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can i just point out that i finally watched merlin because of your reblogs and i ended up binge watching all five seasons in 2 days? because now i ship merthur and i am drowning feels.

I KNOW RIGHT???  AFTER 5 YEARS I AM NOT OVER ALL THE FEELS!!! sorry for screaming but damn nonnie, I love them so much!!!

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please, please, let me know if you are looking for fics and what’s your favorite trope, merlin!fandom is blessed with so many talented writers and so many awesome bloggers, I am happy you love them! Thank you, seriously!

Spidey’s Adventure in Babysitting

Warnings: none
Pairing: peter parker x you
Y/N - Your name
Summary/Request: Im so happy to hear you take requests!! If you have time, may I request a fluff story of Peter Parker babysitting Clint and Laura’s kids? And have maybe a reader/avenger help peter bc my little baby spider just gets so confused! Like, what do I do with the baby!? PLEASE!!
And thank you!

A/N:Of course! I just loved this idea as soon as I read it, enjoy!

*•*•*• •*•*•*

“Are you sure you can handle this Peter?” Clint asked for the fifth time.

“Yeah, everything will be fine. I mean, I am Spiderman! I fight villains everyday. Watching over two kids and a baby can’t be too hard.” He grinned, but suddenly there was a loud laugh that made his smile falter.

Laura glided into the living-room where the boys were seated, looking stunning in a dark blue dress that matched Clint’s suit. “Well, taking care of kids and taking down bad guys are two completely different things, Parker.”

Clint chuckled. Silently agreeing with his wife, before he walked towards her and offered his arm. “You ready babe?” She nodded with a giddy smile on her face.

How long has it been since they’ve been on a date? Peter thought to himself. They both looked extremely tired judging by the bags underneath their eyes. Was taking care of kids really that exhausting?

“Here’s the money for babysitting. Paid up front like I said.” Clint handed Peter $300, with a grin.

“Woah!” His eyes bugged out of his head, this much money for babysitting!?

“Its too much! I mean, not that I’m complaining. Thank you, really- but, this is a lot. Are you sure?” Laura and Clint looked at each other in amusement.

Laura gave Peter a hug, pushing away his open hand with the money. “Yes. It’s just the right amount for babysitting our kids. Thanks again for agreeing to do this.”

Peter started nervously shifting from side to side. Watching over Clint and Laura’s children started to make him antsy. He only agreed to this when he heard it was the couples wedding anniversary.

He thought they deserved a night off without having to worry about their kids.

And when the rest of the team said they were busy -excluding Tony since Clint said he didn’t trust him with his kids- Peter felt bad that their night might’ve been ruined. So once Aunt May made it clear she was fine with it, Peter enthusiastically agreed.

After Clint and Laura hugged their kids goodbye one more time, they gave Peter a list of phone numbers in case of emergency and told him that they’d be home no later than midnight.

“Goodluck with them spider-boy, they’re a handful.” Clint patted Peter on the back sympathetically.

Not knowing if Clint was joking or not, Peter could only nod awkwardly before the archer closed the door to his house and headed to his car that was parked out in the dirt driveway.

Peter anxiously shook out his hands before he took in a deep breathe. Time to be a good babysitter, he thought as he headed up the stairs.

*•*•*• •*•*•*

Two hours later: After three tantrums from baby Nathaniel, two fights over a toy spaceship from Cooper and Lila, and non-stop crying from all three, Peter had, had enough.

Not only was he exhausted from running around to tend to the kids needs, but he had a horrible headache. Having enhanced hearing wasn’t making things any better. Instead, it made the noise 10 times worse.

A shrill voice boomed inside the house making Peter jump,
“Pete!!! Cooper took one of my chips!”

“NO I DIDN’T!!” Peter sighed, banging his head on the wall of the kitchen. He was just trying to make himself a sandwich. One. Small. Sandwich.

But no, he couldn’t even do that. He did his best to compose himself, but his nerves were fried and he was panicking. How can I do this? I can’t do this. Oh my god what was I thinking?! I can’t do this, I can’t-not alone. I’m alone! All alone taking care of three kids! Wait…

He suddenly got an idea, and rushed past the kids in the living, yelling over his shoulder “Cooper give her one of your chips since you took it! And no more arguing please!” Rummaging through his school backpack that he brought with him, he finally found what he was looking for. His phone.

