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Life has been pretty terrible as of late again. I am living off 100 euros a month and only by careful planning can I make it work but I don’t have money for anything unless I have a coupon or something else that gives me a huge discount. I won’t get paid until August at the earliest so that’s really tough. I’d feel terrible asking for money though.

This blog means the world to me and being able to share it with this many people is fantastic!!!

I’m actually going to try and tag some people and write something nice about them. It is stressing me out as I want to thank a lot of people but I can’t thank over 600 people so aaaah here it goes:

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Infamous Iron Man #11 is the best Bendis comic I have ever read. The dialog married with Maleev's also best to date art, characters doing new things that make sense in context, and a surprise end I had no idea was even possible. You rock, sir...

thank you all for another wonderful Wednesday. I was so interested to see the reaction to the reveal.  reveals ARE SO HARD in comics nowadays because spoilers are an industry. I am so glad it seems to have gone well.

I kept the reveal a secret. even from my fellow writers. 

I agree with you about alex but I have seen his work in the next issues of scarlet, so the best is yet to come.  and infamous 12 :)

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My husband and I visited your stand at thought bubble last year (he was dressed as O'Malley), and after having had Widdershins on my to read list since at least then, I've finally just binged it, and oh my goooooooosh. Your writing is so amazing, and I kept finding myself putting 2+2 together about two pages before the reveal, which to mean is such a satisfying feeling, and all of the characters are wonderful and unique and fantastic. I am so excited for every update now. Please never stop!!

Aw, what a great message to get, thank you so much! I’m so glad you both enjoy it :3 I’m especially glad the various reveals are playing out pleasingly, finally giving out information I’ve been holding onto for like.. years now is really thrilling, haha! Looking forward to doing it some more, no stopping me now :)

Thank you again, and tell your husband from me that he is AWESOME, that cosplay was so flippin’ perfect it blew me away, for serious! That was my day/year/life made right there.

June 2nd, Festa della Repubblica

June 2nd in Italy is a national holiday celebrating the day in 1946, where a vote on the form of government was held by universal suffrage (meaning Italian citizens were called into the polls to vote). With 12,717,923 votes for a republic and 10,719,284 for the monarchy.

While it’s true that the majority of votes from the south voted for kingdom, those votes were from the nobles in the south, and the manipulated votes of the poor (peasants barely knew how to read, and the nobles who were educated enough just wanted more poor - this info is courtesy of my Italian friend, so it’s as far as I know, at least)

Now, why isn’t his birthday kept as March 17th? Glad you didn’t ask, I’m still gonna say something before I am asked.

March 17th is not a national holiday, only celebrated once as a 150th anniversary in 2011 for the Unification. The Unification is not something I’d personally see the representation of the south celebrate, especially considering the Unification treated the south VERY poorly, unfairly, and left them in a worse state of economy than they were before (towns burnt down, civilians killed, and once all was left and done, the north-controlled government didn’t give two shits about the south and left it to rot)

I could personally go on and on about the post-Unification state of southern Italy and how the government, biased by northerners, contributed to it HEAVILY, but I’d get off topic.

Anyways, today is Lorenzo’s birthday, so I’ll be answering birthday wishes and what not! Feel free to send them in!

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YO! i just finished 'The Softer Side of Draco Malfoy' and can I just say that you are a brilliant writer. I mean the flow of the story and the conflict oh my god! I hope you have a great day whenever you read this because your story has kept me entertained and happy in te most dull times :)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YO!
Thank you. 💖🌶😆🌻 I am so glad you enjoyed it and thank you for messaging me about it. Makes me so happy! 😁❤️

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💙 I don't need a compliment I just wanted to compliment You ♡ your a wonderful human person and I'm glad I've had the special experience of meeting you... You won't be able to guess who I am so don't even try ♡

Originally posted by aminotfemme

Hiii! Apologies I took so long to answer this, I kept it in my inbox because it made me really happy to read, but I think you deserve an answer now! Thank you so so much, you honestly have brought a huge smile to my face, I know you said don’t guess, but I have a hunch on who you are. Regardless of that, thank you again, I hope you have a good day/night, love. 💙 💙 

whistlingwindtree replied to your post: .

