i am so happy about this picture

Why is no one taking about this clip? Here you see yet another a guy who defeats gender roles. You can tell bc “usually” guys don’t have pink lacy curtains and pink phone cases and cute pastel picture frames (I’m talking about stereotypically. As I am a guy who has these things) THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY BC YOU DON’T REALLY NOTICE AT FIRST BC ITS SO SUBTLE BUT OMGGG. Plz love him he’s gr8. His room looks like the room of a female protagonist in a shoujo anime but he’s a male side character in a sports anime and I’m shook. Bless this anime.


Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down.

All For The Game series by Nora Sakavic

So I sit next to this one girl in my English class

And she’s always taking my art pens and going through my doodle book without asking first and it’s really annoying since she’s pretty rude about it like she doesn’t even mention that she stole my expensive art marker she just kinda ups and takes it. Well I happen to know that she’s pretty homophobic so to get back at her I drew a picture of my very gay otp kissing on the front of my doodle book as well as a list of my favorite gay pairings (AmeriPan, Stony, Lams, SolAngelo, ect.) I am happy to announce that she doesn’t go through my doodle book anymore

Okay, I need to get something off my chest

 I ship Emily and Lena. I ship Widow and Tracer. 

Not jumping any ships. Just needed to make that clear. Though, ive been getting loads of messages telling me that im leaving the ship and/or attacking another character. Which Im not going to do. 

Also… asking me to draw things. While the ideas are nice… but asking me to hurt on a ship to bring up another really urks me. Listen. I already said that im not going to stop drawing Widowtracer. People are demanding Widowtracer art now and honestly, it makes me want to stop. Reminder, I can draw what I want, and I am so happy to share it. But at this point, its all guilt tripping. Multishipping is also a thing? 

Lena Oxton is the face of overwatch, Who is confirmed an LGBTQA+ character. Look at the bigger picture, This is great representation. We really shouldnt be fighting about this? We really need to stick together as a community. Tracer being confirmed gay made me so damn happy, and im not going to be sorry about that. 

@ anon people who are threatening me: get off my dick.

“After I retired, I started to take pictures and do volunteer work with my camera, so I’m just happy—I don’t even have time to think about bad things.”
“Is there anything that you are worried about these days?”
“The only thing I am worried about is my wife. Her knees hurt and she has problems with her nerves, so we can’t go out and have fun together. If my wife gets better, I want to hold hands and travel or just wander around together. I don’t want anything else. My only wish is to spend the rest of my life with my wife peacefully and then hold hands and die together. My wife is the one person that I can’t live without. If she’s gone, I want to go with her. I love her that much. Both of us live like that.”

“은퇴하고 사진도 찍고, 카메라로 자원봉사도 하느라 기분 나쁜 일을 생각할 겨를도 없이 행복해.”
“지금 걱정이 있다면 어떤 건가요?”
“유일한 걱정은 아내가 지금 아프다는 거야. 무릎도 아프고 신경에 문제가 있어서 같이 놀러 못 다니거든. 아내가 나으면 손잡고 여행도 다니고 여기저기 돌아다니고 싶어. 다른 건 바라는 게 없어. 죽는 날까지 아내랑 편안하게 같이 살다 한날 한시에 손잡고 같이 죽는 게 내 소원이야. 아내는 나에게 이 세상에서 없어선 안 될 사람이거든. 없어지면 나도 같이 없어질 정도야. 서로가 그렇게 살아.”

I am so happy Louis has Danielle. They’ve either already had or are going to have their one year anniversary, and through this first year Danielle has almost always been with him in England, they took that vacation together and we can see in the pictures that he was happy, she did stand up to cancer after they found out about Jay, and now she’s tweeting to make sure people watch her love on the X Factor. It is such a relief that Danielle came into his life when she did and that he didn’t have to go through anything alone.


Hello Everyone! 

Today I would like to share pictures of the house that I’m building for Kendra! I’m not the best at interior or any design, but I am so happy with this house and how it is turning out! There are still many rooms to build, but so far so good. Please let me know what you think about this, or if I should add or remove some stuff as it would help me a lot! 

