i am so glad i can watch him again

Not in that, you aren’t.

Hi! This is something different. Not requested nor is it DC! I watched Spiderman last night and I am absolutely in love with Peter Parker and I am so glad he has his own movie so I went ahead and wrote an imagine about him! No spoilers though so if you have yet to watch, it’s alright to read this too!

Hope you enjoy this and if you came here for the DC content, do not worry! I will continue to work on the requests as much as I can. That aside, current requests are down to 30+ now so it will not be long until I can open requests again!



He freezes the moment he hears his name falling from your lips. It is a habit that is somewhat hard for him to break – reacting to his name.

“Y-you must be mistaken, uh,” He turns to face you, shaking his head.

You frown, momentarily forgetting about the scare you just had as you continue to stare at the very familiar figure of Spiderman. You step forwards and he falters, taking a step back. “You can hide those ears you have, Peter, but you definitely cannot hide that ass of yours.”

Peter stares at you and underneath the mask, his mouth is hanging open and there is a blush on his cheeks – did you just compliment his ass? Somehow Peter is attempting to wrap his around this whole thing. So he tries to play it cool instead.

“I have absolutely no clue as to what you are talking about.” Peter says hoping he would sound convincing enough but judging from the expression on your face, he probably did not sound convincing at all.

“Have you ever considered getting something that will make your voice change its pitch?” You frown, staring straight at him, trying to ignore the fact that in this beautifully made suit, Peter looks extremely lean, fit and sexy. The suit definitely highlights how attractive his body is.

Peter almost stumbles backwards as he laughs humorlessly. “I am not fooling anyone, am I?” He resigns after a few seconds of staring at you. There is that look of determination on your face. Peter knows he probably will not be able to convince you otherwise.

You shrug, tilting your head to the side to fully look at Peter. You had an inkling that he had been Spiderman because of how every single time he disappears, Spiderman seems to appear and there had also been a few instances too but you never really entertained that thought too much. Now that you are standing in front of him, you definitely should trust your gut feelings a little bit more.

“I mean I can’t really say I am speaking for anyone but I pay attention to you, Peter, a whole lot.” Your cheeks flush red the moment you register what you have just said and you open and close your mouth a couple of times. “I probably should not have said that.” You trail off. Of all the times for your brain-to-mouth filter to fail, it had to be right now.

Peter flushes under the mask and he clears his throat. He feels a little bit shy because of your comment. “Y-you pay attention to me?” In hindsight he probably should have just brought you to somewhere safe and then leave you be but now it is definitely too late to regret his life choices.

You nod your head shyly.

“Oh.” Peter rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.


The two of you stayed quiet for a few minutes after that, just avoiding each other’s eyes and feeling all awkward and shy. Though in all honesty, the silence is not unwelcome. You are only startle out of the comfortable silence when you can hear the sirens of the police cars in the distance.

Peter heads towards the direction of the sound but pauses before turning back to look at you. “Y/N?”

You look at him expectantly. “Yeah?”

Peter clears his throat a few times before looking at you straight in the eyes. “Would you, I mean, I am not going to force you or anything but would you want to go for dinner, or lunch or breakfast – whenever you are free – “

You immediately place a hand over Peter’s mouth, grinning at him shyly. “Yes, of course, I would love that, Peter. We can go for whenever is convenient with you.” You tell him before realizing that you are covering his mouth. So you quickly pull your hand back and give him a sheepish smile. “Sorry.”

Peter shakes his head, trying his hardest to keep calm. “It’s alright, yeah.” He nods his head before turning to look in the direction of the police sirens again. “Do you need help to get down, Y/N?” He asks you as he turns back to look at you and you let out a small chuckle before nodding your head.

“Yeah, I think I should probably let you know now that I am highly afraid of heights which is why I have yet to move much from this spot.” Your knees are literally shaking even though you aren’t that far up in the air. Peter chuckles before nodding his head as he gathers you in his arms – you blush at this – and helps you down from the building.

