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I find it really funny that I got 50+ requests a day during a period when my writing wasn’t that great. Now that I’m actually learning and developing my skills, the fandom is quiet and fic writers seem to be getting less and less attention. 

My only regret is that the content I produced back then wasn’t up to my current standard, even though it was the mark of a beginning. I wish the people who requested back then were able to see me grow and develop like this, but I know most of them are gone or have moved on to different fandoms. If I only knew then how much I’d grow. I wouldn’t have let any of the haters beat me down. 

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I can imagine Gabriel crying and clinging to Jack and apologizing for every mean thing he said to him as the reaper and Jack just runs his hands through Gabriel's hair and tries to calm him down

“You didn’t know, Gabby, you can’t feel bad–” 

“But I do, the things I said– the things I did– I am so sorry, Jack.”

“I wasn’t any better and you know it, come on.” Jack reaches up to wipe the tears from Gabriel’s face. His side aches where his stitches are. “I’m not mad. I… don’t know how I feel, but… I’m not angry.”

“We could have killed each other,” Gabriel whispers. 

“But we didn’t. I don’t know what we’re gonna do now, but… I’m glad it’s not too late.” He cups the back of Gabriel’s head and Gabriel lets him pull him down for a soft kiss that tastes like blood. “Whatever we do, we’re gonna do together.”

Gabriel nods, hands so ginger on Jack, terrified of hurting him again. “I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t, not anytime soon. Old soldiers are hard to kill.”

Gabriel makes an almost chokes laugh. “You aren’t that old yet.”

Jack starts to laugh at that, but hisses in pain. Gabriel’s brow knits. “Are you okay?”

“I’ll live,” Jack jokes. He touches just above the stitches. “This is gonna scar.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, stop that,” he scolds. Then he smiles. “Besides, scars look good.”

“Isn’t the line ‘chicks dig scars?’”

“Well, sure, but I don’t think I’d classify you as a chick. Even if you’ve got some fantastic thighs.”

Gabriel groans. “This is the worst time for flirting, oh my God.”

Jack only grins at him.

I’ve seen people being like ‘pfft Emma how can you try and talk yourself into moving on so quickly’ but honestly what else is she supposed to do? Emma Swan has lived her whole life accepting the fact that people just don’t come back, that they go one minute and she’s left alone the next. 

She’s trying to cope the only way she knows how.

And Killian Jones knows this. His brain was clouded for one brief moment that a mini sojourn could remind him how to be the person Emma knows and loves so he could come back to her, and be that person with her. Back to her.  Always back to her. But I am so glad at the last minute he realised that leaving her and running will never teach him that.

But knowing that she probably thinks that’s what he’s done because that’s what people always do…

I’m going to spend the next week imagining reunion hugs like you wouldn’t believe.


Sarcasm in Korean

HEY COOL CATS it is summer and i am back to post so imma give you a couple of my fave sarcastic expressions

as a general rule for being sarcastic in korean, the -네 ending is used often and it’s important to place emphasis on words like “잘~” “참~”

빵 터지네 that’s funny 

딱이네 awesome

여기 오길 참 잘했네 I’m so glad I came here 

돌겠네 perfect 

기똥찬 생각이네 great idea

무진장 고맙다 thanks 

거참 재미있겠네 that sounds great 

퍽이나 yeah right

참 잘 됐다 good job

*SPOILER ALERT*                      So you are telling me that Yukino, Kagura, Lector and frosh get to know that Natsu is Zeref’s brother way before Lucy,Erza,Wendy and Gray do?

Actually that does build up the hype and everything so I am sorta glad that things are turning out this way(because when the revelation for Lucy and rest of Team Natsu does occur…*HYPE AF*) but I just find this ridiculously funny.XD

Also Natsu was officially declared as Larcade’s uncle.THERE IS NO GOING BACK NOW.