The last set of reviews I read , the reviewers seemed to be genuinely embarrassed ok the actors behalf :/

Yeah I haven’t watched or plan to but I heard about all the reviews. I do feel a bit bad about the actors because it seems production was rushed because they kept changing it from a movie to a tvshow and pushing the date. But I am glad tbh, I mean they introduced inhumans in AoS so they could have had Daisy go out find more about her heritage or join Fury (I know they work together in the comics) and form the secret warriors officially with some of the other already existing inhumans. That way they could have some of the existing audience from AoS and build more with a new storyline. But marvel has always been sidelining Chloe and never giving her any recognition or even given her character some connection (a namedrop in the Defenders when the earthquakes were happening would have been enough at this point) to the broader universe even though AoS is constantly affected by the MCU. Instead they went with this even tho apparently it’s never even been one of their more successful comics and from what I hear it’s almost as if they didnt even try to make it a successful tvshow.

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Hi, I'd just like to thank you for all your amazing writing, especially Rebuilding. It's been a rough couple of months, but today the weather was nice and I got to sit outside and read Rebuilding. Everything you write is brilliant, but Rebuilding never fails to make me smile, and I so very much appreciate your dedication to it. It's honestly so perfect and I've gone back to it multiple times because it's oh so very wonderful. I laughed a lot today because of you, thank you so much! 💙

I am so, so glad you like it. Your message means the world to me. I’ve kept this in my inbox to enjoy rereading it and on days like today, when everything seems futile and hopeless, notes like yours are a true gift. Thank you.

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Omg I just read the latest update of E and omggggggggggggg I have so msny emotions and I just I was literally like oh my fuck it's Charlie isn't it ?!?!!! And I just lost it the more I kept reading like holy fuckballs I'm so invested and ready for what's to come...I also am slightly wondering if Riley might be expecting if you know what I mean like the way she was feeling? I might just be extra but the second I read that she was vomiting my baby radar went off lmao anyway I really love this fic

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that you knew it was Charlie before I said ‘oh yeah, it’s Charlie’.  That just makes me smile so so much!!

I’m also super glad that you’re ready for what’s to come.  All I’m going to ask is that if you are sensitive to any subject matter to please, please read the author’s notes about trigger warnings in upcoming chapters.  I hate spoiling things before they happen, but mental/emotional safety is way more vital than building up suspense in a chapter. 

Things are not quite as they may seem.  Keep that in mind.

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Just read the entire heart issue fic and damn it's so good!!!! (All caps ent was mine lol) you kept me up until 1.17 AM sobad you but good you too. Anyways I have a mosquito to kill now

Oh, gee! I don’t know what to say! I am so glad (and relieved) that you liked it because I really admire your writing! I kind of look like this rn

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

I also hope you killed that mosquito!

HARPER (A beat, then): In your experience of the world. How do people change?
MORMON MOTHER: Well it has something to do with God so it’s not very nice.
God splits the skin with a jagged thumbnail from throat to belly and then plunges a huge filthy hand in, he grabs hold of your bloody tubes and they slip to evade his grasp but he squeezes hard, he insists, he pulls and pulls till all your innards are yanked out and the pain! We can’t even talk about that. And then he stuffs them back, dirty, tangled and torn. It’s up to you to do the stitching.
HARPER: And then get up. And walk around.
MORMON MOTHER: Just mangled guts pretending.
HARPER: That’s how people change.
—  Tony Kushner, Angels in America

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I concur tbh. Kuja is one of my faves & when I found your blog yesterday I kind of squealed and started scrolling and kept scrolling and kept scrolling and everything you wrote was an honest pleasure to read - your kuja is awesome!

      *hhh intensifies..* I am glad you’ve enjoyed my blog so much! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Fic Rec List (Part Two)

Alrighty, here’s that rec list I’ve been asked about! It’s all Shizaya/Izuo, and it isa work in progress (it will likely never be finished), so I’m going to be releasing it in blocks.