All the love! xx

i was talking to @pensversusswords about bitty’s smol little butt and you know how when you’re like in a serious relationship with someone you’ve known for awhile and you develop these inside jokes but they’re SO WEIRD that you’d be forever embarrassed if anyone knew about them??? but to you and your bf/gf they mean the absolute world???

all i can think about now is jack and bitty having an inside joke thats essentially ‘can bittys butt fit in that?’

bc one night when they’re finally going to bed at like 1 am and they’ve had a long day and they’re exhausted but they’re happy and they’re having one of those Late Night Conversations that make you go ‘wtf’ the next morning and at the end of it jack mentions maybe something he had seen that he wanted to take a picture of (a solitary baby swing in the park maybe–’it was so small,’ he says)

and bitty, in his exhausted but slap happy state says, ‘i bet my butt would fit in it’

which then means they spend the next twenty minutes laughing so hard they’re crying, and every time they manage to pull it together, one of them snorts or giggles and it starts the whole process over again

but now it’s A Thing between them. A Thing that never fails to make them smile or laugh and is just theirs and it makes them happy despite the fact that its one of the weirdest inside jokes either of them have been a part of

(maybe they’ll be out getting coffee a couple of days later and jack sees a booster seat being brought out, he’ll look at it and flick his eyes over at bitty and see bitty looking at it before looking right back at jack and the both suddenly Know. and they both crack the fck up in the middle of the coffee shop as everyone just stares at them like ‘wtf’)


I’ll just share my experience because I am beyond happy it happened. So, I attended the autograph session hosted by Netflix and unfortunately they didn’t allow us to take pictures. I’ll tell my impressions and what happened in order of how they were sitting.

Matt: His smile is just unbelievable, trust me, and he doesn’t stop smiling. He was the first in line and he was surprised about how tall I am and wouldn’t stop talking about it, saying I was just like him. Yeah, we bonded over our height haha #teamtol. I asked for a hug and he nicely hugged me (I didn’t ask it to the others bc the staff said it wasn’t allowed and Matt was the only one placed where they wouldn’t yell at me lol). He is even more sweet and charismatic than I thought. And again, his smile is insane.

Dom: Dom saw my tattoo (a key on my forearm) and was like “oh, let me see it” and I showed him. He was super surprised and then the most weird and fun thing happened. He said “Oh my God, my ex-girlfriend has the exact same tattoo on the exact same place.” He was so surprised that he told Alberto about it and showed him my tattoo.

Alberto: He listened to Dom and saw the tattoo as well, then we shook hands and he was laughing about what Dom told him. He asked me if I knew Dom’s ex-girlfriend and if I was secretly her haha. The three of us talked about it and it was definitely an unusual conversation, but it was fun. Domberto is the best friendship and I saw it with my own eyes haha.

Kat: She saw what was going on and she basically interrupted Alberto so we could shake hands even before it was her time to sign my poster. I told her we were super excited about season 2 and she was super happy to hear it and told me she is super excited for us to see it. She is the sweetest small cinannamon roll to ever live, seriously. She is so small, smiley and pretty.

Eme: She was the last one and the staff was rushing me to leave, so we just quickly talked about how much she was enjoying Brazil and she is super adorable as well, and the beauty queen you all know she is. Actually I just got surprised bc she is as small as Kat in real life.

So it was what happened. I’m so happy about everything and so grateful for the chance to meet them. ALL of them are the most friendly, sweet and beautiful people to ever exist and deserve all the love and support. 

i couldn’t stop thinking of you.. and your situation..so i drew you this. i know it’s not much, but I hope that you feel better soon.. please rest. please do something that you love, anything that makes you happy, just.. i am hurting for your situation i am so so sorry. take a break, and rest. for us, for the people that love and care about you.

—————————————- I love this picture so much It’s literally me everyday when I come home from school and think about my priorities

I need to hype about this here as well because OH MY GOD!!!

I’m taking a course on book history, meaning the history of the book as an object, how books have been made, who owned them, who sold them etc.
And today we had a guided tour of our university’s own library, and were given an introduction to the older and most book historically interesting pieces in the collection.
And holy fucking shit.
The book in the pictures.
The pages are from an incunable.
An incunable is a book printed in Europe before the 1500s, meaning the pages have been printed with one metal cast molded sheet stamp thing, instead of the more efficient way invented in the 1500s where you’d stack these metal letters and stuff to make a page, print the page, and arrange the letters again for a new one. Those pages are from the 1400s. 600 years old.
And I was allowed to touch them.