“Be safe, Spiderman.” You tell Peter just as he releases you gently on to the ground. Seeing as you suddenly have this sudden burst of confidence – Peter is also wearing his mask so it helps – you lean forward to press a kiss on his cheek. Pulling away, you definitely know that your face is most likely red right now. “See you.” You give Peter one last shy look before walking away.

Peter is left standing there, a little bit taken aback by your bold moves but he definitely could not stop himself from feeling giddy and smiling widely. Though his happiness had to be cut short when he is reminded of the crime that is taking place when a police car drove by, flashing lights.

“Uh Oh.”

Read It Wednesday

Week 11! My apologies if I missed a fic this week! I was getting multiple notifications when things were being reblogged from certain people and it really crowded my activity. So, if you don’t see a fic here, I’m so so sorry. If you’d like to me read it, send it to me via message and I will get it read and added to next weeks Read It Wednesday. Also, I decided against adding gif drabbles from smut day in here, just to save the space. 

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Tutor (M) - Zhang Yixing

A/N: I loved this request so much! It was so much fun to write this. Hope everyone likes it! -Admin Grace

Genre: Smut, fluff

Length: 1.7k

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Coffee Drabble: Like-Like

Here it is, y’all. My first Ishimondo (Ishimaru Kiyotaka/Oowada Mondo from Dangan Ropa). I’m so happy to have learned about this fine, fine ship (thank you, @unhealthydoctors for the explanation and introduction!), even if the tragedy involved kind of killed my heart a bit. This is a Non-Despair AU, so basically the boys are in regular, good ol’ high school. Thank you so much for the coffee, @derpyflowergarden!

Cut for length, not for content

It’s not too late to drop a donation and request your own coffee-related drabble. Full details are over on this post. I’ll be doing this all through the month of June!

Mondo’s bike roared up the street before pulling up to the curb in front of the coffeeshop, prompting heads to turn in his direction as he stepped off. Despite the stoic expression on his face, he felt like he wanted to bend over and stick his head between his legs. His stomach had been hurting all morning, and he started to wonder if this was the best place to ask Ishimaru to meet him.

Ya already set this in motion, man. Don’t puss out now.

He walked inside, glancing around as the smell of coffee and baked goods slapped him in the face. Part of him hoped maybe that he had gotten here too early, that maybe Ishimaru wouldn’t show, that he could just run out of here and –

“Good morning, kyoudai!”

Mondo jumped and spun around to find Ishimaru, dressed in his school uniform (clean and pressed and pristine, practically blinding in how white it was) hailing him down from a table in the corner. His fastidious appearance made him suddenly very aware of the more casual outfit he had picked out: jeans, white shirt, leather jacket. A classic look but not classy.

“Hey!” Mondo practically yelled the greeting, his nerves finally getting the better of him as he walked over. “I figured ya might not get here for a bit longer…we said 10 and it’s only 9:45…”

“You’re one to talk! Imagine my surprise seeing you being early! Very commendable!”

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GIRL I WAS MISSING YOUR AUS so glad ur back!! so i'm needing some fluffy for this weekend TT can u do neighbours!kookmin who know each other since always and i know its pretty cliche but i cant do it better lol

is this even considered fluff? i dont know omgdfndbv aND IM GLAD TOO TO BE BACK

summary: jungkook is jimin’s neighbour and he always works out in the garden. jimin likes to watch him

“You’re staring.”

I remove my gaze from my neighbour who was annoyingly working out in his garden once again, shirtless. “I am well aware.” I reply as I watch Jungkook doing another fifty push ups, his muscles flexing and my mouth watering.

“Yoongi, I want him to wreck me.” I groan, my eyes not leaving Jungkook’s sweaty skin. “Then tell him?” He stares at his phone, probably texting Hoseok. “What if I scare him away and lose our friendship of seven years?”

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guys…. it’s about 1:30 am and i’m here re-watching oso-san, i’m on ep 2 as u can see!! i’m glad i’m watching this scene again because it goes quick so it’s hard to really catch what’s happening frame by frame, which is a lot!!! 

firstly kara looks so scared like ichi did not hesitate to pounce on and intimidate him?? like karamatsu is shook!! his sunglasses flew off & he actually started tearing up AGAIN???cause you know this isn’t the first time where ichimatsu grabbed kara like that and made him tear up !!! idk i find this to be hilarious 

remember the ichimatsu incident??? 

