i am so goddamn curious now

callout post for myself

i was at albertsons at 4:30 am to buy hydrocortisone cream bc i couldn’t sleep due to a weird rash on my chest and i happened to see a very cute stuffed animal

now, seeing as i am over the age of 10 years old i should have just smiled and moved on, but this stuffed animal was a leopard and VERY cute, so i grabbed it off the high shelf so i could take a closer look at it. to be honest i had absolutely no intention of buying it! i was just curious and it caught my eye…. plus it was 4:30 am and i haven’t been sleeping well so i’m just running on empty and trying to have a fun time, ok

ANYWAYS, upon closer inspection, the stuffed leopard was missing an eye. now, logically, i should have been like “aww bummer, i wasn’t gonna buy this anyways because i’m 24 goddamn years old, but the missing eye just makes me even LESS interested”

instead, for whatever reason, i realized that the missing eye meant that nobody would ever love this fucking stuffed leopard at the god damn albertsons i saw at 4:30 am while looking for hydrocortisone cream and it would probably be thrown in the trash once the employees realized it was defective

in conclusion: i now own a one eyed leopard plushie that i got for $10.99 at albertsons, and i love her