This is Part Two, and each part will have ten to twenty fics in it. I’m going try and put one of these out each week, and when I’m done, I’ll put them all in one huge list.

So, without further ado, here it is. Pls feel free to send me asks with more rec’s, because it’s very possible that I will forget someone.

Oh, and this is just a list of authors/fics that are my favourites. So um, take that into account? BUT they aren’t in any order. They are put onto the list/s as I remember them, so it’s pretty random. c:

A Rather Monstrous World by TsukimotoMana

Status: On going/On hold

Warning: There are quite a few triggering things in here. Make sure you read the tags.

Summary: In an alternate universe, a nation resembling feudal Japan, cut off from the rest of the world, gets attacked by modern type troops. Izaya is a citizen who gets captured in their overwhelming first attack, while Shizuo is a front-line soldier. Yaoi.

Thoughts: I was really skeptical when I first started reading this last year, because the things in the tags were things that I usually avoided. The first few chapters were hard to read, but I am so glad I kept reading. I mean, that stuff… it’s not fetishised, and it’s not over the top. It’s open, it’s horrifying, but it’s also well written and actually adds to the story. War is Hell, and this fic is something that really, really captures that.

Legend of Izaya! by saelbu

Status: Complete

Summary: Shinra is up to mischief as he tries to get Shizuo and Izaya to get along however his approach will also provide him with loads of entertainment. Contains Shizaya! Legend of Zelda Themes!

Thoughts: THIS IS CUTE? AND I REALLY LOVE IT? I actually need to reread shortly because I found this to be just… really fun? Ahhh it’s so cute.

Disgustingly Sweet by nakadoo [@nakadoo]

Status: Complete

Summary: A series of fluffy one shots dedicated to Shizaya fluff month this November.

Thoughts: More @nakadoo for ur soul. I’m not even commenting, like, I think you all know how I feel about nakadoo’s writing by now.

My Love by LegendofMajora [@majorarabu]

Status: On going

Summary: A series of random moments, ones that mean more than Shizuo or Izaya are willing to divest in the full meaning of and stick to teasing each other.

Thoughts: HNNNN. @majorarabu is just ??????????? the best?????????? These are all just ?????????? Go read it, you won’t be sorry (but you might make weird happy faces).

Your Last Breath by VLCari

Status: Complete (the full fic can be found on ff.net, but 99 chapters are currently on ao3)

Summary: Shizuo falls ill after years of smoking, and is slowly wasting away. As Izaya observes from afar, he can’t help but worry for his enemy. But is it from a desire to not lose his play toy? Or because of a fondness for the blonde he never knew he had?

Thoughts: I really liked reading this. It was entertaining, but it also kept me totally focused on it, and I ended up marathoning it. It also made me want to slap Izaya silly.

Fast Times at Raijin High by lemoninagin [@lemoninasin]

Status: On going (recently updated)

Summary: A collection of one-shots detailing the infamous Raijin quartet’s high school years - in all their quirky, awkward (and occasionally sexy) shenanigan-filled glory

Thoughts: It’s Raijin. It’s perfect. Oh my god, it’s perfect. There is cuteness and sexiness in here and I don’t know how Lemon did it, but she did, and it’s amazing.

Growing Pains by lemoninagin [@lemoninasin]

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: Izaya knows a lot for a kid - much, much more than this bratty schoolmate of his that dares challenge him on the playground.

Thoughts: Izaya! And! Shizuo! As kids! I’m! lsdkjh

I Can Love Gently Too by mothprince

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: He supposed that even if he was terrifying, he could still be gentle. Because he loved others more than anything, loved Izaya more than anything, and there was no way that he was going to let anyone take that from him.

Thoughts: This is so beautiful ; ;  I actually just reread it, because it’s so sweet and makes your heart happy.

White Hot by flyingisland [@mothandbone]

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: Izaya is a predator, stalking innocent prey. Except he isn’t really, and Shizuo always ruins everything anyway.

