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I wrote a story about a 15 year old boy who murders his entire family and plays victim and he ends up going to live with his aunt and he's virtually a manipulative serial killer and at the end everyone dies. For class it had to be a 3,000 words but I re wrote it to 11,000 words. What are your tips on, 1. Making stories longer bc I wanna make it an actual novel that's like a full length book 2. Psychological/ angst/ something to make the reader feel bad for the character until the end.

Oh this was an emotional rollercoaster! Promise me a signed copy of the novel when it gets into stores? XD

So first off, I am so guilty for writing things for hours then looking at the word count (after realising I’ve been at it for far too many hours) and finding it at around 20k. It’s almost unhealthy for me, because I’m really bad at remembering things and I totally zone out on writing-days, meaning if I made plans with someone, they’re obviously not going to happen…

Now, the advice I’d give for making a reader feel sorry for a character is a little different for the things I’d say to help writing angst and psychological behaviour, so bare with me. When writing to make the reader empathetic, you will want to make the characters sorrow, pain, grief and turmoil, front and centre. It has to be hard to ignore and intertwined with the other characters lives as well. It also helps when everything happens to go wrong for that character- much like Harry Potter. No kidding, everything went wrong for him, didn’t it.

I formed a list of ways to make the reader feel sorry for/sympathise with the character:

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some stuff for my portfolio!! i had a lot of fun with the shapes and designs… the characters took forever T_T but the shapes were really fast??? oh gosh it’s been like 3 years since I drew full body designs of my characters

left to right: Vita Hayes, Flynn & Nate Lockhart, Terence & Athena Nightingale (more info on them here!)

Why I am pissed at CN:
-false advertising and click baits for not plot episodes or just saying something about the EPs that isn’t actually a thing(ex Super water melon island/ Gem Drill etc)
-‘leaking’(since they said they wanted to do it+they were on the official site)full EPs without the crew knowing-you know exactly what I’m talking about
-NOT actually advertising that SU changed on Friday and that’s why low ratings

As an European I don’t rlly care when it airs cause I have to watch the EPs online anyways. But CN’s stupid ass schedules and false advertising is gonna ruin the channel including SU.

I’m not hating SU here. The crew knows what its doing and I respect that(I honestly thought that rocknaldo was a good EP).

CN is the bad guy here.

The other day, F came to hang out and he saw some of my weapons lying around (I had polished them earlier that day), and this is nothing new to him, I mean, he’s my best friend since forever, he’s always seen my weapons around my room, but he never really had any knowledge on them aside from “this end kills” or from the few times he watched me practice with them at the dojo for this or that reason. So he was like “hey so what’s like the science behind this, why is this katana the way it is and this broadsword this other way?” which Activated My Pineal Gland and launched me into full on explanation on weapon usage and blacksmithing, because I Am Passionate about that, and he’s used to hearing me ramble and loves learning new things.

Thing is, at one point, I am explaining the whole “katana is made for slashing though it is a nuanced weapon” spiel, and I note that they are very sharp, so he’s like “how sharp”, and I am like “very”, so he’s like “but HOW sharp” and I am like “very, mother fucker” and he’s like “show me” and I am like “no?” but then he convinces me and I tell him to VERY GENTLY feel the edge against his arm, and he’s like “oh yeah it’s sharp, what if I do this” and he didn’t do it very gently and he made a cut and we were like “oh” and he’s like “it’s ok, I wanted to see”.

Which is all fine and dandy, except it scarred and now he has that scar on his arm, and today I got lectured by his girlfriend.

For ONCE it wasn’t even my fault but we had to sit there while she told us boring things like “don’t do dangerous shit you are not children anymore” and “why did YOU think that was a good idea, to put a very sharp blade against your arm, and why did YOU allow it” and that’s no way to start a weekend but it was also kinda funny.


Today marks the 3 year anniversary of me joining Fallout rp! (25th February 2014) To celebrate all the fun I’ve had these last few years I’m doing a giveaway with two winners!!

As usual, I’ve not too much to offer you all…I’m not an artist nor am I good at making the ol’ fancy themes and icons that are trending in the RP scene right now. So here’s what I CAN offer you.