At Your Service ~Seven~

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six

The morning came swifter than you would have wished. You had fallen asleep sitting against the wall after hours of dwelling on the scenes of the day before. You could not shake the sense that you had overstepped yourself and yet Thranduil’s reaction had been entirely gratifying. You had never expected to affect the king so deeply but you kept your pride in check as you pulled on a clean apron. You could never count short the Elvenking.

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RIP Nelsan Ellis

I am going to be making more gifs of Lafayette in memory of Nelsan Ellis. I’m so glad we got to see him as this character. One of my favorites on the show. I remember the first time around I watched the show I would laugh at things he would say or do, and I still do when I watch it over again. I’m glad we have him immortalized on this show, that I can go back and rewatch his character and laugh and enjoy his presence there. He will truly be missed.

Mostly Science Fiction these days (The Expanse)

Over the last couple of weeks, I got quite a good dose of Sci Fi. New Star Trek, new Blade Runner, plus the first one and a half seasons of The Expanse, a show that I had never heard of until Netflix rather successfully marketed it to Dearie!Husband, who decided to give it a try, watched the pilot, and then, on the very next day, decided to watch said pilot again, this time together with me.

And wow, am I glad that he asked me to join him, because already said pilot left me speechless due to spoilery plot stuff that best remains untold so you can view for yourselves. Not only does the show offer a complex, well-developed and richly detailed universe (you can tell The Expanse is based on a series of novels), it also features nuanced characters and probably the most diverse cast I’ve seen in ages, characters and actors of various ethnic backgrounds and various age groups.

Oh, and on top of that absolutely stunning visuals. Seeing what The Expanse does with its space stations and ships, the newer ones as well as those rundown and falling apart, I immediately thought of Babylon 5, and that B5, a true pioneer back in the 1990s, would look just like this if it had been filmed today and not some twenty years ago. Shiny and gritty and lived in and quite amazing.

perfectlyannoyinggal  asked:

*back again* I am glad you are accepting requests again! :) :) Can you do Orochimaru headcannons with a jinchuriki s/o please?

i hope you like these <3 

  • Orochimaru starts the relationship will ill intentions to be honest. He wants their power, but he eventually begins to really enjoy their company. 
  • He never expresses these original intentions to his S/O, fearing they’d leave him. 
  • Orochimaru knows they’re incredibly strong and powerful, but he does still protect them from the Akatsuki, and other people after them. 
  • He does lowkey run tests and experiments on them. sssh, dont tell. 
  • Kabuto doesn’t really like them, just because they cause a lot of trouble to happen at the hideout, but he stays silent because he doesn’t want to disrespect Lord Orochimaru. 
  • They have a strange relationship, but it works. 
  • Although I would have to say, there is a slim chance this relationship would actual work and last just because Orochimaru will always thirst for that power, and it would a relationship built on false beginnings. 

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Can you do zyaglvis, Leon, Scorpio and hue reaction when they found their girlfriend diary and that it filled with sappy love poem about him? I hope this makes sense

I got what you were trying to say lol don’t worry hun.

Your boyfriend stayed at your place last night, after dating for 2 years you got use to him staying at your place when you weren’t there and you stayed at the mansion a lot also. This is the first time in awhile where he actually had a break from work, but you had to go into work for a bit to quickly just put a showcase together. Your boyfriend agreed to stay at your apartment until you get back that way you can see each other and spend time with each other, even though he complains about your place being small he cant help but smile to himself knowing he is doing this for you. As he was looking around your apartment he comes across your diary and he shook his head smiling a bit “Careless keeping this out” as he was about to put it away, he had the idea Maybe you were writing about him?. He let curiosity get the better of him and decided to open the notebook anyways. He found a couple pages where you were talking about your love life together, and on one of the pages he cant help but feel his smile go soft reading a poem you have written for him, When have you became so creative? It was a short poem, but he couldn’t help but blush why smiling, feeling the love behind your words. As he read on, to the bottom of the page, he saw that you wrote you wanted a family one day with him and stay together forever. When you get home you don’t realize the surprise you have waiting for you, as you say goodbye to your friends at work you were excited to go home and see your go. Who now kept reading on in your diary :

