i am so happy of myself!

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ur FAT 🤢 wtf

yea I am, but I love myself the way I am. I heard enough of this stuff in middle school and I was really depressed about it but I can’t help the way my body is, I can starve myself but will that make me happy? I don’t think so. Sorry if this bothers you, but you should also change your attitude ‘cause what we need in this generation is more love and less negativity that you and others spread. At least I’m full of positivity and respect other people the way they are. All people are beautiful.

Consolation Prize

Summary: Goodbye letter to Namjoon
Members: Rap Monster x Male Reader
Type: Angst/fluff
Length: Drabble

This is not only my first post since coming back but also my first time writing in a letter format and my first drabble or whatever, please let me know what you think! I hope whoever requested m!reader Namjoon is happy with this :3

- Admin Kain

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I am too big a coward to say this to your face so I am writing to you now instead. But I know you will understand as cowardice is something you are all too familiar with.

Do you still remember the summer we first met? Recently I’ve found myself looking back on it and wondering how things have ended up like this. God, you really took my breath away from the first moment I laid eyes on you. In all my life I’ve never met anyone who lights up a room like you do, there’s something about you, your voice, the way you carry yourself, that draws everyone in and why would I be any different?

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Holy shit guys!

I lost 7 pounds… I haven’t weighed myself in a while because I was terrified because I looked to be getting bigger. I’m happy about the loss but am so frustrated that I can’t see it

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Have you ever thought about someone who messaged/submit something to you that they're slutty for doing so?

It’s very rare that I get a NSFW submission in my inbox, however I do not see it that way at all.

In the same way that I express myself through my pictures on my blog, I see those kinds of pictures as an expression of self-love, artistic creativity , and a very humbling gift.

Everyone has beauty in some form, and I am more than happy to enjoy those who expressed themselves in such a way as to show how much they do actually love themselves and show their confidence through the form of art.

It takes a lot of strength to do something so bold… And I appreciate anything and everything that people sent to me.

When I think of an Even’s season, i’m, first and foremost, thinking of the important subject of mental illness. I cannot count the numbers of comment (most of the time coming from anonymous), belittling Even, this g o r g e o u s boy, to just being the bipolar character. How when he would appear in one scene, oh my god, if he was too happy, or appeared just a bit sad or tired, it was its bipolar disorder showing up. I am not myself, and yet, taking 1 minute of your time, putting yourself in their shoes, in whoever found representation in Even, how hurtful it truly is. They are human beings. They are not their symptoms, they have emotions like the rest of the world. Actually, thinking back at Even’s story, or well rather his past, how he litteraly locked his heart, locked any emotions to be spread in this world coming from him, when this boy has so much love to share. So much. That’s probably one of the thing that made me fall in love right away for him. Because he has suffered, learning what happened at Bakka, to the point where he even thought he wasn’t worthy to be part of this world anymore. Even, our Even ?!!! “ I know this…. I’ll hurt you and you’ll hate”, I ruin everything, when the boy sharing his life, considers him like his actual salvation “he’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” And yet, Even, despite being now at a good place in his life, still doubts he is good enough for Isak. So for this matter especially, to be shown what a gift this boy is, not just in Isak’s life, but in each one of his friends, past and present, the balloon squad, the boy squad, Sana and the girl squad. How pivotal he is now in each one if their lives. What an inspiration he is.

And this was supposed to be dealt with, let’s just rewind back in Season 3, all those clues being left between Sana & Even. Those two were meant to be connected, those two were meant to get a season. That one comment to give an example, “it’s like saying all muslims are terrorists”, to educate dear miss Emma, and the viewer as well, about generalization. How hurtful it can be. To be part of a minority and be judged for it, even worse get hate. Something Sana & Even both have endured, as a muslim girl and a bipolar pansexual boy. Those two beautiful characters would have taught the world so much together. They would also have been such a rock for each other. And they maybe even were by the past. After all, we never knew more of their story. So in my mind, they were. 

I will not cry about what could have been, even if that’s a lost cause, it might be, I’m still choosing to fight anyway. Because this is too important of an issue. And America, you know, won’t certainly do this to teach youth, no just offer drama upon drama, going through every caricatures you could think of. When Julie’s first will when she created Skam, was to give out a piece of reality, of what Norway’s different faces can go through, and to also offer this bit of hope. We all mess up at one point in our lives, and that’s okay, that doesn’t make of us bad friends, or bad people, only human beings. Even if Julie is still there to keep an eye of the American version, this won’t ever be Skam. Ever. 

