i am so getting kicked out of the fandom for this

The time has come for me to get all soft and soppy on you, as this time tomorrow i’ll no doubt be in a food induced coma unable to focus on any kind of digital media.

2016 has been a kick in the teeth for pretty much everyone, yet through all the crap both online and in real life, its people here on Tumblr that have made me feel better and helped me through the tough times. 

As another refugee from the Hiddleston fandom i approach the last few days of this year, happy in the knowledge that although i have chosen not to be included in a circle of fans, they still accept me for who i am and respect my choices. Hell, some have even dipped their toe into my new pond like intrigued frogs, so first shout out goes to @ladyoftheteaandblood @maevecurrywrites @rainbow-cobra @ancientfinnishgoddess @tomhiddleston-kikibfairy @morriggannlostinfandoms @pinknoonicorn @lokiwholockfactory @sarabeth72 @frenchfrostpudding @britishmenaredestroyingmylife

Then we’ve got the bunch of ladies that help keep it real. That post the things that truly matter in the world, and help me keep on top of news articles of social injustice. @violetsaffron73 @lemonade-time @aishet-chayil. Some of the things these ladies post are hard to read, but they help to keep it real, to remind those of us that through genetics and culture, some of us have things easier than others without even trying, and those of us that applies to need to look out for those it doesn’t. They are also incredibly funny, kind, and truly beautiful people that the world deserves more of. 

Okay, now onto another group, my Supernatural girls. @feelmyroarrrr @kittenofdoomage @jackburtonsays. I would have said my Dean girls, but damn his little brother can’t be forgotten, so the little Winchester posse help spice things up in my Tumblr world.

Special thanks to;

 @inkededucatednnerdy for tagging me in a million meme’s and helping me wake up in the morning thanks to the time difference.

@shieldagent1 For giving the world more Thor fanart than we know what to do with, and sharing a mutual appreication of Chris Hemsworths fantastic glutes.

@poe-also-bucky For sharing my obsession with Bucky’s peachy buttocks, and spamming my dash with more Oscar Issac than i know what to do with.

@slaughterme-barnes For taking the time to message me with her fantastic Bucky and Steve manips just as i go to sleep and therefore the creep into my brain (Though the last time she did it i ended up having a sex dream about Stephen Colbert so not sure what happened there…)

To the two ladies that are always there to bounce story idea off of and that have been therefor me a lot more than i have for them, in no particular order other than alphabetical: @eve1978 @prplprincez You two rock my world.

Finally (and you thought i had forgotten you), to my Sebby girls and guys. Some that came over in the fandom hop, some that were already here. Some are Chris girls where the two fandoms kinda just get mashed together, but either way, this lot make the time on here fun, and its time to give a shout out to these people (also i KNOW i am forgetting people but please if you are not mentioned its not that you don’t mean anything to me, its just that i’m typing this on 3 hours sleep): @tinaferraldo @allinhishands @girliegirltm @mewsiex @thatawkwardtinyperson @siren-kitten-his @gutterfortunecookie @waywardimpalawriter @sammyissassy @asgardian-nightmare @lonelygoddessy @demonsmuse @sebastianismydistraction

So now that the holy day of celebrating the birth of a dude who’s mother didn’t tell his father that she’d been fooling around and got knocked up whilst pretending she was still hymenly challenged that actually should be in october but thanks to some major calendar changes by the romans we celebrate 2 months late, we are faced with the one question that is important in these troubling times;

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Evil does not sleep, Stephen just really wants this to end quickly so he can get back to the sleep he was rudely awaken from.

We’re Still Here

words: 2121

*Walks into the HP fandom two years late with Starbucks* Well, here I am for the deanmus ship week with your usual cliche post-battle reunion fic. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Dean stumbles over the rubble of the castle, tripping as his ankle twists over the uneven terrain. He kicks his feet out as he walks, debris flying forwards with each stride, the sound of rock clacking against rock snapping in his still ringing ears. He looks down the mountain of shambles he’s trying to descend, other students hovering around the base, trying to salvage whatever bodies they can fish out from beneath the remains of the school walls. 

He had climbed his way to the top to get a view of the courtyard, the battle’s ruthlessness leaving massive stretches of the school walls open and broken. The remains of the crumbled walls created a perfect point to survey the school grounds, only taking a few minutes of unsteady footholds to get to the top. He had spent his time there with a hand above his eyes to shade against the glaring sun, finally rising after the hell of battle. It brought with it the welcome feeling of respite, the dregs of students made fighters finally able to breathe a justified and earned sigh of relief. He had scanned over the span of the horizon, watching straggling wixes going about to clean up the mess, sometimes entire pieces of broken stone rising up and back into place, slowly but surely bringing the structure of Hogwarts back to its pristineness.