1st prize: A full body art commission from an artist of your choice + £30.00 (Will be converted to your currency if needed.)

2nd prize: £15.00 (Will be converted to your currency if needed)

!! RULES !!!

- You MUST have a paypal account to enter.
- One like and reblog, one account only.
- MUST BE FOLLOWING ME, i’ll check. 
- Don’t unfollow if you don’t win that just ain’t right
- If you win the first prize, please have atleast a flat colour reference of your muse and PLEASE make sure the artist is currently accepting commissions! You must check what their queue is like before giving me the artist’s name, so I can give you estimates and WIP shots if needed.

Gabe Newell Voice: And Have Fun

You know that feeling when you’re writing a character’s backstory and it’s full of angst and pain and you kinda feel bad for the character but you also sort of don’t because you’re the one that made them like this and are giving them that painful and sad backstory so it’s really your fault entirely

just had a bacon sandwich (plus 5 other slices of bread with butter), 1L smoothie, 2 hot cross buns, a handful of cookies, and im making my way through a 1.25L bottle of soda. yeaaaah, my belly is definitely in need of some rubbing now, it’s so full and heavy im torn between sleeping off all this food and eating some more

but lets be real what am i going to do


Some day I will look back on this and think: “Well, this is embarrassing”
But today is not that day!!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST @matchaball !!! This image is based off of her lovely Miraculous Ladybug fic, Inking Indigo  and it’s so, so wonderful. Like a warm cup of tea. 

I hope you have a wonderful day m’dear–you’re always full of enthusiasm and you always know the right things to say (in both friendships and fic!!). I am honored to be your friend!! :’D 


i only noticed this after watching the episodes a couple of times but this backup dancer in ‘zombies in the snow’ is the best thing ever


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GENRE: noona&youngerboy, smut

BACKGROUND: Jungkook’s first time had left him traumatized of having sex ever again. It had gone so far to the point that a rumor had even spread about him not being able to get hard-ons. You then decide to step in and prove the rumor wrong. What was supposed to be a simple test of theory leads to a night that you weren’t going to forget for the rest of your life.

AUTHORS NOTE: Omg I haven’t written something in so long. I’m so sorry this took me quite a while. This actually started as a drabble but I kind of got too into it and finished it into a full blown story. I’ll be working on the remaining requests sent to me before, soon I promise you guys, I’m just trying to come up with ideas! But I do hope you enjoy this, tell me what you think. 

Jeon, as forever, is a sinful little shit. 

If there are any errors, I am sorry about those! I did proof read but I know I still missed some. 

Your pen hangs off of your lips, fingers tapping lightly against the glass table as you study the boy in front of you. He has his face buried between the pages of his Physics book, eyes scanning through each paragraph in close precision, oblvious of your scrutiny. You slowly turn your logistics book shut, choosing to ignore your studies as the conversation you had with your brother during last night’s party flashes through your mind.

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Day Seventy-Five

-I met a baby with an already-receding hairline. I hope he has a good sense of humor. Life will be hard otherwise.

-A man came through my lane wearing a shirt listing the “Rules Of A Farmer.” They were poorly written and had terrible grammar, and in my heart of hearts, I am going to believe that he made this himself. If he comes through again, I fully intend to ask for one myself.

-I handed a man sixty-nine cents in change. He snickered. His girlfriend disapproved of him. I stand in support of him.

-A woman came through my lane, waving a Disney karaoke CD. “All I came in for was this,” she told me, repeatedly. “Look what you made me do.” She gestured to her two baskets full of Christmas decorations. I do not know what hand I played in this but I hope she accepts my apology so I may still be included in karaoke night.

-A mother handed each of her three children a $50 bill. They were each thrilled, kissing their respective cash without hesitation. One son was a little too thrilled, using far too much tongue for the circumstances.

-I became very confused as a woman purchased a large, lit sign that read “ox.” As I debated to myself whether it was stranger that we would carry livestock decorations or that someone would purchase one, I flipped it right-side-up and became aware of how much of a chump I am.