Thoughts: -loud screaming-

Shizuo’s Bowtie by CircusRunaway

Status: Complete

Summary:  Hi, I’m Shizuo’s sunglasses. Shizuo’s shoes need hearing aids, and his bow tie thinks it’s gangsta. But who’s this scrawny human with the bitchy jacket? And would somebody please give his switchblade some Xanax? Shizuo/Izaya.

Thoughts: For the love of god, please read this immediately.

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💌💉👟👍💕 hi!! i love your writing and you're honestly so talented i am Intimidated! uhhh yeah YOU'RE GREAT BYE

aaaahhh!!!! thank you so much!!!!

please dont be too intimidated omg, either by me or my writing. i forget that rice out of the rice cooker is hot very often, so every other day i just. grab rice with my bare hand. i wish i was lying.

my writing is also a continuing work in progress jshfksdf. im really glad you like it!!! but the only reason im where i am now is cuz i kept writing cruddy stuff until it stopped being cruddy. when im feeling masochistic and nostalgic, i read thru my ao3 account chronologically. it’s HELL but it’s cool to see where i learn stuff and where ive grown, idk.

thank you, you’re so so sweet ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯

Jem and Brother Zachariah

(spoilers for Lost Souls and Clockwork Princess)

I write to you for my third time to discover something that I began to wonder not so long ago. I know that everybody says this to you, but honestly, your books changed my life. I realise that you probably know nothing about the City of Ashes movie news, so I won’t even ask. I write to you today, to ask about James Carstairs. Obsessed is truly what I am with him. He is probably my favourite character of all the books I’ve read (and that’s a lot.) So the question I have for you is: why didn’t you kill him? Of course I’m glad you didn’t but it got me thinking. Jem could’ve easily died in Clockwork Princess and Brother Zachariah could be just a normal Silent Brother that just so happened to be a little more human. I really hope you answer my question, because that is something I really want to know. The way the events were written, nobody knew that the Silent Brother was actually him and it could remain unknown even if he survived. I just need to know, why didn’t you kill him. Why didn’t he die? I thank you in advance for your reply (I seriously hope I receive one). In my heart I am silently hoping that your reply would be something in the lines of “I couldn’t” and not “It wasn’t in my plan.” Either way, thank you for the books, thank you for the reply, thank you for everything. I can’t wait to read all of your books. And if the rumours are true, that Julian is more like Jem than Will, I am in serious trouble.

With sincere love and gratitude,
the first and now not the only Slovenian ShadowhunterHello! Thank you for not asking about movie news. You are correct that I don’t know anything! I’m so glad you like Jem! He is very dear to me, too. I hope you will like Julian, who is the closest to Jem of all my previous heroes though he is very much his own person. Because people kept asking if he was like Jace I eventually said “More like Jem …?” mostly because it’s very hard to describe a character that readers haven’t met yet rather than because they are that much alike. I’m so sorry if this upsets you, but I must confess Brother Zachariah was always created to be Jem: every scene I wrote about him, was written knowing he was Jem, and that’s why he acted and looked the way he did. (When he spoke of the two people he would have died for to Jace, for instance,  I knew he meant Will and Tessa. And he dropped heavy hints about owing the Herondales, etc.) Unless Brother Zachariah was Jem, there was no reason for him to be in the story. His part could have been filled by Brother Enoch; everything he does could have been done by someone else. Adding characters to an already large ensemble cast isn’t something we really do at random: they need a reason to be there. And having him not be Jem would mean he was never released from being a Silent Brother and could never be with Tessa, and I wanted better for Jem than that. He’s so great, and he’s suffered too much! I hope my answer is ‘both’ to the question of whether it was love for Jem or my plan which motivated me–I love Jem and never wanted to kill him, and I never intended to. My plan doesn’t mean I love Jem any less. 
I owe it to my readers to plot out my books so it all feels natural, yet surprising, and I feel I also owe it to my characters, to put them in a story that is planned and not random. Jem was always intended to have a wondrous strange life: I hope that does not disappoint you too much!