My mom just posted a status telling her friends that if they don’t respect trans people or POC to unfriend her. This is huge. My mother, my entire family, is from a small town. When I first came out my parents told me that I will always be their daughter. There is a video on my old collab channel ourlifeastrans where I talk about how my mother literally threw a bra I had thrown out at me. When I first came out I thought I was going to have to move out as soon as I possibly could. My parents didn’t understand and it seemed like they didn’t want to. Today I am in her profile picture not clean shaven in the slightest with the bell let’s talk banner (I am her only mentally ill child) and she made a post defending trans people, defending me as her son, even stating that there are many genders. I am so happy about this it’s hard to find the right words.

anonymous asked:

I think the other anon is talking about the black and white photoset of the group of women. And if that is the case they can shove their idea of 'fitness' somewhere where the sun don't shine, because apparently it has no room for happy, healthy plus size women. 😑

I did hope that wasn’t the case… if it is, let us show that anon some more beautiful healthy people :) 







*don’t assume someone is unhealthy just by their appearance. Health is measured by your happiness and how you treat your body, mind and soul.

*this is only a small percentage of beautiful healthy people, so please add your own beautiful pictures if you wish

I must say that the advocacy against mental health stigma is thriving.

We are on the winning side in this constant battle. And that is because of the people who openly and shamelessly post about their mental illness on social media not because they’re attention seekers but because they want to prove to society that mental illness is not a made up fairy tale.

So to the girl who posted a picture of how thin she was because of anorexia and how she gained weight now, I am proud that you’re eating well now.

To the boy who posted a picture of his scars half a year ago, I am proud that you’re not cutting yourself anymore. And that takes a lot of courage and willpower. Well done.

And to everyone who writes, muse, or make poems about mental illness, I am happy that you are alive in this universe because you have a story to tell that may change people’s lives forever.

Brothers and sisters. As long as we don’t kill ourselves we will not be oppressed. We will win this war. There is hope.

—  Juansen Dizon
Philip Shea is Officially a Dork

(Sorry in advance for not including GIFs, I am unable to make any)

Okay, but like, he so is. He sent Lukas a video that was just clips of the two of them being adorable together, he “made (them) a playlist”, the scene where he asked Lukas completely seriously about his stomach hurting, when he took a silly Polaroid picture of Lukas… He is such a Dork in Love™ and it makes my heart hurt with happiness.

That is all.

I’m thinking about how happy I am with you, how happy I am to love a person like you and how happy I am to be loved by you. I feel so alive since the day we started to be like this. Thank you for entering my life unexpectedly and made it possible for me to fall in love again. You turned my life from a black and white motions of picture into a sky covered by a rainbow filled with colors. You managed to sweep away all the negative clouds surrounding my gloomy heart. You made everything beautiful in my life right now, it was all possible because of you that’s why I want to thank you. I hope you would never leave me because they might come back if that ever happened. I love you more than you think you do. I love you for who you are, for all the things you don’t know you can do. I love all the aspects I see that creates you as a being. I can be anything or everything, but all I know is that I cannot live without you. I don’t know if I’m capable of losing you, I will never give up on you because I can’t stand watching you love somebody else. I don’t want someone to make you smile more than I can. That smile of yours is only meant for me and those eyes of yours are only meant to see me. You’re only mine, this may sound selfish but who cares? Mine is mine, so you’re mine. You belong to me and nobody can steal you away from me. Our paths has crossed and that means we were made and meant for each other. I will fight for you in the very end, remember that whatever happens is I won’t give up on you and us. If you asked me why I fall in love with you, I don’t have an answer for that. I don’t why and I can’t explain it. It just happened. I think words are not enough to express what I felt or to describe them to you. I just felt it, I felt in my heart that I love you wholeheartedly. I just found myself smiling unconsciously when I thought of you and when I’m about to go to sleep. So, why do I love you? I just do. I just love all the things about you and all the things you do. Every time I see you, I say to myself that you’re God’s blessing for me. And, you know what? I don’t want a happy ending with you. I don’t want years. I want a happy eternity with you. I want this love we share for eternity, I don’t want any of this to end. I want them to last for a lifetime. I’ll always love you, no matter how many oceans there are between us. No matter how steep and wreck the hill we’re about to take. Just hold me in your arms and never let me go, I want to spend an eternity with you. I just want you; all your flaws, mistakes, laughs, sarcasm, smiles and jokes. Everything. I just want you. I love you for the first time and I still love you the last time. I will love you until the end of time. And, you aren’t a part of my life. Because you are already my life. I don’t know what will happen if I lost you, it’ll mean that I lost my life. It’s like living, but not actually living my life. Everything would be meaningless. I love you so much. I love you so much that I will cling onto any and every piece of you that I can.
—  S.L // A message #10