He quickly dialed a number he had memorized by heart. He was calling his other bestfriend besides Ned, an avenger best friend.

After two rings she picked up. “Hello?”

Peter instantly felt calmer just by hearing her voice, it was soothing and smooth, but that calm was quickly replaced by anxiousness when the baby started crying. “Peter? Is everything okay?”

He had to yell over the crying to be heard, “Actually I really need your help. I’m babysitting Clints kids…and uh…I don’t- I don’t know what to do anymore! This is so much more stressful than I thought! Please help me y/n.”

All it took was for you to hear how panicked and desperate Peter sounded, to quickly rush out of bed to change your clothes. “I’ll be right there. For now, rock little Nate. It should comfort him.”

“Okay.” He scurried up the stairs to do what you said, thankful to finally have some advice.

You quickly got dressed and headed out of the Avengers tower to Clint’s house. With you being an Avenger, you’ve been to Clint’s many times before. And quite frankly with your powers, you could actually handle babysitting. Being able to put anyone to sleep by singing could really be helpful in a lot of situations. Of course, you could kill people by singing too- but only when you wanted to. Usually you choose to make people unconscious, it really helps with getting information out of them later.

But being able to put people to sleep, was not the only reason Peter called you. You’re great with kids. They love you and you love them. No one knew why but kids actually listened to you. They could be the most mischievous little rascals yet you could control them.

Peter waited patiently for you to come, rocking back and forth on the couch with Nataniel like you suggested.

Once you finally arrived, and opened the door (that was conveniently unlocked thanks to Peter) you were greeted with the sounds of whines, cries, and the sight of your tired looking neighbor.

His face immediately brightened when he saw you, and then somehow got even brighter when he saw the Deli food that was in your hands. His stomach audibly grumbled causing him to blush and you to laugh.

“Auntie y/n! You’re here! YAY!” Lila rushed at you and gave you a bone crushing hug, crushing some of the sandwiches in the process. You giggled, when suddenly another tiny body joined in on the hug. “Hey Cooper! How have you guys been?”

They shrugged nonchalantly, before running off to their rooms. Probably to play you thought.

“Oh thank god!” Peter sat up as fast as he could with the baby in his arms.

You laughed, “Glad you’re happy to see me Parker.” He made a grab for the bags of Deli in your hands, but you swiftly pulled it out of his reach.

“Nuh-uh.” You wagged a free finger at him. “I guess you’re just happy to see food. I was hoping it was me that made you happy.” Peter blushed a deep red, looking down at Nathaniel to avoid your playful gaze.

“Uh- I mean, well. Of course you make-um of course you make me happy. But, uh. I’m sorry, I’m just really really really hungry!” After moving to the kitchen and unpacking the food, you took little Nate from Peter.

“Enjoy your food Pete, I’ll take care of the kids for now.” With a smile he happily nodded and thanked you many times before he actually sat down to eat.

“Oh wait,” Peter called, you turned around and started bouncing Nathaniel softly. “Here.” Peter pulled out $300 from his pocket, and after counting out $200, he handed it to you.

“I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t share the money I got for babysitting. Plus theres extra for the food.” He sat down again, and you were grinning so much your cheeks started to hurt.

“Thanks Spidey!” And with that you turned around, heading towards the stairs.

The noise of Lila and Coopers yells increased with each step you took. But, Nate started to make little cries so you got a baby bottle full of formula from his baby bag in his room.

Deciding to check on the kids you placed baby Nate in a rocking swing and sang him to sleep. It was only to make him sleepy, not the lethal kind of singing you could do to enemies. This was just a soothing song to make Nathaniel want to go to sleep. Once his eyes closed you headed to Cooper and Lila’s room.

Just as you were about to knock, the door swung open, and you were pulled inside.

Using the train you learned from being an Avenger, you flip up in air, successfully shaking off whoever grabbed ahold of you.

Once you landed, your body was already in a fighting stance, and you looked around to see what was happening.

“Woah! That was so cool Auntie y/n!!” Cooper looked at you with big eyes while Lila was squealing and jumbling around-trying to flip like you just did.

You started to relax knowing it was just the kids and not a threat. With a sigh, you smiled at them “Thanks little man. But next time, please dont surprise me like that.”