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Um...hey nelly! Uh, I know I'm not the best at pep talks and all that, but focus on the good things! All of your friends, family, and even us, we all care about you! Even if times are tough, you can get through this! We will all be here for you. (Oh no. Am I taking this too seriously...? Oh well.)

Thanks.. I am trying to focus on the good things- and it’s exactly why I feel even more down because people r so happy around me and I’m just acting all good too- but so many months just passed… And I feel down more now- no one realizes, and it doesn’t seem like they would care to know.. But yeah- this feeling won’t last long.. I feel like this very often.. Today.. Just seemed extremely- tho I’m fine, I’m holding myself better this time..

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Hey there! I'm Jade and I just wanted to say that I run a survivor/healing/recovery blog. I suffered with years of trauma myself and am actually doing a degree in psychology which is aiding my recovery. I started the blog to show others that there are people who have been traumatised, because I always felt so lonely before tumblr, feeling like I was the only one to go through it.

I’m so proud of you Jade, and I hope your blog is a happy place for you and others to enjoy!  I’ll go ahead and post this so my followers can checkout your blog, and I wish you the best of luck. ♡ 

feel free to check out: @victimsurvivorthriver for healing content, recovery posts, and a safe place to visit.


I found skam when I was at my lowest in life. I was ready to give up but this one television show brought me back to a safe and happy place. I found that I wasn’t alone, there were people on the show that were relatable in different ways and I learned that I don’t have to be ashamed of my bipolar, my PTSD, my sexuality or my gender. I am so proud to have been part of this fandom, even when it was all “I hate William” in any of the seasons. I found my home in this fandom. I found myself in this fandom. I never want to leave this fandom. SKAM is a part of me. Thank you Julie, Mari and all of the cast ❤️💛💚💜💙

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Ok so today was a very bad day, I went to see my doctor for hormone blockers and I was happy and stuff but then my doctor told me I'm not "trans enough" I'm not "100% transgender" for T or hormone blockers. Now I'm very insecure about myself, I know what I feel and I know what I am. I'm deeply sure I'm transgender! Still hoping my ftm brothers all around the world doing great and had/are having a wonderful day!

That’s not how a medical “professional” should be acting- you need to change doctor asap.
I really hope you can because you deserve access to HRT/blockers 💙

So i just came back from my GP and omg did i talk. The whole session was lovely and in the end I got a health coach that i can contact at anytime to talk.

Though i didn’t get any medication (which would have been too good to be true at such an early stage) she did however refer me to doctor Regan! And i’ll be able to discuss a more medical route to take.

But just talking was great and I was her first ever patient in regards to transgender and gender issues. She was excited to hear about what i had to say and i could really feel that! She was kind, understanding, listened and kept asking me so many questions! It was nice to be able to fully be happy with myself and say “I’m a girl” without feeling like i’m getting a weird look.

But yeah you know, I am a girl! my body may say one thing but all that takes is a little medication and mino-huuuge surgery and i’ll finally be able to to rest easy and be the me I know i am inside!

Ever Since New York Pt 6

FIRST of all, I am so happy I got to finally write this chapter. I’ve been dying from angst myself waiting to write them together like this.
SECOND of all, this is the first time I have written any kind of smut whatsover in my life so please keep that in mind as your reading, haha. I tried! Maybe I just need some more practice right? ;)

Let me know what you think!

A03 for the rest of the chapters if you want to catch up. 

:) x


“Fuck, Betty, I’m so sorry. I don’t know wha-, what the hell came over me?”

Jughead is desperate to get his words out. He doesn’t want to fuck this up now, not before he had even accomplished what he set out and came all this way to do.

“Listen, I’ll go if you wan-”

Betty cuts him off by raising her hand, as if to say stop talking. Her hand then fell to her mouth, lips so red and swollen from just being devoured less than a minute ago. Her cheeks are stained pink, she can still feel the heat in her face and she’s not certain she could string a sentence together right now. Jughead is watching her desperately, his brow furrowed and eyes pleading.

“Say something, please Betty.”

She took a deep breath, her hand still resting on her mouth. She thinks subconsciously she is leaving it there to prevent herself from diving right back onto Jugheads lips. She takes another breath, and lets it out in a sigh. She closed her eyes before she spoke.

“Why is it, Jug, that you end up with someone who is the complete opposite of me, and yet I end up with a carbon copy of you?” She opened her eyes to look at him, his are searching her face. He looks broken, his lips are smudged with the remnants of Betty’s lipstick and she can’t help but watch his mouth.