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(Assuming you're still taking requests. If you're backed up and don't want to do this, it's fine. <3) Could you draw some Dipper and Ford fluff? Also, what you're doing for everyone is so kind. You and your art are absolutely wonderful!

Thank you so much, I’m really glad you appreciate it/find it helpful!! 

Dip’s showing him some spots where he’s seen weird stuff so they can go check it out together!

10 drama scenes I want to live in my life

I could have also called this post “10 reasons why I am still single and won’t find a boyfriend any time soon” and it would still make sense.

After the Notebook came out, thousands of women (if not more) wanted to have their own version of the kiss-in-the-rain moment between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Well, for me it is the same, except it is not just one scene and it is because of Korean Dramas. Here are 10 drama scenes (and their dramas) that I wouldn’t mind live in my life.

The “I’m so glad you are back after a year of pain” scene from Descendants of the Sun…but to be honest I could live any romantic or bromantic scenes from the drama and I would be happy.

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The “sit you up” scene from Oh My Ghost!

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The “we accidentally fell asleep together” from Pinocchio….or any drama actually. I am sucker for this scene.

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The “back hug” scene in general. I love this scene a lot.

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The “I am passed out in a bus and you are looking out for me” scene. I mean seriously…you may look like hell but at least someone is looking out for you.

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The “I am so glad to see because I need comfort despite us fighting” scene from Cheese in the Trap. This was one of my favorite scene in the drama because Hong Seol who was at her limit finally let herself go and live a little.

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The “I only have time to kiss you before I disappear again” scene from Who From Another Star. I am not a huge fan of aliens but if they look like Kim Soo Hyun I certainly don’t mind.

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The “ I am lonely” scene from The Heirs. Because no one in his right mind would say no to a Kim Woo Bin opening up his heart to you and telling you he is lonely!

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The “Let’s drink a beer” scene from A Witch’s Romance.

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The “I have waited for you to travel 400 years in time to see me” scene from Queen In Hyun’s Man. My love for this scene knows no boundary.

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Bonus: The “I am literally in a drama” scene because let’s be honest who wouldn’t like to be the lead character of their own drama?

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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life SPOILERS!!