Even as high up as he had been, Dean has no luck in his search, the familiar mess of sandy hair nowhere to be seen among the wreckage.

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ML headcanon: Naive Adrien

As all high school guys do, the topic of girls can up in the boys locker room.

The guys begin talking about which girl in school has the nicest buns.

Being the sheltered guy that he is. Adrien thinks they are talking about bread.

Of course the guys eventually get to Adrien.
“Which girl do you think has the nicest buns?”

“Marinette. She definitely has the nicest buns I have ever seen.” Adrien answered confidently.

The guys think about it and respect his choice.

But then Adrien says.
“Plus, they taste really good.” Thinking about croissants.

All of the guys are now shocked. Even Nino is like ‘when did that happen?’

So after they leave the locker room. Nino begins to ask details.

“You have tasted her buns?” He whispers quietly.

“Yeah, why are you acting so weird. You have to.” Adrien responds still not getting it.

Nino is about to say he never had but then realizes his friend might not understand what he is asking.

“Do you know what buns are referring to?”

“Of course I do. It means bread.”

Nino has the greatest face palm in history.

Then Nino explains and Adrien turns a whole new shade of red

Damaged (John Laurens x Reader)

A/N: Okay, so this is my first post for Hamilton and I have to say..this shit is really dark. But nevertheless, I am going to post it and pray that y’all like it. Please request more if you like it! My requests ARE OPEN. Just a reminder. Oh, and please don’t hate me for writing this, haha! I didn’t intend for it to be so dark.

Word Count: 1750+

WARNINGS: This is REALLY dark. So if you don’t like stuff like that, don’t read this. It is as simple as that. There are also mentions of abuse and the reader does get hurt. Also, that being said, I do NOT condone violence or physical abuse of any kind. If you find yourself in a situation such as this, do whatever it takes to get out. Find help, kick their ass, whatever. You don’t deserve to be treated as anything less than royalty. That goes for you boys too! 

 Onto the story now!

There is nothing but the sound of John’s voice as he sits in the chair beside the bed. I am currently pretending to be asleep while he hums “Blackbird” in a continuous loop. It’s been like this for an hour. Him humming and me “sleeping”.

Then, John stops humming abruptly.

“I know you’re awake,” he says.

I don’t move. I don’t speak. I keep my eyes shut. I feel his heated gaze on my back. I know he is frustrated but is trying to restrain himself. I know exactly what he wants to do to me.

But instead, he yanks my blankets off of me and stands me in front of him. I keep my eyes trained on the floor but not for long. He takes my head in his hands and forces me to look at him. When we make eye contact, a smile that is not his own crosses his features. My heart clenches as he presses a kiss to my forehead. Who is this man?

“How did you sleep, my love,” he asks. I stare at him. His eyes are lighter today, and he has allowed his hair to frame his face. He looks like the man I fell for. He looks…normal.

But I know that he is anything but normal now.

“What are you thinking about?”

His voice carries a threatening edge. I bite my lip before replying.

“Nothing,” I whisper.

His eyes immediately grow darker. His nails begin to dig into my skin. I inhale sharply.

“Are you lying to me,” he asks through clenched teeth. “You know what I’ll do if you’re lying.”

Memories of the previous night flood my mind. My fear must show on my face because his grip softens, and he smiles sadly. He begins to stroke my cheek. It takes everything inside of me not to throw up at the loving look he’s giving me.

“I’m sorry to bring that up, love. I don’t want to hurt you. I just need you to behave. Will you behave for me today, babygirl?”

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Way of the World- part 7

 Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 1980

Characters: Dean x soulmate!reader, Sam/Ezekiel, Kevin

Warnings: Season 9 spoilers, character death, reader in danger, angst I guess

Summary: Sam finds out the reader’s secret, but another problem develops.

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16

@mrswhozeewhatsis @stillnotginger2294 @spectaculicious @ilostmyshoe-79 @kittenofdoomage @unapologeticallyapologeticoops @rusticbellamy @satan-squared @f3arl3ssprinc3ss @i-just-wanna-live-gc @clariedelalune @25kitkat @caitsymichelle13 @supernotnatural2005 @daydreamingintheimpala @bitch-i-am-a-dean-girl

You stared at Sam, horror-struck, but he just looked back at you steadily. Without any way to get out of it, you closed your eyes and yanked your sleeve up to show him your left wrist.

He took your hand gently so that he could read Dean’s name properly. Once he released it, he leaned back in his chair. His eyes were cold, and his mouth closed tightly. You covered up your wrist again.

“Before you kick me out, I didn’t want to lie to you.”

“So why did you, Y/N?”