“What?” Jughead is racking his brain, wondering how she got there. He wasn’t really sure he wanted to tell her why. But the way she was looking at him, eyes so big and glassy, he would have burned down the world if she asked him too. Fuck. How did she still have this affect on him. He clenched his eyes shut in frustration, he was about to turn down a road he couldn’t come back from.

“Jughead, please.” Her voice broke and that was all it took. He was done. He placed his elbow to rest on the table, head in his hand, and tilted his head to her. He let out a laugh, almost like a huff of defeat. He looked her dead in the eye.

“Because, Betty, I couldn’t fucking bare to look at another another blonde in my bed. I tried once, you know. Long after you were gone, I thought i could try, why not?” Jughead could hardly bare to look at Betty with her watching him the way she was, like every word hurt. But he had to get it out, he couldn’t stop now. His fingers were gripping into his face so hard.
“But as soon as we got back to my place, she became a real person. When she spoke and she laughed, it was nothing like you and it felt so wrong, Betty. So fucking wrong. So I threw her out and vowed never to try that again.” He let out a sigh and leaned back in the chair, waiting for Betty to speak.

“So, strictly brunettes after that, hey?” Jughead wasn’t sure he could read the look on her face, but he could understand that tone. He ran his hands down his face.

“Basically. Jesus fuck, I know it’s a shitty excuse okay? But if you want the god damn honest truth then it made no fucking difference what they looked like. I never asked Clara to stay, she just never left. We’re not even together, I’ve told her. And yeah, she is the opposite of you. But it doesn’t count for shit. When she comes through the front door, Betty, I imagine it’s you. When I wake up next to her in the morning, there’s always a split second my sleep fogged fucked up brain thinks it’s you.” He reached out to her across the table, grasping for her hand and holding it tightly between his. She let out a sob but quickly bit her lip to not let out anymore, clenching her eyes shut.
“And when I’m ins-, when I’m inside her, or anyone for that fucking matter, there is only one face that I see. There’s only one face I ever fucking see Betty.” He’s crying now, letting the tears fall freely down his face. But he feels lighter already, a massive weight he has been carrying for years has been lifted from his shoulders. He got up from his chair and manoeuvred around the table, falling to his knees in front of her he took her face in his hands. His touch in gentle but she can feel the heat radiating from him.
“I’m colder now, Betty. I’m an asshole. Nobody has ever meant shit to me. Nobody except you. And I told you to leave because you deserved-, fuck, no you still deserve better than what I can give you.”

Betty is not bothering to stop her sobbing anymore, letting it all bubble to the surface. Jughead wipes her tears as they fall but he can’t keep up with them.

“But even so, Betty. I’ve got a mighty big void in my soul and it screams your name. I can’t live like that anymore. If I wanna live and love again, and if I ever want to get the hell out of that town, that piece of me that you took with you when you left? I gotta get that back, Betts.”
Jughead kisses the tears from her face and then brings her hands to his mouth and placed soft kisses over the scars that adorn the inside of her palm. She can feel his lips move against her skin as he speaks.
“I’m sorry, Betts. The last thing I wanted to do was make you cry, ever. I told you I’m an asshole.”

Betty pulled her hands free from his grasp, only to cup them around his face.
“Jughead Jones, you are not an asshole. Those girls don’t define you, that gang doesn’t define you. Riverdale doesn’t define you.”

Jughead let out a sigh, this god damn woman will be the death of him.
“It will if I don’t get out, Betty.”

She shrug her shoulders at him, she’s still cupping his face.
“So get out.”

He huffs in frustration and pulls his face from her hands. He rises away from her, and as Betty’s hands fall into her lap she realizes how much worse she feels when she isn’t touching him. She watched as he pace the room, his hand coming up to rub his face.

“I can’t, Betty. That place had got me in some kind of choke hold. It’s like -” He stopped pacing for a moment and faced Betty. “-It’s like I’m waiting for something.”

“Waiting for what, Jug?” Betty has a feeling she already knows the answer.

“For you, Betty. It’s like my brain is ready to leave but my heart? It’s fucking 16 years old and stuck there waiting for someone who’s never coming back to me. I can’t leave and go somewhere I can’t find you. I know places in Riverdale, I know them with you. And if I leave I lose that and I lose you and god, I’m sorry but apparently I’m pathetic and still not ready for that yet, Betts.”