Okay, so I just finished the Revival (been up since around 3am). And tbh I’m having a hard time processing. I’m hoping writing about it will actually help me figure out how I feel about what just happened.                                                  Just want to start by saying, I am so glad this revival happened. The revival was so necessary and so desired by the fandom after that seventh season. Also, this revival was not a dream come true. It wasn’t our fanfics come to life. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t everything I wanted it to be. But I am so grateful for it. So grateful to Netflix for existing and making things like this revival possible. I am grateful for the Palladinos and the stars and the networks that felt GG was worth all this, was worth bringing back. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!                                                                                                                       That being said, I do not feel the satisfied sense of closure I (and I think all of us) craved. I respect ASP and her vision and her intentions with the full circle ending. I get it. It’s not necessary an awful idea. However, its just not what I wanted. Not what we wanted as a fandom, I think. That ending was strange. Despite all the love life drama throughout the years, and all the Gilmore guys who have come and gone, this show was never about those relationships. It was never about Lorelai and Luke or Rory and her multiple suitors. It was about mother & daughter. That was the idea, the pitch, the heart, the driving force. And somehow it feels like those famed last four words diminished that somehow. Those final four words felt less about Lorelai and Rory and more about Rory and her boyfriends. Which I have to admit is more than a little disappointing. It feels kinda wrong. That ending might not have felt so…idk whatever this not quite right feeling is, if it wasn’t actually the end. They did leave open the possibility for more, but I don’t really want more. I love GG and I have wanted (needed) more all these years, but deep down I think I wanted this to be the end. I didn’t really want a “reboot”, I wanted closure. I wanted a proper final season, and this didn’t feel like that.                                                                                                                                                     This revival had a lot of great Gilmore moments. Some of my favorite original Gilmore moments are fights. I don’t really know why. Maybe I love the drama, maybe I love the honesty and emotion. Maybe I think that’s where the actors really get their chance to shine, but I love the Gilmore fights in the original series. And the Gilmore fights were some of my favorite revival moments as well. The Lorelai/Emily fight after the funeral was great! “We end up here in the middle of this room [the kitchen]!” Love it! The Lorelai/Rory fight in the graveyard; loved it. It hurt, but I loved it. Even the Lorelai/Luke fights were good. I also greatly enjoyed the scene in Fall when Lorelai tells Emily her Richard story over the phone. That was perfect. And though I’m not a big Logan fan, I did always enjoy the Life and Death Brigade shenanigans, so that bit in Summer was fun for me. Everything to do with Paris was great! I love Paris! Dean’s scene was fine. I kinda always just wanted him to disappear so I was pleased that he was only there for a few moments. And I enjoyed their little joke about the shoplifting too. Sookie’s cameo was also fine. Not great, but about what I expected given Melissa McCarthy’s schedule. Jess coming in and once again reminding Rory who she is and who she really wants to be was perfect and in true Jess fashion. I really enjoyed seeing that scene between Rory and Christopher, as much as I dislike him, it was a strange but important conversation. Rory had never asked him those questions, never asked his side of the story, or held him accountable for his choices. So, I’m actually really glad they included that scene.                                                                                     Now for the little problems. Was it just me or has Lorelai grown a bit bitchier with age? Like sure she’s always had her bad days (we all do), like that time she yelled at Michel about the RV, but particularly in Winter and Spring she seemed kinda bitchy to me. Next, why did Rory have to be so into infidelity? Why? That seemed super unnecessary. They could have hit all the same points in her story arc without her cheating on Paul (why did Paul even exist btw?) with an engaged Logan? And don’t even get me started on the Wookie. She and Logan could have still been casual bedfellows without them both being in relationships. It just felt so out of character for Rory after everything she’d been through with Dean in S4 and Logan in S6. And Lorelai’s reaction to the news of this chronic infidelity made no sense, because of her reaction to the whole Dean thing in S4. I guess, I just thought I knew where the Gilmore girls stood on the topic of cheating after all that, but apparently I was wrong and cheating is just no big deal. Next, that musical was awful. I don’t know why that was there or whose idea, but that was just bad. I get that they were trying to fill space, but the musical kinda made me physically uncomfortable. Lastly, the whole Lorelai doing Wild thing was funny, but went on a little too long for me. I feel like it wasted some of Fall that could have been used for…more. I ultimately liked where the Wild thing led, but it could have reached that conclusion sooner.                                                                                                                                                                                   Big problems. Not to be a bias shipper here, but I’m Team Jess and now that its basically canon that Literati is endgame, I feel cheated out of that relationship. In ASP’s mind, Jess and Rory end up together. He’s her guy. Her “Luke”. “It was always supposed to be Luke”? Well, I think at this point we can all agree that in ASP’s mind it was always supposed to be Jess. It was. I knew. Luke knew. Jess knows. And now we all know. But for some reason it was decided that we wouldn’t get to see it. It wouldn’t actually happen. Did they think the confirmation would be enough? That our imagination would be all we needed from this point? Was it to do with Alexis & Milo’s relationship and breakup? Why? I just need to know, why not Jess? Why not now? I’m just sad, because what’s so wrong with a happy ending? Why not give the people what they want after all these years when it fits in with your original vision? Let us have Rory & Jess. Let us see it. Why wasn’t Jess at the wedding?!? Come on, no matter what was happening (or not happening) with Rory & Jess why on earth would they not have Jess in that wedding scene? Michel gets to be there and Lane gets to be there, but Jess (Luke’s closest friend and relative) doesn’t get a late-night call saying “get your fine ass to the gazebo asap!”? Why not? I actually like the Logan/Christopher parallel a lot. It was always there, I guess, but it never entirely clicked for me until I heard Alexis say it in an interview a few days ago. It’s so true though. Rory and Logan have such a difficult time “quitting each other” just like her parents. Its like in the back of their minds, they are waiting for one another the same way Lorelai said she was waiting all those years for Chris to get it together. In a lot of ways its insulting to Logan, and the revival was a bit unfair to him. By comparing (and essentially assuming) 30-something Logan would make all the same (bad?) choices as 16-year-old Christopher is almost cruel of Rory (and ASP). Like sure, I see the similarities. And yes, Logan and Rory were not ultimately right for each other and probably shouldn’t try to raise a kid together. I don’t really like the idea of Rory not even telling Logan about the pregnancy. At least, Christopher knew. At least, he and Rory had some kind of relationship. To deny Logan even that doesn’t seem right.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ultimately, the cast was awesome, the dialogue was everything it needed to be, the chemistry was still there, the Stars Hollow magic remained, and it was still way better than season 7. I felt closure with Lorelai, Emily’s arc was actually kind of flawless, I have no complains about Rory’s career arc. But Rory’s love life is more of a mess now than ever, some parts (the musical, the Wild) were unnecessary or unpleasant, and that ending should have been more Gilmore Girls less Maury. If this is all we ever get I wish it had been better. If there’s more to come, I’ll be thrilled to watch and once again hopeful that Rory & Jess finally get their timing right.

