i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to get another commission by the wonderful @kawereen for my silver-lining optimist, Ena! Thank you again so much! She looks beautiful! Her fiery hair, her golden eyes, her scar, her freckles, her expression… I just can’t stop staring at her!


Those are from a small clip on the Disney Television and Animation channel, 7 Facts About Scrooge! Which is heavily based on the story from the original comics–most especially, Don Rosa’s the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. 

The OG Ducktales also used this narrative for an episode, but uh heavily glossed over the fact that Scrooge was about 10/13-years-old when he traveled to America via steamship by himself to make his fortune.


Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria holds the Rookwood Cup after winning the match against Nick Kyrgios of Australia during the men’s finals in the Western & Southern Open at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Cincinnati, OH. 20 August 2017


yesterday’s beach photoshoot was so much fun omg! this was after we changed out of our costume because it was hot af 

idk if the pictures turned out good because the light was pretty bad and I was sweating my whole face off but it was fun to roll around the beach (literally) in my lance cosplay 

I might soon go back to the beach and take some beach au pictures because this was very last minute so I only had my actual cosplay

With his back against the school building Remus pulled a half empty pack of cigarettes from his pocket, removing one and lighting it. He didn’t usually smoke in the open but there was no reason to hide if he didn’t fear getting caught. He dared a teacher suspend and send him home. At least then his parents would be forced to deal with him, one way or another. A shadow came into his vision as he slipped the rest of his cigarettes and lighter into his pocket, but when they didn’t pass by after a few seconds he let out annoyed sigh, realizing he was going to have to speak. He couldn’t stand the feeling of someone hovering over his shoulder. “If you’re going to tell me how I’m going to die of lung cancer in twenty years,” he placed the cigarette between his lips, the end of his sentence sounding slightly muffled, “you can take your hypocritical views and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.”


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My Kung Fu Academia

(you have no idea how happy I am when I get the green light to post this on my blog. These are incredible!!)

my life got 100% better when I started dressing how I wanted to dress and not how I thought I should dress. I stopped caring if stripes were unflattering, I just wore them. I started wearing bold prints because they made me happy. I ordered huge shirts, pink trainers, heart shaped sunglasses. I started to let myself look on the outside how I felt on the inside, and let me tell you, I have never felt freer in my entire life 


more zelink but this time it’s post botw and zelda is the queen of hyrule while link is the prince consort

they’re also a bit older so they have a little girl named roma ain’t she cute

give me this nintendo i want them to be happy

like i know it’s a TV show and it’s not like we overthrew a government or whatever, but Netflix were so determined that they weren’t going to bring Sense8 back, that that was It, no more Sense8 for us, but we fought back and we said No and we refused to move or be moved and we got them to change their mind, we got them to give us a movie length special to say goodbye, We Did That, so don’t ever let anyone tell you that anything is impossible bc this is proof that if you work together with good intentions anything is possible