i am so gonna regret this later omg

My Knight in Swimming Trunks

My Knight in Swimming Trunks


summary: Steve Rogers x reader AU. You are enjoying a nice day on the beach, but when jellyfish try to ruin your day, a cute stranger steps in to rescue you ;)

word count: 858

warnings: fluff, fear of jellyfish? (tbh I’m terrified of them haha)

a/n: This is for @always-an-evans-addict writing challenge! The response to my first fic was so overwhelming, thank you! I actually thought no one was gonna read it. Also this is based on real events! Except it was my brother who saved me… but don’t we all wish Steve would rescue us from mean jellyfish?
You: Nat can you see the blue sky OMG
You: And the sunshine OMG
Nat: I am hungover. YOU CAN’T GET ME TO GO OUTSIDE.
You: You gonna make your best friend go to the beach by herself???
Nat: Yes.
You: You will regret this.
An hour later you are at the beach, sitting on your towel, enjoying the sunshine on your face.
It is a truly beautiful day. The sky is this stunning shade of blue, which you were pretty sure was what people ment when referring to ‘sky-blue’. The few clouds decorating the sky, look like straight out of a children’s book.
It is hot. You can almost physically feel the heat on your skin. Which is why you decide to go for a swim. You are craving the coolness of the water, the calmness of floating on the sea or gliding through the waves as if you were a part of them.

On your way to the water you do a few cartwheels and leaps, feeling like the little child  that you are on the inside. There aren’t many people on the beach anyway and you don’t particularly care who sees you.

Before stepping into the sea you just stand there letting the waves crash on your feet.
You wade through the ocean until you are waist deep in the cool liquid, then you start to swim.

You take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive under water. You dive until you can barely stand.

Relishing in the feeling of cold water against your skin, you let yourself float for a while.
Maybe coming alone was not so bad after all… You finally got some much needed ‘you-time’.

Thinking it might be time to get out of the water, you retreat from your floating position. That’s when your foot hits something… squishy and… gelatinous.

No. No. It can’t be. Please, no.
When you lower your gaze onto the water surrounding you, your apprehensions are confirmed.

There are jellyfish everywhere.

Pale white, spineless creatures with long venomous tentacles, out to get you.
Technically they are just floating around in the water minding their own business, but still.

They want to sting you. Burn you. Hurt you.

There’s no way you are getting out of the water now. Where is Nat when you need her? She would totally fight of these evil creatures sent from hell. You don’t know how, but you are certain she would.

“HELP!”, you scream, hoping for someone, anyone to hear you. To take pity on you and somehow get you out of here alive and well. Preferably without being stung.

Your lips tremble and you can feel the tears burning at the back of your eyes.

Don’t show fear. They can smell it.
The part of you that’s still thinking rationally is yelling at you that it is actually impossible to smell under water.

But you don’t care. Now tears are streaming down your face and you have trouble staying still.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of here.”, a deep voice whispers into your ear.

Awesome, now you are starting to halucinate.

Strong arms wrap around your body and pull you up. “I got you.”, the stranger mumbles, straight into your ear.

You rest your head on his very firm chest, as he carries you out of the water.
Bridal style. If you weren’t already in full panic mode, you’d be freaking out for a whole different reason.
Once you’ve safely arrived on the beach, the stranger, your savior sets you down onto the sand.

That’s when you finally get a good look at him. And boy is he handsome.

Eyes blue, like the ocean he just carried you out of. You gaze trails down his body. Those abs, my god, never before in your life have you come this up close and personal with a pair of abs so defined. He has a freaking eight-pack. Is that even possible?

Maybe you are actually still in the water, passed out and hallucinating. That’s much more plausible than this beautiful man standing in front of you. Who is now coughing.

Oh no. You’re staring. You can feel you cheeks heating up, blushing deeply. You reach up, grabbing strand of hair and twirling it around your finger.

“I-” And that is when you see it. The long, light red streaks on his legs. “I am so sorry.”, you say, already on the verge of tears. Again.

He smiles. “It’s fine. Doesn’t hurt much at all.” And then he winks. You didn’t think you could blush more, but you do. “Anything for a beautiful lady like you.” You might actually faint. Is this guy real?

“Are you real?”, you blurt out, before you can stop yourself.

He laughs. Loudly. Even his laugh is attractive.
“Very real.” He extends his hand. “I am Steve, by the way.”

“My knight in… swimming trunks.”, you say, taking his hand.

Who would have guessed? Even his hand feels nice. So nice, you don’t actually want to let it go.

“Oh, I um I am Y/N.”

Nat was going to be so pissed.

a/n: this is so over dramatized haha. In reality it was more like “I’m kinda scared, can you carry me?” “Okay”. Also, not cheesy at all? Please leave some feedback!

hey-the-phandom-called  asked:

First, I loveee this blog. Second if your reading this omg hi ily. If you had time maybe could you do the 2p's reaction to readers 'innocent' type flirting? Please & Thank You ^-^

(( *winks* thanks babe~ i love you too! u w u ))

you: *innocently and cluelessly tries to flirt with a 2P*

2p!america: pFFFT– *tries not to laugh, covers mouth with hands* …you really have no idea what you’re doing, don’tcha dollface? *composes self and leans into your face, smirks* but i like seeing you try~

2p!china: *double take* wait, did you just try to flirt with me? *grins, blushes* hOLY SHIT, YOU’RE ADORABLE, COME HERE– *squeezes you in adoration, doesn’t let go*

2p!england: *laughs, not in a mean way* no sugar, i can assure you that you are cuter!~ *goes along with your silly flirting*

2p!france: *rolls eyes, lights up cigarette* …what are you getting at?

2p!russia: um… *sighs, lightly pats your head* thank you for the interest, but there’s no need… *he doesn’t do relationships or flirting*

2p!italy: *snickers* that’s cute~ *leans over counter, cups face, continues to watch you with interest* keep going, bella.

2p!germany: hold up, are you hitting on me? *once he realizes you are* well shit, why didn’t you just say so?~ *smoothly starts flirting back with you*

2p!japan: *looks away, frowns, blushes* that’s not kawaii at all… *he totally thinks it’s ‘kawaii’*

2p!canada: uh… i have a feeling you’re gonna regret this later…

2p!romano: *giggles* no honey, that’s not how it’s done. you’re supposed to be seductive, meow~ *cat claw motion* here, let me teach you how to flirt~ *drags you away to help you practice*

2p!austria: *his ego is already the size of europe, you don’t need to make it worse omg* ohohohoh, i know that i am the most amazing work of art to ever cross your eyes, but if you’d like a chance with me then you best get in line, sweetheart~ *secretly he thinks you’re the cutest and he’s totally keeping you*

2p!prussia: u-um… *glances around nervously* d-did someone dare you to come do this…