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I am so glad you seem to end up in all the same fandoms i'm in cause i love you're art and it's so nice to see it in every fandom i hold dear

Anon: your art is amazing and i want to hug you because its so amazing and its an endless loop and im dying but your art has brought me back and your art is so amazing-

Anon: ive been dealing with some pretty bad crap lately, and every time i look at this profile i smile <3 thank you, sunny

Anon: Hi Ikimaru! I just want to say that I’ve been liking your art for a while now, and your drawings always makes my day! Keep up the good work!~ :)  

thank you! <3 and I’m glad it makes you happy! ;v;


I am now coming back to the comic of @unrestedjade “Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach”.

I was working on this comic but was distracted by one of my original comics, so I am glad to say that I am coming back around to this one!

Hope you are all ready!

If you have not yet seen the pages i have already done, then here is a link to the first page!


Here is an audio reading by the great @caitielou-askew! Check her out.

I am drawing the scene that starts at 19:28, for any of you that are unaware.

Hope to get the new pages up soon!


Tony. I’m glad you’re back at the compound. I don’t like the idea of you rattling around in a mansion by yourself. We all need family. The Avengers are yours, maybe more so than mine. I’ve been on my own since I was 18. I never really fit in anywhere. Even in the army. My fate’s in… people, I guess. Individuals. And, I am happy to say for the most part, they haven’t let me down. Which is why I can’t let them down either. Lives can be replaced, but, maybe they shouldn’t. I know I hurt you, Tony. I guessed I thought by not telling you about your parents, I was sparing you. But… I can see now that I was really sparing myself. And I’m sorry. Hopefully one day you can understand. I wished we’d agree on the Accords, I really do. I know you’re doing what you believe in. And that’s all any of us can do. That’s all any of us should. So, no matter what. I promise you, if you need us, if you need me, I’ll be there.

Halfway Home

Everyone, I am very glad to say I’m halfway through my new script. And it is analytical, educational, focused, and shows examples of points being made. It is entirely on spooky and how to achieve spooky and why spooky works.

And the other half is all about the kind of ‘hidden meanings & symbols’ fun I bring to things like Wham City Comedy work.

You’re gonna get a single video that’s half breakdown of fear and its mechanics, and half artistic interpretation and symbol puzzle-cracking. All on the same topic.

I am so, so happy to be back in business. This is the best possible topic and approach to come back with and really sets the tone for some things I want to achieve this year.