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So i recently finished the acotar series, and i just wanna say don't look back has changED MY LIFEEEE. I was kind of sticking away from modern day au's bcos, idk i just like the time the original story takes place, but i am so glad i took a chance on your fic! It's amazing and everything i could've hoped for!! I'm so excited for the updates!! thank you for writing this xx

😭😭😭 i dont even know how to thank you, just thank you so so so much for reading!!
I am quite similar with modern AUs tbh, like when i started writing this fic, i just kept thinking how tf can i write the inner circle as 18 year olds when they are canonically 600 years old?!?
I am so please you are enjoying this my amazing friend, I’m so grateful that it has added in any way to your day.
Thank you xxx

ravenreyses  asked:

ok seriously bless you and your blog because i've been freaking out about what i am for so long and i kept reading those definitions that pans "have to" be "gender-blind" or care more about personality over everything else and the whole "hearts before parts" thing but after spending time on your blog i just have to say thank you. thank you for making me feel validated as a pansexual even though i have gender/sexual preferences that aren't the "norm" under the standard definition of a pansexual.

Hey you are so welcome! I am so so glad my blog makes your experiences as a fellow pan person feel valid <3

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Clarke has always been on the left ... (Well our left on screen watching) for all the Clexa kisses, except for the finale she was on the right. Just thought it was interesting and wonder if it was planned where they would be

I definitely noticed it. And I am use to seeing Clarke primarily on the left and Lexa on the right; however, if you think about it…there have been a lot of times in the show where Lexa is on the left. (now, this is from my memory so I may have forgotten a few, but you get the point) Lexa is on the left in 2x08 when Clarke is pleading for Finn’s life, 2x09 when Clarke proves that it was Gustus that poisoned the bottle, 2x10 when they crawl through the drain and when Clarke shoots Pauna and then the scene after they escape Pauna, 2x13 when Lexa goes back for Clarke when they are behind the rock and when she speaks to the people of TonDC, 2x14 when Lexa gets up from bed and when they are marching to Mt. Weather, 2x15 when Lexa is betraying Clarke, 3x02 the Clexa reunion, 3x03 the knife to throat scene, 3x04 when Lexa is telling Clarke about nightblood and when Lexa saw Clarke before fighting Roan and when she visited Clarke at night, 3x05 when Lexa declared ‘blood must not have blood’, 3x06 when she confronts Clarke about banishing Emerson, 3x07 when she is inviting Clarke to stay in Polis. So, you see there are a lot of other times in the show that Lexa is on the left. Therefore, this isn’t the biggest reason why the Clexa interaction seemed ‘off’. I am glad that they kept the camera angles of it being an ‘up angle’ shot when viewing Lexa and a ‘down angle’ shot when we are viewing Clarke. That helped things feel a little more ‘normal’. 

Now, we all felt how ‘off’ the Clexa scenes where and it wasn’t solely due to the crappy ADR. As I mentioned in my periscope, reading the script posted made me a little pissed off that even in the Clexa reunion we were robbed of ‘true’ Clexa interactions. However, thinking back on it and analyzing I have come to accept that it doesn’t completely take away from Clexa in the finale. This does help me accept why the Clexa interactions were a little off. 

 CoL!Lexa was the embodiment of the Spirits of the Commanders; however, it was Lexa that was the predominant consciousness manifested and that was interacting with Clarke. However, Lexa merged with the previous Commanders fully once she died and there was no longer a barrier for her understanding the previous commanders. The previous barrier, when she had a human body, was that there was no virtual reality platform for Lexa to communicate with the previous commanders. She had to interpret what they were telling her with vague visions and feelings. Now that her consciousness is now merged and uploaded with the Flame, she has become enlightened and ‘one with’ the previous commanders – she now knows what they know due to this direct merge and link. She knows about firewalls, ALIE, uploads, etc. due Becca’s consciousness being uploaded and stored on the Flame. Now, let’s be clear, it was still Lexa that Clarke interacted with. Lexa’s consciousness was still there, but she now knows more due to the direct upload and link to the Flame. This is kinda like how Raven knew more things due to merging with ALIE. Lexa was still Lexa, but she was also connected to the other Commander’s consciousnesses. Side note: on Lexa’s swords in the City of Light there are two Flame chips in the hilt of the sword – the Flame will protect. She was the embodiment needed to save Clarke – she is a warrior – and the one that Clarke emotionally needed. “It will know our wants and needs because they’re its wants and needs.” (x)

