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best evak fics you've read?

anything by cosetties / @adamparishe. personal faves are these two, but they’re all gems.

not the infinity, but the camera by eiqhties / @evennaeshiem is my favorite take on even pov, probably bc it does the best job i’ve seen yet of integrating his perspective not just as an aspiring filmmaker, but as someone who genuinely loves (and loves to deeply connect with) film. you really get a sense of what these films mean to him, and how those meanings have shifted and sharpened as he’s grown, and why, and idk i love it. “this is even, standing in front of isak, asking him not to love him, but to try.” like?? end me tbh.

keeping your head up by sonhoedesrazao (tumblr isn’t letting me tag them but i believe they have the same url here) is a very sweet take on the week or two immediately post-s3 that was kind of all that got me through the immediate aftermath of s3 ending. the chapters are short, but each of the scenes feels very real, both to the show and in same way the show does.

whose world is this by withoutwords / @thefancyspin is an isak pov that stole my heart the first time i read it and has kept it ever since. it was written mid-season (during the hiatus, i believe? that’s when i read it at least) so while it’s not not canon compliant for the second half of s3, it’s also not canon-specific to the second half of s3 either. but it’s a beautiful character study of isak that knows just the right ways to pull him apart and get deep into the heart of him, and i adore it.

if you read wips, it comes in waves by @moonlitbird (same name at ao3) is the little mermaid au i have been crying to the heavens for since isak and even had their first kiss underwater, only better. still waiting to see how it will end since we’re only a little over halfway through by the chapter count, but what’s posted so far is definitely worth reading.

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