Yuuri turns his gaze from the blinking clock (12:00 AM, it says) to Viktor, who offers him a soft, affectionate smile the moment their eyes meet. “Yes?” he asks in return, unable to help himself from smiling back when Viktor reaches out to cup his cheek. “You should be asleep,” he adds next, tone mock-reproving.

“So should you,” Viktor teases, smile unwavering as he traces circles on his cheek with his thumb. “But I’m glad you aren’t.”

“Glad you’re not alone?” Yuuri asks.

“Glad that you’re here,” Viktor corrects him, smile widening when his cheeks flush red at the smooth response. Before he can even think up a reply, which he clearly can’t going by his trembling lips and quiet mouth, Viktor goes on to say, “Thank you, Yuuri.”

“I should be the one thanking you,” Yuuri finally manages to say, embarrassed that Viktor could be so sweet at so early in the morning.

“I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say,” Viktor insists. “I’m glad that you’re…what do they say, in those shows we watch?”

Yuuri blinks, confused. “What shows?”

“Those animated ones…ah.” Viktor’s smile, having faded for a bit as he pursed his lips in thought, came back into brightness like the sun after a rain shower. Yuuri found himself wondering, if only for a moment, just how it is he’s managed to not be blinded by the sheer luminosity of him. That he had this kind of light to himself at all, even in the darkness of midnight…

“I’m glad that I met you,” Viktor says, and Yuuri feels his lungs pause in their breathing. “I’m thankful that you were born, and that our paths met like this. I’m glad that I made the decision to come for you.”

“Viktor,” Yuuri begins, voice shaky. He reaches up to clutch at the hand cupping his cheek, squeezing it hard, but finding himself unable to utter more words to stop Viktor from his- his-

this confession, that Yuuri had never expected he would hear. He had thought that these smiles, these touches, and sweet kisses were enough. He had thought that it- whatever they had, whatever it was- did not need to be said. And yet, Viktor goes on, smile unwavering as he wipes away the tears brimming in brown eyes. “Thank you for loving me,” he says, “and for staying with me. For knowing who I am, for wanting me as I am, and…”

Yuuri chokes back a weak sob, smile shaky but true as Viktor leans in close to press a kiss to his forehead. “For being mine,” he says finally, pulling back to look into Yuuri’s eyes, and smiling when he finds a smile waiting to meet his own.

“Happy birthday, Yuuri,” Viktor says, blue eyes warm as they take him in. “Thank you for being born, and for finding me.”

“Thank y-you,” Yuuri manages to breathe out, chest heaving as he lets Viktor wipe away the tears trickling down his face. He’s a mess, he knows, when Viktor pulls him into his arms, but Viktor hugs him tightly anyway, his lips hot like a brand on the top of his head as Yuuri wraps his own arms around him.

“’ank you,” he says again, the words coming out even more unclear through his crying, but Viktor hums his understanding anyway. With hands and arms warm on his back, around his body, around his heart, Viktor holds him close, and Yuuri knows-

He is loved.

There is no other prize, no other reward, that could be better than this.

Edd- Thomas. Stop.

Edd- The last thing I want you to do right  now is to be alone.

Edd- Sit back down.

Edd- I hate it when you cry,

Edd- Haven’t seen it in a while,

Edd- I’m so sorry that you feel that way,

Edd- I-I just got so excited that Tord was finally back, I didn’t know that I pushed you off to the side..

Edd- B-but I’m glad that you said something, I really am.

Edd- But please understand that I don’t like you like that,

Edd- And you cant make me like you like that.

Edd- I’m happy to stay friends with you, but that’s all I want, okay?


Tom- y-yeah…

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Joshua isn't a new angel- he tended to the Garden! I loved him and am pleasantly surprised he's back

oh, you guys misunderstood!

i meant the angel that was talking to cas was the new angel i liked!

why do you think i yelled “JOSHUA” i’ve done comics about him I LOVED HIM

i loved joshua so much i’m so glad my garden hermit is ok