An old white boys drinking club? I’d be happy to crash, if you’d like?” (Y/N) asked as she wiggled her eyebrows at Thor who smiled at her happily and unseated himself to hug her.

  “(Y/N)! My combatant in arms, my fellow warrior! My, you look glorious tonight!” He complimented as he picked (Y/N) up and spun her around.

  “Thanks, man. But, you still haven’t taken me to Asgard, so consider me still pissed at you…” (Y/N) crossed her arms and stood away from him. Then, after a beat, she looked back to survey the room and immediately dropped the act and hugged Thor back, her head just reaching up to his heart, “…In five minutes, God I’m bored! Tony throws some bum parties. Is this it? People just small-talk and fake laugh and drink from tiny champagne glasses-”

  “And beer bottles,” Clint defended the party as he raised his bottle and took another drink.

  “Plus, it looks like Nat and Bruce are having a fine time in the corner over there,” Steve chuckled, watching the couple, who’s not technically a couple yet. Yet. Steve then glanced over at (Y/N), so headstrong, so beautiful, so kind, so hilarious. He wished he could trade places with Nat and Bruce and reinstate himself and (Y/N). He just didn’t know how. His skills with women were…really slim to none since…since Peggy. He couldn’t lose another girl, he just couldn’t…

  “Maybe too much fun…” (Y/N) wondered aloud with a smirk, then raised her eyebrows to Clint who followed her lead. Together, they walked straight up to the couple, Clint leaning on Bruce’s shoulder and (Y/N) standing directly between them with a stunning smile.

  “So…whatcha’ doin’ over here, huh?” (Y/N) asked brightly.

  “Havin’ fun? Too much fun? You know what’s fun, (Y/N)?” Clint asked.

  “What, Clint?”

  “Fighting crime.”

  “You mean like this crime against flirting? I agree. Behind a potted plant? Really? So romantic, Bruce.”

  “Yeah, at this point, the only place worse could be in a garbage can. Good going, buddy.” Clint held up a high-five to Bruce, but Bruce had his head in his hands, annoyed? Pissed off? Embarrassed?

  “Why do I surround myself with you people?” Was all Bruce said, head still in hands.

  “Because Nat’s here,” (Y/N) stated and high-fived Clint. Natasha just stood with her arms crossed, but an amused look on her face.

  “Right, and you and Steve never flirt. That right (Y/N)?” Natasha asked, her words causing Bruce to peek from between his fingers. (Y/N) paused for a moment. Had they been flirting? Possibly. (Y/N) liked him, but she was afraid to lose yet another person in her life. A romantic relationship with someone? Out of the question. Unless…

  “You guys wanna play beer pong?” (Y/N) changed the subject, interrupting her own mind as well.

  “Fuck yeah!” Clint exclaimed, “I call (Y/N) for a partner!”

  “Whoa, whoa. Slow down there, cowboy. Gotta announce to the whole party.” (Y/N) sighed, “Or maybe just the Avengers. Discrimination can be revived for a minute here.” 

  “Then, I’ll alert the others,” Bruce announced quickly, eager to leave the circle of his own personal hell. (Y/N) knew Nat and Bruce would get together, but while they were still awkward, why not have a bit of fun?


  The teams were settled. Tony and Pepper. (Y/N) and Clint. Nat and Steve. Bruce and Thor. It was, actually, quite unfair. Thor and Bruce were knocked out first round by Nat and Steve because Thor continually threw the ping pong balls too hard, leaving them crumpled and useless which pissed Tony off beyond belief (’We get it, you’re the great and mighty Thor, defender of Asgard, but quit breaking my damn balls!’). Bruce gave up in the middle and sat back down with a beer and waited for the inevitable end. Thor apologized and Bruce just nodded, looking onward with a smile as (Y/N) literally skipped to the opposite end of the table along with Clint, opposing Tony and Pepper.

  “I don’t care how high that damn suit flies, because you’re going down, Tin Man,” (Y/N) challenged with a smirk on her face.