-A man came through my lane, skin a Trumpian shade of sickly orange from fake tan, hair shaven on the sides and slicked flat down the center, lanky body adorned in a blue tracksuit. I was more polite to this man than I have been to any guest I have ever encountered. I know better than to risk offended a mafia man.

-A child drinking his Icee™ became distraught as he reached the bottom of the cup. Rather than adjusting the straw to easily access the remainder of his Icee™, he slammed it down and announced to his mother that his Icee™ had stopped working and he needed a new one.

-As I handed a woman her receipt, she handed me a Jesus ad, demanding I visit her at church. Not thinking of manners and simply trying to get to the next guest, I swiftly tossed the brochure into my trash bin. If I somehow was not already Hell-bound, her face assured me I am now.

-I unraveled a pair of pajama pants a woman had brought. I heard a clinking sound inconsistent with the flannel I was holding. A handful of coins had fallen out of the pants. They did not belong to the guest. They did not belong to me. One day, I will be the one with money-producing sleepwear. One day.

-A chatty young scamp of a two year-old struck up a conversation with me. He asked me if I remembered Power Rangers. I told him yes. He found this a satisfactory dialogue template and began to cycle through every single one of the few words his vocabulary had, asking me if I remembered them. “Do you remember candy cane?” Yes. “Do you remember ticket?” Yes. “Do you remember coat?” Yes. “Do you remember ticket?” Yes. After a lengthy conversation, we reached the climax. “Do you remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” No, not really. His face fell into one of utter shock as he was wheeled away, wondering how I could have forgotten.

Cut my resources then put pressure on me to complete a project a month ahead of schedule?

Hi, so firstly a bit of background. I work as part of an evil empire (multinational corporate) and am the lead continuous development and change analyst in charge of a medium sized project.

So at the beginning of December I completed my initial review for a major part of what is to be delivered and advised that it would take until end of January with my current operational resource to complete some of the required actions from the back of it. I also highlighted that I should be given additional 2 full time people to get it completed before January.

Did I get people? Nope.

Did they take a person away from me because “they didn’t seem to be doing that much”? Yep.

Bear in mind this was being done by two people not in my reporting chain and above me on the food chain, so I couldn’t scream blue murder about it.

Last Monday (19th) they pulled me into a meeting and basically gave me a bollocking because “you are putting blockers in place which affect our year end figures” (they actually mean their incentives by this and realised it would affect them when trying to work out how much they would get) and I needed to get things done by the end of the month.

Right. Fuck you guys, you want to see what that guy was doing? You think you are my boss? (my boss was fucking livid and she is cold decking each of their enhancement requests as soon as she is back in office.)

By the end of day Tuesday I advised that I would have a full plan for acceleration of the project ready for review and sign off. But they would need to be available to for a meeting on Friday 23 (today, last working day before Christmas when they were both planning to slope off early for a few drinks)

They didn’t really like it, but they could hardly refuse as I was giving them what they wanted.

Do you think it’s all over?

I book the meeting time for 12. Aren’t I nice, going to let them work through lunch and still get to the pub.

If you have heard the phrase “Death by PowerPoint” then you might think you know what is about to happen.

46 slides with example investigations into issues found in minute and boring detail.

A line by line review of a twelve page document.

At 16:30 with only a fifteen minute break, they had had no lunch. They had glazed eyes. They agreed to the process outline.

Do you think it’s over now?

I then offered to go through the addendums, or if they wished they could take them home and review them, but if I could get an answer before 10 pm today, as I wanted to turn my phone off for the Christmas period and I’d need to get the ball rolling first thing Wednesday. (this was the riskiest part of my plan)

They gratefully said they would study the addendums at home as they knew it was getting late.

I got the messages from both of them within a few minutes of 9:50, all approved.

Lets take a vote? Do you think they read them?

I know they didn’t, the addendums promise me 18 full time operation staff over the next week and given the holiday period the department will fail to meet other BAU targets which has a direct impact on their incentive.

I’ve forwarded the sign offs with the documents attached to my boss who is going to “raise a concern” that this level of manpower was agreed without referring to their boss, with their boss, on Wednesday. She is also going to raise a concern about the tone of meetings they have had with me and the behaviour they have displayed.

Now it’s over.