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Hello mate.
                   Leave. Now.
                                         Not till I’ve talked to your wife.

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I hc that OoT has traits from SS Link that it takes a bit for him to wake up (remember when Navi first met him and she couldn't wake him up at first??? Yeah.) Obviously he's not nearly as bad as his predecessor was but Zelda usually has to think of a few ways to wake him up. Her favorite is kissing him awake and she calls him "Sleeping Beauty". And he smiles a smile that only she sees and it's everything to her. God this is mushy but someone has to think of fluffy hc to balance out all the angst


There are no words to describe my love for this.

I am healed. Nothing can ever hurt me again as long as this headcanon exists.

The Wedding 

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flower cloak.


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

Color Reference Guide to Recognize & Avoid Whitewashing

I’ve made a tutorial on how to color adjust to fix washed out coloringsbut I noticed people aren’t always sure when their coloring needs fixing in the first place. So I’ve made a bunch of colorings you can use to compare your own to. It’s designed to help avoid whitewashing, but also help avoid over-correction.

If you’re not a content creator, you can also use this guide for reblogging as well. :)

Using the Guide

  • Each set comes in three: cool, neutral, and warm. If your coloring is bluer/whiter than the cool tone, consider readjusting.
  • Examples of what might be too pale/bright are beneath each set
  • There are various categories (daytime, night scenes, etc) for each type of scene you might encounter
  • Each coloring has a color palette beneath for the highlights, midtones, and shadows of the character’s face. If you’re having trouble eyeballing it, use the eyedropper tool to double check.

1) For the sake of simplicity, I’ve used one character per category, but characters of color are not interchangeable. Identify the skin tone for the character you’re coloring and work with that. This is only meant to give a frame of reference for what is and isn’t whitewashing

2) If any of the colorings look different than what they’ve been stated as (i.e. the cool tones look too warm or some look way too dark to be visible) calibrate your monitor. It means your screen color and gamma needs readjustment.

Guide itself is under the read more!

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·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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A little birthday something for Kaz who wanted S4 Sam - SN: 04x12

“I wouldn’t be makin’ fun of anyone’s ears if I were you, pointy,” Gimli said peaceably.


“That’ll teach you to mock a Dwarf’s height,” Gimli said, and he grinned again.

“Pointy,” Legolas said under his breath, scowling, and one of his hands surreptitiously crept up to finger the sharp tip of his ear.

a scene from @determamfidd‘s Sansûkh

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