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Then and Now | Waldemar Edition

bonus: some things never change

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I hope im not imagining or reading too much into the pic from the new FT chapter where Natsu and Lucy are sleeping but I think he has his arm around her waist! Cus you can see part of his arm behind her head. 🙊😍😍 Am i crazy? Ps. Sorry about my english

I can see his shoulder by Lucy’s neck but it’s impossible to tell from this pic. 

I think he’s either arm resting around her waist or they might be holding hands <3 Either way they are so cute 😍

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^ I don’t need a kiss. I would take moment like this over a kiss any day. I’d melt due to fluff overload. 👌😍😍👌

(You don’t have to apologise for your English to me. You speak it better than I can speak another language so props to you 👍)

unpopular opinion but

Yo im so proud and happy for suga for having a project outside bts and for showing us what he’s really capable of in producing. Suran is an AMAZING singer and the fact that he was able to work again with her and that he was able to fit her style of music is just ahhh idk man im just so happy he’s doing what he loves and i am so here for it!! Genius min suga pd-nim fighting!!!!

There is something I do not understand

When Freeform released a lot of Malec stuff before the episodes, people complained

Now that Freeform has released a lot less Malec stuff, people complain

I am having hard time understanding what people want

Surprise! 😊
Happy lesbian visibility day!!
And for my acceptance speech, Id like to thank to all the hot girls who made this possible😏👅❤
But really, this was a super long time coming for me, but I’ve been extremely blessed with the majority of my friends being so supportive! I hope everyone gets the chance to find out who they are no matter how long that takes!😘

I know, for some it might be laughable little… but the fact that my two most recent pictures got more than 200 notes makes me so happy T__T Normally I am excited to get 50 notes (both likes and reblogs). And to have both the pictures with Reyes at over 200… thank you!

Yes, I am aware he is a current fan favorite. But that normally didn’t help my pictures so I was not counting on it and drew them for me and not to gain views …