Well, what harm could it do now? You met his eyes, and pulled up your other sleeve. His eyes flew to it, and went wide.

You looked down. “Do you see why I couldn’t tell Dean now? And you didn’t seem like the type of person to keep a secret like this from your brother.”

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This totally happened when they were kids.
  • Mika: Alright everyone. Since we gonna die in this shitty place anyways, let's play a game.
  • The kids: What game~?
  • Mika: Like, a family game. I will be the lovely Papa Mika. And you are my children.
  • The kids: PAPA MIKA! PAPA MIKA!
  • Mika: Since Akane is mature and cooks delicious food, she is going to be your grandma!
  • Akane: Aha! Have you eaten today, kiiids~?
  • Mika: See? It's perfect!
  • Akane: Wait Mika, what about Yuu? Who is Yuu going to be?
  • Mika: Isn't it obvious? Yuu-chan is...Mama Yuu-chan! My wife!
  • Yuu: ...
  • Akane: ....
  • The kids: .....
  • Mika: ......
  • Yuu: Get your ass to work and bring some money for this family, you prick.

“Well I’m evil, so don’t you mess around with me~”

Started out as a Bog King expression practise and turned into something completely different… <.< Sorry for sketchy stuff again. If I ever finish the FULL drawing of this I am so getting a ticket straight to hell… O///o

anonymous asked:

Why doesnt adrien have an Ass? I mean that thing is F.L.A.T he should at least have a little booty

Do you know how excited I was to see a notification this morning. I was like, “Oh look! An ask!”

But then


“no  w a i—

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This is so toxic. What kind of disrespect is this? is this hate mail? I am offended how dare? Do you know how precious the ASSgreste is??? And you say he has none?

Nuh-uh hunty 👏 let 👏 me 👏 give 👏 you 👏 a 👏 lesson 👏


Now my homie and baby Adrien is a model and an athlete; you think he isn’t gonna have some swole gluteus maximus? Fencing requires balance and squatting (probably), and he hits the gym pretty often to look good in those Gabriel skinny jeans (probably). Posing is also difficult and you use a lot of muskles to hold a pose (probably)

  • Evidence:

(👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌)

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And don’t even get me started on Chat’s suit. That shit is t-i to the g-h-t, and I can see every glorious detail. He crouches, like, all the time, and he uses his legs to spring from one roof to another #squatgoals

dO YOU EVEN know how many fics and fanart focus on his beautiful, luscious buns? Because Ladybug be noticing all the time. It is what our chosen ship, Marichat, is built upon. Fic writers and artists be woke as heck.

  • Evidence:

(yum yum in my tum)

So don’t you come into MY HOUSe and tell me that my sinshine child is lacking in  a n y t h i n g , okay boo? He may not have the LadyBooty (blesséd be) but lemme tell you, my boi be packin.

byeee chloe 👋

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My internet keeps d ying i’m losing my mind and Kallian’s armor does not help oh god i hate it Kallian why hhHHHhhhhh

And my alvispon has almost 300 notes and I’m so fLATTERED AND GLAD IT WAS WELL RECEIVED {MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU Q AQ} so i drew him with sparkles because Alvis

Also context for last pic (tho basically majoralink‘s fault):

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SuperNoobs/Gravity Falls crossover :3

Okay, this kind of jumped into my head the other day when I was drawing the cow costume, (Which I am probably never getting over, btw. XD) so I figured “why not?”

I’ll be drawing Shope and Kevin with Gravity Falls characters as well, but each drawing takes me 3 hours and it’s late, plus I have school this week so there won’t be a lot of updating. :/

I just wanted to post these guys real quick, also I have no intention of continuing this crossover, just thought it would be fun to draw, but I might do it again. :)

my tweet.

I am just so fucking sick to death of this bullshit. For weeks I have avoided Arzaylea and her wicked games, and honestly it felt so good. she was giving a negative impact on my life.

I love the boys with all of my heart, and I will always have a soft spot for them. even when I’m older and have outgrown them. but right now, I’m here for the music and the love and support with the fandom.

I gave arzaylea chances, I hate jumping to conclusions and thought fuck it she’s human we make mistakes and we learn from them. but she made these so called mistakes more and more each time. which lead me to believe that she’s getting some sick kick out of upsetting fans.

I am not jealous of their little relationship. Luke isn’t my type.

I’m just extremely pissed off that she’s constantly causing this fucking drama. she preaches about privacy and all that crap then goes and pulls stunts like sending personal fucking info to some fans.

wow she seems like a great fucking person.

she’s poison, and she’s poisoning the fandom and I’m not okay with that. either she grows the hell up and stops with her immature games or I fly to fucking LA and talk to her myself.