                                The poem on the page:
                          “Ever since you stepped into my life,
                           You have filled it with love and warmth.
                            Lots of precious moments sweetheart,
                            You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me”

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Preference #350: You buy him a drink

Louis: Louis wore a smile on his face, when you sit down next to him. Your hands were shaking, as you tried to make eye contact with the man sitting beside you. You were not so great at talking to anyone you found attractive. “Hi,” you mumbled out, trying to build the confidence to really talk to him. “Hey,” he replied, a spark in his eyes when he looked better at you. “Can I-I um, can I get you a drink?” you said softly, nerves getting the better of you. He wanted to say no, and that he would buy one for you instead, but was certain you would hear nothing after his first word. “Sure,” he responded, before adding, “But later. We can just talk for a bit. What’s your name?” “Oh.” The pounding in your chest increased. How had you forgotten to even introduce yourself? “I’m [Y/N].” “Hi [Y/N], I’m Louis.” His kindness helped you relax ever so slightly, though your voice was still shaking as you replied, “So um…” Louis saved you from your lack of knowing what to say, and tried to start a conversation. “Is this your hometown? I’m not from here. From Doncaster, actually. You?

: Shy was a good way to describe you. You were not the type of person to speak first to another, or ever make any sort of first move. This time was different though. When Niall walked into the room, you felt no fear. You knew that walking over to him, was something you had to do. The thought of how you would talk to him did not even enter your mind. You just had to speak to him. You made your way over to him, and with a smile on your face, introduced yourself. “Hi, I’m [Y/N]. Can I get you a drink?” You were never this forward. Your heart would typically be pounding right out of your chest at this point, but you were calm. This just seemed right. Niall also typically would have turned down a girl in a bar. He was just there to have a night away with friends. Not to meet anyone. Something about you was special though, and he could feel that. “Yeah, sure. I’m Niall, it’s nice to meet you [Y/N].”

Liam: You were perfectly fine just staring at Liam all night from across the bar. You were fine watching him laughing with his friends, and nothing more than that. You would have done that all night, if not for your own friends. The ones you pushed you across the room, right over to him, and then quickly left, after blurting a hello. “Hi,” Liam replied, laughter in his words. “Did your friend just scream hello and run?” “Um, yeah,” you responded, glancing back at your friends, who were enjoying this far too much. How could they get so much pleasure out of your nerves being as high as they could possibly get? “Is that a common thing for them to do?” he questioned, his own eyes on the girls across the room. “Not really. They um, they just knew I was too nervous to come talk to you,” you someone managed to say the truth. Liam knew that well. He was also the one pushed by his friends at times when he was too nervous. “Well I am glad they did then.” You turned a shade of pink, as you spoke again, “So um, can I buy you a drink? Or something.” “Sure,” Liam nodded, wanting to talk to you longer, “I’d like that.”

Harry: You did not even ask if he wanted one or not. Maybe you should have, but that did not cross your mind. A friend told you to go for it, and you just did. You felt nervous, as you watched him handed the drink, and a finger was pointed in your direction. “Now what?” you asked your friend, as you turned away from Harry, who had begun drinking it. “I don’t know. I’ve never actually done this,” she admitted, and you both began laughing. So maybe this really should have been thought out better. You were still laughing over the situation, when you felt a tap on your shoulder. “Hello,” a deep voice said, before you turned your head to see Harry standing behind you. “Hi,” you replied, a nervous smile going across your face. “Um, thanks for this,” he stated, motioning to the drink he held in his hands as he did. “I feel like I should have been the one to get you one though. I’m Harry, by the way.” You stuck out a hand to shake his, as you replied, “You’re welcome. I um, I hope you like that. I thought that’s what you had earlier, so…” “It is, thanks again…?” “[Y/N], my name’s [Y/N].” “Well thank you [Y/N].”

