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Inktober 15, 2017 - and an end of Voltron, Season 4 fanfic thing

What do you want with me?

[ Part 1 ]

After the meeting in which Allura granted Lotor sanctuary at the castle, Keith was the first to leave the room. His normally quiet footfall smacked of thunder down the wide corridors, but all he heard was the litany of doubts that the rest of Team Voltron had expressed, regularly interspersed with the one thing Shiro specifically said to him.

‘Keith, that’s enough.’

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Over the last two months things have been financially difficult with my mom and I barely scrapping by. In fact we have had to cancel some of out doctors appointments because we just afford to go. I am currently searching for work and I have applied to several placed but I have been told I am not what they are looking for because of the times and hours i have to be available. .Mom is retired and is suffering from end stage kidney failure as well as failing health and cannot work and I am a full time college student.

 So until I can find work, my etsy shop is the only means of income I really have and it would be greatly appreciated if you could at least take a look at the shop and reblog this post. 

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The symbol behind Luke

I watched the trailer again and I will not do a full meta. Idk if someone made a post about it, if so then pls shout!

So I am talking about this:

You may ask, ok yeah a grumpy, old Luke and? But I always wonder what this symbol behind him is. The trailer went to fast, so I watched it frame by frame and then it made click with me. Doesn’t this symbol look like Yin and Yang?

The white and black colours, the circle. Here for example

It does have similarities, Of course it is not the exact same symbol but the parallels are too huge and don’t forget the working title for Episode 8 is Space Bear also known as the panda.

Also when I retrace the lines of this symbol, it looks like this:

Oh, if it isn’t our little Space Bear! Ok maybe it is a little bit too much, but I hope you get my point. So again, we have another hint for the importance of Balance in the movie. Peace out!


Look closely on his forehead. Our dark prince is sweating! Maybe he is fighting in this scene or it is hot there, bc of the flames or he is nervous, bc he is standing in front of his crush and maybe she already took his hand ;) I can imagine him like this

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Hey, can you tell me what is the fatal dose of T. My endocrinologist is about to start giving me my full dosage, that is, 1000 mg every 3 months. I trust my doc. and I am happy about it because my changes so far have been slow but I am terrified too because I don't want to overdose on T. I searched online and found an article stating that till 1000 mg is a safe dosage but I am still a little bit paranoid.

Hey! There is no fatal dose of T, so you can’t overdose on it. The only thing that happens if you have too much T in your system is that the excess T will turn into estrogen. I’m sure that your endo knows what they’re doing and you’ll be okay! 


anna95swiftie  asked:

Hi!! Your art is amazing. I wonder how long you devoted to each of your works. I'm a late starter of digital drawing. So I always spent longer time than I expect on drawing. Do you have any suggestions for starter? Thank you so much!🌹🌹🌹

Hi ! 😀

I really like this question. I feel like it is very important question for many beginners ‘How long does it took you to finish it’.

So you asked how much it is needed for ME (precisely me, no any other artist) to finish my work. Depending on what I am doing it would be: 1-3 hours per character sketch, traditional or digital, 3 days at least to finish character in Photoshop and 1-2 weeks to finish one full, digital illustration in color.

But what I want to stress out - this is something that applies to me. To my years of experience and skills. Other artists have different times. If they are more experienced they will probably be twice or three times faster than me. And that’s something to not stress about. But just worth taking under consideration while comparing to other artists.

My suggestion for beginners, that would be the most important is not to stress about time. My tips how to approach timing yourself would be:

  1. You must first build up stamina to consider ‘spitting out’ work every day. Building up stamina means a lot of drawing practice. Not only studying but drawing from head, drawing imaginative stuff, learning to finish image rather than leaving it half way done.
  2. At the beginning it is important to draw a lot. Huge quantity of work. BUT. I am not saying that you need to sacrifice quantity. Otherwise you will end up memorizing mistakes. So be mindful when you draw. 
  3. If you won’t spend a lot of time drawing then you won’t get faster. With time you will learn tricks and shortcuts how to make something look good. 
  4. In the beginning drawing something simple can take ages. I remember I tried to draw Goku from DBZ, I used references from magazine and it took me 2 evenings. I was super proud to see result. BUT today. Same drawing, using reference photo would take me probably 30 mins. This is huge jump that comes from time invested in learning how to draw. 
  5. If you want get result in the beginning you need to invest way more time than professional artist would do. Remember that and don’t beat yourself about that. You can invest way less time into one drawing but have in mind that you can’t expect Mona Lisa-like masterpiece. Remind yourself that you are just building stamina to be able to draw larger quantities and  accurately in the future.
  6. And for Grand Finale. Pro Tip. Record your process! This works when you have a goal that looks not approachable. The goal that will take you years to accomplish. Write down how much time you spend today on you images. Then set your art practice and habits. After few months check if doing same things takes you same time or are you faster. Then check in  1 year. But be honest. Put effort everyday into your practice. Write down how and what you want to learn. Only after that I can promise you that you will see progress. Then record how much you’ve changed. 
  7.  Enjoy the process.

Btw. I was also late to digital art party. Remember to never make that as an excuse. Just push forward and use every opportunity to learn. Don’t give up.

