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Having you in Team 8 fandom is such a gift. Thank you Gabz for your recent art of our babies. And I am obssesed with Hinata's blue lipstick so preeeeeety 😍 I cant stop staring!

thank u anon, I’m happy to contribute to the cause

Les amis as things my friends have said (part 4)

Enjolras: the Republic is in peril and I’m tired

Ferre: i have pet peeves about sentences

Courf: when i die, cook spaghetti, i’ll be happy in valhalla

Grantaire: enj smells like teen spirit

Bahorel: broseidon

Jehan: i love how the world cryptid has the word cry in it

Feuilly: dying+organization

Bossuet: i’m smemeing (memes+screaming)

Joly: I don’t know how i’m still alive but I am so I’m considering this science

Marius: memes, but supportive


Cosette: don’t be mean to supervillains

Eponine: oh man the not being straight is so relatable

Montparnasse: lol pal i know a lot about sin

Valjean: Happy Father’s Day: if your dad is shitty I will come to your house with a fake mustache and physically pick you up and take you to sign the adoption papers so I can be your dad.

Javert: Hi hello I have no self control

Gavroche: Get rekt old man

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

i care for monsta x (and i'm sure you do too) more than i care for myself and am willing to do anything for them to be happy, today's nomination was a huge milestone and even if we didn't win, we shouldn't be discouraged ok monbebes, lets just put in our all so even if we don't end up winning, we will know that we have tried our best

monbebes, we can do this

please do not give up

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since it's suddenly Ask Allegra Time(tm) who is ur favourite child it's okay to say me, because we both know that it's tru

excuse you no it’s obviously parisa or gingin you’re such a problem child you always fite me what has your mother done to deserve this


This is also probably a good time to say to everyone: I am always so happy to hear that you guys love the stuff I’m working on because holy balls yes, that is a good thing, but asks are a bit tricky because:

1- I’m always concerned about answering things because I don’t want to step on my employers’ toes. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I have a chosen gif that I use per game to indicate my inability to answer a question (behold, the mass effect gif), and I try to stick to those rules because I respect the people I work for and don’t want to talk about things that I didn’t necessarily realize are no-goes for discussion.

2- People have a tendency to take my (or any actor’s) word as law. Friends, I am just the voice, I have next to no creative control over a character and this is ESPECIALLY true after I’ve left the booth. I do not speak on behalf of the companies that have employed me, but, per point one, I do try to honor them as much as possible by choosing my words carefully, even if it inevitably goes awry.

3- Anxiety caused by points 1 and 2.


I love how social media has bridged fans and creators (and weird creators who are also unabashed fans of the content they work on or aspire to work on, like me), but it does create complications in terms of who is invading whose space and what I can or can’t say both in terms of stepping on fandom’s toes as well as accidentally saying stuff that misrepresents my employers. So if I don’t answer your ask, it could be because I just … can’t answer? Or maybe because I’m tired and forgot, or because I’m a lazy lady who never checks tumblr. Any of the above.

I love you all, I just want to make this unpleasant stuff really clear because I have to be super responsible. This is my job, and I take it, and my contracts, seriously. At all times, I want to be respectful to everyone on every side of the developer-fan line, but I don’t want you to think it’s because I’m aloof or too good to answer your asks or tweets or whatever. Sometimes I’m just spacey and awkward, too. I got a really sweet and wonderful letter in my inbox that I AM STILL ANSWERING BECAUSE I JUST??? WORDS?????? THO????????????

I am powered, in part, by your enthusiasm for the things we make, so thank you so much for your support <3 <3 <3

You know, every time I saw games on itch.io with “pay what you want” as the price, and you could just download them for free, I always thought that probably didn’t work. Like, people would just download it for free, right?

My completely free game has been up for about 5 hours and I’ve gotten just over 100 dollars in “sales.”

You people are so nice honestly. Thank you all so much!

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Hello I am a sIN child and can provide THE SMUT

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Wait wut. Dude I've been playing BtA and I've never seen Dazai write letters to chuuya. Like at all. Am i wrong????

Oh I just got a translation from a friend on twitter, I guess that would be one of the letters that you read in order to get onigiri/ink? Basically in the letter Dazai told Chuuya that he forgot his book when they went drinking the other night, and he’d be happy to return the book to Chuuya. But Chuuya is the only one that Dazai writes letter to in game so my fangirl heart is very happy. 

To be helplessly in love with a psychopath feels like being an addict to a drug. You know it will eventually kill you if you keep it up, but the pleasure is too much to ignore. The temporary happiness you feel surpasses anything you’ve ever felt: complete euphoria in every sense.

I am so in love with somebody. They have hurt me. They have cheated on me. They have manipulated me. They have gotten in my head to the point that I will never know if I’m hearing the truth or if it’s all an elaborate plan to destroy me from the inside out.

I am blinded by love. But I cannot let it go. I have never loved a person half as much in my entire life. I cannot let go.

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I just wanted to say thank you. Your stories constantly make my day. You're one of the most talented writers I've ever been blessed enough to find and I'm constantly so thankful to have found you. Every update notification I get makes me so happy I can't even begin to explain it. I drop everything as soon as I get it so I can read. Thank you for continuing to share your talent with us. Thank you for continuing to give me a little safe zone to escape to. Believe it or not you've changed my life.

Wow, thank you. I am at a genuine loss for words. Truly, I will never be able to express how much a message like this means to me. I’m so thankful to have had this show to write about for years now (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) and to have such wonderful people like you who actually look forward to reading the stories I produce. You guys have made such a huge and positive impact on my life that I never could have expected. My writing has always provided a safe zone for me as well, but in the past, I never would have fathomed sharing it, let alone having people who want to read it, and I’m just so privileged to expand my safe zone to share with you. :)

Again, from the depths of my heart, thank you. 

Sharing my art with people and have it inspire/cheer them up was something I never thought I would ever be able to do, so thank you

Happy birthday my friend! I know it’s not my best work but since tomorrow I am going to the hospital I won’t be able to draw anything for you then so it’s an early birthday submission. Stay awesome and I hope you’ll have a good time! You are amazing and I’m happy to know you. Happy birthday ❤💚💜💙💛💓💕💖💞💋🎉🎁🎊

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Thank you so much for your wonderful replies; they’re all so simplistically adorable, and it warms my heart when you leave in a submit! I love you so much Alex, and I’m happy to have known you too. I wish you a good day, and hope you take care, and feel a whole lot better!

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