i am so gay that i have rainbows in my veins

I cannot even begin to discern a way to communicate how I feel. I am so fully aware of the sadness that will always have a place in my seemingly over sized heart, but it feels like happiness is bursting through my veins. I feel like I’ve been enclosed in a dark room with a large boulder blocking my way out, but over time I began to chip away and the cracks that started to form let in these little trickles of light into the blinding darkness that has surrounded me. It feels as though the door is finally breaking and I’m finding my way into the light. I am fully aware that once outside of this room there will be another and another and another until I’m 98 years old on my death bed walking into the last bit of light I’ll ever see. But this sunshine I feel on my face after what feels like a never ending hurricane? It’s like the light of the sun is meeting the rain of my storm and creating a rainbow and the pot of gold is my finally beating heart and a smile so bright that even a blind person could see it.
—  Twitter and IG @rachelmburgess