Zayn: Somewhere during a long night, you sat down next to Zayn. You were with friends, but they were all very occupied with men they could not take their eyes away from. That left you alone, just sitting at the bar. You sat quietly for a while, until boredom got you to speak to the man next to you. “So hi, I’m [Y/N]. You’re just sitting here too. Did your friends ditch you, or?” Zayn tried not to laugh, as he glanced at you for the first time. When he did, you were so taken aback. He was so gorgeous. Why was he just sitting here alone? “I’m guessing your friends did that?” “Not really, but they are pretty lost in getting the attention of certain guys right now,” you responded, trying to hide your annoyance. He did not need to know how upset you were that your friends invited you, just to leave you all alone. “Friends are great at doing that. My friends are probably the guys they are trying to get to notice them.” You found yourself laughing at that. So you were in the same boat. “Well can I buy you a drink then? Sounds like we’ll both be sitting here alone all night, might as well do that together.” “Sure, but only if I can get you one as well.”

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Could you do a request for the BUM guys - they surprise MC with a puppy (or any pet) on her birthday?

One day, you walk pass a pet shop with your butler and found a little white puppy inside the shop. It was so adorable but you are worried that your butler would refuse you for having one. Thus, you left that place feeling unhappy.

One week later on your birthday morning, you waken up by a small barking in your room. You open your eyes and saw the puppy right in front of you. At first you thought that you were dreaming but it is a fact your butler bought you the puppy as a birthday gift for you.

“You got this for me?” You asked excited and hug the puppy nonstop while smiling.

“Well, you look really down this few days and look ugly. I guess no harm getting you one.” Yuma smirked while you pouted.

“Happy birthday! You definitely look better now.” Yuma chuckled and lean forward to kiss your forehead.

“I can see that you love your birthday present.” Aoi chuckled when he see the puppy licking your face.

“Thank you. You are the best.” You smiled sweetly at him.

“Don’t I deserve a present from you too?” Aoi teases and lean his face over to you.

You give him a quick kiss on his lips, but he pulls you and deepens the kiss.

“I hope you like my birthday present for you.” Tomoki smiles shyly while you are so happy that you keep hugging the puppy.

“Here is the time schedule for him. I will help when you not available.” Tomoki then pass you a piece of paper.

“You are the best.” You smiles and kiss him on the cheek while he turns bright red.

“Happy Birthday!” Kyo smiled sweetly at you.

“Thanks Kyo. This is a wonderful present.” You smile back at him while the puppy licking your cheek.

“You definitely look beautiful when you are smiling. I glad I bought you the puppy.” Kyo smiles, before giving you a kiss on your lips.

“Happy birthday!” Itsuki smiled while watching you play with the puppy. “At least he can keep you accompany when I am overseas for my work.” Itsuki smiles and said again.

“Thank you so much.” You throw your arms around him and kiss him.

“Remember never let the puppy kiss your lips. That does belong to me.” Itsuki blushed.

It Has to Be...Kurt.

Blaine’s heartbreak was hard to watch last night. Seeing him so open and in it and sure again and it was impossible not to want to watch him run and confess his love to Kurt and kiss him passionately and that would be it. We’ve been waiting. They’re running beside each other and growing closer and someone just needs to leap…

But then I take a step back and remember the whole story and god I am SO glad it’s going to be Kurt.

Kurt is going to have his own epiphany moment of certainty. His literally parallel moment of running to Blaine. But his “I love you” won’t get stopped. And then they can jump together.

Kurt didn’t reject Blaine. Not at all. He has no idea that Blaine and Dave broke up. He literally says to him he should bring him on a triple date next time. That’s why Kurt’s decision becomes all his own - all he will know is that Blaine is single and he has to take the risk that Blaine is sure too.

He broke Blaine’s heart. He wasn’t sure. And now he is going to take his leap that he couldn’t take when they sung Baby It’s Cold Outside. He’ll confess his love and kiss him passionately. He isn’t afraid of intimacy anymore.