They nodded hurriedly, “So… Did you get the money?” Askew Lila:

With a smirk you pulled out the money and handed them each $25.

“Told you the plan would work!” Lila practically screeched.

You laughed and nodded your head. “Yep, but its thanks to you two little actors that you made Petey call me. Great job guys, we all get money!”

All of you jumped up and down clutching the money in your hands.

When all of a sudden peters voice rang throughout the whole house.


Looking at the kids you whispered “Run!” And all three of you ran off to hide.

But not before you called out over your shoulder “A girls gotta make a living!”

And with a smirk sent at Peter who was running up the stairs, you disappeared into one of the many hiding places in the house. Thinking, this is gonna be fun!

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Yuuri wakes up before Victor and sees him drooling on the pillow with the worst bedhead imaginable. "Holy shit," he whispers at the most beautiful sight he's ever seen. Victor wakes up and says the same exact thing at the sight of Yuuri. I believe this happens every morning. Them being late to practice is pretty much a given these days. God help me.

this is so pure and i say this every day but they both deserve this so much and i am so happy for them

yuuri thinks he’s disgusting every day after practice when he’s sweaty and red-faced and gross and he pours the rest of his water bottle over his head to cool down and lets it run down his face and over his shoulders and victor is found dead on the ice gaspign something about “have to go home right now” they’re so in love and happy

So I just watched a clip of Scott who was crying over Deucalion dying- look at Derek and hug him. And Derek hugged back. And it was a pure hug. So pure and just wow. Like a “I’m so happy you’re here thank you for being here.” And I love that. That no matter what Derek will always know he has a place in Scott’s pack and will always be there for him. I CANT. They hugged. I am just wow-the character development is real.

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Alice’s collections order came in!!! My Sakura and Paper XiaoJiu Bird (Hereby named Cream), Colt’s new wig and shirt, Xiao’s new pants and shoes, my Doll Family H ChiYu 1/3 head (MILES!!!) and his belongings all arrived safe and sound! I am so happy!

Quick notes:

- Fdoll and DFH NYS are pretty close! I’d say is a nice match! Head fits great on the body!
- Sakura and Paper reccomend 8mm eyes for these pets….I’d say find eyes smaller than that. 

screw tumblr seriously it took me over an hour to upload these photos

I am so happy Miles and Cream are home safe, and that Xiao and Colt have their new things <3 They saved my day.

[ So, I thought I was in an angsty mood but it turns out I am NOT XD I have been in a more comedic and happy go lucky mood and want this blog to have that feeling too. I looked back at some of my old stuffs and remember saying that this blog would be 99.9% memes, so I wanna get back to that! I deleted the previous stuffs for the event I was gonna do and decided to just start fresh uvu

Not like starting all over but fresh from the revamps! I wanna also be diligent to answering questions and shooting to get to them all. It’s about time I stopped being lazy! Some of the questions are a little repetitive, so if you wanna, feel free to send in more!

I’m sorry for being all over the place, but I know this is the step I wanna take! I wanna make people smile and laugh and that’s what I intend to do! uvu/ I hope you guys continue to stick around! I love and appreciate you all! :‘3 ]

Well I’m done with the Reblast anime

…it was better than previous seasons by far but uh. really confirmed my feelings of “too soon” for Blast to be animated.

I’d write a more indepth thing, but as I’ve said on my twitter, other than for merch and attracting people, I really…don’t care about the anime. Like as a whole, genso, reload and gunlock included. So I really don’t feel the need. It as alright and pretty enough, but left me with the same feelings as the rest of “why even”

I have no nostalgia or love for the old series so lD I’m not the target for the anime either for that matter. I’m not sad its over, I’m more hyped for what Minekura actually does!

I’m hyped for the future Even a Worm musical!

If you enjoyed it I am happy for you! The seiyuu are wonderful and I understand enjoying it for them~ And I’m glad for all of the merch that came from it (of course I am, ahaha, I have to keep my title of Merch Queen/Ho) but I’ve definitely come to understand that I will never love this series animated.


root‘s reactions to ‘shaw telling her….’

