i am so gone rn


when you know she’s the one

Breaking News: I actually didn’t disappear of the face of the fucking planet!

Slightly less important news, 2017 has been kicking my ass so far and not just in bad ways! How is getting your ass kicked not a bad thing I hear no-one asking? Allow me to explain anyway!

(I high-key feel like I owe a lot of people here an explanation for my non-presence here for the past….6 going on 7 months? Idek at this point fuck why are you even following me at this point people???)

In the time I’ve been gone I passed my BA degree in Illustration, have secured a place to live for the next year with wonderful housemates and am working on applying for my MA in game design which requires me to build a portfolio and learn a lot of new shit! I’m also trying to make my way as a paid professional Illustrator *sobs quietly*. And that’s just the fun stuff!

I was also diagnosed with ADHD and depression in March, which was an adventure and took up a lot of time and energy I’m not even medicated yet (that’s happening in late August) and that took some processing and shit you know. It’s been a long fucking year for me emotionally and mentally and it’s only just over half way done.

I think at this point it would be silly to say I’ll be back and posting regularly, but I will try to post more frequently and even make some art if I can!

Thank you to everyone who hasn’t given up on me as a human being by now I love you all  ❤


Ken Kaneki



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