He’s crying again, did he even stop? This was the most he had spoken in years. His voice didn’t even sound his own. He slumped back in the chair opposite Betty and let his head fall between his arms on the table. He was defeated, the room was so eerily silent he couldn’t even bring himself to look at Betty. But that could also be to do with how much his heart ached in his chest just to touch her again.

Betty wasn’t sure what to say. Her fingers literally pulsed to reach out and comfort Jughead, to run through his hair gently and tell him it’s okay. She fought against her nails wanting to dig into her palm, her trusty defence mechanism. She had understood every single word he had said, and she thought to herself that had made it worse. She wished she could tell him to leave, that she could lie and say it’s done, it’s all one sided and he needs to let go. She wanted to give him that closure he so desperately needed.

But no, she would be selfish instead. Betty cleared her throat, her voice still came strained.


No response.

“Jughead, please just listen to me okay?”

He managed to shrug and arm in her direction, as if to say I’m listening.

“When I first met Jack, I clung to him wholeheartedly. I hadn’t dated, I hadn’t even slept with anyone since you. 5 years, Jug. And then this boy with the jet black hair and plaid shirts showed up out of nowhere and some stupid part of me decided that was close enough. God, I’m so stupid.”

Jughead raised his head at that, wanting to tell her she is in no way stupid but she cut him off with her hand again, like earlier.

“No, Jug, let me get it out, please. Before I back down.” She took a deep breath before continuing, playing with a loose hem on her shorts so she doesn’t have to look him in the eye. He nods.

“It’s like my subconscious knew I was never going to let you go, so it decided to settle for the next best thing. And yes Jack, he is lovely and amazing and deserves the best. He loves me, Jug, he really does. But see, that makes no difference because he’s not you. Fuck, do you know how uplifting it feels to say that out loud?”

Jughead still doesn’t speak, partly because he’s dumbfounded at what she’s saying and also because he’s slightly terrified to cut her off. Betty blinked and looked to the roof, biting her lip. She’ll look anywhere but directly at him.

“I’m pathetic too, Jug. You don’t exist in my world here. Why do you think I go home often? Fuck my Dad. It’s the only place I can feel you. And I know I avoid you, but Pops? That bedroom in my Dads house? You’re stained into those walls Jughead. And taking Jack there this time, it felt so wrong. So, so wrong that I ended up making up some story and we slept in Pollys room. How fucked is that? -” She let out a light laugh at the thought “- ‘Sorry boyfriend, can’t sleep in here, too many memories. Not ones of childhood like you would think, just ones of a different dark haired boy sneaking in the window and sleeping in my bed and trying not to wake my parents while we, you know.’ Jesus Jug we were 16, how can this be so real. Teenage love doesn’t last, that’s what they say, so what the fuck is this?”

She’s looking at him now, waiting for an answer. He licks his lips.

“I don’t know much. But one thing I do know? Is that I’m never gonna love anyone else in the world like I love you, Betty Cooper.”

Her breath is stuck somewhere in her throat; there it was. Those words that had echoed around in her head in his voice for so long, they were out loud, in the open. Now it was her turn.

She stood from her chair and walked over to Jughead. She took his hands from his lap and put them on her waist as she lifted a leg over his lap so she could straddle him. His mouth was slightly ajar as he looked up at her with so much love in his eyes she could drown in it. She once again cupped her hands around his face and pulled his towards hers. She placed her lips ever so slightly on his, the polar opposite of their earlier kiss. She bumped her forehead against his, leaning into him. She could feel his breath on her face, it was erratic.

“Jughead Jones, that piece of you, the one that I took with me?” She placed another light kiss on his mouth. As she spoke he could feel her lips moving lightly against his, her hands playing with the hair at the base of his neck.
“Im sorry, but I can’t let you have it back. It’s mine.”

A primal sort of growl erupts from Jugheads throat as he pushed his mouth hard against hers. His hands are now pressed into the small of her back, his fingers grasping at the light cotton tank top. Betty is pulling at his hair, running her hands all the way through it like she had been dying to do all this time. She realizes he’s not wearing the beanie and made a metal note to ask later, as she couldn’t think of anything worse right now than not being attached to Jugheads lips. It was as though he could hear her thoughts, and at that moment he pulled away from Betty. She let out a little huff of disappointment, but she didn’t need to as he made straight for Betty’s neck. He traced one hand up the side of her body, over the rise in her chest, to her jaw. He wanted full access to the soft skin, so he grasped her chin in one hand and tilted it up until he had full range.