  “Big words for such a small girl. Show me what you got, Hobbit,” Tony trash talked.

  “That’s a hoot coming from you Tony. You have to wear stilettos to kiss your girl, Pepper here,” Clint added.

  “No, he doesn’t! I mean, sometimes he puts on-”

  “Honey, don’t finish that sentence.”

  “Please, Pepper. I beg of you to finish that sentence,” (Y/N) pleaded with Pepper.

  “When I’m not home, he likes to try on my heels and-”

  “Whose team are you on here?” Tony interjected, “Are we going to play beer pong, or talk about what I may or may-not do in my spare time?”

  “Alright, RuPaul. Whatever you say,” (Y/N) laughed. 

  The game went by fairly fast, as Pepper wasn’t very good and Tony got annoyed very fast.

  “Honey, you don’t get extra points for hitting the rim of the cup,” Tony explained as lightly as he possibly could to Pepper despite the vein popping out of his forehead.

  “Well, I should!” Pepper exclaimed. 

  “Well, you don’t!”

  “Ugh, why did you drag me into this?”

  “I needed a partner. Now win! Win! Win!- Agh!”

  “I’m sorry! This is a stupid game! You have to be drunk to play it!”

  “Oh,” Clint whispered to (Y/N), “Maybe that’s why we’re doing so well.”

  “Bitch, please. You haven’t even seen me drunk. Believe me, you’ll know when I am,” (Y/N) whispered back, making Clint laugh.

  (Y/N) and Clint just played quietly, winning after only a few turns, then backed away slowly from the table with hands slightly in a defensive position, landing their butts on the couch behind them. Steve, Bruce, and Nat all laughed at their theatrical exit from the couple’s quarrel that, by suggestion of Pepper, was taken into their bedroom.

  “Okay…” Steve drew out, “Guess it’s Team CapWidow versus Team HawkIce.”

  “Yup, prepare to die, bitches,” (Y/N) started.

  “Whatever, (Y/N), just throw the damn ball,” Natasha stated with a laugh.

  “You are no fun. Trash talk is the epitome of my existence. Why would you do this to me?” (Y/N) mock cried and Clint hugged her bottom lip hanging out theatrically. 

   “Because you’re about to be sent straight to hell in a hand basket, (Y/N). You screwed with the wrong team,” Steve threatened.

  “Better,” (Y/N) decided, “But not better than me, Target Practice. Because you can’t shield this!” (Y/N) threw the ball and landed it in the back-most cup. Clapping from the group that had gathered to watch, lit the room as (Y/N) bowed, “Thank you. Thank you, peasants,” She joked.

  “Alright, lucky shot. But not as lucky as this!” Steve shouted as he landed a ping pong ball in (Y/N)’s back-most cup, then mocked (Y/N)’s bow.

  “You may be an ass, but I’m an ass…hole in one!” (Y/N) yelled as she landed a ball in his left-most cup.

  “You may have landed a spot on the Avengers, but you can’t land…a ball in my cups!” Steve concluded, landing a ball, indeed, in her right-most cup.

  “You may have stuck this landing, but I stick up…my middle fingers at you!” (Y/N) announced, flipping Steve off with both hands after she landed her ball in his right-most cup.

  This continued until the last cups stood on each side. The world could’ve imploded and neither Steve nor (Y/N) would’ve noticed, their eyes dead set on each other, hands clutching ping pong balls tight in their fists, minds bent on beating their counterpart…and other things…

  Natasha and Clint had backed away from the moment Steve threw his first joking insult. With knowing smiles on their faces, like happy parents giving their children away during a marriage ceremony, they allowed the “battle” to pan out.

  “So, it has come down to this, mi amigo. ¿estás dispuesto a perder?”

  “If that means, ‘Steve, you will win’, then sí. Sí indeed.”

  “It means, shut the fuck up and take your shot.”

  “And I thought Tony was pushy…”

  “Nothing compared to me, now go.” 

