i am so good at photoshop and art

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.

***the other day I was watching anime in the living room & my mom walks in***

Mom : which one is this?

Me : Durarara!!

Mom : I thought Durarara was the volleyball one?


Sakkaku Crossroads x Guilty Kiss

I know I’m an art blog, but what if I said I am quite talented with photoshop B^) I felt like the Sakkaku Crossroads illustration would look so good with GK, so here I am. 



I can’t wait to sketch something for this fandom now that we have the cast announced. But did I ever show you my attempt at character designing one of my many versions of Aziraphale back in school ?

I need to settle on one tho.

bruhdawnt  asked:

Hey meabhd, do you hapen to have any tips on how i can pick colors more easily because thats just a huge problem for me. I know the basics of color but i cant actually put them to use. Im confident with my line art but the entire drawing starts looking awful when i put color in it.

So a secret. I am rubbish at colour, it’s 100% the thing I struggle most with besides backgrounds but I have learned a cheat from my good friend @magicelum who taught me about how to fuck with gradients (follow him cause holy crap his art is absolutely stunning)

So… I start off with the flat colours and some shadows

For this one I used the gradient tool in photoshop and a red colour on Screen mode.

Then used the same tool but on a different layer on Lighten mode with a blue colour.

Finally I made her hair look all glowy by using a soft brush with a reddy-orange colour over her hair, with the layer on Divide mode.

Now looks all cohesive and like I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to colour!

@awkweirdworld had basically the same question

Here is something I did for @meabhd colouring contest 

Your art is simply amazing and when I saw that we are free to colour your lines I thought to myself ‘’ listen Beta, even if you don’t have drawing tablet, even if you don’t have printer and are to lazy to go to the neighbour, you have a damn photoshop and a mouse, for Christ sake go utilize this opportunity to colour meabhd’s lines.’’ And so here I am ^-^. I am not good at many things, drawing being one of them, but with that said I had to do this and I hope it looks… decent. I wish you all the luck with uni and stay awesome. <3

Lines made by Méabh , coloured by me in photoshop using my damn slow mouse. 


After seeing this piece of art that Jeremy posted I wanted to do some stuff of this two sweet lovebirds.

They are made for each other.

I am so bad using photoshop someone kill me pls


also the first pair is for matching icons hehe


I found out earlier today that the wacom I got for my birthday came with software that was basically photoshop so I went ahead and made my first vector art studyblr icons!

1. potted plant (or maybe a pineapple?)
2. grad cap and degree
3. my attempt at a lotus
4. a cactus with a beret and moustache (his arm made me think he was waving so that happened)

(Also I’m actually at 4.4K followers but I’ve only gotten around to making milestone posts now I’m so sorry I appreciate all of you I’m just no good at these but I am trying now)

feel free to use them, credit would be nice c:

Matthew trying to shush MC. He’s probably sneaking up on Sam or something else goofy/stupid. 

Matthew: Shhh Mika! We’re hunting wabbits!

Mika: Are you seriously trying to sneak up on Sam? What about this sounds like a good idea to you?

Matthew: Shhh! Wabbits! *exaggerated sneaking*

Mika: *rolls eyes* 

Trying to get back on my tablet game. Shoo. Really noticing the four year absence of tablet drawing. O_o

Done in photoshop cs, because my copy of painttool SAI is corrupted. *sobs*

Matthew/Zacaeru © @thebunnyofevil 

art © @worksomewonder

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I think you would have Ferruginous Hawk wings. <3

i fuckin cant. ivhe been laughing at these creatures for at least 2 days

every single photo of these fuckers is a reaction image waiting to be made.
and someones gotta do it, so here i am, using my infinite photoshop knowledge for shitty edits. another good deed done.

‘say that to my fuckin face, helen’

^ i made another self portrait

but i used comic sans. cant be too nice or itll destroy the balance.

But their wings do look awesome

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Oh, sorry I didn't include this in my other message, but I was wondering- if you don't mind- how do you do your art style? It has a very sketchy type look to it, and I love it so much!

Thanks anon! :)

First of all, english is not my mother tongue so sorry for the typos!! -_-U

I think the sketchy look of my art is because i am really untidy he he ( or is it sloppy the word ? idk ). I work on photoshop and my favorite brushes are the crayon ones, i recently bougth some from Kyle Webster ,but you can find good brushes for free too !! ;)

I made a little tutorial, hope it helps!!

1- I start with an impossible to undestand set of lines, this skecth here is so clean that looks like a finished lineart compared to my usual sketches xD 

2- Then i lower the opacity of the sketch an draw the lineart, i think the crayon brushes help a lot with the skecthy look!

3- And then i just add color with the same crayon brush. I like to paint fast , and i dont look for perfection. Another thing that i do is to not turn off the skecth layer, i just leave it there with the opacity low. Add some shadows and u are done! :D

Anon, practice a lot! the key is practice. I love trying new styles and i copy the ones i like from others, i know copying (? sounds bad, but with time it will help u develop ur own style! and to improve yourself !! woohoo

Happy drawing <3

anonymous asked:

okay so i'm sorry for asking what it basically a pretty selfish question but: i am looking into digital art software/hardware, and i was wondering if you ever feel restrained by the capabilities of photoshop, or if you think it is a really good software to use, and if you wish you were using a different tablet/software instead (if so what would that be)? basically, what is your professional opinion?

i LOVE photoshop. i’ve utilized it for multiple purposes, and it’s one of the programs that hasn’t let me down. i went up a ladder before getting to it, using free programs like, uh..i think it was called “Brush” that i found, then GIMP, fire alpaca, paint tool SAI, etc–but so far PS has beaten them all for me.

THAT BEING SAID, i do use windows as my OS, and windows supports a third-party plugin that i heavily use. that’s Lazy Nezumi Pro, and it’s what rendered SAI inferior for me. photoshop all day, every day. i do know a lot of people mix PS with Illustrator though, which i’ve not had the chance to do yet.

in regards to hardware, i really wish i was using a cintiq or some other graphics tablet with a screen display. after doing a lot of traditional recently, i really do like my organic, full-arm brush movements. it’d handle my humongous high res pieces a lot better, too. but it’s definitely not something i would say is necessary for someone starting out.

Anonymous said:

Thanks so much for the advice!! I’m going to try that as soon as I get a chance!!

you are super welcome! i try to help where i can!! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:

could we meet up at chicon

only if you wear that gray face and sunglasses i love you in so much  

(i’ll be vending, so i’ll be table-bound all weekend! feel free to stop by and say hey, maybe chat a little!)


Well, I suppose after a couple months of on and off work on this, it’s finally time to show you all! I am SO proud of this piece. I drew it in my sketchbook, learned to do digital line art that looked good, and gained painting and shading experience. I also got to paint these two dorks, which is always an upside.

This is up on Redbubble– the stickers are what I originally had in mind for this, but there’s a bunch of other stuff as well.

Line art done in MedibangPaintPro, painting done in Photoshop.