He peppered kisses along her jaw, down her neck and across her collar bone. He would stop every few and suckle at her soft skin, not enough to leave a mark, much to his disdain. All he wanted to do was mark her as his own. He left another trail of kisses as he made his way back to her mouth. Every time she let out a moan, he would press his free hand even more into her back, trying to make sure their bodies were as close as they possibly could be. He wanted to be molded to her. Betty was grinding in his lap, aching to consume him. It drove Jughead near mad. She could feel his eagerness against her, making her want him even more.

Jughead wrapped both his hands so tightly around Betty’s waist he figured he may mark her after all. He hoisted her up on to the table so quickly Betty barely had time to notice. Then he was there again, reaching forward to ravish her, laying her back against the hardwood. Jughead was grabbing at her face, Betty wrapping her legs around his waist. He pulled at her top, asking permission to take it off. She reached down herself and yanked it off, making quick work of Jugheads t shirt while she was there.

He had stopped kissing her for moment, but only to take in her bare chest. (Betty must remember later to thank herself for not wearing a bra). He lowered a hand to one of her breasts, running his fingers so lightly over a nipple she could only just feel it. He pinched it between his fingers then, and Betty let out a moan at the surprise feeling. Before she knew it, he had his tongue darting out over the peak and he lightly blew over it. The sensation drove Betty crazy. She arched her back up to him, she wanted to feel him at her centre.

Betty shook her hips into him, trying to hint that she didn’t want anymore layers between them. Jughead understood. He undid his belt in record speed, pushing his black jeans down his legs and ripping them from his ankles. He looked down at Betty then, laying on the table. He was certain she had never looked this beautiful, ever. She was glowing, full of lust. Lust for him. He smiled at her, she just shook her hips at him again. He laughed;

“Betty Cooper, you will be the death of me.” He winked at her then, smirking as he placed his hands on the waistband of her shorts.
“You sure this is okay?”

She appreciated the fact that he was being a gentleman, and thinking of the consequences that Betty pushed to the back of her mind. God damnit she needed him, and soon.
“Please, Juggie. I need you.”

That was enough for him. He pulled her shorts off slowly, taking the time to pull them to her feet and discard them on the floor. She was just in her panties now. She wiggled her brow at him, and invitation to remove the only remaining fabric from her body. He paused just for a moment, and Betty decided she would just take them off herself. It would be a damn shot quicker. But just as she moved her hands to do so, Jugheads shot out and held them down. He shakes his head at her, tutting his tongue. He lowers his head to the waistband of her panties, and takes it between his teeth.

Betty swore she was about to implode from that action alone.

She was naked now, lying on her dining table. About to be consumed by the boy she had loved since she was 16, who had loved her just as fierce. Betty fought back the tears, she couldn’t cry right now. God forbid she ruin the mood.

But Jughead is having similar thoughts, taking a mental snapshot of Betty as she is right now. Exposed. Vulnerable. His. He leans down to her and places kisses all over her face, concentrating on her mouth. He lingers there, wanting to feel her breath hitch as he strokes a finger along her opening.

“Jug, oh!”

He spreads her with his other fingers now, letting the main two work their magic. He gently strokes her up and down, rotating his thumb on her clit ever so lightly. He places more kisses along her jaw, feeling himself tighten beneath the cotton boxers he’s still wearing. Betty is letting out light moans, her eyes are closed and her back is arched ever so slightly. It’s not enough for Jughead.

He takes her by surprise as he enters her with a single finger, evident enough in the high pitched scream that falls from her lips.

“Fuck, Juggie. Yes! More, please.”

He’s a sucker for good manners, after all. He’s using two fingers now, curling them both slightly inward in order to hit that spot that’s just right. He works his fingers in and out, all the while still working on her clit with his thumb. He’s alternating between fast movements and slow, and he can’t quite tell which works Betty up the most. All he knows is he could never get enough of her moaning his name in pleasure, or of her digging her fingernails down his back.

“Oh my god, I’m close, Jugg- Oh!”

Jughead shows his movements down painfully, grabbing Betty’s chin with his free hand.

“What’s my name, Betty?” Her eyes are wide and bright as they look into his, they both know she loves this game.


“And who do you belong too?” He knows he’s holding her chin too hard, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She just licks her lips before answering quietly.


“Who?” He pulls his fingers nearly out of her, and she’s already missing them.

“You! Jughead, I’m yours. Please, I need you.” She’s pleading now, desperate to have some part of him inside her. She grabs at his face to hold it so she can look him in the eye.

