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CS FF: Never Say Neverland

Summary: Emma learns Killian is in Neverland and travels there to find a way to bring him home.

Rating: G

Note: So I was super confused by the promo for next episode.  I really just need CS to be reunited already.  I would love for it to happen like this.  Also, I have no clue how all of the portals work between realms so please forgive anything that doesn’t make sense.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Never Say Neverland: Part 1/1….

Never again.  Killian had sworn that he would never again set foot on this infernal island.  But he was starting to learn to never say never.

It had taken nearly an hour, but Killian had finally managed to evade the Lost Boys.  He had encountered Tiger Lily along the way and she had distracted the boys long enough for Killian to get away.  He had taken shelter in the Echo Cave.  

Killian smiled, as he stood in the exact spot where he had first revealed his true feelings for Emma.  That meeting her made him believe he could love again.  Their first kiss had opened up his heart in ways he didn’t think were possible anymore.  

And now look how far they had come. They were going to get married until everything came crashing down.  He needed to get back to Emma. He needed to make things right between them and help save her from Gideon.  

Killian sat down on a rock, his legs aching from all of the running.  He pulled the shell Ariel had given him out of his pocket.  He wasn’t sure Emma had heard him the first time, nevermind all of the times since that he had reached out to her.  He needed her to know he hadn’t abandoned her and that he was fighting like hell to get home to her.  

He held the shell up to his mouth.  “Emma, I hope you can hear me.  I am trying to get home to you, love.  I procured a magic bean and created a portal, but it brought me to Neverland instead of home to you.  I think my banishment is blocking my portal home.  But I won’t give up, Emma.  I won’t stop until we are back together.  I hope you are safe, Swan.  I love you.”

Killian bowed his head, as he felt tears fill his eyes.  What if he never got home to her?  Or what if it turned out to be too late by the time he did?

Emma cradled the necklace with Liam’s ring on it that Killian had given her.  Less than an hour ago, she had learned that the Black Fairy was in Storybrooke.  She made it clear that she was controlling Gideon.  Emma felt sorry for him now.  She knew what it felt like not being in full control of your actions.  

The Black Fairy had ordered Gideon to take away the shell necklace, so Emma couldn’t even hear Killian’s voice anymore.  Hearing his voice had brought her comfort.  She was relieved when she would hear it because that meant he was okay.  It made her feel connected to him.  But the Black Fairy denied her even that small comfort.  

Emma didn’t know how she was going to be able to defeat the Black Fairy, but she knew one thing.  She was always stronger with Killian by her side.  She needed to bring him back.  If only she knew where he was.  He couldn’t come through a portal to Storybrooke, but she knew she could go through one to him in whatever realm he was currently in.  Then, maybe, together they could figure out a way to break the spell and allow him to travel back to Storybrooke.

Her eyes widened as a sudden thought hit her.   Gold could help her find where he is.  Emma stood up and quickly made her way to the front door.  She arrived at Gold’s shop a few minutes later.

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