  And, with that, Steve lined up his shot, but (Y/N) leaned down, putting her face directly behind the cup, her eyes glistening in sparks of icy blue, daring him to even attempt to beat her. It threw off his game completely. How could he focus when he was looking at her? He couldn’t even think straight. He threw the ball and…missed. The ping pong ball skipped lightly off the edge of the cup, lightweight, elegantly twirling to the side in dance like a bird in flight. It reminded him merely of something…he just couldn’t figure out the metaphor because Bruce, Thor, Clint, and Nat all shot up from the couch and almost football tackled, group hugged (Y/N) to the ground in cheers of victory. Steve just rolled his eyes and dismissed what he perceived then, as nothing.

  After the celebration died down and (Y/N) escaped her team huddle, she found Steve.

  “Pleasure beating you, dude. Can’t wait for next time,” (Y/N) extended her hand with a big smile, revealing both dimples on her cheeks.

  “Two out of three?”

  “That’s only something a loser says.”

  “No, that’s only something someone says if they want to spend more time with you,” Steve said confidently, leaving (Y/N) speechless for a moment. A moment.

  “Just admit you lost, then this could be over.”

  “But I don’t want this to be over,” Steve admitted, finally opening himself to her in the way he wanted, and the way (Y/N) secretly wanted. Secretly. But, outwardly, (Y/N) panicked slightly.

  “Friends?” (Y/N) stuck her hand out once again, nodding for a dumbfounded Steve to shake it.

  “Guess so,” Steve sighed, shaking her hand. (Y/N) peered her curious eyes up at Steve for a moment, their tone switching slightly to a wanting, almost a lust for him, but a pleading for him to understand that she couldn’t have him. However, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone, and her expression went back to a playful smize.

  “Good! Another round?” (Y/N) challenged as she skipped back to the table, but not before Steve had noticed that look in her eyes. The same look he had given her before he took his leap of faith. He knew she felt the same way for him.

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I've seen you're ok with personal questions, so I hope you don't mind me asking, but you said you like horror movies, ever heard of "Let me in" ? I jsut watched it some time ago and it's really neat. (ok I'm not sure if it counts as a horror movie or not lmao) Is there another movie genre you like btw? Or are you a Horror-only-fan ? *hug hug*

Ah, a sleepy smol friend! <hugs back>

Of course I heard about this movie, i heard about both versions, but I also heard it’s good, so that’s kinda the reason why i didn’t watch it yet, aheheheh…I am terrible i’m sorry.

Hype can kill a movie, can you believe I didn’t watch Inception to this point just because the hype for it was too big…

I like animations, horrors, fantasy, sci-fi movies most! 83 <in this order, yesh>

This was the coolest surprise to wake up to this morning. I’ve said it a bunch of times, but I’m gonna say it again. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You guys made my day! I love each and every one of you! Rock on Chocobros!!! :D

Here’s an edit I made of our two princes to celebrate this. I hope you all have a wonderful day/week! The hype is just getting started!

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How HYPE are you about Danai in Black Panther?? I'm so pumped 😍😍 she's incredibly talented and finally more people will get to see that. What does this mean for Michonne tho...

I AM SO EXCITED like the entire announced cast for black panther is honestly perfect, they’re basically the dream team since they are all so incredibly talented from the roles i’ve seen them in. i cannot wait to see danai play okoye though it will feel so weird seeing her in the film since i associate her as michonne so much haha.

also i don’t think it means anything for michonne’s character on the show since the filming times will probably be able to work around her or be completely different to the times that the walking dead films.

anyway, i hope you’re having a lovely day!

Upcoming Voltron Events!

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Exciting things coming up in the next couple months:

  • @klanceweek is happening August 4-10 (hosted by @greektrash and @marieshio)
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  • Voltron Rare Pair Week is happening in early September - probably the first week of September (I am excited to be co-hosting with @voltronpoint!)

Keep an eye on my events page for regular updates!

And if anyone knows of any other upcoming events I haven’t mentioned please let me know and I’ll add them to the list ^.^