#lets acknowledge the fact that root never ever wanted more from shaw than she was able to give #she never crossed shaw’s boundaries #she never wanted to make shaw uncomfortable etc #she just wanted HER and was willing to be patient until shaw was fully ready to go THERE #so root’s reactions to shaw’s more playful/intimate moments with her are the most precious cause you can tell shaw being that vulnerable catches her off guard #she never expected ANY confession of feelings so imagine how much root is internally screaming inside #shaw making it known that she indeed loves her back was all she ever wanted

It is done and I am so happy with it!  

So, you all remember Jack’s Worms video with Robin? I had that up for background noise and tuned back in when Jack made that comment of Anti dancing.  I immediately thought it would be great to actually see that.  So, originally, I was going to do a drawing, but then I realized a drawing wouldn’t work.  So, I got ambitious and decided to do an animation.  Unfortunately, I’ve never made an animation before.  So, I shot a reference video of me dancing to draw over (this will be posted later).  After that, I agonized for days to make a short 3 second animation.  Yay.  It was fun, tho.  

I tried to do put more detail into this, but it just did not look right.  So, I stuck with a simple outline with no details in the face.  I tend to like simplicity over complexity anyways.

                        My realistic back to school tips

I got this idea from hellostudykatie.tumblr.com so thanks to her for this idea.

I thought since it is back to school time I would share my back to school tips that aren’t that far fetched because a lot of the studyblr community assume most people are organised. I on the other hand am not. I need a planner but sometimes I forget to use it. Sometimes we need straight to the point tips so here I am for you!

  • Get a planner/bullet journal: Over the past few years in school I was very unorganised so I started a bullet journal last year. I use a cheap notebook as my bullet journal and I use a very simple layout so it doesn’t take up too much time because typically I don’t have time to do much other than my school work. I have found it to be super useful to help me and keep myself motivated through out the year.
  • Write out your timetable: I takes me forever to learn my timetable. In April of this I stood outside a class that I didn’t even have for about 10 minutes So I like to write out my timetable at least three times and stick one in my school planner, one beside my door in my room and then save one onto my laptop. It comes in handy during the year if I get lost.
  • Go through all your stationery: I normally have a lot of stationery from the year before so before I go back to school shopping I like to go through every bit of stationery I own and make a list of what I need. This way I only buy the essentials and it saves money as well! I often buy stuff I don’t use or need.
  • Cut out people that have a negative effect in my life: I think this is a super important thing to do. If you have a “friend” that everyone in your life thinks has a negative effect on you believe them and cut them out of your life. I have had to do this with a few friends over the past few years and I have finally found a group of friends that I am super happy with.
  • Look through your textbooks: I usually wouldn’t do this but I have been revising over the summer so I plan on just reading over my notes before class starts in September!
  • Treat yourself the night before: I find the day before I go back to school is stressful and I tend to get very anxious so I like to treat myself the night before school starts. So I might have a bath or shower, moisturise, watch a few episodes of my favourite show or listen to music.
  • Start a routine about a week before: I start to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to get my sleep schedule back on track. It won’t be too drastic but I will aim for an hour earlier than what I have been which is about 3am so I will try go to bed at 2 or half one and wake up about 9 or 10am.

So these are my realistic tips because sometimes we need those simple tips to get through the start of school year. Hope they help at least one person. I would be happy for people to add their own tip if they wanted!

together we’ll overcome
together we can’t be stopped


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My mind is blown over the fact that YUURI was the playboy in the Eros story all along. YUURI is the one that came into Victor’s life, seduced him for a night, and left him behind, smitten and forgotten, leaving Victor with only memories and photos.

Of course Yuuri was drunk off his ass and forgot he’d even done this, but nonetheless, it’s amazing and hilarious and such a wonderful twist. All that time with Yuuri being like “I can’t play this role,” and Victor’s sitting there like “uh hell yeah you can”, and now we know for certain why he was sure of that. 


[ au’s that exist elsewhere ]

He didn’t say much as the reaper came to him in the night, telling him that it was time, that he was going to have to pay the debt that he created that one evening. The reaper handed him the scythe and said that there was no world without death. He who kills death must become death himself.

And so that’s what Dean became.

He watched with tired eyes as his brother desperately tried to find a way to save Dean from this fate of an immortal eternity. He tried all the way up to the moment that Dean came for him one night, hand outstretched, saying that it was finally time to come with him.

And Sam did without question. He followed Death into the endless abyss, bowing his head for one final time.