The consciousness that is predominant and therefore embodied is the consciousness that is needed at the most at the time. The consciousness whose memories need to be more readily access in the Flame. Lexa was embodied because she is a warrior that has a emotional connection with Clarke. Clarke needed the emotional connection and Lexa protecting her in the City of Light. When the Flame was attached to Clarke’s consciousness, it saw how much she emotionally needed Lexa and it brought Clarke comfort by accessing Lexa’s consciousness and processing her embodiment. However, when Clarke walked into the vault, it was Becca that she saw. It is Becca’s consciousness that knew exactly what needed to be done to win against ALIE. Becca’s memories and knowledge was needed in this moments rather than Lexa’s. If you read my Season 4 theory, that is why Becca is spirit who is embodied in the hologram and not Lexa’s. They need Becca and her knowledge about how to make the serum over Lexa’s embodiment and her knowledge. 

In conclusion, it should be noted that it was STILL Lexa in the City of Light, but she had merged with the other spirits and that is why Lexa seemed a little ‘off’. Clarke interacted and kissed Lexa…NOT the other Commanders.  It didn’t help that they shot Lexa on the left rather than the right. The best reasonsings why Clexa seemed off in the finale was due to Lexa being merged with the other Commanders, crappy ADR (should have left the ‘ily’ out tbh), and the rushing of scenes. P.s. I think the kiss could have had a little more compassion and longing behind it. I just want to make sure people know that me analyzing this it was still Lexa that Clarke kiss and interacted with. Lexa’s consciousness was also connected with the previous Commanders so she knew more things. 

172 Thoughts I Had Watching The First Eight "Outlander" Episodes
Don’t get turned on during Jamie’s flogging scenes. Don’t get turned on during Jamie’s flogging scenes. Don’t get turned on during Jamie’s flogging scenes.
By Jarett Wieselman

Read these thoughts you won’t regret it…..here are the ones for The Wedding episode:

121. Glad I didn’t scroll ahead since this episode title is a big spoiler.
122. Wait. They’re already married?
123. Didn’t even need to go to Vegas for that quickie.
124. Claire’s upset that the clan is now waiting around for her and Jamie to have sex, but, like, that’s what has kept me going for these seven episodes, so…
125. Claire’s heaving bosom is the heavingest bosom I’ve ever seen.
126. I am swooning so hard listening to Jamie tell hours upon hours of stories.
127. This is now a very cute love affair.
128. Oh yes, help her with the laces and such, Jamie.
129. Um, I’m sweating.
130. This is pornography.
131. OK, this post-coital conversation officially moved Jamie and Claire from a couple I want together to a couple I actively need together.
132. Where can Outlander fans get replicas of Jamie and Claire’s wedding ring?
133. Dress shopping in a whorehouse? OK.
134. Can we go back to Jamie and Claire’s bedroom please?
135. Oh, that dress is beautiful.
136. Is this priest going to cut them?
137. Why did he cut them?
138. Oh, it’s like a blood oath.
139. “Take off your shirt, I want to look at you” — thank you, Claire.
140. *Faints*
141. And now she’s cupping.
142. That is a rude, invasive shadow.
143. Get out of here shadow.
144. I wonder if Tumblr has freeze-framed and lightened this scene.
145. *Runs to Tumblr*
146. Jamie’s first blowjob?
147. I’m gonna need a minute. That was quite the scene.
148. I’m not mature enough to watch Jamie give Claire a real pearl necklace after they’ve spent 45 minutes having sex.
149. Aaaaaannd they’re having sex again.
150. This episode for all the awards.