I immediately dismissed this reading upon pulling it, it seemed so unlikely to me that I would pull the first three Major Arcana cards for a three card reading. Yet here I am hours later with the message still dancing through my mind. The Fool has been so present in my recent readings and I kept wondering why. What journey was I going to go on? After a lot of meditating and this reading I think I can finally see where I’m going. I am on my path, a path towards my better self, towards healing and growth. I am full of creative potential during this transformative time.🌿💛
Deck: Ostara Tarot

It’s windy and rainy and I am monitoring today. Had to get up in the dark and drive 90 minutes to jobsite, where I only had the vaguest notion of what was happening, since I got switched to this project at 3:00 pm yesterday. Forgot my camera. 10 minutes outside, and I am already soaked. Bleh.

On the plus side, there’s a trailer for me to sit in while I wait for them to get started, and it looks like there’s only about 15 feet of pretty shallow trenching for me to monitor. Might only have to endure the weather for an hour or so before I get to go home.

(yes, I am billing them for the full 8 hours + mileage)

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Are you planning on recapping the opening 2 episodes to season 4 rebels??? Because damn...holy shit.

Didn’t I tell you all there were gonna be Mando Feels?! Agggh.

Yes, I would like to get back into some Rebels Recappery, and now that I think of it, I think I’ve recapped every single TCW or Rebels content that directly involves Mandalore so far, so I guess I kinda have to. Stay tuned!

Also I’m totally expecting this season to be Full Of Feelings, so I am eagerly awaiting what other pain they have in store for me to yell about. 

2017 Rostelecom Cup Preview - Men: Can Hanyu Rebound?

First full preview of the season! I will be going through every skater and then doing full predictions. I am starting with the men first. The men’s short program is on Friday, free on Saturday. Everything below the cut, because it’s long! I would love to hear what you guys have to say, so agree or disagree - reblog, send me an ask - let me know!

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favorite type of belly: soft and squishy, or packed firm with food? "both" is not a valid answer.

WHAT!?? Both is not valid? As a practicing bisexual I am so offended right now.


Okay, so I love them both. I love soft squishy bellies that fold over waistbands and stack up in rolls and show up under t-shirts and sweaters. And I love big round full bellies that can’t be sucked in and are blatantly, shamelessly stuffed. I LIKE ALL BELLIES.

But if I had to choose? I gotta go with full and round, because it means they just ate, like, a lot. It means maybe they’re so full they’re uncomfortable, and maybe I can rub their belly, and maybe they’re going to get even chubbier. FUCK ME RIGHT UP THATS DEFINITELY WHAT I PICK


archer with a sword

[SUMMARY] BTS 2013-2017:

2013: Kids who turned gangsta because the school system is sh*t but they still have dreams. They will also feel embarrassed because of their name (Bulletproof boy scouts) soooo much they will just simply make TWO songs singing their name #Logic

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2014: Somehow they fell in love and the girl is in danger? but simply speaking they are just having a one-sided love and the girl is a b*tch who is using them. Also just like a pregnant woman their mood is not steady due to hormones. 

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2015: We don’t know if it’s still the same girl but they need one now. Also, they found a hobby: running (This explains the thighs *wink*). They are very sad and depressed but they like to party together. Until they decide to have a career because that’s dope and clubbing is not. It was also the year with SO MANY theories and questions. All their fans became full-time inspectors and part-time psychiatric hospital patients.  

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2016: That year was THE year. First, they started putting on fire EVERYTHING while dancing in an empty swimming pool. Then some months later asked for help in some kinda field. And when we thought it can’t get any more insane. Well … recall that b*tch from before? now they are telling her to take their blood, sweat, tears, soul, cold breath, last dance … then they ask her to choke them then kill them! BOI ANY GURL WILL RUN AWAY WHAT THE HELL JUST GIVE HER A TEDDY BEAR! I am starting to really think it’s not the girl’s fault.

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2017: Well this year was full of plot twists. They call a song Spring Day but they froze filming it in winter. They said they were bulletproof but they got shot. And when we thought they made ‘Wings’ so now they will stop running, guess WHAT? they added black ninjas to the club (just to be EXTRA) and went running in the mountains (because a gym is too ORDINARY). And it didn’t end there. Recall that girl AGAIN we talked about? Now they think they are related to her via their DNA. And called an album after HER. They are definitely not obsessed but one thing for sure the fans like HER. One last thing they are now Beyond The Scene a name no one will mention but their Wikipedia page.  

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But seriously after only 4+ years, BTS kept evolving, changing and experiencing with different styles while not failing to produce quality music, dance, and content. Indeed the questions are: How much can they grow? How far will they go? And CAN WE GET SOME REAL ANSWERS PLEASE??? 

By @mimibtsghost

Robert: “Is it mine or Ross?”
Rebecca : “I can’t…”
Robert: “Are you going to tell Aaron?”
Rebecca: “ That’s all you care about?”
Robert: “yes”
Rebecca: “it’s yours”



So what does that make him now? The thing that he had was his intelligence, and his ability to trick people, and outsmart people. And so he doesn’t have that anymore, so what is there? 


Where’s the kid? He left. Everybody’s waiting. He actually made a really mature choice. It just surprised the heck out of us. Did you guys screw this up? He told the kid to wait in the car. Are you kidding me? I have a room full of people waiting for some big announcement. What am I gonna tell them?