“I love you, Jughead Jones.”

Jughead is overcome in that moment, those words pushing him over the edge. He had ached to hear them. He’s not sure how he managed to get his boxers off so quickly but somehow they are at his feet and he is entering Betty. Both of them let out matching moans, revelling in how it feels to be connected like this again. And as Jughead thrusts into her, he’s lost in how good she feels wrapped around him. Finally, it feels right again. And the face flashing behind his eyes matches the one he’s with and it feels like coming home.

With both of them being older and slightly more experienced than their teenage rendezvous’, and both slightly overwhelmed, it doesn’t take long for them both to reach their highs.

And as she lay there, him laying over on her on this table, she traced shapes over the light sheen of sweat on Jugheads back. Betty was overwhelmed with all the love she could now let herself feel for this boy. How did they end up here? After all this time.

“Jug, will you stay?”

He looked up at her, his hair sticking to his forehead with sweat. He couldn’t believe he was here. With the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen plastered on a boys face he placed a light kiss on the end of her nose.

“Anything for you.”

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I am so happy that y'all're doing that fanzine. Like I love ya art and several other people who are in it as well. And I just am so glad I saw it.

thanks! and i know, right? when i first saw the artist line-up my jaw literally dropped bc so many of my art crushes are in it!!

can’t wait to see it all for myself!!

Hi, how are you?

My names Erin and i’m 17 years old from England. I’m very quirky and creative, i love makeup, one of my favorite forms of art is body art. I love reading and vintage things, my record player and Polaroids are the best things i own. I like a lot of different kinds of music, i have recently been getting into k-pop. I really love K-dramas, so if you are into them hmu! Also really like SKAM, I love learning about different cultures. I don’t want to say too much about myself as if we do become friends we can learn all about each other.  

I am more than happy to talk to anyone, but i’d rather you be around my age (so 16-18).  Unfortunately i can only speak English but i would be open to slowly learning a different language. It would be amazing if you were Korean or Norwegian as these are two countries that i think are beautiful and have really interesting cultures however if you aren’t, i would still love to get to know you! 

I have had internet friends before but none of them have stuck around, which really sucks. I’m looking for a long term friend who i really click with and wants talk loads, and who isn’t afraid of messaging me first as i always to seen the one who initiates conversations. I don’t want to have a one sided friendship.

i would love to meet you some day if we really click and end up being good friends. it would be amazing, i love to travel! i would love to send snail mail but I’m currently not in a position to be able to do this. I do have an idea for an alternative way to do something like this. So my idea is that we basically write letters and put souvenirs and our favorite things from our countries, as well as other bits and pieces such as art ect.  in a box and then one day if we meet, or we are both in the position to send snail mail we can exchange them. Please let me know if you would be up for doing this, its something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. 

If you think we would get along please send me an email. Please don’t send me a short basic message as i have had experience with this and if you don’t put effort in it isn’t going to work out, sorry!! 

my email is : berin68@ yahoo. com      (without the spaces)

Thank you for reading i hope we can talk soon,

I’m looking forward to it  xxx

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Come to Australia and I'll make you so much yummy food (even though I dislike cooking!)- you will have no choice but to eat as I shower you with praise for being the lovely human bean you are 💜💛💜💛

I do want to go to Australia! It sounds like a nice place to visit and just cool and awesome people.

You cooking for me? That would be so sweet and specially since you don’t like cooking. I love to cook because people feel happy when I do.

Put some shrimp on the barbie? :D

Hmm shrimp sounds good.

I made myself, maple glazed carrots, honey-garlic chicken and rice pilaf. But only after I did a bunch of dishes and finished that fic I had been working on for 3 days. UGH. It was short shouldn’t have destroyed me to write it.

Like I have to remind myself I need to eat and I am good enough and worth it. But the nagging little voices in the back of my head are yelling at me saying all the negative things I don’t deserve it. I didn’t do this or this today and I’m just a lazy person.

It’s a headache for sure. It takes a lot to deal with! You do need to prepare yourself for a visit from me once I get money because I will take The Land Down Under by storm!

@insomniacapples you hear this? LOL

i’m so proud of myself, i stayed up for almost 2 days but now i actually can go to sleep super early and get my sleeping schedule back on track! i am so so so happy

flower cloak.

concept: my heart is filled with so much love and sunshine, i am content with myself and body, genuinely happy while drinking a warm cup of tea on a monday morning